The View from Londonistan

london-attack-2-reut-670For the second straight year I’ve had the pleasure of an extended visit with my daughter in London, and for the second year, the themes of liberty and rights–and how closely related they are to conflict and religion–have been prominent.

Last year, we saw Magna Carta at Salisbury Cathedral. The fact that one not-so-large sheet of parchment changed the trajectory of western civilization from despotism to liberty is powerful evidence that the pen is ultimately mightier than the sword. (Regarding Magna Carta: the way the copyist managed to write each letter and space each line with a precision indistinguishable from modern print technologies is truly incredible.)

Last week we toured Scotland, and wherever we went, we heard stories of earlier generations of Scottish freedom fighters, saw the castles (including the famous one overlooking Edinburgh from its perch on top of a volcanic upthrust) used to defend against aggressors, and relived the conflicts between different peoples and religions. Then on Memorial Day, on a day trip to Cambridge, we saw the hallowed cemetery where 3,811 of the approximately 30,000 graves of US airmen who died while flying combat missions out of England in World War II.

Today, the United Kingdom and its values and liberties are under attack again. While we were enjoying Scotland’s beauty, Drummer Lee Rigby was butchered in broad daylight on the streets of London by two fanatical Islamists. We had heard about it from a taxi driver in Edinburgh, but when it really hit home for me was after we got back to London and I saw his wedding photo in one of the newspapers. The young man was one of the kindest, gentlest, most cherubic looking men I have seen in a long time, and the image of his bride gave the same impression. That such a man could be treated so brutally, such a family be devastated so wantonly, is evil of uncommon magnitude.

While walking to the Lords Cricket Club to share a Sunday roast with an old prep school chum, we passed one of London’s largest mosques and a number of Muslims on the sidewalk. It’s easy to see why some wag coined the word “Londonistan.” The tension and mutual mistrust were palpable. It feels like London is under siege. The mosque seems like a beachhead of an invading force. As was the case here centuries ago, a religious war threatens to rob merry olde England of its tranquility. Londoners find themselves potential targets of random attacks by guerrilla jihadists dwelling in their neighborhoods.

In the anguished aftermath of Lee Rigby’s murder, Londoners yearned mightily for solutions to the grim threat they feel. The problem is, there are no easy answers, only vexing dilemmas and uncomfortable tradeoffs.

In a land that values free speech, there are proposals to censor jihadist websites and suppress hate speech–understandable and in many ways justifiable–but such suggestions are accompanied by the nagging feelings that enforcing such objectives could lead to abuses and that driving jihadists underground may not be sufficient to prevent future guerrilla attacks.

In a country where one of the finest historical achievements was learning to set aside sectarian differences, agree to disagree about religion, but coexist peacefully in a civil society based on the impartial protection of individual rights, few citizens want their country to be divided by religious strife. Religious tolerance was achieved at great cost by earlier generations of Brits, but how viable is tolerance if a core tenet of one religion is intolerance of anyone outside the faith? How can Christian England avoid religious strife, when adherents of one particular religion are thrusting it upon them?

And how safe and practical is it to cling to the belief that it is wrong and bigoted to look at individual members of some “other group” as being potentially dangerous? The current situation is horribly unfair to Muslims who have assimilated into western culture and share our belief in religious tolerance and the separation of church and state, but the insurmountable problem is: How are we non-Muslims to know which Muslims are ticking time bomb waiting to explode?

I wonder whether Britons fully realize the nature of the conflict in which they are engaged. What drives Islamism is a religious belief system. The fanatics are moved by what they perceive as a higher purpose. They have the conviction that faith in divine law imparts, and the concomitant willingness to die in the service of that cause.

It seems to me, although I’m sure many in the West will disagree, that only a comparable belief system of religious faith, with its devotion to a purpose that transcends temporal and temporary happiness, can withstand and prevail against a fervent political-religious ideology. Somehow, I doubt that secular humanism or the facile belief that “nice people don’t butcher or seek to enslave others” won’t cut it against a rabid, unreasoning, uncompromising, to-the-death fanaticism.

There are visible clues about the antidote to illiberal, atavistic ideology of Islamic conquest all over London and the British isles. I refer to the ubiquitous beautiful churches and magnificent, sometimes centuries-old cathedrals. (Speaking of cathedrals, Salisbury Cathedral, which dates from the 13th century and houses Magna Carta, would be worth a visit even if Magna Carta were elsewhere.) The architectural majesty of these hallowed buildings puts to shame the uninspiring utilitarian structures of the modern era.

Britain’s grand and gorgeous Christian churches are monuments in stone to grand and enduring ideas. They remind us that, in spite of manifold sins and shortcomings on the part of fallible individual Christians, it has been Christian values and concepts that gave birth to our love of freedom, our respect for individual rights, the search for and discovery of the principles governing nature, and even our free market system, based as it essentially is on the Golden Rule whereby one profits to the extent of providing value to others. It was the genius of Christianity that taught us to live and let live, to tolerate others, to peacefully coexist in our economic and social lives even as we go our separate ways on the Sabbath to observe different religious traditions, or no tradition. These have been the happy and prosperous fruits of Christian culture. Many in our western societies, having achieved material abundance, have had less time for religion in recent decades. England’s churches, like the ones on the European continent and like many at home in the States, are largely empty. We have forgotten what made us what we are. Indeed, we have the right to abandon our cultural roots and forsake the teachings that lifted us above life that was nasty, brutish and short. I strongly suspect, though, that the cost of doing so will be great, and, conversely, that a return to our roots will strengthen us for the struggle ahead.

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  • UCSPanther

    Britain is a slave to a new type of "soft" totalitarianism: Political correctness.

    It is a type of totalitarianism that has dominated since the 1990s (and earlier), and has all but reduced many once-great western nations to pathetic mere shadows of their former selves, and severely compromised their ability to defend themselves by impairing their ability to see hard and uncomfortable truths that run contrary to their feel-good dogma…

    • Defcon 4

      It's not "soft" when people are being handcuffed and thrown in prison for criticising islam.

      • UCSPanther

        I'm just calling what I heard it called, with "soft" in quotations for obvious reasons.

        Political correctness may not be as openly belligerent towards those who refuse to toe the line like communists, but that intolerance of dissent is still there.

  • AdinaK

    The clarion calls re Londonistan were blared right after 9/11/01, by none other than the late Oriana Fallaci. In fact, 'The Rage & The Pride' was one such seminal work, but there were several others. In tandem, Eurabia, by Bat Ye'or, spelled it out.
    And anyone who has learned the lessons from 9/11/01, plus understands the tenets of Shariah Law, should not have been shocked by London's decapitation –

    The worst is yet to come.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • thomas_h

      You say: "The worst is yet to come."

      The worst that can happen is NOT more and bloodier terror followed by increasingly violent reaction against moslems, police and the government spiraling down to a civil war with all its horrors. The worst is that the British, in the name of tolerance and diversity, peacefully if grudgingly, accept the inevitability of the multiculti future and abandon their claim of being the master of their ancestral home.
      As far as I can see the worst is not "yet to come". The worst has already happened.

      • LedZeppelin

        No. The worst hasn't even gotten close to happening yet. But it will, if something isn't done.

    • BS77

      It was Melanie Phillips who wrote LONDONISTAN

  • Lionel Mandrake

    Two things Hendrickson says that bother me.

    First, he says the current climate of I guess he means “mistrust” is “horribly unfair to Moslems that have assemiated…”. Secondly, he says it is understandable that the government clamps down on “hate speech”.

    Oh really. “Horribly unfair” as opposed to what? Just straight up “unfair”? What is so “horrible” to the majority of Somalis, Nogerians, Afghans, Turkish, Moroccan, Algierian, Pakistani, and on and on Moslems living in the former nation known as “England”? THEY are in control apparently of virtually anything they want to do. These people KNOW the laws are insanely biased against white, Christian native Britons in a way the is paving the way for virtual enslavement of the majority population.

    About his concern about “hate speech”, shove it. We need hate speech or whatever you prep school misfits choose to call the TRUTH.

    Again, the late Lawrence Auster referred to the former great nation of England , now Englandistan as, the “Dead Isle”, and I believe the zombies hail from the prep schools to the shameless, do nothing Queen and her good-Ball son Charles whose ex-wife actually thought nothing about speeding wit Dodi-Al Fayed, a Mislem who must have relished with great delight that he was likely had he not died likely to score with the former princess of the “dead Isle” thereby according him access to the fringes of the royal family who as I said, don’t seem to care that they are by their silence greasing the skids for an Islamic UK.

    • Defcon 4

      Anyone who talks of "hate speech" WRT islam is an apologist or collaborator.


    Whats missing in all this rehtoric is the absence of the evil spiritual factor.

  • jacob

    And people still believe there are "MODERATE" Muslims …???
    Well, take a Muslim PhD and, if by some means you manage to peel off the varnish of illustration
    he must have gotten through his studies, rest assured you will find underneath the same ignorant,
    biased, prejudiced, superstitious specimen as the last of heir "Fellahin" because, as YOSHIRO SAGAMORI once wrote in the Jerusalem Post….
    Add to it the Koran's advice to the faithful, to deny their religion whenever inconvenient or outright
    dangerous, and there is your answer without the burden of digging too deep….
    And I dare any Muslim or liberal to prove this statement wrong

    • Defcon 4

      The people who are still plying the "moderate" muslime meme can't be naive about the true nature of islam at this late stage in the game. Therefore they must be collaborators.

      • pagegl

        Moderate Muslims are playing a form of Pascal's Gamble.

  • Rostislav

    After I've read that the accused Fort Hood jihadist was lawfully paid $278,000 of your taxpayers' money during the seemingly endless process of awaiting trial, while the numerous victims of his "work disturbance" got practically nothing, I am sure that it would be more correct to rename this article: Londonistan is just a tiny part of the World's Victorious Islamization. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    • Raymond in DC

      We're also paying for his medical care, and I suspect we're paying for his legal defense too.

      • Leah

        Don't suspect. We are…

  • SwampFox

    Islam preaches submission and in the teachings wish to subjugate the infidels to the word of Allah. Islam is filling the religious void in England created by their atheist religion of secularism and rejection of their Christian past.

  • Fiona

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    King James Version (KJV)
    14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    Ephesians 6:10-18
    King James Version (KJV)
    10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
    11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
    14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;
    15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
    16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
    17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:
    18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

  • Joe K.

    Looks like Darwinism, abortion, feminism (the women are like men and the men like women), gay rights, and rejecting Christianity have not worked too well for Britain.

  • Defcon 4

    "The current situation is horribly unfair to Muslims who have assimilated into western culture and share our belief in religious tolerance and the separation of church and state.." It's no wonder the islamo-nazis are taking over the world…

  • Jim_C

    "Somehow, I doubt that secular humanism or the facile belief that “nice people don’t butcher or seek to enslave others” won’t cut it against a rabid, unreasoning, uncompromising, to-the-death fanaticism."

    There is absolutely no reason to think secular humanism won't cut it. It is not one and the same as moral relativism.Think on Englishmen like Hitchens and Dawkins who have taken impressively bold stances against religious totalitarianism and Islamism in particular. But these are men who knew their history and the roots of their own thinking. All one needs is an understanding of what the Enlightenment wrought.

    • Mary Sue

      while Secular Humanism is preferable to believing in violent armed Jihad, it's hard to convince extremists that the Higher Power doesn't exist (let alone that they could probably be following the wrong one). Logic doesn't really work on them so good.

      Occasionally you get people that come out of it like a "recovering Catholic" but at least the Catholics don't try to honor-kill recovering Catholics. It's kind of hard to convince people to stand up for their unbelief in Islam when doing so INSTANTLY makes them a target.

    • Anonymous

      Tch, tch, tch…Haven't you heard? The so-called trinity of "New Atheists" (Sam Harris, Dawkins, and the late Hitchens) are now castigated by the politically correct as racist Islamophobes. There have been allegations that anti-Islam rants are akin to eugenicists' hatred of blacks in the 19 century. And the most damning indictment is that they're "neo-cons." So, you might have to first convince your fellow Leftists about the value of "the Enlightenment" prior to moving on to convince Muslim fanatics…

    • Jim_C

      THE POINT: You don't need to have a "matching faith" to stand against this cult. You need a belief in the the benefits of Western Civilization. Minus 8 points for that???

  • Anonymous

    "Separation of church and state"?? That is an American concept. The Queen of England is the titular head of the Church of England (Anglican). Anglicanism is the state religion (although in today's secular world it is virtually meaningless — other than Royalty can't marry Catholics; although they could probably marry a Muslim and it would be smiled upon). With respect to Free Speech — for all intents and purposes Free Speech exists for Muslims and other immigrants, but not for the natives. The Public Order Act of 1986 is differentially enforced. Another disturbing development, btw, is an erosion of Press Freedoms (through proposed govt oversight commissions). Freedom is definitely on the wane in the UK.

  • LindaRivera

    I am absolutely astonished by Hendrickson stating: "mistrust" is "horribly unfair to Moslems that have assimilated.."

    What is horribly unfair is the many THOUSANDS of Muslim violent gang-rapes and forced prostitution of defenseless British children by Muslim MONSTERS.

    What is horribly unfair is that Brits and Europeans are FORCED to live in fear from Muslims. London and many cities have massive numbers of Muslim immigrants and indigenous Brits have had to flee for safety from their OWN cities including their own capital city of London. A horrible crime against our people perpetrated by our wicked leaders who have given away Britain and Europe to totalitarian Islam.

    British and European leaders have colonized our countries with many millions of Muslims – population replacement-ethnic cleansing of our people. We will soon be minorities in our own countries. Muslim conquest by demographics engineered by our TRAITOR leaders who have sold their souls and sold out our countries to global Islam.

    What Muslims could NEVER accomplish by a MILITARY INVASION of Britain and Europe, our TRAITOR leaders have successfully accomplished by massive Muslim colonization in order for Muslims to OBEY commands in the Quran and mosques to conquer us via sheer numbers.

    In Britain, join Liberty GB! Paul Weston would make a wonderful Prime Minister!

    Watch the powerful video and please pass it on!

    Paul Weston on the Woolwich Killing, Islam and the State of Modern Britain

    • Americano

      Very well said!

  • reflecting 2a

    Follow the money..follow the money… follow the money!!! How much of the Queen's money is invested in cheap labor Muslim countries? How much is in middle eastern oil stocks? Screw you peasants. More people die in auto accidents than by Islamists. Get over it.

  • Tina Trenner

    You cannot feel sorry for the people of Europe….They continue to follow the same Kings, Queens, communist and loons as they have for centuries..You do not see them standing up..So they opened their door and said " Come on in " and the Muslims from around the world have arrived in droves….Its just a matter of time…like Norway's last Jews are leaving in fear, so too will the last Brit….. The law of the jungle always applies to humans…Only the strong survive …and Europeans have not been too tough with out the help of America for a very long time… Maybe Putin will ride too their rescue…Even if he does they will still be stupid socialists and never see the light. Americans are being intimidated now…the word police are in full gear here….

  • Infovoyeur

    Why has nobody commented, that Henderson's main "solution" or response, seems (to me), naively impossibly inadequate, impotent?… He seems to feel that the values of Christianity, will be a weapon against evil. But how? A religion of Love and turning the other cheek, is doomed against near-100% savage-barbaric totalitarianism. Then I read the Bible quotations from a commenter above, and was more scared; it was like, only "withstand the evil," deflect its darts from your shield, stand firm. BUT best defense is offence, there will be No Peace Place to stand, against a system whose triumph would (as someone said recently), "turn the world into a cemetery."

    Unless I mistake, and very possible, has nobody else noticed the deflated collapse of H.'s proposed solution in the last part of his essay?

  • Americano

    It is obvious that political correctness has been the ruiniation of many a Western society. Since when should an entire culture rearrange itself to suit one group? The people of Great Britain need to stand up and take to the streets. Demand that your government get off its butt and do its job.
    If Muslims can't or won't assimilate, deport them. Why should everyone else have to be terrorized because their leaders have no ba**s?

  • Brian Richard Allen

    …. It’s easy to see why some wag correctly called it Londonistan ….

    "Some Wag" is the simply brilliant Melanie Phillips' and Londonistan's the title of her essential-reading book: —

    …. The tension and mutual mistrust are palpable. It feels like London is under siege ….

    London is no longer "under siege — it's already lost.

    …. The mosque seems like a beachhead of an invading force ….

    Close again — but no Ascension of Baha'u'llah Box for you this year! The mosque is the shopfront of the colonial power.

  • Philip Smeeton

    This article is naive and sentimental and the author proposes unrealistic solutions.
    «The View from Londonistan».
    «In a land that values free speech, there are proposals to censor jihadist websites and suppress hate speech–understandable and in many ways justifiable–but such suggestions are accompanied by the nagging feelings that enforcing such objectives could lead to abuses and that driving jihadists underground
    may not be sufficient to prevent future guerrilla attacks».

    So these Islamists are irregular freedom fighters, fighting for a just cause?

    «The current situation is horribly unfair to Muslims who have assimilated into western culture and share our belief in religious tolerance and the separation of church and state,».

    Here he perpetuates the myth that Islam allows moderation.

    This is not really a religious conflict and certainly not a civil war, it is a war of conquest by foreigners that have gained access to our country by subterfuge. The assumption that Islam can be assimilated is also a myth.
    The authors solution is that Christian architecture will defeat Islam. No way, they convert churches into mosques and it ignores the fact that Christians in Muslim countries are murdered or persecuted and driven into exile.
    Christianity is not equipped to deal with Islam and we gained our secular freedoms and code of ethics in spite of Christianity, not because of it as the author maintains.
    Turn the other cheek to a Muslim and he will cut it off.
    Our roots are the human spirit and if anything can save us from Islam it will be our willingness to resist it and our determination to utterly defeat it.

    • Western Spirit
  • Western Spirit

    Christian nations turned back Hitler didn't they? And Christian nations could turn back another totalitarian power as well. IF Christians in these nations really believed in Christianity anymore.

    A Christian nation that has lost his salt and is no longer a Christian nation except in name only is what the West has become. We've been taken over by unbelief because of the Atheistic Left that has a kinship with Islam in that they are both totalitarians.

    Consequently the foolishness of Political Correctness is our guide now instead of the wisdom of the Bible in these so called Christian nations of the West. And that's the problem in stemming Islam, Christianity is certainly NOT the problem. Nature abhors a vacuum and Islam is opportunistically filling the vacuum of religion in Europe and here.

    The left has a lot to answer for and will be repaid in full when Christianity is completely defeated and Islam fills the religion vacuum. But unfortunately so will we all.

  • LindaRivera

    Patriotic people in England are doing what they can. When patriotic Brits merely attend a patriotic event, not even a protest or anything, they are verbally insulted and physically attacked by the UAF, communists and Muslims. This also includes trying to stop people paying their respects to the British soldier barbarically murdered in the streets of London by Muslims. I am posting the following from Casuals United. They are a wonderful group and give good advice in the following post!

    ← #Cardiff Jihadi arrested #maindy #cardiff #leerigby

    Commies out and about trying to stop people paying their respects in Manchester #edl #leerigby →
    Commies reduced to making up their own material and failing badly #edl #woolwich

    Posted on May 31, 2013by casualsunited

    The scum of the left aren’t getting as many screenshots these days, as people wise up and tighten their security on facebook. Many of us have removed people from friends who cannot be bothered to ensure their accounts are troll free and we routinely block Commies and have told people not to argue with trolls as its what they live for.

    Without us going into their rooms and arguing with them, they are reduced to pointless chats and abuse, which we don’t even bother reading any more. It makes what they do pointless. The whole point of left wing trolls is to waste your time, try and affect your morale with endless childish insults, divert you from what you should be doing, ie fighting for our cause, protesting and spreading the word, and to get you angry so you threaten them and they can then screenshot what you said and try to get you arrested.

    When you go in their arguing with them you also expose yourself to them so they can report you for things you said and try to get you banned. Don’t read the pathetic s… they write, and go into their groups only to block the twats. Thats the way forward.

    This is working to such an extent that they are now reduced to making up their own material, and are doing a half baked job of it. On Twitter, where we used to argue with them, we now just wait till they message us, then block and report for spam. You see them desperately putting out insults, screaming out for a reply and we just ignore them and carry on spreading our word. Its great being us…

    …An epic Commie fail all round. Remember people, don’t argue with them, just block them. If we ignore them they absolutely hate it. We aren’t here to entertain the mentally ill. Leave them jabber pointlessly among themselves. Idiots

    As long as Brits take breath, they will NEVER give up their fight for freedom!

  • LindaRivera

    Regarding the UAF I mentioned in my previous comment, and British Prime Minister, Cameron:

    David Cameron backed organisation had Woolwich suspect as speaker

    By Richard Milnes
    Jun 1, 2013

    Video evidence has been discovered that links the British Prime Minister to Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo. Digital Journal is believed to be the first media outlet to break this story.

    UAF backed by David Cameron

    The British Prime Minister, David Cameron is a founding signatory of the far-left, extremist Unite Against Fascism (UAF) organisation, which has previously attacked political opponents with darts and clawhammers and has been involved in many violent confrontations with the British police.

    As previously reported by Digital Journal, the UAF is believed to be a front group for the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and has high-ranking SWP members as officers including Weyman Bennett and formerly Martin Smith (known as Comrade Delta in the alleged rape scandal). UAF also has a Muslim extremist, Azad Ali as vice-chair.

    Woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo was speaker at UAF Harrow rally

    In the video footage, Michael Adebolajo, can be seen whipping up a largely young Muslim crowd attending a UAF demonstration outside Harrow mosque on the eighth anniversary of 9/11 before they violently attacked the British police. The purple banners of UAF can clearly be seen at the demonstration.
    Michael Adebolajo the suspect in the murder of Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby speaking at a UAF dem…

    Michael Adebolajo, the 'suspect' in the murder of Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby, speaking at a UAF demonstration in Harrow. The purple banner of the far-left, anti-English UAF (which is supported by British Prime Minister David Cameron) can be seen in the very left of the photo.

    Due to the levels of violence and intimidation by the Cameron backed UAF, the British police caved in and cancelled a peaceful demonstration by an organisation called Stop the Islamification of Europe (SIOE) in case the UAF savages killed a police officer.

    The leader of the mosque described UAF as “very irresponsible”.

    Why did David Cameron support UAF demo with Michael Adebolajo calling n…

    Harrow Mosque Clashes 11/09/09

    Another attempt to confront anti-islam protesters

  • LindaRivera

    I spent a long time on a comment I just made and got: Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly.

    In case frontpage don't publish my factual comment, I hope they will at least email me my comment so my time won't be in vain!

  • LindaRivera

    This is NOT my comment that is still waiting for approval.

    DAILY MAIL: Labour leader Ed Miliband today joined celebrities and thousands of others in signing a letter to a newspaper in protest at far-right groups using the death of Drummer Rigby for their own agenda.

    In the letter to the editor of the Daily Mirror, they wrote: 'The EDL and Islamic extremists are more similar to each other than to us. They share a violent, hate-fuelled desire for conflict and war, and we will not let either group tear our country apart.

    'We condemn the shameful rise in anti-Muslim violence since Drummer Rigby's killing. The fair-minded majority of Britons understand that a community cannot be blamed for the actions of just two. We know that the EDL does not speak for all Britain, just as we know that Muslim extremists do not speak for all Muslims.'…

    What anti-Muslim violence? Someone dropped a piece of bacon outside a mosque? The 85 yr old British woman who was hearbroken over the barbaric murder of the young British soldier who was barbarically murdered and shouted outside a mosque and was arrested and handcuffed?

    There has been Muslim violence against non-Muslims that was covered up!

    Labor leader Ed Miliband perpetrates a despicable and utterly EVIL character assassination of the PEACEFUL, patriotic EDL (English Defence League), comparing the EDL to Muslim extremists. What a profoundly evil man.

    The Daily Mail are not allowing comments on their article.

    I LOVE the EDL ! I wish I could have joined in one of their Freedom Walks! As long as Brits draw breath, they will never give up the fight for freedom. NEVER!

    I am forever grateful to my HEROES, the EDL, CARING human rights activists, who are viciously persecuted by ruling elites for holding street demos for the many thousands of terrorized, defenseless British children who for over 20 years have been violently gang-raped and forced into prostitution and sexual enslavement by Muslim monsters.

    You can imagine how much this means to the young girls-children, that there are people who care about them. The children begged for help from the police and were ignored. GOD HELP BRITAIN'S CHILDREN!

    God bless and protect you, EDL! You are angels!

  • LindaRivera

    I spent a long time on the comment I made some hours ago and got: Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly.

    In case frontpage don't publish my factual comment, I hope they will at least email me my comment so all that time I spent won't be thrown away.

    And explain why my completely true and factual comment has not been posted.

  • Ellman

    "…but the insurmountable problem is: How are we non-Muslims to know which Muslims are ticking time bomb waiting to explode?"

    The Islamic savage who killed Mr. Rigby was known to authorities as a potential "time bomb" but their political correctness and fear of being labelled 'Islamophobic' made them discount the information they had. The point being that often the authorities do have sufficient information about potential barbaric acts but their culture insists that they ignore the information they have in order not to "offend" Muslims. You see "offending" Muslims in the UK and elsewhere, is a greater concern than that a Muslim might murder an innocent non-Muslim, destroying not only one life, but the lives of hundreds and thousands as well.

  • mrschristian

    As referring to christianity as being the roots of our western culture that is true we need to get back to the good old blessed Bible, to find out what the Words says to us in these last days, befor the return of Jesus, but I must say that it was the protestant reformers who were the pioneers of religious freedom, as befor the reformation lead by Martin Luther, the whole of Europe was living in the darkness of Roman Catholicism, wich stifled free speach and thought, where the average person was nothing more then a slave to the papasy so yes the buildings are magnificant but they don’t really represent religious freedom that was won on the bodies of the millions of Bible believers who were marytered simply for owning and living buy the bible, and not acknowledging the pope’s authority over the church on Earth, the papcy wasn’t the leader in the fight for human rights, in fact they faught tooth and nail to prevent it. over the course of 605 years 50 million christians and others died for refusing to bow to Rome. today the papacy still has inquisition on their books and would still be burning and beheading people for “Heresy if they could. their docterines haven’t changed, check out what are the docterines of the Pope, what does he really believe. also the video “Torture tools of the inquisition” very eye opening.