Et Tu, Spartacus?

img-kirk-douglas-spartacus_154844167961Last week legendary actor Kirk Douglas posted a short plea for – something, it’s unclear exactly what – at the Huffington Post, a vague call for the elimination of guns in America, because, as he put it solemnly, “America’s Cowboy Days Are Over.”

In case you’ve been in a coma for the last century, Douglas, now at the almost Biblical age of 96, is the steely-eyed, cleft-chinned international superstar of such films as Paths of Glory, Lust for Life, Gunfight at the OK Corral, Seven Days in May, and perhaps most memorably, Spartacus. The talented, ridiculously handsome actor has played everything from tortured artist Vincent Van Gogh to a Viking warrior, military officers, cowboys, and, well, Spartacus.

In his HuffPost piece, Douglas says that “under the flooring of my dressing room is a safe. In it are two guns that I used to shoot the bad guys in movies and a silver plated revolver with my name engraved on it which was given to me by some crazy fan.” He writes that “I often played the good cowboy on screen, riding in to save the day. Now, everybody thinks he is a cowboy too. That frightens me. We have become a cowboy country with too many guns.”

How many is too many, Mr. Douglas, and who gets to decide that figure? The Hollywood left generally marches in unthinking lockstep to the progressive call to get rid of guns altogether in America – a simplistic, utopian fantasy that does not and cannot possibly address the complicated reality that millions of guns are already in circulation in this country. The left pontificates about “getting them off the streets” and seems to believe that this is best accomplished through the bureaucratic hassling and demonization of law-abiding gun owners, if not by actually forcing them to turn in their guns to the government – you know, for the sake of the children. Of course, despite a brainless video plea from a gaggle of Hollywood actors to “demand a plan,” the left doesn’t seem to have a plan for disarming criminals, gangs, and the violent mentally ill, who came by their firearm possession illegally.

“I put my guns in the floor safe very long ago so that my children would not be able to find them.” When he was a little boy, Douglas continues, “I was climbing around in the house and I found a revolver on top of a cabinet. I took the gun, ran into the kitchen waving my find. My father grabbed the gun from me and gave me a spanking… I guess he thought he had placed it in a safe spot. There is no safe spot for kids.”

Actually, there are any number of safe spots, although atop a cabinet isn’t one. It’s very simple to ensure that your young children cannot have access to guns at home, and responsible gun owners do exactly that. Keeping your firearms inside a safe underneath the floor may be overkill, however, especially if you find yourself in sudden need to defend yourself and those same children.

“I cannot understand the people who are against some form of gun control,” Douglas muses. “They should be the first to welcome a message on making it more difficult to get a gun.” People aren’t against “some form of gun control” – they are against restrictions that do nothing to make people safer from gun violence, that only punish law-abiding, responsible gun owners, and that are a thinly-veiled gun grab by a totalitarian government that seeks to disarm its citizens supposedly for their own good.

“Many of them,” Douglas went on, “seem to propose more guns being available to everybody.” Do they? Who are these “many” who “seem” to propose that everybody have guns? I don’t know any gun owner who thinks everybody should have guns. I’m fairly sure no one wants gangbangers to have access to guns, or the mentally ill, or Mexican drug cartels, although our own government has no problem arming the latter.

“I have many grandchildren,” says Douglas. “I would hate to leave them a world where guns are easily accessible.” We all would. No one wants guns to be easily accessible to unsupervised, untrained, or very young children. That’s why responsible gun owners take measures to prevent that.

Then he intones the kneejerk anti-gun mantra of the left: “It’s time to do something to make our children safer.” Who can argue with that? Who doesn’t want to make children safer? It’s typical leftist, feel-good blather that everyone agrees with but which ignores the reality of an issue and offers no real-world solution.

Douglas closes with his pronouncement that “America’s cowboy days are over,” seemingly unaware of his own moral contradiction. He began his article pointing out how he used to ride to the rescue as a movie cowboy – back in the day when Hollywood still celebrated good guys rather than anti-heroes – and closed by complaining that he is frightened that now “everybody thinks he is a cowboy too.” What does he have to be frightened of from the good guys?

Apparently he would like to leave to his grandchildren a world in which there are no cowboys riding to save the day; instead, we surrender our 2nd Amendment rights and trust the government to ride to our rescue.

Under President Barack Obama, America’s cowboy days are indeed waning, a prospect which sends the pacifist totalitarians of the left into giddy spasms of joy. But we live in a world in which people still need Americans infused with the cowboy spirit to come to the rescue, both at home and abroad. Kirk Douglas, acting legend and honorary cowboy though he may be, has joined the ranks of Hollywood dreamers who don’t seem to grasp that it’s not only in movies that good men with guns must stop bad ones; that holds true for the real world too. Disarming the white hats only leaves us all at the mercy of the black hats.

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  • CriticalThunk

    In the days when Hollywood portrayed the hero riding in with a gun to save the day you could order a gun through the Sears catalog and have it shipped to your house. After years of glorifying immorality and criminal violence, they now call for the disarmament of every noble citizen, while excusing psychotic mass murderers as products of society, the very ones they helped to create.

    • tagalog

      …And in those long-gone days (which I’m just old enough to remember, having purchased my first rifle, an 03 Springfield, from Montgomery Ward), the murder rate was much lower.

      • jakespoon

        I wish I had an ’03. They cost a small fortune now.

  • anolesboy

    I will give up my gun the very day all the criminals give up their guns. And I will not shoot anyone unless my life is threated, so no one has to worry about my gun. Everyone is safe Mr. Douglas. around me. My gun is also in a safe place….It’s on my hip, locked and loaded.

    • tagalog

      Even when you’re sleeping? Does your wife have an opinion about that? What do you do when you sit down in a chair with arms? Ah, you’re skinny and the chairs are broad, that must be it.

  • tagalog

    Kirk Douglas is entitled to his opinions regarding gun ownership, and I certainly agree up to a point with some of what he says. I’m in favor of laws banning possession of firearms by the mentally ill and convicted felons, and of enhancing prison sentences for criminals who use guns to commit their crimes. But when he begins to talk about “everybody thinking he’s a cowboy,” I draw the line. First of all, the people who go on shooting sprees are in a group of people who are about 98% homicidally crazy; if they didn’t use guns, they’d use some different weapon. They don’t seem to think they’re cowboys – they seem to think (when you can tell what they think) that they’re in competition with other contemporary mass murderers. Secondly, I don’t know any gun owners who think they’re cowboys, and I know a lot of gun owners and a few real cowboys.

    If Kirk Douglas thinks Americans have too many guns, I invite him to move to England, where guns are difficult to find. I would just advise him to stay away from Muslim neighborhoods, as some of the people who live there are would-be religious murderers, unlike in the U.S., where murders for religious reasons are rare.

    • Smoking Hamster

      Go to Dearborn, I’ve heard that unreported honor killings are quite common there. The police are too afraid to do anything.

      • putthehammerdown

        This is an urban legend that just refuses to die. I know cops in Dearborn, talk to them regularly, live just up the road from it, and know this is just not true.
        Someone [especially Females] being killed, being hushed-up in This Town ?
        [Detroit and area ?]
        It’s delusional, laughable and totally unserious. Take off your Alcoa Hat.
        …there now,… isn’t that better…?

        • Smoking Hamster
          • putthehammerdown

            Once again, I ask you : if it were true, a murder in this town of a female in this situation would be all over the airwaves, and yet, we here, hear nothing.
            Nothing from any hospital, law enforcement agency,
            State A G, Women’s Rights orgs, nothing is seen, anyplace.
            …and no, none of them are Muslims, and I do not affiliate myself with any, if it can be helped, in ‘any’ way.
            …and linking Pam Gellar [in any form] does you no favors.
            If you have any info about victim’s names, places, dates and witnesses,…. link ‘em.
            Here’s betting you got nothing, and that is precisely what you’ll post.
            [You’re rarely going to meet anyone/a layman who knows as much about Islam as I do. Being from ‘just down the road’ from Dearborn, I took an early interest in Islam and have owned and studied The Qur’an for quite a while. It’s disgusting little tome’, is it not?]

          • Smoking Hamster

            What on earth is wrong with Pam Geller? If you truly know as much about Islam as you say you do then you will know that the things she says are true. She is extremely anti-Islam but pro-Muslim.

            I obtained my evidence from the Acts 17 apologetics leader David Wood, who is referenced by Pam Geller. Some Muslims of Dearborn have already infringed on the 1st Amendment rights of other American using Islamic principles. How is it unreasonable to assume that the same Muslims would commit even worse offenses in the name of their religion?

          • tagalog

            The first video clip is 2 hours and 25-1/2 minutes long. I think I’ll skip that one, thanks. I don’t even want to watch movies that long unless they’re Lawrence of Arabia, The Guns of Navarone, or The Longest Day, much less some ideological wrangle. However, Pamela Geller’s textual explanation of what happened says nothing about anybody asking any questions, or being arrested for asking them.

            The second link you gave talks about three people being arrested for demonstrating against honor killings. I didn’t see anything there about being arrested for asking any questions – they apparently were arrested for acting in such a way that they caused a breach of the peace, a claim that the article disputes.

      • tagalog

        All I said was, religious killings in the U.S. are rare, upon which you brought up honor killings, which strike me as more ethnic than religious (but reasonable people can disagree), then there was a volley of exchanges about Dearborn. Oh well, go for it, y’all.

  • Sharps Rifle

    This comes as no surprise, as Douglas has been a leftist of long standing. Just an old man letting loose with his leftist opinions.

  • Elseebee

    This is an anti-gun message from someone who admits to having guns stored under his floor? Hmmm… did I miss something?

    • tagalog

      He probably didn’t mention the automatic weapons that are wrapped in oil cloth, placed in a plastic container, sealed, and buried in his back yard, that he accumulated when he played military man Mickey Marcus in Cast A Giant Shadow, did he?

  • harrie verstappen

    “Lying like an actor” as Wodehouse once wrote. Let him blabber.

  • libertarian1234

    “I put my guns in the floor safe very long ago so that my children would not be able to find them.”

    Well, old boy, too bad you didn’t teach them about taking drugs, which are far deadlier, then maybe Michael wouldn’t have indulged and his son wouldn’t be in prison for dealing and for using.

    This old man has been severely brain damaged, so it’s doubtful he wrote anything and one of his radical leftist employees stepped up and penned the piece putting Douglas’s name on it.

    Douglas has ALWAYS been a friend of the well-known wino and leftist radical Harvey Weinstein, and Harvey’s mentors were also Douglas’s plantation owners in his rise up the Hollywood ladder.

  • OfficialPro

    I’d say Kirk Douglas has gone senile in his old age, but I think he was an idiot long before he reached that stage in life.