Israeli Leftist Targets Holocaust Organization

On the left-wing Israeli website, correspondent Amira Hass posted an article recently with the unwieldy title, “On an ostensible Holocaust website, the U.S. right’s opposition to Obama is the message,” in which she attacked the work of the Los Angeles-based Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors (CJHS) for its pro-Israel and anti-totalitarian stance, two positions the left cannot tolerate.

Hass wrote that CJHS caught her attention a few months ago with an email containing a “hair-raising photograph of the train tracks to Auschwitz.” Hass, herself a child of Jewish Holocaust survivors, “assumed that this group that I wasn’t familiar with somehow considered me one of their own… and I let myself read what the group had to say.” I’m pretty certain that CJHS does not consider Hass one of its own, since her work perpetuates the standard leftist lies about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In any case, what Hass then read on the site prompted her to attempt a withering response.

“On the site of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors,” Hass wrote, “the right wing uses one of the 20th century’s greatest atrocities for political gain.” This disgusting accusation is a cynical ploy to gloss over the fact that it is the unholy alliance of the left and Islamic fundamentalists who want to diminish the historical truth of the Holocaust – or deny it altogether – for their own political gain.

“The first thing I learned” from the site, she continued, “was that I should be gravely worried by Chuck Hagel’s possible appointment as the next U.S. defense secretary.” Actually, Israel should be gravely worried, but Hass has nothing to fear, since neither she nor Hagel is a friend of our Middle East ally. Next, she read that CJHS is “committed to the promotion of Western values against the dual threats of complacency and the spread of Islam.” Hass found this amusing, claiming “that the social and biologically-based hierarchy, white supremacy, racial purity, country above all and man in service of the state and race are Western values.” If Hass considers those to be the West’s values, then she fits right in with the deranged Islamic fundamentalists whose genocidal agenda she is abetting.

She went on to complain about the CJHS website linking to politically conservative sites. “Surfing the site was like wandering through a meeting held by the American right.” How unsettling that must have been, to find herself in the virtual belly of the pro-Israel beast. She noted with disapproval that CJHS linked to an article on a different site that compared President Obama to Hitler; her concern is understandable considering that, as FrontPage’s Daniel Greenfield wrote, “Hass has repeatedly written sympathetic pieces about the genocidal anti-Semitic terrorist organization whose members often revere Hitler.”

“And I wasn’t at all surprised,” Hass continued, “to find among the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors’ guests people like former ultra-right-wing MK Aryeh Eldad and right-wing Israeli group Women in Green.” In other words, Hass disapproves of staunch supporters of Israel, which says much more about her than it does about CJHS.

She went on to complain that CJHS links to articles on other sites that criticize Obama for raising taxes and threatening gun confiscation, which Americans are now realizing is an urgent goal of the radical Obama administration. Hass concludes sarcastically that CJHS believes that “to prevent a new Holocaust, it is necessary to leave untouched the free use of guns in the United States.” I’ll concede this one to her, although there is no “free use of guns” in the US, and the Founding Fathers established private gun ownership in order to defend against a tyrannical government; but yes, it’s also a good start toward staving off a new Holocaust.

Hass also was disturbed by a post on CJHS’s Facebook page which condemns “American Jews who voted for Obama against their own interests.” CJHS is right to condemn them. Obama has proven over and over again that he is an enemy of Israel and the Jews, arming the Jew-hating fundamentalist regime in Egypt, for example, with weapons that will one day be used against Israelis and Americans.

Furthermore, Hass seems suspicious that CJHS seems to consist of just one person – its founder and president:

Maybe I’m more Web-challenged than I thought, or maybe this woman really can do everything on her own, including searching the Web, organizing discussions, linking other articles, sending emails to tens of thousands of people (in her own words), writing press releases, keeping up on events and updating a Facebook page.

Hass does not name “this woman,” probably in a petty move to avoid giving her any free publicity. Allow me to name her now: Doris Wise Montrose.* Hass is correct that Doris really can and does do everything that Hass lists on her own, because she is a driven warrior against America’s and Israel’s enemies, foreign and domestic, and a passionate defender of human rights against totalitarians like Obama and Hamas.

As for the CJHS events, some of the speakers and topics CJHS has sponsored or co-sponsored for Los Angeles-area residents include, to name a few recent ones, Larry Schweikart discussing “A Patriot’s History of the Modern World”; Professor Abraham Sion on “How the Jewish Community Should Confront the Israeli Left and Arab Propaganda”; FrontPage’s own Caroline Glick on “Israel on the Eve of U.S. Elections”; and “Is Our First Amendment in Danger?” featuring Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, and Eugene Volokh, UCLA Professor of Law.

What Hass and her ilk resent is that, unlike too many Holocaust groups, Doris and CJHS are not content to merely memorialize and mourn the horrors of the past. Recognizing that Jews and Western civilization itself are facing a global hatred that threatens us anew, CJHS exists to do its part, through educational events and awareness-raising news and commentary, to prevent another Holocaust. As its motto states, “Never again is now.”

Amira Hass’s attempted condemnation of the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors simply confirms that Doris Wise Montrose must be doing something very right.

* Full disclosure: the David Horowitz Freedom Center has co-sponsored many of CJHS’s important events, and Doris is a very close friend of mine, so I have firsthand knowledge of the courageous, critical work she does through CJHS.

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  • AdinaK

    This IS the true face of the Israeli left, and Hass is one of its poisonous fruits –

    This is the Jewish left, regardless of locale. They are deadly.

    Adina kutnicki, Israel

    • JacksonPearson

      What part of the holocaust did the Dhimmi left miss?

    • karpe diem 36

      why repeat the garbage of Ms. Hass? she is nothing but poison without any redeeming qualities. do not read her and do not print her, her opinions are worth nothing, and she should be ashamed for being not only ignorant, insensitive and a bigot, but she is cutting the tree she is sitting on, she only wants to destroy israel. she should be banished!!

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    Now with Obama and Hagel, the Israeli leftists can finally get what they want: DEATH! Wait until U.S. and international troops are running the show. It will be worse than the British Mandate. But it's what they want……

    • karpe diem 36

      israel will never let a foreign soldier on its territory, at least i hope Bibi has enough sense not to let them in, and some of the soldiers may even be Moslem, for heavens' sake.

    • Jacobite

      Just because Hitler and the Nazis were the Jews' blood enemies doesn't mean they were wrong. If you refuse to confront your enemies honestly and directly, and destroy them, then you are accepting defeat. Defeat in the animal world usually means death, sooner or later. The IDF and Mossad have demonstrated considerable prowess in the past; time to take Leftism seriously in Israel and elsewhere. Leftists are the enemies of every normal human being alive, which makes them worse than Mohammedans or Nazis, who considered their enemies to be those who didn't share their religion or ethnic background, respectively.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    Amira Haas looks like she'd really like to put on a set of striped pajamas and have her head shaved, plus lose about 40 pounds, and contract a good case of jaundice, lice, etc. and she'd finally be back in the life she always wanted. Too bad she demands all the other Israelis follow her there.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “that the social and biologically-based hierarchy, white supremacy, racial purity, country above all and man in service of the state and race are Western values.”

    Another victim of life.

  • Mary Sue

    wow, that israeli leftist seems so delusional it isn't even funny.

  • thomas_h

    Doesn't Hass mean Hate in German? Just asking…

    • Underzog

      Yes, it does. A term before the word antisemitism was coined by Jew hater, Whilhem Marr, was Judenhass. Antisemitism purports to be more scientific than judenhass, which seems to be based on Jews being Christkillers or sumping.

      • Ron Lewenberg

        Better yet, "Amira" means "speak"
        Speak Hate hates right-wing Jews. And we care why? As a member of the Facebook group, I am proud to be on this self-hating communists bad list.

        • thomas_h

          " I am proud to be on this self-hating communists bad list."

          Good for you, Ron!

  • Hank Rearden

    So Amira, you've got our attention, you've got the racist, sexist yadda yadda thing down, so don't hold back!! What is the THEREFORE…in all of this. What is it that you WANT? My suspicion is that you want Israel to do a Masada. Is that it?

    I mean, let's cut out the circumlocution – is Israel a legitimate nation-state or not?

    • JacksonPearson

      "I mean, let's cut out the circumlocution – is Israel a legitimate nation-state or not?"
      Israel was a legitimate nation yesterday, is today, and will be there in the end.
      Idiots like Amira Hass, will have to account to, and plead their cases to a higher authority.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Give this poor creature a break, her inner suffering and turmoil must squeeze some
        small amount of pity out of you, or not, send her to Saudi Arabia as a blasphemer.

  • Ken Kelso

    This is same Amira Hamas as i call her, who took the side of the homicide bombers in Jenin when Israel went into Jenin in 2002. This after hundreds of Israeli civilians were slaughtered in Israel from homicide bombers from Jenin.
    The worst part Amira did was say her typical blood libel against Israel.
    Let me put exactly what she said
    'What kind of war is this?'
    Haaretz, April 2002
    It is still impossible to know how many people are buried under the ruins in the Jenin refugee camp, where the smell of decomposing bodies mingles with the stench of garbage and the scent of geraniums and mint.
    Lies Lies Lies and more Lies by Amira.
    There was no decomposing bodies. This was all Pallywood lies.
    Amira again caught lying as she did when she was sued for her lies in Hebron.
    Remember after the Jenin massacre was proven to be a Hoax, which Amira knew.
    The Palestinians were going to cemeteries and digging up bodies and talking how they were killed in Jenin. The greatest example of Pallywood, was the Palestinians having fake funerals staged for the media to believe they were killed by Israel. Watch this video of a supposedly dead Palestinian the PLO said was killed in Jenin until the “corpse” falls off and magically regains consciousness. A definite contender for Best Pallywood Video of the Year Award.

  • Ken Kelso

    Frimet Roth who lost her daughter in the Sbarros massacre in 2001.
    Read what she wrote about Gideon Levy and Amira Hamas
    She hits it right on the head

    Gideon Levy, who writes for Israel`s pre-eminent daily, Haaretz, fancies himself a champion of the weak and vulnerable. The day after my child`s cold-blooded murder by a Hamas bomber, Levy wrote the following in his weekly piece detailing Palestinian suffering:

    "These children, every child in the world should have protection as though he were a VIP. Every child in the world is a VIP"
    Levy did not mention the seven Jewish children whose graves were dug that day because he did not mean those children. He never does.

    Levy`s colleague, Amira Hass, the only Israeli journalist who lives in a Palestinian town, Ramallah, was equally indifferent to my child`s murder. The first piece she published in Haaretz after the Sbarro massacre made no mention of the fifteen victims. Instead, it was an emotive tirade about the Palestinian right of return, reminding her readers of two major Jewish settlements close to Jerusalemthat she fears "won`t be evacuated": the city of Maaleh Adumim and the Jerusalem satellite community of Givat Ze`ev.
    Murdered Jewish children do not move Hass either.

  • Ken Kelso
    Here is an article Amira Hamas wrote right after Israel killed Yassin in 2004.
    This after Yassin ordered thousands of terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians.
    Amira says, but really this time, the targeted assassination will bring us closer to a respite and to Palestinian surrender.

    Amira believes Israel should not target Palestinian mass murderers who order Israeli civilians to be blown up on buses, shopping centers, disco's, pizzerias, hotels and anywhere else Arabs can massacre Israeli civilians.

    Amira believes Arabs have the right to slaughter Jews and any Israeli who targets these Arabs who order civilians to be murdered will lead to the Arabs surrender.
    If this doesn't show you what a wacked out radical this Amira Hamas is, nothing will.
    Is it any wonder why her articles are on Neo Nazis sites and Holocaust Denying sites.

    Just to let Amira Hamas know, terrorism is down 90% since Yassin was killed.
    It proves how your policy of surrender to Arab terrorists was dead wrong.

    • Raymond in DC

      Taking out Yassin (and his successor Rantisi months later) was just one piece of the effort to deal with the terrorism. The fence played a big part. So do ongoing operations within the "West Bank" territories.

      But all this proves those who insisted there was "no military solution" to the terror wave of 2000-2002 were very wrong. (Their "solution" was essentially capitulation to the enemy's demands.) The turning point was really the Defensive Shield operation after the horrific bombing of a seder in Netanya, when Israel signaled it was determined to put an end to it.

  • Ken Kelso

    Oh Amira Hamas, Same old methods, same lies by you. ..

    On June 7, 2001, the news was: "The Hevron Jewish Community sued Ha`aretz newspaper – and won! Ha`aretz staffer Amira Hass, a Jewish resident of Ramallah, wrote several months ago that the residents of Beit Hadassah in Hevron abused the corpse of a terrorist. She wrote that the residents kicked, spat on, and danced atop the body of a dead Arab terrorist, who had just been shot and killed by soldiers shortly after he threw a grenade at them. The plaintiffs cited an announcement by the IDF spokesman at the time asserting that the Jewish residents did not abuse the body in any manner. The Hevron residents demanded an apology, which Ha`aretz did not provide. They then sued the paper for 250,000 shekels, and Ha`aretz did not even submit a defense. Yesterday, Hon. Shalev Gertel awarded the full sum to the Hevron community, in addition to 20,000 shekels for legal expenses."

  • Ben

    We must get used that anti-semitism is the way of life of some part of the Jewry or because of the family tradition or of the easy money source. The refutation of their charges is the senceless task.

  • thomas_h

    Look careful at her face, the cold empty stare of her eyes, the grimace of contempt around her mouth.

    Remember ayatollah Khomeini reminding the believers that "there is no fun in Islam"?
    That pathetic, obviously disturbed, woman seems to be saying: "there is no fun in leftism".

    • Questions

      Or Hasidism. They are unyielding Men in Black. And unlike Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, they're not having fun.

      • thomas_h

        You, most certainly, must have seen the hassidim festivity.
        You mean their joyous total self abandonment in rapturous dancing, loud singing, hand clapping, bouncing up and down like young children, their ecstatic smiles, their loud laughter is all an expression of deep, deep sadness, gloom and joy denial?
        If this is what they told you then they must have had an extra fun – on your expense…

  • LibertarianToo

    She looks like such a HAPPY person, doesn't she?

  • Drakken

    I say feed her to the muslim mobs she loves so much, traitors such as her deserve no recognition nor sympathy.

  • Ph.D. dissertation

    Arab men in Ramallah are racist, otherwise they' d rape this Jewish woman already.