The Hollywood Left Mourns Its ‘Great Hero’ Chavez

Tuesday was a dark day for socialist totalitarians everywhere, including among the Hollywood elite. Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez finally succumbed to cancer, and a pair of Hollywood heavyweight supporters mourned him openly and proudly.

“Today the people of the United States lost a friend it never knew it had,” declared Sean Penn, Hollywood’s most dictator-loving actor, in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter (THR). Of course, the reason the American people were unaware Chavez was our friend is that he had always made it perfectly clear that he hated us. Undeterred by reality, Penn went on: “And poor people around the world lost a champion.” This would be the “champion” who oversaw one of the world’s most corrupt countries and top drug trafficking sites, and whose capital has the second highest homicide rate of any large city in the world, while he amassed a personal fortune. He left behind a country wrestling with a housing crisis, high inflation, an electricity crisis, and rolling food and goods shortages, all of which were fallout from Chavez’s vision of 21st century socialism.

“I lost a friend I was blessed to have,” Penn continued. “My thoughts are with the family of President Chavez and the people of Venezuela.” If Penn’s thoughts were truly with the people of Venezuela, he would be rejoicing for them, since they are now rid of an arrogant monster, although Chavez’s number two, Nicolas Maduro Moros, doesn’t promise to be any better. Tragically, “Venezuela and its revolution will endure under the proven leadership of Vice President Maduro,” threatened Penn.

Earlier last year, Penn had joined Chavez at an election rally in Venezuela and touted his good friend’s democratic bona fides: “Who do you know here who’s gone through fourteen of the most transparent elections on the globe and has been elected democratically, as Hugo Chavez?” Apparently Penn is using the word “transparent” here in the same sense that President Obama uses it to describe his own administration.

Another Hollywood America-hater, director Oliver Stone, also expressed his sadness: “I mourn a great hero to the majority of his people and those who struggle throughout the world for a place,” he wrote in his statement to THR. “Hated by the entrenched classes, Hugo Chavez will live forever in history,” says Stone, a member of the entrenched class of Hollywood’s socialism-promoting multi-millionaires, and a man who has made it his mission to ensure that his heroes do indeed live forever by producing an entire miniseries devoted to rewriting history from an anti-American perspective.

Let’s look at some highlights of the career of the man Sean Penn and Oliver Stone call a hero of the people (courtesy of the Freedom Center’s indispensable Discover the Networks resource):

Hugo Chavez, elected president in 1998, was a proud Communist and an enemy of the United States with many links to violent terrorist organizations and totalitarian dictators. He sent members of his private army of enforcers, the Bolivarian Circles, to Cuba for military training in order “to carry out acts of violence through them” when they returned. He imported hundreds of Cuban activists whose objective was “to arm his thousands of civilian supporters.” Chavez is also alleged to have ties to the terrorist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and to have routed weapons and supplies from Cuba through Venezuela to Marxist guerrillas in Colombia.

Chavez was a close friend of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, providing him with cheap oil in exchange for military support and training for his Bolivarian Circles. Chavez also maintained contacts with terrorism-sponsoring nations in the Middle East. In 2001 he signed “cooperation agreements” with Libya, Iraq, and Iran. Former Venezuelan military officials allege that Chavez directly supported Middle Eastern terrorist organizations including al-Qaeda, and he has been directly linked to the Taliban.

In a 2003 article, human rights activist Thor Halvorssen wrote: “A day after the September 11th terrorist attacks, Chavez declared that ‘the United States brought the attacks upon itself for their arrogant imperialist foreign policy.’ Chavez also described the U.S. military response to bin Laden as ‘terrorism,’ claiming that he saw no difference between the invasion of Afghanistan and the Sept 11th terrorist attacks.”

In the summer of 2006, Chavez embarked on a six-week trip to a dozen countries. As the Capital Research Center summarizes:

Venezuela’s president… met with Vladimir Putin and purchased $3 billion in Russian arms, including fighter jets, military helicopters, and 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles. He also visited Iran, where he voiced support for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iran-financed Hezbollah, the Lebanese terrorist group; Vietnam, where he fondly reminisced about its struggle against the U.S. in the 1960s and 1970s; Cuba, where he held hands with an ailing Fidel Castro who sent thousands of Cuban doctors and teachers to Venezuela in exchange for oil at much-reduced rates; China, where he struck yet more deals; and Syria, where he promised another strategic alliance to free the world of U.S. domination.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad awarded Chavez Iran’s highest state honor, the Islamic Republic Medal, for supporting Tehran in its nuclear ambitions. Chavez used the occasion to say, “Let’s save the human race, let’s finish off the U.S. empire. This [task] must be assumed with strength by the majority of the peoples of the world.”

Unsurprisingly, Chavez was also no friend to Israel. He condemned the tiny democracy for what he called the “terrorism” and “madness” of its attacks in Lebanon, referred to Israel as one of America’s “imperialistic instruments,” and accused it of doing to the Palestinians “what Hitler did to the Jews.”

In a speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Chavez called the U.S. “the greatest threat looming over our planet,” a nation whose “hegemonic pretensions … are placing at risk the very survival of the human species”; he referred to President Bush as “the Devil,” an aspiring “world dictator,” and the “spokesman of imperialism”; and he asserted that “[t]he government of the United States doesn’t want peace,” but rather “wants to exploit its system of exploitation, of pillage, of hegemony through war.”

At the Copenhagen climate summit in December 2009, socialist Chavez said: “Capitalism is a destructive model that is eradicating life, that threatens to put a definitive end to the human species.”

Chavez left behind a family fortune estimated at over $2 billion dollars, one that rivaled that of the Castro brothers of impoverished Cuba. This is always the way of socialism – the powerful at the top, who profess to champion the poor, live like kings while the powerless wait in bread lines. This is the man that the Hollywood radical left – who also live like kings – mourn.

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  • Ibrahim SABIRLI

    Hugo; Vive en nuestros corazones !!!

    • bob lawrence

      go straight to hell with him you worthless muzzie

      • Ibrahim SABIRLI

        Only God knows who will go to hell & i will be watching you beloved Father :)

        • Drakken

          I see that you will be visiting paradise(hell) quite soon you effing muzzy savage, with our compliments.

        • JacksonPearson

          You'll be holding hands with Muhammad/Che/Castro/Chavez/Ahmadinejad/Arafat…in hell!

        • Western Canadian

          Are you actually stupid enough to think that your ignorance and dishonesty in some way justifies your very public display of utter worthlessness?? You and sub-animals like chavez referring in any way shape or form to “god” is laughable.

    • Lan Astaslem

      funny how a muzzie like you has a man crush on a real pig

      • Ibrahim SABIRLI

        Ha, ha, ha.. Papa don't preach.. Mira el espejo :)

        • Chiggles

          You already broke that mirror.

          • Guest

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        • Western Canadian

          Even for you, that reply is stupid.

        • Mary Sue

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    • Chiggles

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      You can spend Eternity in HELL next to your false "prophet" of satan, muhammed.


    • Mike


  • AdinaK

    This is the insidious nature of the left's love of totalitarian rule, and it is mostly evidenced within Hollywood and academia –

    The anti-American traitors must be boycotted. Shunned as pariahs,

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • silver gonzales

    Having been to Barquisimeto during the first Hamas/Israel war, I saw, several times, handwritten posters saying " Viva Palestina". On one occasion, such a poster taped to a garage door, I was able to see a glimpse, above the hinges, a group of young men, with rifles.

    No doubt his government had ties with arab muslim groups and financed their "struggle". You can see on you tube, videos of Chavez denouncing Israel while Syria burns.

    Barquisimeto is the ugliest city I have ever seen. Posters of his fat well nourished face, wearing a red sweater were on every street corner. His speeches blaring in the town plaza. I pity the suffering people. May Penn, Stone, Glover and Kevin Spacey and all the Euro lefties be deported there and forced to work for 5$ a day.

    • Mary Sue

      More like 5 bucks a MONTH.

  • pierce

    Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, and Michael Moore advocating Dictator Hugo Chavez as a champion of the poor, and indignant people of the world. Wow! I never got that impression of him, or them. I always thought he was an opportunist, there to take advantage of the have-nots of the the world, and they, members of the elite community known as Hollywood entertainers.
    I, for one, am not impressed with any of them, or what they stand for, nor who they back. They are disgusting, collectively disgusting.

    • jacob

      How about asking all of them, including Danny Glover who you missed, how much did they get
      from Chavez …???
      it is known that Oliver Stone made a picture praising this sob to the moon but I doubt it was out
      the goodness of his heart and which goes as well for that piece of… of Michael Moore…
      Each and every one of these "leaders" uses the same Trojan Horse of presenting themselves
      as redemptors until they consolidate power and then give the electors a run for their money….

      • silver gonzales

        What is not well known is that Stone also made a documentary praising Cuba and Castro. Financed I assume by Castro either directly or indirectly.

  • Asher

    If Communism is so wonderful, why don't these Hollywood socialites go live in these countries with the dictators they admire?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Chavez was cancerized by his enemies, could Sean Penn be next, might make the story
    plausible if not equitable, Penn is a generational Communist and should move to
    Venezeula where the citizens may give him what he deserves. Chavez, Castro, Guivera,
    Penn, Amaddinnerjacket, Obama, what a crew, has Penn dropped Asad, he faded
    on his pal Sadam Insane………………..William

  • AlgerHiss

    Penn gets his leftism in his genes: Weren't both of his parents redder than red?

    • Jim_C

      I don't know, I know his dad, like many people's dads, was a union guy. But I think getting famous at an early age, in his case, probably left little time for a proper education to learn to think critically instead of emotionally (which is how actors do their work).

      • Western Canadian

        Penn has claimed that his father had his career ruined by big bad Joe M. Which is interesting, since hollywood infiltration was not a big item for him. If Penn is that sickeningly ignorant and dishonest, what more do you need to know about him. And Reagan was a ‘union guy’, but an honest and honourable one.

  • clarespark

    Most of Hollywood is populist, and its movies celebrate the Common Man, his travails and his transcendence. For more populist demagoguery see…. "Index to blogs on populist demagoguery". There are populists of both the left and right, and all populists are irrational and tend toward conspiracy theories.

    • Headed4TheHills

      Most of Hollyweird are Libtard Progressive Elitists who only espouse populist sentiments so their adoring fans (read: Cult of Personality followers) will keep sending them money in the form of movie tickets fees. Similar to Ms. Judd, who may be running for a government seat in KY, they think they know what's best for everyone everywhere while only really seeing the world through their million dollar rose-colored glasses. Put any one of them in the living conditions experienced by the subjects of dear departed Hugo, and they'd be in rehab the rest of their lives trying to purge the memory.

  • BS77

    The weeping and crying reminded me of the coerced grieving we witnessed in the news when the North Korean dictator passed…..OH BOOOO HOOOOO. Orwell would have loved the surrealistic spectacle of impoverished people crying over a billionaire thug like Chavez.

  • Alex Kovnat

    Hugo Chavez was not my favorite personality, and most of us on this thread didn't like him either. But I am worried that North Korea, or perhaps even the Islamic element, may take advantage of the power vacuum in Venezuela in the wake of H.C.'s death. Let us hope that the death of Hugo Chavez is not followed by the rise of an even worse tyranny.

  • beez

    Frankly, it would suit me if another Venezuelan Army Colonel, this one of the right wing persuasion, would simply stage a coup-d'état, because this next leftist government may actually be worse than Chavez. The return of the right-wing caudillo at least has a remote possibility of restoring a democratic, constitutional, and republican form of government.

    • EarlyBird

      You're confusing issues. The opposite of a left wing dictator is not a right wing dictator. Neither equals democracy.

      Let's instead hope that Venezuelans will be able to choose leadership which allows them real freedom and dignity.

  • Chris_Shugart

    "Chavez dying before Castro has completely messed up my brackets." — Dennis Miller yesterday on his radio show.

  • Ghostwriter

    I always thought of Chavez as an obnoxious blowhard with a touch of the paranoid. I got that opinion when I listened to a couple of his speeches. He always had a massive ego. Now he won't be annoying his own people by his stupid Sunday TV show any more.

  • EarlyBird

    Lefties are in love with the who and what they perceive as the weak and the underdog, and ask no questions beyond that. If that underdog stands up to the big dog, then he's a real hero. There are no moral considerations whatsoever. It's very warped.

    • Jim_C

      Yep, and the thing is, all it takes is a cursory look at Chavez's actual actions. You don't even need to "do the research:" it's all right there. To take even 10% of that into account, and still praise the guy? insane. bonkers.

      • EarlyBird

        The man took over the press, nationalized all television outlets, imprisoned dissenters, etc.,etc., and he's still a hero to people like Sean Penn. I think also part of the Penn Problem is a desire to feel like a hero oneself by standing up for these guys and taking lots of criticism for it. He's got such an easy life, this makes him feel like he's doing something worthwhile and dangerous.


    SCREW ALL neo-commies.

  • Jim_C

    Eulogizing this bozo is freaking nuts!

    • BS77

      that's not all….I just read they are going to embalm Chavez and put him in a glass mummy case like Lenin. This is beyond creepy….

      • EarlyBird

        Freaky deaky.

    • Ghostwriter

      This is one of the few times I agree with you. Chavez was a creep. He impoverished his country and hurt those he purported to help. Hopefully,the Venezuelans will get someone better than Chavez and his bunch.

  • Western Canadian

    Sean penn was raised on fraudulent drivel like howard zinns (ignorant) peoples history of the marxist lies about the west….. A load of garbage so vile, that even moscow wouldn’t lay claim to it….. What do you expect from people fed garbage all their lives?? I actually saw a commercial populated by ‘hollywood’ types, praising this piece of dung. And each and every one of them, somehow thought that because they bought into this contrived bucket of hate, that they were ahead of the curve, instead of ignorant, mis-eduated dupes. What a sad collection of useless idiots.

  • Mr. Polly

    It was certainly absurd for Chavez to call Israel one of America's "imperialistic instruments," when in fact America is Israel's imperialistic instrument.

    • leo

      Typical language of antisemitic, Mr Polly


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