The Death of the U.S.-Egypt Alliance

Egypt protesters carry anti-Obama postersPresident Obama’s misguided attempt to bend Egyptian political affairs in the Muslim Brotherhood’s favor is unravelling the carefully nurtured military and economic alliance between the United States and Egypt, which has served for decades to stabilize that vital part of the Middle East.

First, after throwing former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak under the bus, the Obama administration did everything it could to portray the Muslim Brotherhood as a worthy organization committed to democratic principles of governance. The United States was seen by many secular Egyptians, including those who spearheaded the original revolution that led to Mubarak’s overthrow, as helping to unfairly tip the scales in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates.

A year later, millions of Egyptians filled the streets demanding an end to the Islamic theocracy that Mubarak’s elected Islamist successor, Mohamed Morsi, tried to impose on the country. U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson stirred up hostility against the United States when she said the protesters should stop wasting their time with street demonstrations and allow the Muslim Brotherhood-backed government to continue to govern. “Some say that street action will produce better results than elections,” she said. “To be honest, my government and I are deeply skeptical.”

After the Egyptian military heeded the wishes of the people and ended Morsi’s authoritarian rule, the Obama administration has continued to meddle by advocating for the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood while at the same time hedging its bets. It has so far avoided using the word “coup” to describe the military’s action, in order to forestall the automatic triggering of a statutory requirement to cut off non-humanitarian aid when a military coup overthrows a democratically elected government. Secretary of State John Kerry even went so far as to say earlier this month that Egypt’s army was “restoring democracy.” He added that “The military was asked to intervene by millions and millions of people. The military did not take over, to the best of our judgment — so far.”

Such mixed signals have ended up alienating both the Muslim Brotherhood and its opponents, but the Muslim Brotherhood need not worry. President Obama’s heart is with them.

In fact, Obama has reportedly agreed to meet with Muslim Brotherhood representatives at the White House. According to the Egypt Independent, “Obama would reportedly meet with Brotherhood officials to ‘hear their opinion’ on developments in Egypt, in the presence of Turkish diplomats.”

On July 30th, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel set the stage when he phoned Egypt’s defense minister and leader of Mohamed Morsi’s removal from power, Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and urged him to bring the Muslim Brotherhood back into the government. According to an exclusive report in the DEBKA File, al-Sisi told Hagel that “it was up to the Muslim Brotherhood to subscribe to his roadmap for the caretaker administration which is ruling the country until elections are held. He then floored the US defense secretary by announcing he was launching a lightning campaign for his own run for the presidency in an early election.”

General al-Sisi expressed his exasperation with the United States a few days later in an interview with the Washington Post.  “You left the Egyptians. You turned your back on the Egyptians, and they won’t forget that,” said al-Sisi. “Now you want to continue turning your backs on Egyptians?”

General al-Sisi has a different vision for Egypt’s political future than does the Obama administration. He is trying to build a more unified Egypt based on a nationalist platform, not a religious one. Only after the large sit-ins of Morsi supporters are brought to an end, one way or the other, will the defense minister consider offering the Muslim Brotherhood an opportunity to engage in a limited amount of political activity on a relatively short leash. Understandably, al-Sisi does not trust the Muslim Brotherhood, particularly after Morsi looked the other way while he was president and allowed militants in the Sinai Peninsula to gather for attacks on Egyptian security personnel without any serious consequence. Having failed to successfully subvert the Egyptian political system from within after Morsi and his Islamist colleagues won their elections, because millions of Egyptians caught on to their deception and demanded their ouster, the Muslim Brotherhood is now helping to coordinate the jihadist operations in Sinai for the purpose of launching counterattacks.

The Obama administration would prefer that al-Sisi and the military he commands move to the sidelines and allow the Muslim Brotherhood to re-assume a central political role. The administration sees this as the best course to avoid another military dictatorship and a violent backlash that could deteriorate into a full-blown civil war, despite the Muslim Brotherhood’s own duplicitous track record.

Adding further insult to injury, the RINO Bobbsey twins, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, visited Cairo last week and delivered an ultimatum to Egypt’s interim government leaders. According to a report by Youssef Ibrahim appearing in The New York Sun on August 8th, the message the senators delivered was either to release Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders from detention and to bring Muslim Brotherhood representatives into the new government, or face a cut-off of all U.S. military and financial aid to Egypt. The White House denies that the senators were acting directly on behalf of President Obama, but it is unlikely they would have been so blunt without the president’s blessing.

The response of Egypt’s current President Mansour and his prime minister, Hazem Biblawi, was swift and contemptuous of the two senators. They described Senators McCain and Graham as “delusional” and “liars.” Egypt’s chief newspaper, Al Ahram, said the senators engaged in “foolish statements that are unacceptable.”

The Egyptian cabinet sent out a tweet calling Senator McCain “a persona non grata” for insulting Egypt’s sovereignty.

There is only so much leverage that the Obama administration can get out of a threat to cut off aid to Egypt. If the threat is not acted upon, it will only make the United States look even weaker. If it is carried out, we will be pushing Egypt into the arms of Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Arab States of the Persian Gulf to fill the gap.

Moreover, in continuing to advocate for the Muslim Brotherhood, the Obama administration is legitimizing a jihadist organization that spawned al Qaeda and Hamas. The Muslim Brotherhood may put on the sheep’s clothing of faux moderation for tactical reasons when it can fool its opposition by doing so, but its ultimate objective is the same as al Qaeda’s – an Islamic caliphate governed by sharia law.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide and overall leader, Mohamed Badie, made his jihadist group’s agenda clear in a sermon he delivered in December 2011, as the Muslim Brotherhood was building up its political power following the toppling of the Mubarak regime. He said that the Muslim Brotherhood’s mission would start with the creation of a sound government and end with the establishment of an Islamic caliphate according to the plan laid out by the organization’s Egyptian founder, Hassan al-Banna, in 1928.

In a sermon Mohamed Badie delivered a little over a year earlier in September 2010 (as transcribed by The Middle East Media Research Institute), he made clear the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology of Islamic supremacy and resistance against the infidels, principally Israel and the United States:

According to the Islamic shari’a that Allah [has bequeathed] to mankind, the status of the Muslims, compared to that of the infidel nations that arrogantly [disdain] his shari’a, is measured in a kind of scale, in which, when one side is in a state of superiority, the other is in a state of inferiority…Resistance is the only solution against the Zio-American arrogance and tyranny… The U.S. is now experiencing the beginning of its end, and is heading towards its demise.

This is the true face of the jihadist group that President Obama is shilling for. His wrong-headed policy of accommodating the Muslim Brotherhood will only serve to help Badie’s game plan come to pass and further de-stabilize the Middle East.

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  • Taimoor Khan

    Yep, “stability” for America, as Chomsky says, means “domination”. Crying “democracy” when invading Iraq and killing and maiming millions of people (there has to be a price for that!), yet supporting military coup when it suits their interests. America is the greatest terrorist state of the world, from Nicaragua and Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq, which can stoop to any level to achieve their goal. However, nothing will go without due payment for looting the resources of the world, as history has shown, but the price will be paid by probably today Americans’ children or gradchildren. They will not doubt curse you.

    • truebearing

      You’re babbling about “domination” as if it is a bad thing. Apparently you haven’t read the Quran. Domination is the ultimate goal of Islam.
      Thanks for destroying your own argument, so thoroughly.

      • Taimoor Khan

        So I should never hear criticism of Islam on this site again, since by your argument, neocons are following Islam when they advocate domination.

        Here goes your phony argument in the gutter!

        • truebearing

          Nice non sequitur attempt at a rebuttal. Go ahead and give it another try. Maybe the next one will make sense. There is always a first time for everything.

    • Drakken

      Our children will be cursing us for not pushing islam into the backwaters where it belongs sooner.

    • Fritz

      Wait until the Chinese move in and take over where ever it is that you live, you will find out what looting is by the time they are finished with you. I noticed in your diatribe you didn’t mention Ethiopia, or Cambodia, Syria, Angola, or North Korea, or the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, for that matter. With regard to the military coup in Egypt, which one? The one in 1953, or the one in 2011, or the supposed one this year?

  • truebearing

    Obama has tried to destroy every traditional alliance we have. He knows Egypt can’t remain an ally with the “infidels” in America, especially when they were also at peace with Israel. Obama intentionally sows chaos, and Egypt had to be destabilized….for the sake of manifest Muslim destiny.

    • Johannes

      Just as Frank Gaffney’s OBAMA DOCTRINE puts it: Undermine our allies. Embolden our enemies. Diminish
      our country.

  • PAthena

    President Obama has shown his support for the Muslim Brotherhood before. When Hillary Clinton was his Secretary of State, her close aide was Huma Abedin, all of whose family are members of the Muslim Brotherhood (and Sisterhood).

    • Fritz

      Isn’t Huma Abedin married to the perverted former congressman, and fecalhead, from New York, Anthony Wiener ? I heard that his marriage to her was part of the reason that they elected a Republican to take his place in his former district, for the first time in 80 years.

  • arishsahani

    Saudi have perfected the art of destroying a nation .Book costing $ 1 and make local poor and uneducated to make to follow book with promise” die for saudi god and you all get rewarded after death . THis culture of killing for Saudi i God Is destroying each nation.

    • Drakken

      Islam doing what islam does best, wherever islam lays its bloody hands on, it always turns into a bloodbath.

  • Teresa Geib Bacon

    In the night heard part of a speech w him again saying that Al Queda is split and on the run blah blah. They just laugh at us, he is such a dilbert

  • Bert

    I read that the Saudis promised to more than replace any U.S. aid that is withheld form Egypt. I also read that Putin will offer Russian weapons to Egypt if the U.S cuts off American arms. It also seems to me that Arabia and the Gulf states are overflowing with U.S. weapons and could transfer some to Egypt. This would neutralize any threat to Egypt from Obama.

  • Doc

    Mr. Klien, I appreciate the info,
    you made mention that obama
    will force Egypt into Russia’s arms,
    for arms. Well sir, I read just two
    days ago that the king of saudi arabia
    is bankrolling a russian arms sale to
    Egypt. And the russian sales team
    has already met w/ Al-sisi, the head
    general!! .I believe obama wants Isreal
    surrouded by these sub-human dogs
    who should, on sight, “be terminated
    with extreme predjudice”

    • victoryman

      Russia and Mr. Putin see the vacuum left by our incompetent leadership and incompetence. He sees “Leaders” like Obambi, Kerry, Hagel, Brennan and company and realizes the Middle East is his for the picking…… the Chinese and Iranians are also moving to consolidate their interests in Central and South America. I have to laugh when the state run media puts forth the propaganda about “Obama’s getting tough” with Putin. Putin knows when push comes to shove, Obama can be rolled like a bowling ball…….witness our pulling missiles out of Central Europe and the plans to UNILATERALLY decrease our nuclear capability. And what did the Vacationer-in chief get from Putin in return? Zero. Zip. Nada. This is what happens when a community organizer “Negotiates” with a strong world leader. Putin: Black belt in Judo, rides horses, is a marksman, swims, etc. Obambi: Wears Mom jeans, rides a girl’s bike, throws a ball like a girl, can’t speak a coherent sentence without a teleprompter. By the way, thanks to our feckless foreign police, hundreds of people were killed and wounded in Iraq last week…..the highest casualties since 2007. I’m still waiting for the state run media to report on this in any depth.

    • mcbee555

      If the Saudi king is going to pay a bill due to Russia, for Russian arms to Egypt, then the Saudi king is hedging his bet in order to remain a player and has concluded that Obama is either unreliable or too weak to manage the affairs and influence of a large power in the Mid-East area.
      It’s an odd situation as reported, and that could be unreliable too. Saudi Arabia is behind the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s leader, rejects the MB, the majority of Egyptians reject the MB, they dread Shariah law. al Sisi arrested and deposed Mursi, Egyptian now ex-President, presently incarcerated. He wanted to implement Shariah as the law of Egypt. Egypt has practically told Obama to keep his money/military hardware, it’s doubtful Egypt would accept a loan from S.A. the nation behind the Muslim Brotherhood.
      Putin’s initial offer was made to Egypt immediately after Obama alienated Egypt, S.A. was not in the mix. Egypt is the most populace Arab nation in that neighborhood, S.A. may hope it can keep its tentacles on Egypt, but with S.,A. comes the M.B. Russia will take S.A.’s money, but it was ready to go deal directly with Egypt. S.A. probably wants to be relevant, but Egypt will reserve its option to deal the way it wants.

  • William James Ward

    The Muslim Brotherhood is clearly and Islamist Organization that
    has a purpose, Sharia Law for everyone. Obama supports this aim
    while role playing as POTUS but America is not what he wishes to
    prosper but wishes it harm and destruction. We are cursed by God
    for allowing Leftists guided by Communist, Socialist, Progressive
    and Islamist forces to take over the American Government. While
    the MSM hypnotizes Americans into a continuous orgy of moral
    and ethical debasement and we see the American family destroyed.
    Communists bring in chaos and every possible disruption in order
    to take over a Nation and Obama uses this tactic in order to
    grow Islamism and he uses the Muslim Brotherhood who are more
    than willing work with him. The stakes are high, American freedoms
    are on the line with government becoming a rope around our necks.
    I wonder when Americans will wake up and take to the streets and
    return law and order as is ordained on our Constitution that is
    not upheld nor looked to by those sworn to do so. Political
    gangsters now run America and the citizens are being put to
    sleep and will wake up slaves of the State, Americans take back
    control of America before we become and historical footnote.

  • Seek

    Our policy should be to encourage any activity that weakens Islamic fundamentalism, which is to say virtually of Islam, anywhere in the world. When in doubt, lay back and avoid entanglement. The civil war in Egypt ultimately is not ours to fight.

  • mcbee555

    The Muslim Brotherhood has been an inflammatory element in the Arab world for longer that most of today’s people can imagine. It goes back even before WW2, it cooperated with Hitler in WW2 through the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who had refuge in Berlin during WW2. He participated in NAZI recruiting of Bosnian Muslims into a special Nazi S.S. division to be used against Christians and Jews in the Balkans, financed Arab terrorist cells at and since Israel’s birth as a nation, was complicit in the assassination of Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat, who had made peace with Israel.
    The MB is very rich and influential, much of its resources coming from petro-dollars and financial holdings purchased in the West, was instrumental in deposing Egypt’s President Mubarak and setting-up MB member, President Morsi, recently arrested and deposed for foisting Sharia law upon Egypt.
    It still persists in being a major political player in the Mid-East, with its intention to implement Islam as the religious-political force there and to be spread throughout the world. Apparently, Pres. Obama is sold on the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • jaquebauer


    • Fritz

      Unfortunately that will not work, there is a constitutionally placed limit of two terms on any president, ironically it was a Democrat sponsored amendment. As for amnesty there is the misunderstanding among the elites that illegal immigrants have any interest in becoming U.S citizens and becoming involved in the political process. Perhaps some do but the vast majority are strictly economic migrants and thanks to “Fearless Leader” there isn’t much economic opportunity for them anymore, even under the table. Then we have the Mexican gangsters, they could care less about the U.S government at any level, they are in it for the money and if anyone gets in the way they die.

  • Kamal

    We hate Mubarak and Morsi.

  • Ellman48

    Is it possible that the Obama regime may think that empowering Islamists in the Middle East and Northern Africa will end the War on Terror? That, grateful for the assistance of the US in deposing secular dictators, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and other countries will stop harboring terrorists determined to kill us?

    Truly, the motives and rationale of this regime are almost always shrouded in mystery and fog because it never states its position clearly, unambiguously and consistently. Why does it always support the demise of a secular dictatorship but always support that of an Islamist one? What a pity that we have so few real journalists and investigators left in this country. It puts a lot of pressure on the rest of us to overcome the deficiency in factual and truthful reporting.

  • Anamah

    And Hillary too!

  • USA Retired

    O’Bozo’s endeavor to alienate the U.S. from all of our allies and friends is working! He is hell bent on the total annihilation and destruction of America! Says he is not a Muslim but refuses to travel with his dog, resulting in enormous tax expenditure to our citizens. He is worse then our worst enemies! And all this from an illegal immigrant in office illegally!!!

  • antioli

    RINO Bobbsey twins, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, ( Nice Shot)
    The two seem to be as much against democracy in Egypt as they are in America.
    For once a national military force is defending a people’s majority democracy and not an unpopular dictator. The Military over threw an anti democracy dictator not for their own power but at the overwhelming call of the Egyptian people.

  • Meme

    My country is a big mess just because Obama fuck him