The Christian Left’s Peculiar Hatred of Israel

Last week Jerusalem witnessed the convergence of 80 Christian leaders from 20 countries and five continents.  They came to Israel to express their solidarity with the Jewish state and its Jewish people.  The occasion was the fourth bi-annual leadership forum of Christians for Israel; a non-denominational Christian organization that was established in the Netherlands in the 1970s and has grown in numbers to the hundreds of thousands. Issuing “A call to repentance, a word of hope,” their statement declared that God has not terminated his everlasting covenant with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants, and that the Church has definitely not replaced Israel as God’s covenant people. “The return of the Jewish people to the land is a wonderful sign of hope – it proves that God is faithful to His word, and that He is preparing all things for the coming of the Messiah and the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth.”

By way of contrast, “progressive” Christians influenced by “Liberation Theology” and tainted by a Marxist worldview have mobilized on behalf of the Palestinians (not Syrian Muslim children being murdered by Muslims or Coptic Christians being persecuted in Egypt) and against “Zionist” Israel, a code-word for Jews.

If one wishes to understand “progressive” Christianity’s vile anti-Semitism, consider this; of all the evil in the world including the ongoing human butchery of civilians in Syria, the persecution of Christians in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and the Palestinian territories, slavery in Arab Muslim Sudan and Saudi Arabia, religious intolerance in Pakistan, and gross human rights violations in China, Russia, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, what do the Quakers, the Church of England Christian Aid, the Church of Scotland-Methodist Church, and an assortment of mainline Protestant churches chose to boycott?  Products produced in the Jewish “settlements” of Judea and Samaria.

To add insult to injury, mainline Protestant church leaders and theologians released a statement last June titled “A Call to Action: A U.S. Response to Kairos Palestine.”  This biased, one-sided document stated:

We begin with a confession of sin to Palestinians in the State of Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, the diaspora and in refugee camps in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.  As U.S. Christians, we bear responsibility for failing to say “Enough!” when our nation’s ally, the State of Israel, violates international law.  Our government has financed Israel’s unjust policies and has shielded its government from criticism by the international community.  At the outset of the current U.S. administration, our government led Palestinians to believe that, at last we would pursue a political solution based on justice.  But the “peace process” has continued to be no more than a means for the ongoing colonization of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the imprisonment of Gaza and the continuation of the structures of oppression.

For starters, one should question what international law Israel has violated with regards to the Palestinians.  UNSC Resolution 242 of 1967 calls for peace in exchange for territories (albeit not all territories captured by Israel in 1967.  Gush Etzion was Jewish territory conquered by Jordan in the 1948 War of Independence as was the Old City of Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter).  Lord Caradon, Britain’s Ambassador to the UN and a key drafter of Resolution 242 said, “It would have been wrong to demand that Israel return to its positions of June 4, 1967.  That is why we [the members of the UNSC] didn’t demand that the Israelis return to them and I think we were right not to.”

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN (1978-1984) and International law professor, Yehuda Blum, asserted in a June 11, 1979 speech in Washington, D.C.:

A corollary of the inalienable right of the Jewish people to its Land is the right to live in any part of Eretz Yisrael, including Judea and Samaria which are an integral part of Eretz Yisrael.  Jews are not foreigners anywhere in the Land of Israel.  Anyone who asserts that it is illegal for a Jew to live in Judea and Samaria just because he is a Jew is in fact advocating a concept that is disturbingly reminiscent of the “Judenrein” policies of Nazi Germany banning Jews from certain spheres of life for no other reason than that they were Jews. The Jewish villages in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza district are there as of right and are there to stay.

Blum observed that

The right of Jews to settle in the Land of Israel was also recognized in the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, which stressed the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and… the grounds for reconstituting – I repeat – reconstituting “their national home in that country.” The Mandatory Power was also entrusted with the duty to encourage close settlement by Jews on the land, including state lands and waste lands not required for public purposes.

The Call to Action by the mainline Protestant churches does not mention Israel’s complete withdrawal from Gaza or the Hamas terror campaign against Israel, nor Hamas’s Islamic intolerance and its rejection of peace with Israel or recognition of its right to exist as a Jewish State.

Adam Gregerman, writing for Religious Dispatches, pointed out:

In their advocacy for the Palestinian cause, however, the Kairos USA authors have rolled back the clock.  In its critique of Israeli policies, the statement troublingly undermines these positive Christian views and takes a zero-sum attitude toward the conflict.  Out of a desire to support the Palestinians, they jeopardize these remarkable interreligious gains by issuing one-sided indictments and by failing to honor Jewish religious and historical perspectives.

The authors of Kairos USA dismiss G-d’s covenant with the Jewish people and His promise of the land to the Jews, saying that there is no “theology of entitlement” for what they consider modern Israel. Yet, they evaluate the State of Israel and its policies according to religious criteria.

The Kairos USA authors maintain that the situation in Israel and Palestine “is not a struggle among religions.”  They must not have read the Hamas Charter or the Palestinian Covenant because both consider the State of Israel “Islamic Wakf” or Islamic endowment land, where only Muslims can reign.

The willful failure of progressive Christians to see the Muslim world and the Palestinian leadership as motivated by a triumphalist Islamic ethos, which is intolerant towards the religious and political rights of Christians and Jews (dhimmis, or subjected people as seen by conquering Islam), and parenthetically ignores Palestinian terrorism and unwillingness to recognize or make peace with the Jewish State, reveals their deep seated prejudice, if not their latent anti-Semitism.

The Christians for Israel message of love and their biblical quest for peace in Jerusalem are uplifting.  It constitutes an antithesis to the hostility displayed by the so-called progressive Christians and authors of the Kairos USA towards the Jewish state.  This enmity is not accidental.   Rather, it is borne out of the progressive Christians’ contempt for Jewish particularism, which is manifested in the State of Israel.

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  • Herb Benty

    I'm going to keep this short, but what a "comment" feast ! I won't go on and on about " progressive Christians", however, there could never be such a thing. Not a real Christian anyway. There are many reasons why a Christian should be an ardent supporter and lover of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. 1. The Jews returning in the latter days to their own LAND is in the Jewish Holy Scriptures and the New Testament – in other words, if a Christian believes his Bible he/ she is a Zionist. 2. Any Christian wavering on how to think about Israel better read the book of ROMANS in their Bible , very very carefully. Christians will be held accountable on how they treat the Jewish people. Israel will be saved " in one DAY.

    • surfcitysocal

      Wholeheartedly agree, Herb Benty.

      Being "tainted by a Marxist worldview" and calling oneself a Christian at the same has got to be an oxymoron since Marx famously claimed religion is a the opiate of the people. And liberation theology is rooted in sociology–which is not religion either. And while it's not for me to judge what's in a person's heart, I would agree the definition of a "progressive" Christian as possessing a liberation theology base with a Marxist cherry on top would indicate that it's highly suspect that person really believes, in a nutshell, that the Jewish Messiah, Jesus, died for the world's sins, rose again, and that only through his grace can we be forgiven. I would ask if anyone claiming to be a "progressive" Christian believes that.

      And so, I will go on believing that the Jewish people are his Chosen People. Forever. Because God says so.

    • D-Boy

      I am pretty sure the term used "progressive" is what us real Christians call "dead Churches. Not mainstream at all , get your facts in order. Just because the right loves to call liberals "progressives" doesn't mean we are going to let you call DEAD CHURCHES christian!. these churches have been void of true believers since before I was born. Those who have a real living relationship with the risen albeit invisible Christ are quite different than those who hide in non-mainstream dead churches.. They are non Christians and should be described as such. please fix your mistakes…

    • dolores

      I couldnt have put it any better myself! To make it short and sweet, its as easy as 1 2 3 I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you. So, with that being said, if you are not FOR Isreal and the Jewish people YOU ARE CURSED, THUS SAITH THE LORD! End of discussion.

  • AdinaK

    The Christian left is deeply in bed with Islamic terror, as they align themselves with the ISM and all its terror tentacles. In fact, an anti-Jewish Jew is one of their most "hallowed" speakers, as she encircles their congregations with blood libels –

    Stopping the ISM will also stop the Christian left's war on Israel/Jews.

    They support – under the veneer of "human rights" – Hamas, Hizbullah, Fatah and the rest. This is the truth.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Mary Sue

    Progressive "Christians" are Christians only in the very loosest sense of the word.

    I believe they're the kind of people that God said about, "They honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me" and "Not everybody who says, 'Lord, Lord' will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Particularly if they deny some very basic tenets of Christianity (like that idiot bishop John Shelby Spong, who I've known about for years).

    • dolores

      Dear Mary Sue, you are exactly right, but you also err, because the holy word of God says not to call any man "racha" (idiot).

  • Bobby Pataki

    "Judeo-Christians" are not really Christians at all.

    Jesus himself stated that he was the only path to salvation. "Dual Covenant" theology is putrid Zionism masked as Christianity.

    Jews will pay for what they did to God's only Son.

    • stern

      Kudos to you, Bobby Pataki. Most Jew haters here try to hide their true feelings, masking them as concern for the "poor Palestinians" and criticism of the "terrible Zionists". But you proudly hold your swastika up high and proclaim yourself to the world. "I am a Jew hater and proud of it", you tell us.

      Rest assured, little Bobby, your feelings are known on high and will be dealt with appropriately.

    • theleastthreat

      Bob, the Jews didn't kill Jesus, I did. It says so in the Bible. 'He was wounded for (my) transgressions, he was bruised for (my) iniquity…' But, in spite of that disgraceful act on my part, God did the most graceful thing ever,

      • Don Ribbens

        theleastthreat – Very well said – in fact – believing that God is almighty and in control of all things – God sacrificed His only begotten Son as the only perfect sacrifice to cover the sins of those who are saved and by this – glorified Himself with a perfect justice.

    • Lan Astaslem

      and a stupid troll like you will pay dearly for being a vicious Jew hater

    • M.J.

      Why do you think Jesus came? To lay His life down for the redemption of sins in case you did not know that Bobby. Matthew 20:28 "Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many." So would you feel better if it were Polish people instead of Jews?

    • defcon 4

      Yeah, and Yeshua and all his disciples were actually muslimes weren't they?

    • dolores

      Dear Bobbie, Im guessing you are Catholic, but be certain of this, WE ALL crucified Christ, He died for EVERYONES SINS, there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, for ALL ARE ONE IN CHRIST. THUS SAITH THE LORD.

  • joe

    Seems to me, the word 'christian' in 'christian left', is superfluous. Clearly, anti-Semitism is part and parcel of all that is deemed 'progressive' – leftist. Those believers in Christ who embrace Israel and the civilizational truth engendered by her and that has shaped the world for the past 5000 years, that is what progressives oppose. So whether you are a leftist christian or a leftist atheist or a leftist pedophile or a leftist (pick any label), eventually you'll have to sign on board with the Jew/Israel haters. It is no accident that lovers of truth love Israel. It is no accident that lovers of moral equivalence and moral relativeness hate Israel – hate Jews. They hate anything that smacks of verity.

  • Softly Bob

    I would advise any so-called Christian who is in doubt about the importance of Israel to read Zechariah 8:23. Jew-hatred is not compatible with Christianity.
    True Christians are Zionists. The Satanic terrorist religion of Islam is anti-Zionist. Leftist Christians are NOT Christians, it's as simple as that!

  • Questions

    This Kairos USA organization is an example, one among many, why I don't donate to churches. You never know into whose pockets the money will go.

  • Bobby Pataki

    Christ = Messiah

    Jews believe Jesus of Nazareth to be the false messiah.

    Judaism = Anti-Christ

    • theleastthreat

      Maybe the Jews don't believe he is yet but they could change at some point. Ever consider that? I wasn't born a believer. In fact, I was once an atheist. Anyway, I think it takes quite a bit more than disbelief in Jesus as the Messiah to make somebody anti-Christ. Is there some reason why you have the Jews singled out?

    • stern

      It's okay Bobby, we understand you perfectly. You don't have to keep coming back to prove that you hate Jews. We know that already. And just to be clear, Jews don't believe Jesus of Nazareth to be "the false messiah". We simply don't believe he is or was the messiah that we know will come one day, I would take the time and effort to explain why, but you don't deserve that kind of courtesy.

    • dolores

      Whether you like it or not Bobbie, God promises that ALL JEWS WILL BE SAVED, these are his chosen people and he has an eternal covenant with them. And there is only one thing God cant do, lie.

  • Ken Scherer

    Dang, I’m’ confused. Israel provides its citizens with universal education, universal healthcare, gender equality, and allows gays and lesbians to openly serve in the military. Of the nations that refuse to recognize Israel as a legitimate nation, none of the offer their citizens more freedoms and rights or better education or healthcare than what Israel guarantees Israelis. Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005 and Hamas began enslaving the Gazans to a strict version of Islam, refuses to stop firing rockets at Israel, uses children to dig tunnels, and instructs Gazans to act as human shield, telling them to stay at or go to areas that the IDF has warned it is going to attack in retaliation for Hamas’ constant attacks against Israel. How can liberals, progressives, the Left in America support Islamist Hamas and Palestinians who call for the destruction of Israel? How can the American Left not want progressive Israel to be safe from radical Muslims in and around Israel? I’m simply shocked that so many American liberals and progressives support people who hate and want to destroy progressive Israel. There are no progressive liberal Islamic nations. Ismail Khaldi (the first Bedouin deputy consul of Israel & highest ranking Muslim
    in the Israeli foreign service) said, “I am a proud Israeli – along with
    many other non-Jewish Israelis such as Druze, Bahai, Bedouin, Christians and
    Muslims, who live in one of the most culturally diversified societies and the
    only true democracy in the Middle East. Like America, Israeli society is far
    from perfect, but lets us deal honestly. By any yardstick you choose –
    educational opportunity, economic development, women and gay’s rights, freedom of speech and assembly, legislative representation – Israel’s minorities fare far better than any other country in the Middle East.”.