The Left’s Top 6 Boston Bombing Lies

boston-marathon-bombing-suspects-2013You have to admire how, when it comes to pushing their agendas, the American left stays relentlessly on point. Nothing stalls, much less derails, their locomotive, not even a terrorist act on our own shores. As Mad Men’s adman extraordinaire Don Draper tells his clients, “If you don’t like the conversation, change it.” The left doesn’t like the current Boston bombing conversation because it’s about Islam, their partner in an unholy alliance; so they quite simply do everything in their power to change it. How? Let us count the ways.

Blaming the right. Immediately after last week’s Boston Marathon terrorism, the mainstream news media began speculating that right-wingers were behind the blasts. And by speculating, I mean demonizing, because that was the left-leaning media’s fervent intent – to not let the crisis go to waste, to cast suspicion upon the overlapping segments of society they are hell-bent on “otherizing,” to use their own terminology: law-abiding Tea Partiers, patriots, veterans, Republicans, the NRA, white people, Christians. A CNN analyst, to name only one example, focused the discussion on “right-wing extremists.” More blatantly, Salon put its hateful bigotry on display in an article entitled, incredibly, “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.”

Blame the NRA. Once the ongoing investigation revealed it to be beyond dispute that the terrorists weren’t Tea Partiers, the left didn’t miss a beat. Even while the remaining fugitive was still at large, MSNBC’s attack dog Lawrence O’Donnell shamelessly blamed the National Rifle Association for hindering the investigation by having lobbied to block a taggant “that would enable tracing of the purchase of gunpowder”:

The NRA’s effort to guarantee that America’s mass murderers are the best equipped mass murderers in the world is not limited to those who use automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. The NRA is also in the business of helping bombers get away with their crimes.

O’Donnell conveniently neglected to mention that an independent scientific ruling years ago had recommended, for various reasons, against the use of taggants.

Blame Guns. Along that same line, the left kept the conversation focused on their current obsession, gun control, since the terrorists used firearms in their shootout with police. Turns out – surprise! – they weren’t licensed firearm owners. This would seem to be strong evidence that gun control laws do little if anything to hinder criminals and terrorists; but the left isn’t the party of logic, so even though the terrorists used bombs to wreak their havoc, the left made it about guns: “Why does America lose its head over ‘terror’ but ignore its daily gun deaths?” the left-wing Guardian asks (note the scare quotes around “terror”). “US gun law bigger threat than terrorists,” claimed another editorial. “Terror in Boston: It’s About Guns, Not Bombs,” blathered a leftist professor at University of North Carolina.

Islam is Innocent. Another tack the left used is to claim simply that Islam is an irrelevant factor. The Atlantic posed this defiantly moronic question: “The Boston Bombers Were Muslim: So?” Chris Matthews, MSNBC’s longest-running embarrassment, actually said “What difference does it make why they did it, if they did it?” Imagine the spit-flecked accusations this hypocrite would be hurling if the perpetrators had been Christian. Imagine the broad brush the multiculturalist left, in their all their non-judgmental tolerance, would be using to smear everyone on the right.

Melissa Harris-Perry, the race-obsessed MSNBC host who says your children don’t belong to you, took the “Islam is irrelevant” argument a step further by claiming that any attempt to point toward the terrorists’ Muslim nature is “otherizing” them: “Given that they’re Chechen, given that they are literally Caucasian, our very sense of connection to them is  this framed up notion of, like, Islam making them into something that is non-white,” she said inarticulately. What she’s getting at is that white Americans want to distance themselves from the terrorists by labeling them – framing them, as she puts it – as “something that is non-white,” hence Islam. First of all, Islam is not a race. Second, the only Americans who give a damn what color terrorists are are the left, because they want them to be white. Third, denial that the terrorists were carrying out violent jihad is simply a lie.

The terrorists are the victims. These kids weren’t radicalized by Islam and al Qaeda, this theory goes. They placed bombs that killed women and children because they couldn’t fit in, because they felt alienated from our racist, Islamophobic society. “To understand the Boston bombers,” mused a self-hating coward at Slate, “we need also to understand and be honest about ourselves, the ways in which we both take in and don’t take in people from other countries, the trickier side of the American dream.” “Expecting hospitality,” sympathized an American University professor, “they felt alienated and disillusioned, even with all of the opportunities and privileges available to them as citizens of this country.” Those poor terrorists. If only eight-year-old Martin Richard had made these privileged immigrants from war-torn Chechnya feel more welcome, perhaps they wouldn’t have blown him and others to smithereens.

We are the real terrorists. The reprehensible filmmaker Michael Moore tweeted that, because the terrorists turned out to be American citizens, “the rest of the world is safe now,” steering the conversation away from jihad’s central responsibility in worldwide terrorism and toward the suggestion that America is the world’s true terrorist. This echoes the very accusation leveled at us by our most hateful enemies, so Moore has once again proudly shown where his allegiance lies.

Like 9/11, the Beltway Snipers, the Ft. Hood massacre, the Little Rock recruiting center murder, and the dozens and dozens of failed or thwarted plots on American soil, the Boston bombing (and subsequent murder of a police officer) is about Islam. It’s about two radicalized Muslim-Americans, instructed by al Qaeda online, and probably assisted by co-conspirators. But the left is making it about gun control, about NRA obstructionism, about America herself alienating immigrants, about whites “otherizing” Muslim innocents, about any message that furthers their nihilistic agendas, because the left knows how to never lose control of the narrative – a lesson the right would do well to absorb and emulate.

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  • Roger

    I bet someone jihadist's mother will pop up and say it's a set up and there is no jihad.

    • logi_cal869

      The article misses the point: The Left can't tie its shoes without guidance. No way did all these players on the left coordinate; they were all pawns in this game beginning long ago. Most recently, the tagline became "homegrown terrorist", beginning just a couple of days ago.

      The real question is who is metaphorically 'moving the pieces', directing this coordinated attack?

      I point to this administration and those pulling its strings (the puppet masters)…

    • mlcblog

      Murderer #2's mother is screaming that all over the place. Loud and clear!! Further, her son was victimized, don't you know?

      • Lan Astaslem

        I heard that the older brother partied after blowing up his victims. That's islam for you.

    • Nikolina

      Well of course, what kind of mother would believe something like that?

    • rebelready

      Oh look here's Mom–sorry though English/Irish/Christian YOUR FBI is corrupt as hell and so are your courts AND your news media is paid to tell tall tales. During this so called sequester, these fools are promoting the theft of tax dollars with a huge ruse to keep Americans in fear. Major Hospitals and the news media promoted this ruse. Massachusett's local news media announced that ALL the insurance comanies were waving fees for the bombing victms; yea right!!! No one is impressed and the mass of people who have caught on is growing. I suggest these Congressmen and Senators involved tell the news media to end the ruse and inform the people. Oh, and by the way it appears young Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is not in federal custody!!! Maybe someone should check on that because if not part of this egregious ruse his life may be in danger!!! Maybe the USDC should have done a case assignment instead of continuing with Bowler with absolutely no US District Judge and Magistrate random draw/ And it would have really helped if the FBI put a FBI case number in the record. Oh and since it is unsealed maybe they should have joined the original case which was a search warrant request which remains sealed. WAKE UP!! Just an example from the mouth of a reporter with integrity.

  • Michael Copeland

    Excellent piece. Thank you, Mr. Tapson.

    If you would permit it, one further clarification can be added, concerning the term “radicalized”, which some sources (not yourself) use vaguely, as a sort of criticism. Tabloid news sources use “radicalized” as if it denotes some kind of aberration. It is nothing of the sort.

    The individual who is “radicalized” is not someone who is mistaken, who has gone “off the rails”, or missed the point, and so on. He is one who has bothered to study and understand the ROOTS of his ideology (Latin RADIX, root). As a result he is very well-informed and well-qualified. The radical doctrines are the base doctrines, without which the ideology would be meaningless. They are, to change the metaphor, the CORE.

    An implicit assumption is idly made in the tabloid press that the ordinary muslim, your glowing Mr. Nice Guy, is the antithesis of his inflexible “radicalised” neighbour, who is the problem muslim. “Ordinary” muslims, though, are not encouraged to study the roots of their doctrines: they depend on their “scholars” and imams to explain these to them.

    All muslims are, from a young age, trained only to RECITE the Koran in Arabic, a language which most do not speak. They are not expected to understand what it says, and indeed are discouraged – by beating with sticks and so on in the madrassas – from asking questions. Great praise is heaped on the individual who can recite the whole Koran by heart: prizes are awarded for it. Robert Spencer recounts the highly regarded Koran-memoriser he met who said he loved the text, and that one day he would like to find out what it meant.

    No, the radicalized muslim is not mistaken. He has found out, as Ayatollah Yazdi, adviser to Ahmadinejad in Iran, says, “Violence is the heart of Islam”, and that, as the Grand Mufti of Egypt says,

    “Muslims must kill non-believers wherever they are unless they convert to Islam,”
    (www.Citizen 20 June 2011).

    The problem for the West is not the radicalized muslim: the problem is Islam.

    • alkidya

      I agree, Michael and America has in it's leadership some of the most well-versed, in the Qur'an and Hadiths, Muslim Brotherhood operatives.

    • logi_cal869

      "an implicit assumption made in the tabloid press"

      Correction: That presumption is now off the rails with Bill O'Reilly's latest rant against CAIR.

      It's MAINSTREAM.

    • nidia f barakat

      Sir, Can I post your coment on my Facebook? Nidia F Barakat

      • Michael Copeland

        Please go ahead. Spread the word.

    • defcon 4

      But Islam isn't killing people, muslimes are. This kinda reminds me of the gun control idjits who try to assert guns kill people — as if the guns have the ability to do so by themselves.

      • jakespoon

        I understand your argument,but you forget,Islam is a religious philosophy. In it's holy book it plainly states to kill non-believers and infidels. It influences people to do just that. A gun is a tool,if you will, which has no will to indoctrinate anyone.

        • Defcon 4

          Ideology doesn't exist in the ether, it exists in the mind of its followers.

          • jakespoon


          • defcon 4

            If Islam only existed in its various books of holey hatred and NOT in the minds of a billion muslimes — it wouldn't matter much would it?

    • Rob

      Very well said Michael! I will only add that a 'radicalized' muslim is both a well informed and COMMITTED muslim.

    • James P. Breslin

      Excellent article although the responses were absolutely predictable. It makes one long for the days when HUAC exposed Communists and their fellow-travelers.We preach however to the choir and this and the West is doomed. Where is Charles Martel when he's needed.

      • defcon 4

        I wonder if there are enough honest congressmen to pull off a HUAC style investigation these days.

    • @throatkooky

      You people are whinier than any people on the left. Not to mention you're adept at making up B.S.

  • AdinaK

    Firstly, without the left's heavy lifting there would be less room for Islamic jihadists to operate from. In effect, they are their co-conspirators. The following just about covers it, demonstrating the nexus between leftist immoral relativism and its tailwind to terror –

    One plus one…

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    Adina kutnicki, Israel

    • truebearing

      Exactly. The Left is enabling the jihadists in every way possible, including making excuses for their violence or blaming it on us, the victims. The evil of the Muslim terrorists is no greater than those who encourage and enable it, starting with Imambama.

    • Kevin Stroup

      The left in the West uses the Muslims as their shock troops. The muzzies keep the conservatives on the ropes while the left is free to run amok doing their thing. But those that love the West will prevail. Then it will time for revenge. No mercy for the left.

  • Raymond

    This is an actual answering-machine message for the
    High School in Queensland, Australia.
    Every School in America needs to do this.

    • Mary Sue


    • aggreen
      • Raymond

        Snopes is controlled by George Soros.

        • trickyblain

          No, it's not. It's controlled by its owners, Barbara and David Mikkelson.

          • Raymond

            Who are controlled by Soros.
            Barbara and David are Obama supporters.

          • Raymond

            Your screen says it all.

      • defcon 4

        Snopes lost all credibility w/me in their "explanation" of the zero's "my muslim faith" statement made on television. Their "explanation" as to why the zero's words don't imply he's a muslime is the most convoluted bit of lying I've read outside the enemedia.

        • trickyblain


          Because they printed the exact transcript in context?

          • defcon 4

            The context didn't support the argument. How many people do you know who have misspoke and stated "my muslim faith"? You and them are BS artists pure and simple.

    • RedBaker

      Snopes says BS. But I love the ideas.

  • Raymond

    What Pilots Should Announce The Flight:

  • clarespark

    The nonsensical claim that terrorists are the victims (my favorite) is typical of this administration and of the school and university system in general. Everywhere, schoolchildren are taught to blame America First. So I tried to retell the American story here:…. "American exceptionalism retold." And if you don't like this one, consider the propaganda on television that undermines the "little Satan" Israel, whose story arc contains a deprecatory attitude toward Jews and Israel:…. "The Chrisianization of Ziva David," and in the past has mollified the Muslim world in multicultural rhetoric. The omens are portenteous and rather scary.

  • Brujo Blanco

    The MSM consistently comes to conclusions in advance of the facts. Something happens the MSM begins theorizing instead of waiting for facts like the identification of the perpetrator. The MSM pushes hard to go after the Tea Party, Christians. Conservatives, and groups such as Jews. Hopefully the left will not respond to incidents such as with roundups of suspects reminiscent of Nazi Germany. I believe the seeds have been planted and the mechanism in the form of DHS is ready to take action. Our local and state police authorities are becoming more and more militarized. There be an avoidance of.initial.consideration of Muslim wackos as perps.

    • defcon 4

      The "roundups of suspects", if anything, won't be affecting the muslime community — it's all the rest of us who aren't on-board w/the imposition of Sharia law that are the problem for the corrupt leftards.

    • Jacobite

      When are Americans gonna grasp the existential difference between Left and Right? The Nazis (and fascists, Falangists, etc.) were PRO-German. The German Left (in the culture-war guise of the Weimar Culture) was virulently anti-German, anti-Christian, and anti-Western Civilization. When the Nazis rounded up the usual suspects, they were sweeping the streets of the anti-German Left. When Trayvon Holder rounds up the usual suspects, he'll be rounding up white Christians. The simple fact is that the Left in the US is "other" to normal Americans, just as the Left in Weimar Germany was "other" to the average German. Sorry, but there it is. What're you gonna do about it?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The MSM would have all Americans think they are the problem they are attacked and murdered
    is because it is somehow America's fault, Bush caused it, any idiotic statement or insane theory
    will do. The big fail of Islams felonies is that they happen in other Nations, they are a plague in
    Europe, Russia owns the problem big time, why else would they try to work with us on it. Obama
    is everyone's President but Islamists that wish to do harm have a better friend in him than
    someone just trying to live a quiet decent life, the war on America goes on starts at it's home base.
    Washington D.C. (District of Criminals)………………………………..William

  • tagalog

    What were the cops doing toting around full-auto illegal "assault weapons" with high-capacity magazines in order to hunt down a lone 19-year-old fugitive who was wounded and leaving a blood trail?

    Weren't the cops being criminals by doing that? Where was the MSM when you could see what the state was doing? Did anybody from CBS interview a Sandy Hook parent for their reaction?

    And what about NEEDING their M-16s or AR-15s with those high-capacity magazines? I thought nobody in the civilian world NEEDS "assault weapons" and high-capacity magazines.

    Where was the gun-control reporting MSM about that? Not a peep. Crickets chirping. Cops with machine guns wandering the streets, OK, fine. Let a MSM reporter see it in Chechnya or the Middle East, and it's "what a police state" or "tsk, tsk, how uncivilized." Here, no problem.

    • mlcblog

      Lone 19-year-old. OMG. What planet are you on?

      I have personally witnessed a young approx 24-year-old man in the midst of a sudden, explosive mental break where it took FIVE adult male attendants to spread-eagle the guy so he could be sedated. I think you have a lot to learn.

      This murderer of whom you speak as a victim actually was trained to kill by his family and friends from childhood and actually DID kill people. Hello!!

      • tagalog

        I think you missed my sarcasm. To explain: I was imitating a gun-control nut.

        I myself am a gun nut. I got my first rifle at age 11. I became an NRA Expert on my high school rile team. Presently, I am certfied by the NRA as a pistol instructor. I am active in my instructing. I have my concealed carry permit (I question why one needs to obtain a permit from the state for that, but I can live with it). I've had a CCP for about 30 years, in both New York and Colorado.

        I just got back from the range today where I shot my .22 and my .45, scoring an aggregate average score of 84/100 at 25 yards (75 feet), the score of a Step 9 Sharpshooter. I expect to reach Expert in the NRA Bullseye competition in about a year or so. Practice, practice, practice.

        My 8 years of experience with dealing with violent and explosive mental patients in crisis as a psych nurses' aide probably has taught me as much as you about quelling the violent mentally ill. We didn't have any guns, but the nurses did have Thorazine. So we just fought them down and kept them down until the shot took hold. Strenuous, that. What's your experience with that kind of thing?

        When I talk about the cops walking around breaking the law with prohibited "assault weapons," I'm being sarcastic – mostly. Part of me is serious about that. Legal prohibitions -if we're going to have them at all- should apply to all of us.

        When I mention a lone wounded guy, I hope you noticed that I didn't mention the shootout he and his now-dead brother had with the cops. I have an inkling of the damage he could have done.

        I would need some proof on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's firearms training. But I don't have any hearburn about the cops having full-auto M-16s and high-capacity mags as long as the rest of us citizens can have them too. They can even restrict us citizens to semi-autos.

        The planet I live on is called "Earth," sometimes called "Terra" by the fancy-pants types. What planet are YOU on?

    • mlcblog

      I'm sorry if I missed the humor in your comment.

      • tagalog

        I wasn't trying to be humorous there, sobersides. I was being sarcastic.

        To go on a little further: if the people had not been disarmed by law and if Massachusetts did not prohibit "assault weapons," the Tsarnaevs would probably have been caught or neutralized much earlier. But no, the people were ordered to hide in their living rooms with the doors locked while the cops roamed the streets with machine guns.

  • HiPlainsDrifter

    Seems like this crime is solved, perps identified and caught.
    Now the motive will be anything and everything, except the actual motive, the violent and corrupt culture of Islam…

  • BS77

    Michael Moore and Chris Matthews should be in some kind of horror movie about humans who become insect- like creatures without minds or souls…..MSNBC is the new SCI FI station anyway.

    • onepornqueen

      So, it would be a reality show?

    • defcon 4

      Michael Moore recently visited Iran, which kinda makes me wonder if Michael Moore's defense of islamofascism doesn't come from the heart.

    • Nikolina

      I'm pretty sure the only people listening to Michael Moore anymore are you guys, and only to marvel at his idiocy.

  • RiverFred

    The Fort Hood massacre was work place violence. What other lie will Obozo say about Boston?

    • mlcblog

      Maybe that it didn't really happen, or matter.

  • clarespark

    The top lie should be the obvious fact that the Obama administration believes that terrorism is waning under their watchful leadership.

  • clarespark

    All the lies mentioned in this article can be traced back to multiculturalism and the belief that white males and Jews have victimized the globe. Pick one of your favorites here, and share please:…. Index to multiculturalism blogs.

    • Moogman

      you are fooling yourself , tens of thousands of US special forces, military and FBI are waking up to the fact that we were attacked by Israel

  • Muhamad Exec branch

    Those evil white americans are to blame for blowing themselves up. That boy was not nice enough to those jehadems. Jihadems= democrats for jihad.

  • hikerdude

    The "Left " the epitome of Insanity !

  • 11bravo

    C'mon Mark!! This was a slow news day or what?

    We want to hear more than the usual from frontpage. Don't put out anything if it is just going to be a re-hash.

  • Richard

    Where were these sweet boys "radicalized"? In America, of course. There is and has been a steady drumbeat of America hating, White Man hating, Western Civilization hating, Christian hating, Jew hating, and Middle Class hating from the American university, MSM, Democrat Party, and Liberal Land in general. And it has been going on for 40 years.

  • truebearing

    What is more predictable: the sun rising in the morning or the Left lying?

  • BLJ

    Screw the Left. They can all go pound sand. Islam is the problem.

  • Mickey mouse

    Msnbc just reported that it was islamic disinfranchment here in Mass. that justified their jihadic bombings dismemberments etc. Stop watching msnbc and cbs. Boycott gutterscum:>

  • thebugman

    Mr. Tapson, you are so full of it. You and your supporters / ilk are so blinded by hatred of the Islamic faith it's pathetic. You complain about the 'mainstream media,' but don't forget that Fox News is mainstream, too. You hear one or two quotes from Michael Moore and cry that everyone to the left of your viewpoint is a socialist, as if you even know what that is. Your categorical hatred of everything and everyone who do not fit into your narrow ideological view of the world is self-evident. Just as you think the President and the people who support him are somehow destroying America, so too is your rhetoric polarizing, fostering viewpoints that are absolutely harmful to society.
    A few Muslisms may hate America, but have you ever REALLY thought about why? I bet freedom is not one of the reasons why (Finland is a free country but you don't hear Muslims shouting "death to Finland"). Hating them as much as some of them hate us will not solve anything. As far as terrorism goes, last time I checked Timothy McVeigh was not a Muslim.

    • Mickey mouse

      You are quite incorrect. They sing death to finland all the time buddy.

    • Defcon 4

      The only reason Finland is becoming less free? Muslimes and islam.

    • Mary Sue

      you don't know anything about Islamists. They hate America because it is not Muslim! Simple as that!

      • Santa

        lol. so these muslims hate america because we're non-muslim? how does that make sense?so why aren't they in china blowing things up? or canada? australia? brazil? entire south america? yes they don't like america, but not because it's a non-muslim country. why don't you look at the thousands of civilians attacked in pakistan because of drones sent by america. why don't you look at the number of afghan civilians killed in the war, when america was supposed to be targeting al-qaeda and the taliban. how about in iraq too? how about the number of palestinians dying from high-tech ammunition from israel supported by america? of course, israel is suffering too and i'm not taking can sit comfortably on your computer and point fingers all you want that these extremists hate us b/c we're free and non-muslim. we're the ones shooting or bombing their homes after all.

  • "gunner"

    for those commentators on the left, i'll borrow from mad magazine: "the usual gang of idiots"

  • Marty

    Fighting and winning the war against radical islam and terrorism can only happen if the nation accepts the fact that this war exists, that it is the same existential threat that fascism and communism were, and that the left is to delusional and hypocritical to understand the what we are facing. We have to simply ignore the whining and distortions the left is so good at and proceed regardless of what sort of insults are hurled at us. The only other choice is defeat, enslavement, and a new dark age.

  • candy

    I'm so sick of the misinformation ,editing and distortion of facts by the MSM i am ready for a class action lawsuit. Journalists have a code of ethics and every major news station and reporter is violating it. They are doing untold damage to society with their lies

  • Nikolina

    Huh. I've never read a right wing … anything before. Here goes.
    I'm fairly left wing, and this isn't really the general consensus at all. Apart from scattered idiots, no one is calling the brothers the victims. Seriously, Michael Moore? I'll admit I liked him once, but he's been long since exposed as a liar. Even my high school english teacher who had us all watch Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 911 doesn't listen to him anymore.
    That report on taggants is 18 years old, so given the rate technology improves these days I'm sure it's affordable and efficient. Switzerland is using them with no problem. But given that it's easy enough to manufacture explosives, get imported untagged gunpowder, etc, I agree that taggants aren't super important.
    Gun control is about keeping an eye on legally obtained firearms so that when someone starts buying them in bulk to sell them illegally, or buying several extremely dangerous automatic weapons, it prompts some kind of background check. I know you see it as a slippery slop, but how else can we crack down on gun crime? Still, it has little to do with this case. This was a bombing, and gun control wouldn't have changed it.
    And finally, I detest Islam as well. Muslims, I judge on an individual basis. I have one Muslim friend, she's sweet but completely indoctrinated. I don't like any religion when taken to extremes and imposed on others, but I have to say Islam is my least favorite.
    So there. I've been called left wing and "extremely liberal" plenty, but I don't feel I disagree with you guys that much. You need to stop listening to the crazy minority.

    • defcon 4

      Try criticising islam to your muslime friend…see what happens, just for laughs

    • reader

      "Gun control is about keeping an eye on legally obtained firearms so that when someone starts buying them in bulk to sell them illegally, or buying several extremely dangerous automatic weapons, it prompts some kind of background check. I know you see it as a slippery slop, but how else can we crack down on gun crime?"

      Did you just make it up or your high school english teacher did? Did he or she ever explain to you what a straw man argument is?

    • TribulationReady

      Gun crime almost always happen where gun laws have made it impossible to protect oneself.

      New York, Chicago, D.C. have horrible gun crime-murder rates… I recommend mandatory arming of the entire nation. Like Switzerland does it. and they have no gun crime.

      My tolerance of any religion ends, where it's killing of other's begins.

      When the mandatory gun confiscations begin the concentration/death/reeducation/fema camps will start receiving their victims.. erm i mean overpopulation-christian-antigovernment problems.

  • Jake Tobias

    Well, as Obama once said, "We can absorb a terrorist attack." Especially if there is no attack, only work place violence. I wonder what Obama or the media think might qualify as a bonafide terrorist attack. Maybe if someone from network, or the New York Times, were blowed up real good, maybe then it would qualify. Let's hope they just lose an arm or leg, because if their head gets blown off, they would never notice.

    • defcon 4

      If you re-define terrorism as something else, why then it just kinda disappears doesn't it?

  • A. Constantine

    "Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an Alex Jones Fan with an “Interest in Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories,” Says Relative"

  • moogman

    you are a fool if you think anyone but Israel was behind this

    • defcon 4

      Psychiatry has come a long way and might be able to help you w/your delusions. Then again, Nidal Hassan isn't practicing psychiatry anymore so maybe you're SOL.

  • mick white

    The writer parrots the official story. Ironically, in his biodetails above, he is a "Shillman" fellow.