The Anti-American, Anti-Israel, British Anti-War Movement

Stop_the_war_coalitionWhen Britain elected recently to stay out of any military involvement in the Syria conflict, the opposition was certainly not limited to the left. But an organization called Stop the War Coalition played a key role in that Parliamentary vote, and as Andrew Gilligan at the Telegraph reported last week, central to the Coalition is a number of groups which support Assad’s regime and oppose any action against it whatsoever – not to spurn the al Qaeda-backed rebels, but to limit American and Zionist influence in Syria and the Middle East.

Stop the War was founded in the wake of the 9/11 attacks when George W. Bush kicked off the badly named War on Terror. The UK organization’s stated principal aim, in fact, is “to stop the war currently declared by the United States and its allies against ‘terrorism.’” Note the quotes around the word “terrorism,” which is the left’s not-so-subtle way of calling into question its very meaning and legitimacy. The group deplores the “consequences” of the war on terror and claims that it is “the US-led drive to war which has been the prime cause of these crises, backlashes and other repercussions.”

Stop the War has since been dedicated, as it describes itself, “to ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, bringing the troops home and forcing the British government to change its disastrous foreign policies.” In the UK, the website asserts, “the Stop the War Coalition has organised massive demonstrations against these wars, in conjunction with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, whose founders supported American Cold War disarmament but not that of the Soviets, and the Muslim Association of Britain, which protested the Iraq War (but has also condemned the Assad regime).

As Gilligan notes, the Communist Party of Britain is formally associated with Stop the War, whose deputy president and former chairman is Andrew Murray, a member of the CP of Britain. The CP’s General Secretary Robert Griffiths declared that the U.S. was “not motivated by any desire to help the Syrian people or stem the flood of refugees to Lebanon. It has long been US imperialism’s strategy to establish control over the ‘Greater Middle East’ region with its unequalled oil resources and vital transportation routes.” He warned that “tipping the military balance against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime would… remove a critic of US foreign policy and the illegal Israeli occupation of Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese land.”

Murray also happens to be the chief of staff of Unite, one of Labor leader Ed Miliband’s four biggest donors – the others being the TSSA transportation union, public service union Unison, and the Communication Workers’ Union, whose head of policy Steve Bell happens to be Stop the War’s treasurer. This very likely played a significant factor in the vote against Syrian intervention because, as the Telegraph’s Gilligan points out, it was Miliband’s last-minute switch which made the difference.

Another key associate of Stop the War is the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran, whose chairman, Abbas Edalat, is a member of Stop the War’s steering committee. Iran, of course, is a close ally of the Assad regime. Unsurprisingly, Stop the War is also opposed to sanctions and military attacks on Iran.

Among Stop the War’s vice presidents are socialist former Member of Parliament and friend to the “Palestinian” cause, George Galloway, and passionately anti-American author Tariq Ali, who supports violent resistance against the Iraqi “occupation” by American and coalition forces.

Another vice-president is Kamal Majid, a founding member of the Stalin Society, as Gilligan points out, created in 1991 to “defend Stalin and his work… and to refute capitalist, revisionist, opportunist and Trotskyist propaganda directed against him.” At a meeting last year of the New Communist Party, Majid described the Assad family as rulers “with a long history of resisting imperialism” who must be supported “because their defeat will pave the way for a pro-Western and pro-US regime.” The uprising against Assad, he said, is part of an “imperialist plan to replace the Syrian government with a puppet state, à la Libya, which will do the bidding of the Americans and Zionists.”

At a Stop the War public meeting in early June, Majid said “the whole [rebellion against Assad] was started by the Americans,” and that “the main aim for all the West’s wars in the Middle East, in Iraq, Libya and in Syria is Israel, to weaken all the countries in the region except Israel.” Although America complained about Assad’s use of chemical weapons, he said, “remember that it was the US who used weapons of mass destruction in Japan, who used chemical weapons in Vietnam, Laos and Kampuchea. The Americans have had weapons of mass destruction all along.”

Issa Chaer also spoke at that meeting. Chaer runs the Syrian Social Club, a London regime supporters’ group, and has regularly defended the dictator on TV. Another Stop the War officer, Shamiul Joarder, represents Friends of al-Aqsa, which defends the “Palestinian” terrorist group Hamas and focuses on “mobilising international condemnation for Israel’s apartheid policies.”

Stop the War too is equally committed to “supporting Palestinian rights, opposing racism and defending civil liberties.” What do supporting “Palestinian” rights have to do with the anti-war movement? Nothing except that anti-Zionism is a de rigueur position for any leftist activist group.

At a “Hands Off Syria” protest at the end of August, Lindsey German, another official for Stop the War, touted the group’s influence on this major national decision: “Never let them say demonstrations don’t work – our demonstration has worked.” Murray was there as well, claiming that the Stop the War Coalition had stopped the war.

They hadn’t stopped the war, but Stop the War Coalition did score a victory for the British leftist anti-war movement, which at its heart is anti-American and anti-Israeli.

Mark Tapson, a Hollywood-based writer and screenwriter, is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He focuses on the politics of popular culture.

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  • truebearing

    The Left is blinded by an all-consuming hate of anyone or anything that is counter to their failed ideology. Having essentially no morals, they will ally with any evil to facilitate their goal of destroying every last vestige of capitalism, representative government, and all things Judeo-Christian. In their nihilistic blackout they are apparently unable to see that the Muslims will do to them what they do to anyone who doesn’t submit to Islam.
    The atrocities of Islam may be the final downfall of the Left. If they could be destroyed by a public tired of terror, we would at least finally be unified against Islam. Maybe some of our feckless “leaders” will some day see their way to attacking the Left for enabling the Muslims, who readily admit they want to destroy America and kill us. Maybe…

  • Muck Fuslims

    I don’t agree with “Stop the War’s” politics but I am against war with Syria. There are some points that need to be stated. First of all this article sounds as if it’s pro-war with Syria, or that it’s anti-American, anti-British, and anti-Israel to oppose supporting a war with Syria. Though “Stop the War” might be against it due to leftist ideology, lets look at some facts. The leftist/islamic-pandering Hussein-Obama administration has not been in support of Israel since day one, and has supported the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s affiliate terrorist organizations (Al-Qaeda, Hamas, etc..) to instil an anti-wetern sunni caliphate in the middle east. Hussein-Obama has 6 known Muslim Brotherhood influential advisors working in the White House. Tunisia, Libya, and especially Egypt and the massive atrocities against innocent Christians including infants, children, and women are good examples of whose side Hussein-Obama is on and it’s not our side! Not supporting war with Syria is anything but anti-western, it is more against the support and armament of our true enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s affiliates. I’m not saying, ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend” because that’s not the case, The case here is not to use an enemy to support a different one.

    • The Mad Jewess

      ‘I don’t agree with “Stop the War’s” politics but I am against war with Syria.’

      I agree.

      BUT-I also believe that given the amount of worlds negative opinion on Syria: AIPAC should have stayed out of the mess.

      I was against the Syrian war before OBAMA started it.

      • Gee

        I agree – the FSA is made up of nothing but terrorists. Assad is a real SOB but he is better than the FSA for Israel because he is smart enough to leave us alone.

        So long as the Arabs are killing each other – all is right in the world. Who ever wins should be the target.

  • Silver Gonzales

    And not a word regarding the illegal BRITISH occupation of Gibraltar, Falklands, the ” British Isles ” re: St Kitts, Nevis, TCI, Jamaica, Bahamas. What right do these invaders have to these places? The British OCCUPIERS should be kicked out and deported to their grey island which itself is OCCUPIED due to illegal invasions.

    • m4253y

      moron, ever read a history book that wasn’t written on the back of a match cover?

      have a look at the history of the muslims and their invasions throughout history. take a look at the vast regions throughout the world that they savagely conquered in furtherance of their religion of peace.

      have a look at the history of your ‘noble’ spaniards from which your surname and sewage spewed from you filthy finger tips bespeaks volumes…have a look at a map of the world (if you can figure out what it even looks like in your ‘flat’ world).

      you are living proof of the abject stupidity ingrained in the ignorance, convenient or otherwise widely disseminated throughout institutions of learning these days as ‘education and knowledge.’

      you, in the barest of margins, are slightly better in rank than a sea slug merrily swimming along, happily sponging from the ocean’s wealth.

      in summary, the ignorant such as you and those of your ilk are the true danger to mankind today. your goal is that all must pay for your perception of sins aggrieved by the worldly acts of western civilizations past and for what?


      or just plain death to those your pathetic logic deem deserved of?


      • muchiboy

        Other than a few personal attacks on my character,judgement,motives,intelligence,knowledge and classification in the animal kingdom,some of your points are arguable.The history of mankind is defined by mass movements and migrations out of Africa and beyond.And really,we can go even further back when life migrated from the sea to land.Migrations have opened up new lands and opportunities,as did various occupations from innocent settlements to more aggressive invasions.Each brings with it new skills and knowledge,and these exchanges are arguably beneficial to mankind most of the time.But of course history is full of such one sided exchanges characterized by slaughter and ethnic cleansing.

        • m4253y

          Personal attacks?

          your ignorance is begging only for more. i will reiterate, go read up on the history as it was, not the revisionist theory that you are obviously and overtly familiar with.

          • Seek

            What are you, some kind of historian?

          • m4253y

            do you have a problem with that?

        • Drakken

          Please enlighten us 1st worlders as to what the 3rd world has brought upon us other than pestilence and plague? Us of the 1st world have ushered in the 21st century and every technological advance known to man, the 3rd world? nothing of value.

        • Omar

          Evil muchiboy, do you always obsess over Zionists? Zionism is a national movement to establish and maintain a Jewish state in their ancestral Holy Land, where Jews have lived there continuously for over 3000 years. You are a propagandists for Communist and Islamist totalitarianism.

      • Gee

        m4253y – what Silver Gonzales wrote is the absolute truth. Both the Limeys and the Arabs are colonial powers and leftists claim to be anti-colonial should be against both

        • Drakken

          Let’s see? Those limeys who brought enlightenment and the modern age, versus the 3rd world which has brought us what exactly? I’ll take those limeys any day of the week and twice on Sunday over a arab muslim savage any time.

          • Silver Gonzales

            The Brits brought us the Great Depression when they dumped their silver in 1931 hammering the price to .245$ an ounce destroying the currencies of China and India who could not afford American products. Hence Great Depression.

            Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital in London. The British were brutal OCCUPIERS of what became the USA. The British were brutal in India, Africa and Acadia. Now they are the colonizees! Good Luck EDL and UKIP. You will need all of it.

          • Drakken

            If you follow ole Marx and his ideals, your dumber than a bag of hammers and failed to learn his lessons, no matter how many times you leftist scumbags try communism, it always ends up with stacks of dead bodies as a result. The Brits brought civilization to the 3rd world, I call that a good thing.

          • m4253y

            you are so pathetically incorrect that you merit only one reply, you are either a LIAR OF CONVENIENCE (REVISIONIST) OR A SIMPLETON.

            A history book is not a bad thing to read. In your case, you can definitely use the help as your ignorance should seriously bring you shame.

          • Gee

            They aided the Nazis in keeping Jews in Europe to be murdered.

            They enslaved over 100 countries, committed genocide over millions of natives and stole the resources of over 25% of the planet as well

          • defcon 4

            What genocides have the British committed again?

          • Omar

            Actually, that would be the Soviets who aided the Nazis in committing those horrifying crimes. Have you ever watched the Soviet Story documentary? Director Edvin Snore exposes the mutual alliance between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union and how the latter helped the former to instigate the Holocaust. The link to this must-see documentary is here:

          • Drakken

            They didn’t steal jacks***, they came, the saw and they conquered, to the victors go the spoils.

        • m4253y

          what that twit wrote is moot. if we are going to allow ourselves to be drawn into a pissing contest on colonialism, then let me ask you this about his apparent truth…what country/land did the muslims ransack and takeover that has democratic principals and liberties of individual freedoms and rights to this day? NONE!!!

          Gee, BS walks, don’t ever forget. take your eye off the subject and we are all screwed.

          get me?

          • Gee

            Better start walking you are a BS factory.

            As for individual freedoms – there are none in England.

            I do not support Muslims – but the British are no better.

          • m4253y

            i had a very nice reply to your witless stupidity and ignorance of the highest order but the moderator stupidly deleted it.

            so, twit, let me be blunt; if colonialism is your hot spot and you are allowed to be duped by fools like you into that hornet’s nest of history WHICH HAS NO BEARING ON ANYTHING TODAY, then understand this; those same fools, again like you, will tell you Israel is nothing more than a colonialist power…exactly the mantra of the lame stream media and a$$wholes like you who are easily duped and misled. say what you want, but that is exactly the argument they are making.

            same sh*t as you spout about individual freedoms…those same fools like you will say the same for the blood thirsty savages at Israel’s door, that they are denied these freedoms THAT THEY DO NOT CHERISH NOR WANT BUT SIMPLY WANT US IN DHIMMI SERVITUDE OR DEAD.

            you are sheeple. you should get your head out of your a$$

          • Gee

            I couldn’t put my head anywhere near it – yours is there first.

            You are too frigging stupid for words and and foul mouthed fool to boot

          • m4253y

            at least the muslime sword will slit your throat well before they ever near mine, gullible fool

          • defcon 4

            I’ll bet there are more functioning synagogues in the UK than there are in Turkey, Indonesia, Soddy Barbaria, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Egypt PUT TOGETHER. Ditto for churches, Hindu temples, Sikh temples, Bahai temples, Buddhist temples etc.

          • Omar

            England is not a country. England is an internal division of the country called the United Kingdom (or Britain). Calling the UK “England” is offensive to the people living in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (the UK’s other three internal divisions).

        • defcon 4

          Um, the British ended slavery in the Indian sub-continent. I’ll bet Pakistain and Bangladesh were a lot more civilised under British rule than they are now.

    • Drakken

      You get to keep what you kill and conquer, too bad you didn’t win and now your crying over your loss. Obviously you haven’t heard, to the victors go the spoils.

      • Silver Gonzales

        It is England that is now being colonized by Islam. The Brits are losing. The females of Britain will suffer and suffer and suffer because many of their men are pro Islam.

        • Drakken

          As history has proved again and again, once the western man is pushed to the wall, the result is our unleashing that dormant DNA strand of the warrior gene. The muslim savage is exploiting our weakness and tolerance as an open invitation to abuse us, that tide will turn and when it does, it will unleash a Balkans on steroids.

        • m4253y

          So genius, what do you propose if anything at all? From your tripe, I am sure you are good with it, correct? You solidly believe that is about time the west has to pay for their ‘apparent’ past, correct?

        • Omar

          England is not a country. England is one of four internal divisions (along with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) that make up the country called the United Kingdom (or Britain). Calling the UK “England” is offensive to the people living in the other three internal divisions.

    • Omar

      Actually, the British have every right to be in the Falklands. It was their territory before Argentina even existed. The majority of Falkland Islanders wish to remain British (check last March’s referendum). Gibraltar was taken as a result of the British victory over the Spaniards in Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713). Like the Falklands residents, the majority of the people in Gibraltar wish to remain British. But, still, the British left has no business criticizing America’s so-called “occupation” of certain lands in the War on Terror, considering the fact that the British once created the largest colonial empire in the world.

      • Gee

        Right they populate the land (which was part of the Spanish Empire prior to the British) and let them vote – typical colonial attitude.

        • defcon 4

          Are you stupid? Do you think ANYONE actually LIVED on the Falklands before the Brits colonized it?

          • m4253y

            yes gee is about as stupid as they come. and yes, the Falklands was inhabited by the sheep that she was intimate with, ergo the ire with colonialism.

            the best part which bespeaks volumes as testimony to her stupidity and ignorance is that she wishes to devolve this retarded conversation on the evils of colonialism into splitting hairs on why the spanish colonialists have more rights than the british colonialists on a region that was without doubt, first colonized jointly by the french and english on either side of the islands without either being aware that this was the case in the latter part of the 18th C.

            The long and short of it is that the british claimed a stake on the islands well before the spanish and in fact before the french.

            But, as I wrote earlier regarding the greatest tool of the socially retarded and ignorant fools like gee, they use obfuscation to prove new found truths that have nothing to do with facts. They dare not read a history book to try and understand, as limited in intellect as they are notwithstanding, that the ‘stuff’ which happened, happened and there is no changing that no matter how hard they try.

            Alas, when they repeat lies often enough, they become facts and presto, all must heed to their new found wealth of knowledge otherwise known as BULL S%IT.

          • defcon 4

            I can understand his hatred of the British. How the UK handled the Palestine Mandate and their creation of the Arab Legion were both less than honest, moral or ethical.

        • Omar

          Oh, please. The British, the Spaniards, the French and the Dutch all laid claims to the Falklands in the age of colonization. The British emerged victorious and became the sole governing power in the Falklands. What happened in 1833 was that an illegal Argentinian military garrison was expelled from the Falklands by the British military after the former tried to expel British civilians from the islands. No Argentinian civilians were expelled from the islands at all. Those civilians (both British and Argentinian) were encouraged to stay in the Falklands by the British government. In 1982, the Argentinian government, led by the sadistic military dictator, Gen. Leopoldo Galtieri, tried to take control of the Falklands by brute force. But they were defeated by the courageous British leadership of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. This past March, the Falklands held a referendum on whether the Falklands should remain a British territory. the islanders overwhelmingly voted to remain part of the UK. Argentina should accept the fact that the Falklands are British and that’s that. The Argentinian claim to the Falklands is about as credible as the Communist Chinese claim to Tibet, the Dutch claim to New York and even the Islamists’ claim to the Holy Land. In other words, all of the claims I mentioned are not credible at all. That’s the reality.

        • Drakken

          That colonial attitude brought Israel into being again, so empathy and sympathy for the 3rd world is self defeating.

    • defcon 4

      Why do the Argentines have any more rights to the Falklands than the UK? The UK has done a lot more to develop the Falklands than Argentina ever did. No one on the Falklands has ever agitated to be annexed by Argentina either.

  • muchiboy

    With it’s history of Colonialism,why wouldn’t there be anti British sentiment in the region.With it’s history of self interested coups,support of corrupt regimes and questionable wars,why wouldn’t the region mistrust America,too.And with an albeit special case of occupation,Colonization and de facto ethnic cleansing,is the anti Zionism sentiment in the region surprising?

    • Paul Austin Murphy

      Ethnic cleansing? Such as the the one of Jews from Saudi Arabia and Libya? Such as the ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims from southern Sudan? Such as the attempted cleaning of Christians in Peshawar yesterday? And the Left and Muslims want Gaza and the West Bank to be judenrein too – free of Jews… Perhaps if you stopped being obsessed by Israel, as well as the sins of the US, you see that there a hell of lot of ethnic cleansing that’s going on elsewhere – usually in the Muslim world. But that’s fine because they have brown skin and they aren’t Jews. And besides which, they are children who can’t help what they do. The devil – us – makes them do it. Each and every time. That sounds to me like a whole lot of Leftist racism.

    • m4253y

      moron, ever read a history book that wasn’t written on the back of a match cover?

      have a look at the history of the muslims and their invasions throughout history. take a look at the vast regions throughout the world that they savagely conquered in furtherance of their religion of peace.

      have a look at the history of the ‘noble’ spaniards. have a look at a map of the world (if you can figure out what it even looks like in your ‘flat’ world).

      you are living proof of the abject stupidity ingrained in the ignorance, convenient or otherwise widely disseminated throughout institutions of learning these days as ‘education and knowledge.’

      you, in the barest of margins, are slightly better in rank than a sea slug merrily swimming along, happily sponging from the ocean’s wealth.

      in summary, the ignorant such as you and those of your ilk are the true danger to mankind today. your goal is that all must pay for your perception of sins aggrieved by the worldly acts of western civilizations past and for what?


      or just plain death to those your pathetic logic deem deserved of?


      • JacksonPearson

        Since 620AD, Muhammad’s Muslims have killed about 270 million of mother earth’s population. More deaths than Russia, China, Pol Pot, and Adolph Hitler combined and still counting.

        • m4253y

          i wish some of these pathetic losers would dare take two to three hours in the very least with a legitimate history book. thank you for taking the time to state facts. maybe, just maybe, some of these ideologues may wake up before it’s too late.

    • Ken Kelso

      The Arabs are invaders from Saudi Arabia.
      Tell me Mr Genius, how do the Arabs have 22 countries when all the Arabs come from 1 country.” Saudi Arabia.
      How did the Arabs get all of North Africa from the Berbers in the 7th century?
      I’m talking about what is today Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya
      Look at the Blacks in Sudan, Mauritania and Somalia.
      How did those people become Arab?
      Its called Mohammad and his Jihad armies in the 7th century invaded and
      took the entire Mideast and North Africa and forced everyone they
      defeated to be Islamic and Arab.

      • muchiboy

        And your point? I don’t see any thing here that I will ague against.

        • Gee

          The Arabs are the largest colonial power on the planet. So to be anti-colonial one much be against them

          • defcon 4

            Most muslimes are not Arab.

    • Omar

      Why don’t you talk about Soviet/Cuban/Chinese/Communist supported coups and regimes around the world during the Cold War and afterwards? In fact, why don’t you understand why Israelis and Tibetans hate Communists so much? Communism is so evil that I’d rather live in the Shah’s Iran than in Putin’s Russia.

      • defcon 4

        I’ve met too many North Vietnamese, Cubans and Hungarians to ever think Communism was a good thing now. I don’t think Putin’s Russia qualifies as Communist.

    • Drakken

      Funny that you mention the so called evils of colonialism and imperialism, but fail to mention that as soon as the Brits left the regions they held devolved into the 3rd world cesspools they are now? So how exactly was colonialism a bad thing?

      • defcon 4

        Isn’t that the truth. After the Brits left Indian sub-continent it was a bloodbath on both sides, but more Sikhs and Hindus ended up leaving Pakistain than muzzies left India.

  • Jason P

    They actually welcome the head of the Stalin Society on their board? Imagine if FPM formed a coalition with the head of a neo-Nazi group or with David Duke. Would any of us be here?

    There’s no shame on the left. Their hatred of the West, of capitalism, of America shows no limits. Such a nihilism is shocking but not surprising.

    • m4253y

      exactly. sickening and it will come to a very bad ending sure enough.

  • Ken Kelso

    The left and communists supports Arab murderers like Assad.
    There upset that Israel isn’t controlled by the Arabs.,7340,L-4431940,00.html
    Syrian general: Assad ordered me to gas people
    Former chemical weapons chief in Assad’s army tells The Telegraph orders to
    use WMDs against civilians came from the top; claims Syrian dictator
    transferring some chemical weapon stocks to Hezbollah, Iran

    Brigadier-General Zaher al-Sakat, a former chemical weapons chief in Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s army, says he was ordered three times to use chemical weapons against his own people, but could not go through with it and
    replaced chemical canisters with ones containing harmless bleach.

    The general insisted that all such orders had to come from the top –
    President Assad himself – despite insistent denials by the regime that
    it has never used chemical weapons.

    In an interview with The Telegraph last week, Sakat claimed to have his
    own intelligence that the Syrian president is evading the terms of a
    Russian-brokered deal to destroy his chemical weapons by transferring
    some of his stocks to his allies – Hezbollah, in Lebanon, and Iran.

    According to the British newspaper, Gen Sakat’s personal history gives new
    insight into the extent to which, it is said, the Assad regime gradually
    turned to the use of chemical weapons, despite angry public denials,
    after rebels encroached on Damascus and Aleppo, the country’s two
    biggest cities, in the summer of last year.

    As chief scientific officer in the army’s fifth division, he ran chemical
    weapons operations in the country’s southern Deraa province, where the
    uprising began in March 2011. He told The Telegraph he witnessed the
    first uses of violence against peaceful protesters – and the first use
    of “dirty tricks,” placing weapons in the mosque where the protests
    started to suggest the protesters were armed.

    Gen Sakat said the regime wanted to “annihilate” the opposition using any
    means, and said he received his first orders to use chemical weapons in
    October last year. On three occasions, he said he was told to use a
    mixture of phosgene and two other chlorine-based agents against civilian
    targets in Sheikh Masqeen, Herak, and Busra, all rebel-held districts.

    However, under cover of darkness, he said he had replaced the canisters
    containing the chemicals with ones containing water mixed with dilute
    bleach which would give off a similar chlorine smell.

    At first, his trick worked. “They were completely convinced that this was
    the same poisonous material,” he told the Sunday Telegraph in an
    interview. “In this way I saved hundreds of lives of children and

    But after the third occasion, in January, his bosses became suspicious at
    the lack of deaths in his “attacks” and he began to plot his escape to
    Jordan, where he has been based since the spring.

    Gen Sakat believes chemical weapons have now been used 34 times, rather
    than the 14 occasions cited by international intelligence agencies. But
    he agrees with a variety of assessments that differing substances and
    concentrations are used, which would account for the differing death
    rates, with some attacks killing very few or none.

    Although phosgene has been banned internationally since the 1920s, it is much less potent than sarin, the chemical now known to have been deployed in Ghouta. The army was concerned not to use the most dangerous chemicals
    in the far south because of its proximity to Israel, Gen Sakat told The

    General Sakat said that even before the deal to disarm Syria of its chemical
    weapons was finalized, “they (Assad regime) were already mobilizing them to move to Lebanon and even Iraq. There have already been weapons handed over to Hezbollah.”

    Gen Sakat told The Telegraph a team of his activists had observed a column
    of more than 20 vehicles, some identifiable as belonging to the program,
    heading towards the Lebanese border. He also alleged that other stocks
    were being transferred through Iraq to Iran.

    “They saw these shipments start before (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei) Lavrov appeared and mentioned the deal,” he said.

    The Telegraph quoted a retired Israeli Major-General and former attaché to
    Washington, Gadi Shamni, as saying: “I am positive they’re already
    trying to move things from one location to another to hide it.

    “It will be very hard to cheat in one week. But November is a very long
    time away – in winter, the sky is cloudy, and visibility is low. US
    satellites cannot be very effective – it’s a very problematic issue and
    the Syrians understand it very well.”

    • Drakken

      Your misplaces sympathy for a bunch of savages is really touching, but a ignorantly stupid endeavor. Let them kill each other to their little muslim jihadist content.

  • Ken Kelso

    Only sicko’s could support assad.
    Assad bombed hospitals: UN
    Andy Soltis and Geoff Earle
    September 13, 2013

    He even targeted hospitals.

    strongman Bashar al-Assad’s forces committed clear-cut war crimes by
    bombing wounded people seeking urgent treatment in rebel-held regions,
    UN investigators said Friday.

    The UN found
    Assad loyalists also tortured victims in their own medical centers,
    including a government military hospital in Damascus.

    another military hospital in the city of Homs, “Doctors were ordered to
    keep victims alive so that they could be interrogated further,” the UN
    report by a team of 20 human-rights experts said.

    The regime used the denial of medical care as a “weapon of war,” the report concluded.

    bombing and shelling of hospitals began in early 2012 and is
    continuing, according to the report. The Syrian army has also occupied
    hospitals, using them as bases for snipers, tanks and soldiers,
    according to the report.

    Ambulance drivers,
    nurses and doctors have been attacked, arrested, tortured or just
    disappeared when they tried to help the wounded, the report said. “As
    such attacks continue, field hospitals have literally been driven
    underground, forced to operate in the basements of houses,” it added.

    chilling indictment of the regime comes as UN chemical-weapons
    inspectors prepare to turn over their findings on the Aug. 21 attack
    that killed more than 1,400 people.

    inspectors were not allowed to say who was responsible. But UN
    Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon inadvertently said Assad’s regime “has
    committed many crimes against humanity.”

    Ban thought his comments were not being broadcast, but they were shown on UN television.

    In other developments in the Syrian crisis:

    main anti-Assad group in exile said it was “deeply skeptical” about
    Syria signing an international treaty banning the production and use of
    chemical weapons. “This gesture comes as too little, too late to save
    civilians from the regime’s murderous intent,” said the US-backed Syrian
    National Council.

    Secretary of State John
    Kerry ended a second day of talks in Geneva with Russian Foreign
    Minister Sergei Lavrov in a bid to expand an agreement on seizing
    Assad’s chemical weapons into a broader plan to end the 2 1/2-year civil

    • LindaRivera

      I don’t trust and will NEVER trust the Muslim-Fascist Left dominated, anti human rights, anti-freedom, Jew-hater, infidel-hater UN.

    • JacksonPearson

      How come you failed to mention the opposition forces mass beheadings of captured government forces, a Christian priest, and torching of Christian churches? Who exactly started the Arab Spring in Syria and why?

    • Drakken

      As long as the muslim savages are tearing themselves to pieces, why get involved, when we can sit back, grab a bourbon and a good cigar and watch from the sidelines. The more they slaughter each other now, the less we are going to have to deal wit later, so jihad on muslims!

      • defcon 4

        I think someone else pointed out that letting Assad lose would be a bad idea only because of what would replace him (i.e. Al qaida and the MB) and the fact they would gain access to all Assad’s weapons, incl. those chemical WMD’s.

        • Drakken

          Hey I say let Assad use those weapons in a one and done deal. Then the MB can’t get them or use them.

  • Marty

    We know that the left is morally bankrupt and will never recover any sort of integrity or decency. But the left is also self-destructive. That is why it supports islam – both are nihilistic monstrocities that we can hope will destroy one another in the end.

  • Clare Spark

    Even fellow traveler Martha Gellhorn was criticized for her interest in, and defense of, Israel by her “chums” in the British Left who sat at her feet in her old age. See “Gellhorn’s ‘blind spot’ on Israel.”

  • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

    Q: How many Muslims does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: It’s irrelevant; they still don’t know they’re in the dark!

    Q: What do you get when you offer a Muslim a penny for his thoughts?
    A: Nothing.

    Q: How do you confuse a Muslim?
    A: You don’t. They’re born that way.

    Q: How do you keep a Muslim busy?
    A: Write ‘Please turn over’ on both sides of a piece of paper.

    Q: How do you keep a Muslim busy all day?
    A: Put him in a round room and tell him to wait in the corner.

    Q: How do you get a one-armed Muslim out of a tree?
    A: Wave to him.

    Q: What do you call a basement full of Muslims?
    A: A whine cellar.

    Q: What is the Muslim doing when he holds his hands tightly over his ears?
    A: Trying to hold on to a thought.

    Q: Why did the Muslim have blisters on their lips?
    A: From trying to blow out lightbulbs.

  • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

    Q: What do you call a Muslim with an IQ of 10?
    A: Barack Hussein Obama

    Q: What is the definition of gross ignorance?
    A: 144 Muslims.

    Q: Why don’t they let Muslims swim in the ocean?
    A: Because they can’t get the smell out of the tuna.

  • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

    Q. How do you get a dirty Muslim into the bath?
    A. Throw in his welfare check.

    Q. How do you get him out?
    A. Throw in a bar of soap.

  • LindaRivera


    The U.S. backed Muslim terrorist FSA rebels that include Al Qaeda have been armed and trained by U.S. forces. The U.S. backed terrorists specifically target Christians and Christian towns in Syria for attacks, atrocities and barbaric murders. I, and huge numbers of other people who are totally pro-America, pro-British, pro-Israel are one hundred percent against Obama’s wicked, immoral war against Syria’s Christians and other innocents.

    Ruthless Western leaders REFUSE to speak out about Islam’s Global War on Christianity. SILENCE IS CONSENT.

    Listen to leader of Liberty GB, Paul Weston’s PASSIONATE plea:

    Islam’s Global War on Christianity

    • defcon 4

      I don’t think protected is the right word here, because Syria still persecuted Christians and Jews even under Assad.

      • LindaRivera

        It is HELL ON EARTH under the U.S. backed Muslim savages. SYRIA: When they aren’t beheading them, Obama-backed al-Qaeda rebels are humiliating the Christians

        The deteriorating situation in Syria
        is rapidly spiraling out of control and creating a hell for Syrian
        Christians, far worse anything the mainstream US media are reporting, or
        the Obama Regime is acknowledging. Below, a Christian woman is tied to a
        pillar in Aleppo by an al-Qaeda linked gang and left with a note
        encouraging bypassers to spit on her…

        Look at the pic of the poor Christian woman. She is bending over in great physical agony and has been partially scalped. Is she still alive? If she is, God help this poor woman.

  • LindaRivera

    Several years ago, Lebanon was a Christian country. It is now majority Muslim. I’m scared for the terrified little white Christian girl kidnapped by Al Qaeda in Lebanon in the video. There is NO ONE to help her!

    Obama, rabid Jew hater-Samantha Power and Fascist Left billionaire, George Soros only help Muslim terrorists!

    The U.S. adore Al-Qaeda and other Muslim terrorists and have financed, armed and trained the barbaric terrorists in their wicked war against innocents.

    Syria: Nearly Half Rebel Fighters Are Jihadists Or Hardline Islamists

    • muchiboy

      Yes,the Christian communities in some Islamic countries are under attack.I will take this opportunity,and any other, to remind this community that Christians where among the Palestinian Arabs who suffered occupation and de facto ethnically cleansing by the mostly European Diaspora when Zionism forced the re-creation of Israel onto the Palestinian People and the region,at the expense of another innocent and vulnerable people,the Palestinian Arab,Christian and Muslim.

      • LindaRivera

        In Lebanon, the PLO committed mass murders and permanent disabilities to huge numbers of Lebanon’s Christians. Arafat and his PLO terrorists were REWARDED for their mass murders and atrocities of Christians and given control over Israeli land, and given arms, and military training and mega money.

        The PLO/Palestinian Authority did EXACTLY as was expected of them by Western leaders: the PLO/PA waged daily jihad against Israel’s Jews and SEVERELY persecuted the Arab Christians who had been placed under the cruel occupation of the PLO/PA.

        End the Arab Muslim CRUEL occupation!

      • normtrub

        There was no ethnic cleasing of Arabs during the 1948 Israeli war of independence. They were told to leave by their own leaders. Sources confirming
        that Arab leaders told Arabs to flee and reports
        related to the departure of the Arab refugees:

        “The Arab states which had encouraged the Palestine Arabs to

        leave their homes temporarily in order to be out of the way of the Arab

        invasion armies, have failed to keep their promise to help these refugees.”

        – The Jordanian daily newspaper Falastin, February 19, 1949.

        . “The Secretary General of the Arab League, Azzam Pasha,

        assured the Arab peoples that the occupation of Palestine and of Tel

        Aviv would be as simple as a military promenade…Brotherly advice

        was given to the Arabs of Palestine to leave their land, homes–Al Hoda, a New

        York-based Lebanese daily, June 8, 1951.

        “The Arab Exodus …was not caused by the actual battle, but

        by the exaggerated description spread by the Arab leaders to incite

        them to fight the Jews. …For the flight and fall of the other villages

        it is our leaders who are responsible because of their dissemination of

        rumors exaggerating Jewish crimes and describing them as atrocities

        in order to inflame the Arabs … By spreading rumors of Jewish atrocities,

        killings of women and children etc., they instilled fear and terror in

        the hearts of the Arabs in Palestine, until they fled leaving their

        homes and properties to the enemy.” – The Jordanian daily newspaper

        Al Urdun, April 9, 1953.

        “The Arab governments told us: Get out so that we can get in.

        So we got out, but they did not get in.” A refugee quoted in Al Difaa

        (Jordan) September 6, 1954.

        The wholesale exodus was due partly to the belief of the Arabs,

        encouraged by the boasting of an unrealistic press and the

        irresponsible utterances of some of the Arab leaders that it could be only

        a matter of some weeks before the Jews were defeated by the armies

        of the Arab states, and the Palestinian Arabs enabled to re-enter and

        re- take possession of the country. — Edward Atiyah (Secretary of the Arab

        League, London, The Arabs, 1955, p. 183)

        “The 15th May, 1948, arrived … On that day the mufti of Jerusalem

        appealed to the Arabs of Palestine to leave the country, because

        the Arab armies were about to enter and fight in their stead.”

        — The Cairo daily Akhbar el Yom, October 12, 1963


        In listing the reasons for the Arab failure in 1948, Khaled al-Azm

        (Syrian Prime Minister) notes that “…the fifth factor was the call

        by the Arab governments to the inhabitants of Palestine to evacuate

        it (Palestine) and leave for the bordering Arab countries. Since 1948,

        it is we who have demanded the return of the refugees, while it is

        we who made them leave. We brought disaster upon a million Arab

        refugees by inviting them and bringing pressure on them to leave.

        We have accustomed them to begging…we have participated in

        lowering their morale and social level…Then we exploited them

        in executing crimes of murder, arson and throwing stones upon men,

        women and children…all this in the service of political purposes…”

        — Khaled el-Azm, Syrian prime minister after the 1948 War, in his

        1972 memoirs, published in 1973.

        “The Arab states succeeded in scattering the Palestinian

        people and in destroying their unity. They did not recognize them as

        a unified people until the states of the world did so, and this is

        -Thw Current President of the Palestinian authority- Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas),
        from the official journal of the PLO, Falastin el-Thawra (“What We Have Learned
        and What We

        Should Do”), Beirut, March 1976.


        “Abu Mazen Charges that the Arab States Are the Cause of the

        Palestinian Refugee Problem” (Wall Street Journal; June 5, 2003):

        Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) wrote an article in March 1976 in

        Falastin al-Thawra, the official journal of the PLO in Beirut: “The

        Arab armies entered Palestine to protect the Palestinians from the

        Zionist tyranny, but instead they abandoned them, forced them to emigrate

        and to leave their homeland, imposed upon them a political and

        ideological blockade and threw them into prisons similar to the ghettos

        in which the Jews used to live in Eastern Europe.”

        pass this email on to any other of your journalists

        who may need to get this information. You and they may also like to read

        ‘Palestine Betrayed’ By
        Prof Ephraim Karsh of Kings College, London

        • LindaRivera

          Thank you for your excellent, factual comment! Muslim and Fascist Left LIES and DECEPTION never stop! The TRUTH must always be proclaimed!

      • Gee

        Moron most Israeli were ethically cleansed from ARAB countries. The “Palestinian Arabs” only came into existence in 1964. They are the occupiers of Israeli land and were never ethnically cleansed except by other Muslims.

        You are a liar as well as a moron

        • LindaRivera

          Excellent comment!

      • defcon 4

        LOL, the muslimes who run Gaza and Bethlehem would never consider persecuting someone who isn’t muslime would they?

  • LindaRivera

    Syria: Nearly Half Rebel Fighters Are Jihadists Or Hardline Islamists

    • JacksonPearson

      Jihadists Or Hardline Islamists = ISLAM

  • William Beal

    Head in the sand group. Must live in their own little utopia. To please them,
    perhaps we should build a wall around the UK and US and keep out the rest
    of the world including the oil. They are the enemy within.

  • Omar

    I have a message for the British far-left: Do not come to us and give the argument regarding the so-called “misdeeds” of U.S. foreign policy and quit denouncing us for so-called American “imperialism”. There is no American “imperialism” period.This is the argument were your country, Britain, would lose. Remember that America was created as a result of the Founding Fathers and their politics and beliefs of democracy, liberty (and eventually equality, regardless of characteristics), free-market capitalism, anti-colonialism and anti-imperialism. We, the United States of America, were created because we rebelled against you, the United Kingdom of Great Britain (and eventually Northern Ireland), and we declared our independence from you (the British), who created the largest colonial empire in the world from the 18th century until the mid-20th century, after World War II. Remember this phrase: “The sun never sets on the British Empire”?
    Now, I love the UK and its democratic system of liberty and its shared ideas with the United States over the years and in contemporary times, but the far-left in Britain is upset and angry with the United States because King George III (one of the three monarchies the left loves, along with King Philip II of Spain and the last queen of Monarchic Hawaii because they all either self-declared enemies of the United States and democracy [in the case of George III and the absolutist queen of Hawaii] or they tried to prevent the establishment of the thirteen colonies that would eventually become the USA [in the case of Philip II]) failed to prevent the creation of the United States during the American Revolution. Remember that George III secretly funded the French Jacobins (who were the first Communists, before Marx) to take over the French government after the fall of King Louis XVI, and initiate the Reign of Terror. The misinformed people should have quit their romance with Communism after the Jacobins’ Reign of Terror. Instead, people kept bragging about how “good” Communism is (despite all evidence to the contrary), which led to Karl Marx and his evil Communist Manifesto in 1848. That Manifesto eventually led to the “Bolshevik Revolution”, which led to the rise of Vladimir Lenin (who took power by force and murdered the Czar’s entire royal family, including the Czar’s son, who had hemophilia) and his evil Communists in Russia/Soviet Union. Then, there was Stalin, who ended up murdering more innocent people than Hitler and his Nazis in Germany. Remember that the Holodomor in Ukraine caused the intentional starvation and deaths of over 10 million Ukrainian farmers and peasants (along with many other innocent peoples in other parts of the USSR) in 1933. The Holodomor killed more people than the number of people who died on all sides in World War I.
    Remember that the Soviet Union was the creator of mass murder, starvation, poverty, horror and terror to people inside the country and around the world during the 74 years of its life. That regime was (and still is under modern Russia) guilty of imperialism. That regime was also guilty of forming an alliance pact with Nazi Germany (the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact actually led to the beginning of World War II, since both monstrous regimes [Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union] invaded and occupied Poland from opposite sides) as well as helped the Nazis to instigate the Holocaust (yes, the USSR actually had a helping hand [along with the Islamists like Hajj Amin Al-Husseini] in the atrocious genocide of 6 million Jews in Europe during the war), helped bring Mao Zedong and his evil Communists to power in China (along with supporting Mao and his henchmen’s Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution and other totalitarian measure found in a Communist system [which led to the mass murder of more than 70 million innocent Chinese civilians in peace time], the Soviets also supported and financed the Chinese Communists in their quest to take over and illegally annex a sovereign country, Tibet, and force its spiritual, religious and historical leader [the Dalai Lama] to exile in India. That invasion and occupation, by the way, led to the genocide of over 1.2 million Tibetans, as well as encouraged millions of Han settlers to live in Tibet, thus making the native Tibetans a minority in their native homeland, which was once a thriving country until Communist China illegally invaded and occupied the country), forcibly divided the Korean peninsula and encouraged the Communist criminal Kim family from the North to invade and destroy the South, masterminded the creation of the false “Palestinian nationality” during the Cold War years, helped bring to power and financed a corrupt dictator (Fidel Castro) and his mafia family in a island country (Cuba) only 90 miles away from the United States (that said dictator of Cuba tried destroying the United States at least twice, the first time was the Missile Crisis, and the second time was trying to detonate 500 kg of TNT explosives in busy New York City during Thanksgiving Week in 1962, only a month after the Missile Crisis), tried turning the whole world against the small Jewish (and currently the only democratic state in the Middle East) state of Israel by masterminding a UN Resolution equating Zionism (which is a liberation movement to establish a Jewish state in their ancestral homeland, the Holy Land) with racism in 1975 (thus isolating Israel with other countries and forcing it to turn to the racist apartheid regime in South Africa for commerce [It is also interesting to know that the USSR’s UN resolution actually delayed the fall of the apartheid regime in South Africa by over a decade, since the latter relied on commerce to survive]. It took about 16 years for the United States, Britain and the Western democracies and their allies to overturn the Soviet/Communist-backed resolution equating Zionism with racism at the UN), established hundreds of client states in Eastern Europe and around the world until its fall in 1991 and left a huge impact in both Russia and around the world. After only 9 years of democratic government under the pro-Western president, Boris Yeltsin, Russia reverted back to Communist rule with the rise of Vladimir Putin (who was a KGB agent during the Cold War) and his United Russia Party (the modern-day Communist Party of the Soviet Union) cronies. The Communist regime under Putin later decide to invade Georgia and force two of its provinces (Abkhazia and South Ossetia) to secede from their country and establish client states friendly to the modern Axis of Evil (every enemy of the U.S., UK, the West, Israel, their allies, democracy and liberty). The bottom line is that the Communists and other totalitarian enemies of America, the West, their allies, democracy and liberty are guilty of imperialism and massive human rights violations in the world in both in the late 2nd millennium AD/CE and in contemporary times. While America and its allies believe in democracy, human rights and liberty, their adversaries believe in genocide, slavery, imperialism, totalitarianism, Islamo-fascism and everything bad in the world. That’s the reality.

  • ReyR

    Stopping the war is useless and pointless. Americans must stop those ugly Russians instead: aren’t they the ones who support Assad in this situation? Putin is a new Stalin, a stone killer, red-handed assassin, and the closet communist Russia is a much greater threat than all Muslims on the planet. We can’t rule out that the Nairobi nightmare was staged by Russian thugs. After all, the terrorists reportedly used AK-47 rifles, and not a single Russian national died there.
    Don’t stop the war. Stop Russia now!

    • Omar

      Russia was doing good under the pro-Western president Boris Yeltsin. But since Putin came to power in 2000, Russia has become Communist again. The United Russia Party is the modern-day Communist Party of the Soviet Union. That is undeniable.

      • Drakken

        No Russia is not going communist again under Puin, they are going head long into capitalism with a vengeance, we on the other hand are going socialistic, go figure.

        • Omar

          When I said that Russia was going Communist again, I didn’t mean internally. Internally, the Russians are embracing capitalism, but in terms of foreign policy, much of the Russian leadership behaves a lot like their Soviet predecessors. That’s why I stated that in terms of foreign policy, the United Russia Party is the modern-day Communist Party of the Soviet Union because both advocate to limit Western efforts to bring democracy and liberty to the countries of the world.

          • ReyR

            Yes, you couldn’t be more right, be Omar! The West can’t rest as long as the Russians are there, because they are ugly scheming scoundrels whose every plan and effort is to hurt America. This time by devilish cunning they have imposed communism on the US, while themselves they follow the path of capitalism. That’s why the ugly Russians must be destroyed! That’s why the US should bomb Russia, not Syria. The world needs democracy! Let the US bring democracy to the world with its bombs and missiles and drones – the most democratizing bombs and missiles and drones in human history! Long live comrade Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood! Hurray! Allahu akbar, Omar! Salamu alaykum!

    • Drakken

      Sorry to burst your little bubble, but, the Russians are not communist and have a muslim problem greater than our own, so please do try to keep up with what is going on in the world. Relax, sit back, grab a bourbon while our muslim savage little buddies tear each other to pieces, in fact we should encourage them to do more.

      • ReyR

        Hey Drakken, long time no see. It’s me over here, having fun in my peculiar Russian style.

        • Drakken

          My mistake Rey, you forgot to put a sarcasm tag at the end of it, and I misread it, my bad.

      • joe

        I was thinking popcorn, but bourbon’ll do the trick.

        • Drakken

          That boubon is the nector of western civilization. It proves to us mere mortals that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

    • defcon 4

      If Putin was Stalin, Russia’s problems w/muslimes would’ve disappeared already.

  • Omar

    Also, I find it funny that the same left who supported the Arab Spring revolts in places like Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Jordan are the same left who oppose it in places like Libya and Syria. They support the revolts in Egypt and Yemen not because the leaders in those places were autocratic, but because they are pro-Western. Hence, the left cheered on when Mubarak resigned. But in Libya and Syria, both of the veteran dictators, Gaddafhi and Assad, are anti-Western and pro-Communist totalitarianism. Hence, they oppose the uprising there. I also find it interesting that the left defends the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons , but opposes the U.S. being concern about it. The left also complains that America used the atomic bomb on Hiroshima during World War II, but the left doesn’t care that Militarist Japan was allied with Nazi Germany during the war. The left also doesn’t care about the fact that Militarist Japan attacked the United States first at Pearl Harbor in 1941 (or that the militarist regime in Japan had committed oppression against their own citizens and other people, as well as committed mass murder against innocent Chinese civilians in Nanking, China during the late 1930s.). In fact, many activists on the left (such as Noam Chomsky) supported the attack on Pearl Harbor because it was directed against America. The difference between Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima was that the U.S. military tried warning Japanese civilians of the coming bomb attack ahead of time (the civilian deaths were a result of collateral damage from the bomb), while the imperial Japanese army were hoping to kill as many American soldiers as possible. The left also supported Saddam Hussein’s massacre of innocent Kurds in Iraq in 1988. As usual, the left’s double standards lives on.

  • antijihad

    Oh dear Naziboy is the antisemitic bad smell that just won’t go away. Whatever Assad’s faults, and they are many, lets look at who wants him toppling. Al Qaeda and the sort of scum who carried out the atrocity in Kenya. If we get involved in Syria, we are literally joining Al Qaeda. Is this how we should be marking the just gone 12th anniversary of 9/11? Just as many people on the Left help the Jihad, so do many misguided folks on the Right as well, as shown by the piece above.

  • UCSPanther

    I actually love it. These anti-war idiots can’t seem to decide whether to support a brutal, anti-Semitic and anti-western tyrant (Assad), or an equally brutal, anti-Semitic and anti-western terrorist group (Al Quada).

    This is what is called an “ideological conflict”. Rather like having your cake and eating it too.

  • herb benty

    The above article goes a long way in explaining the sorry state of the once great, Britannia. Leftist, anti-semitic, anti-American and anti-capitalist idiots would have been held in derision in the 1950’s.

    • Omar

      The British left is nostalgic for King George III because he hated America, its democratic system and its freedoms just as much as the Communists do. That’s the reality.

      • herb benty

        We can’t get the Brits to remember Churchill/ Thatcher and act like them, never mind a long dead King George! The British “left” are nostalgic for Lenin/Stalin/ Mao/Castro-Che or Pol Pot. The left wants the gov’t to be the “boss” of the people; the Americans, ( non-Obama syncophants), have a Constitution that clearly gives the power to citizens… a constitution that the left “grinds their teeth at”, and subverts to turn America into Greece. Most Brits admire America and are friendly to it’s citizens.

  • defcon 4

    Gaza is already Judenrein. One of the first actions of the islam0nazis who took over Gaza was to destroy the synagogues left behind.

  • muchiboy

    It’s a wonder any of you can sleep,given the near 2 billion Muslims in the world today and over 40 Muslim majority countries,much less the many who live among you.
    Something most of you neglect to consider is the ill feeling and resentment your one sided,unjust support of Israel fosters in the Palestinian,Region,Arab and Muslim world,and the real threat it represents to America and her interests.While some use and advantage is gained from your proxy ally,Israel,it is more than countered by the negative attributes of the relationship or attachment (seemingly by the hip). Israel is not bothered by the consequences to America of the relationship:her survival,self interests and land greed are her primary concerns.911 should have caused Israel to pause and examine her role and culpability in this terrorist act.Instead,it just cemented the role and relationship.
    America doesn’t have to abandon her good friend and ally.She doesn’t have to throw her to the

    “Muslim wolves”,as the likes of you would see it.Try putting yourselves,for once,into the shoes of the occupied and ethnically cleansed Palestinians,and recognize the Israelis for what they are;good people,who sought sanctuary at the expense of another innocent and vulnerable people,and who continue to occupy and deny to the Palestinians what they themselves demanded and took by force and money.

  • defcon 4

    Let’s not forget that it was under Assad’s reign that Wafa Sultan, a Syrian atheist, had her death fatwah pronounced on her head by a Syrian cleric.