Schools for Subversion

Classroom-Desks-630x286On Monday, May 6 at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles, the David Horowitz Freedom Center and Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors are co-hosting a symposium and panel discussion entitled “Schools for Subversion: How Public Education Lays the Groundwork for University Radicalism.” The panel will feature FrontPage Magazine’s own classics professor Bruce Thornton, retired educator Larry Sand, “Dissident Prof” Mary Grabar, and Kyle Olson.

Olson is the publisher of, a news service dedicated to education reform and school spending research, reporting, analysis and commentary. It is the flagship website of the Education Action Group Foundation. The author of Indoctrination: How ‘Useful Idiots’ Are Using Our Schools to Subvert American Exceptionalism, Olson has appeared on Fox News, the Fox Business Network, NPR and MSNBC, as well as scores of talk radio programs from coast to coast. His work has been cited by the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.

Mark Tapson: You recently appeared in a Fox & Friends segment called “The Trouble with Schools.” Briefly, what is the trouble with schools?

Kyle Olson: We have a government education system that is turning out students that are unprepared for life. It’s broken academically and financially. It is the playground for left-wing activists to push their personal political agenda in the classroom under the guise of education.

MT: The event on May 6 is entitled, “Schools for Subversion,” and the subtitle of your book refers to the subversion of American exceptionalism. FrontPage readers are well aware of the leftist indoctrination common to universities, but how are our K-12 schools contributing to that as well?

KO: The indoctrination in K-12 schools was spawned from the universities. Activists like Bill Ayers knew that to change the students, they had to change what and how they were taught. In order to do that, they moved upstream to teacher colleges. With an emphasis on things such as “social justice math” and “cultural sensitivity” teacher educators are giving young teachers the tools to use in the K-12 classroom.

Across the country, we see a hostility towards the free market system, the 2nd Amendment and the individual. There is a huge emphasis on the “collective” at the expense of individual rights and parental control.

MT: What does your organization, EAGnews, do to combat education problems?

KO: We expose the problems in the system, as well as solutions that are working. We produce research, analysis and videos that get people thinking in a different way about exactly what is going on in the education system. We actively get our work into the media, both traditional and new, to reach a broader audience.

Our school spending research is frequently featured on local TV news broadcasts while our videos and other research is regularly on Fox News, The Blaze and other high-profile outlets.

MT: How is Big Labor impacting education in America?

KO: Big Labor implements its agenda in the classroom. Case in point: May is Labor History Month in California’s schools.

It has created a system that treats – and rewards – teachers equally, regardless of performance. It prevents rewarding good teachers. It has successfully made the focus on adult issues – pay, benefits, work rules. Look at what the fights are always about: those things, not improving education outcomes for students.

Just look at the recent strike in Chicago. In a district that has a 54% graduation rate and 20% proficiency rate in reading and math, the teachers went on strike over more pay and against a longer school day.

MT: What is Common Core and what does it mean for the future of American education?

KO: Common Core is the federal takeover of the education system. It is a national standard, and when you have one set of standards, sooner or later, you’ll have one set of curricula. That’s the problem. Oh, and why does the government need to know our students’ religion and blood type? Or when they’re picked up by the bus? That’s the type of information that will be in the Common Core database being implemented. It is federal control of education realized.

MT: You mentioned “solutions that are working.” What solutions are working? Taking back our education system from the grip of left-wing activists seems like a daunting task – are you optimistic or pessimistic that it can be done?

KO: School choice is working. It’s the ultimate reform. It’s the silver bullet. Not a single form of choice but all of them. Instead of tinkering with the jalopy by spending more, passing meager tenure reform or implementing evaluation systems that can be killed in the courts by unions, create choice in the system and let students escape all of that. School choice is the Ferrari. The education blob – made up of Democrats and Republicans – want to keep people trapped driving in the jalopy.

If parents and taxpayers rise up, education can be taken back. Let the radicals keep the system. Create choice to let parents and students escape it. When that happens, the system will collapse under the weight of poor results and fiscal mismanagement.

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  • AdinaK

    The (mis)education system is radicalized to the degree that it is because it has been purposefully co-opted by Bill Ayers from K-12, and its radicalization has been in place for over 30 yrs. However, it has become more than a cancer under the reign of the Radical-in-Chief. What's the goal – bringing down America! –

    Thus, by the time the kiddies go to university, this is what they are facing –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Roger

    I bet the teachers union won't like this kind of story….

    • Looking4Sanity

      I bet they'll send out the trolls to EAGNews post haste as well.

      • Roger

        When I see stories like this I am reminded of the Kitty Wethman story.

        She explains how Hitler took over the schools and trained the young. It never ends well.

      • You Know Who

        So you're going to EAGNews?

  • clarespark

    Everything claimed in this artice is true, and I can attest to it from personal experience. But the Right and patriots in general need a counter-narrative that highlights our achievements instead of dwelling on errors that have either been corrected, or are in the process of improvement. I tried to develop such a narrative here:…. "American exceptionalism, retold." I has a typical anti-American illustration that mocks the famous image of American Progress that was popular since the late 19th century. Our youth have indeed been taught to hate America, preparing the way for jihadis.

  • Robin

    I would caution that school choice is only an out IF the role of the accreditation agencies is properly understood. Otherwise as in Louisiana School Choice, you then get access to controlling the curricula and practices of the private schools. The Catholic Schools financial needs for vouchers has allowed the accreditors to remake their curricula and practices.

    The real danger of the Common Core is not nationalizing the set of facts but how the equity argument that the curricula MUST be accessible to all students. That makes the focus social and emotional learning since all students have emotions and generic skills. More importantly in terms of impact on future behavior it makes values and beliefs and attitudes the focus for the same reasons Outcomes Based Education became notorious.

    I have been targeting all the deliberate false beliefs being fostered in the name of Common Core. Since not all students can come up with Conceptual explanations, those Enduring Understandings and Cognitive Structures are to be supplied under Common Core. Facts are merely for illustrating the explanatory system provided. Very much influenced to propel action for fundamental social, economic, and political change.

    And the open use of the word Dialectic is back. The purpose of the school is to change the student at the level of the mindset that interprets everyday life.

  • jacob

    The whole situation is nobody's fault than that of WE THE PEOPLE….
    We allowed the federal govmt. to take over our rights and convince us that "Pappa knows best" and
    we are now harvesting what we planted…
    I believe we, as taxpayers and funders of this nonsense being rammed down out throats, have the
    right to tell government what we approve in our schools and not the way around and tell the govmt.
    that we don't want this kind of stupid indoctrination and such teachers either…
    Just as simple as that….
    But expecting any action on this shameful issue from the parasites we sent to Congress, is nothing
    but wishful thinking……

  • UraFecalLiberal

    The only real solution is to completely privatize education, making them all charter schools, that parents can choose from. The laws have to be rewritten to allow parents the choice that suits them, outside of social engineering and political influence.

    • Lady_Dr

      You need to better educate yourself about Charter Schools – they are simply a form of public schools with a bit more flexibility. We ought to totally oppose them because they are the camel's nose, first he puts his nose in the tent, then you get the whole camel.

      We need to follow the 10th Amendment and get the federal government out of education at all levels.

  • Joe Ordinary

    We need to completely sidestep the education bureaucracy by self-educating on a massive scale through the internet.

  • Smote

    Exactly the same thing is going on in my homeland (Australia). All with the hot, wet and eager assistance of the (leftist) media.

    Lefties are the hottest and the wettest. Ask 'em! They drool! With all the zeal of a missionary on crack, they seek out, crush and destroy any opposition. Stalin didn't die in 1953, he merely shed one coat and put on another.

    Today, glad-hearted lefties swallow the same fluid. Swallow being the active word.

    Every Bolshevik is load swallower.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Is it true what I've heard about the 40% non compliance figure on Australia's gun control laws?

      • Smote

        Interesting response. I don't know the figures, but at least we have some laws. The problem you have in America, from what I can see, is that the 1880s never quite finished. Every man's right to own a gun was probably relevant one hundred years ago. But now? Come on! The frontier is over, at least on US soil. For now.

        Please think about it.

        For now… Be careful what you pray for. You might get it.

        • Looking4Sanity

          That's an odd response to a simple and honest question. You must be one of those P.O.M.E.'s I keep hearing about. You certainly put the lie to you being a conservative quickly enough.

          You also ought to cut down on those totally unnecessary sexual references. People will start to talk. Then again, what do you care, right? Your perverted identity remains safely anonymous…or so you think.

        • genomega1

          “Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.” George Washington

          “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” — Thomas Jefferson

        • You Know Who

          If we use your logic we should give up free speech as well

          • You Know Nothing

            Unless you can keep Christians from speaking freely, right?

  • Looking4Sanity

    America's public schools are nothing but Nazi storm trooper production facilities. Obey authority. Question nothing. Morality is a curable disease. All hail Obama, the Sun King.

    • You Know Who

      God, you're stupid. That is more like christian schools

  • sushieq

    "A tax-supported, compulsory educational system is the complete model of the totalitarian state." –Isabel Paterson, "The God the the Machine"

  • @oliviab72275210

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    • Alinsky Zero USA

      But does she give lap dances?

  • Omar

    Keep Bill Ayers and other radicals away from the schoolchildren. We need to repel the radicals' venom. It is time to restore the right curriculum for the K-12 schools.

  • Herb Benty

    Hey there, " you know who", do a little research and we who love freedom and our Christian schools are in the best company! Super scientists such as Copernicus, Newton, Kepler, Lister, Boyle, Faraday, Mendel, Kelvin, Pascal, Joule, Linnaeas, and Da Vinci…to name just a few were Bible- believing Young earth creationists who thought evolution was ridiculous. And as we have uncovered the secrets of the cell and DNA etc it is obvious they were RIGHT. For instance: It takes DNA to MAKE DNA, ie. DNA was created it did not evolve. The world is full of these irreducibly complex features that only God can be responsible for. Evolutionary marxism is a satanic LIE……………LOVE YOU.

  • Lady_Dr

    The answer is in the 10th Amendment – the Federal government has NO right to be involved in education at any level. (Nor in health, welfare, housing, health care, museums, parks, and the list goes on)

  • Tomyris

    Is this short enough?

  • Kevin Stroup

    I graduated from high school in 1984. Most of my humanities teachers were bleeding heart liberals even then. My parents counteracted the indoctrination that was attempted in public school. But lets face it, people choose government jobs because they do not like, or even actually fear the private sector. The mere fact you are a public school teacher means that you are in a system that predisposes selection of socialist types. Not perfect no, but nevertheless, socialist seek out government employment. They get those jobs, then they are the ones that hire in the future. A self-perpetuating system.

  • E. Jeffrey Ludwig

    Excellent article in my opinion. As an educator I am also concerned about the Core Curriculum. We must resist this in our states. Ask your legislators "How did we get on board with the Core Curriculum?" You'll often find that it was not through legislative input. Further, take a look on youtube at a 45 min. video by Paul Horton, and you can read my May 4, 2013 article on the subject at