Christian Goodwill Toward the Jewish State

Amish in IsraelIt often seems as if the whole world is conspiring against the Jewish state, and with good reason. At the United Nations General Assembly, and UN associated agencies, Israel is either excluded or condemned more often than any other member state, including the most notorious dictatorships which trample on human rights, religious freedom, and democratic norms. On campuses in the European Union countries, the US, and elsewhere, BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) campaigns are waged against the Jewish state. Anti-Semitism in Europe is reaching new heights, and in the Muslim world, blind, violent hatred of Jews and Israel are on perpetual display.

But just when Jews in Israel and around the world begin to express their despair at how often evil is rewarded and good is punished, decent people of goodwill who can distinguish the difference arrive on the scene. In late November, 2013, a delegation of 31 Anabaptist and Amish Christians, dressed in their traditional attire, arrived in Israel to express their devotion to the Jewish state and to apologize to the Jewish people for Christianity’s persecution of Jews and for not having spoken up during the Holocaust. They arrived in Jerusalem from Idaho, Montana and Ohio, and met with Israeli Knesset members, rabbis, and Holocaust survivors.

Bishop Ben Girod of Idaho, founder of the Anabaptist Connections, who led the “repentance mission” of 45 Amish from the US and Switzerland in late 2010, was back again. On his arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, he stated that the group carried in their heart the desire to reconnect anew with the Jewish nation. The group consisted of Amish, Mennonite, and Hutterite sects from across North America.

Bishop Girod declared “We have discovered that in order for us to come to our destiny with the Lord, we need to bless our Jewish brothers. We have, in our history, a somewhat anti-Semitic attitude, and we have come here in the past to repent for that. Now we want to develop relationships with you. We want to draw close to you because we want the blessing of Abraham on our people.”

Girod began a whole new stream among the Amish and, unlike many in the sect who have traditionally considered the mention of “Israel” in the Bible as referring to the Church and to Christians, he acknowledges it as a reference to Jews. “To our shame,” Girod confessed, “we were silent during the Holocaust and we did not stand with the Jewish people in their hour of need.” Girod indicated that their first undertaking in Israel is to apologize to the Holocaust survivors, and to tell them how sorry they are…

Norway, the land which spawned the term “Quisling” during WWII, one that is synonymous with a traitor, is today one of the most hostile European states towards Israel. In October, 2009, Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said at an Israeli cabinet meeting that, “Norway was too hostile towards Israel to have monitors in Hebron.” Lieberman told the cabinet that of all his meetings at the UN General Assembly, the one with the Norwegians was the most difficult. “The Norwegians,” he said, “take a very hostile line against us.”

Then, in early December, 2013, a group of 40 Norwegian Christian leaders and clerks arrived in Israel ostensibly to apologize on Norway’s behalf for their role during the Holocaust, the 1993 Oslo Accords, as well as more recent events. In a special Knesset ceremony, the Norwegians delivered a speech expressing support for Israel and reservations about the Oslo Accords, which they claim ripped apart the land of Israel. The head of the delegation, Pastor Terje Ligerod, said, “We believe we are called as a nation to be an ally and to support Israel, and we as leaders want to work for change in our country and for repentance among the Christians in our country, we want to support Israel.” They also declared that Israel belongs to the Jews, and intimated that they may form a new Christian political party that would pledge its support for Israel.

Representing 21 different Norwegian organizations, including Christian TV and newspapers, church groups, and representing all regions including the two major ethnic groups (Norwegians and Lapps or Sami), they presented their declaration which stated, in part, “Forgive us Israel as a Nation for the Oslo Agreement, dividing up Eretz, Israel. For the money from Norway that is ending up supporting terrorist organizations. For not moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s eternal undivided capital, Jerusalem. For not standing up to defend Israel in a world with increasing hostility. For the anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist attitude from politicians and the media in Norway.”

Another section of the declaration read: “Forgive us Israel, as a Church, for not standing up more clearly to stop Norwegian anti-Israel political attitude. For the fact that great parts of the Church has rejected Israel’s role in God’s plan. For the lukewarmness towards the persecution that you have suffered. For the indifference towards you as God’s chosen people. And, for allowing replacement theology to spread in the churches.”

This was followed by: “Forgive us Israel, as a Nation, for the strong forces, and the loud voices that demands a boycott of Israel on all levels. For our constitution that hindered Jews to enter the Kingdom of Norway up to 1851. For sending Jews out of Norway into Nazi death camps during WWII, and for not allowing Jews into Norway after WWII.  For neglecting to give Israel credit/honor for its contribution towards the benefit of humanity. Without Israel’s efforts, our hospitals would not function as they do today; neither would our computers or cellphones. As a nation, we have made alliances with forces that want to destroy the nation of Israel. We want, as spiritual leaders in Norway, to break these alliances.”

Although advancing Israel’s position among Europeans seems like a losing proposition, it would be a mistake for friends of Israel to give up on Europe. There are elements in European societies, particularly those made up of fair-minded people, and those with biblical roots who, with some cultivation, might rally on behalf of the Jewish State. If elements of the Mennonite Church and some Norwegian Christians can change direction and express support for Israel, so could others across Europe and the US.  Dr. Zvi Shtauber, a retired Brigadier General in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) put it this way, “Israel is a small country and we don’t have many resources. Yet we must invest heavily in expanding the dialogue with Europe. We must spend more time on contacts with various groups including opinion leaders and students. We must consider Europe almost in the same category as the US.”

Stand With Us (SWU), a Los Angeles based non-profit organization engaged in Israel education, reported on November 29, 2013 that a French Court imposed a $1,300 fine on members of an anti-Israel group who called on a supermarket to boycott Israeli products.” SWU/UK subsequently arranged a conference in central London, at which 120 pro-Israel Christian, Muslim and Jewish students attended. Among the speakers were Israel’s ambassador to the UK Daniel Taub and British MP Louise Mensch. The daylong conference focused on effective advocacy for Israel, and the building of coalitions to get the message across.

In their eagerness to promote the Palestinians as the “victims du jour,” the BBC and other European and American media outlets have maligned Israel unfairly and in the process laid the groundwork for renewed anti-Semitism. This has helped to obscure the vast reservoir of Christian goodwill and support towards the Jewish State. The case of the Amish and Norwegian delegations visit to Israel suggest that hope is still a reality.

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  • antioli

    And where are the leaders of Mainstream Christianity. I do not hear a word from them.

    • truebearing

      Are you expecting them to call you, personally? “Mainstream Christianity” is so broad it is nearly meaningless. There are liberal denominations, where Israel can expect little support, and conservative leaning churches, where Israel’s situation is of great concern.

      If you’re talking about Catholicism, I can’t tell you what the Pope has to say, not being a Catholic, but so far, his agenda is disturbingly to the left.

    • StanleyT

      Listen out for the United Church of Canada, loudly, frequently and very publicly advocating BDS. Just recently, they’ve launched a campaign called “Unsettling goods” (they’re oh, so very clever) aimed at getting Canadian stores to stop stocking products like Sodastream and Ahava, despite the fact that these companies employ hundreds of “Palestinian” and Israeli Arabs, providing them with better incomes and benefits than available from any business run by Arabs.

      Unfortunately, that’s where the leaders of mainstream xtianity are – as anti-Semitic as ever.

      • Jenny T

        The “X” duly noted. You are a Christ hater. For you and others who share your opinions, I have no sympathy for you. Maybe the Christians are also owed an apology for having our moral beliefs trashed and drug through the gutter by Hollywood.

        • john spielman

          I’m not sure “X” means Christ Jesus hater, he may be using a shorthand notation. But what he said about the United Church of Canada and other liberal main line denominations is correct. They hate Israel and deny the basic tenants of Christianity. so to me they are apostate and this is part of their apostasy.
          God loves Israel and will fulfill His promise to her. At my church ,we pray for the protection of Israel every week.

      • defcon 4

        Does your one example stand for xtianity everywhere? Are you quite sane? Pat Robertson regularly expresses his support for Israel, is he not part of “mainstream xtianity”?

    • carpe diem 36

      or from the Pope

  • truebearing

    There is a lot of support for Israel among conservative Christians of all denominations, but you will never hear the media admit that. Scandanavia is an embarrassment to humanity. Europe is only slightly better.

    As the separation of good from evil continues, it will become very clear who has the moral clarity to understand the abject dishonesty and evil of the UN, Norway, Europe, or Obama when it comes to how they treat Israel. True Christians will always support Israel.

    • victoryman

      Well stated!

      • truebearing


    • Charles Martel

      And what makes this even more of a quandry is that the media is overwhelmingly run by people of Jewish decent. Whay do they not recognize their most ardent supporters? It honestly puzzles me.

      • Father Dacius

        This is a perfect explanation as to why the mainstream media hates conservative America and it’s values.

      • Matt McLaughlin

        ardent supporters? We never would have liberated the concentration camps if it wasn’t for pearl harbor.

        • Bulan Sabriel

          This isn’t 1941. And we didn’t go to war with Germany over Jews. Roosevelt was happy enabling the Holocaust by keeping Jews out.

      • Bulan Sabriel

        Because Jewish descent means bupkiss. Most are not practicing Jews but atheists who prove their worthiness to their atheist internationalist cults by attacking Jews and Israel.

    • JewsforJesus

      NOW THAT THE JEWS HAVE DECIDED that they will “render unto Caesar the things that are of the Jews,” they must now have God render back unto them the things that are God’s. And what is that? His holy retribution which is at the very door…

  • R.C.

    Christianity has not persecuted Jews–this was Roman Catholicism–which is not genuine Christianity–but rather it is a works based religion. Whereas genuine Christianity is salvation by faith in God grace alone! Roman Catholics murdered approximately fifty million genuine Christians and Jews–because they would not bow to the evil pope! These Amish and Anabaptists–are an ignorant disgrace–its not helping the Jewish nation to apologize for what Roman Catholics did–while lying about it being Christians! Its not the place of those who did not do a thing, to apologize–for those who did; such foolish apologies are of no real value–they are based upon emotionalism.

    • Fred Campbell

      One can argue whether the apologies of the Amish and Anabaptists are logically appropriate. But that issue has no transcendental importance.
      God bless them for stepping forth with their support for Israel and the Jewish people.
      Would that all Christian denominations had their courage.

      • Charles Martel

        And at what point will the Jewish people apologize for bringing Marxist theory to the world? At what point will they apologize for running the porn industry? At what point will they apologize for running the ACLU, and SPLC which list Christians ad terrorist?

        Do you see and understand how silly that all is?

        All Christians did not persecute Israel any more than all Jews founded the ACLU and SPLC nor run the major media or porn industry although overwhelmingly being represented therein.

      • Matt McLaughlin

        Only about 13 Prod sects believe in Zionism.

    • Matt McLaughlin

      your Protestantism is an offshoot of Catholicism and Protestant nations were just as anti-Semitic.

    • john spielman

      I was raised in the Lutheran church and though Martin Luther was one of the leaders of the Protestant Reformation and wrote many good things, at the end of his life he did indeed write some very inappropriate and nasty anti-Jewish tracts that were used by Hitler and the Nazi fascists to whip up the populace to embrace his antisemitic policies and crimes. For this ALL Lutherans need to apologize. Though many Lutherans stood up to oppose the Hitlerites, esp Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his family, we share the guilt of of what Martin Luther wrote. The anabaptists realize their historical part as well and did their part to make amends.

    • john spielman

      I don’t know what is happening to my posts,BUT the Protestants DID contribute to the persecution of the Jews!
      I grew up in the Lutheran church. Martin Luther was one of the main leaders of the Protestant Reformation. He wrote and did many good things (such as translating the Bible into German from Latin,) but when he was old, he DID write and publish some very nasty unGodly tracts that were in fact antiSemetic and were used by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi fascists to persecute the Jews. Though there some German Lutherans who opposed the Hitlerlites such as Dietrch Bonhoeffer and family, most did not. For this ALL Lutherans need to repent and seek forgiveness for the sins of our fathers because we did not oppose the persecution of the Jews and did indeed contribute to it. These German anabaptists had the courage and understanding of their history as well and that is why they apologized.

    • Matt McLaughlin

      Protestants didn’t persecute Jews? Fat dumb and stupid is no way to go thru life son.

  • marineh2ominer

    I am a Christian , I love and will ALWAYS support Israel and the Jewish people , after all , my savior Jesus Christ is a Jew , and that is because the Jewish peoples are his chosen from biblical antiquity . I WILL ALWAYS STAND UP FOR THE JEW , ISRAELITE , HEBREW , WHATEVER TERM THEY CHOOSE to be called . No I have none of that in me that I know of , I am just your typical American mongrel with Dutch , Irish , English and only GOD knows what else .

    • Matt McLaughlin

      a white jew was never promised anything.

      • defcon 4

        What exactly do you mean by this?

        • Matt McLaughlin

          I don’t believe Jews by conversion of their lineage should take Abraham’s promise personally.

          • defcon 4

            So anyone white shouldn’t be allowed to be Jewish?

          • Matt McLaughlin

            shouldn’t be allowed to be Zionist. nice try. traditional Jews aren’t Zionist. You don’t think there’s enough white boys claiming land in the Jewish Ulster, Palestine, SW Asia?

          • defcon 4

            What’s a “traditional Jew” Mr. Farrakhan?

          • Matt McLaughlin

            Zionism’s success consummated the sharp break in Jewish history begun with the emancipation and the secularization of the Jews of Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries. Zionism spread among Jews who rejected the traditional religion and promoted a secular Jewish identity. Israel-Firsters, although driven by religious fervor, are promoting secularism, not traditional Judaism.

          • Bulan Sabriel

            Religious Zionism preceded liberal Zionism. Go learn history.

          • Matt McLaughlin

            Mizrachi was the first official religious Zionist party, 1902.

          • Bulan Sabriel

            And Rabbi Zvi Risch Kalischer wrote “Drishat Tzion” advocated resettlement in occupied Israel as a way to redeem the land in 1862 and helped found an agricultural school in Israel in 1870. You lose.

  • Ron

    All of the Christian churches must bind together in support of Israel. It is sad to say that the majority of so called Christian churches are lukewarm and Christian in name only.

    • Matt McLaughlin

      Protestant understanding of the Bible. Catholics do not believe in a modern chosen people other than Christ’s flock. Only about 13 Prod sects believe in Zionism.

  • Manuel Perez

    My comment disappeared!

  • defcon 4

    I’d say some of these arguments sound a lot like the no true Scotsman fallacy of argumentation — except for the fact of who Yeshua and all his disciples were, as well as what they preached and to whom they preached it to.

  • Matt McLaughlin
    • defcon 4

      So there’s controversy in Israel over Messianic Jews, so what? That’s the sign of a healthy democracy. IN the muslime states of the Mid-East or N. Africa they would just kill the Messianics or imprison them.

      • Matt McLaughlin

        Christain Zionist don’t know theyre 2nd class citizens til they get over there. They think it’s all for one and one for all. Wrong.

  • El Desdichado

    [Norway… is today one of the most hostile European states towards Israel.]
    And ironically – they are now dealing with violent crime and rape committed by Muslim immigrants against their own citizens – as FrontPage has pointed out in several excellent articles.


      Brevik should be released and given more ammo to continue his work.

      norway is back to its Quisling roots.

      First embracing SHlTlers fascism – now embracing mohammeds fascism.

  • JewsforJesus

    Good riddance to the “Jewish State”, sooner rather than later…

    “THE STATE OF ISRAEL celebrated its 60th anniversary May 13-15 2008. Upon this anniversary of Israel it is incumbent upon all Christian peoples to affirm why Israel should not exist.

    Here Are 3 Reasons Why Israel Should Not Exist:

    1) Israel Is Not A Fulfillment Of Biblical Prophecy: The appellation “Israel” in the Bible primarily refers to the “faithful” who make up the “Church.”

    The “Church” as described by St Paul in Chapter 9 of his Epistle To The Romans is made up of the “remnant” of the Jews and the “Gentiles” of the nations. Together, as St Paul writes in his Epistle To The Ephesians, are fused into being “one new man” known as “Christians.”

    2) The UN Partition Of *1947* Was Illegal: The UN awarded the Jews 55% of the land of Palestine even though their current holdings totaled only about 6% and their population was only about 35% (608,000) of all the Palestinians (1,237,000). The plan also gave the most fertile lands to the Jews but the mountainous regions to the Arabs.

    In their War Of Aggression Of 1948 the Jews took additional Arab lands bringing their total holdings to about 75% of Palestine which they kept and never gave back.

    Even though this additional land was illegally gained in violation of the Hague Regulations(1907) and the UN Charter (1945) which both included the basic legal principle that it is illegal to acquire territory by force, these new boundaries soon became the “official” boundaries of the new State of Israel.

    3) The State Of Israel Has Created Chaos From Its Inception: War crimes, International terrorism due to the illegal “rogue state of Israel,” political corruption by the Jewish Lobby, defamation of character to all critics of Israel, Jewish racist ideology, world wide instability due to Zionist hegemony, growing Western fascism, American debt & inflation for subsidizing Israel, are additional reasons why Israel should not exist.”

    • defcon 4

      Yeah Hajji, Israel is the problem, yet it’s the only place in the Mid-East where Christians, Jews and Baha’i aren’t being murdered, persecuted, raped and forcibly converted to islam. Why don’t you stuff your head in a big bucket of freshly squeezed camel urine?

    • Bulan Sabriel

      You aren’t a Jew and never were

  • Will

    American Jews have a field day making fun of these people.

  • john spielman

    I commented yesterday but somehow it was lost in cyber space. Both Catholics and protestants in my opinion DO have much to apologize for in the past treatments of Jews. I grew up in the Lutheran church whose founder Martin Luther did point out many errors in the Catholic church and even translated the Bible into the common language of German. When he was old, however, he did write and publish some very nasty anti Jewish tracts that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi fascists used to help fuel the Holocaust, During WW2, very few Lutheran ministers opposed Hitler’s mass murder of the Jewish people. (with the exception of Dietrich Bonhoeffer a who was executed by the SS for his involvement in the plot to kill Hitler.)
    It is good to see the Amish /Menonites accept their responsibility as well.