The Muslim Brotherhood’s Hollywood Awards Gala

563080_10151549581258394_1955740352_nThe Hollywood Bureau of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) had its 22nd Annual Media Awards Gala last Saturday at the Hilton in Long Beach, California, bringing together “American Muslims, TV and film studio executives, public officials, interfaith leaders, and media professionals to celebrate our honorees’ achievements in using the arts to foster positive social change.” “Positive social change” in this context is Muslim Brotherhood-speak for “the fundamental transformation of American culture.”

MPAC’s busy Hollywood Bureau, established shortly after 9/11 and sharing the Brotherhood’s subversive ideology, claims to serve as a professional resource to the entertainment industry by providing accurate information on Islam and Muslims. It has consulted with the producers of such TV shows as 24, Bones, Lie to Me, 7th Heaven, The Good Wife, and Homeland. It offers script consultation (read: approval) for filmmakers who want to get Islam “right,” and helps Hollywood professionals connect with Muslim filmmakers, writers and actors.

For the past 21 years, MPAC has honored “Voices of Courage and Conscience” who use art and media “to create accurate portrayals and enriching dialogue around important social, cultural and political issues.” A few of the “accurate and enriching” artists and their works that MPAC has honored with awards in the past are filmmakers Michael Moore (for Bowling for Columbine) and Spike Lee (for Malcolm X), producer Lawrence Bender (for An Inconvenient Truth), George Clooney’s production company (for the morally inverted Syriana), and actor Alec Baldwin (“for his courageous commitment to social justice and civil liberties, and for standing up against violations of Muslims’ civil liberties in national media interviews and at the 2004Democratic National Convention”).

This year, MPAC honored three projects: the Oscar-nominated 5 Broken Cameras, the Fox TV series Bones and the Sundance Film Institute’s Feature Film Program.

5 Broken Cameras is described as a “harrowing portrayal of Palestinian daily life under Israeli occupation.” Sounds accurate and enriching already. Co-created by Palestinian filmmaker Emad Burnat and Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi, the 2013 documentary is an account of nonviolent “resistance” in a West Bank village surrounded by Israeli settlements. “I got the idea,” Burnat said after accepting his award, “to make this film from one of my friends who said, ‘Why don’t you make a film about us, who live here? You know how it is to live under the pressure, under the army, under the occupation.’”

Perhaps Burnat and his Israeli partner’s next film could focus on the pressure that Israeli citizens experience in their own land, from an invented people who assault them with everything from rocks to rockets, from obsessive media distortion, and from the coordinated international condemnation of Jew-hating leftists and Arab nations, who want to wipe Israel from the map. But then, films like that don’t win awards.

Another honoree, the TV series Bones has featured a Muslim as one of its recurring characters for the last five seasons. “Committed to introducing diverse and underrepresented narratives,” says MPAC’s website, Bones “embodies the emerging diversity in portrayals of Muslims on screen and television. The character ‘Arastoo Vaziri’ is a rare counter to the pervasive negative stereotypes which have come to define such portrayals.” The announcement doesn’t give any examples of “pervasive negative stereotypes,” probably because MPAC would be hard-pressed to find any in the post-9/11 entertainment world, which has bent over backwards to avoid offending Arabs and Muslims.

Even before MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau, the Muslim Brotherhood legacy group CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, worked hard to steer Hollywood productions toward more and more sanitized depictions of Islam and Muslims. At a White House rally almost exactly a year prior to the 9/11 attacks, CAIR’s executive director asserted that “Hollywood has not been our ally. Hollywood has distorted the facts. Hollywood has shown freedom fighters as terrorists. Hollywood has done the work that Zionists could not done [sic].” But since 9/11, Hollywood has indeed been CAIR’s ally.

Accepting the awards for Bones were writer Keith Fogelsong and actor Pej Vahdat, who plays Arastoo Vaziri. “Thank you FOX for giving me something that I can relate to as an American Muslim,” said Vahdat. “A part that’s not a terrorist.”

Founded by actor Robert Redford, the Sundance Film Institute’s Feature Film Program offers “professional and creative resources to artists in Muslim-majority countries.” It promises “to tell the stories of diverse and underrepresented peoples and to alleviate the distorted images of regions of the world that are largely misunderstood.” In this context, “distorted” and “misunderstood” mean “in desperate need of a PR makeover.”

MPAC Senior Adviser Maher Hathout closed the event by thanking all the honorees for being “an oasis in the large desert of mass mislabeling, prejudices and biases.” Speaking of prejudices and biases, Hathout, who has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, has characterized Palestinian suicide bombings against Israel as “very understandable”; he has supported attacks by Hezbollah, whom he calls “freedom fighters”; and he has called Israel a land of “butchers” who have imposed “racist apartheid.” Regarding MPAC’s 25-year existence, he said at the gala, “We are knocking on the doors of the future and God willing it will open really wide for our new generations to step in, into a better, kinder, gentler, more creative, more just and more fair America.”

Oscar-winner Dustin Hoffman was scheduled to attend the gala and present the Media Award to 5 Broken Cameras, but apparently he was too ill to attend. Instead, he sent an audio statement in which he praised the filmmaker for his courage and conscience: “Courage and conscience. These are virtues so greatly needed for this troubled and confusing time.” Indeed they are. And if the West doesn’t find the courage and conscience to rally to defend its culture, the future will be a very troubled and confusing time indeed.

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  • AdinaK

    The fact that Obama Inc and their Islamic-sensitivity trainers were in full form embedded with Argo, should tell us all we need to know about the whitewashing of Islamists (a preponderance of Muslim Americans are in their grip) in America's midst –

    As such, they have every reason to feel smug and triumphant – they are winning! If one requires more proof, well, here it is –

    Adina kutnicki, Israel

    • Roger

      And the media pretends their deck chairs on the titanic are safe.

      Don't they realize how islamic militants treat people from the media? (Clue… Does the name Daniel Pearl ring a bell?)

      • Parenthetical Phrase

        Actually, Roger, media execs probably fee they can stay ahead of the curve by promoting a false image instead of telling the truth. Maybe they DO remember Daniel Pearl and they don't want to end up like him. They can see where the world is going and truth, justice and the American way matter nothing at all to them. They have a lifestyle to maintain! Whatever the reason, I heard on Dennis Miller yesterday that the public has an opinion of the media that is BELOW the one they have of Congress. They may have the Muslims approval for a short while but eventually the Saudis are going to run out of money and then the whole damn thing is going to blow. Who knows what will happen after that? During the '30s, Hollywood refused to make any movie that might offend Hitler and the Germans and the media was mum on the Holocaust until AFTER the War. They didn't want to hurt their profits.

        • Defcon 4

          Didn't Charlie Chaplin make the Dictator in the 1930's? A movie that must have inspired Baron Sasha Cohen's movie of the same name I'm betting.

  • Guy Macher

    The real story of Islam is told in the Koran and the hadiths(eye witness anecdotes of Mohamed which were compiled by devout Muslims). The hadiths tell us that Mohamed was a liar looter rapist murderer who married a six year-old girl and raped her at nine lunar years-old (8 years 8 months 3 weeks by the solar calendar). Mohamed, according to Allah, is the best of men, a model to all devout Muslims.
    And they're coming to your neighbourhood soon with the blessings of your political rulers!

    • Roger

      They will do their best to impose sharia under a world wide caliphate.

      And the US seems to be headed the way of the Byzantine Empire.

      Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

      • Defcon 4

        The Byzantine Empire wasn't anything to really be excited about. It was never a Republic, as Rome once was. They persecuted Jews, in Israel.

        • Roger

          They stood as the last civilized part of the Roman empire, and the muslim horde took them down with a death by a thousand cuts.

          If you don't like them, at least admit we face the same enemy.

      • kaz

        you are wrong, roger. the byzantines recognized islam as pure evil, and resisted islam until their walls were breached, and they were overwhelmed by military force, then their men were killed and their women were raped and/or killed, as provided for by the holy qu'ran. the US, on the other hand, advertizes that islam is the religion of peace, lovingly imports muslims, supports them on welfare, and just cannot comprehend how it is that a "tiny minority" of them kill us, while the huge majority of them just keep breeding at our expense so they can conquer us at the polls, then genocide us, and rape our women, as provided for by the holy qu'ran.

        • Roger

          They hired them as mercenaries. That's why there are muslims in the balkans.

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      Actually, Guy, Mohammed married a 6-year old and started having sex with her at 6. It's called "thighing" and I'm sure you can guess the gist of it. When Aisha was married at 6, she brought along her dolls to keep her company since she would no longer see any of her little playmates anymore. When she realized what the deal was, her hair started falling out and that may have put Mohammed off a bit.

  • mark

    So in other words muslims get non muslims to lie to help forward their evil agenda.

    I have also seen the same thing going on in various fiction books.

    • Roger

      It seems surreal enough to be fiction, but it's deadly real.

  • metatron2

    Moslems are like creeping cockroaches…despoiling everything in their path. Where is The Raid?

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      Here in the U.S., we may have "creeping" Sharia but in Africa, it's more like a blitzkrieg. Fire bombing entire churches filled with people, burning down homes and villages, raping and enslaving women and children — all is permitted and ENCOURAGED by "Alllah". I don't know whether our willful blindness is based on our stupidity to think if we don't acknowledge a problem, it isn't there; or if we just feel powerless against our rulers. I hate to think what this country will look like in 3 years.

      • Roger

        And Obama gave al qaida Libya and it's oil revenue. We need to start repeating that there is blood on his hands for doing so. More than just the Benghazi staff.

  • Questions

    This is part of the "soft" war waged against the U.S. by Muslims, infiltrating news content, film studios, think tanks, political parties and universities to provide disinformation. In this way, they can win the "hard" war more easily. It's an old strategy. The Soviets employed this as well.

    Personally, here's how I would "consult" with Muslims: I would tell them to leave America.

    • charlie4darwin

      They are most welcome in Europe and UK, apparently; terrorist history accepted.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    The Hollywood Bureau of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) had its 22nd Annual Media Awards Gala………celebrating their Spring Show Line-Up………..

    ~ The Good Wife in a Burqa………
    ~ Islamic Idols…
    ~ Goat's Anatomy..
    ~ Jihadist Person of Interest..
    ~ Camel Town..
    ~ HAMAS Five-0..
    ~ Saturday Night Live Prayer..
    ~ Fringe….on My Prayer Rug..
    ~ Dr. Oz Show…….

    Islam's Dancing With 9-Veils! …

    • Lan Astaslem

      great line-up perhaps we could add, My Three Wives

      • κατεργάζομαι


        ~ Sonny and CAIR…
        ~ I Dream of Jihad….
        ~ Third Mosque from the Sun……..

        • Lan Astaslem

          Little mosque on the prairie
          The camel whisperer

          • κατεργάζομαι

            ~ Horton Hears a Hookah
            ~ Taxi Driver


            - Brokeback Madrassa
            – The Akbar Gatsby
            – Star and Crescent Trek
            – It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Ummah
            – Everybody Loves Muhammed
            – Pirates of the Arabian Sea
            – Casablanca Sans Infidels
            – The Three Beheaded Stooges
            – Porky the Infidel Pig

          • κατεργάζομαι


            ~ HERBIE the CAIR
            ~ HERBIE THE HATE BUG
            ~ Mr. Jihad Goes to Boston
            ~ Goodbye, Mr. Goat Chips!
            ~ My Goat Named Flicka
            ~ SMELL, HOOKAH and Camel
            – – (Bell, Book & Candle)

          • defcon 4

            LOL, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Ummah. I think the movie title only had three Mads in it though.



            t's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)

  • marios

    Treason from the top of Power WH administration, Dem's party establishment and their slaves servants corrupted, biased MSM, Hollywood, Educational system, jurisdictional system… Wow, where is intact America? Where are conservatives Leaders, American "Margaret Thatcher"?

    • Questions

      Speaking of Mrs. Thatcher, maybe you could rent "The Iron Lady" (2011). Meryl Streep turned in an Oscar-winning performance.

      • Roger

        If I wanted the socialist spin on one of our heroes I'd watch Jane Fonda, or some other has been.

  • Porky's2istan

    I stopped watching Bones precisely because of the total BS coming out of that muzzie's mouth (also it was boring). NCIS had a few episodes too where they kissed islamic butt and said that 'islam is a religion of peace'. (Maybe they threw that in for the other 100 episodes where they killed islamists?)

    I was thinking the other day that if I had a business and muslims started coming in I would do everything in my power to 'discourage' them from returning. Like my local Chaldean market (Christian Arabs) that makes it a point to have pork products EVERYWHERE, even pigs feet, and alcohol. For every (visible) muslim that frequents your business you can expect 5 non-muslims to never shop there again.

    Similarly, for every phoney portrayal of islam as a peaceful religion in a TV show you can expect thousands of people who know the truth (like me) to lose all respect for that show.

  • hmurveit

    Another good article by

  • Defcon 4

    Liars honoring liars, somehow it all fits.

  • Ghostwriter

    I don't think they'll ever broadcast that.

  • pinnie99


  • defcon 4

    Was Mel Gibson there?


      To blame the JOOOZ for the pimple on his azz.

  • palebunnycrusader

    I'm gonna vomit.