Iran’s Secret Underground Nuclear Sites

mullahsWhile the Obama administration was tirelessly pushing to make a flimsy deal with the Ayatollahs and Mullahs of the Islamist state of Iran, along with going around the world to promoting the idea that Iran should be trusted and given a chance, new crucial revelations and reports about undeclared underground nuclear sites, militaristic long-range missiles, and drone programs have reinforced the true intentions of the clerics and Iranian Islamist leaders.

Firstly, according to reports from the official IRNA news agency, Iran unveiled a missile-equipped drone with a range of 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) just a few days ago.  Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan stated, “The Fotros drone has an operational range of 2,000 kilometers and can fly at an altitude of 25,000 feet, with a flight time of 16 to 30 hours”.

While projecting a ceremony and feast for the military development, Dehghan clearly stated that the aircraft was tested “successfully” and “shows that sanctions imposed by the enemies are not an obstacle to the progress of the defense industry.”  Recently, the Iranian army leaders also boasted about establishing and launching an ambitious drone program, which has raised concerns in the region and the West, considering Tehran’s prospective and secret plans and its regional hegemonic ambitions. This ambitious drone program includes producing a series of drones called Rad-85, and as Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards Corps pointed out, it also includes the mass production of the Shahed 129 drone. Shahed 129 is believed to have the ability to carry eight missiles, fly for 24 hours, and go for a range of 1,700 kilometers. Previously, Iranian authorities mentioned that the developed drone Yasseer was based on the design of the US ScanEagle drone, which was captured in December 2012 by the Iranian army.

Besides that, the People’s Mujahideen Organization of Iran (PMOI) a group affiliated with the National Council of Resistance of Iran -— the group that first exposed Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment plant in 2002 along with a related heavy-water facility, named Arak — have announced new information about Iran’s clandestine activities. This information comes at a time when Iran is getting closer to nuclear breakaway capacity.

PMOI has also pointed out that they have proof that Tehran has been working on a secret and undeclared underground nuclear facility that will be key to developing an atomic weapons program. According to NCRI’s Mehdi Abrichamtchi in the Ynet News report, “According to specific information obtained by the Iranian resistance, the clerical regime is establishing or completing parallel secret and undeclared sites for its nuclear project.”. It is argued that this clandestine nuclear facility is located inside a large tunnel underneath mountains approximately six miles from the town of Mobarekeh, which is close to the existing military industrial complex, at Haft-e Tir. Accordingly, the site has been in operation under Hassan Rouhani’s presidency as well.

Essentially the issue with these underground nuclear sites such as Fordow and the alleged new undeclared site is that they are virtually indestructible because of their geographical location and installations underground. The plutonium reactor is also indestructible because of the possible danger it creates for the neighboring enrichment. According to FTP, previously, Boroujerdi warned that Iran will never close Fordow; “We have created the conditions for America and the Zionist regime in a way that they will never think of attacking our nuclear sites. Our missiles are a deterrent … but Fordow is one of our red lines.”

The dilemma here is that no matter how much proof and evidence have emerged showing the danger that the Ayatolahs and Mullahs will have on the world and regional security, and no matter whatever is presented to the Obama administration, the administration, particularly President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry and his nuclear team, are launching a campaign to persuade the world and international community that Iran and the Mullahs are trustworthy enough to sign any deal with them and that the world should start easing sanctions on them. President Obama had already started to make deals with the Iranian government and to ease sanctions on them long before the latest nuclear talks were initiated.

Iran’s constant mischievous and Machiavellian polices toward the international community, and its clandestine underground nuclear activities are tremendously alarming. But what is more alarming is that the Obama administration, with its foreign policies, is providing the most powerful blessing for Iran, for the Iranian leaders, this is the best Allah’s blessing.

Stunningly, the Obama administration has even attempted to convince other Western countries including France to ease its relations with Iran to reach a deal. Even Kerry cancelled his visit to Israel on the 15th, despite a claim by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the 17th, in order to give Iranian nuclear talks another chance. Delegates from the Obama administration, primarily Kerry, have been traveling around the world as if they are the promoters and advertisers for the Iranian regime, spreading the idea that the Iranian regime should be trusted and given another chance.

Giving Iran another chance means a nuclear-armed Islamist Iran, based on the radical Islamist ideology of Jihad, and viewing other non-Muslim countries as enemies that should be Islamized or wiped out. For the last 34 years, the Mullahs have been getting chances after chances. The Ayatollahs are just a few months away from obtaining bomb-grade nuclear materials, according to an overwhelming majority of nuclear experts, yet the question remains, how many last chances should be given to Islamist Iran?

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  • ahmad76

    They got the nuclear deal. ISlam always wins…patience

    • Hass

      And don’t worry my Haji fiend, Westerners’ flirtation with total liberalism is coming to an end. Always remember, when push comes to shove, good always triumphs over evil.

      Ha! Patience indeed.

      • Notalibfool

        Words of wisdom, Hass! The west WILL prevail.

    • zoomie

      insane mfr

  • Ahmadd

    The mullah given more time..Islam always wins….sorry….

    • Hass

      Islam always wins? Is that why they’re the least educated, welfare dependent and most unproductive savages on the planet?

      • zoomie

        yup, if it wasn’t for oil they’d be starving ( egypt ). their entire culture is a welfare state based on royalty checks from races that produce wealth.

    • Notalibfool

      How wrong you are, Ahmadd. Wait and see.

  • Bamaguje

    The ball is now in Israel’s court.

  • vladimirval

    Can it be that Obama’s administration, including John K., is clueless to what is really going on with Iran? No. I am sure that they they are so intent on making political hey that reality and truth matters not to them. They think that they can lie away the truth as to the coming consequences. They seem to have taken a page form Saddam’s propaganda book. If you say a lie enough times it will become truth. It didn’t work for Iraq, coalition troops routed the Iraqi Guard, and it won’t work for Obama. Iran will end up with a bomb. the means to deliver it across continents, and Russia will be backing then up.

    • steven L

      The American democrats are clueless.

  • Jillian Becker

    Why is it so hard for so many people to understand that Obama WANTS Iran to go nuclear, WANTS to promote the goals of Islam, WANTS the destruction of the state of Israel, and is taking step after step to accomplish these ends?

    • Muh75

      Because Islam is true religion. I invite you to become Muslim.

      • Notalibfool

        No, Islam is nothing but a cult of hate. Your invitation is rejected. There is nothing anyone can say or do that would make me join a “religion” that promotes violence, antisemitism, and general mayhem.

        I invite all who treasure freedom and sanity to join me in resisting this cult of hate.

      • zoomie

        an illiterate pedophile is your prophet . absolute proof, over a billion people can be horribly wrong. beware the fury of a free people

  • MidSouthMitch

    Obama & Kerry have effectively backed Israel into a corner- They WILL come out fighting! One can tell this, by their rhetoric in the opposite direction- How their hands are now tied and that they cannot respond militarily to the Iranian threat without looking like the bad guys. If I were in Iran, I would be hunkering down or bugging out ASAP!

  • geneww1938

    I just read about the author Majid Rafizadeh … Has he ever worked with a conservative?
    This evil One World government can not coexist with Judeo-Christian and adamantly hates Israel.
    As their puppet they placed a Muslim in the White house. As their puppet, this evil POTUS will do everything in his power to collapse the USA and satisfy his Evil Muslim Tenets.

  • Donald J DaCosta

    First, a trivial math question arising from the following statement. ““The Fotros drone has an operational range of 2,000 kilometers and can
    fly at an altitude of 25,000 feet, with a flight time of 16 to 30
    hours”. It’s got nothing to do with the thrust or validity of Mr. Rafizadeh’s argument. Do a quickie estimate in your head. Unless this thing can sprout wings and fly at speeds more typical of the highway these distance vs flight time numbers can’t be accurate.

    Aside from that trivia, Obama’s secret activities with Iran are quite consistent with his pro Muslim Brotherhood stance in Egypt that has recently been thwarted by a “military coup.” Whatever Obama’s true religious beliefs his actions indicate that he is either a closet Muslim or, perhaps more likely, of the opinion that all will be well in the world if only America distances itself from its allies and aligns itself with the Jihadists. For most plain folk, not indoctrinated with what must be an intellectually inspired bit of “untested” political theory, this is a disturbingly familiar scenario that, in practice, has never lead to anything but eventual violent confrontation with the appeasers on the receiving end of a harsh reality.

    On its face this would seem like a solid, logical argument but then there’s what would be the fly in the soup; the drone strikes against Jihadist targets in Pakistan. So what is Obama’s strategy? Does he have one and is it, on some level, logical and coherent? On its simplistic face and with all else that is going and has gone on during his stint as “the most powerful man on the planet” it sure feels like he doesn’t have a clue at what he’s about, does not have the spine or the toughness required, or the brain power his sycophants claim. He seems a purely political, hedonistic, conceited, self possessed, spineless but very accomplished actor at a loss for soaring rhetoric without a script. A man who is surrounded with like minded and equally close mouthed individuals loath to reveal their true intentions.

    Perhaps 2014 will change the dynamic. 2016 is a long way off and the trail of domestic and international debris is becoming odious.

    • steven l

      Repub. may be stupid enough to lose. They need an good alternative to the Obamacare. To the benefit of Americans and not the insurances. Can they deliver? I doubt. Too may competing heads.

  • USARetired

    America continues to be ‘hood winked’ and deceived by the ‘Dingle Barry’ administration on the hill and the rest of the idiot politicians just sit back and line their pockets!

  • A Z

    “The Ayatollahs are just a few months away from obtaining bomb-grade nuclear materials”

    Obama’s Xmas gift to Americans.