Susan Rice’s Prize For Lies

SusanPresident Barack Obama’s  foreign policy is in shambles all over the world.  On his watch, the Middle East is crumbling into sectarian violence, not only in Syria but in Iraq where Obama has squandered the victory over Islamists achieved during George W. Bush’s administration. The Muslim Brotherhood has taken over Egypt and turned it into an autocratic Islamist state.  Violent Islamic jihad has spread way beyond Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Middle East and Africa.  Iran is closing in rapidly on achieving a nuclear arms capability, while its ally North Korea is moving ahead with its nuclear program and advanced missile systems capable of delivering nuclear payloads to attack our allies and the United States itself.  China is pressuring Japan and other neighboring countries in a strong hegemonic move to expand its sphere of influence, while Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is working to recreate the vestiges of the old Russian empire. Obama’s good friend Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is cracking down on dissidents at home and trying to recreate the Ottoman empire abroad.

Yet, in the midst of this morass, to whom does President Obama turn to succeed Tom Donilon as his chief adviser on national security? To Susan Rice, the same woman who agreed to front and blatantly lie for him and Hillary Clinton on national television last fall, delivering the Obama administration’s false narrative about the causes of the Benghazi attack that left four Americans dead.

Unlike the Cabinet position of Secretary of State, which requires Senate confirmation, Rice faces no such obstacle in taking over the White House position from Donilon who has served as Obama’s chief national security advisor since 2010.  She is slated to take over Donilon’s job in July.

Obama’s decision to promote Susan Rice is not only an insult to the Senate, where Rice stood no chance in her bid to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.  More importantly,  it is an insult to the memories of the four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.  They died in the premeditated terrorist attack that Rice whitewashed as a spontaneous violent reaction to an obscure anti-Muslim video in her TV rendition of the Obama administration’s prefabricated talking points.

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) tweeted after Rice’s appointment: “I really question the President’s judgment in promoting someone who was complicit in misleading the American public on the Benghazi attacks.”

To add further insult, Obama is nominating former National Security Council aide Samantha Power to replace Susan Rice as our UN ambassador. Power is an avowed Israel-basher, who also strongly advocated for the ill-advised U.S. military intervention in Libya that led ultimately to the Benghazi tragedy. Rice was also a strong advocate for U.S. military intervention in Libya.  Both Rice and Power can be expected to push hard for becoming more involved militarily in Syria, consistent with their support for the human rights-centered “Responsibility To Protect” doctrine that calls for outside military intervention when a state is unwilling or unable to protect its own civilians from systematic violence.

Foreign policy experts believe that in terms of actual power and influence on the direction of the nation’s foreign policy, the position of chief national security adviser is more important than the cabinet post of Secretary of State.  For example, Donilon, not Secretary of State John Kerry, set the course for the upcoming California summit meeting between Obama and Chinese president Xi Jinping during Donilon’s own meeting with Xi in Bejing.  Kerry has been spending much of his time spinning wheels on the sideshow of attempting to revive the moribund negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, who continue to insist on preconditions before they will even consider resuming talks with Israel.

As Donilon’s successor, Rice’s duties will involve coordinating national security policies into a single unified agenda among the State Department, Pentagon, and intelligence agencies.  She will have Obama’s ear, and the authority to speak for him, in forging from the White House the direction of U.S. foreign policy on all significant issues.

In other words, Rice is moving from being the front person mouthing the product of others’ coordinated national security spin to leading the White House’s national security coordination machine. She will make the final decisions on what other mouthpieces will be saying regarding future Benghazi-like crises.

While Kerry has been moving in circles trying to negotiate with his Russian foreign minister counterpart to set up yet another meaningless peace conference in Geneva regarding Syria, we can expect that Rice will be calling the shots within the White House in shaping the real direction of the Obama administration’s Syrian strategy going forward.

What is that strategy likely to look like? Reflecting on her experience in the Clinton administration during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda in which the U.S. stayed on the sidelines, Rice said: “I swore to myself that if I ever faced such a crisis again, I would come down on the side of dramatic action, going down in flames if that was required.”

With more than 80,000 people killed so far in the Syrian war and mounting evidence of the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, Rice will be facing “such a crisis again.” From her White House office, she will be in a position to steer the U.S. response towards “dramatic action,” even if it means bringing the whole region “down in flames.”

And finally, the question must be asked: If there is another Benghazi-like tragedy or worse, will it be Samantha Power’s turn to follow in Susan Rice’s footsteps and deliver a false narrative television to be coordinated this time by Obama’s new national security adviser? Time will tragically tell.

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    Let’s see if I have this right: Both Powers & Rice are BIG advocates of the socialist demoncrat notion of “Responsibility to Protect Doctrine”? Really?
    Where was that ethos the night of the Benghazi attack?

  • truebearing

    While the other power players on Earth are moving to create empires, Obama is working overtime to relegate the U.S. to Third World status. Putting incompetent ideologues like Rice and Power into positions of power is a fantastic way to enhance the fortunes of every enemy we have, and cede yet more of our sovereingty to the U.N..
    The combined leadership of this planet is worse than in pre-WWII. At least back then there were still some countries with the power and moral clarity to stop the evil. Now evil resides at the center of the fading free world.

  • lillilu

    Let’s be under no illusion here; Obama is so bent on ‘holding out a hand’ to the Islamic world, that he will ensure the USA – once the most powerful country in the world – will be the first to become a dhimmitude state. Europe is also bending under the demographic and politically-correct weight of the Muslim pressure. Where our Western values and culture are being eroded. Under a Muslim Caliphate there are 3 choices: convert, become a (second-class citizen) dhimmi or die by the sword. We have been warned, haven’t we by the various butchering and slaughtering by jihadists?

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Because of deadly terrorist attacks in Boston, Benghazi, Ft. Hood, Little Rock, and the near catastrophes of Times Square and Christmas Day 2009, I pray it wasn’t an ominous sign that Obama announced Susan Rice’s appointment as his new National Security Advisor on June 5, 2013: the 45th anniversary of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination by a Palestinian gunman-the first act of political terrorism on US soil stemming from the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East. The portentousness of this date plus the fact that Rice was a political stooge for Obama’s Benghazi cover up, incompetence and possible crimes shouldn’t make anyone sleep easier at night.

  • onecornpone

    These appointments are nothing more than Obama taunting us and mocking our system of government.

    Buck up folks, we have another 971 days of eating these crap sandwiches.

    On Beck’s radio show Wed, Rand Paul revealed he didn’t ‘know’ Cass Sunstein. IMO that is criminal. Perhaps Rand should do less tweeting and use the time to study his adversaries. I suppose we can assume he knows nothing of Samantha’s ideology either.

    Water under the bridge, but Orin Hatch voted for Cass when he was being vetted as o’s Regulatory Czar. Hatch said Cass promised him privately that he wouldn’t usurp congressional power, or twist the intent of the U.S. Constitution, from his lofty perch. THAT was good enough for Orin. It is, after all, about honor among fellow members of the esteemed legal profession, which proves that Hatch is an ole fool, but Utah saw fit to send him back to DC, because of some political wrangling he did decades ago.

    Notice what profession makes up the bulk of Congress? Notice that congressmen who are caught red-handed seldom go to jail or pay fines, or resign when their crimes are revealed… all lawyers.

    Elect anyone but a lawyer!

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      I like Dick’s advice in Henry The 6th better, ‘Pone.

      • onecornpone

        Yessir Mr Bouti! ;-D

        But they wouldn’t let me be in Boy Scouts Sheik. Do you know how to tie the proper knots?

        • Sheik Yerbouti

          I sure do, ‘Pone.
          Hey….when are you gonna get on twitter? You’d love it – I guarantee!

          • onecornpone

            … get on twitter?

            Mercy, you must be delusional Sheik. The goal is to do less of this, not more. The only reason I’m here today is I got a rain. Besides, I have too much to say to limit my spew to 120 characters, but thanks for the kind sentiments. ;)

          • Sheik Yerbouti

            120??? Is that what’s been holding you up,’Pone? Actually you get 140 characters! That’s at least 4 or five words more than you’d thought (more like 8 for me)!
            You learn to be very word-thrifty.

    • Alan

      you mean like a B grade actor?

      Reagan was no stranger to tax hikes.

      Reagan was not afraid to raise taxes. As governor of California, he signed the largest tax increase in the history of any state at that time. Though it’s true that under President Reagan, the top income tax rate decreased from roughly 70 percent to 28 percent, taxes increased 11 times during his tenure. As professor Douglas Brinkley, author of The Reagan Diaries, said in a 2011 NPR interview, “There’s a false mythologyout there about Reagan as this conservative president who came in and just cut taxes and trimmed federal spending in a dramatic way. It didn’t happen that way.”

      • onecornpone

        Did you just learn this Reagan info in poly-sci class Alan?

        I never mentioned Reagan in my comment, so your random blather is wildly off topic and terribly misplaced. Unlike you, I didn’t learn about Reagan’s political ideology from an article, or from, a NPR i-view, I was there making my first venture into capitalism when Reagan’s policies crushed the U.S. agriculture sector.

        This article was about Susan Rice. Are you comparing her to Reagan? I mentioned lawyers. Thankfully Reagan wasn’t one, which is probably the only reason he is still respected by anyone.

        I mentioned Cass Sunstein, Orin Hatch and Rand Paul. At least two of them are lawyers.

        Will Susan Rice be in a position to raise taxes in her new post?

        Focus man, focus!

        • Alan

          you mentioned lawyers; i mentioned another profession; is that too much of a connection for you?

          • onecornpone

            Classic straw man…

            How many actors have run for office? Are we overrun with “B’ grade actors”???

            There is NO connection, but a certain segment never fail to espouse those anti-Reagan talking points in the never ending campaign to demonize him. As a Leftist, I would think you would embrace him, for those Liberal ways of his.

            Confused MUCH?!?

    • PorkChop

      It does seem like he is showing us that he can destroy our culture, system of governing and there is nothing we can do about it. Our system is so naive, so clumsy that no one seems to agree on how to proceed. Something should be done, but no one can decide on what that is.

  • dizzyizzy

    No doubt that POTUS is an internationalist. Some of his supporters like that turn to Wilsonianism, while others see such internationalism as a nod to Lenin. I wrote about the popularity of the late Eric Hobsbawm here and in related blogs: “Hobsbawm, Obama, Israel.” EH’s view of Israel was wacky beyond description, and too many liberals agree with him. We are surely in an unprecedented crisis in foreign policy, comparable perhaps to Neville Chamberlain in 1938. We could indeed reap the whirlwind.

  • John Davidson

    If you put incompetents in place, you’ll find it easy to blame them rather than yourself if things go wrong.

    • glpage

      One should wonder about the competence of the person putting the incompetents in place.

      • ziggy zoggy

        I didn’t put any of these criminals in place. Who did you lot vote for?

        • glpage

          No one who had anything to do with putting Rice or any others of that ilk in any position of importance. For what it’s worth, the competence I was calling into question would be that of the incompetent dope in the White House.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Yes, I figured that out the second time I saw your comment. Y’know, even though they are all incompetent, they are also deliberate. They know they’re corrupt. That’s why they lie so much to hide it.

  • USARetired

    This is what O’Bozo does best, surround himself with minions that are the scourge of the Earth, to do his bidding as he wants! He is a vile, and corrupt Muslim!

  • Flowerknife_us

    Lier, lier, even her Skirt is on fire.

    How can one possibly take advise from someone who always bursts into flame from the waist down every time they offer it?

    An adviser who always has to keep their mouth shut is quite novel.

  • Chris Shugart

    I think I saw this same scenario in an old episode of “The Untouchables.” Except now there’s no Elliot Ness.

  • tokoloshiman

    obama and his powerful ideological ,religious and parochial muslim origins are destined to crush america america from within. eight years of this prescription
    will ensure its effectiveness. there is no antidote.
    as we write these articles america is imploding and displaying the signs of a wounded beast writhing in agony as the cancer that it is eating it from within
    chews away more and more of the body and the internal organs and turns the
    once magnificent and powerful beast into a mush of rotting bones and putrid innards.
    obama is the absolute antithesis of what it means to be an american.
    his overriding desire, aided and abetted by the usual cabal of left wing sycophants and apologists, is the demise of america as we knew it.
    his tentacles reach out and strangle conservative thought , controls the bodies of state like the IRS and turn the defense and security departments into screeching dens of anti americanism and festering anti israel propaganda machines.
    he warmly embraces the muslim brotherhood and their agents now pepper the white house like sharks on the prowl slowly but surely turning the white house into the most gigantic mosque the world has ever seen.
    Gone is the respect for the american flag or the respect due to serving military
    it is now replaced with subservience to islam, the new driving force and
    basis for the continuation of america in a very different way overriding christian
    judaic principles and ensuring the imposition of the caliphate.

  • bearmountain

    Folks it’s all deflection. He does this so that we take our eyes off the real game. How many scandals now? Pay attention this is mere distraction. Ya’ all pay attention to Rice when it is His Royal Highness that you should be concerned with.
    Are you confused America?

    • Alan

      there are zero scandals–just your wing nut wish list of bs.

      • bearmountain

        You are of course 100% correct; you proved it with your well thought out response.

        • Alan

          see me in 6 months with the actual evidence that implicates Obama…

          • bearmountain

            Oh my another round of your superior wit. When you can put together a thought process and give me a bit more detail other than your boy is innocent I will give you a bit more consideration. I know IRS now means “racist.” Have you heard of Benghazi. No, not Ben Ghazi the corner back for the Dolphins.

          • Alan

            benghazi is total bs and everyone knows it but those in a bubble; irs is just incompetence from overworked bureaucrats; let me know when you baggers actually tie it to obama…

          • bearmountain

            Oh my! Another round fired across my bow. As Benghazi is BS to people like you how about you not send any more responses to me. You pig!!!

          • Joseph Klein

            Tell that to the families of the four dead Americans. They are still waiting to hear the truth.

          • WW4

            Well, it certainly looks like there is zero political will to pursue Benghazi in any meaningful way, but supposedly there are some “whistleblowers” out there who can tell the tale of what Stevens and the CIA were trying to accomplish.

          • Drakken

            Silly liberal, rea life I know is really hard for you, especially when your policy positions are I feel therefore I am.

          • Alan

            Stfu little boy

          • Drakken

            Oh my, what are you going to do libtard? Call your mom? Have a liberal little temper tantrum? Well one thing is for sure, liberals like you certainly are special, like shortbus special.

          • Alan

            stop drinking from your colostomy bag, my coprophagic little bag boy…lol

          • pupsncats

            I never could understand how the Germans could deny knowing anything about Hitler’s concentration camps until Clinton became president. Evil has a way of imbedding itself first the mind and then the heart. When both are infected, no truths will ever be accepted.

          • Alan

            I’d say you are paranoid and crazy babbling stuff like that..

          • pupsncats

            Take your meds.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Like all trolls you are under-educated, overpaid and incompetent.
            And you have scrawny girl arms.

          • Drakken

            Careful Ziggy, little Alan will call his mom and give you a good talking too. ;) and tell you how your hurting her poor little boy Allans feelings and hurting his self esteem.

          • Southernfink

            But what is the purpose of having a dog and barking yourself? The US has been supplying Syrian Rebels with arms from Libya.

            “The Obama administration has decided to launch a covert operation to send heavy weapons to Syrian rebels, Christina Lamb of The Sunday Times of London reports.Diplomatic sources told the Sunday Times that the U.S. “bought weapons from the stockpiles of Libya’s former dictator Muammar Gaddafi.”

            The heavy arms include mortars, rocket propelled grenades, anti-tank missiles and the controversial anti-aircraft heat-seeking SA-7 missiles, which are integral to countering Bashar Al-Assad’s bombing campaign.

            Many have suspected that the US was already involved in sending heavy arms.

            The administration has said that the previously hidden CIA operation in Benghazi involved finding, repurchasing and destroying heavy weaponry looted from Libyan government arsenals, but in October we reported evidence indicating that U.S. agents — particularly murdered ambassador Chris Stevens — were at least aware of heavy weapons moving from Libya to jihadist Syrian rebels.

            There have been several possible SA-7 spottings in Syria dating as far back as early summer 2012, and there are indications that at least some of Gaddafi’s 20,000 portable heat-seeking missiles were shipped before now.” by GEOFFREY INGERSOLL, MICHAEL KELLEY 10 DECEMBER 2012″ (Source Business insider) whole article >> <> << you were saying ?

  • Alan
    • Joseph Klein

      News flash, Alan. What Romney said or didn’t say during the campaign, as recounted in the article you linked to, is irrelevant. He is not the president. The liar-in-chief Obama is in the White House and has mounting scandals involving personal liberties and freedom of speech that you should be worrying about if you care about the country. Your comment below that there are “zero scandals” evidences the fact that you are willing to imbibe whatever cool-aid is being served up by the Obama administration.

      • Alan

        I’m waiting for *actual* evidence that implicates Obama–not Issa and his hysterics and hatred of the President. got it?

        • Joseph Klein

          You said “zero scandals,” which would appear to cover the entire Obama administration including the Department of Justice, whose Attorney General Holder still has Obama’s trust, and the State Department’s mishandling and cover-up of the Benghazi fiasco. And then there is the mess at the IRS. What Obama himself knew and when he knew it remains to be seen. But regardless of any actual culpability on his part, just going to sleep early on the night that four Americans were under prolonged attack in Libya and not bothering to check in until the next morning, right before he flew out to Las Vegas for a fund-raiser, does not speak well for Commander-in-Chief Obama. And do you really believe that Obama knew nothing about the IRS over-reach until he read about it in the newspapers. Whatever happened to “the buck stops here?”

        • Drakken

          Your not up on current events are you skippy?

        • ziggy zoggy

          All of these diverse and wide ranging scandals have been conducted to reelect Obama and promote his agendas. He’s rewarding his corrupt allies and persecuting his perceived enemies. he is tracking and compiling all American communications. He only appoints anti-American criminals and islamopithecines. He is not only responsible for everything, he is the source.
          Got it, girly arms?

          • Alan

            the irs and benghazi are over, fini, to all but the most devoted wingnuts; nsa stuff is bad but started w/ shrub; the ap story is still unwinding; any questions, nut ball?

    • Drakken

      No matter what your fellow libs/progs/Marxist do, you will worship the very folks that are trying their damnest to ruin this great country, all in the name of making everyone equally miserable. I can’t wait until your unemployed and starving and look to the rest of us to help you, good luck.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Left-wing Retard Troll attempt to deflect blame from Obama’s latest scandal?
      EPIC FAIL.

  • nimbii

    Obama thinks he did a mob in-your-face thing by nominating these indivduals to key positions in his administration. He has not learned from his recent past. The world is not going to play to his script. The Middle-East will leak unintended consequences like a sieve and these wonk amatures will say one thing: “where’s the toilet?”
    Unfortunately we will wind up getting what they deserve…


    Didn’t he do this so that as a national security advisor she is immune from having to testify about Benghazi?
    Do I have it right?

    • William James Ward

      The liar in chief is calling in all of his enablers, they did this
      I think as a reward as much as it is to keep her quiet and
      unable to expose his involvement. The truth does have a
      way of coming out and from surprising places……….William

    • Renellin

      That’s what the TV said this morning. Actually, I think he wanted her to run the State Department, and this is just a workaround.

  • CurmudgyOne

    There are two kinds of Obama followers. One kind is the low-information voter, as Rush calls them, who hears nothing but Obama’s ownlies from his own mouth whenever he’s reading from that lyin’ screen he uses for speeches.

    The other kind is like the person who uses “Alan” as a nom de plume, actually more of a high-information voter/follower, who thinks he knows about the scandals of the Obama administration and has watched them unfold, analyzed them, and excused them. Those who believe in this way are True Believers, will never be dissuaded, and are the ones who lead the other kind. It’s an army of aimless goofs who’ve found someone they can follow, and who will pay them when they lose their job, give them food, and cause trouble for their enemies.

    I pity us all, now that they seem to have the 4th Estate with them.

  • pupsncats

    Part of why elections have consequences that aren’t always good for the people or our survival. It doesn’t matter if someone is qualified for a cabinet head in Obama’s world. There is only one criteria-loyalty. Rice stood up before the American people and lied through her teeth to support Obama. That demands a big reward. Obama doesn’t care whether the U.S. survives but if it does, he wants it to be a reward to his Muslim Brotherhood friends as well as his racist, Socialist/Communist friends.

    • Renellin

      How can you really call what we went through an election? Now that we know besides all the cheating and so on, they were data-mining communications of all types on the other campaign.

      • pupsncats

        You are right. It was stupid of me to call what we went through an election.

  • Anamah

    Incredible arrogance in this cheater man. What the hell created this monster? America can not disappear.

  • mesinbagus442
  • Southernfink

    Here the plot thickens as an another warmonger reaps the reward of being a good puppet…the puppet masters will be pleased.

  • aprescoup

    And the only answer to an America, under the mortal assault of half way across the world, camel riding terrorists — sitting on OUR(Exxon’s, Chevron’s, etc) oil and gas — is what? Wars financed by the Chinese and the rest of the BRICS?

    Want to see an economy swan dive into the gutter? Warld War II created employment and industrial might, these, here, pissant wannabe warriors, make wars to export industries and working, middle class jobs.

    If any one thinks that the Dems are the only party that moves the wheels of government than you must instantly gouge out your other eye, if you want to remain a free man/woman-in the dimness of your mind.