Obama and Marx’s Ten-Point Platform (Part I)

Obama-Karl-MarxIt can be startling to realize how much of Karl Marx’s ten-point platform to socialize an economy (set forth in Chapter Two of “The Communist Manifesto”) has been implemented in the United States. I even wrote a book about it in 1987.[1] Never before Barack Obama’s presidency, however, has a president pushed so assiduously to advance all ten points in Marx’s plan. Is it just a coincidence that Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a card-carrying Communist and that Obama gravitated toward radicals such as alleged Cuban agent of influence Bill Ayers? Or, as the following synopsis shows, is Obama’s economic agenda is actually Marxist?

This cursory examination of Obama’s Marxian policies will be presented in two parts. The first part below will cover Marx’s first five points, and Part Two will review the second five points. The two planks in Marx’s platform that pose the greatest threat today are Numbers Five and Ten, so I will cover those in greater detail.

Here is a brief summary, with Marx’s wording being edited for simplicity’s sake:

#1. State control of territory.

On repeated occasions, Team Obama often has thwarted the development of domestic energy supplies through arbitrary regulatory control over massive tracts of federally owned land and restricting drilling in American waters off our coasts.

#2. Progressive income taxes.

Obama has an Ahab-like obsession with further raising taxes on “the rich” even though the top 1% of earners already pays almost as much of the federal income tax as the bottom 95% of taxpayers combined.[2]

#3. Abolition of inheritance.

Obama has succeeded in reinstating federal inheritance taxes and recently proposed raising them further by reducing the dollar threshold at which the tax kicks in and no longer allowing that amount to be indexed to inflation.[3]

#4. Confiscation of the property of emigrants and rebels. 

The US has long been one of the few countries to tax its citizens on income earned abroad (a tax that applies to incomes above $95,100). In 2010, Obama won passage of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, which orders foreign financial institutions to provide information to the IRS about Americans’ offshore holdings.

#5. Centralization of the country’s financial system in the hands of the state.

Certainly this trend was well established before Barack Obama became president. Thanks to decades of deficit spending, enabled by an accommodating central bank willing to help underwrite the federal government’s chronic over-spending, Big Government and Big Finance have become joined at the hip. This was dramatically demonstrated in 2008 when George W. Bush gave his blessing to a federal bailout of Wall Street. By that time, the heavily indebted federal government had grown far beyond Main Street banks’ ability to finance its massive fiscal operations. Only the colossal financial infrastructure of the megabanks and other gigantic financial institutions was sufficient to maintain an orderly market for the federal Treasury’s seas of red ink, and so federal intervention to rescue Wall Street was an inevitable act of self-preservation on the part of Uncle Sam.

Yet, even though in some ways Obama is merely continuing in the direction charted by his predecessors, he has found a way to accelerate the centralization of credit in the hands of the state. I am referring to the 2010 Dodd-Frank bill—both its content, which Obama supported, as well as the aggressive ways in which he is having it implemented.

Dodd-Frank established the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and designed it in such a way that its director would be completely unaccountable to congressional or judicial review while giving the director the power to set its own budget. It is difficult to imagine a less democratic, more autocratic power than that wielded by the director of the CFPB. The word “czar” has been used to describe certain presidential appointees, but the CFPB director has such broad powers and is so insulated from checks and balances that the description “czar” seems to be literally true.

While the stated purpose of Dodd-Frank was to reduce dangerous degrees of financial leverage, the larger import of the bill is the way it increases the government’s political leverage over a wide range of financial firms. President Obama, Sen. Dodd, and other supporters of the bill assured us that this law would protect Americans from the financial fallout of major bankruptcies by authorizing federal regulators to shut down financial institutions “in an orderly fashion” when they start to fail, or to bail them out. [Although Obama himself insisted that Dodd-Frank didn’t contain bailout provisions, two members of the president’s own party did. Sen. Ted Kaufman (D-Del.) stated that the bill expands “the safety net … to cover ever-larger and more complex institutions heavily engaged in speculative activities,” thereby “sowing the seeds for an even bigger crisis.” Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) categorically declared, “The bill contains permanent bailout authority.”][4]

Such life and death power, of course, gives the CFPB tremendous leverage over financial institutions. It doesn’t require a lot of imagination to anticipate how such immense power could be used as leverage (what in the private sector might be called “extortion”): “Listen, Ms. CEO, the guys at Treasury think you should do A, B, and C. You’re free to do what you want, but if you don’t do what they suggest, we at the CFPB may pull the plug on you. On the other hand, make them happy and they’ll name you ‘systemically important.’” The Dodd-Frank law has the potential to make vassals and serfs out of all financial institutions, which is exactly what Karl Marx wanted.

Lest you think Barack Obama wouldn’t use the powers of the CFPB to promote his own agenda, he couldn’t even wait until the director of CFPB, Richard Cordray, was duly confirmed (which the Senate finally did earlier this month) before the abuses started. As reported by Paul Sperry in Investor’s Business Daily on July 3, the Obama administration already was using the CFPB to “compil(e) a massive database of personal information” about “your bill-paying and spending habits.”[5] In the context of a presidential administration that already has given ominous indications of being of the Big Brother type (e.g., NSA and IRS data collection) it seems that the Obama administration is moving in the direction not only of total financial control over financial institutions, but over all of us as individuals, too.

[To be continued in Part Two]


[1] Mark W. Hendrickson, America’s March Toward Communism, Libertarian Press, 1987.

[2] Mark J. Perry, “The top 1% of US taxpayers pay almost as much in federal income taxes as the entire bottom 95%, and half of that bottom group paid no taxes at all in 2010,” Carpe Diem blog, December 27, 2-12, 11:37 am;

[3] http://www.investmentnews.com/article/20130411/FREE/130419987#

[4] Mark W. Hendrickson, “Sen. Dodd’s Financial Reform Bill: The Problem of Leverage,” posted on Visionandvalues.org, April 28, 2010; www.visionandvalues.org/2010/04/sen_dodd_s_financial_reform_bill/

[5] Paul Sperry, “bama Credit Watchdog Snoops Personal Financial Data,” IBD Editorials, posted on investors.com, 07/03/2013 6:59 PM ET.

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  • davarino

    Lets hope Obama goes away quietly after 2016, and doesnt use his newly minted power to stay in office and oppress us forever

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      Yes, this is about all we can hope for, because nobody is going to impeach him.

      • Fritz

        They couldn’t impeach him even if they wanted to, not while the Dems control the senate and John Boehner continues to sit as speaker of the house.

      • Devoted3


    • Cat@Freedomista

      Ahh yes; the stuff that dreams are made of. To that; we know, we can dream on. (One might think that golf could consume Obama’s attention; but power, is what it is; and those whose mega narcissism is embedded in the need for it; never ‘go lightly’, to the golf course.)

      Wherever he is; (still President(?); Head of UN or Surpreme Court Justice?). Whatever; think we will not be rid of Obama; nor his legacy enacted on behalf of those who animate him and who will do same for next Dem President.

      But dream and pray for, an Authentic America; nonetheless.

    • John E Coleman

      To get Rid of Obama ? Help me count the ways !
      His disease carries the very same characteristics as Cancer !
      It has spread out of control and we have no way to stop it

      We have tried Kemo, radiation , transplants , and amputation ! BUT ,
      His Lymph Nodes are all over this administration and growing faster than
      Welfare & Food Stamps !!!

      They have become Immune to the majority of the citizens and what the
      ” United States of America ” has stood for !!

      Any Comments ??

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Geoffrey-Britain/100003802091841 Geoffrey Britain

      There are only two scenarios under which Obama could stay; a successful nuclear terrorist attack upon an American city and/or the collapse of our financial system. Arguably he’s working toward both of those goals and in either case, nationwide, near permanent martial law would be declared and in the resultant chaos of either of those events, martial law would be welcomed by a small majority. Martial law under Obama would see the nullification by him of key provisions of the Constitution. The 22 amendment limiting a President to two terms would certainly be one of the provisions Obama would nullify under martial law.

      Absent either of those scenarios occurring, the dems plan on electing Hillary in 2016, who has already demonstrated her commitment to carrying on Obama’s ‘legacy’. While SecState she worked with factions in the UN who wish to, through treaty agreements, limit the 1st amendment. She would outlaw in America, ANY criticism of Islam or Mohammad as both hate speech and incitement to violence. Speaking the truth would be no defense, criticize Islam or Mohammad on the internet and if Muslims riot, you would be responsible for inciting a riot.

      • MLCBLOG

        I think you are underestimating his crowd. They are pretty clever.

  • Fritz

    How can the Consumer Financial Protection bureau be beyond congressional and judicial oversight? It was created by government legislation and future legislators cannot be bound by previous ones. Also I don’t see how they can be given powers that are beyond judicial oversight, the power of each of the three branches of government are well defined and again a legislative body cannot create what amounts to a fourth branch beyond control of the three established branches.

    • Fritz

      What I mean by that is that they cannot create a fourth branch without making a constitutional amendment, which means a two thirds majority of congress plus two thirds of state legislatures. Bringing such an entity into existence without such an amendment is clearly unconstitutional., not just under the U.S constitution but in every document dating back to the Magna Carta.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Geoffrey-Britain/100003802091841 Geoffrey Britain

        Of course they can create a fourth branch. All they have to do is not call it a fourth branch, deny the reality of it actually being a fourth branch and have enough votes on the Supreme Court to uphold it. As proof, look to Roberts upholding of Obamacare.

        • MLCBLOG


      • MLCBLOG

        If they were law-abiding citizens, yes…but that is not how they do things, as my comment above.


      Here’s how. they just do it…without regard to law and our institutions (which have kept our way of life functioning for over 200 years). They get away with it because people are incredulous 1) because it had seemed that no one would be that bold or criminal/ law-breaking in “broad daylight,” or that is no one would dare, and 2) by the time people accept the reality that is actually happening, though unbelievable, before their very eyes, it’s pretty late, and it is especially hard to find the authority and the means to stop the errant doers.

      This is a tried and true Alinsky tactic. It is taught to all young wanna-be radical govt overthrowers.

  • http://www.clarespark.com/ Clare Spark

    You can’t use the Communist Manifesto to criticize current progressive policies. Sorry. The overall project of Marx and Engels was to overturn capitalism. Progressive policies were meant to prolong its life and to prevent a revolution. You may not like them, but you can’t cherry pick your items and then cry “communism”. Is there a disturbing trend toward increased statism? Yes, and I wrote about it here: http://clarespark.com/2012/07/19/communist-ideas-go-mainstream/. “Communist ideas go mainstream.” And lay off Captain Ahab please. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Geoffrey-Britain/100003802091841 Geoffrey Britain

      Of course he can, the truth of the matter does not rest upon your opinion. Progressive policies may arguably have started out as seeking to regulate capitalism in a manner that strengthened it. However if true, that motivation long ago fell by the wayside. Today’s democrat party is the party of Marx in all but name. That you minimize our rush toward a fully socialist state as a “disturbing trend” confirms you to either be willfully obtuse or intentionally disingenuous. So please, lay off the projecting. It is you that either has no idea of what you speak or are intentionally misleading less knowledgeable readers.

    • Cold_Drake_80

      My good woman this is FPM they are completely incapable of telling the difference between the center-right/right-wing Democratic Party, classic Liberalism and Marxism. They’ve been pointing and screaming “communist” for so long they have actually started seeing them everywhere.

      • gray_man

        My good woman, there are morons in this comment section,
        Who don’t know their fourth point of contact from a hole in the ground. They like to incorporate numerals into their screen name. Try not to listen to them, they are morons.

        • Cold_Drake_80

          YYYYYAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Goes the FPMer. For your next trick will you threaten to soil yourself?

          • gray_man

            Thank for self-identifying the moron I was talking about.
            It saves me the trouble. I only hope Clare Spark reads your asinine response.

      • MLCBLOG

        yer off yer nut


      Interesting take. I propose they ARE desiring to ruin our economic system. The word capitalism was coined by Marx himself and has no meaning for me except in political and propaganda terminology.

      • Cold_Drake_80

        Capitalism wasn’t coined by Marx. It’s roots as a concept go back to the Middle Ages with is modern meaning starting in the 17th Century. You can believe what you want but that is the reality.

        • MLCBLOG

          You are talking about a concept., which, yes has been around since before the world began.

          I was referring to the word itself that Marx, yes, did make up. “Coin” a term means make up a word or phrase. Read more!

          That is why you missed what I said. You needed to use a dictionary because you did not understand the word “coin.”

          • Cold_Drake_80

            You are wrong on all points. Capitalism has been around since before the world began as it’s a human construct. To say otherwise is idiotic.
            I’ve already told you that Marx didn’t coin the phrase. It predated Marx. As for not understanding the meaning of the word that is also idiotic as I clearly used it properly in my comment.
            You got caught out. At least have the integrity to admit you were wrong.

    • herb benty

      How much do you get for lying?

  • cathy
    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Geoffrey-Britain/100003802091841 Geoffrey Britain

      It doesn’t matter who really won. All that matters is whose hand rests on the Bible during the inauguration ceremony. That is why the dems and Obama’s front man Holder is fighting voter verification. Voter fraud in key swing states is a critical advantage.

  • Cold_Drake_80

    I can’t wait to see how FPM spins the abolition of child factory labour and free, universal education. That should be a real hoot. It’ll be fun reading as the author does back flips around right wing supporting child labour simply because the contrary point is made by Marx.

    • herb benty

      Child factory labour was instituted by greedy leftist moguls that salivated when Darwin gave the world idiotic and evil Evolution. No god and survival of the fittest, meant they could use people as animals. Christians(right-wing), put a stop to the commie child labour practice. Now, back in your cage, thats a good boy.

      • Cold_Drake_80

        You had six hours to come up with something. SIX HOURS! This is all you can manage? I’m very disappointed.
        You lie about the political orientation of the industrialists by saying they were leftists when actual leftism in the modern sense was a RESPONSE to the neo-feudalism of the industrialist caste.
        Then you trot out that tired, old and utterly disproven line about Darwin and “survival of the fittest”. That was a misinterpretation of natural selection as invented by Herbert Spencer an economist who thought natural selection matched his view of economic interactions. Darwin used the phrase but to describe superior adaption to environmental conditions.
        It was the industrial caste that embraced and popularized the version you were spoon fed.
        Christians in particular never needed knowledge of natural selection to murder, rape, torture and enslave. They had their bible.
        It’s kind of sad really. You’ve been a punk for so long you just can’t offer anything of value. I would say it’s sad but the punk life is clearly something you’ve embraced.

        • gray_man

          Using the same old asinine diatribe? Please show me where any Biblical doctrine justifies Christians to murder, rape, torture and enslave. Only a moron would think that. Put up or shut up.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            Read Leviticus. Those barbarous laws are insanely kill crazy. It also gives instructions on how to manage, including beating, slaves. Demands for slave to be obedient to their masters appears in Peter as well. Deuteronomy insists that if a man rapes an unmarried woman he gets to marry her.
            Genocide is shown as doing gods work in Judges.
            All of this could have easily been cut out the bible but it wasn’t. No discernible effort was made at all.
            As a believer it’s on you to own this.

          • herb benty

            I told you last night I was finished talking with you.I am forwarding you to ..www.icr.org if you wish to find answers. Your demonic pokes at God,remember it is Him you are trying to ridicule, makes me uneasy about your future. So there you go. You also attempt to ridicule FPM, a website run by an EX-COMMIE who smartend up and saw the Light. MSNBC will embrace you and you can feel at home.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            He was an Ex-Stalinist. D. Hoe was a foaming at the mouth extremist back then and he’s a foaming at the mouth extremist now.
            You opener implies you are in charge and you are most certainly not. I don’t care about your fundie website. If you can’t think for yourself that is your personal defect. I debunked your claims and reminded you of how you know nothing about your war god. Now you are chucking a website and running away. Just what I’ve come to expect from a good FPMer.

          • herb benty

            Keep doing the same thing , expecting different results is the mode you are in and I will not play along. I most definitely AM in charge of what I do…. it’s alright, calm down boy. Sending you to some professionals is a sign of good faith, but your raving lunacy will prevent any progress if you don’t let the Light in. You are addicted to your hate, your darkness. God loves D. Horowitz because he had the intestinal fortitude to change his thinking. You, a leftist weasel cannot improve because you are lazy and afraid. I pray that you allow the God of Glory into your life. There now , isn’t that better already! See you in heaven…..if you smarten up enough to admit you NEED God.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            D. Ho saw dollar signs and started spewing in the other directions. I would think a worshipper of a war god would at least emulate the gang banger attitude towards loyalty but I guess not.
            As for the rest it’s just mindless spewing. You might as well say the demon in my TV set is angry and demands I purchase pay-per-view.

          • herb benty

            The reason you are here is now plain for all to see, thanks,and goodbye.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            Yes, my efforts to deprogram people should be obvious. It’s a largely futile gesture on my part because I’m speaking to the most diseased minds but someone has to do it.

          • celia

            Does that make any sense wrt which side is in charge these days? Wouldn’t David Horowitz align himself with Soros and the like and rake in even more money, and to boot perhaps a plushy job in the gov? Your imbecilic logic has been exposed throughout your diatribe by not even advocating your side of this crucial argument. Instead you use a deceptive username, dig into biblical minutiae (to prove what?) and mindless drivel. Way to go! L

          • Cold_Drake_80

            You are incompetent. The right wing built up a huge industry of “think tanks” and D. Ho started sucking at that tail pipe for all his worth. The left got defunded decades ago and hasn’t recovered. The Democratic party went right in order to maintain its funding. You are really so stupid to have missed the political trend of the past 50 years? You’re an embarrassment to the human race.

          • gray_man

            Well part of your problem is you are a phony. I said show me where Christians are commanded to do those things.
            So either you are stupid and don’t realize Christians follow Christ, or you are a liar and are deliberately trying to obfuscate the question by reading things Christ did not say. Christ commands Christians. So you phony SOB show me where Christ said to do the things you say.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            Hey, that’s funny aren’t you the same FPM orifice who demanded examples from BIBLICAL doctrine? Why, yes you are. So I provided that. Clearly you had a minor nervous breakdown but have come back with that old chestnut of moving the goalposts. Sorry little boy I answered the question as you put. Now it’s your turn to shut up and start trying to think. Until then leave as you sicken me.

          • gray_man

            I said Biblical doctrine that dictates to “Christians” dumass.
            Christ dictates to Christians (and the rest of humanity for that matter). None of the scriptures you quoted were from Christ dumass. Now put up or shut up. At least learn to read.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            I already sited examples that exist in the CHRISTIAN BIBLE. I recall some fundies when challenged on their overt bigotry rationalized it by saying Jesus came to fulfil the law. Oops did I just find a new testament reference endorsing the most barbarous acts of the bible? Let’s see:

            Matthew: “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.”

            Their you have it. Well, I guess your punk status is confirmed. How do you plan to move the goal posts this time? Doesn’t matter you’ll still be wrong.

            Go sacrifice something to your war god. You bore me.

          • gray_man

            You really are ignorant. There are hundreds of things in the holy bible that do not apply to Christians.
            The funny thing is, it is obvious you are an ignoramus, the passage you referred to is Christ telling the Jews that he is the Messiah. That is all it means. When you are ignorant and refuse to educate yourself, you just make a fool of yourself.

          • MLCBLOG


          • herb benty

            I gave him a try, common sense, truth, history, nothing makes a dent to indoctrinated Obama worshipers

        • herb benty

          A man and a leftist always reverts to ridicule when cornered with the truth. Everything you think you know is wrong. professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. You are an Obama Alinskite troll, probably a communist atheist and I do feel sorry for you. 6 hours, you sad fellow, some people do have things to do. Those industrialists sent Darwin and even the Captain thought he was nuts. The ability to adapt was and is preprogramed in the ingenious DNA code that God designed. It takes DNA to make DNA- no evolution. Hitler, the Japanese military, Communist China and the Soviet Union loved evolution- that is the company you are in boy. Murder, rape, torture,and enslaving people are condemned in Gods Word- that would be Communism and Islam. You really need professional help, and thats it for me. My time is too important to waste on arguing with idiots. Bye.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            So god made DNA yet never got around to mentioning it? Not likely considering how your war god is constantly letting people know how awesome sauce he is. That little compilation of fairy tales you use as an excuse has been used to rationalize horrible deeds for centuries.
            You forgot to talk about colonialism and the conquest of the Americas. Both killed tens of millions and were carried out by members of your little christian gang.
            Since you brought up Hitler let me remind you about all those German belt buckles that said “god is with us” (in German of course). Not exactly an Atheist state. The Japanese military was empowered under a religious doctrine that insisted that the emperor was divine. As for Stalin and Mao it should be obvious even to an FPMer that what they created was a national cult of personality that had for more to do with religious faith and leader worship than anything Marx or Engels wrote about.

        • MLCBLOG

          ?? Christians in particular never needed knowledge of natural selection to murder, rape, torture and enslave. They had their bible. ???

          What are you saying here? seems incongruous, or ??

        • drew

          Damn…. haha. I wish you was my Graduate professor!

  • Erudite Mavin

    But, but, but, how can this be? Obama was so much better than Romney /s
    The sit at homes and third party voters enabled this Neo Marxist 2nd term

  • Tom Brooks

    Point # 4, “… Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, which
    orders foreign financial institutions to provide information to the IRS
    about Americans’ offshore holdings.”
    So how the hell does The dictator ‘n’ chief assume that he is not only the Supreme Dictator of The United States, but of the world? Where does he get the power to “ORDER” foreign banks to report to is corrupt IRS? And why would they comply?

  • Tom Brooks

    Well I guess the thought police decided my last comment contained too much truth. Now they are censuring me.




      • Tom Brooks

        Not really, but I do understand that this site does cater to some of the most paranoid Pensacola idiots.

  • Tom Brooks

    If you want to live through the nuclear attack, just stay close to Obozo. He will know EXACTLY when and where the attack will be.
    Oh, I forgot, most of us cannot take $100,000,000 vacations like the dictator does
    on our nickle.

  • labman57

    Capitalist: Someone who, if given the means and opportunity, would take control of the global atmospheric oxygen supply … and then charge humanity usage fees for breathing.

    Reality check — most Americans are neither pure capitalists nor pure socialists, but rather a hybrid of the two.

    Furthermore, since when is restoring the progressive income tax to pre-GWB levels and making affordable health care available to all Americans “socialist” policies? I suppose it makes a great GOP sound bite and talking point to stir up the conservative base, but in terms of substance it is little more than cotton candy for the mind.

    Ever since Obama became the Democratic nominee for POTUS in 2008, most of those who have issues with Obama’s ethnic heritage have been too cowardly to openly state their bigotry, so they have disguised it by using other loaded labels such as elitist (code for “he doesn’t know his place”), unpatriotic and/or has unAmerican values, undeserving of a Harvard education, foreign-born, Marxist, socialist, fascist, terrorist-sympathizer, Muslim, … anti-Christ — all of which are designed to convey the notion that Obama was not legitimately elected POTUS and that he is inherently different than the rest of us and therefore cannot be trusted.

    • Celia

      Oh yes! the race card is what explains this whole mess succinctly. You live in such a beautiful world, don’t you, that everything can be explained in black and white. Most countries in Europe have come to the conclusion they are irrevocably in economic dire straits due to those very same socialist policies BHO & co. (it did start before him, let’s admit that) have been instituting in your Amerika. And at the same time taking away all your liberties that the Constitution was supposed to protect. Wake up!

      • labman57

        In order for the thesis of this article to be valid, you’ll have to convince yourself that Abraham Lincoln was a Marxist, as he embraced many of the political views and policy decisions that the author has declared to be definite evidence of Karl’s philosophy.