Bob Beckel: The Worst Person in the World

bob-beckelThough no one remembers him or his show anymore, former MSNBC attack dog Keith Olbermann used to have a segment on Countdown with Keith Olbermann called “The Worst Person in the World,” a label he awarded to figures like his Fox News nemesis Bill O’Reilly or such formidable political threats as then-teenager Bristol Palin. It’s time we resurrect that label and award it this week to Bob Beckel.

Beckel is the left-leaning co-host for the Fox News show The Five. He’s easy to recognize among the other four personalities on that show: he’s the one in suspenders whose mumbling becomes clearly understood only when he accidentally drops F-bombs on-air.

On last Friday’s show, the five hosts discussed fellow Fox pundit Bill O’Reilly’s recent, somewhat controversial commentary on race, in which he stated that the black community has to abandon a culture of grievance and victimization, and address its own problems, including crime. Beckel grumbled that the white “O’Reilly doesn’t know what he’s talking about” and claimed that he was stereotyping all black Americans as “thugs.” The other hosts disputed this interpretation, and co-host Greg Gutfeld countered with statistics on black crime, which are wildly disproportionate to the size of the black population. “Numbers aren’t racist,” Gutfeld concluded. “Facts can’t be racist.”

Beckel fired back irrelevantly that “blacks don’t just live in Harlem. There are blacks all across this country.” Nobody said otherwise, Bob; no one said all blacks were inner city criminals. Beckel’s straw man attack is typical of the left’s kneejerk response to inconvenient truths on race; they regard any suggestion that blacks bear any responsibility for their own issues or for racial tensions as a sweeping, racist smear of all blacks. That’s why discussions of race in America never get past the starting gate – no criticism of blacks allowed.

Eric Holder despicably called Americans cowards on the issue of race, but the cowards are the ones like Holder and Beckel, who don’t want a truthful discussion. They don’t want to talk about black racism (in fact, notice how they have successfully defined “racism” to mean “white racism”?). They don’t want to talk about the fact that blacks aren’t being massacred by whites but by other blacks. They don’t want to talk about instances of horrific black-on-white violence far more shocking than the Zimmerman case. They don’t want to talk about black gangs and a “gangsta” culture glamorized by the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. They don’t want to talk about the New Black Panther Party emboldened under the protection of Holder. They don’t want to talk about the fact that racial division is nearing an historical peak under the Great Racial Healer, Barack Obama. They don’t want a discussion at all. The race-obsessed left just wants whites to sign up for white privilege workshops and offer reparations.

Beckel writes a weekly column for USA Today with conservative counterpart Cal Thomas. In their most recent offering last week about the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict, Beckel kept roiling the waters of racial discontent, claiming that the “emotions” unleashed in sometimes violent demonstrations across the country were indicative of “familiar issues that continue to be ignored”:

The anger in the black community was less about an awful verdict and Florida’s barbaric ‘stand your ground’ law than it was about the indiscriminate stopping and searching of blacks by police without cause, and subtle things like locking car doors when a black man crosses a street, or following black shoppers. There are many more examples.

“Barbaric”? Perhaps Beckel is unaware that Stand Your Ground laws – which were not applicable in the Zimmerman case and were not even used by his defense team – benefit blacks more than any other race. Stand Your Ground is not about, as the race-baiting left would have us believe, the right of white vigilantes to hunt down black children.

As for “subtle things,” apparently Beckel won’t be happy until women prove they are racism-free by flinging their car doors open wide when a strange black man approaches. Of course, it’s still okay to lock them when strange whites approach.

Beckel went on in the co-editorial to defend President Obama’s “the jury acted stupidly” statement on race, calling it “excellent”: “What the president was trying to tell whites and other races is that despite enormous advances in civil rights, an undercurrent of racism still leads to the targeting of too many black men.” Cal Thomas countered with an heretical notion that the left simply cannot entertain, which is that “[t]he problems in the black community aren’t mainly caused by racism.” He listed the out-of-wedlock birth rate among black women, the astronomical figures on the abortion of black babies, and Democratic politicians who keep poor black children bound to failed schools.

“[B]ut there is hidden racism that blacks experience and whites don’t understand,” Beckel whined. “That’s what propelled last weekend’s protests as much as the killing of Trayvon Martin.” Thank goodness we have a white man like Beckel, who dismissed O’Reilly’s opinion on race precisely because he is a white man, to be the voice of Black America. He is absolutely right about one thing: “Race relations have come a long way, but those who believe racism is behind us are living an illusion.” Racism will never disappear entirely, Bob, but you know what will make it fade by and large into insignificance? Stop fanning the flames of racial anger and mistrust.

Another Democrat Fox commentator, Kirsten Powers, has shown signs lately of coming to her senses and choosing the right side of issues. Is there hope for Beckel? It looks promising. A week ago he actually warned New York’s tirelessly totalitarian Mayor Michael Bloomberg to “mind his own business.” Beckel recently acquired a reputation among his fellow progressives as an “Islamophobe” for a few comments that the supposedly tolerant left couldn’t tolerate, about ending Muslim immigration here and in Europe. And he sharply criticized the White House over the NSA scandal, saying it was “one of the most outrageous examples of the stepping on the Constitution I’ve heard,” and that it verged on “fascism.”

So perhaps Bob Beckel is not beyond redemption. But for now, for aiding and abetting the race grievance industry in this country after the Zimmerman verdict, he is “The Worst Person in the World.”

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  • camp7

    Beckel is a career whore. He understands the political disparity and still projects false assumptions to promulgate racial discontent for personal gain. Despite your girth, you are transparent and a discredit to suspender users near and abroad. pffft.

    • nimbii

      Hi camp7,
      Beckel became famous for contacting individual electors from the Florida Electoral College to see if any would change their vote after the 2000 election. He said something to the effect of “I was just doing some research and suddenly my life was threatened!!!”

  • FrontPgSubscr

    This thing just WON’T GO AWAY!!!! Bob Beckel is nothing more
    than a buffoon, and a clown, for our “late night comedies”. Thus
    his use of ‘colorful language’ hardly offends, but just furthers this
    riot!! You use a ‘word’ around here and you’re out!!

    I mean everything I say and have NO intention of being referred to
    as any kind of laughing stock’! There’s something out there called
    a double standard, which is not always applied when things really
    ‘go down’ … . Since we’re so pitifully impotent (or are we all really
    enablers??) regarding acts of marginalizing and bullying (that’s
    swallowing a camel), we become instant language cops every time,
    in “our vernacular”, some especially nasty forbidden (& threatening
    -to who?? you??) word comes up, regardless of its context (that’s
    straining out a gnat)!!!

  • Paula-LiveFreeorDie

    While the article may aptly describe Beckel’s response to racism in the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict on Friday’s The Five, I hardly believe he is deserving of the
    title “Worst Person in the World”! You prove my point by stating Beckel’s recent ideological metamorphosis on Islam, Bloomberg and the NSA .Is he still a bleeding-heart liberal? Perhaps. Is he The Worst Person in the World? I think not. You must really have been searching for a topic to have come up with this! I have come to expect better from Front Page.

    • hpe reader

      Giving Beckel any kind of recognition is the mystery. He only stands out as an example of the fact that “anyone” can make it in today’s media world. Look at Al Sharpton. Has anyone ever seen the film, “Network”? Jeez!!!

    • CurmudJohn

      Fowler’s A Dictionary of Modern English Usage says:

      Irony is a form of utterance that postulates a double audience, consisting of one party that hearing shall hear & shall not understand, & another party that, when more is meant than meets the ear, is aware both of that more & of the outsiders’ incomprehension.

      Hat tip to Wikipedia:

      • Paula-LiveFreeorDie

        Not lost on me. Still, I do expect more from Front Page, especially from the lead article.

  • wildjew

    Too bad we don’t have a Dr. Ben Carson or an Alan Keyes in the White House. Too bad American Blacks do not have someone they can truly look up to. Has Barack Obama done lasting damage to the American Blacks who, like American Jews, largely support him? For me, Obama has been a nightmare.

    • Major

      And both groups share a common trait….tribal mentality is unity…above all else.

      • wildjew

        I don’t agree with you. Have you read the Bible; the “Old Testament?” Where do you see that kind of self-criticism and truth-telling in today’s African American community, with one or two, maybe three exceptions?

        • Major

          Their “truth” telling is no more than “mea culpa’s” and apologizing for their success? While sending their kids off to the best schools because of superior GPA’s, work ethics and a tremendous legacy of success….they somehow feel they “elevate” those that don’t have those records of success by pitying them? They wallow in the dirt that has become the party of entitlement?

      • Ron Lewenberg

        Tribal mentality for leftist Jews? They have a tribe and it isn’t Jews. They would be revolted by the very idea of a Jewish interest. They are universalist oikophobes who like lox, and vote like Unitarians.

        • EarlyBird

          No, Ron. He was talking about right wing Jews.

          • Ron Lewenberg

            Right wing JEws didn’t vote for Obama. Major fail.

          • EarlyBird

            But they sure have a tribal mentality.

          • Ron Lewenberg

            What do you mean by that?

          • EarlyBird

            Right wing Jews have a tribal mentality. That’s what I mean.

          • Ron Lewenberg

            If we don’t vote with left wing Jews and tend to vote like other white Americans, how do we express a tribal mentality?

          • EarlyBird

            Ron, I refer often in this space to Israel Firsters. These are right wing American Jews who put the interest of Israel ahead of the US, which I find despicable. AIPAC jumps to mind. I am referring to right wing Jews who slander anybody who honestly and in good faith criticises Israeli policy as “anti-Semites.” What they put Hagel through, as one example, is apalling. I worked for a fourth generation Jewish American man who told me that if in some bizarre future where the US and Israel went to war with each he would “fight for Israel in a heart beat.” This is the tribal mentality I’m speaking of. Not that it keeps me awake at night.

          • Bulldog

            I’ve hated the jews ever since they murdered 34 American service men on the USS Liberty and seriously injured 174 during the six day war. The US should have nuked them, but no. Who cares about service men.

          • daffy duck


    • sybarite123

      I first heard of Alan Keyes on You Tube. He flatly said that Obama was a Communist. And I thought Alan was way ‘over the top’. I also heard Alan debate Obama in the Illinois Senate Race. Dr. Carson is much better known. However, neither man will be accepted by the Black Community. Alan is too Catholic; Carson is considered part of the Establishment. Maybe, if Herman Cain can reform himself, maybe Herman is our “Last, Best Chance”(to quote Kennedy In his Inaugural Address) to lead All Americans back to the promised land of Unity[E Pluribus Unum]. A retired Catholic priest in Canada.

  • montbrun

    I firmly believe Obama’s handlers should get him to refrain from opining on the
    everyday issues, as he invariably gets the “Hood in Mouth” disease with his
    statements and gives more ammunition to us his enemies….
    It is not enough his apologizing to the Muslim world at the Cairo conference in
    the beginning of his first term for American “misdeeds” to the Muslim world;
    it wasn’t enough his claim of Americans being indebted to Muslims for their
    independence; it wasn’t enough his chastising the Cambridge police for the
    handling of his Harvard ex-professor, to end up abjectly back pedaling and
    even inviting the officer for beer at the White House garden; nor enough his
    opinion about the TRYVON issues and now dismissing the scandals as
    mere inventions…..
    Definitely, I firmly believe Carter’s mandate will look as “delights of the human
    species” compared to Obama’s

    • hpe reader

      Mont, it is becoming obvious that Obama’s intentions during his bowing tour of the MidEast at the beginning of his first term, was to give the Islamic leaders a wink and nod that he was going to “change” the world into a Muslim entity. Where he messed up was in thinking that thy would be patient and willing to let it happen through a legal process.
      Obama gave the green light for the Arab Spring and made sure his man was elected in Egypt. He just didn’t understand that democracy must exist between a man’s ears. Now, he’s like a lion tamer in the cage without a whip or chair, hoping they don’t eat him.
      Gulp! (You figure it out, was that his gulp of fear, or the lion’s swallow? lol)

      • EarlyBird

        “…it is becoming obvious that Obama’s intentions during his bowing tour of the MidEast at the beginning of his first term, was to give the Islamic leaders a wink and nod …”

        Yeah. Remember this part, where he was basically saying, “let’s take over America and implement Sharia”?

        “We will, however, relentlessly confront violent extremists who pose a grave threat to our security — because we reject the same thing that people of all faiths reject: the killing of innocent men, women, and children. And it is my first duty as President to protect the American people.”

        • Buck Roeser

          I guess, since Obama is so determined to “fight them in the trenches,” as your quote seems to assert, he’s going to officially declare Nidal a terrorist who committed a terrorist act on US soil, and drop his assertions that Nidal was simply committing “work place violence?” No? Because, as a muslim, Obama recognizes that Nidal did not kill any innocent men or women–infidels are not “innocents.”

          • EarlyBird

            Buck, I am bewildered that he’s not calling Nidal’s act what it is, Islamist terrorism. I was just mentioning that to my wife this morning.

            I think it’s because Obama wants to get away from the War on Terror approach rhetorically and institutionally, and move into a police approach, given that policing and surveillance have been our best defense against the jihadists since 9/11. There could be a whole slew of reasons he doesn’t want to call it “Islamist terror,” and I recall he seemed reluctant to call the Boston bombing “Islamist terror.”

            Right or wrong, there is a strategic messaging behind it, nothing nefarious.

            And this, frankly, is idiotic, irresponsible, baseless and bad for America:

            “Because, as a muslim, Obama recognizes that Nidal did not kill any innocent men or women–infidels are not “innocents.”‘

    • EarlyBird

      Your characterization of his Cairo speech is entirely incorrect and factually incorrect.

      I agree, however, that Obama talks too much about smallish current events, and I wish he wouldn’t so much.

  • Dragonsbreath

    You have effectively supported your premise that Beckel qualifies for worst person in the world in the Olbermann Tradition. Kirsten Powers does seem to be coming to her senses, here and there, which is encouraging. Beckel is the main reason I don’t watch The Five, except for stopping by occasionally to confirm it is as lame as ever.

    • hpe reader

      I’ve been noticing that Powers can’t toe the liberal line with a straight face. That is the difference between her and the other liberals on the Fox team. Beckel and Juan Williams will stand by Obama until we are all dead and gone. Williams will agree with what O’reiley says, in principle, but not in specifics when it would criticize Obama. Psychiatrists should be having a field day watching this.

      • Jode17

        Juan Williams agreed with O’Reilly!

        • hpe reader

          Yes, he did agree on that segment. But he still claims that the Trayvon case was all about racial profiling. It was profiling for sure, but racial? How can a man who is technically as non-white as Obama himself be accused of being a racist? yet Williams still clings to that, and any other “racial” issue that comes along. O’Reilly is only saying the obvious; the Black urban culture is a failed way of life. Williams agrees but gets his feather all ruffled when O’reilly gets into the specifics. It’s the same problem that 90% of Blacks have and that is, they are ashamed of being Black. Otherwise, why would they allow someone to define them with a word? If you are white, then let me ask you, Is there any term that identifies you as a white person that offends you? If so, then you feel guilt about being white just the same as Blacks who are offended by being called a name that identifies them as Back. Oh my, this is way off the subject. Just keep an eye on Williams and you will soon see that he has very thin skin. When O’Reilly brings up the nittiy gritty, Williams will buck, I guarantee.

          • Major

            So then…the old bromide “i’m black and I’m proud” is an utter moronic statement. If they were…they’d resolve their criminality and have something to be proud of. It’s like when Chris Rock points out that blacks want to be given credit for working or parenting…his response is…YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO do that.

          • hpe reader

            Bull’s eye!! I agree with you, Major.

    • digger

      Beckel is paid to be the foil. Gutfeld and Tantaros seem to make the most sense of the bunch….Others, meh

      • BS77

        What I like about The Five….are the short skirts and heels on the babes….

  • RedStateVet

    Beckel epitomizes the Lemming Left. His blind adherence to administration talking points, and his absolute defense of leftist ideology shows us the depth of progressive duplicity. They have no concern for the American people, for them it is power at any price.

  • sanna smith

    too bad

    _______________________________ review

  • RAS

    If you need a stereotype Liberal Democrat Beckel is it. Any discussion that threatens, even remotely, the Democrat Party, its leaders, policies, or survival will launch a Bob Beckel type.
    Reasoned debate is out of the question. So when the inference is made,
    no matter how well anchored in fact, that Obama or his party has taken a stupid
    or harmful position the Beckel’s launch.
    Having spent my early years in the inter-city and experienced racial
    divide and violence first hand, and having personally closed this divide, I can honestly say that the current crop of race baiters, guilt-ridden lily whites, the
    Democrat Party, and this administration have done more to pry open the divide and inflame racism then one can imagine.

  • Jeepster

    Beckel’s job exist to pull your chain. He knows it. Fox’s knows it. That why they keep him on. He’ there to stur the pot. He’s a harmless old fart. The worst person in the world? Not! That title belongs to the worst president ever, Obama!

    • mikeh420

      He’s just the latest version of an Alan Colmes, a Token Lefty.

    • Sunny N

      LOL …. I could not have said it better. He knows just what to say to get everyone going. It would be a tad boring if everyone agreed. :) And…. I often wonder if he actually believes everything he says on the show.. I have my suspicions…..

    • Alienated

      Unfortunately, Beckel’s few remaining neurons – those not pickled by booze and drugs – allow him to slur Republicans & conservatives with foul mouthed abandon. He’s kept on by Ailes for several reasons: (i) it allows FNC to appear party-neutral as they are the only channel which gives the opposing side a voice in political discussions; and (ii) hiring ugly slugs such as Alan Colmes or Bud Beckel turns off even fervent Progressives.

  • hpe reader

    How the hell did Beckle get a forum, and why? He is the nearest to nothing of anyone on the airways. And everything he says is usually devoid of logic. For example, he claims some unknown racism against blacks exists and that we should do something about it, yet he says that all muslims should be judged with a blanket indictment. Which is it, Bob?
    Again, where did this nothing come from and why is he still here?

  • Clare Spark

    Beckel is your typical Democratic pol. He acts under orders. I wrote about the O’Reilly riff here: “O’Reilly’s riff on race relations.” The comments on the blog are extremely interesting. As for Beckel, the other four do their best to maintain a façade of comity, but he is obviously there as the voice of “balance.”

  • onecornpone

    To maintain his cushy gig at Fox (probably the best job he ever had), Beckel will play any “part” they ask of him… just as so many of the rest of their stable of pundits do.

    I quit watching FNC shortly after the 2008 election, when I realized they were telling us what they thought we wanted to hear rather than the FACTS. If Fox was truly effective, Clown Prince Alinsky would have never won a second term.

  • Maryann

    Just have to comment. I agree with the article and other comments. If Beckel is so wonderful with his political past, how come they are not using him in the Obama admin? Obama and the likes of Beckel I feel, have made this country more devisive !!! Maryann

  • real-con

    During the 2012 presidential campaign, Beckel called Jewish donors to Mitt Romney, “diamond merchants.”


    By now, Beckel is probably a near conservative in most things but is being paid to be.. A lifetime of wrong thinking is hard to overcome. a liberal

  • dolly

    I stopped listening to bob when I (honest to God) heard him say that we should all ‘get over’ 9 1 1′ – I couldn’t believe my ears.

  • Moliminous

    “Facts are stubborn things.” (John Adams) Why is it that only “whites” are racist? Remember, the cost of maintaining an army (in this case, the race-baiting industry) is the cost of maintaining an enemy. The one tool that Sharpton never uses is the mirror. If anyone is stuck at 12-years-old, it’s he.

  • megapotamus

    Beckel is a pig. And a particularly nasty breed.

    • Major

      Just like the scum he defends and associates with. You can’t keep clean when you wallow in the mud and vermin that is the demcritter party,

  • George Ford

    “Beckel’s straw man attack is typical of the left’s kneejerk response to inconvenient truths on race; they regard any suggestion that blacks bear any responsibility for their own issues or for racial tensions as a sweeping, racist smear of all blacks.”

    I’d like to offer a counter explanation. The Left doesn’t regard suggestions about self-responsibility as being racist. When they say the right is racist, they are not voicing moral outrage. They know the stats. They know about black-on-black violence. And they simply do not care. They regard any realistic discussion of blacks as Reactionary, not racist. “Racism” is just a political tag they pin on their opponents. Just as Stalin called his enemies “fascists.” The term “racist” can’t be taken literally. The truth is that anyone who suggests that the Left should allow blacks to live freely is a political enemy, and “racist” is the current moniker. The Left are authoritarians, and blacks are their servile puppets. Anyone who tries to get between the Left and blacks is demonized. The parallels with Democrats of an earlier age are obvious. The attitude is: these are our people, they need us, they work for us, they are helpless, and if you start talking freedom around them, you will destroy their unique culture.

    That’s why Beckel always goes back to his work in the 1960s. What he is saying is: I’m a “liberal” and I deserve to own this issue, and anyone who threatens my status is my enemy.

  • Judy Wood

    Aren’t you being a little hard on Bob. He most times makes an attempt to find common ground on topics . But I think he truly believes that inequality exists and so do I. Being born with the opportunities I had, I cannot imagine living in poverty or being afraid to walk my neighborhood after dark or fearing being stopped by local police based on the color of my skin. Things may be better, but we all have to work at making things acceptable.

    • Major

      After 50 years, AA, countless alphabet clubs exclusively for blacks only… and trillions of dollars wasted…I think we’ve done our share. Now we want something back for our investments…and not allow things to get worse when so much of our treasure and capital has been squandered.

      Would you keep investing in a failed stock?

      • Judy wood

        Please tell me what your share was. I admit I haven’t t done my share. It takes more than money to change things.

        • Major

          My share? At my age I watched the CRA being made law while I was in boot camp. After 4 generations I’d expect much more from my taxes being used to “end” not grow the fraud that exists today. And in doing so…it’s my hope as a civilized, contributing member of society, and to my country, that I shouldn’t have to expect less from 6% of the population. Doing so is just the soft bigotry of low expectations. If we’re expected to believe that we’re all on equal footing.

      • hpe reader

        Major, only a liberal Democrat would keep doing the same failed program over and over. It’s because “they just didn’t do it right”. Get it?

  • Mickey

    Thank you real-con for reminding us that Beckel is also a Jew-hater. His exact remark on “The Five” was, “Romney had a fundraiser in Israel with a bunch of “diamond merchants”. Dana Perino said to him, “What the hell was that??”, very untypical language for Dana, hats off to her, but no one else jumped on Beckel. I had truly expected that he would have to take his hat and go, but he’s still with “The Five”. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised: an unabashed Hitler admirer like Pat Buchanan found refuge at FOX, why not Beckel?

  • jojo3a3

    Lincoln wants to Send Blacks back to Africa- he was right

    • Major

      No..but Thomas Jefferson did…after they were given the tools and skill set necessary to survive on their own… he felt they should be repatraited.

  • DDay66

    I watch the Five, and while Beckel is a Liberal, I would hardly label him “The Worst Person In The World.” There are plenty of Liberals far worse, like the current POTUS.

  • johnnywood

    I do not watch “The Five” because I can not stand Beckel`s non-sense.

    • HughH

      But the girls are HOT!!!…This is more than enough reason to watch.

  • Progressives Rule

    This is so cute. A right wing rag adopting Keith Olberman’s “Worst Person” award. More proof how the right has no good ideas of their own.

  • Xcalifornian

    Beckel is a fat, ugly, white n****r…I simply turn him off when ever he appears
    on the TV.

  • Anamah

    While the socialist failure is almost obvious to everyone, these wig lice continue the brutal taming of America exceptionalness. They have learned how to exploit the blaming play reactivating their toxic lies what the world imaginary needs to refuel prejudices. So the presence of Beckel or others alike appear to spread the artisan made venom in order to to stand the red rag around the globe.

    They exploit Nazi-Progressive ghosts qualifying as “extreme right”, our “conservative ideas”; communist have kidnapped our lexicon steeling words we deeply mean as democracy and liberty; as owned property. Hard to watch Fox News when these unbearable communist clones appear to abuse our patience.
    Now is even our skin color what impeach us to teach the truth?

  • Scooper1

    Give old Bob a break. It was just a week or two ago on “The Five” that he stated that the Left has to deal with the consequences of its own policies that have led to “three generations” of black dependency. I heard it. I nearly swallowed my teeth, but I heard it. Couple that with your penultimate paragraph and you still have a Lefty, but as they go, he’s not even in the running for “Worst Person in the World”.

    • Paula-LiveFreeorDie

      I couldn’t agree more. That was the point I was attempting to make, though apparently not well. It’s infighting like this on nonsensical issues that cost us the last election. If we can’t find a way to unite – conservative, libertarian and RINO’s, we are doomed. Why don’t we focus our attention on the real enemy at hand.

  • edgineer

    Resign yourself. Democrats and RINOs are despicable swine who are causing more human death and suffering every day. They are irrational and cannot be reasoned with.

  • Major

    Didn’t Jesse jerkson they lived in “Hymie town”?

  • Ellman48

    So perhaps Bob Beckel is not beyond redemption. But for now, for aiding
    and abetting the race grievance industry in this country after the
    Zimmerman verdict, he is “The Worst Person in the World.”

    He apparently has overcome his alcoholism, which is not easy to do. The only question is whether ‘liberalism’ is more addictive and debilitating than ‘alcoholism’. We wish Bob the best of luck in overcoming his remaining addiction. He should have a meeting with Kirsten Powers.

  • Rdlake

    Goes to show that no matter how much of an oaf-buffoon you are, there’s still a place for you ion TV. I watch this guy daily with mouth open. How uninformed & inarticulate this guy is. To think, as he often mentions that he worked in Washington. Who would want to hear anything this numb nuts has to say.

  • Max Johnson

    Fat boy is a POS.

  • nimbii

    Regarding Holders “nation of cowards” for not having a conversation on race: he stands with the EOC, DOJ, hate speech, other federal programs and the hissing MSM behind him to destroy the lives of anyone taking exception to established race doctrine. Even someone with the stature of Bill O’Reilly gets visicious and dispicable comments coming from the MSM. So who’s David, who’s Goliath and who’s the coward(s)?
    Do you think any of the wonderful minority commentators with advanced degrees in Black Studies appearing in the MSM would have done their thesis or dissertation on “the role of personal responsibility in the minority community”? Could they have even found someone to serve on their graduate committees without gagging? The answer is probably no because individual responsibility does not fit with established doctrine and known sociological “truth” even though the perveyors of this same truth assumed personal responsibility to advance their own careers unfortuantely by telling others in the minority community not to bother with personal responsibility because the game is rigged against them.

  • Ed Kohl

    Regarding Bob Beckel –
    I have had a running commentary with FOXNews regarding Beckel and his anti semitic comment during the 2012 presidential campaign. See Below:
    Dear Martha and Bill,
    You did it again this morning at 915am. Maybe someone will read this and decide to make Beckel accountable for spewing the same Jew hatred that murdered 6 million Jews by gassing, burning, beating to death, starving to death and torture. By the way 1.5 of those 6 million were children. Look at your children and grandchildren and think of the words that Beckel used – right from the Nazi playbook. He never apologized nor retracted what he said which means he meant it. You want to associate with a blatant Jew hater?
    Ed Kohl
    On Jul 16, 2013, at 12:25 PM, Shelley & Ed wrote:
    Dear Martha and Bill,
    Below is a message I sent to you on March 15th. Today, at 945am you, again, shared the stage and breathed the same air as a non apologetic Jew Hater, proof below.
    Remember that Joseph Goebbles, Hitler, Himmler and their ilk used the same language that Bob Beckel used while they were murdering 6 million Jews.
    Associating with Jew haters, does the disease spread thru FOXNews?
    Dear Martha and Bill,
    As soon as Bob Beckel appeared on your show today, I turned off the TV. Reason: Bob Beckel is an Anti-Semitic Jew hater- why do I say that?
    He made a comment right out of Goebbles, Morsi and Ahmadinejad’s playbooks on “The Five” on August 7, 2012, referring to the people attending a Romney fundraiser in Israel as “Jewish diamond merchants”. See via this video courtesy of The Right Scoop and he never disavowed or apologized for the statement after I sent several notes to FOX. The last – see below. I suggest that you would not want to be associated with someone like Bob Beckel.
    Ed Kohl
    7275 Danbrooke
    West Bloomfield, MI 48322
    From: Ed Kohl
    Date: February 3, 2013 1:01:18 PM EST
    To: Media – Fox News Bill Oreilly
    Cc: Nancy Porto ,,,,,,,,, Media – Fox News John Gibson ,,, Media Fox & Friends ,,,, Media – Fox News Shepard Smith ,,
    Subject: Disappointed in Fox News & Bill O’Reilly – Again
    During the many years I have faithfully watched your shows, read your books and listened to your recordings I had the understanding that you were morally upright and harbored no prejudice. Seems I was and am wrong.
    Last week Bob Beckel returned to your show, I immediately shut down the show and I removed your show from my DVR list.
    Bob Beckel said the following on “The Five” on August 7, 2012, referring to the people attending a Romney fundraiser in Israel as “Jewish diamond merchants”. See via this video courtesy of The Right Scoop . I’m sure Goebbles, Morsi and Ahmadinejad join Mr. Beckel in his comment as Beckel echoes their sentiments of Jew hatred. I have sent you emails each time you have had Beckel on your show and I have asked you to reconsider giving him exposure. I have asked Fox News and The Five to have Mr. Beckel apologize for his statement. Beckel has never repudiated nor apologized for his remark that is straight from the Joseph Goebbles playbook. Beckel said it, never repudiated it – he must have meant what he said.
    One more thing, I recently had the pleasure of watching my 6 year old grandson in a school concert. People like Bob Beckel slaughtered little children like my 6 year old, their parents and families at Babi Yar, Auschwitz and other evil places. We will never forget and neither should you.
    Ed Kohl
    7275 Danbrooke
    West Bloomfield, MI 48322

  • MarilynA

    Beckel needs to have a conversation with that big black dude, Charles Payne, the financial genius who is also a Fox News commentator. Payne once related how he was bullied, made fun of and persecuted by his peers because he wanted to be a businessman, and dressed and behaved like one from the time he entered public school. It’s attitudes like his persecutors that keep the black community in destitution, I have concluded that most blacks do not want what whites and other over achievers have. They just don’t want anyone else to have anymore than they have, and they aren’t willing to put forth any effort to achieve a better life for themselves and their children. To be a success you have to strive to better yourself. Most minorities think it should be handed to them on a silver platter because it is their right to be allowed to get in front of everyone else in the line. Life doesn’t work like that.

  • semus

    I think all of us have worn tracks in our brain and when certain buttons are pressed we slip into a habitual with no thought required. It would take a lot to change that in any of us. I have noticed some changes in Beckel but on other issues like race he seems to just want to fan the flames of ignorance, stupidity and hatred, like any other race huckster. So my suggestion for Beckel would be to read more and build more interesting neurons.

  • aloysiusmiller

    The Zimmerman case absolved me of my tiny tiny residual twinges of white guilt. I am completely over it. Blacks who adhere to the redneck culture of hip hop gangsterism, outrageous promiscuity, 72% out of wedlock birthrates, rampant dependency on the welfare state, electing incompetents to represent them etc, etc. are totally responsible for their predicament. I am not.

    • hpe reader

      Bingo, aloy.

  • EarlyBird

    Can someone say “hypocrisy”?

    Note the subtitle of this latest FPM sputum: “Keeping the race grievance industry alive.”

    By my quick count, in just the past 7 days, Front Page Magazine has posted at least 11 articles explicitly devoted to expressing racial grievances. And among those was an article complaining about “the politics of grievance” in general.

    This entire website is an engine of the politics of grievance! My God the chutzpah!

  • AlS

    I’m a conservative, but I did hear BB say the DEMS made a huge mistake in LBJ’s time starting programs that made Blacks completely dependent on Gov handouts.

  • AlS

    But BB is anti-NSA and pro Snowden….just showing a broken clock is correct twice a day.

  • eastenders87

    I for one am absolutely sick and tired of hearing him proudly reference his “back
    in the day” drugs and alcohol escapades….he constantly harps on it along with
    back in the 60’s etc., etc., Who gives a flying fig about all that – sometimes I do
    believe that it must resemble an AA meeting. To say nothing of the fact that his
    ignorance shines brightly through on all issues. I tend to agree with him that he’s
    fried his brain given the fact that he constantly trails off in the middle of a
    sentence simply because he’s forgotten the subject matter of what what he was
    so eloquently? waxing on about.
    To think that he actually gets paid for this BS is totally unbelievable. He’s
    nothing but an ignorant fat

  • eastenders87

    old, rude “dry drunk”……Jhemu Greene and Beckel make such a lovely
    (continuation from below)…….

  • BobB

    BB is not nearly as “worst” as Chris Matthews.

  • Aytac Ercen

    I am tired of his nostalgia about his days as a thug and how tough he was and how he still has the bruises to show for on his knuckles. He is about as relevant as Dukakis campaign.
    He is out of touch, out of words and certainly out of talent. He is not part of the FIVE, he is a bystander a spectator at best. Most of what is said or discussed around him goes over his head and some of the double entendres and clever jokes have to be repeated for his consumption. The show often has to slow down so Bob can catch up with it.
    I think it would be a better show if it was rebadged as The Four!
    He looks bored, disconnected, and out of place. He needs to move on. The Five is too good a show to dumb down so he can fit in.
    Bye Bob….I heard Geraldo is looking for a co-host.

  • WW II Vet

    Fatso Beckel also thinks most Medals of Honor are awarded posthumously. . .
    AND can’t even pronounce the word correctly. “The Five” b’cast 8/26/13

  • sarge

    Beckel’s a joke. He thinks all Americans are as stupid as the low-information voters he tries to attract to his dumb-ass party.

  • Kate

    Bob Beckel is the biggest hypocrite in the world. Him and his president want us to bomb Syria, because they gassed women and CHILDREN. First off, how many women and children are there in the 120,000 already killed in the last two years.
    Him and his president say it’s for the children. They are responsible for more deaths in the United States and abroad for killing babies before they have a chance of anyone protecting them. His president voted to infanticide more than once when he was a Senator

  • picky

    Beckel needs to color himself black!!!!