Oprah, Kanye West and the Psychology of Hate

kanye-oprahOprah, the self-anointed Queen of Everything Black, is back. This time we get a two-fer: She not only displays her personal pathologies, she also re-establishes her toxic-tribal bona fides among black people.

It’s a wicked mix: Damaging to herself and others.

During a recent BBC interview, Oprah pronounced that anyone who did not like President Obama was a racist. She also said “old” whites will have to die to end racism. To cap this pre-adolescent interview-rant, she adds that blacks are abused and disrespected the world over.

If these comments were just Oprah working through her “issues” again in a public place, then her remarks could be written off as typical comments from a racist. But Oprah is more than that, of course.

Oprah’s world view has no place for the decades of legal discrimination against non-blacks — affirmative action – that has victimized millions of people who have been passed over for promotions, or not even hired due to legal preferences for women and non-white minorities.

For decades black people have been given cuts-in-line in hiring and school admissions over non-black candidates who were more qualified.

We can discuss whether this is good or bad. Not whether it is true or false.

Oprah’s comments are just the latest in a long line of similar remarks from other celebrities that cultivate racial resentment: Racism is everywhere. Racism is permanent. You don’t have a chance if you are black. That is the mantra.

Then rap mogul Kanye West joined in, saying President Obama did not have the Jewish connections to become a successful president. The fantasies of persecution come from all quarters of the black chronic grievance industry, it seems.

This kind of institutional resentment represents the most profoundly powerful, false, and damaging ideas in the country today. Resentment is the most destructive emotion anyone can harbor. In my practice as a prison and private practice clinical psychologist, I have seen up close and personal the damage it does, and it is one of the top reasons people come for therapy.

Resentment stalls growth in anyone who is in bondage to it. Most people who sustain resentments reject personal responsibility for most all of their life choices and decisions. They believe they are given a pass on that pro-social, adult obligation.

Oprah did a great job in spreading – and reflecting – this resentment.

What can be the possible cause for someone with Oprah’s success to do such a thing? In a label: Toxic Shame.  People who have suffered traumatic assaults as she did as a child – as we learn in her incessant autobiographies — being raped when she was age 9, among other gross psychological insults she endured, develop a sense of toxic shame that can dominate subconscious thinking for a lifetime.

At that early age, they absorb a pathological guilt for what happened to them, as if it was their fault. To a shamed person, their life is a mistake, regardless of the level of success, and they’re both fearful and angry about it.

Shamed people often develop eating disorders, most become very narcissistic, their religious preference is most often the narcissist-friendly “New Age” type, and they are prone to tantrums or rages.

They have a horrible time trying to establish a close and intimate personal relationship, and if they do, they become controlling, quarrelsome, and often, combative. In short, they don’t fall in love; they fall in sick. They’ll do most anything to keep from getting too close to someone, including sabotaging any positive bonding in the relationship. Many choose potential partners that are all but impossible to get close to. Others eventually choose to never get close to anyone – ever again.

When they explain what is tormenting them, real or imagined, at a particular moment they turn to pre-adolescent, “black and white” reasoning, the type that psychologists call, “splitting.” There are no exceptions in the minds of splitters, just like pre-adolescents. To them there are only absolutes. This compels them to often make blanket indictments against others even if there is no basis in fact.

The psychological defense of projection is also a common trait among the shamed population where someone blames others for what the blamer is guilty of.  Oprah demonstrates this by saying blacks are abused the world over.

In Oprah’s world view, there is no room for personal responsibility for any of the pathologies that dominate black life in America today. Whether we are talking about crime, poverty, drug addiction, alcoholism, illegitimacy, HIV, irresponsible birthing, education, income; all these differences between blacks and non-blacks have one reason: White racism.

Then there are the America-wide assaults of blacks against non-blacks, especially against the most vulnerable non-black people such as the elderly and women. Someone should send her a copy of Colin Flaherty’s book, White Girl Bleed a Lot.

Her last psychological defense was her pronouncement that “old” whites must die to end racism. That’s called displacement, and with that primal declaration, she again regressed to pre-adolescence. The sadistic predator that brutalized her when she was a child just may be the real candidate for her wish of death on another. As a psychologist, I’d make serious book on it.

Oprah’s therapist or counselor, if she has one, might consider having her call when she feels the need to lash out at her pathology-based and distorted beliefs about non-blacks. Overall, she would do well for herself by canceling any future interviews regarding race and who should live and who should die.

This is not a prescription for public policy and debate. This is a prescription for serious and intensive therapy for someone who is in a lot more personal trouble that she sees so easily in others.

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    If Oprah gets any fatter, we can start calling her “Orca” again.

    She served caviar at Michael Jackson’s funeral because it comes on little white cráckers.

    She interviewed Mike Tyson about why he cries during séx because of the pepper spray.

    She thought O.J. was innocent because he was just cutting up some white meat for Thanksgiving.

    WELL, I voted for Herman Cain…

    Sodom Hussein Obama is just 1/2 a négro.

  • nomoretraitors

    When will these idiots get pancreatic cancer and die?

  • Realist

    “We can discuss whether this is good or bad. Not whether it is true or false.”

    Uh, no, actually we can’t. Or rather, we are told not to and are attacked and demonized if we deign to. But that is Modern Liberalsim, isn’t it? Pointing fingers, screaming red-faced tirades, stomping feet, all with fingers firmly planted in their ears. They simply cannot risk allowing an “opposing force” (reality and reason) to derail their “heroic” campaigns of subjugation-by-accusation.

    The Oprah and Kanye style enfant terrible of the Left form the point of the spear of lies and deception the Leftists require to wage their endless war, a war in pursuit of absolut power and absolute control.

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    Anyone who proclaims me a racist because I don’t like Obama is intolerant.

  • sbuffalonative

    Let us also remember the Tim Wise 2010 death rant after Obama was elected:

    In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more white people around who actually remember that Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, Opie-Taylor-Down-at-the-Fishing Hole cornpone bullshit that you hold so near and dear to your heart.

    So party while you can, but mind the increasingly loud clock ticking away in the corners of your consciousness. The clock that reminds you how little time you and yours have left. Not much more now. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick.Tock.

    The ‘progressive’ left dreams of a quiet genocide when the cultural memory of safe, clean neighborhoods and two parent households (female mom and male dad), functioning government are long forgotten. Future generations will then see dysfunction as normal and for the ‘progressive’, they will have achieved their beloved Dystopia.

  • T-Rex

    Deflection and diversion and inappropriate attribution is the name of the game.There is a reason people like Oprah and all the other race-baiters ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room. It’s their gorilla.

    • kikorikid

      In “Frustration-Aggression” theory it is called “Displaced Aggression’,
      you know, bad day at work-go home kick the dog,beat the wife etc…etc.
      N. Mandela passed today and a most famous quote from him:
      “Resentment is a poison you drink thinking it will kill your enemy.”
      Resentment is the substance of frustration.
      Opra is an ideologue of “Diversity Theory” wherein “Racism”
      is defined as an attribute of Whites only. She has made the
      “True Believer” leap of logic and turned racism from an action,called
      discrimination, into an attribute of genetic heretige,
      Opra is a Lamarckian Witch.

  • WhiteHunter

    Oprah definitely needs the full-time attention of a qualified psychiatrist skilled in treating hopeless, incurable cases–administered to her in a locked, padded cell, with with electroshock and heavy medications.
    Whatever her childhood was like–and evidently it was grim, squalid, and frightening–she’s the richest woman in America now, and the richest African in the world, after the various genocidal African cannibal-dictators like Mugabe, the late Idi Amin, and the other murderous monsters in places like Angola, Rwanda, Sudan, Somalia, etc.–several of whom, incredibly, sit on the U.N. “Human Rights” Council!
    But…she nevertheless delusionally, insanely, complains about “white racism.” I have zero sympathy for her–or for any of the other America-hating lunatics she runs with, including the one sitting in the Oval Office as he plots our destruction every waking moment. In any other country in the world, they’d be hanging from gibbets, or their headless bodies plowed into ditches in the jungle by bulldozers.

  • jakespoon

    In a deep bass voice”Nobooody knows de trubble ah sees…” A billionaire and a “music ” mogul,and they feel put upon. They were so discriminated against that millions and billions were forced upon them.

  • nilro

    There is no one more intolerant and hateful than the liberal progressive. They disguise their hate under the mask of self righteousness. Oprah is a phony only sustained by the very people she despises.

  • antioli

    A Great description of Border Line Personality Disorder.

    • Marlin B. Newburn

      People who have been traumatized often demonstrate many of the traits of a Borderline PD.

      Astute observation.

  • LeDa88

    Obama being unqualified for the position of President is not about race. The fact he is in the Whitehouse is. Also the fact he is incompetent beyond all measures is not about race either.

  • Lightning Jack

    Now that Oprah can exercise her ego superiority and practice her bigotry with impunity, she endeavors to type cast the very same gullible, touchy-feely white liberals who self-flagellated on her shows, and supported her entertainment media conglomerates with billions in patronage… as racist.

    Just imagine if the situation were reversed and all of her media conglomerate supporters were working as indentured (White) servants on Plantation Oprah?

    Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe would be demanding to send over his ZANU-PF green shirts over to produce an Oprah “Knock Out” demo reel.

  • anarchyst

    Altruism is a uniquely white characteristic. No other race possesses this Christian-like concept (but ultimately self-defeating) racial characteristic.
    Despite TRILLIONS of dollars pumped into black “anti-poverty programs”, new schools (in which these black bastards STILL refuse to learn, and regard education as “acting white”) and excuses for their criminal, feral behavior, they STILL will not assimilate.
    It is curious to note that Africans who come to America want NOTHING to do with American blacks, preferring the company of whites and Asians.
    It is no secret that the African tribal chieftains who sold their own people into captivity were smarter than once thought. They did not sell their “best and brightest”, but sold their low IQ “slackers” and “conquests of war” into bondage–people they wanted to get rid of.
    Let’s not forget the black slave owners (yes, there were many, who treated their charges much worse than white slave owners). In fact, the real-life “Cinque” (portrayed in the movie “Amistad” which was based on real-life events) turned out to be one of the most prolific slave traders himself, traveling to Africa on many voyages, in order to procure “human capital” (slaves). . .
    That being said, “we should have picked our own cotton” . . .
    Africans have dominated their countries for thousands of years yet they never created a civilized culture. Europeans went in and modernized their world for them and the blacks destroyed it. Now they’re murdering whites 200 times more often than any other European country. So many of them are beasts and savages who live to steal what others have worked and created.

  • anarchyst

    Here are two true stories about “icons” of the so-called “civil rights” movement . . .

    There is much more to the “Emmett Till” story that is not widely known. Of course, killing him was wrong, (and made him into a “martyr” of the black “civil-rights” movement). but–it is not generally known that Emmett Till was a womanizer and attempted to take his cocky “Chicago ways” in dealing with women to the Deep South. He had a “cocky attitude” and bragged about “getting it on” with white women–not a good idea in the South. . . According to published accounts, Mr. Till did not just “whistle” at a white woman, but attempted to manhandle and fondle a married white woman. In Southern culture, this is the ultimate form of disrespect. Despite Mr. Till’s relatives’ attempts to spirit him “out of town” to avoid retribution by the woman’s relatives and townspeople, his cocky attitude “got in the way”, similar to the way that “young master Trayvon’s” attitude got him killed. Despite being given numerous “chances” to apologize for his behavior, he was defiant to the end. IF he had apologized for his behavior, he would still be alive today.
    It is interesting to note that Emmett Till’s father was executed by the U S military for multiple rapes. Maybe “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” . . .

    Rosa Parks was not the “ordinary” black woman that so-called historians made her to be. She was an organizer for the NAACP (at the time, run by jews) and was “planted” in order to advance the cause of black “civil-rights” to which she was successful.
    Approximately a year previous to Rosa Parks’ refusal to vacate her seat, a REAL ordinary black woman did the same thing. This black woman received NO publicity or support from the NAACP or other black “civil-rights” organizations. You see, she was an unmarried black woman with children. According to the black civil-rights crowd, this would not do. They wanted someone who was “squeaky clean” without any “baggage”.
    Hence, Rosa Parks made (fabricated) history . . .

    There are many more fabrications of history that were used to add “legitimacy” to the so-called “civil-rights” movement . . .

    More to come . . .

  • anarchyst

    “Racism” is a made-up word that was introduced by the inventors of communism . . . in order to destabilize non-communist cultures and make them ripe for takeover.

    True “racism” is desirable as it promotes the advancement of the culture and forges a “common bond” between the members of the race and does not denote superiority or inferiority, only commonality of culture and purpose.

    Every race is expected to promote and advance its own culture; hence, the “congressional black caucus” for blacks and la raza for Hispanics.

    It is only whites that are expected to shed all vestiges of racial cohesiveness.
    Guess which race maintains the most racial and cultural cohesiveness yet decries racial cohesiveness by whites??
    Guess who started the NAACP and ran it till the 1970s??
    You guessed it . . . jews

    EVERY ethnic group and race was enslaved at one time or another…in fact, slavery is still practiced today, arabs enslaving blacks, primarily by muslims… where is the outrage from the “black community”??
    Given the state of just about every African country today, black Americans should be glad that their ancestors were brought here…that being said, “we should have picked our own cotton”…

    I am tired of being called a racist bigot. Yes I discriminate…with what I buy, what I eat, my music, movies, TV shows and who I associate with. I also discriminate in how I choose my friends and associates. It is my right to do so. If you are black and I decide that I don’t like you, so what? …I just don’t like you. You could be white or hispanic and I might not like you either. Color has little to do with it…Character does…your values…the things you like in life etc.

    I am tired of black history month…black colleges…black scholarships, black pride, the congressional black caucus, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama and his wife. I am tired of special treatment–contract set-asides, affirmative action, civil-rights laws that apply to minorities only–ask “attorney general” Eric Holder…who has stated that blacks cannot be “racist” and that “civil-rights” laws and “protections” DO NOT APPLY to whites

    Whites have “bent over backwards” to “level the playing field”–it turns out that blacks want the “level playing field” all to themselves…and make excuses for their own social dysfunctionality. White altruism (which NO OTHER RACE POSSESSES) will spell the end of white society…you can bet that when whites are a “minority” in 50 years or so, the same laws and special privileges that are applied to certain minorities today will NOT be afforded to whites…

    I love my country (what’s left of it), I served in our military and I love what America is supposed to stand for…freedom and liberty for EVERYONE. I didn’t get to go to college…my parents were the “white” (which automatically put me at a disadvantage) for me to qualify for a grant but if I had been black or a “person of color”…not white…the state would have paid my tuition…now why is that? It surely is not fair…yet blacks say I am racist because I question it…it has gotten ridiculous…

    As a white American, I DON’T CARE anymore. You can call me “racist”–don’t be surprised when I respond with a heartfelt “thank you for noticing” and shake your hand.

    • LG Kathy

      The thing is, though, that if a white person is accused of being a racist on the job, justly or not, the burden is on the white person to prove that they are not, and a lot of times are fired, guilty or not, and the different race baiters and organizations can then rush in and sue on behalf of the black person. I know of a company that had many black employees who slept on the job, clocked each other in, used profanity to customers, and when they were called on it, simply called the NAACP or the ACLU or such, then the company was promptly charged with, you guessed it, racism. The white people were forced to work twice as hard to take up the slack. The company finally closed that location and thousands were laid off. No company can stay in business long under such circumstances. If we ever get smart enough to start a non violent white rights organization, long overdue, I hope that a reasonable and critically thinking man such as yourself is at the top.

      • anarchyst

        Thank you, I look forward to upholding our racial pride…
        Best regards,

  • Jan C White

    Its great to analyze Oprah and her past. I strongly believe that Oprah be held accountable for her hateful statements against whites and be removed from the networks magazines and never put another microphone in front of her again. We need to silence Oprah from the media for spreading her hate. I’m sure somewhere in her life she developed this hate for non-blacks and she will not out grow it Let the mental help physicians figure it out Boycott the queen and hit her in the pocket book.

  • Linda32

    Oprah’s a racist in reverse. Her enormous ego is disgusting. With her billions of dollars she could do far more good in the world. Look what Bono does, what George Clooney does, etc.

  • Alex

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    Please contact me I would love to give you an update “part of my narcissism and I believe you said you don’t always get to see the progress people make in their lives”

  • Hellerinatlanta

    Oprah is not even capable of having a relationship. Why does she feel that she is able to judge the world when she can’t even make a 1 to 1 relationship function? She is a racist and I feel sorry for her. No amount of money will fix what’s wrong with that woman’s mind.