The Muslims Are Coming, Part II

mc2Several weeks ago I posted a piece on FrontPage Mag entitled “The Muslims Are Coming!” about a recent documentary following a troupe of Muslim standup comics as they toured the country, enlightening all the middle-American clods who have somehow gotten the crazy impression that Islam poses a threat. I harshly attacked this concept; my take was that the world has an Islam problem, not an Islamophobia problem, and that claiming otherwise and slapping a happy face on the issue is insulting and pointless.

The film’s producer and co-director Dean Obeidallah, who is also one of the featured comedians, unsurprisingly took exception to this and called me a bigot and idiot on Twitter for reviewing a film I hadn’t seen. I responded that my article wasn’t a review of the documentary and didn’t claim to be; it was commentary on the very concept of the film based on the abundant information provided on its website, with a few examples drawn from the movie’s three-minute trailer. He seemed to think that watching the film itself would change my mind. I asked him if the trailer and website were not representative of the film’s content; because if they weren’t, and the film is about something completely different, then he has a marketing problem.

Obeidallah, who bills himself as the Dean of Comedy (Get it? His name is Dean) couldn’t or wouldn’t respond. Instead, he went off and wrote about my piece at the Daily Beast where he could dismiss me as a hater for his audience of smug leftist sheep, who either live in willful ignorance about Islam or happily support the agenda of Islamic fundamentalists to tear down western civilization from within and without.

I still haven’t seen Obeidallah’s documentary, so if it is indeed radically different from how it is presented on the website (and you can read the long synopsis for yourself here), then I will apologize and retract my criticisms. But I know I won’t have to. The website and trailer clearly push the message that media distortion, bigotry, ignorance, and the “irrational fear of Islam” – otherwise known by the Brotherhood neologism “Islamophobia” – are the real issues that need to be resolved in order to bring peace to the clash of civilizations. Obeidallah and his cohorts think that, twelve years after 9/11, American non-Muslims still don’t understand or appreciate Islam, that anyone who expresses concerns about Islamic fundamentalism is a bigot and Islamophobe, and that if we all just learn to laugh about it together, we’ll see that sharia and jihad pose no threat and Islam is perfectly compatible with western ideals of freedom, human rights, and individualism.

In the month since my article appeared, here is what the world has witnessed of Islam:

A photographer documented the gruesome beheading of a bound young victim at the hands of Syrian jihadists, who later slit the throat of a Christian for refusing to deny Christ, then mocked his widow about it. Jihadists attacked the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan. Shi’ite Muslims bombed 30 Sunnis outside an Iraqi mosque; Sunnis returned the favor a few days later, and then they each took another turn, and on and on. Al Qaeda’s Ayman al-Zawahiri called on Muslims to launch attacks on American soil and to “bleed America economically.” As part of the ongoing, intensifying genocide of Christians under Islam, Muslims murdered two Christians in Egypt for refusing to pay the  jizya tax, and two more in Libya for refusing to convert to Islam. A Catholic priest was doused with acid by a Muslim in Zanzibar. A Yemen thief was condemned to have his foot and hand amputated according to sharia. Turkey sentenced a pianist to prison for “insulting Islam.” The West-hating Boko Haram slaughtered upwards of 160 people in Nigeria, and then later massacred another 65 students while they slept. Afghan jihadists posing as our allies murdered three NATO soldiers. Muslims killed 60 Christians and wounded 100 more outside church services in Pakistan. CAIR was caught carrying out a criminal money laundering scheme. Hamas called for a third intifada against Israel. Islamic militants killed 19 in a bus bomb in Pakistan and 33 more in a market with a car bomb. An International Conference on Islamophobia in Istanbul promoted its anti-free speech agenda. A bill was passed in Iran which allows men to marry their adopted daughters as young as 13. Last but not least, there was the subhuman barbarism of the Kenyan mall massacre, in which non-Muslims were singled out for horrific torture and murder, and many dozens were left dead.

Savagery of the lowest order. Totalitarianism. Raging violence against infidels and Muslims alike. This doesn’t even touch on the progress of civilizational jihad that is being waged so successfully against the too-clueless West.

Yet apologists like pro-Palestinian activist Dean Obeidallah, who performed at a CAIR banquet featuring the Brotherhood-linked, Islamophobia propagandist Wajahat Ali and radical imam Siraj Wahhaj, who supports violent jihad, won’t acknowledge the problematic doctrines that give rise to the examples I listed above. They place the blame for Islam’s ugly reputation these days on “Islamophobia” and the media (presumably they think that the media are either making up incidents, or should not report them).

Obeidallah wants you to blind yourself to the dangerous fundamentalism he is covering for; he wants you to believe you are an anti-Muslim bigot for raising concerns about Islam, even though Muslims themselves are dying at the hands of the militants; he wants you to view his The Muslims Are Coming!, the very title of which mocks the notion that Islam is a threat, to laugh off any legitimate concerns, and to join hands and harmonize across the mountainside like a Coca-Cola commercial – while Islamic supremacism advances. I’m afraid I can’t muster a sense of humor about that.

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  • gray_man

    “I’m afraid I can’t muster a sense of humor about that.”


    • CurmudgyOne

      Ditto. Well done.

  • pepperkorn

    The Muslims are coming? How can they be “coming” when they can’t even defend their own soil? US troops in Bagdad. British troops in Basra. German troops in Kabul. Dutch troops in Kirkuk. The Royal Navy of Somalia. NATO over Libya.

    • Jason P

      Majorities voted for Islamist parties in Algeria, Egypt, and Turkey. These aren’t Islamic backwaters. Islamist dictator in firm control in Saudi Arabia and Iran. These aren’t marginal players.

      Yes, Islamists (i.e. devout fundamentalists) are mostly a major threat to secular Muslims and minorities in Muslim nations. And, yes, at present their prospects for domination in the West is nil. But Mark is correct in our desire to expose their efforts and understand the nature of this movement. That shouldn’t be dismissed.

      • defcon 4

        Turkey isn’t an islam0fascist state? Tell that to the najjis kaffir who were ethnically cleansed from 40% of Cyprus. Tell that to the families of the victims of the Istanbul Pogrom. Tell that to the victims of the Armenian Genocide, for which there has been no recognition, much less compensation from the Turkish government EVER. Tell that to the families of the victims of the two synagogues bombed simultaneously in the early 21st century and for which the only justice meted out were sentences of 3 to 6 years. Tell that to the persecuted Jews and Christians of Turkey, who may not ring church bells, nor sound the shofar.

        • I can’t tell m name

          Well done, my friend! I finally agreed with your posting 100%. The Otoman Turks are a real murderous race. America’s best friend and ally after Israel is Turkey. They have persecuted or killed Greeks, Armenians, and Jews for centuries. Now you can see what the influence of a foreign lobby can do to historically true facts in the United States.

        • Jason P

          Where do you see the word “isn’t” in what I wrote?

          • defcon 4

            Turkey has never been anything BUT an islam0fascist state.

          • Jason P

            And where do I say otherwise?

          • defcon 4

            YOu said Turkey wasn’t an islamist backwater, but I see your point now.

    • A Z

      Some truth there.

      Germans settled in the Roman empire. There were actual genocide where German troops were lined up for parade and slaughtered. then their families were slaughtered. This was in the Eastern empire.

      in the Wester empire they settled. They met slavery there and had many battles at times losing many to the Byzantines.

      Yet Western Europe had Germanic kingdoms take over for the Roman Empire.

      You comment was insightful and funny, but how long are you going to laugh?

    • JFM Elliott

      Peppercorn, they are not only coming, the Muslim Brotherhood is in places in our White House and Homeland Security – and our govt. is hearing them. Do you realize the Brotherhood goal is Shariah Law over our nation? suggest you do a little research – you will see why this writer made his statements. The average Muslim in America is not an enemy by any means, but the open door to the Muslim Brotherhood here is
      a great concern.

      • defcon 4

        What is an “average muslime”? WOuld that be the muslime who doesn’t believe in islam?

    • Paul Austin Murphy


      Just two small facts that may get in the way of your first-year (Leftist) student argument. American troops left Iraq in 2011. British troops did so in 2009.

      And what has foreign troops got to do with American Muslims, of which there are over a million (I think).

      That’s the British and American problem. We send troops to fight and die on behalf of Muslims in Muslim countries. And to fight terrorists in foreign lands. Yet Islamists in the UK and the US are treated with kid gloves. That’s absurd.

      Let’s deal with the home threat and let Muslims kill their fellow Muslims, as they have done in their millions for the last 1,400 years – quite a long time before ‘Western imperialism’ and ‘colonial wars’, in fact.

      Keep on reading your Chomsky.

      Leftism is the opium of the people.

      • SandyLester

        There are troops still in Iraq. There are no American muslims/islamics their loyalty is to the person they call allah above all else.

        • Paul Austin Murphy

          There were some 300 troops in 2012 (there probably still are) – but not in a ‘fighting’ role. Certainly not as an ‘occupying’ force. If that’s all that’s meant, then there are US troops in the UK too, as well as in Germany, etc. Even in the UK, we have some foreign troops. I’m sure that pepperkorn mean fighting troops – fighting Iraqi forces or taking part in the 1,400 year old Sunni-Shia civil war.

    • jadedcorliss

      They’re infiltrating the government and society and pressing for political change and polluting their evil ideas and converting tons of dangerous prison inmates.

      Not all invasion is just charging in guns blazing.

      • SandyLester

        Fourteen members of obama’s staff, advisers and czars are confirmed muslim brotherhood members or collaborators.

        • jadedcorliss

          We are so fucking fucked….

    • nomoretraitors

      They don’t need an army. They’re doing it through birth rates and immigration, using the same tactic Alinsky touted: infiltrate and destroy from within

    • defcon 4

      “Defend their own soil”? Muslimes are engaged in a massive, worldwide campaign of ethnic cleansing. In W. Papau New Guinea (by Indonesian islam0nazis), in the Mid-East (against Christians, Baha’i, Zoroastrians, Jews), in Africa (anyone non muslim in N. Africa), in the Indian sub-continent (against Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists).

    • Omar

      Hey, peppercommie, The Islamists have been trying to conquer the world since the 7th century. The U.S. war in Iraq was necessary to overthrow a sadistic dictator, Saddam Hussein, and to bring democracy to that country. Why don’t you mention how Saddam tried to take over Kuwait over 20 years ago. In fact, why don’t you talk about Soviet/Warsaw Pact aggression in Egypt during the Suez Crisis as well as the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Why don’t you also mention about the Russian/Chinese Communist-backed Muslim Brotherhood coup that ousted Hosni Mubarak in Egypt back in 2011. Why don’t you discuss how Wikileaks is controlled by Moscow and Beijing (as well as their allies).

  • jude newman

    Yes we will laugh along with these muslims, and tell them how great muslims really are while thousands and thousands are being slaughtered in muslim dominated countries weekly
    If they really wanted to show how great muslims are, let them speak up about the atrocities going on in the name of islam
    How insulting that they can even smile and pretend islam is something other than the stench of hell and death, chaos, torture, murder, the end of civilization , by mindless barbarian savages How can they even hold their heads up knowing they call themselves muslims

  • Christopher Porretti

    the truth Obama administration and he have a lot of similarities to Adolph Hitler, we ask ourselves how could Germany every elect and follow such a leader, well we are doing the same thing with Obama.

    • defcon 4

      You’re assuming the zero was elected at all. The democraptic and Justice Department’s obsession w/preventing voter ID laws from being enforced lead me to believe the election was rigged.

      • CharlesWhiteV

        The IRS scandal proves 0bama, Demoncrats Party Leaders and the MSM oppressed the election of 2012! America has been a full fascist government since 2008. Islam is the “Anti-Christ” religion, the moderate Musselmen is the one that Chants “Allah Akbar” and then throws the stones till the (most often) woman or Child is merciless murdered (dead), the moderate Musselmen is the one that marries little girls as young as 9 and then rapes them often to death, the moderate Musselmen is the one that believes Infidel and Kafir women and little girls are fair game for rape (“she was asking for it” in their eyes). The Radical Musselmen (mullah) is the one that sends the Fanatical Musselmen to Homicidebomb anyone else!

    • SandyLester

      You are correct, people think hitler and 6 million + dead, that happened towards the end of hitler’s reign.
      In the beginning the people loved him (mostly), then the hammer came down.
      First two things hitler did after elected was create a nationalize health care system and gun confiscation (under the guise of safety)

    • kikorikid

      “well we are doing the same thing with Obama”…
      We have done the same thing with Obama.
      Research photos of Hitler before and during WWII,
      When you spot the White turban you are looking at
      a leading official of the Muslim Brotherhood. The
      Obama administration is LOADED with Muslim
      Brotherhood operatives including DHS with its
      1,000+ up-armored Humvees and 7,000 fully auto
      ARs plus about a billion rounds.

  • N. Wasse

    Mark; You hit the nail on the head. There is nothing funny about Islam and to quote the old bag Khomeini who was quoted as saying (and I’m paraphrasing here): There is no fun in Islam
    I not not have any doubt in my mind that Dean is following the old Hollywood idea that any publicity, be it good or bad, helps
    I would not watch this video it is a waste of time

  • Biff Henderson

    The basis of humor is reacting to someone else’s misfortune by making light of it. Islam is fertile ground. Showtime or HBO could have a weekly comedy show hamming it up over the latest atrocities in the news. How’s “Mugging for Mo” as a working title?

  • Schaps

    Obeidallah is just Obei ying Allah

  • nomoretraitors

    Mr. Tapson, anytime someone accuses you of being a bigot you know you’re winning the argument

  • Robert Lande

    A phobia is an irrational fear. Keeping your distance from fundamentalist Islam is rational like keeping your distance from a cobra.

    • defcon 4

      There is no non-fundamentalist islam. There is no reformed islam, there is no protestant islam, there is just islam; the jew hating, totalitarian death cult.

      • Chris Behme

        Radical Muslims want to kill you.
        Moderate Muslims don’t want to kill you.
        Moderate Muslims want radical Muslims to kill you.

        • zoomie

          I saw this awhile back, ” A moderate muslim is pleased when you are killed by a radical muslim “.

          • defcon 4

            And so is allah..

      • Robert Lande

        I was using the term fundamentalist Islam to describe those who follow the teachings of the Qur’an to convert, subdue or kill non-Muslims. They engage in terrorism. There are Muslims who do not kill non-Muslims, but they don’t seem to condemn those Muslims who do engage in terrorism. I agree that there is no reformed or protestant Islam. One question is- how do you tell the difference?

        • Johnnnyboy

          Most of us would like virtue to be a measure of personal
          merit, but often it is not. Frequently it is nothing but choosing sides. The ordinary
          non-terrorist Muslim is our enemy for the same reason the ordinary German was
          our enemy during WWII. What can I say? Life is unfair.

          • defcon 4

            Life is particularly unfair for anyone non-muslim living in an islamic state — because they don’t see “moderate” islam as being any different from “radical” islam.

  • Softly Bob

    Bigot is an over-used and misunderstood word. It is a word that is frequently used by desperate Leftists who are incapable of debating with facts.
    I would feel honoured to be called a bigot. It shows that you are doing something right and are scaring the pants off moronic Liberals.

  • Neil Ringlee

    Islam is the original totalitarian ideology. I find that not a laughing matter

  • anti bigorty

    Hey idiot you can’t review something unless you’ve seen it from beginning to end. Not assume what is in the documentary. Are you afraid that this movie will make people or you Muslim? What are you afraid of that Islam is JUST like Christianity only that Jesus is a Prophet? You’re not afraid of terrorists, you are afraid that Islam is not pro terrorists. All your arrogance and bigotry shot out the window. Arrogance is an ugly thing and so is bigotry.

    • Drakken

      Nobody is buying what your selling anymore libtard, islam demonstrates every bloody day what they are all about, bloodshed and savagery. So take your race and bigotry card and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

      • mittens

        Nobody is buying the Teabagger bigotry anymore Drakkentard. Cruz exposed you all for what you are. LOL

        • john_koenig

          Cruz has exposed your boy and his minions as the anti-American fascists we’ve always said they were. The Brownshirts went after disabled veterans in DC last Sunday. Worse move ever on your part, dirt bag.

        • SandyLester

          Why are liberals so focused on homosexual sex acts.
          It seems they talk about that first and then desperately try to make a point. (ok, they do not make points, they just name call and whine)

        • Omar

          Nobody is buying the “Occupy” movement bigotry anymore, mittenstard. Bill de Blasio and others of his hateful cult exposed themselves for who they (and you) are: radical America-hating Communists.

    • SandyLester

      And so is yours.
      islam is terrorist, it is a death cult cultural and political system, it always has been and it always will be.


      “afraid that Islam is not pro terrorists”?????


      Virtually EVERY terrorist IS a Muslim.

      From mohammed atta to satan.

      • Omar

        Don’t forget that almost every terrorist is Communist as well. From the FALN to the FARC to the PLO to the Weather Underground.

    • Omar

      “Anti Bigotry”, we don’t have a problem with Muslims. We have a problem with radical Islamists, who control countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. We have a problem with the fact that Islamists in power cite the genocidal hadith as justification for their barbaric rule. Read Robert Spencer’s pamphlet on Islam to learn more about the truth on radical Islamism. Learn from facts.

    • kikorikid

      you are a dull tool

  • SandyLester

    Stage 1:
    Start immigrating – move into a country quietly

    Stage 2:
    Begin starting churches: “learning centers”
    community helps: food etc.

    Stage 3:
    Political activism: demanding rights, denounce
    derogatory comments/press etc.

    Stage 4:
    Get elected, pass laws favoring rights etc. move toward
    political majority

    Stage 5:
    Political control, Sharia Law

    • john_koenig

      Right now, Europe is at mid-Stage 4. America is just entering Stage 4.

      • defcon 4

        Take a trip to Dearbornistan, Michigan. It may change your evaluation.

        • john_koenig

          I was speaking from a national perspective. But yes, I know how bad things are in Dearborn and Hamtramck.

          • defcon 4

            It’s getting bad everywhere. In California, a Saudi princess was released after her slaves escaped her apartment.

  • BCW

    See Amazon – for the Book ” Babylon’s Covert War ” – what was learned while serving during Operation Iraqi freedom – a different perspective from an actual combat veteran and officer of the USA – MP Corp….

  • Steven Snell

    God, you’re a moron.

    • newsel

      Who are you referring to? God or whom??

  • xteeth

    How is it that so often, that is over and over, it is found that right wing nuts, such as are found here, think that they know stuff that is proven false? And what do they say? “Oh, that’s not me. I’m not one of those. And then, like here, they say more false stuff.” If you haven’t watched the thing, you are simplistic in claiming that you know about it. Of course it wouldn’t change your mind, nothing would do that. I would recommend that you go out and find a Muslim and talk with them. They won’t actually hurt you, that is just in your mind along with all the rest of this hogwash.

    • Momo Lala

      Islam wants us to submit to muslims or die. Its mad prophet says so in his mad book available in most bookshops. Muslims killed about 300 millions real people since it was written, hardly ever stopped, not supposed to until we all submit to Allah, dead or alive.

      If we non-Muslims had a “holy” book compelling us to kill all Muslims who will not submit to Olloh, or maybe Ulluh, and we had killed 300 millions of you since it was written, and every day you read news about us torturing, raping and killing your people in the name of Olloh/Ulluh, would a rubbish comedy reassure you, how about a funny comedy? Or how about talking to me who never killed anyone, and is just one of a billion and a half ordinary members of the Olloh’s Religion with its permanent death warrant on your people? Stupid moron. Stupid muslim, never look back at the mess you leave behind, allah akbar insh’allah (repeat 3 times walking backwards towards mecca).

      From a left-wing, liberal “nut”.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    That’s the deal; you don’t have to become a leading authority on the subject of Islam to understand that it is bad news. Indeed, all you have to do is open up your eyes and your mind and then halfway pay attention.

    • defcon 4

      It might not be obvious. It certainly wouldn’t be obvious to the brain dead idiots who watch The Daily Show or the Colbert Report. It wouldn’t be obvious to anyone who relies on the enemedia as their news source or the Daily Kos for that matter.

  • herb benty

    Our adversary, Satan, is a master deceiver. How else to explain the godless lefts embrace of such a demonic cult, and the blindness/depravity of Muslims themselves to the horror they celebrate.

  • abddab

    So true. The more I learn about islam, the more shameful term muslim sound to me.
    “Muslim and proud” sounds to me as “member of murdering raping hateful gang and proud”.
    There is nothing to be proud in being a muslim! Long history of murder and debachery. If one is a rational reasonable hones human being, s/he cannot continue to be a member of this shameful cult.

  • phenry

    The only funny part is when the al-quaeda leader threatens to bleed America economically. There is no need for a terrorist to threaten such action since the president is already doing a great job of economically destroying America.

    • krowbro

      Maybe he (Obama) is just heeding the call.

  • Craig Gorsuch

    None dare mention “Islam”… That’s “Islamophobic”…

  • Jesus is Brown

    You people are dumb and Islamophobes are dumber and author is dumbest.

    • JoJoJams

      sounds like a little kid ~ nanner nanner! **rasberry** You poopoo head! **smirk**

  • Wolfy Ghalkhani

    the European and US governments belong to the house of Islam. the Marxist media and entertainment industry have sold us out to achieve their own agendas. its up to people like you and me to fight the good fight. the muslim can dress their jack ass called Islam up all they want and try to pass it off as a thoroughbred. Its still a jackass and will always be. Islam is evil. everywhere it prevails, the area turns into a shit hole.

  • Wolfy Ghalkhani

    this is Islam. a religion that incites hate- even the children aren’t spared.

  • Brian Pittman

    I could take you people halfway seriously if you also condemned Christianity for the same reasons you condemn Islam. For the world has never known any more protracted, murderous history than that waged by so-called Christians across the globe throughout most of the religion’s history. Have you forgotten the Crusades–waged against Islam and Muslims–and “Manifest Destiny” and the Atlantic slave trade, just to name three examples? Now, being a little more astute than most of you here, I personally recognize that there is an important difference between the Christian teachings of Jesus and the fallible human beings who identify with them; as such, the Bible cannot be blamed for the evils of people who identify with Christianity but do not follow it at all. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Yeah well Islam has violent teachings… yadda yadda yadda.” Well, the Old Testament is no different. “But Jesus made the Old Testament obsolete.” Yeah, umm, well he says differently in the New Testament. Sorry to burst your bubbles.

    • defcon 4

      Then move to an islamic state dimbulb, where you’ll never be bothered by the scary Christians again, and you can experience the fun-loving tolerance of Sharia law firsthand.

      • Brian Pittman

        You’re apparently the “dimbulb” if you can’t see that my point is of the “He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones” variety.

        #2 I actually like living in my country, Islam is not my cup of tea, so I don’t see why I’d consider such a move.

        • defcon 4

          Shrug all you want dimbulb. Fact is, it’s Christians (and Hindus, and Sikhs, and Baha’i, and Jews, and Zoroastrians, and Buddhists) who are being persecuted and murdered by muslimes, not the other way around.

        • Omar

          Pittman, please learn from facts, instead of repeating anti-Western propaganda.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “When so-called Christians (not real ones) have been
          global terrorists for centuries, it kinda takes the wind out of your sales when you point the finger at Muslims.”

          So, you’re an idiotic collectivist victim of leftist historical revisionism. Well we don’t meet people like you every day.

          Scratch that last sentence. We often do.

    • jude newman

      Brian, sorry to burst your bubble As for you being more astute, haha, you’re kidding right
      Go read up on the crusades, the muslim hordes were taking over the world The crusades were a defense against that
      Also you’d better check your facts about the slave trade, who captured and also who had the worse record for slavery and still has slavery today
      I know you really don’t like facts, but before coming on here and showing how totally ignorant you are, and embarrassing yourself……. go do some study

      • beboper

        Jude, If you understand the Muslim connection to the slave trade, you understand B. Hussein’s heritage. He’s not a Black who can trace any portion of his lineage to an average American Black person, but he can trace it to the Muslim Semite races that captured and sold African Blacks to the slave traders for sale in the colonial world. If only Blacks understood who he really is.

        • Omar

          Most black Americans are descended from people who came from West Africa. Our president is mixed-race. His father’s family is from Kenya, which is in East Africa. So you are right about the heritage.

    • jude newman
    • Drakken

      Oh look, a self hating, self loathing, moral relativist, who thinks and believes we are just as mean as the muslims, how quaint. Looks like the re-education camp that you attended really did it’s job well. A useful idiot that has zero critical thinking skills and zero real life experience. Hey Sparky, let me help you with that severe lack of education you obviously have, the Crusades were a result of muslim aggression and the bible doesn’t preach violence that Koran the muslims follow does, see the difference now Sparky? If it wasn’t for the Europeans, you would not be enjoying everything the 1st world has to offer, if you have sympathy and such empathy for the 3rd world muslim, go live there for awhile and then come back and tell us how wrong we are. All cultures and people are not all equal.

    • Omar

      You are so wrong, Pittman. First of all, the Crusades were a defensive operation, for the most part. Second, the trans-Atlantic slave trade was not performed in the name of Christianity. The slave traders who participated just happened to be Christian. Also, it can be argued that abolitionists in the United States have cited the bible to make their point that slavery was indeed immoral and had to be abolished. It is also important to note that during the 20th century in the United States, many leaders of the Civil Rights Movement like Martin Luther King, Jr. were Christians who cited the bible to advance their moral cause for equality and justice for all. Yes, Christianity isn’t perfect. But the religion had went through crucial reforms over the centuries. The Protestant Reformation was a key example of reform within Christianity. Contrast that with radical Islam, which has been at war with the world since its inception in the 7th century.

      Regarding Manifest Destiny, it is simply a belief to go west and settle in new lands. Every country in the Western Hemisphere has either expanded or shrunk in land size at some point in history. Quit repeating leftist/Islamist propaganda and learn from facts.

      • Brian Pittman

        First, the nominal Christians and nominal Muslims involved in the Crusades were equally bloody and murderous in their fight to be the ones who controlled the Holy Land, so both sides are equally at fault for not just getting along and sharing it since it is holy to them both. Manifest Destiny was indeed the belief in the white American colonialists to go west and conquer the rest of the continent, but you’ve left out a key part of that: they felt it was their destiny because they were following the direction of their [Christian] god.

        A similar attitude has been taken by Christian colonists the world over for CENTURIES, i.e. that it was their obligation to conquer every corner of the globe and convert the world’s heathens to the Christian religion. Many millions–or more?– have lost their lives indirectly or directly as a result. This thinking was also deeply involved in the justification for white, Christian slave traders. But hey, let’s say you don’t believe all that. What about the Inquisition? Any idea how many were tortured and murdered for refusing to convert to Christianity???

        Now, as before, I do not attribute all this to the teachings of Jesus, but to the delusions and evils of many of his followers, just as I don’t attribute the rabid distortion by Islamic terrorists of what the Quran says about Jihad–of the many types of Jihad, most are non-violent, inward, spiritual endeavors, and that is the focus of most Muslims. Similarly, most Christians are not like the Westboro nutjobs, so I wouldn’t paint all Christians that way.

        But of course the Old Testament is not without it’s flaws, similarly to the Quran. The Old Testament justifies slavery, the second class status of women, incest, polygamy, animal sacrifice to appease a jealous god, features a god who tests his creations’ faith and obedience by telling them to kill their children to see if they’d do it… And of course there is creating beings with flaws and punishing them for being flawed, showing absolutely no proof of His existence yet giving humans one short life to blindly believe in Him or be tortured forEVER, and the list goes on.

        So, seems both of these Middle Eastern religions have their flaws, yet most of their adherents are relatively peaceful, loving, good people who focus on the major part of them that involve guidance in how to be a good person. No need to paint all Muslims or all Christians as barbarians just because a fringe minority of both are exactly that.

        • Omar

          Those who performed Manifest Destiny were not colonialists. They were just settlers seeking a new life out West. If anything, they were anti-colonialists, since they foght a war of independence against the largest colonial empire in the world at the time, Britain. You simply are a Marxist who wants the U.S. to either not exist at all (you probably wanted the British to win the American Revolution, which would have resulted in Joseph Brant, an Iroquois extremist militant, becoming governor of the colony of New York) or, you probably wanted some other Western Hemisphere country to conquer the United States (you probably supported Mexico’s attempted conquest of Washington, D.C. and all of the United States during the 1840s. Mexico is a predominantly Catholic country, while the U.S. is primarily a mixed Christianity country). Religion had little to do with Manifest Destiny. Why don’t you denounce violent atrocities coitted in the name of Communist totalitarianism. Why don’t you denounce the land theft policies of the black supremacist, Marxist dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe. Why don’t you denounce the genocide of black African Christians by the Islamist supremacist dictatorship in Sudan. Quit attacking the democratic West for atrocities committed by Communists and Islamists.

        • kikorikid

          You are a taqiyya troll who practices deceit and
          obfuscation. You spout off as though you know
          history but those who do, know you don’t.
          Inquisition: The Inquisition tried and executed
          fewer that were killed on 9/11,2001.
          More than 21,000 lethal Islamic terrorist attacks
          have taken place since then.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “Have you forgotten the Crusades–waged against Islam and Muslims–and “Manifest Destiny” and the Atlantic slave trade, just to name three examples?”

      Get off the crack pipe if you want to discuss history.

  • LindaRivera

    Many people learned about Islam from how Muslims who are NOT terrorists responded to the cruel 9/11 murder of innocents.

    Muslims in America and countries around the world CELEBRATED the murder of our cherished 3,000. In Germany, Muslim Turks sent hundreds of bottle rockets into the air to celebrate the murder of infidel innocents.

    THOUSANDS of Palestinian Authority Muslims celebrated with great joy and delight. The Muslims danced in the streets, passed out candies and fired into the air. Muslims that Americans are FORCED via their taxes to financially support with their taxes and REWARD with a Muslim TERROR state implant in Israel dedicated to a Second Holocaust of Jews.

  • LindaRivera

    Palestinians Celebrating 9/11 Attack

  • LindaRivera

    The Muslims Americans financially provide for:

    Palestinians Celebrating 9/11 Attack

    • defcon 4

      How many billions of US tax dollars go to support them? It’s obvious they appreciate it.

      • LindaRivera

        The haters should not be given a single dollar, euro, pound or shekel. It is immoral to do so.

        • defcon 4

          Muslimes should not be give a single dollar as no one kuffar owes them anything at all.

  • sydchaden

    The Islamic doctrine of “death to infidels” is written, is a fact, and is responsible for untold past and current killings. While Western leaders lack the courage or the principles to confront it, the Muslim World takes the doctrine very seriously. The two major branches of Islam, the Sunni and the Shia, each consider the other to be infidels, and they have been killing each other for centuries, for that reason. That killing continues to this day, in Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Sudan, Nigeria, Lebanon and Syria, to name just a few of the affected countries. While political leaders and diplomats avoid the subject, out of fear, and the media avoids it, out of political correctness, the doctrine is the root cause of the Islamic terrorism that plagues the world today. Some academics and theologians have claimed that the doctrine does not apply to Christians and Jews, because they are “people of the book”, but the recent Fatwas of prominent Sunni and Shia clerics make it very clear that they consider that all non-believers are infidels, and that Christians and Jews should be killed, and that Israel should be destroyed. While some academics and theologians contend that the doctrine does not apply to Christians or Jews, because they are “people of the book”, the recent Fatwas of prominent Sunni and Shia clerics make it absolutely clear that the doctrine applies to all non-believers, that Christians and Jews should be killed, and that Israel should be destroyed. Obama’s fantasies that “Islam is the religion of love” have not, and will not, change the threat. The Islamic public relations programs will not change it. Only action within the Muslim World, Fatwas from the highest Muslim authorities, to renounce the doctrine, or to clearly define its meaning as to not require the killing of non-believers, will resolve it. Until that happens, there can be no peace in the world.

  • Dallas25305

    The rise of Islamic fascism is bad for the west and the U.S. However President Hussein Obama loves it. He refuses to call their attacks on the U.S. terrorism but only work place violence. Oh yes the Islamic terrorist Major Hussien murdered 14 unarmed U.S. soldiers because he was mad at his wife?? maybe?? First why are not more soldiers on military bases armed as they were in WW2. Obama has said there is no terrorism now and muslims are not the problem. He said the real problem is returning U.S. soldiers, the Tea Party, right wing white groups and patriot groups. I guess that is why he has had the IRS attack any group that actually supports the U.S. as an independent nation. The lying, racist, Chairman Hussein Obama is so predictable for anyone with brains.

  • alihusaini

    Emmmmm, fear, smell that fear.

    • defcon 4

      Did you wet your bed? Again?

      • alihusaini

        No, but it sound like you all are though.

    • RatedBestComment

      I heard over there they do smell.