When Unrepentant Terrorists Teach Our Youth

Morgan Gliedman, 27, and her boyfriend Aaron Greene, 31, were arrested on weapons charges this past weekend in their Greenwich Village apartment on West 9th Street. They were charged with possessing bomb-making materials and were also found to have in their apartment bomb-making manuals, various booby traps and a sawed-off shotgun.  Both are reported to “have close ties to the left-wing social and academic establishment in Chicago and elsewhere,” according to The Daily Caller which had access to confirming records. Although no clear motive or link to any known terrorist group has been established to date, the chief spokesperson for the New York Police Department characterized the explosive they found in the apartment as one “used in terrorists’ attacks previously.”

This story brought to mind an incident in a West Village townhouse nearly forty-three years ago, when a trio of radicals, while finishing up preparations to bomb the Non-Commissioned Officers Dance at Fort Dix, blew themselves up in an explosion of a New York City townhouse on West 11th Street in Greenwich Village. It so happens that I had gone to high school with one of these radicals, Terry Robbins.

When I knew Robbins, he was a serious, relatively shy kid – conservatively dressed and with no particular political ideology that he was trying to promote. I never saw Terry Robbins again after high school. He went on to embrace radical left causes, including the  Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). After dropping out of Kenyon College, Robbins linked up with Bill Ayers, an unrepentant leader of radical domestic terrorist groups during the 1960s and ’70s, to recruit members to join the SDS. Robbins helped found with Ayers the even more radical Weatherman Organization (which later became known as the Weather Underground), based himself in Chicago and plotted with Ayers to bomb one of Chicago’s historical monuments.

Ayers said that Robbins’ “extremism was an impulse in all of us.” Robbins extremism led him to plot more aggressive bombings, until he met his fate in the explosion at the West Village townhouse on March 6, 1970.

Robbins’ close associate Bill Ayers lost his girlfriend Diana Oughton in the explosion. Nevertheless, the radical Ayers, who years later would help launch President Barack Obama’s political career in Chicago, carried on Robbins’ work by participating in the bombings of New York City Police Department headquarters in 1970, the United States Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972.

Had Robbins survived, I have little doubt that he would have been welcomed to join the faculty at one of our many left-wing academic institutions. Terrorists are rewarded in academia. After all, that’s what happened to Bill Ayers, who, though he remains unrepentant for what he did, became a tenured professor in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

In an interview he gave in 1995, Ayers said: “I am a radical, Leftist, small ‘c’ communist … The ethics of communism still appeal to me.” Two years later, Chicago awarded him its Citizen of the Year award.

Ayers’ wife Bernardine Dohrn, who was also a leader of the Weather Underground and  was a principal signatory to a “Declaration of a State of War” against the United States government, is an Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law and the immediate past Director of Northwestern’s Children and Family Justice Center.

A hint at what she may be teaching her students appeared in a statement she made in 2010: “The real terrorist is the American government, state terrorism unleashed against the world.”  Another hint emerged in her statement about NATO during its meeting in Chicago last May: “NATO is a global secret cabal. It is the military arm of the global 1 percent.”

Back in 1969, Dohrn described the bloody murders recently committed by the Manson Family (in which the pregnant actress Sharon Tate and several other inhabitants of a Benedict Canyon mansion had been brutally stabbed to death) this way: “Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach! Wild!”

Northwestern University School of Law couldn’t be bothered by the outrageous acts and vile statements of their associate law professor, including her reveling in the killing of a woman and the life growing in her womb. Bernardine Dohrn’s faculty profile describes her simply as “a child advocate who teaches, lectures and write about children’s law, juvenile justice, the needs and rights of youth, and international human rights.”

Two radicals who survived the explosion in the West Village townhouse, were Kathy Boudin and Cathy Wilkerson.

Boudin, along with several members of the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army, robbed a Brinks armored car at the Nanuet Mall, in Nanuet, New York in 1981, resulting in the deaths of two police officers and a guard. Boudin pled guilty to one count of felony murder and robbery. While incarcerated, she wrote and managed to get published articles in the Harvard Educational Review and poems for which she won the International PEN prize. In the meantime, her son was adopted by Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn.

After Boudin was released from prison in 2003, she became an assistant professor at Columbia University School of Social Work. Incredibly, Boudin’s faculty profile discusses her work on “criminal justice issues including women in prison; mother-child relationships and parenting from a distance; adolescent relationships with incarcerated parents; restorative justice, and higher education and basic literacy inside correctional institutions,” but leaves out entirely her own lengthy incarceration for murder.

Cathy Wilkerson’s father owned the townhouse that blew up in 1970, killing three of her Weatherman comrades including Terry Robbins. She served eleven months in jail on explosives charges. For the past twenty years, she has been teaching mathematics in high schools and adult education programs. Does she have any regrets about her Weatherman days?  Not a chance.  ”We were way not the first,” she said in an interview with the New York Times in 2003. ”It was a mass phenomenon. In 1969, national liberation was sweeping the world and looked like it was going to be the main vehicle for ushering in popular governments.”

Convicted terrorist Susan Rosenberg was involved with several terrorist groups in the 1970s and early 1980s, including the Black Liberation Army, the Weather Underground, and The Family.

Rosenberg was sentenced in 1984 to a 58-year prison term for the possession of more than 700 pounds of explosives and a stockpile of illicit weapons, but was pardoned by President Bill Clinton in January 2001.  She was offered the opportunity to teach a course at New York’s Hamilton College after being written up very positively in a whitewashed biography put out by the campus leftwing “social justice” organization known as the Kirkland Project. She was hailed as “an award-winning writer, an activist, and a teacher who offers a unique perspective as a writer.” Missing was any mention of her terrorist jailbird record.

Another veteran member of the Weather Underground, who pled guilty to the bombing of the U.S. Capitol in 1983, is Laura Whitehorn. Although (maybe because) she remains unrepentant for her terrorist activities, Whitehorn gets invitations to speak at some of the nation’s most prestigious universities. She has been described in publicity for her lecture at Duke University, for example, as a “political prisoner,” and a “champion of human rights.”

The unrepentant terrorists of yesterday are honored members or guests of the nation’s left-wing faculties today. Their platforms have enabled them to become mentors to new generations of potential terrorists. Were Morgan Gliedman and Aaron Greene auditioning to take over the roles of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn in their prime? Whatever led them down the path to an explosives laden apartment in the West Village, so eerily similar to the path taken by Terry Robins and his Weather Underground associates that ended in a deadly explosion nearly forty-three years ago, may become more apparent in the coming days.

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  • UCSPanther

    Strange how history is repeating itself here…

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Here we go again…round and round the domestic terrorist bush…with terrorist clones of Billy boy and wifey Dohrn coming back to haunt.
    And the fact that radical leftists are mirror imaging Islamic terror manuals is precisely where they align – at their anti-American nexus.
    This blogger beats this drum to this max and it is not for nothing. The Red/Green Alliance.
    As to Billy and wifey, here's where they are currently in their dangerous 'mischief making' – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/12/25/domestic-terr

    And the very fact that they got away with their crimes, and became 'educators' too, plus are in league with those who are pulling America's strings, tells us all we need to know about this current duo's fate. They will escape any real punishment and benefit from their crimes. Count on it.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel – http://www.adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Cathy Wilkerson’s father owned the townhouse that blew up in 1970, killing three of her Weatherman comrades including Terry Robbins. She served eleven months in jail on explosives charges. For the past twenty years, she has been teaching mathematics in high schools and adult education programs. Does she have any regrets about her Weatherman days? Not a chance. ”We were way not the first,” she said in an interview with the New York Times in 2003. ”It was a mass phenomenon. In 1969, national liberation was sweeping the world and looked like it was going to be the main vehicle for ushering in popular governments.”

    – The government in the USA at the time was not a popular government because psychotic narcissistic hippies decided that was how they felt about it. What have they learned since then? How to destroy the system from within, just like 0'Bama was taught to do.

  • kafir4life

    Isn't Chicago the US home for terrorist training? Didn't President Stinky (bo) get his start there? Isn't that where his criminal buddy Rahm is the mayor? Chicago is also the home of the chicago teacher's union (CTU) where the children don't learn any skill necessary in life, but instead learn that being a member of a gang (whether it be a street gang or a union member) is the best life they can hope to have. I n either case, they take what others have produced and return NOTHING to society.

  • figment

    funny. I saw a bunch of new laws enacted, starting this year – 2013, in which the govt controls how many cats you can own (KS), how much pot you can bring to a pot club (CO) and yet no laws that disable convicted terrorists and murderers from teaching our youth –
    oh wait, maybe we could look to who is hiring these and incarcerate THEM? for having too many cats or something?

  • figment

    >>"The real terrorist is the American government, state terrorism unleashed against the world.”

    well NOW that's true, that they have infiltrated and taken over .

    • jacob

      How have they infiltrated the nation and taken over ??

      "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" is the reason and people's afraid of stating what they feel about….
      Should it surprise anybody the insignificant membership size of the Russian Communist Party
      and though, it ruled for more than 50 years over THREE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE ????
      Do we want anything like it here ????
      Then I don't know how, but we must start purging this element from teaching, even against the
      Department of Education wishes…..

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "How have they infiltrated the nation and taken over ?? "

        They've taken over leadership positions. They have the Whitehouse. Did this escape your notice?

        ""POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" is the reason and people's afraid of stating what they feel about…. "

        That's one reason.

        "Should it surprise anybody the insignificant membership size of the Russian Communist Party
        and though, it ruled for more than 50 years over THREE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE ????"

        You're supporting our points about infiltration and manipulation.

        "Do we want anything like it here ???? "

        What's your guess?

        "Then I don't know how, but we must start purging this element from teaching, even against the
        Department of Education wishes….."

        We need to sharpen our rhetoric and debating skills, not to mention diplomatic skills and win over some dupes by waking them up. We need to stay active in politics year round, and lobby all political leaders in office or running for office. If they care about your vote, show them the price they must pay to win. Make sure our voices are heard as loudly and clearly as possible.

  • Burlington

    They won! They pulled off the greatest scam in world history. Ayers and his family made it possible for this scam to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. The Communist plan and methods have worked in the USA. The take over education and Hollywood was in their grand design. Oppose religion and moral values was also a KGB directive. The red diaper babies won. The economic collapse is soon to follow. How did they do it? Google this 1984 interview with KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov to find out. (Yuri Bezmenov daily motion).

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "The Communist plan and methods have worked in the USA."

      That's not quite true. Their plans were for Soviet Communist takeover. That is not going to happen. Few of their plans worked. Their tactics did wreak havoc, and are still just as deadly as if they had, but if you make claims like this, people will know you're wrong and not know what you're talking about.

      "The take over education and Hollywood was in their grand design."

      As a means to an end that failed. Their strategic failure does not mitigate the danger to us though.

      Many of their tactics continue to cause grave harm today. It that what you meant? I agree.

  • tagalog

    Bill Ayers has said "…the ethics of communism still appeal to me." That sentiment alone should disqualify him for certification as a university instructor, particularly an institution as distinguished as the University of Chicago.

    There might be an argument for the command economic system, in that one might claim (in the face of overwhelming historical evidence to the contrary) that its form of distributive justice is superior to capitalist formulation of distributive justice, but clearly the ETHICS of communism are entirely discredited in that communist ethics consist of lying wherever necessary, making agreements solely on the basis of contemporary convenience, slave labor, labor camps, and the like. The ethics of communism exist only to advance communism and for no other reason.

    Both Lenin and Stalin (as well as their legions of minions) disparaged ethics as a bourgois method of keeping the working class down.

    Cathy Wilkerson teaches our children, and uses sentence formulations like "We were way not the first?" If she talks to her pupils like that, fire her at once, she's an illiterate!

    • Jim_C

      That's a good point, but it depends on the teacher's talent. I had an excellent, openly communist professor with whom I disagreed approximately 100% of the time, as did a few others in the group. But the people he knew disagreed with him made for excellent dialogue and debate in the classic sense, and simply put, everyone in his classes got their money's worth. He never belittled us for our views, and by challenging us to debate him, he encouraged critical thinking. If anything, his teaching made us better anti-communists.

      That said, in this day and age, Animal Farm is not just truism but fact. As you say, it is one thing to debate the economic system, another to champion the ethos. In my opinion, communism is the kind of thing that if you just sweep it under the rug, it resurfaces. It needs to be taught in order to be discredited–if you see what I mean.

      • tagalog

        Agreed, but it's pretty bad when a high-level university's tenured professor is so intellectually deficient he can't make the distinction between ethics and other methods of thinking. Where else does that deficiency show up in his teaching activities?

        I find myself not terribly put out by the Bill Ayers statement about bombing to the effect that he doesn't think there was enough of it; because after all I and many like me believe the U.S. should have invaded North Vietnam, and that the failure to that was not doing enough to win the Vietnam War, which I and many like me believe was a winnable conflict. There were some among us who refused to go into the military service during Vietnam because it was being set up for failure by those who could see what they were doing and did it anyway, 57,000 deaths be damned.

      • Ghostwriter

        This is one of the few times that I agree with Jim_C. When I was in college,I had this professor that was really left wing. I didn't agree with a lot of her ideas but I rarely spoke out. I later learned from someone else that she was way out there. She even had to have call an ambulance because she couldn't remove her dog's you-know-what from her. If I had known how weird she was BEFORE I took her class,I wouldn't have been in her class.

    • Jim_C

      If I were conservative I'd be more concerned with offhand liberalism seeping into class discussion than someone who is openly leftist, in some ways, because those kind of offhand comments have the opposite effect to critical thinking–it can intimidate discussion. A teacher can be liberal, conservative, or even leftist, as long as they encourage discussion and respect differing viewpoints.

      • reader

        Actually, Jim, you're far behind the curve on this one. Nowadays, practically all "liberal arts" classrooms (phylosophy, public policy, etc, to say nothing of openly marxist human studies and alike) are communist in that a student literally risks his or her grade, should he or she dares to challenge the indocrination. That's just a fact.

        • reader

          I meant, women studies, not human studies…

        • tagalog

          I teach philosophy, ethics, and law, liberal arts courses all, and I can assure you that it is not true that practically all liberal arts classrooms are communist in that the student's grade depends on his or her challenging of the indoctrination.

          As an example: I once taught that animals other than humans do not have the ability to engage in abstract thought to any significant degree (despite the chimpanzee ability to use sticks as tools upon which ants will congregate, thus making if possible to eat more for less effort); one of my students (a fan of dolphins) disagreed with me. I asked her to write a research paper on why she thinks animals are able to think in significant abstractions. She took me up on my challenge, and made an argument which I thought was wrong, but she made a rational argument, supported by claims that she documented, so she got an A on that paper from me even though I didn't agree with her and her argument didn't change my mind. Her final grade was also quite good. She showed the ability to reason to a conclusion, then support that conclusion with solid argument and appeal to authority. Lots of my colleagues, also teaching arts courses of various kinds, do similar things. All is not completely lost.

          • reader

            Just because you do it, or you claim to be doing that, does not prove the point. I have anecdotal evidence from many students, who share this as common knowledge: if you want a good grade in any of those classes – and some of them are mandatory – you basically need to support the notion that Marx is good and Adam Smith is bad. That's what I heard many times over.

          • tagalog

            Well, I also stated that I know lots of other instructors who grade according to how well the student learns to handle the material, not according to how well they get indoctrinated, so that's my experience.

          • reader

            I doubt that any instructor would ever admit enforcing his or her political or philosophical bias. However, I heard first hand from a student that as soon as he or she has figured out that a professor is a commie, the student wouldn't even bother to buy books required for the class. All the student did in order to get a good grade, was to write everything pro-marx and anti-free market, and a good grade the student would get with ease.

          • Jim_C

            Sometimes half the battle in college is simply figuring out how to write the paper your teacher wants you to write, that goes for just about any class.

          • reader

            Yeah, Jim, grading papers based on political views is called indocrination, if not an outright persecution – given the potential long term effects.

          • Jim_C

            I agree, actually. Just saying the phenomenon above is not limited to political subjects.

        • Jim_C

          I don't think so, reader. I think the majority of teachers simply teach their subjects and frankly don't have time to proselytize. Professor-wise, I think most of them are grateful when there's any sign of life in the class, whether that person agrees with them or not.

          Sometimes this site gets sidetracked by content–where the mere presence of this or that issue in a class is evidence of bias. I think the onus should be more on the caliber of teaching, and that goes from pre-K through university.

          I'd like to see conservatives get serious about refroming the education system from the ground up, and not so damned defeatist. What's happening in Wisconsin with unions could be a sign that there's room to make a positive moves in that direction. The problem is there's not enough constructive criticism; most conservatives demonize the teacher along with the union, and also fail to upbraid administration and outside contractors. I know a lot of teachers, and to a person, they'd love to be able to get rid of the bad apples in their school. They want to be thought of as professionals and held to a real high standard–not just judged on test scores over which they have limited control, at best. I think conservatives have some good observations on the education system beyond voucher/charter band-aids and I think if they got on board with that, t

          • Drakken

            That is one of the very few things I agree with you, until they get rid of the self esteem movement and everybody is a winner philosophy, our kids are doomed to reality.

          • Jim_C

            I'm not big on "everyone is a winner" (at least not once junior high rolls around). If you have a competition, have a competition.

            Self-esteem is a pretty important ingredient to success in life. A lot of kids frankly don't get any support at all at home. Those kids are 'doomed to reality' every day. So if a teacher tells them "You made a valuable contribution" or whatever–that's the only positive thing that kid is going to hear.

            When I used to visit my kids at school, I couldn't believe how many of their classmates were starved for the attention of an adult. Those are kids who don't get any at home. School can be a bright spot in their life.

          • tagalog

            The purest form of self-esteem comes when you, either individually or as one of a team, beat another individual or team that is trying its best to beat you. Nothing feels that good – you worked your ass off and you prevailed against people who were working their ass off to roll over you.

            Nobody works to win when everybody wins. The concept of "everybody wins" fosters mediocrity and is therefore contradictory if one is seeking self-esteem. Nobody has much self-esteem when the best they can say is "I'm the same as everybody else."

            It's like communism fostering everyone in the society living in poverty: "We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us."

          • Jim_C

            I'd like to see more competition encouraged, as well, in all aspects of school.

            It comes back to teacher talent, right? The language sometimes used to encourage tends to overrate the object of encouragement. How many times have you heard someone called "amazing" when they are not? Empty compliments do no one any favors.

            The problem is that there's a significant number of kids whose home lives do nothing to inculcate self-esteem, who are neglected, ignored, or belittled at home, and that becomes a societal problem long-term. It's wrong to just put the onus on a kid to be self-directed. Some are, some aren't. A good teacher recognizes that, and God willing, is able to take some time to direct that individual towards areas in which they can excel and build that esteem. A well-meaning, but not quite as good teacher dispenses with easy compliments.

            So I'm not as down on "self-esteem" as an educational goal. Call it "positive encouragement," instead?

          • Mary Sue

            When it comes to University-Level, the teachers literally have nothing but time to proselytize if they so choose.

    • Questions

      Wilkerson is a thug, but her English isn't the problem. Her use of the word "way" in this context, like "so," is a Valley Girl-style way of accenting an assertion. It's not really good English, but it's not wrong either.

      Cathy Wilkerson should be fired for her terrorist activity, not for any perceived slip of syntax.

      • tagalog

        If you don't that teachers using poor language when they teach our children, read Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. I also think his essay, Politics and the English Language is good on the point I'm making, which is that looseness in language evidences and presages looseness in thought.

        We have enough looseness in thought as it currently stands. I'm sure I'm way right on that.

        • Questions

          Au contraire. George Orwell's critique of Newspeak was directed at its rigidity, not its laxity. What he decried was the totalitarian rewriting of language for mandatory universal usage, not the silly but understandable deviations from Webster's Dictionary. Tyranny always seeks to outlaw spontaneity.

          • tagalog

            "War is Peace, Love is Hate, Slavery is Freedom" is a rigid use of language? Hmmm, maybe I'm just not nuanced enough to be able to grasp that. The "two plus two equals five" moment in Room 101 is a form of rigidity? Well, I have to stop, my mind is whirling. Orwell's defense of the English language had to do with using words according to what they are accepted to mean. Usually when we want to know what the commonly accepted meaning of words is, we use the dictionary. Even Orwell must have used the dictionary from time to time.

    • Ghostwriter

      Wow! This is one of those times when I agree with Jim_C. I once took sociology when I was going to community college. The person I had was a very left wing person. I most kept to myself and rarely spoke up but some of her ideas were pretty much out there. I later talked with another person about this person. He said that she was WAY out there. According to this guy,he even had to call an ambulance to remove a dog's you-know-what from her when she tried to do it with her dog. If I had known what she was like then,I doubt I would have taken her class.

    • Fritz

      I think that there would be a certain poetic justice if these walking pieces of human debris, known former members of "The Weather Underground" were caught in the crossfire in one of the many incidents of spiraling gun violence in the city of Chicago, I think it hit over 500 last year. One thing to investigate is what these creeps used for a doctoral theses and find out whether they committed plagiarism a la Ward Churchill. What surprises me is that nobody has attempted to file a wrongful death suit against any of these Weather Dolts? Or barring that paid a Chicago street thug to discharge a 12 gauge into Billy Boy Ayers ferret face, given how he boast of being a terrorist.

  • Tina Trent

    My favorite terrorist makeover couple are Jeff Jones and Eleanor Raskin. Like Dohrn, Raskin is a law prof. She's also a judge in New York State. How repulsive.

    Her husband Jeff Jones is a very influential player in distributing TARP funds to his union pals in New York State. The extent of his ties to the Obama administration merit more investigation.

    These two were caught stockpiling explosives in their apartment. When the SWAT team arrived, they had at least one child living among the explosives.

    They are entirely unrepentant for their crimes, yet she is a judge. Good work soiling the courts, Albany!

  • geral

    USA as the assassins' nation creates & feeds on terrorists.
    A violent and sick nation & gov are in no position to suggest solving the problem w/o first correcting its own macabre & murderous excesses:
    See my reports that suggest that the Jurists and their friends in gov are themselves the problem in many instances:


    alternate links:


    • Indioviejo

      Your assessment is stupid. How does the USA compare with any other country in World history as to "macabre & murderous excesses" ? I thought so. The fact that you are able to express your venom so freely, speaks volumes. You stand with the terrorist.

      • KathleenP

        The pathetic thing about people like you, Geral, is how original, daring, and cutting-edge you think you're being, when I was hearing the same bilge coming out of the mouths of others just like you on campus 30 years ago. You have not had an independent nor original thought in your life.

    • Drakken

      As you stand and defend terrorists, it makes you a terrorist. Make no mistake, you are an enemy of the US.

    • JacksonPearson

      When was the last time your shrink measured your skull? Better get it checked ASAP!

    • Ghostwriter

      Sorry,geral,but you point to your own silly comments and websites. You don't really have ANY independent confirmation for your idiotic and disgusting comments anywhere. If you can't back up your claims,what are you doing here? I agree with Indioveijo and Drakken. You're a member of the Hate America Club and there are far too many of those people around these days. Unless you can back up your claims with any facts,you're just a terrorist sympathizer with very little in the way of credibility here.

    • objectivefactsmatter


      "The F.B.I. has a built in hidden system of its own to brutalize whistleblowers & others:
      Summary:The UT police helped the fbi in unsuccessful efforts to find a way to unlawfully arrest me; at the same time the UT police (at the direction of the fbi) covered up a provocative assault and battery on my person on campus."

      It's all about you and your paranoia. Yes, the USA is evil as evidenced by your subjective thoughts and rants.

      But I still hope you feel better some day.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "USA as the assassins' nation creates & feeds on terrorists. "

      Why haven't you been neutralized?


    EVER HEARD OF THE "PEACE EDUCATION PROJECT?" Here in Albuquerque, the local Peace and Justice, that is filled with radical activists and former apologists and followers of the 80's CPUSA fronts and Soviet KGB, and currently with members that support Hamas/Hezbollah, ANSWER, CPUSA monthly meetings (against IRS rules for non-profits), Socialists/Communists and full of university students since the center is one block from the university. THEY SEND THEIR RADICALS TO SCHOOLS all over the state at the invitation from teachers.

    They announced this program on a local cable access channel they had taken over but luckily the city has taken over the programming even with massive protests. They say it is to counter military recruiters and that "there is a better way to see the world."

    THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS PROGRAM IS TO BE SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS! They then have a classroom full to brainwash with little to no recourse against their off-topic indoctrination. This way too is that they have a PART-TIME JOB with time focusing on "being active."


  • Ar'nun

    People like these leftists have been festering for decades because no body seems willing to fight back. They surround themselves with like-minded colleagues, and the rest of us sit back and wait for the authorities handle the situation. Thus feeding their sickness by allowing them to think it is them against the system, and that they speak for the rest of us.

    It's time for people to stand up and announce that this Leftist curse that is plaguing our country is not welcomed. Don't be afraid to stand up to these people when you encounter them. Placating them or ignoring them just allows their sickness to continue. Let them know it is not them against the government, it is them against ALL of us.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "It's time for people to stand up and announce that this Leftist curse that is plaguing our country is not welcomed. "

      Directly in public.

  • PAthena

    Why did Bill Clinton pardon Susan Rosenberg?
    One piece of good news: when Bill Ayers retired from the School of Education at Northwestern University, he was denied the position of Professor Emeritus because a a trustee of Northwestern, Chris Kennedy, one of the sons of Robert Kennedy, objected, since Bill Ayers had dedicated a book to Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert Kennedy. Chris Kennedy should check out Northwestern University to find out what other terrorists it has on its staff.

    • Mary Sue

      this is what happens when strange bedfellows realize just what they've been having in their bed lately.

  • Indio Viejo

    The Communist won! How will the rest of us react? This is a crucial question.

  • clarespark

    We don't know enough about anarchist rivals to Marx, and often miss the young adults raging against the machine in our midst. I wrote about them all here: http://clarespark.com/2012/08/16/marx-rivals-and-…. "Marx, rivals, and our enigmatic president."

  • mlcblog

    How very sick.

  • UCSPanther

    I think that Ayers being a tenured professor is just as hypocritical as making Timonthy McVeigh or Terry Nichols professors.

    The only difference was that these communist terrorists didn't kill as many as those two did in one fell swoop, but they would have eventually if they weren't stopped. As far as I am concerned, those radical leftist terrorist groups (SLA, Black Panthers, Weather Underground, FALN, Macheteros, RAF, FLQ, etc.) weren't punished severely enough.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "The only difference was that these communist terrorists didn't kill as many as those two did in one fell swoop, but they would have eventually if they weren't stopped. As far as I am concerned, those radical leftist terrorist groups (SLA, Black Panthers, Weather Underground, FALN, Macheteros, RAF, FLQ, etc.) weren't punished severely enough."


    • Fritz

      Well the Red Army Fraction was published enough, everyone who was in that outfit was either shot dead or sent to prison for 20+ years, maybe there are some things to learn from how the Germans handle things after all. The same things pretty much happened to members of the Japanese Red Army, both they and the RAF were involved in a form of terror plot exchange with the PLO back in the 70s.

      • Fritz

        Sorry, punished not published, slip of the keys gentlemen.

  • Thomas Wells

    This is what happens when the history of the Trojan horse is replaced in schools by "diversity studies".

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "This is what happens when the history of the Trojan horse is replaced in schools by "diversity studies"."

      The Legend of Troy leads to mistrust of "the other," and we're all just the same you know. That is once we've been culled by those who decide what class we belong to.

      • Thomas Wells

        The tale of the Trojan horse teaches us not to open our doors to those who would destroy us. This is not "mistrust". it is "sanity". Personally, I'm in a class of my own.

  • Ghostwriter

    I remember when I was at college. I had this very left wing professor in my sociology course. Some of her ideas were way out there but I rarely said anything. I later found out from someone else that she was even more far out than I imagined. According to him,she once even had to call an ambulance because she was doing it with her dog and she couldn't remove the dog's you-know-what from her. If I knew then what I found out about her later,I probably wouldn't have taken her class.

  • Arlie

    Mr. Klein that must have been creepy when you found that Terry Robbins was someone you knew in High School. It's better that the evil doers blew themselves up rather than the innocent officers dance at Ft. Dix.
    There are huge problems in this country especially in education and parenting. So many people do not really appreciate their health, freedom and take everything for granted. Many spoiled brats and radicals from the 60's are now destroying the very country that give them the freedom they despise. They are very sick people.

  • marvin Fox

    The American people must regain control of our schools, courtrooms, and national offices. The left wing in America is a rank minority willing to worked very hard under the radar. They have worked so hard that the radar will no longer hide them. Many of us know they are infiltrating our public systems. We haven't, as yet, found an effective method of removing them from our public systems. It seems people need a public trauma the left can be easily and rightly blamed for to begin the cleansing activity. The left is very good at escaping blame for the problems they cause, but their methods are becoming easier to see.
    Joseph Klein, articles like yours are very helpful.
    Marvin Fox

  • Penny Haulman

    Get a gun and get the terrorists. Something any Redblooded American would be glad to do. There is NO truth in them.

  • AZRifts

    It is a nice trip down memory lane, but what links these two junkies to any of it? According to the NYPD they weren't terrorist, just a couple of rich junkies. No links to the Weather Underground or any political movement.

    • Joseph Klein

      Too early to reach that conclusion. Junkies don't usually arm themselves with explosives and collect bomb-making manuals.

  • James R. Pera

    I wrote a book about a fictitious terrorist organization and one mans quest to deal appropriately with them. I can assure you, that the plot, did not find my fictitious characters in an enviable position when my character and his allies began stalking them.

    The book was inspired by real events. I experienced some of them as a police officer, i.e, the bombing of Park Police Station in San Francisco, on Feb.16, 1970. Bernardine Dohrn is the alleged bomber. The bomb killed my sergeant, Brian McDonnell, and wounded nine of my fellow cops. It's the only bombing that Dohrn and Ayers won't brag about because there is not statute of limitations on murder. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007DMGEQ2