Barneys’ ‘Racism’ Threatens Jay-Z’s Street Cred

jayz-1“World War II Vets Under Attack by Blacks.” Can you imagine such a headline in The New York Times — or anywhere else, except perhaps some in underground racist tract?

But for the second time in three months, an 80-plus-year-old WWII veteran was murdered by black suspects. In Washington, 88-year-old Delbert Belton, who fought and took a bullet to the leg at the Battle of Okinawa, was beaten to death by two black teen suspects. The motive? Police describe the killing as a random attack. In Mississippi, 87-year-old Lawrence E. Thornton, a WWII vet who served as a Navy fireman on a minesweeper, was beaten to death by four black suspects. The motive was robbery.

Even if the vets were racially targeted — and there is no evidence that they were — it would be absurd to say that white World War II vets “are under attack” by “black people” because of the bad behavior of some individuals who happen to be black. Yet this is the reasoning the Rev. Jesse Jackson applied following the black teen’s death in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case. Jackson, angry when he heard the news of Martin’s death, said, “Blacks are under attack.”

This brings us to the accusation of “blatant prejudice and discrimination” by the upscale department store, Barneys New York.

In February, plainclothes NYPD cops stopped a black woman and falsely accused her of credit card fraud after she bought a $2,500 Celine handbag. The shopper filed a “notice of claim,” announcing her intention to sue. And in April, a black shopper used a debit card to buy a $349 Ferragamo belt. He, too, was falsely accused of fraud.

Now things get even more interesting.

Rapper and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z had entered into a deal with Barneys. A Jay-Z curated, limited-edition collection of designer clothes and accessories rolls out this holiday season, with part of the proceeds going to charity.

A hyper left-wing organization called Color of Change put out an “open letter” appealing to Jay-Z. Another group,, set up an online petition that calls on Jay-Z to denounce Barneys’ “blatant prejudice and discrimination.” Some Jay-Z fans now call him a “sell-out” and “Uncle Tom” for giving cover to a racist institution for money. Through his website, Jay-Z said that before he reacted with “emotion,” he wanted to get the “facts.”

Enter the Rev. Al Sharpton, who never lets “facts” get between him and a race card.

Sharpton, of course, shot to fame by falsely accusing a white man of raping a black teenager; was in the middle of the Crown Heights riots (“If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house”); once called the black mayor of New York an “N-word whore”; and spoke of whites moving into Harlem as “interlopers” and Jews as “diamond merchants.” He steps in to calm the waters?!

“Some people want to make this about Jay-Z,” Sharpton told reporters, “No, this is about Barneys first.” He demanded Barneys “bring the data” to prove that when expensive purchases are made, the store investigates white and minority shoppers equally.

Barneys, warned Sharpton, better gather the information quickly and not use the busy holiday season as an excuse. “We’ll march all the way down to your store,” said Sharpton. “I’ll serve turkey right on the corner.”

For race hustlers and the eternally aggrieved, Barneys did not unfairly treat a handful of shoppers. No, it’s an institutional problem. Anecdotes equal evidence. The election and reelection of President Barack Obama has not stopped so-called “civil rights leaders” from treating America like it’s still the back-of-the-bus ’50s.

For those who argue racism remains a deep and persistent problem, consider this. Attorney Johnnie Cochran argued that the LAPD had it out for O.J. Simpson because, according to Cochran, Simpson broke the final taboo by marrying a blond, blue-eyed white woman. A few years ago, “Desperate Housewives” ran a sex-themed promo during Monday Night Football. It featured blond actress Nicollette Sheridan and prominent football wide-receiver Terrell Owens. Clad only in a white towel, Sheridan teased and flirted with Owens.

The Federal Communications Commission claimed it received 50,000 complaint letters — a tiny amount compared to total viewership. But a Freedom of Information request discovered that, in fact, the FCC received fewer than 2,000 letters, with less than 100 — or less than 5 percent of that total — saying anything about race.

Let’s do the numbers. Out of 17,000,000 viewers, 2,000 bothered to write. Of that, only 100 complained about the promo being racially offensive. That comes to about 5 percent of the .01 percent that wrote — or a little over .0005 percent of viewers.

Now the discriminated Barneys’ customers have already sought legal counsel. Barneys has announced an investigation. Without waiting for the results, Barneys’ CEO issued an apology. To ensure that the store keeps its “commitment to fairness and equality” and “zero tolerance for any form of discrimination,” Barneys has retained a respected “civil rights expert.”

Just tell us it isn’t Sharpton.

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  • bluffcreek1967

    The fact that race hustlers such as Al Sharpton can intimidate and threaten large corporations of ‘institutional racism’ and the like with absolutely no concrete evidence only shows how gullible and fearful whites have become on matters of race.

    Whites fear the mere allegation of ‘racism’ more than almost anything else other than perhaps being called a child molester. Truth is, blacks know it too and they will continue to exploit it until whites stand up and declare they no longer give a damn!

    Unfortunately, there’s too many whites who think only rotten things of their race (e.g., racism, colonialism, imperialism), and believe that any attempt at white racial solidarity is equivalent to the worst form of Nazism. Some day when we get tired of all the black-on-white thuggery and beatings, we might realize that if we don’t care for our own interests, no one else will.

    In the coming decades, blacks, Hispanics, muslims and hordes of non-white third-world invaders will completely dominate the demographics of the U.S. If you think that they intend to show us the same level of accommodation, opportunity and kindness that whites have shown them, think again! It will be payback time!

    • Charles Martel

      Your comment is excellent. They will bury us, and we are digging the hole.

    • laura

      this is the fault of whites. why would barneys offer an apology? btw, NYC is a bi racial city. there are blacks working in retail in high end stores, from sales to management, to personal shoppers. blacks, latinos, are shopping @these stores. i dont believe these stories, its a set up.

    • Drakken

      The SHTF will come sooner than that happening, but Darwin will get his due, unfortunately inner city whites will pay a heavy price, the whites in the country and smaller cities won’t be so forgiving.

      • tammis

        It is odd that rural whites are called so many derogatory terms and even urban whites make fun of them. The rural whites families are often labeled racist, but those people for the most part are not racist but are survivalist, and they see the writting on the wall when you let to many blacks move into any given area the resort to violence against whites make them live in fear and change every custom they have because they declare any white custome somehow racist and resort to their so called African traditions although most were never in Africa.

        • Drakken

          The heart and hearth of the heartland of America will survive, the inner cities, not so much.

    • tammie

      This is one of the best pieces I have every read on this subject, it is spot on . Blacks are much more racist than whites but only blacks can point out how racist whites are. Whites are fearful of being called racist even if they point out hateful groups like the panthers , sharpton or farrakhauin etc . Blacks and the democraps know if they keep whites intimidated and living in fear of the race card they can do what ever they want yes even have hate groups that advocate and program their followers to hate and kill kr@kers and their babies etc. whites are doming themselves and when blacks revert to Islamic and Muslim practices the extermination will be of for whites and by then it will be to late. There is a reason many whites flee heavily black populated areas. The only real salvation for non welfare liberal type is to have a state like Texas become a nation for the workers and stop subsidizing people for over populating.

    • Sharod Boogette

      (laughs evilly & rubs hands together) yessss its finally happening, we are taking over!!! lol im kidding but bruh you are the furthest from reality, u & anyone who agrees with u, must be on some sort of medication. pill form perhaps? “Some day when we get tired of all the black-on-white thuggery and beatings, we might realize that if we don’t care for our own interests, no one else will.” sounds like ur regretting when your white ancestor killed off the Native Americans with guns & diseases OR u regret how the evil white people (pre KKK) enslave the blacks, discriminated against, “lynched”, & had illegitimate babies with? OR maybe youre upset that slavery doesnt exist anymore?? lolol

      “In the coming decades, blacks, Hispanics, muslims and hordes of non-white third-world invaders will completely dominate the demographics of the U.S. If you think that they intend to show us the same level of accommodation, opportunity and kindness that whites have shown them, think again!” now this is PURE comedy lmao! this isnt white peoples country, i know you are programmed into thinking it is but sorry, no lol. Why the fuck should whites have to accommodate anyone? ANSWER: because they were evil racist & still are. this article & soooo many other cases of modern day racism (this is better than behind hung from a tree & burned imo lol)

      funny how blacks & whites lived together during slavery. black picked their cotton & cook their dinners but whites still hated us. very contradicting

      do your history. black people, the original man, gave birth to albino babies who were sensitive to the sun & heat. they had no choice but to move northern africa, which is now known as europe. moral of the story we are all PEOPLE fool. race was coined in the 17th century by an african albino descendant from northern africa.

      theres very few people in this world who think on my wavelength. “In the coming decades” more & more people will get educated to the facts & the term “race” wont exist

      • Arf

        I don’t think you understand Sharod, or maybe you need to read (not “do”) YOUR history. Every black run hospital is a morgue, every black “university” is inferior, every black run city is an economic basket case seconds from collapsing; black abortion clinics specialize in the sadistic murder of black infants and treat black women like cattle. Blacks murder each other by the thousands each year in this country and by the hundreds of thousands all over the world. Hate whites all you want — do you think there is solidarity between Latinos an blacks?Arabs and blacks? Asians and blacks? Blacks and blacks? Black men are the least likely to support or even acknowledge their own offspring and black women are most likely to use extreme violence in raising their children. Racial epithets against blacks are more regularly used by other blacks than by ANY OTHER GROUP. And blacks are attempting to leave black Africa at a rate that is astronomical even though Africa is abundant in natural resources. Why do you suppose that is?

        • Marlin B. Newburn

          I strongly suggest you never try to reason with ghetto thugs, as the poster describes himself. They’re spoiled children who live on impulse loaded with grandiosity. They’re social deviants without a trace of personal insight as to the incredible harm they cause. Save your time, and take a pass on these knuckle-draggers.

      • Drakken

        Yeah ok Sparky, take out all the white people who built this country and western civilization and what do you have? Detroit on steroids, and a typical basket case that Africa is. Oh yes, don’t forget to throw that race card out there like so much confetti.

  • cheechakos

    When has Sharpton ever used facts or common sense?
    They don’t pay for his lavish lifestyle

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    Another great article by Mr.Elder. I remember back in 2007 reading an Elder article to the political science class I was TA-ing in Canada at the time. Their comments (not knowing he was black) were that he was one of those “Southern KKK members” or a “Redneck racist hick”.
    The shock on their faces when I showed them a picture of Mr.Elder on my laptop was priceless!
    One has to wonder if Mr. Jay-Z would hold back his emotion if he didn’t have $$$ on the line.

    • laura

      jayz could care less. he plays whatever card serves him.

  • tommie

    What blacks really want to accomplish here and will , is plain. They want to make any white fearful of saying anything or doing anything to any black. blacks want to live above the law. Any time a white policeman arrest a black they will scream racism. same with this store or any store, blacks want to be able to have the run of any store steal any and everything and have the stores management terrified to do anything about it for fear of charges of racism.

    • Dennis X

      No Black People just want to be able to shop and not be accused of theft , fraud etc.

      • bluffcreek1967

        If only it was that simple! Truth is, blacks commit disproportionately high levels of theft and this explains why they are watched closely when they enter stores. Blacks have brought this level of suspicion on themselves. As MLK wanted, whites are judging blacks by the content of their character.

        • Marlin B. Newburn

          The clown you responded to is member of Farrakhan’s black muslim crowd. Note the “x”. It’s the klan with a tan so don’t expect common sense from him.


            The “x” stands for eXcrement.

        • Sharod Boogette

          your such an idiot. i cant help but laugh. u totally misunderstood what MLKJR meant. its sad that MLKJR had to tell white people to not judge people by the color their skin. youre a complete racist moron but i dont think all white people are. see how that works? lol


            Why do “rapper”s, “hip-hop”ers love the “gangsta” lifestyle???

            Elevating criminality over study and hard work?

            If an employer rejects an applicant who has a “gold grill”, saggy pants, baseball cap on sideways, speaks in “ghetto”, is that racist?

  • dj_up_the_butt

    Here’s the lesson, kids:
    Selling crack to your own community and stabbing people, that’s celebrated.
    Protecting yourself from thieves and criminals, that’s the worst of all crimes.

  • laura

    this is an oprah copy cat trend. its a re play of the handbag incident. bor-ing. i cant imagine barneys doing this on purpose. there had to be a reason, & i think the shoppers may have brought it on their selves. barneys does get PR, in a twisted way.

    • Marlin B. Newburn

      Barneys has deep pockets. It’s time to play black lawsuit lottery.

      • laura

        interesting that this conning is working in NYC. i can see it in flyover maybe. NYC? boston is like 70& blk latino other. many of the young people i saw in NY were of mixed blood. this is all classes from top to bottom. many sales people @bergdorf goodman, saks fifth ave, etc are black.

        • Marlin B. Newburn

          It’s all in the jury selection, and flyover country is the worst place to play that lottery. People in that region value common sense much more than coastal regions. Imagine telling a farmer or small town hardware store owner on a jury that someone is suing because their feelings are hurt by a store employee. They’d bust out laughing.

    • Sharod Boogette

      yup. they brought it on their selves by giving barneys their business while being black… sigh


        If the credit card company OK’s the transaction, what’s the problem?

  • glennd1

    Would love to see some data on CC fraud and what best practices are for professional retailers are on large purchases. How prominent is cc fraud across various demographics? When large, luxury/style items are involved, what is the profile of a cc fraudster? Not saying Barney’s should treat it’s customers this way, but we also need to know the whole story about why this is done. How did these practices come about? How common is cc fraud? How common is it with young black men or women in luxury stores?

    • Drakken

      You would just deny the data and pull the race card because it feels good and heaven forbid that a liberal gets their poor precious feelings hurt.

    • Sharod Boogette

      whats the history or racism? who killed off the indians? who created lynching? who were the ignorant animals in the lynch mobs & the kkk? who created segregation in the USA? who had black slaves picking their cotton? who racially profiles, accuses blacks of stealing & denies blacks jobs, so they are shocked that honest black people can pay for luxury items? would love to see some data lol ps. never become a lawyer

      • Dallas25305

        Racist Blacks commit more crimes than any other group of people on the planet. The study has been done over 20 years ago. It was done by Dr Philip Ruston of the University of Western Ontario. It wasn’t politically correct, just true. He also mentioned the low black I.Q. doesn’t help. However your a black power racist. You already know that.


        whats the history of racism? who hijacked four passenger planes on 9/11? who put bombs on passenger planes like Pan Am 103? who bombed London transport on 7/7/05? who created a muslim only city called mecca? who practices current day slavery in sudan? who attacked a mall in Kenya? who stones women to death over “family honor”? who shoots girls in the head for wanting an education? who executes gays, hanging them from construction cranes? who captured non-muslim Africans and sold them to european slave ships? would live to see some data lol ps. never become a lawyer.

        • Marlin B. Newburn

          I’d save my breath and typing time with this slug of a child. Never argue with an idiot.

          This website tells everything you need to know.

          Truly, blacks, as a group, are getting more vicious by the year. Everyone must learn to stay away from them if possible.

      • glennd1

        I have too much dignity and integrity to be a lawyer. I wonder, do you realize you are irrational? Your comment comes across as trying way too hard to be clever, but makes no real argument. Hyperbole is what you’ve spewed, and it’s pretty weak stuff at that. If you are an attorney and this is how you argue I’d guess you lose in court more often than not.

      • glennd1

        But I will take you seriously for a second. My comment was aimed at understanding how this came about, the facts, not sound bites. Who believed these transactions might have been fraudulent? How did they get cops involved? What process/policy was at work? What were the facts of the interactions with the customers and what flagged the extra attention?

        If you think for a second that the clerk said, “Hey, this black guy can’t afford this stuff because he’s black” and called the cops, you live in a fantasyworld. I merely want the whole context so I can understand what happened, because in today’s world. cries of racism are often trumped up.

        Consider the Zimmerman case where no racial animus was present, and we now have as a finding of fact that Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense had merit because of the outcome of the trial. We know race had nothing to do with it, but that doesn’t keep people from running their mouths.

        But hey, keep lecturing us as though you are morally superior. It’s at least amusing…

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    That honesty in the MSM and the federal judicial system is now dead is common knowledge among literate sober adults. Race hustlers have never been honest. Look how all of them went after Mr. Zimmerman. Barneys was protecting their interests by watching people most likely to steal from them, and the powers that be won’t have it.

    Blacks enjoy “special protection” status with our now-preferred government, the aforementioned MSM, and depth-of-a-saucer actors in Hollywood. As a group, blacks have become the nation’s pets to be given unending government handouts, preferences in hiring and school admissions, and who are defended for the social mayhem they cause – at all costs.

    The result of years of this pathological altruism is an infantalized race that produces illiterate predators and other types of criminals at a break-neck speed. Blacks are the league-leaders in crime in just about every category to include stealing. In Detroit, for example, if anything isn’t welded down, it will be stolen. Guaranteed. Given time, even the weld will be removed.

    Anyone who uses common sense to protect themselves against possible victimization by blacks will be targeted by the liberal plantation overseers. See again paragraphs one and two. One of their commandments is, “Thou shall not suspect a black person of possibly committing a crime, even if you may get robbed or even killed.”

    What is more salient in regard to Larry’s article is that most blacks have spending priorities that defy logic. Barneys apparently doesn’t know this. Many blacks will live in a government paid apartment, filthy beyond belief, but they’ll drive an expensive car while wearing the latest fashions. Having fifty pairs of athletic shoes is common among black urban dwellers. That one would buy an insanely priced belt isn’t unusual for them. It’s all about “stylin” for many, if not most, blacks.

    For over three decades I have worked among criminals of all races as a forensic psychologist and counselor. The patterns of black crime are the same, and civilized people have to take necessary precautions. Too bad common sense is now uncommon these days.

    • tammie

      Another thing blacks have accomplished is , they have made the cost of living sky rocket, most stores such as wal mart really do not care how much shit blacks steal(not really) they already know they are gonna lose merchandise so they take it as a tax write off. People that steal only cost honest people money but of course thieves do not care about this

    • Sharod Boogette

      “Barneys was protecting their interests by watching people most likely to steal from them,” yep youre a racist. or just retarded lol

      • Marlin B. Newburn

        I’m interested in why you decided I’m racist or mentally deficient. It would be fascinating to hear the reasons for your determination.

        Seriously, am I racist because people aren’t publicly supposed to make informed judgments about blacks and black behaviors?

        Keep in mind that many people are going to read your response.

        • Dallas25305

          You have got it. Blacks could murder a thousand whites, asians and white hispanics in one day and the brainless liberal leftist and the black power racist like this clown will only stand back and cheer.

  • A Z

    Who is going to buy Jay Z designed gear?

    Blacks and whites into his type of music. It just goes without saying. Obviously, Barneys wants to sell to black people. They just do not want to get ripped off by some black people when they are selling to other black people.

  • A Z

    .0005 percent

    That is statistically significant. If most scientists ran an experiment and got resutls like that, they would figure they had proved something without a shadow of a doubt. It proves America is not racist.

    Although like Al Qeada car bombing Shia in order to incite a Sunni-Shia religious war (so far without result), Al Sharpton et al keep stirring Scheiße up to start a race war. If they win they get their war. If they lose they get money and power. It is a win win situation for them because no one calls them on the carpet for it.

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    There’s not one major retailer or decent restaurant in Detroit. They all left due to the cost of doing business in a black area, and that includes risk to life and limb.

  • Steve Bryant

    White “guilt” (or is it really fear?) has resulted in much more than hurt feelings at Barney’s. As a nation, we have accepted unacceptable behavior from certain members of the black community to an extent that it has become acceptable! And all of this because hucksters like Al Sharpton threaten to rouse up thugs to cause chaos.
    A good starting point for turning this ridiculous situation around could have been the first black president having the backbone to speak truth to the mob. Instead, he turned out to be a weak narcissist who isn’t capable of administering his own staff, let alone the community of black Americans. Or a nation of any color, for that matter. And now he proves his critics to be correct by lying to our faces about the ACA, and then, telling us that we didn’t actually hear what we heard or see what we saw. If his approval rate stays in the 90% range in the black community after this, then turn out the do not want to see what comes next.