Brainwashing Kids About Guns: the Sequel

Barely a month ago I wrote about a spate of recent incidents in which schoolchildren as young as five were seriously punished for committing no reasonable offense whatsoever other than triggering the anti-gun hysteria of politically correct, progressive school officials. Those incidents were just the beginning.

In arguably the most ludicrous and outrageous example yet, a seven-year-old with ADHD has been suspended from his Brooklyn Park school for two days because he accidentally shaped a breakfast pastry to resemble – according to his teacher – a gun. Apparently he was trying to shape a mountain out of it, but it turned out to be the school authorities who made a mountain out of a molehill. Playing with his food actually drove Joshua’s teacher to tears (“She was pretty mad,” he said), and she took away the pastry and tossed it in the trash. The father confirmed with the school that no students had been upset or hurt or scared, but the principal determined that “a threat had been made.”

Ponder that for a moment.

Joshua’s elementary school later sent students home with a letter citing the Code of Student Conduct to parents and guardians which declared that “one of our students used food to make inappropriate gestures that disrupted the class. While no physical threats were made and no one [was] harmed, the student had to be removed from the classroom.” This is curious reasoning, considering that it was the hysterical teacher who disrupted the class, and since the incident had no adverse effect on any of the students, there was no reason to remove Joshua from the class, much less suspend his education for two days.

Joshua’s father said, “I would almost call it insanity. I mean with all the potential issues that could be dealt with at school, real threats, bullies, whatever the real issue is, it’s a pastry, ya know?” Apparently Joshua’s dad needs to be sent to reeducation camp until he fully grasps the seriousness of pastry-shaped threats to the security of the State.

Astoundingly, the letter went on to offer reassurances to anyone who might have been traumatized:

If your children express that they are troubled by today’s incident, please talk with them and help them share their feelings. Our school counselor is available to meet with any students who have the need to do so next week. In general, please remind them of the importance of making good choices.

The “good choice” that schools now want your children to make is to banish from view anything that might remotely resemble a gun, because the progressive goal is to brainwash impressionable young generations into considering guns themselves verboten, rather than understanding their centrality to American freedom and making rational distinctions about how they are used.

How pathetic are American adults becoming, that we actually now need school counselors to deal with students “troubled” by gun-shaped pastry? The truth of the matter is that children are not troubled by such incidents at all; it’s progressive adults who, in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting and the subsequent opportunism of the Obama administration, have whipped themselves into an irrational state of pacifist horror unmatched in the history of humankind. How America’s enemies must be exulting over the extent to which the most powerful nation on earth has been emasculated by cultural Marxism’s political correctness.

As I wrote in my previous piece about the brainwashing of our children, the left does not want American citizens to own guns. They want to mold future generations into a helpless citizenry that entrusts its protection to the well-armed State. The radical left is hell-bent on subverting our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, because that right stands in the way of their tyrannical ambitions.

Moving on to another incident: in a radio interview with talk show host Tony Katz, actor Joseph C. Phillips, who happens to be openly conservative, related how his fifteen-year-old son took his camera to school in Woodland Hills, California to show off a photo of himself with a BB gun. The boy’s social studies teacher, James DeLarme, saw it, “snatched” the camera out of his hand and declared that the police would have to be notified. Outrageously, he and another teacher scrolled through all the photos on the camera before returning it. Then, in front of all the students, DeLarme asked Phillips the Younger, “Do you have any animosity towards your classmates? Are you angry at anyone at school?” implying that a photo of him with a BB gun marked the teen as a loony, imminent threat.

The elder Phillips, who was not notified of this by the school, was rightfully outraged and wrote a letter to the principal. “Owning a BB gun is NOT an indication of mental instability!” Ah, but that’s where progressives would disagree; demonizing law-abiding gun owners as mentally and morally unstable is precisely their goal. In any case, the principal didn’t deign to respond, but a vice principal did, claiming that DeLarme had done the right thing to “secure the safety of the 3,000 students and the 250 faculty members at the school.”

Interestingly, as Katz points out in his Townhall article about the incident, it turns out that social studies teacher James DeLarme has strong feelings about his opposition to gun ownership. In an interview with the school paper in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, he said, “We need to discuss the number of guns we have in this country,” and asserted that our country’s position on gun control and violence is what makes such situations as Sandy Hook probable.

Joseph C. Phillips complained in his radio interview that “at a certain point, people have to stand up and say ‘Enough with the hysteria! Enough is enough!’ We are not going to sacrifice the dignity of our children, our own dignity… What they [the school] did is not keeping anyone safe.”

Obviously he will have to join Joshua’s father in reeducation camp.

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  • AlgerHiss

    If the kid hears the word "gun", they are to immediately urinate in their pants.

    If the kid sees even a picture of a gun, they are to crap in their pants, go into a fetal position and start screaming "Mitta Pawiceman, Save me!".

    Pardon me, while I go puke.

    • Mary Sue

      not only that, such behavior only encourages criminals.

    • Thomas

      Naah… It women hear or think they are going to be raped, they are supposed to urinate or vomit on the potential attacker. Gotta get the Democratic ideas for self-defense set out properly.

      • Badbartimus

        How's this work ouf it your rapist is a urolagniaphile and/or an emetophile?

        • Mary Sue

          yeah if a rapist is into Golden Showers, it will backfire huge.

    • JimG

      And if a gunman comes into the classroom they are to immediately vomit all over themselves and the gunman and tell him they are menstruating.

  • AdinaK

    The brainwashing of kiddies reaches all spheres, including guns. In fact, there is nothing the left won't do, all in order to capture their "hearts and minds". NO joke.

    The following proves the above, in more ways than one –

    Thus, to trust that a leftist will NOT indoctrinate the kiddies is to believe in the tooth fairy, as they go postal in the process –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Hannah

      Yep – schools are now PC propaganda outlets, promoting dangerous sexual deviant lifestyles, leftist economic policies that lead to ruin of economies, approval of Islam which is a racist, misogynist, violent, aggressive hate group if there ever was one.

  • @GENUG

    It is up to the parents to safely educate our children about weapons. I safely educated my kids very early on – my son can shoot the neck off a bottle at 100 feet. My daughter not so good but she tried hard. PROPER Gun Control is a must.

    That teacher should be fired….from a cannon!

    • Gee

      I love shooting cannons. I even took one (full size) to my daughter's Middle School and fired it several times right after Columbine

      • davarino

        Oh that'll getcha extra re-education. Did you have your concealed cannon license?

  • tagalog

    When we talk about people being crazy when it comes to guns, how about that claim “one of our students used food to make inappropriate gestures that disrupted the class. While no physical threats were made and no one [was] harmed, the student had to be removed from the classroom.”

    What inappropriate gestures were made by the kid?

    How was the class disrupted?

    What was the nature of the "threat" that was made? ("The father confirmed with the school that no students had been upset or hurt or scared, but the principal determined that 'a threat had been made.'")

    What's wrong with the principal? Was there a threat or wasn't there?

    Is there some reason why there was food being eaten in a class session?

    If there was a threat, but no threats were made and no one was harmed, who did the threatening and why did the kid have to be removed from the classroom?

    Who was crazy when it comes to guns, the kid who allegedly shaped a piece of food into the shape of a firearm, or the teacher whose reaction to that seems to have been pretty extreme and the principal who backed the teacher up?

    • Mary Sue

      Forget homophobia. Forget Islamophobia. The phobia that should be on everybody's minds today is Hoplophobia.


    THE LEFT HAS GUN AMOK! They are demonizing GUNS but to the point of them being the ones that are MENTALLY ILL!

    I just googled: “Children expelled due to guns.” I was reminded of this due to this article on children expelled like the six-year boy who brought a POP-TART GUN to school. Another boy dared to bring bubble gum called “Bubble Gun.” Several children were expelled for bringing plastic toy guns. Kids were expelled for drawing a gun or making a paper gun. I love the one where a boy was expelled for using his hand to make a finger gun and saying “POW.” One boy ate his sandwich into a shape of a gun, and yes, was EXPELLED!

    Luckily, sane people, hopefully some Democrats, are seeing how ridiculous this movement by Democrats is becoming but in all cases, JANET NAPOLITANO and Homeland Security are vigorously investigating these obvious future domestic terrorists. Are these the Americans that Eric Holder wants use the drones on? I did read that some schools are requesting drone fly overs.

    Then MICHELLE pandered to the GUN AMOK crowd when a girl, conveniently from Chicago and who sang at Obama’s inauguration, was killed. So I Googled the story and this following report reveals another issue. “Some of the youths (her supposed friends) scattered after the shooting, but others stayed behind. Those that did are reportedly NOT COOPERATING with police, leaving officials with no description of the attacker or the car he left in. No arrests have been made so far.” This brings up: “To be a Snitch or to not be a Snitch.” Her own friends are silent? This happens everyday and snitching is worse than killing. Rappers, guaranteed to be all Democrats, even have songs focusing on snitching and so witnesses won’t talk to the police even if their own family member was the one killed. But the guns are the problem? I also don’t understand why the Obama’s are not demanding a full and vigorous investigation. Maybe because it would put Rahm’s Chicago’s No Gun Policy and its highest murder rate in the country in the limelight?


    Everyday there is a SANDY HOOK reference in the media so now add K-12 school teachers in another LEFTIST BRAINWASHING PROGRAM to demonize gun-owners who they want to eventually portray as the MENTALLY ILL. But it’s not good enough for them to end it there. Their goal is to DEMONIZE REPUBLICANS. It doesn't matter how many vocal Democrats say they are gun owners too. The MSM will blame Republicans like what happened right after the Gifford’s shooting. Democrats are hoping there are several more Giffords, Sandy Hooks, and movie house shootings by 2014. The reason? Can you say “Madame Speaker?”

    Gun Amok is their main 2014 strategy and anything else like the 47% and 99%, Romnesia, Bain, and how can we forget the bird brains and cuckoo birds main weapon, BIG BIRD. It worked! The Bird that could make Republicans “popular”? A BALD EAGLE!

    • tagalog

      Don't forget that there's actually been a bit of rumbling about running Jeb Bush as the 2016 GOP candidate for President. Talk about cuckoo. Haven't we had enough Bushes by now?


        At least with Bushes, we don't have suspicions on whose side they are one! With Obama, there are endless suspicions on his loyalties!

        • tagalog

          Well, I guess there IS that. Except for "read my lips, no new taxes." And the TARP bailout. Other than those things.

          But no, as far as I can tell no Bush ever kowtowed to some foreign tin pot dictator or Islamic fundamentalist tyrant. Gotta give 'em credit for that.

    • Mary Sue

      the saying out on the street is "snitches get stitches"

      • tagalog

        I bet the songs about that are better than the Democrat songs about the virtues of snitching.

        I don't endorse refusing to cooperate with law enforcement, but I have to admit that it shows some elementary, shabby, half-baked sense of integrity in the "cheese-eater" gangster sense, no doubt wrongfully placed, but nevertheless noticeable. It suggests that an instinct for moral virtue may be innate and teachable even to people who have lived all their lives in a culture that mocks such a thing.

        This makes me think of how often left-wing ideology in government exalts the snitch. In Stalinist USSR days, they used to say that 1/3 of the country was in prison, 1/3 of the country was the police, and 1/3 of the country was informers.

  • Don

    Unfortunately, this is not even remotely new. Zero Tolerance policies, which do nothing but encourage teachers and administrators to have knee-jerk reactions rather than actually think, have been in place in many schools for well over a decade. Randy Cassingham's This Is True site has many documented examples.

  • EthanP

    It's not just the educators. You may have noticed that TV/Movies also have an anti gun theme. If there's a gun in the house, theres something wrong. If you collect guns you're a REAL nut. On crime dramas the cop asks a possible suspect, do you own a gun. The civi always says "NO, I (we) don't believe in guns". Really! You don't believe in them. What are they. You can not believe in UFOs or Sasquach. But guns are REAL. Even in rural settings nobody seems to own a gun. I remember a TV western where quakers were threatened. These farmers didn't believe in guns. REALL! Even the Amish own guns for pest control. But Hollywood now has to show that no "nice" person would own one. Please forgive my rant. I'm really fed up.

    • Mary Sue

      Yeah every once in a while you'd get an episode of "The A-Team" or "The Equalizer" where the people in trouble were "anti-violence" or anti-gun and the heroes had to find another way. Presumably such episodes were a result of what is known as "executive meddling" to show the kiddies that other means (such as "conflict resolution") than violence are necessary.

      Then there was MacGyver, who was anti-gun all the time.

    • Toa

      Yes, the stupid anti-gun stuff has been going on in Hollywood for decades, and it's worse now than it's ever been.

  • Alex Kovnat

    Has anybody asked about the possibility that a young child might be traumatized for life as a result of being subjected to brutal penalties for even accidently or inadvertedly offending the effete sensibilities of some neurotic in a position of power?

  • emmess

    The fact is that not owning a gun in the U.S. is insane but what's really insane is the culture and society that requires guns. Where did the U.S. go wrong? It was right from the start when the founding fathers established a republic system of government that, opposite to the Parliamentary system, power evolved away from the people to the political elite. While the British system defanged the monarch and ruling class, giving power to parliament, in the U.S., power evolved to the president — a monarchy despite being elected and now, with election of the president so dependent on electoral funding, on the "upper class" elites or their proxies can come into power. This is a surefire path to failure and eventual revolution thus justifying the 2nd amendment. It's a shame that it is needed. I just wish Americans wouldn't have such a gun fetish.

    • Mary Sue

      It is needed because human beings are human beings. Criminals will always be there. To not have a gun puts a person at risk.


      You're way off base – the founders did nothing wrong except to provide just enough wiggle room (for example, the interstate commerce clause) to allow Congress, not the President, to assume powers not granted by the Constitution. Those who seek public office will always tend to be bossy types, with the worst being would-be dictators. It is to control those who hold public office that the Constitution was written, and the 2nd Amendment is an integral part of that document. A disarmed public, whatever the outward form of government, will never be free.

      No, it's not "a shame" gun rights are necessary – it would be better to say that it's a shame the will to power is part of human nature. That being true, gun rights will always be necessary to ensure freedom. Britain, whose parliamentary system you seem to prefer for some reason, is even now descending into a "hard" tyranny, and the people have no way to resist because they have been gradually disarmed over the past few decades.

      A free people are an armed people, and vice-versa. Memorize that fact and you'll be on your way to understanding certain eternal truths.

    • Drakken

      Just because your too much of a pacifist and won't fight for anything and believe what the govt tells you like a good little subject, doesn't mean that the rest of us rugged individual citizens that this country was founded on will just go with the program because the govt tells us too. So you go ahead and live on your knees, the rest of us won't.

    • Phil


  • cnbarnes

    Yet another reason I am glad we homeschooled our kids …. where on occasion, they shot guns.

    • davarino

      Ya, my daughter started homeschooling her daughter. No more indoctrination or BS, just teaching three Rs.

  • Sean

    oh I’ve written about it too and been anything but PC.

  • Yoko

    The brainwashing starts at the NRA and the Tea Party.

    Why use the images of Chavez and Ahmadineyad when talking about weapons?

    Because media is about offering you threats and this guys are the mode by now, this makes you feel the need for a way to protect yourself as if they were already in front of you.

    The weapon industry needs you to keep on buying weapons.

    • pagegl

      Nope, the criminals, including the idiots in our government that are trying to violate the Constitution, are why I need to buy firearms.

    • Alex Kovnat

      Looking at the last sentence in Yoko's post, we might also say that:

      The auto industry needs you to keep on buying cars.
      The motorcycle industry needs you to keep on buying motorcycles (which are significantly more likely to hurt you than driving a car)
      The pornographic magazine industry needs for us to keep buying magazines like the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

      I could go on and on. Should we therefore ban or severely restrict motorcycles, and should we ban magazines like the S.I. swimsuit issue? Should we continue to burden the cars we drive with ever more stringent fuel economy and safety requirements?

    • Mary Sue

      Show me the commercials on TV that advertise weapons. You can't, because it doesn't happen.

      I don't live in a country with an NRA OR a Tea Party, and yet I fully recognize the need to own firearms. Did you know that "home invasions" are FAR more common in Canada, where the use of guns in self defense is EXTREMELY TRICKY (you must keep guns and ammo LOCKED UP AND SEPARATE, to the point where if you DO get out your gun to defend yourself in YOUR OWN HOUSE, you will be assumed to have "unsafely stored" firearms!), than they are in the United States?

      • Chris

        How unfortunate for Canadians that they cannot effectively defend their own person or property. The way I see it self defense is a basic human right not something a government should be allowed to take away from you.

        The only place I see weapon advertisements are on hunting/sports channels…no mainstream media that elephant in the room to surface on their channel.

      • "gunner"

        i once had a canadian friend, female, come down to visit here, in a state with effectively no "gun control" for law abiding citizens. in the course of the visit we went out to the local shooting club range, where she tried out my old service model m1911a1 ,45 colt. i reckon the anti-gun propaganda didn't take hold on her. she thoroughly enjoyed shooting the old cannon, and was quite annoyed to learn that she would not be allowed to own one back home in canada. she also enjoyed the feeling of being armed in public with no one looking at her as being unusual, with a police car driving by giving us a friendly wave in passing.

        • tagalog

          How about one of those Inglis High-Powers? I know they were just 9 mm., but they WERE a good gun.

        • Mary Sue

          Well, she would be allowed to own a 1911, BUT:

          -she'd have to get a Firearms Acquisition Certificate (or whatever they're called now, that's the old name for it)
          -she'd have to take a 100 dollar course
          -she could ONLY use it at the range. She'd have to get a Permit to Transport it to the range.

          The only reason I could see her not being allowed to own one is if she has a criminal record or mental health issues that preclude her being issued a permit to own a Restricted Weapon.

      • tagalog

        On the Outdoor Channel they advertise firearms, but that's the only place I've seen them on TV.

        They're not on the radio or in the magazines either.


      God help us – another anti-corporate type! No, Yoko, the weapons industry performs a great service to us by providing us with what we need – arms – just as every industry in a free society does. Corporations are good.

    • Drakken

      Ok look, Yoko is a communist subject, the rest of us are citizens. Good luck libtard and your messiah Comrade El Presidente Obummer. We citizens have line in the sand and our rights are not subject for you to violate. Period!

    • tagalog

      How much you wanna bet that a big percentage of those 65 million guns that are newly in circulation were purchased by people who voted for Obama? I bet $20 the percentage is at least 50%.

      The lefty purchasers are the same kind of people who vote for the candidate who says he'll raise taxes, then cheat on their taxes once their man is elected and he gets the tax laws he said he'd push for.

    • davarino

      Nope, if you notced, its the Gov. that buying all the ammo. Whats up with that? When they start rolling over our neighborhoods you cant borrow one of my guns.

  • Badbartimus

    If you're not already home-schooling your kids, what on earth are you waiting for?

    • pgs

      AMEN! Why do conservatives keep sending their kids to be brainwashed by liberal progressives in the govt factory schools?? Take back your kids! Defund the public schools! Don’t complain – take action.

    • Sky Soldier


  • FPF

    These gun phobia people should be checked with mental illness. They cannot tell a bad guy with guns from a good guy with guns.

    • Mary Sue

      it's called "Hoplophobia".

      • Drakken

        Wow, you taught an olddog a new thing there Mary ! Amazing! ;)

        • FPF

          Old dogs follow suit. Smart people invent.

        • Mary Sue

          I learned it from the late, great Jeff Cooper, he of Guns and Ammo Magazine column fame.

      • FPF

        Gun is the only one targeted by the leftists, knifes, cars, and bats are not.

  • Sky Soldier

    When I was a little boy growing up in Kentucky, I became experienced with "guns" through my BB gun rifle. I graduated from the BB gun to a .22 cal rifle then a shotgun… so, when I enlisted in the U.S. Army, I qualified as an Expert Rifleman on the M1 Garand rifle and Sharpshooter on the M1 Carbine. Every father with "of age" children should teach them how to use and respect a gun, rifle, shotgun. It's not only a Constitutional right, it should be an obligation to instruct their children and wife (if she'll agree) in the rightful and safe use of guns… for self-defense, if nothing else.

    • "gunner"

      the m1 rifle and carbine? you're dating your self sky soldier, but then i'm no one to talk, i was the guy behind an m1919a4 air cooled .30 caliber back in the day. just after the end of "harry's police action" which i was just as happy to have missed.

      • tagalog

        All the Korean vets I talked to about the Korean War focused on to me, back in the late 50s, was how all-fired cold it was.

        Most of them told the story of how they had to pee on the actions of their M-1s to unfreeze the actions if they'd used too much oil cleaning them.

  • steven

    my how times have changed when i was in school in the country we would take our guns to school in the morning give them to the teacher to lock up for us so we could hunt on the way home after school ,and everyone carried a pocket knife never had a school shooting ,read the bible ,said the pledge of allegance,and a prayer every morning and no one thought a thing about it.

    • Gordon

      Amen, brother. It was the same, in the schools I attended.

  • arrowpeakhouse

    An option, other than traditional "homeschooling," is schooling-at-home via a State-funded online charter school. That is what our family uses. My analysis:

    • The curriculum is the excellent K12® online school, often used by homeschoolers. But instead of having to buy it myself, it's provided free. (Well, via all the property taxes I pay!)

    • You can't be so easily caricatured as an "evhulhomeschoolerterroristlonewolf," being involved in State-funded education.

    • So far, being "online" mostly means a parent entering administrative data. The learning takes place with real paper books and workbooks, which I prefer. If the internet goes down, just do the bookwork and enter attendance later.

    • None of the teachers with whom my children interact online seem like leftist city slickers. My children are even answering questions the teachers have about getting a goat to milk and what kind of hay to buy.

    • My children get to watch red tail hawks, deer, turkeys, and bouncing baby calves while they learn, and can always request a recess to go outside and shoot the little Cricket youth rifle. I try to never "force" any learning, because coercion is always resented, and often creates an aversion to an otherwise good activity.

  • DJ

    Goggle "Humanist Manifesto" and read what it has to say, then apply that to all educational dictators everywhere!

  • GRusling

    In each and every situation where something like this occurs, the parent needs to hire a Lawyer and sue the school, or school teacher if the school itself disavows the action. A little of that will go a long way toward reforming those who intend to force others into their way of thinking…

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: "Brainwashing Kids About Guns, the Sequel"

    OH SEE The Left SQUEEL?

    Gun control involves the unacceptable devil's bargain repeatedly proven to be calamitous folly throughout history: freedom traded for perceived security.

    Read more:

    • κατεργάζομαι

      watch the ninnies squeal.

      Some vacant critics enjoy choking on gnats…………
      …… satiate their voracious Grammatical Narcissism.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Time to outlaw Rorschach testing because someone might see a "you know what" depicted.

  • popseal

    Pussified America is now ripe for the picking. Men are guilty of being men, nothing else. All American men are now at fault for being men and not neutered wimps. 40 years of leftist college professors in university colleges of education have afflicted the country's education community with a girlified form of manhood. Without a sweeping moral and spiritual revival in the Judeo Christian pattern, America is OVER.

  • Jake

    It's this mystification and demonizing of guns and gun culture that pushes young violent sociopaths to use a gun against their classmates, friends, parents, or whomever they harbor their hatred toward. Their whole life, they are taught that the scariest and most evil thing they could ever encounter is a gun. So when they decide to do something evil toward their hated classmates, they grab the most evil and scary thing they can think of. A gun. How many 4-H and boy scout kids who participated in gun training as a youth have used a gun to kill their classmates? How many kids who grew up hunting and were taught to respect guns and their use? Kids where I grew up were taught that a gun is something to be respected. One, for its capacity to be a dangerous weapon, but also to respect the reason they are important to our country and it's heritage. Not many mass school shootings in rural Alabama where every house has a gun (sometimes a dozen or so). So don't try to tell me it's the gun that's the problem. It's the people who are the problem. And, no, not just the people doing the shooting but the culture that emasculated them, who turned them into confused, twisted, attention-hungry cowards.

  • thought

    All the more reason to homeschool.

  • Guy Foxwell

    This is an example of why my grandson has been a Life Member of the NRA since he was four months old.

  • Thoughts

    As a proud gun owner I recently burnt my lifetime member NRA card and brought many of my guns to the gun buy back. I don't see why everyone is so up in arms about getting fingerprinted. If you have nothing to hide then what's the problem. Also what's so wrong with 10 round mags. People are just lazy I guess and can't reload a few mags. Oh well just ignorance I guess, good day all.