Oliver Stone: America Is a ‘Fascist Force’

The C-SPAN Book TV program After Words recently featured a conversation with controversial film director Oliver Stone and American University professor Peter Kuznick. The two are co-authors of a massive new book, The Untold History of the United States, which Stone has parlayed into a multi-part Showtime documentary (and which FrontPage Mag has addressed here, here, here, here and here). As you might expect, the hour featured Kuznick and Stone denouncing American imperialism and placing the blame for Cold War mistrust on the U.S., while only paying lip service to the notion that some responsibility lay with the Soviets.

The program was hosted by Michael Kazin, professor of history at Georgetown University and the co-editor of Dissent, a quarterly socialist magazine of politics and culture. As a Harvard student, Kazin was a leader in the Students for a Democratic Society and briefly a member of the Weatherman faction. Although he describes himself in this show as “an anti-Communist leftist, someone who thinks that Stalin was a horrible mass murderer, one of the worst in history,” and although he gently challenges his guests on a couple of occasions, for the most part Kazin is supportive of their Cold War perspective: “I agree with both of you that the United States was hardly blameless, and did a lot to exacerbate that rivalry and hostility.” What a less predictable and more stimulating program it might have been if, say, Ron Radosh or David Horowitz had been tapped to moderate the discussion.

Stone and Kuznick discuss at length the 1948 Progressive Party presidential candidate Henry Wallace, the unsung hero of their book. When Time publisher Henry Luce called for the 20th century to be “the American century,” Wallace responded by saying, in Kuznick’s words, “it shouldn’t be the American century. It should be the century of the Common Man. So what we need is a worldwide revolution.” Kuznick relates approvingly how Wallace “called for ending colonialism, ending imperialism, ending monopolies and cartels, and the economic exploitation.”

Kuznick goes on to lament how badly Americans are schooled in history, without noting the fact that this is partially the result of the left’s educational agenda and indoctrination from professors like himself, who present American history as a shameful parade of genocidal atrocities and ruthless imperialism. Current history books don’t provide the framework for understanding the American “empire,” Stone chimed in, adding that, like Howard Zinn’s subversive and ubiquitous The People’s History of the United States, “we’re trying to make this book a primer” for high school readers the age of his own daughter, 16-17. Their intention, of course, is to pollute young minds with their Blame America First mentality.

It is in the final minutes of the program that the participants begin to let their hair down and expose more radical opinions. Stone, for example, raises the specter of the so-called Red Scare: “Is it not convenient for the bosses, the owners, the elites, to deflect the tensions that exist in this era in American life by pointing to Stalin and the Communists and saying, ‘This is the enemy’?” He goes on to add that “Stalin has always been a convenient boogey man for the right and the center, the Trumanites, up to today.” Kazin responded by agreeing but added that the Communists, by their heinous actions, did give some legitimacy to the right’s concerns – which the right then used “to scare people,” Kuznick hastened to add. So Communist brutality and repression were real, but pointing it out was paranoid fear-mongering?

Stone joked about finding it insulting that airports were named after two aggressive anti-Communists, former Eisenhower Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and former President Ronald Reagan. Kazin and Kuznick laughed along with him and the latter added, “At least we got [the first black Supreme Court Justice] Thurgood Marshall in there in Baltimore.”

Kazin brought the conversation into the present by asking, “Has American foreign policy changed at all now since the Cold War?… Is the U.S. still seeing the world as its own oyster to be cracked open?” Kuznick and Stone share a knowing smile at this, as if they have a lot to say on the topic – Kuznick in particular looks like he’s bursting to respond – but Stone merely says, “You’re answering your own question.” He and Kuznick go on to lament “the lost opportunities” for peace, particularly during the presidencies of both Bushes.

“What kind of foreign policy do you think the United States should have?” Kazin asks. Stone asserts that the world he would like to live in is one of “compassion and a love of mankind, a global purpose – in Wallace’s phrase, a ‘century of the Common Man.’” But instead, “no one acts worse than we [in the U.S.] do because we don’t trust anybody.”

“Yeah, because we’ve got the power to enforce it,” blurts Kuznick. He proceeds to put forth statistics about America’s unequal share of the world’s wealth, then Stone finishes the discussion with more anti-American blather: “We are this fascist force in the universe for control… Are we gonna follow our conscience, our good sense, our heart? Or are we gonna follow our baser instincts?”

“That’s probably a good way to end,” Kazin quips, and the program abruptly comes to a close.

Actually, a good way to end would have been to hear a countervailing voice challenging the perverse notion of America as a “fascist force in the universe.” Radical historians like Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick see American greed, paranoia and imperialism as the source of all international inequity and animosity; what their Untold History does not tell is that, on balance, America has been a greater force for good in its short existence than any nation or power in history. They want us to be more trusting and cooperative with the very forces that seek our destruction; but what their Untold History does not tell is that America has had, and continues to have, existential enemies with their own power-grasping agendas. What Untold History does not tell is the whole truth.

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  • truebearing

    Stone has proven himself to be deranged so many times, it hardly needs to be mentioned…but I enjoy it. He also has a curious blind spot when it comes to Fascism, assuming he understands the term, which I doubt. If Fascism is so abhorrent to Stone, why isn't he railing against Obama? Obama's first term was a tutorial on Fascism, starting with his ultra-fascistic "bailout" of GM.

    It seems to me that Obama and the Left have adopted a new pragmatism where the tactics of Fascism are gladly employed wherever effective at incrementally moving us toward totalitarian communism. They know that the difference between Fascism and the other derivatives of Marxism aren't all that great. Anything that moves the nation toward statism is the operating strategy. Stone may be too stupid to figure that out.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Leftist dogma, the same world over, aiming for total control over the population with PC bugaboos – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/01/leftist-dogma

    As the likes of fascists tar those, who seek a liberty imbued Republic, with their brush.
    As if.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel – http://adinakutnicki.com/about/


    Boycott any film connected with Oliver Stone, or his son, a recent convert to Islam, who is in Iran trying to help its fascist film industry.

    Sean Stone, Oliver Stone's Son, Converts To Islam During Iran Visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/14/sean-sto

    • Fritz

      It's not hard to boycott any Oliver Stone film, he hasn't made a higher budget anything in over a decade. Not really any surprise there since he is a third rate director even by current Hollywood standards. What was the last movie he directed, "Natural Born Killers", starring Woody "no mind" Haroldson? Notice how you never hear about that twit anymore. Even when he was still somewhat of a reputable director his stock in trade was making movies about the 60s to draw boomers into the theaters, and even though the 1960s (unlike the 1930s and 40s) is something he should know something about they were still crap. After making the movie about about the 60's group "The Doors" Stone proved he was incapable of directing a 30 second TV commercial let alone a feature film.

  • MikeWood

    It's hard to believe these people have ever opened their eyes other than to confirm their pre-formed judgements. They throw their lefty buzzwords around like "fascist", "imperialist", and "colonialist" without ever stopping to consider that forces outside their own societies have fascist, imperialist, or colonialist intentions. They are completely stuck with the view that evil begins at home and the world outside is blameless, always the innocent victims of our aggressive instincts. I really wonder if these people are capable of considering any other viewpoint. They have very closed minds. They are completely locked in.

    • Toa

      It is pretty amusing, indeed, to watch people who live in free countries denounce their government as "fascist" to make themselves feel like bold warriors speaking truth to power. I'd like to ask Oliver Stone how he has managed to evade capture and internment, torture and execution all these years he has lived in the "fascist" U.S., and see his response.

  • thetawake

    It is unfortunate that this nonsense is what good and truth and right are up against. This degenerate thinking is being perpetuated on so many fronts. Thankfully, no one watches C-SPAN. I mean, I know some stuffy multi-phD types who put C-SPAN on when they can't fall asleep. But, seriously, it's a damn good thing I don't run the country, because by executive order, I would see communists like these shot on sight.

  • Rostislav

    Would you believe in any French, Turkish or Japanese receipts of some chef who never tasted these dishes himself, but just heard a lot of friendly rumors about them? Hardly so. The same is true about the endless broadsides of labels like fascism or communism, smugly fired by gurus who never knew the realities of life (or rather of sheer hell) under Socialistic dictators. No, I prefer to compare my own knowledge with opinions of peoples like George Kennan or William Shirer, who did know personally the regimes about which they were writing. The Left have no experience (or even understanding) of such regimes, so their hollow barking "Fascism!" "Imperialism!" is simply laughable – just like the answering barks of their well-brainwashed listeners. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

    • Mary Sue

      And when they visited such regimes (such as leftist congress and senate people in the 1980s), they were given the tour that shielded them from all the crap! It happens anytime a bright-eyed, brain-addled Leftist wants to see the Worker's Paradise™, be it Soviet Russia, Cuba, etc. It's what happened to Michael Moore when he made his movie "Sicko"– the "hospitals" that were so great in Cuba? TOURIST hospitals! The REAL hospitals (you know, for the average Jose Grunt) are a shambles and look like something out of a New York ghetto tenement.

      • Rostislav

        You are so right, Ma'am! But I guess that the same Moore rotting alive in some GULAG hospital barrack or the same Stone, crushing hard rocks in some Mauthausen SS quarry, would be much more careful about yelling their trademark slogans "Communism is great!" and "America is a fascist land!" – guards at the nearest watchtower could take it as a sneer, with all the due sad consequences both for Comrade Moore and for Comrade Stone. Rostislav.

        • Fritz

          The sad part is Rostislav, there is a certain segment of young people who have been done a great disservice by twits of Oliver Stone and Howard Zinn's viewpoint in Europe and in North America about what Communism was all about. If they believe anything bad about the former Soviet Union at all they always limit it to the Stalin era. There are also games played with semantics that somehow Marxism is not Communism and therefore true Marxist principles were never put into practice. They truly remind me of the Neo Nazis, believers in a failed system based on a hoax, that government can solve all of the world's problems.

          • Rostislav

            It's very soothing, of course, to limit the twit-world's knowledge of Communism by the Stalin era, but I'd say that the modern Russia's (or North Korea's, Venezuela's etc) international ratings in the economics, innovations, education, freedom of speech, corruption or plain crime are no less eloquent than any Solzhenitsyn's books, independently from all the wise semantics of Marxism/Progressivism/SocialJustism! R.

    • samjohn4810

      I agree with both of you that the United States was hardly blameless, and did a lot to exacerbate that rivalry and hostility.” What a less predictable and more stimulating program it might have been if, say, Ron Radosh or David Horowitz had been tapped to moderate the discussion.


    WHEN IS HE MOVING? I don't get it. The Left has called the U.S. a "terrorist nation, capitalist hellhole, and fascist nation" and yet they don't move to where it's the opposite like to Cuba and Venezuela like they praise.

    Met Stone in Telluride and he acted like a God and no one cared who he was. "I'm Oliver Stone people. HELLO. Don't you recognize me? HELLO. HELLO." They were too consumed with me to tell you the truth since I was the entertainment.

    • TimN

      My wife ran into Stone at a Vietnamese conference a few years back (she's Vietnamese and active in the community). Le Ly Hayslip and Ron Kovicks were there and she met and liked them both. She also ran into Stone. He was arrogant and rude to his wife, ordering her about like a lackey. He sashayed on out past a few people and tutted to them "Don't be jealous, don't be jealous." My general impression after hearing all about it was – what a pompous dick.

      • Mary Sue

        Methinks Mr. Stone has an ego the size of Cleveland.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          And the surrounding tri country area?

      • Mike in VA

        Sounds exactly like Bill Ayers.

  • tagalog

    The two "Red Scares" the U.S.A. has undergone were both justified. Like a number of crises that have generated some hysteria over the decades, such as the so-called debate on gun control (leftie definition of "debate" and "discussion:" do what we want and we won't throw a tantrum and accuse those who disagree with us of being fascists), there were some excesses. But there really was a threat of social disorder from reds in this country. In 1919, the labor movement was overrun by Marxists and engaged in acts of murder and threatened more of the same. In the 1940s and 1950s, the reds were spying on us at a time when we had really sensitive secrets.

    I seems to me that if America is fascist, Stone would not want to live among us, sharing in the social benefits our fascist society allocates. But maybe he has flexible principles.

  • http://www.clarespark.com clarespark

    We all knew that this was the Century of the Common Man and where that was leading. As yet another symptom of the lurch toward the far left (Trotskyism, New Leftism, neo-Stalinism) see the new ukase from our government: http://clarespark.com/2013/01/05/american-fascism…. Literature will be diminished in favor of readings from the bureaucracy, history, and science, all tinted pink to red. "American [Fascism?] and the future of English and American literature." All this to prepare students for the Brave New World. The blog has an index of the controversy and evidence that literature was always controlled by the Progressives since the turn of the 20th century.

  • Jose Villalon

    I watched part of that interview. Seemed to me that both Stone and Kuznick reflected their critical comments of the US and its foreign policy in a consistently similar way as they criticized the US's approach during the Cold War in raising the specter of the Red Scare. They sensationalize and sensationalism, sells.

    • tagalog

      Well, except that the declassification of the Venona Project documents and the 1990's access American scholars obtained into the Soviet archives revealed that the threat to the United States from Soviet and Chinese Communists EXCEEDED even the most paranoid claims of the Joe McCarthys among us.

      • Jose Villalon

        Agreed. I'm not implying that a recognition of the threat by the US during the Cold War, was not justified; as a political refugee of that era, I am well aware – but that Stone, uses the same tactics to make his point as that he criticizes for …

  • Capt_Z1

    What could one expect from conversation between two idiots?

  • BLJ

    Stone is a douche. I wish he would get the hell out of this country.

  • JacksonPearson

    Oliver Stone's a blathering moron, and needs a sock or something stuffed in his mouth. This unthankful azzhole has made a damn good living here in America, of which is a large, civil, and modern society.

    Perhaps he should have moved to Russia, Cuba, or {{{gasp}}}, North Korea to ply his trade.

  • Aizeta

    Charge them with treason and summary execution

  • PMJ

    I'm not a Stone fan but at least I can at least appreciate what he's saying. I find it interesting that we critize him for getting it right. Coming from a leftist perspective he is critical for the reasons but I'm ok with installing dictators, starting wars and doing covert work as long as it protects our interest. Does anyone here believe America doesn't do those sort of things? We all know we do and should be approving of it. If anyone doesn't believe we're acting like that they're putting their heads in the sand thinking the world loves us. It doesn't, it wants to bring us down and take what we have, we need to be strong. Stone understands what we're doing, he just doesn't agree with it. If you're critizing him for his opinions on that aspect of our history, fair enough but don't critize him getting US history correct.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      The Us did install a dictator, and he just got back from vacation in Hawaii.

      • Doc Man

        That's all you got? Com'mon at least try and debate the guy, he makes a valid point. Does everyone here hate Stone for telling the truth or do we hate him because he's alligned with the left? If it's the later, no wonder nothing gets accomplished in this country. I watched several episodes of the series and thought, yup that's bang on what America did and I'm happy we did it. Are we really down to shooting the messanger? I don't care which side you're on as long as you're telling accurant information.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          I did debate him on is central premise.

          Is that the best you have?

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "That's all you got? Com'mon at least try and debate the guy, he makes a valid point. Does everyone here hate Stone for telling the truth.."

          Why should anyone take such a statement seriously when it's clear he's not telling the truth? Where did you learn your history? How old are you?

          "I don't care which side you're on as long as you're telling accurant information."

          That's the most absurd statement on this site I've read recently. You first claim Stone is "telling the truth" and then claim you want "accurant" information." Your spelling is far more "accurant" than Stone's lies about history.

        • Drakken

          This is what our so called education system as produced thus far, blithering syphophants of the socialist/commi bent, where the US is bad and everybody else is good. God bloody well help us!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Coming from a leftist perspective he is critical for the reasons but I'm ok with installing dictators, starting wars and doing covert work as long as it protects our interest."

      Because American interests are always self-centered and narcissistic, like when we went out and destroyed Japan and Germany to create a better colonial empire for ourselves using "fear of fascism and communism" as a pretext.

      Why not keep writing your own fictional history according to any "inner feelings" that guide you? Facts don't matter for the "leftist perspective."

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Does anyone here believe America doesn't do those sort of things?"

      I'm sure we don't do what you think we do. Even if we did "install a dictator," you need to provide context before deciding if that was the best option available. The so-called "Pottery Barn" rule is just an idea of modern politics. It's not really how the world works. We don't own every tragedy just because of all the good we do in a given region. And taken out of context, I can make you an evil person by talking about the food you stole from me when you had your last meal. Well, did you offer it to me first?

      That's how these liars twist facts. But hey, if you enjoy having harmonious feelings about their twisted narratives, that entitles you to enter in to arguments about the facts of history. At least it seems to these days.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "If anyone doesn't believe we're acting like that they're putting their heads in the sand thinking the world loves us."

      The world does not love us because most of the world press is run or controlled by lying tyrants. Obviously the feelings of people who've been lied to can't be a useful measure for us.

      People like you astound me. Do you even have a passport? I'd love to hear what you learned from your travels.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "If you're critizing him for his opinions on that aspect of our history, fair enough but don't critize him getting US history correct."

      LOL. What an idiot.

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      "I find it interesting that we criticize him for getting it right." Stone and Kuznick blame America for the Berlin Airlift.(Remember that?) The Berlin Airlift was undertaken to get food and supplies to hungry East Berliners whom the Soviets besieged/blockaded when they took over East Berlin. They also blame America for the brutal Soviet take-over of East European countries in the 1950's; and give Stalin a pass. And what about Stone's insane wacko treatment of the Kennedy Assassination? The grassy knoll theory is part of "JFK." No one that I've read has ever proved anything about a second assassin(on the grassy knoll), but Stone presented it as established fact. Stone "getting US History correct?" No sir, no way.

    • Fritz

      From my recollection the U.S didn't technically install dictator's in foreign countries so much as work to undermine and depose potential enemies, or potential Soviet or Chinese allies, in foreign countries. After the Castro brothers took over Cuba in 1959, which is only 40 miles from the U.S mainland, it wasn't an unsubstantiated threat in this hemisphere. The Soviets also attempted to install or aid like minded regimes all over the world, Communist expansionism, (in effect colonization) was a central policy of the Soviet politburo right up to the mid 80s. Soviet involvement in Mongolia, North Korea, North Vietnam, Laos, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Benin, Cuba, Nicaragua, all of the Warsaw pact countries, and even China were the result of this policy. This is the context that is conveniently left out by historical revisionists like Stone, Zinn, Moore and other like minded people.

    • Jeff

      I don't think Stone even understands what fascism means. It's another throw-away line the left uses, just like "you're a racist". It lacks any foundational argument. It's a wonder why so many people wish to emmigrate to the "fascist" USA. Stone equates protecting our national interests with fascism, without admitting the fact that America has enemies in the world that would be far worse than anything we've done. Let's see what happens in Egypt mmm'k.

  • Jimbini

    It is way past time for Oliver Stone and his "Untrue History of the United States" to go away!

  • Joe

    With the power and influence that people who hold the USA in vile contempt like big leftist filmmakers, pop culture icons, media, academics, journalists combined with the political power of what leftists now have in Washingon D.C., not to mention at the United Nations, to weaken and punish conservatives, and the US for its greatness, I sometimes feel that we are at the tipping point or even beyond the tipping point where the USA can recover its greatness and liberating force in this world.
    It's as if with the 2012 election the leftists in the USA have succeeded to diminish and beat down what was once a great and positive force on this planet, and was once a beacon of freedom for oppressed people everywhere. This is despite the flaws and sins of the USA that leftists love to focus on exclusively.

    Too bad the Republicans could not find a more convincing candidate, andtoo bad so may Americas are brainwashed by the left.

    • History Ph.D.

      The only brainwashed ones are you guys who don't seem to know the history of your own country…look beneath the surface appearance of what is going on today in Washington and ask yourself: WHO BENEFITS? All that Stone's rendition of U.S. history shows is that the plutocrats have always been in control for much longer than most folks understand.

  • Spider

    Oliver Stone should go to China and make an Anti Government film graphically featuring the attrocities of Mao and copany. I predict within hours of its release he will be found in a ditch with a head air conditioned with 30 calibre holes.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I predict within hours of its release he will be found in a ditch with a head air conditioned with 30 calibre holes."

      China would not pay for those expensive bullets. Maybe a hammer would do.

  • Ghostwriter

    I watched a little of this series and I found the criticism to be correct. All "The Untold History of the United States" did was bash the United States and blame it for all the problems in the world. If Oliver Stone wanted a more balanced series,he could have done it,but he didn't. He went for the "Blame America First" meme,which is disgusting and vile. He never gave any sense of balance. America is a far better country than people like Oliver Stone ever give it credit for.

    • PMJ

      The thing is we are the cause of the world's problems because we want to remain on top. When you have our wealth and power everyone wants it. Stone is right we rule the world, the problem is he paints it as a negative. It's a positive to be in our position to do what we want to continue our dominance and freedoms. If anyone thinks America is a force for good in the world then they must be democrats. True patriot Americans are concerned about America first and and the rest of the world is our oyster to be used to continue our dominance. Kudos for Stone for being a smart enough liberal to see that. I hate the blame America aspect but in reality we are the cause of a lot of the mess in the world, but better them than us. He should stop his whining and accept it that screwing with the world is cost of keeping on top.

      • Omar

        PMJ, quit repeating leftist lies about America. America is the leader of democracy and freedom around the world while Russia and China are the true oppressors and supporters of tyranny in the world. Blame Russia and China for the world's problems.

      • Drakken

        A self loathing, self hating leftist as yourself had your lunch money taken a lot when you where in school didn't you? Perhaps someone can contibute a couple of dollars for some self esteem counciling and throw in a trophey just for participating?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “Yeah, because we’ve got the power to enforce it,” blurts Kuznick. He proceeds to put forth statistics about America’s unequal share of the world’s wealth, then Stone finishes the discussion with more anti-American blather: “We are this fascist force in the universe for control… Are we gonna follow our conscience, our good sense, our heart? Or are we gonna follow our baser instincts?”

    What a deadly false dichotomy. How about facts and reason with due diligence? What psychotics. These are our intellectual elites?

    • pmj

      I'm not sure what you mean, America still is the richest country in the world, albeit losing ground every day it seems and we have the largest military in the world, we win! Are you saying we don't have the force to continue imposing our will on the world?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Do you know what a dichotomy is?

        >"Are we gonna follow our conscience, our good sense, our heart? Or are we gonna follow our baser instincts?”

        "Are you saying we don't have the force to continue imposing our will on the world?"

        Where did I say that? Do we enforce "our will" on "the world?" Yes and no. If you read this site regularly you might be able to engage in dialog where you could ask more relevant and specific questions.

        For starters, the world is not full of other liberal democracies. As the most powerful and free (at this moment) democracy, it is incumbent upon us to enforce our will on those regimes who threaten captive peoples and us. Too complicated for you? It's too complicated for Stone and his sycophants.

  • Mike in VA

    Perhaps, it's about time that patriotic Americans asked Showtime what they are doing airing a show that deliberately misrepresents history in an effort to demonize the United States.

    While Showtime has the right to air this pro-Soviet Communist propaganda, it should be made clear to them that the American people have the right to boycott media outlets that broadcast that anti-American propaganda.


  • Silverio Facundo

    It never ceases to amaze me how these selfish, unthankful creatures live comfortably in the very countries they so loudly and publicly attack and denounce. Why didn't Jane Fonda move to Hanoi, or Oliver Stone moves to Caracas, or Noam Chomsky moves to Bolivia? Why don't Israel's Ilan Pappe or the very Shimon Peres move to Gaza City? It's so easy to live surrounded by the comforts and luxury that the same countries they denigrate and supposedly despise provide plenty, and it's so gratifying to be applauded by a crowd of capuccino-sipping, heroine-sniffing pseudo-intellectual rich adulators. I wonder if Vietnamese or Venezuelan peasants would be so adoring or so accomodating, or if they'd even have the time to sit down and listen to the garbage coming out of these pathetic un-characters.

    • Joe

      Get used to it. The left and the elites including in the media, have the power and backing now to do what it wants thanks to the last election. There is very little standing in their way. Look at the gun control fiasco going on right now, using the tragedy perpetuated by a mentally ill evil person to advance their agenda, even giving out names and addresses of law abiding private citizens
      with no concern about the safety of them and their families. Of course the elites can have body guards
      with guns. Why is Showtime cadering to a Marxist supporting filmmaker? It's either because they support what he says, or had been pressured into showing it. Look at MTV and the Comedy chanel; they are bastions of leftist, anti-conservative humor.
      God help us all.

      • jmz

        thats the delusion of the left. victimization is just as much a fashion as bell bottom jeans or lois vitton. these people with all their wealth and success need to play victim. why? we as statist they believe in wealth redistribution and centralized govt. but they dont want THEIR wealth redistributed or THEIR choices limited. so they put on this heir of'guilt' and repeatedly bite the hands that feeds them to feel above it all and benevolent, so that gives them the justification to keep their money and power. a victocrat must always find fault and a way to feel oppressed lest they loose their power

  • SoCalMike

    His son would convert. No surprise here.
    Once more French kiss in the Red/Green lip lock we see unfolding every day.
    America-hating Oliver won't be far behind.

  • jmz

    "anti communist -lefists" are probably the worst. they believe in thepory of communism, but dont think it "was done right" when it comes to stalin etc. no matter what happens the theory of communism in all its dictatorial and delusional glory is never wrong, only the application. and no matter how many millions die under its thumb they will still vouche for the theory

  • Mike

    Oliver Stone and Michael Moore–what can you do! There will always be malcontents out there vying for attention. The questions is–where are the counter arguments? When will some brave, big name director step forward and use film to tell the truth about the idols of the left. Lets start with Che Guevara. He's not the worst, but I'm sick of seeing his face on tee shirts. We could than highlight Mao, Stalin, Castro, etc.. And lets not forget Hugo Chavez. I wouldn't want Jessie Ventura to feel left out. Oh and one more thing. Since PBS is "Public", lets use them to air our documentary. It's called "Fighting Fire With Fire".

  • Omar

    Oliver Stone is the reincarnation of King George III of Britain during the American Revolution years. Howard Zinn is the reincarnation of Charles Cornwallis, a general in the Revolution-era British army. Instead of reading and watching their anti-American propaganda work, read A Patriot's History of the United States by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen, the true American patriots.

  • BUTSeriously

    Real Fascism:

    Britain's corruption of the Balfour Mandate that created the 23rd fictitious Islamic Saudi regime of Jordan in the land mandated for 'one only Jewish state' and the White Paper caused the Holocaust.

    Not satiated with this worst Post-W.W.2 crime of all, the fascists now demand serial 2-states in the same tiny land – accounting it always as a 2-state [fascist math]; transferring the 2000 year name of Palestinian from Jews to Muslim and changing the 3000 year name of Samaria to West Bank in 1950 [fascist history] – because. Makes Europe's past fascist more honest.

  • Jeff

    I think Stone should get on the plane with Morgan.

  • Jesse Kaellsi

    Never mind Stone's politics, he is an awful director. I bought Born on the 4th of July at the thrift store and even for two bucks I don't care to sit through a three hour heavy handed strident lecture from paint by the numbers hack director Oliver Stoned.
    All his movies suck. I got JFK on VHS like the other ones and Platoon on DVD. He's just a clumsy director. with a heavy touch. He patronizes his viewers the same way that MIchael Moore (worth 50 million by the way) the same way that Moore does to his audience, like they don't trust people to come to an informed conclusion on their own. That is the liberal context, they are somehow smarter than other Americans. But–they are not. But back to 4th of July. I found it embarrassing to watch at times. I mean after a while, these characters wear out their welcome. It's like, who cares?! Who cares about the injustice of it all. I can only take so much of this self righteous blather. Actually, for all the impassioned emoting in the movie the characters all seemed like cardboard cutouts.

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