The Marxist Roots of Obama’s War on the Middle Class

How many times have you heard President Obama express concern for the middle class? More than you can count, I’m sure. If you are in the middle class, Obama’s frequent mentions of you should make you very worried. A key part of Obama’s modus operandi is his habitual use of verbal misdirection—saying one thing and then doing the opposite.

This is a man who will affirm the truism, “none of us can predict with certainty what the next big industry will be,”  and then, fifteen minutes later, propose increased federal spending in industries that he favors, such as green energy. (He did this in his 2011 State of the Union address.) He has earnestly told us that federal deficit spending is “not sustainable,” and then merrily continued with his budget-busting spending plans. Obama has promised “no more bailouts,” only to endorse (in the same speech—his 2012 SOTU address) the Dodd-Frankenstein monster known as “the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,” that effectively guarantees future bailouts for big banks.

Obama pays lip service to the middle class because he needs their votes, but he is no friend of the middle class. Right from the start, he has favored big business at the expense of the middle class. (See, for example, Timothy P. Carney’s detailed account, Obamanomics.)

It is well known that Obama is a disciple and practitioner of the strategy and tactics of the late revolutionary Saul Alinsky, who despised the middle class, denigrating them as “materialistic, decadent… degenerate… and corrupt.” (For a well-researched discussion of the Alinksy link, read Chapter 3 of James R. Keena’s excellent book, We’ve Been Had.)

Karl Marx was another writer whose influence on Obama is well known. Marx railed against the middle class, fulminating in The Communist Manifesto, “The middle class owner of property…must be swept out of the way and made impossible.” Elsewhere in the Manifesto, Marx called for “the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie.”

Building on Marx’s concepts, Lenin sought the destruction of the bourgeois class and its values, recommending, as the strategy for annihilating the middle class, “grind[ing] them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

Is Obama acting on the basis of this Marxist-Leninist animus against the middle class? Certainly, nobody can honestly argue that middle-class Americans as a whole have prospered under the Obama administration. The official unemployment rate has remained stubbornly high, while the percentage of adult Americans working has declined to historic lows. Meanwhile, during the Obama era, median family income has dropped several thousand dollars while the median net worth of Americans has dropped as much as 40%. Meanwhile, savers earn microscopic returns and effectively grant interest-free loans to the government as a result of the Federal Reserve’s zero-interest-rate policy.

Such dismal data should be of no surprise to anyone who understands economics. Obama’s ideology is plainly Marxian, shown in his antipathy for entrepreneurs (“you didn’t build that”). As I have argued elsewhere, Obama’s economic policies have been those of a dedicated Marxist-Leninist. He has worked to advance the implementation of all ten planks in Marx’s “Communist Manifesto,” outlining how to impose socialism incrementally.

As for Lenin’s fiendish plan to crush the middle class with taxes and inflation, Obama has increased taxes by over $6 trillion (I refer here to Obama’s deficits, which are taxes that will fall on future taxpayers) and the Federal Reserve inflationary dollar-creating policy (“quantitative easing”) that already is eating away at the purchasing power of the dollar while sowing the seeds of severe future inflation. Many Americans have been beguiled by Obama’s rhetoric about raising taxes on “the rich.” They overlook the mathematical fact that “the rich” (even as liberally defined by Obama) don’t have enough money to keep the Obama/progressive wealth redistribution game going, and that, sooner or later, the heaviest economic burden will have to fall on the middle class.

The American middle class should never underestimate an ambitious politician’s willingness to impose economic hardship on the country to achieve his political goals. Indeed, Obama is far from the first Democrat to take advantage of the “Curley effect,” but he may be the most zealous. Apparently influenced by the Cloward-Piven stragtegy of bringing about the financial collapse of the U.S. by overloading government transfer programs, Obama has presided over explosive growth in the number of Americans on the food stamps program and federal disability.

Large segments of the American middle class either do not understand what Obama is trying to do, or else they have been intellectually crippled by “higher education,” causing them to suffer from the delusion that Obama’s path is righteous and just. An earlier, non-Marxian commentator on the American scene, the acerbic H. L. Mencken, scornfully referred to the American middle class as “the booboisie,” and expressed his cynicism in the memorable and currently apropos aphorism, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Lenin once gloated, “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” He was wrong, because the inherent flaws of socialism collapsed the Soviet Union. But, as Emerson once said, “A nation never falls but by suicide,” so while we avoided selling the fatal rope to a foreign enemy, we might have elected our own hangman.

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  • fanlad

    How true you say it. Caught between taxation and inflation ( and it is coming ). What an evil method and tactic, to can win elections for power, control and influence, by failing the very system we live in. Thanks for this article.
    America when will you wake up?

  • AdinaK

    Obama and his red roots, as he sat at Alinsky's (figurative) knees –

    In the same manner that the Radical-in-Chief wants to implode the U.S. system, mostly on the backs of the middle class (the bottom rung pays no taxes, it barely affects their gravy train), he urged Israel's university students to "transform", "change" from within. He saw nothing wrong with urging Israel's students to bring forth leftist revolution, even as a more right leaning leadership was just elected. Foreign interference at the highest levels, but all in a day's work for a Marxist disciple.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Arthur

      I love reading your comments in the Jerusalem Post.

  • Michael Copeland

    Maybe it is time for "No Representation Without Taxpaying".

  • pierce

    Michael Copeland, that is a very interesting concept, unless you pay taxes, you would not be entitled to vote.It makes sense and cents except for the fact that everyone pays taxes in one form or another.
    What really makes sense is to have a National Sales Tax, and by that I mean every time you buy something, you pay taxes on it, food, clothing, or whatever, but you pay to buy it, that way no one is exempt, and there are no refunds, and no discrimination.
    This idea would make you think twice before spending money, and it would also encourage you to save.
    And then we could tell Obama to shove it.

    • kafir4life

      What a great way to get people close to or in retirement to pony up on the other end!! After paying taxes our entire working lives, seeing a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel, then to have another "haircut".

      • Looking4Sanity

        You sound bitter. I don't blame you. Everyone posting here was born into the same system of oppression. It's time to climb out of the funnel before we get to the meat grinder! Save yourselves, folks. No one is going to do it for you!

    • Mary Jo Vergara

      We already pay taxes on EVERYTHING that we buy – in Texas is 8.25% – So I don't know what you are talking about. What I do know IS that WE the people NEED to get Obama AND his co-horts out of the White House and Congress!!

    • R. T. Poet

      pierce: right on!!! The Fair Tax Bill will be the change we need – back to Constitutional principles – "There shall be no direct tax…"

      • Mark

        I'd like to hear more info on the Fair Tax. I realize it could probably never happen, but having the right to vote dependent upon owning property doesn't seem like such a bad idea now that we're approaching a majority of the "taker" population. They have no skin of their own in the game, and they've shown that they're perfectly willing to vote to expropriate the wealth and income of others who actually worked for it.

  • Joanne Renshaw

    April Fools!

    • Roger

      Our top 535 politicians live in April Fools Day 365 days a Year !

  • Brujo Blanco

    We may have experienced the last great wave of property owners. We may stop being property owners and be property renters. There may be the socialist elites and then the rest of us. The in.progress demise of.the the middle class will end of freedom as we know it.

  • Joanne Renshaw

    Transference. Looking in the mirror and seeing Obama. LOL!!!!!!! Panic much?

  • EthanP

    Anyone who bothered to look at Obama's past knew this. He's an Alinskyite. Unfortunately the MSM and Education institutions have either ignored his past or outright lied about him. Twenty years ago if you had told me that a radical Marxist would be a two term POTUS, I would have thought you mad.

    • River Rat

      Obama is only one man. Don't blame every wrong turn on him. Obamacare,as an example, was written long before he came into office as well as all the other left wing policies.The Republicans and Democrats are working feverishly to set up a Socialist run country with a strong central Government and Obama is the figure head to get it done. .

    • Viet Vet

      Of course 20 years ago it couldn't have happened. It takes time for propaganda to pay dividends.

  • Asher

    Destroy and Divide, create class warfare, collapse the economy. .A House divided will fall…All Alinsky-Marxist rules. They want citizens to give up, and government will make all the chaos go away so they can move in and take over everything!

    • Viet Vet

      It couldn't happen without turning segments of our population into babies (dependents). We are about to import more.

  • Robin

    I just posted a story about how the states and local politicians and Big Business are all being bought off by a new vision for federal revenue sharing tied to restructuring the urban areas. The document I took the vision from is a project of the Tides Foundation and is calling this "bottoms up" restructuring–Obamism.

    Truly fact is far more graphic these days than what any satirist would come up with.… . It all ties into the education initiatives and the Regional Equity Movement Stanley Kurtz wrote a book about. This though is far worse than he imagined. And it really does look like redistribution. All the inner city start-ups to be funded to be part of the government created pipeline of economic development. And totally dependent on those dollars too.

  • Guest

    "…while we avoided selling the fatal rope to a foreign enemy…"

    Did we really? Think about it. What is the "see-no-islam" policy practiced by both sides of the political aisle if not the proverbial rope?

  • clarespark

    I tend to view the Obama administration as more proto-fascist than Leninist, though a good case may be made for both views. I wrote about the Common Core curriculum here, which supports both views too:…. "American [Fascism?] and the future of English and American literature."

    • Viet Vet

      I'm reminded of Jonah Goldberg's 'Liberal Fascism'.

      • clarespark

        Thanks, Viet Vet, but I was uncomfortable with Liberal Fascism and wrote about why here:….

        • MotherGoose

          Nice site. I have added an rss feed to my toolbar. I look forward to reading it.

  • donny

    A Marxist mussy from Kenya is president. Expect destruction of the Republic.

  • LindaRivera

    Marxists are consumed with intense HATE for the Middle Class, but Marxists LOVE themselves. Marxist dictators live the lifestyle of a millionaire/billionaire in great luxury. Nothing is to be denied them. Power-hungry Marxists consider themselves ABOVE the despised populace. Once Marxists achieve the power they lust after, people struggle desperately to survive.

    The Obamas’ Unending Summer Vacation

  • watsa46

    Capitalism can and must do better!

    • Viet Vet

      Capitalism has been laboring under intense restriction. Leftists love to wail about the evils of 'unrestricted capitalism', but we haven't had unrestricted capitalism since the Industrial Revolution. And had we had the restricted capitalism then that we have today, the Industrial Revolution could/would not have happened.

  • oldfox

    we already know all this. is there any fresh insight here or news? you are beating a dead horse, sir.

  • Katie

    The problem is that the younger voters have not experienced the red threat of yesteryear and they do not listen to conservative talk radio nor are they reading this post. Oh, and I forgot, they have not been taught history in the public schools and do not appreciate how special this country is (was?).

    • Viet Vet

      And federally funded entities such as NPR and PBS air programming almost everyday reinventing yesteryear.

  • tanstaafl

    "I know, someday, a change is gonna come……"

  • rocket

    I agree. Obviously Obama's plan is to destroy America. Period. To many brain washed people not paying attention and not digging into Obama's past and actions and record. That being about half the country. As I say fighting terrorists one liberal at a time!

  • Tony Maroney

    Obama should leave the middle class alone, and what he should do is hit the rich and himself. and Obama will not destroy America. And the American Flag will stand very high in every State. NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE IT DOWN.

  • Bob Marshall

    To truly understand Obama Jr. you need to know about Obama Sr. Obama's dream is his fathers dream. Barack Obama Sr. and his 1965 paper on African socialism. The ideology of his father is the key to the public policies of the son. " Problems Facing Our Socialism." East African Journal-Barack Obama Sr. There is no reason to worry about economic freedom or individual rights. what matters is the good of society as a whole. " We have to look at priorities in term of what is good for society and on this basis we may find it necessary to force people to do things they would not otherwise do." Obama Sr. also said theoretically, there is nothing that could stop the government from taxing 1005 of income as long as the people get benefits commensurate with their income which is taxed . Obama Sr. proposed that the government seize control of the following industries .Corporations, banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies. he called for turning them into state utilities serving socialist conceptions of the public good. Obama's granny, Sarah, told Newsweek in 2008, " i look at him and i see all the same things. he has taken everything from his father. The son is realizing everything the father wanted…The dreams of the father are still alive in the son."

    • Viet Vet

      His other, and maybe real father, Frank Davis, was a communist and his mother was a marxist.

  • truebearing

    Perfect analysis. This post by Mark Hendrickson should be required reading for every literate American…. an unfortunately shrinking category.

    Obama is America's bete noire — the bane of freedom and prosperity — the Great Scourge-In-Chief. He is an agent of evil…in fact, I saw his father this Easter, wearing a hooded robe in the brilliant mini-series "The Bible."

  • Mean jean

    Why in the he– does he still exist.

    • Mark

      Because evil will always be with us. It is our burden and duty to fight against it.

  • Freda

    Yes, Obama is an Alinky-Marxist-Lenin product, but even worse he is surely a pro-Islamist. I mean by that, the extremist Islamist pro-terrorist indoctrinators to achieve a world caliphate which will swallow up all non-believer countries and movements. One of his closest friends and associates at the University of Chicago was Rashid Khalidi, who before his installation was a very important Yasser Arafat advisor. From there, Khalidi swanned it over to a professorship at the University of Chicago. He thereafter miraculously became the successor to Edward Said as Professor at New York's eminently prestigious Columbia University. Furthermore the Muslim Brotherhood organization, now 40 plus years in the USA is represented by CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has free and frequent representation at the White House.

    • Viet Vet


  • Annette

    We need God more than ever.

  • Mickey mouse

    Obama is creating deficits and printing lots of money to drown us in debts and destroy the value of our money. What shall we do with him?

  • Mickey mouse

    What happened to that socialist dictator in ITALY during ww2?

  • Ghostwriter

    I think President Obama's making a mistake,but I don't think he realizes it yet. He's just in his own little world,not wanting to be a part of this one.

  • Fred

    You Obama haters have created a fantasy Obama of your own making. I'm critical of many things he does, but anyone who thinks he's pro-Islamic or hates America or promotes socialism is drunk on the koolaid…all observable facts contradict these absurd allegations. Please examine your hatred and fear, it's totally irrational, not based on any facts.

  • moe
  • Jonathan

    I agree completely. Obama was born to a communist mother, mentored by communists, and is a true believer that he must right all wrongs..real or redistributing the wealth from the producers to the parasites in the form of handouts. It should be noted that one noteable dictator of the 20th century..Hitler..was elected just as Obama was. It might be time to take a play from Atlas Shrugged and go John Galt. Lets see Obama get anything done when all the productive Americans cease producing and let Obama and the parasites stupid enough to vote for him get what they deserve.

    • RonChristensen


      • Anti-Marxist

        Obama supporters are known for their one worders… and their eighth grade vocabularies….and their pseudo-intellectual idosyncracies

        • Anti-Marxist

          *idiosyncracies… I should have temporarily become a liberal and purchased a new Mac keyboard with my EBT card

          • Kelly

            Do you really believe that EVERY Obama supporter has only an eighth grade vocabulary? That’s not a very logical assumption to make. You sound angry and over-emotional. You can’t make your argument without being insulting. Do you really even care about the country and its citizens because it sounds like you only care about ranting, complaining and insulting people. You are the problem.

  • Kelly

    Sorry but your argument sounds divisive and far-fetched. It’s ridiculous to say that getting an education is crippling many Americans’ judgments. I guess you are appealing to your uneducated demographic by saying that. I’m not buying it, but this one other commenter is., lucky you. I’m sure this guy will gladly chomp down your words and regurgitate them in hate at whoever offers a different opinion. To say that Obama is slowly turning the country into a Communist state because he hates the middle class sounds so far-fetched and frankly, crazy. I’m not defending Obama’s policies or how he’s carried them out, but I think there’s a more logical, calmer explanation. Can’t we start being more civilized when we speak about our political opinions? Or are you just another pundit trying to cash in.