Canadian Student Association Joins the Genocidal War Against Israel

The ongoing, global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel got a boost recently when one of the largest student associations in Canada passed a resolution endorsing the delegitimization campaign against the Middle East’s only liberal democracy.

York University is Canada’s third largest. The York Federation of Students (YFS), which represents over 52,000 undergraduates, has now joined two others in Canada – the University of Toronto and Concordia University graduate student associations – in endorsements of the BDS movement on campus, which calls for universities to divest from companies that do business with Israel and to cut ties with Israeli academics. The campaign also demands a return to Israel’s pre-1967 borders, the removal of the West Bank barrier, improved rights for Arab citizens of Israel, and the “right of return” for “Palestinian refugees.”

Jessica Cherkasov says that no one from her Jewish student group, Hillel at York, or Hasbara at York, another Jewish group, was officially informed of the meeting, the motion, or of the agenda. They found out indirectly about the meeting only the day before it was scheduled. Hillel at York members had a chance to speak at the meeting, but had virtually no time to prepare an argument against the resolution. The vote by the YFS council was 18-2 in favor and was advocated for by the Students Against Israeli Apartheid at York, who have been calling on York students to endorse the BDS campaign since September of last year. SAIA members and supporters celebrated the vote afterward with a march around campus as they waved “Palestinian” flags and chanted “victory.”

“It is unacceptable that YFS failed to provide any public notice or agenda for this meeting,” said Chaim Lax, president of Hasbara at York. “This is sadly typical of activists who employ undemocratic tactics to advance their efforts – including snap meetings, surprise resolutions, and inadequate or non-existent notice.” Hillel at York and Hasbara at York issued a joint statement expressing their disappointment with the “fundamentally racist” motion:

This represents nothing less than a blacklist against residents of a single country – the world’s only Jewish state and the sole liberal democracy in the Middle East…

In taking this reckless decision, YFS has betrayed its very mandate and the sensibilities of the overwhelming majority of York students. YFS exists as a forum to unite students to advance the quality of student life – it is not a debating society that recommends punitive measures in response to divisive foreign policy issues. It is alarming that YFS, to which all York students are required to pay dues, would be asked to take a stand on behalf of all students on an overseas issue that has nothing to do with student issues.

Cherkasov says as a union representing the interests of more than 50,000 undergraduates, the YFS should not take a political stance on an issue that doesn’t affect all students on campus. “[T]he fact that [YFS] took a stance on a very touchy issue for Israeli and Palestinian students, I think that was inappropriate,” she said. “Now they have marginalized a group of students and created a hostile environment.”

Lax agreed, saying the YFS shouldn’t have taken a divisive political position. He claims that 4,000 students have signed a petition against the endorsement: “It showed a substantial amount of students, our constituents, didn’t want the YFS to endorse this motion and didn’t want them taking a position on the Palestine-Israel conflict,” he says.

Safiyah Husein, a vice president of the York Federation of Students, acknowledged that not everyone agrees with the outcome of the vote, “but we know the majority of our members believe this work is vital and important.” In her view, the YFS took a “principled stance” on the issue, as it does on other issues of a politically correct nature: “We engage in anti-racism, anti-homophobia, anti-transphobia, and anti-sexism campaigns not because they are popular, but because they are right, and they are important to our members,” she says, equating Israelis with racists and other intolerants while ignoring the genocidal anti-Semitism spelled out in the very charter of the homophobic, sexist, transphobic Palestinian leadership.

The YFS resolution will have no actual bearing on the university’s investment portfolio, however. “York University uses best practices in developing its policy on investments, and this is built on advice from major investment consulting firms,” said a York spokeswoman. Nevertheless, by signing on to the BDS movement to punish Israel, the university has voted to throw its support behind Hamas against Israel, even if only symbolically. That would be the same Hamas that is set to legally enforce the de facto school segregation of boys and girls over the age of nine, and that indoctrinates Arab children to martyr themselves killing Jews. Oh yes – it’s also a terrorist organization.

The BDS movement is alive and well on American campuses as well. The York vote came just before Boston University begins hosting a Students for Justice in Palestine-run “Right of Return Conference,” which, as Richard Cravatts writes in FrontPage Mag, “is propaganda parading as scholarship” in an attempt to “prolong the myth of Palestinian victimization and grant them, as part of that mythology, exclusive international recognition and supposed legal rights.”

On a more positive note, UC Riverside’s student government actually reversed itself and revoked a resolution approved just one month ago that urged the UC system to divest from companies that have contracts with Israel’s military. The student leaders decided to drop the controversial divestment policy because they realized it made Jewish students feel “marginalized,” and the student government wanted to remain “neutral” regarding the issue.

If only that common-sense reversal were more common. Unfortunately that would also require reversing the groupthink mindset endemic throughout western universities, where the pursuit of “social justice” takes precedence over higher learning.

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  • Mary Sue

    I bet that muslim-sounding named woman heading the Student's Union is engaged in the fine art of Taqiyya and Kitman.

  • Miranda Rose Smith

    “right of return” for “Palestinian refugees.”

    I wonder when they're going to call for boycott and divestiture from Canada until there's a law of return for the Acadians?

    • Mary Sue

      because the Acadians can go back anytime they want!

  • AdinaK

    Let's cut to the source, and do it post haste. Here are some action plans –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Miranda Rose Smith

    Students Against Israeli Apartheid at York?

    If it's AT YORK, it's not Israeli apartheid, is it? It's Canadian. You can't oppose Israeli apartheid, anyway. It doesn't exist.

    Did it ever occur to anyone, besides me, that anyone who actually does believe that Israel is an apartheid country, and there may be some brainwashed, victim-of-groupthink 18 year old dimwits who do, has just given the game away that he's not moved by Anne Frank, may the al-mighty avenge her blood? Anyone who actually thinks Israel is an apartheid country thinks Anne Frank and her family were running an apartheid attic.

    • EthanP

      Miranda; Reason and logic never enter into it. These youngsters, including too many young Jews, have drunk the leftist coolaid. This ideoligy hates Israel with the same passion we hate nazis. They may recover (by growing up) but the MSM PC version of the world has no place for a Jewish State.

      • Miranda Rose Smith

        There's no place for JEWS, PERIOD!!!!!!

        • Brian

          Please define that there is no place for Jews. Period?

  • Toni_Pereira

    i'm in favor of the discrimination between people with common sense and the mentally challanged mentioned in the article.

  • EthanP

    As the campus has moved further left, so has hatred of Israel and Jews in general. This was systemic of the Communists and infected the far left. What truely troubles me is the growing number of "Jews" that seem to be infected with this BIG LIE.
    Palestinian American author Rashid Khalidi recently spoke of the Palestinian Narrative being the one now taught throughout the American (and Canadian/European) higher education system. He further spoke of the growing number of young Jews taking up the Palestinian cause.
    If you want proof, I cite the recent actions of Hillel at UNC Chapel Hill and Penn State.

    • Miranda Rose Smith

      He further spoke of the growing number of young Jews taking up the Palestinian cause.

      They make me feel like Shakespeare's Margaret of Anjou: "Why strewst thou sugar on that bottled spider/ Whose deadly web ensnareth thee about?/ Poor fool, thou whetst the knife to kill thyself…"
      If they ever get their wish and Israel is, G-d forbid, destroyed, do they think their precious Arabs (the now-so-called "Palestinians" are historically, culturally and linguistically ARABS) will spare their sorry ***es? The Arabs make it plain that they want to kill every Jew in the world. Do these people not realize that they are Jews or do they not realize that they are in the world? How could their parents let them grow up so self-hating and ignorant?

  • Michael Ackerman

    Someone needs to write an article about the LIGHT coming from Florida campuses with respect to Israel. This week marks the second annual FLI (Florida Loves Israel) Conference.….

    It began on FSU (Florida State University) in February 2012. Check out the links to last year's conference, the photos, videos, and itinerary. It will inspire you. They (FSU) won the Herzel award as well as having come in first for the best pro Israel program of any Univeristy/College in America for the last 24 months. Also look at Israel Campus Beat's (ICB) article on the first conference entitled: 'What can one person do ?'. While it was a tremendous success, unfortunately it went largely unnoticed by the MSM and even pro-Israel news sources. Hopefully, this year the good word will be out and it will be covered nationwide which it deserves.

    This year it is a 3 day conference and begins this Friday, April 12th at UF (Univeraity of Florida).

  • espersemper

    The Pain and Suffering these "ORGANIZATIONS" are causing the population should be a subject for lawyers to discuss. Israel is OUR ally so WHY and When can minors organize hate, discrimination and WARLIKE attitudes towards other SEGMENTS OF THE POPULATION?
    When and Wherever Union-like, organizational soft-terrorism is tolerated. Criminals with visas or the useful idiot diploma-seekers think they are "Winning" something (obviously history repeats) and getting the Academic Pimps and Pushers of hate to cry victory with all the other cappuccino communists.
    Thanks to brave pro-Israel news sources FREEDOM still lives on. There will always be a Daniel.

  • imalert

    I believe Universities have deteriorated in what they produce. The chaos the world is currently in has been brought about from the decisions of people who have graduated from University. So I myself do not hold much respect for them. I would also suspect that funding for the Universities comes from Arab countries who want a certain agenda pushed. It would be well worth the effort to 'Follow the money.' in these sort of instances. One can only pray that the ordinary hard working appropriately educated person totally disregards the drivel that comes from Universities like this.

    • david horowitz

      Including the drivel from the right-wing professor on YouTube who lectures that "what good are Muslims except for raping four-year olds?"

      • defcon 4

        Of course! Everyone knows Muhammad married a 6 year old girl and didn't rape her until she was the ripe old age of 9!

  • david horowitz

    There's nothing controversial about divesting from companies that specifically invest in a military on one side rather than the other.

    • Western Canadian

      Just what we would expect from a jew-hater like you….. Who would want to bet against this being shclockmotion again befouling someone elses name??

    • Drakken

      If you support and defend muslim jihadist over a western ally, that makes you an enemy of us westerners, good luck in the future with that.

  • Daniel

    Its much easier to follow the trend than having your own opinions, I mean that Its the Islamic student who are the noisier and more aggressive on these campus, and most student don't even care, blame the victims or the aggressors, more and more we see the same stories, women gets rape and she's blamed or is bullied by her peers.

  • Dave

    if Israel is such a liberal democracy…then why did a bunch of Israeli men insult and violate Naama Margolese, a lttle girl who was going to school?…Not that Hamas is better…..but Israel should stop pretending that its a beacon of light and hope and democracy in a dark and evil land when it clearly is not…bulldozing the houses of a bunch of Arabs with the Arabs still inside is one thing….but calling an 8 year old Jewish girl a whore?

    • defcon 4

      Um, they USED TO bulldoze the homes of palesimian muslimes who were convicted of carrying out acts of terrorism against Israel. Personally I think they should do so again Mehmet.

  • Western Canadian

    Is there a reasonably convenient reference that would list the names of Israeli businesses, so I can decide who I will go out of my way to do business with? Found out that sodastream is Israeli, and being boycotted so I bought one of their units…. What else is out there, high-tech or not…

    • Mary Sue

      I've been buying clearly marked Israeli halva like there's no tomorrow.

      • defcon 4

        I wish Israel sold gasoline or petroleum products. I'd drive out of my way to get them.

  • Western Canadian

    I will be contacting Jason K., immigration minister for Canada who is aware of how much a crock the jew haters are getting away with, to demand a criminal investigation into the antics of groups such as this on various university etc. locations. And informing the scum in question that it is being pushed for.

    • Mary Sue

      good! He needs to hear about that!

  • Aterg

    Bigoted brainwashed stupid idiots, who cannot think for themselves, and follow misplaced ideas like sheep. I pity you. To think that Israel is same as the Nazis,you should read the history and and the result of hatred that killed more than 6 million Jews. Your hatred continues and you don't even know why. Israelis a beacon of culture and democracy in that part of the world, where freedom and respect for all human beings does not exists, due to their atavistic beliefs and culture. Have you seen a Jewish suicide bomber? We value and respect life, where the Arab culture wants death and martyrdom because life is so miserable for them. Will a woman suicide bomber also get 72 male virgins, always wondered about this. Should embrace mutual love and respect, only obtainable by education. Shame on all that perpetuate hate and disrespect for any culture. We can only fight injustice by appropriate laws internationally and our deeds that should be examples. Enjoy the beauty of this world in peace and respect for all life.


      Islamofascists are the same as the nazis (AKA national SOCIALISTS).

  • Western Canadian

    I just went to the facbook page of those ignorant, sneering criminals. Can't help but wonder when they will start desecrating any nearby synagogs…..

    Nothing so dangerous as ignorant and self righteous louts like these.

  • mickeyobe

    Why do those students who oppose the position of the students' union not withdraw from that Canadian arm of Islam?
    What are they afraid of?
    Whom do they fear?
    Let them form their own union. I'll wager they would receive plenty of support.

  • @parkerbrenden63

    If you think Francis`s story is something…, three weeks-ago my uncle also broght in 5512 workin seventeen hours a week in their apartment and they're classmate's half-sister`s neighbour has done this for four months and worked and got paid more than 5512 parttime from there pc. the tips from this site.. .

  • Herb Benty

    These children pretending to be students of higher learning are only repeating what those old, marxist, anti-semetic, and unfortunately, tenured professors have jammed into their heads. It takes a lot of lies and indoctrination to turn a good kid into a genocidal Israel- hater. We need to flush these commie professors out of Public Education.

  • jerome

    What I would love to see from this student union are some examples of Israeli "apartheid".
    There are so many empty words, so many accusations and so much willing blindness
    that the word student almost seems like the epitome of an oxymoron.
    Students are supposed to seek answers to vexing questions, solve problems , suggest solutions
    and welcome discussion and open debate – not jump to conclusions bereft of facts, but one supposes that
    with so much brainwashing and conditioning from a very early age these students are fully cooked
    and beyond help.
    South Africa which was an apartheid state had enforced separation in all aspects of life and black people were denied certain positions altogether.
    What can these risible cowardly students , some of whom are no doubt gay , have to bolster their skewed view? And do they realize what a great reception they would receive in the islamic states surrounding Israel, probably not because they see only what they want to see. They would be beheaded or tortured or both in these wonderful repressed places.
    And by the way there are today states that do have real apartheid , South Africa is the best known example , but many far worse offenders are overlooked due to wrong headed pc.


      Saudi Arabia practices modern day apartheid.

      • defcon 4

        So do most all muslime states, religious apartheids that only differ by degree.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    These students are led by people that should not be in the Western World at all, subversive
    Islamists that must be deported before their cancerous lies permiate what freedom in societies
    not yet destroyed by leftists. The only way this is taking root is that these Islamists are placed
    in western Universities for the purpose of denegrating Israel and colonizing, it is paid for
    by Islamist money, money paves the way for these demonstrations where authorities sell
    out to what are the enemies of mankind, life and freedom, it will all end one day in bloody
    upheaval with few escaping the devistations………………………………………………..William