Rubio: No Friend to Immigrants and the Working Class

John McCain, Charles Schumer, Marco Rubio, Robert MenendezWhen it comes to immigration, our terms have been redefined in an Orwellian sleight of hand.  Today, the one who comes over the border illegally is called the same thing as the one who waits to come over legally, as those of my parents’ generation did.

Back in the late 1950s when my parents and aunts and uncles escaped from communist Yugoslavia being an immigrant meant staying off the government dole and having “sponsors” guaranteeing that you would.  My relatives spent years as refugees in Austria, where they worked on farms, often living in barracks.  Once here, they were greeted by sponsors who guaranteed housing, food, and medical care until the new immigrants could find jobs.  It was a mark of shame to receive public assistance.  Immigrants skimped and saved.  They struggled to learn English and what they could not learn they demanded their children learn.  When I and my cousins went to public school, we were inculcated with American values and strove to become Americanized.

This is not true today where government-paid workers search out immigrants, offering them government assistance.  In schools, immigrant and illegal alien children get anti-American lessons, and often in their own language.

Now Republicans are embracing the same ideas.  They even use the language of the Marxists who have been behind the push to legalize millions of illegal aliens in order to gain Democratic voters.

As New Zealand blogger and researcher Trevor Loudon documents in his new book, The Enemies Within, the push for amnesty for new Democratic voters began in 1995 when the unions, that had previously fought amnesty to protect jobs, were taken over by Marxists who then infiltrated the Democratic Party.

A key player is SEIU leader, and Honorary Chair of the Democratic Socialists of America, Elisco Medina.  In 1999, he convinced the AFL-CIO convention that U.S. immigration policy was “broken and needs to be fixed.”  In 2000, the AFL-CIO called for a new amnesty and the repeal of the 1986 law that criminalized hiring illegal aliens.

In 2009, Medina spoke about the need for “’comprehensive immigration reform’” at America’s Future Now! conference in Washington, D.C.   Noting that two out of three Latino voters voted for Barack Obama, he presented a two-part strategy:

In order to expand their power, he said progressives need to be “solidly on the side of immigrants,” who would remember “who was there with you.”

Second, with “reform of immigration laws,” 12 million people would be put on “the path to citizenship, and eventually voters.”  Medina asked attendees to imagine the gain in voters even if only two out of three voted Democrat.

But if one does not believe Loudon that Democrats/Marxists are using the case of “immigration” for vote harvesting, one should listen to esteemed political science professor Alan Abramowitz, author of The Polarized Public: Why American Government Is So Dysfunctional.  A year ago, at our annual Labor Day book festival in Decatur, Georgia, he told an Obama-pumped audience that the demographics were on their side.  Abramowitz is known for his accuracy in predicting election outcomes.  But it’s not rocket science.  Abramowitz simply looked at the demographics and correctly predicted a Democratic victory.  (Political polarization was attributed to conservative “extremism” on the part of conservatives, which would disappear once they were outnumbered.)

As Abramowitz showed the charts and graphs, as well as photos of multihued Obama rallies, I thought of how sad it was that he would brag that the gains in Democratic voters was not due to the appeal of ideas but to racial and ethnic pandering. It was a celebration of vote-buying.

This Labor Day weekend, at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation conference, I heard hecklers interrupt Senator Marco Rubio’s speech with chants of “no amnesty.” Rubio has used rhetoric about the “broken system” to sell the “Gang of Eight’s” senate bill 744.  Many in the audience were annoyed by the hecklers, still seeing Rubio as a shining star, an old-fashioned immigrant success story.  “He’s right on most of the issues,” a woman told me.

Yes, Rubio did hit all the talking points about economic freedom.  But these were the same canned lines that I had heard in the summer of 2008 at the first Red State conference in Atlanta.

In 2013, in front of nearly 2,000 activists he became flustered as he tried to ignore calls of “traitor.”

As I left the room, I saw three individuals in bright pink t-shirts emblazoned with “Pink Slip” standing in the hall.  One was Jack Oliver, legislative director for Floridians for Immigration Enforcement, a decade-old group.  Oliver feels betrayed by Rubio, who had shaken his hand and promised that he would never support comprehensive reform, legalization, or the Dream Act.  According to his group’s website, Senate Bill 744 gives work permits and legalization to over 11 million illegal aliens, doubles authorized immigration to 22 million over the next decade, and adds millions to welfare and entitlement rolls.  Oliver calls it “amnesty first and a promise for enforcement lager,” and contends that the bill never would have gotten through the Senate without Rubio acting as the immigrant “poster child” of the sponsoring “Gang of Eight.”

Oliver began his career in construction as a plasterer laborer in 1968, a time when such a trade could support a family.  He got involved in the immigration fight when he heard George W. Bush claim that illegal aliens were needed to do the jobs Americans wouldn’t do.  He saw his wages drop 30 percent under Bush’s lax policies.  He had left Florida in 1986 and returned in 2002.  As a field superintendant he saw that construction workers were making less in actual dollars than what they had been making in 1986.

“I saw how devastating illegal labor is to the domestic labor market,” he says, citing the millions of young people who aren’t going to college.  “If they’re not going to make a living in the trades we’re going to have to subsidize those families.  It’s an expansion of the welfare state.”  Especially hard hit is the black community.  He estimates that 75 percent of the construction laborers with whom he worked in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C., were black.

The immigration bill will change demographics forever, he contends, with Democrats fast-tracking the newly legalized immigrants to citizenship and voting rolls.   It will end the conservative movement.

Post-election quarterbacks attributed Mitt Romney’s loss to a “conscious decision to blow off Hispanic voters.” Republicans sounded like a party that “hates brown people,” said Erick Erickson. Others made similar analyses until the real numbers came in, showing that the deciding factor in the Republican loss was the abandonment by white working class voters—like Oliver.  Furthermore, as J. Christian Adams pointed out, going back to the George W. Bush administration, the policies of the left don’t work with conservative Hispanics, the only ones the GOP can realistically count on.

I am reminded by Jack’s story about my immigrant family, about an uncle who was a bricklayer, about my father who was a welder.  Other legal immigrants I knew worked in manufacturing or such skilled labor jobs.  Today they would not have a chance.

So Rubio, despite the rhetoric from the powerful large business interests in the Republican Party, is no friend of the middle class or of legal immigrants.

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  • antioli

    The so called Progressives and Huge Business are today’s odd couple. Huge Business wants to flood the country with unlimited potential workers as they have always done from the beginning of time because it drives labor costs down. Remember slavery? The progressives are working hand in hand with Big Business to also flood the country with potential Democrats so the Dems can rule for ever. The US Chamber of Commerce finances La Raza which preaches “The Border Crossed Us” and other hostile slogans. The lobbyists from both sides are pounding open immigration hard. Rubio sees an opportunity to latch on to what he thinks is the winning side with all it’s power and money and then ride the machine to glory. He is a climber and an opportunist . He is against American people.

    We bumped Bob Benet and Lugar and several others of the lobbyists backed candidates. We would like to bump Lindsay Graham and maybe John McCain if possible. Maybe one day even Chuck Schumer.

    • donny1020

      Bump away anitoli, I think you have reached the end of your life cycle. I never thought I would see the day when my Republican Party was taken over by anti-free market protectionist who talk trash about the number one advocate of Business in America, the Chamber of Commerace.

      You most likely aren’t even a business owner or a member of the Chamber so why do you believe you have the right to criticize. God help us, the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

      • Tina Trent

        If you are going to keep hammering away with claims of being such a business mogul, you should man up and tell us your name.

        Then we can see if you’re perpetrating fraud by employing illegal immigrants.

        And we can check your noble Chamber friends, too. I was recently told by a CoC farmer that she wishes she didn’t have to employ illegals. I have no sympathy — I’m paying the welfare for those families while she rolls in cash by lying about her payroll.

        The worst welfare queens are the business owners who engage in this behavior. So if I’m subsidizing your cadillac while listening to your whining about your imagined independence, I want to know it.

        • donny1020

          Tina, this goes to the core of my argument. Why are you a Republican? The Republican Party is the Party of business not the party of white, blue collar workers and public employees who are frightened of competition. The Republican Party is the Party that freed the slaves. Part of the reason why Republicans were anti-slavery was that they understood it would be impossible for manufactures in the North who had employees to compete with someone who operated a manufacturing plant in the South using chattel labor. From its inception the Republican Party has been the party of business.

          The Republican Party does not need you, we need those Americans who believe in personal responsibility, personal freedom, free enterprise, free market capitalism, and the rights of a business owner to run his/her business as they see fit without interference from a mob of undereducated and frightened and bigoted folks. You frighten away potential Republican Party members, who by the way in ten years will vastly outnumber you. If the Republican Party is to remain a relevant voice we must attract more like minded people. The Southern Strategy helped us tremendously in the past several decades but its life cycle is now over. There is a new reality and we must adjust, adapt, and capitalize on those changes. We must always move forward, looking towards the future rather than pining over the past.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Illegal immigration is wrong not merely because it places an economic burden on our society, forcing American citizens to compete with foreigners for the few remaining jobs, but also because of the dramatic cultural shift that results when hordes of third-world outsiders force themselves upon a first-world nation.

    In case you haven’t realized it, it’s okay for whites to want to remain the racial majority in the nation they founded. It’s quite okay for whites to want to preserve their culture and their racial heritage just as any other racial group strives to do. Why is it okay when non-white racial groups do it, but somehow ‘racist’ or ‘bigoted’ when whites seek to preserve their race and culture? Who established such one-sided societal rules?

    Lastly, if you think for one minute that the Mexican invaders will be good for America, take a long look at Southern California with their severe gang problems, skyrocketing crime, health-care burdens, huge welfare rolls, and massive out-of-wedlock births. Contrary to what we’ve been spoon-fed, those Mexicans don’t quite have the “family values” we imagined. Moreover, every city in which Mexicans populate in large numbers, they inevitably turn into their version of Mexico.

    A good majority of them won’t assimilate. Their hearts are in Mexico. They’re only interested in obtaining a first-world salary while still retaining their third-world barrio culture. If you want to see what allowing a nationwide Mexican and Salvadorian amnesty will be like, look no further than the City of Maywood, East L.A., Rampart, El Monte, Bell Gardens, Pacoima, and on it goes. This will not end well.

    “What Mexicans Bring,”

    • WarriorClass III

      And if you think Rubio is bad, take a look at the amendments Ted Cruz wanted to add to the immigration bill! He wants to DOUBLE the general worker visa. He wants to increase the H1B visa FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT. In short, he wants every American unemployed and the country over run with foreigners.

      With “conservatives” like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who needs Democrats?

      • bluffcreek1967

        Great point WarriorClass III. I hadn’t realized that about Ted Cruz. I have to admit that in one sense, it doesn’t surprise me.

      • levotb

        Thank goodness Cruz is ineligible to be POTUS!

    • donny1020

      ” Mexicans don’t quite have the “family values” we imagined.” kind of like the Irish, the Italians, the Poles, the Checks, the Block Heads, the Swedes, the Catholics, etc. etc., etc. and don’t forget the Blacks.

      No, your post doesn’t sound racist at all.

      • bluffcreek1967

        I no longer care if it sounds ‘racist’ or not. The real issue is whether it’s true – and it is. I know Mexicans quite well having grown up with them and having worked in their communities as a cop. If you think for one moment that these people will bring true prosperity and assimilate in the way the Irish, the Polish, and the Italians have – you are very naive indeed.

        What’s so ironic is that the Mexicans have already proven to America what they intend to bring to the U.S. in such Southern California communities as Santa Ana, Maywood, Pacoima, East L.A., Montebello, Boyle Heights, and the list goes on.

        • donny1020

          Bluffcreek, your comments miss the mark. This was a discussion about the fact that BUSINESS has expressed the need to access the global labor market and the influence which “Pay Check” Republicans have on the Republican Party.

          I think you have to come to grasp with the fact that the Republican Party is the Party of Business and not the party of bitter former public employees. Your argument for restricting me from operating my business as I see fit and my right to employ who I choose should not be controlled by either the government nor someone who has basically lived off of taxpayers contributions.

          You state that you are a former law enforcement officer. I believe your job was to protect life and property, not engage in the politics of race and division. As the Party of Business we believe you should leave the job of managing to management. Your own personal issues with Mexicans appear to be getting in the way of business generating profits. I think you can understand how this would be counter to principals of the Republican Party. I would suggest the John Birch Society, they would be more in step with your political beliefs than the Republican Party.

          I come from a bilingual home and by the time you hit the 3rd generation is when assimilation takes place. BTW I’m married to a former Ms. El Monte/South El Monte and you really are talking like someone that hated the people he was paid to serve and protect.

          • $22691968

            First of all, I’m no longer a Republican. I’m done with them. Nope, not interested in the John Birch Society either.

            Secondly, I’m no longer a law enforcement officer. I have honorably retired. I have my opinions now, and I had them then when I worked patrol. Regardless, I didn’t allow my personal or political beliefs to prevent me from doing my job in an professional and ethical manner. I was able, in other words, to separate my personal beliefs from my duties.

            And, NO, I’m not a bitter public employee nor have I abused the public employee retirement system. Don’t believe everything your mind imagines nor everything you read in the paper.

            Thirdly, my personal beliefs are NOT getting in the way of my profits. I’m not a businessman and I’ve managed to provide well for my retirement. I support private business and I want as little government involvement in their affairs as possible.

            Fourthly, I understand quite well what the original article was about. My purpose in what I wrote was to highlight the problems that Mexicans bring in every place they reside in large numbers. This amnesty affair will prove to be a disaster for this nation.

            Fifthly, I never hated the Mexicans I worked among, but I sure as hell saw the problems they bring. Unchecked illegal immigration only made things worse too! So too did all the businesses who employed them.

            Sixthly, what the hell are you even talking about? I’m not in any way trying to prevent you from operating your business or whatever. But, if you’re hiring illegal aliens then you ought to be ashamed of yourself. If so, YOU are a major part of the problem.

            Finally, we don’t have time to wait for the third generation of Mexicans to assimilate. Truth is, many of them have lived here for generations, and they have assimilated only to pop ghetto culture and nothing more. Their so-called ‘assimilation’ has been superficial at best. In their hearts and minds, they identify as Mexicans and not as Americans in the way patriotic citizens do.

            “What Mexicans Bring,”

          • Tina Trent

            Can the insinuations of racism and spare me the brag about your roots if you wish to talk facts.

            If we did not have a welfare state then your inane comments about your freedom to break laws by employing people who are here unlawfully would be less inane. But since illegal immigrants — and I worked in social services and saw this — are virtually all taking more out of the system than they and their employers are putting in, through EITC, Section 8, medicaid and about three dozen other programs, not to mention the strains on schools, hospitals and prisons, then you are robbing from me and every other hard-working taxpayer if you choose to employ lawbreakers.

            Do you not respect the law? Do you not comprehend reality? I couldn’t care less what you speak at home, I care about what you’re taking from mypaycheck to game the system while prattling incontinently about freedom.

          • donny1020

            Insinuations? Did you take the time to follow Bluff’s suggested link, “”What Mexicans Bring,”“, did you look at other comments he has made?

            Again, I am here debating another Public Employee who believes they know anything about business or the Republican Party. I have employed former Public employees and what we have come to realize is the reason most are no longer public employees is because they lack even the barest of skills and motivation to work in the private sector. Without a Union to protect them they would have been laid off much sooner. We have also found that the absolute worst were the group of Public employees who were not Union members but expect the public employee’s Union to protect them.

            As far as section 8, I have a friend who is the aerospace industry but also has several Section 8 properties and he claims that it is that program where he derives his highest profit lines. The rest of your points appear to be more of a claim that you are over worked and under paid. This is typical coming from from Public employee.

            I see a broader abuse in the construction of publicly financed low income housing where Public Agencies knowingly hire contractors that exploit undocumented workers so that they can get their per unit cost down and so that the contractors they hire have larger profit lines. Anyone who has had contact with Public employees involved in low income housing knows they usually use their positions to then work for these same developers. They then use their contacts to secure publicly financed contracts.

            What do you really know about the difficulties in operating a manufacturing facility in the United States? Tell me why a consumers like yourself will walk right past an American made product to save 10% on a product that you know was made by people earning under $10 a day and then want to prohibit US manufactures from accessing labor at global pricing? I can guarantee you that what ever wage we come up with will be higher then $10 a day.

            The main concept I have heard from “Pay Check” Republicans is Mexicans will out number us. Guess what, business owners do not care if you feel threatened by people with brown skin. We view them as potential customers and have zero problem selling goods to them, especially when so many people who are currently Americans refuse to purchase and support products made in the United States simply because they want their goods so cheap that nobody in the Western Hemisphere could actually hire employees and pay them what is possible in Bangladesh, Viet Nam, Burma, India, Pakistan, China or Taiwan. It is the American consumer who is pushing manufactures to demand access to the global labor market not the manufacture.

            Right now when you read this, be honest and where is your shoes, underwear, pants, shirt, glasses made at? You as an American consumer turned your back on the American production worker and then want to blame the business owner for something you did. You want to stop the business owner from making a living simply because you can not come to grasp with the fact that America has a changing demographic and native born Caucasians will be in the minority within two decades. This is simply a reality and you cannot stop it. As a business owner I see this as an opportunity to sell my goods. You see it as a threat.

            If American manufactures were allowed to access this labor market it may not produce an increase in jobs for US citizens within the production field but manufacturing is much larger than that single aspect. If Americans want those other jobs they will be forced to exersise some personal responsibility and compeate for those jobs just like manufactures must compeate for customers. This is capitolism. Look at what the South does, big tax breaks, free real estate, guarantee a supply of under valued labor, even in some instances build the facility and garuntee there will not be any Union organizing at the facility. If I was the Governor of a rust belt State I sure wouldn’t find that fair at all. But, hey, that’s capitalism.

            You want Uncle Sugar to protect you from people who are willing to give up everything and cross our borders in the dark of the night through deadly conditions in a desert simply for the chance to earn a better livening and then you tell me I shouldn’t be able to hire them that I must hire an overweight middle aged white guy with an authority complex.. Americans for the most part aren’t even willing to get out of the couch to change the channel on their TV.

            Your argument is the exact same argument put forward by Unions which had a major presence in the Great Lakes Region 20 years ago who are now seeing their jobs move to the South. Do you believe companies move to the South because it’s nicer there, or that people are smarter there, better educated there or healthier there? They relocate to take advantage of cheap, controllable labor.

            All we are saying is lets extend that zone further South and allow these workers to freely come to the United States to work. Prior to 1963 this was permissible. Why not now? Why should I have to fight people from within my own political party on this issue simply because they have issues with people who aren’t white?

  • adumbrate

    Rubio / ryan are tools – embarrassing tools. No more 1000 page bills with Obama’s name on them!! No matter what is in the bill!!! We cannot trust the Marxist party!

  • davarino

    The gang of ocho can kiss my a$$. Keep it up you rinos, and you’ll be out of a job and America will be no more.

    • donny1020

      davarino, I am curios about the rino comment. As a life long Republican I find the “Pay Check” wing of the Republican Party as the group that is truly a “Republican in name only’. It is the “Pay Check” side that believes they should be able to prohibit business from accessing the global labor market. It is the “Pay Check” side who rejects free market capitalism, it is the “Pay Check” side that wants to make business owners subservient to the nativist American working class.

      I would say that “Pay Check” Republicans are Marxist when it comes down to it. Why is it that you hate free market capitalism, why is it that you hate or envy those who create jobs and wealth, why do you believe you know whats best for the American business owner? Maybe it’s time for you to move back to the commune you lived on in the 60’s.

      • davarino

        I do not hate capitalism, and job creators. You are trying to put words in my mouth that are not there. You try to accuse those who want to stop illegal immigration with wanting to stop all immigration. Your earlier comment gives you away in that you make the arguement for all immigration because we need a more educated and skilled work force, but illegal immigration doesnt get you there. I dont care about “Pay Check” or what ever repubs. I’m concerned about the “Check pants” repubs, the ones that are in it for the money and game the system. I want the repubs to start standing up for the constitution and actually creating a free market system, but a free market isnt where you flood the system with any and everybody from all over the world without consideration for the people who live and die here. Free market doesnt mean any and everything goes. If your arguing for that then you are the one that is trying to bring down the capitalist system here in America. Nice try

        • donny1020

          davarino, you state and it validates my point, “I want the repubs to start standing up for the constitution and actually creating a free market system”

          “You Want” is what I hear. We should let you interpet what the Constitution says and not the Courts? You continue with demanding that you and others in your income class be protected from economic compitition while deamnding that you have free acess to the global market of consumer goods. You can’t have it both ways. You have some belief that those who have been Republicans for decades should now step back from leadership positions to allow davarino to dictate policy, it is troublesome at best. What if we say NO? Will you send us off to reeducation camps?

          Labor is a commodity like any other commodity. There was a revolution in 1982 and your side lost, business won. Get used to it. This Party is big enough for us all those that share common ideas and traditional American values. It just isn’t big enough to accommodate those who would shackle the arms of American business so they may feel more secure in their jobs.

      • bluffcreek1967

        donny1020: You read more into the comments of others and continue to ramble semi-incoherently in your convoluted posts. You are indeed trying to put words in the mouths of others because you’re not taking the time to find out what they’re really saying. You have, in effect, demonstrated a knee-jerk reaction to what others have written. Here’s a couple of suggestions: (1) Stay on target and stick with one subject; (2) Stop reading your own convoluted and confusing thoughts into what others have said.

  • Dana Brigham

    As Senator, Marco Rubio has sworn an oath to abide by the Constitution to the best his ability preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
    Illegal immigration is an invasion that causes domestic violence and is a result of violating public trust contrary to the “GUARANTEE” of Constitution Art IV Sec 4.
    No one would accept the invasion of illegal immigrants as an act of war by Mexico in violation of the U.S. Constitution just like no one seems to accept that a Constitutional war according to Art I Sec 8 Cl 11 requires a Congressional Declaration of War or a Constitutional amendment pursuant to Art V.
    The War Powers Act of Congress amends the Constitution without complying with Art V. In other words Obamas war on Syria is unconstitutional and Rubio’s surrender to illegal immigration is just as unconstitutional.
    Maybe Marco Rubio will begin to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution by first committing to stop the unconstitutional invasion of our own borders before any unconstitutional invasion of Syrian borders takes place.

  • thult

    Marco “Back Stab” Rubio and his Liberation Theology (“If you have something, and I need it more than you do, I am within my rights to take it from you”), while not removed from Democrat/Socialist/Progressive/Marxist “theology,” is still not
    embraced by most Republicans, RINOs notwithstanding!

    • donny1020

      Thult, can you expand on what you are talking about, in English please.

      • thult

        donny1020; Perhaps “Pay Check Republican” Liberation Theology comes close to the meaning, especially if you need it more than the person you’re taking it from. While Conservative Constitutionalists are dwindling in number, it seems, most Republicans still bristle at the notion of outright theft, RINO’s notwithstanding.

        • donny1020

          Explain to me how you define “Conservative Constitutionalists”. I would also like to know what law school you went to and where you practice law. I ask this because you appear to be claiming some type of expertise in Constitutional Law, this is a something you share with President Obama.

          • thult

            It appears to me that you have nothing better to do than simply wanting to argue all sides of the issue, and then, by way of ad hominum attack, accuse me of some sort of kinship with Barack Hussein Obama when you have nothing of substance to add. Please reference a high school civics textbook to better understand what the Constitution is, and more importantly, what it both states and means.

          • donny1020

            What I was pointing out was that President Barack Hussein Obama actually taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago, and had the title of Professor. This infers a certain level of expertise. If you do have that level of expertise also that would simply be something you both have in common.

            I am still curios how you define the term you used, “Conservative Constitutionalists” and what your background is in Constitutional Law? For all I know you have argued cases in front of SCOTUS or maybe in front of the Piggly Wiggly?

            I don’t believe it is presumptuous to question their knowledge base when someone asserts they have some level of knowledge in a specific field of law, specifically Constitutional Law.

  • mikeman

    Its hard to figure Rubio’s true motivations. No matter what, he is wrong on this issue.

    There are still congressmen who care more about American working men and women than illegal immigrants. But the usual suspects (democrats, media, unions, rinos) need to be defeated.

  • cathy

    “Yes, Rubio did hit all the talking points about economic freedom”. – Mary Graba


    Marco Rubio’s talking points mirrors those of Barack Obama.

    Rubio-Obama immigration plan? Senator’s proposal looks like White House policy
    Posted on Wednesday, 01.16.13

    Not only do Rubio and Obama’s plans create a similar type of amnesty for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, the two politicians have used similar language.

    Here’s OBAMA unveiling his plan in May 2011, relatively little-reported at the time:

    “Those who are here illegally, they have a responsibility as well. So they broke the law, and that means they’ve got to pay their taxes, they’ve got to pay a fine, they’ve got to learn English. And they’ve got to undergo background checks and a lengthy process before they get in line for legalization. That’s not too much to ask.”

    Here’s RUBIO in the Wall Street Journal on the undocumented:

    “They would have to come forward. They would have to undergo a background check…They would have to pay a fine, pay back taxes, maybe even do community service. They would have to prove they’ve been here for an extended period of time. They understand some English and are assimilated. Then most of them would get legal status and be allowed to stay in this country.”

  • Sotar

    I certainly won’t support Rubio the next time.

  • T.L. Winslow

    Sorry, but people from our next-door neighbor Mexico aren’t in the same category as people from other continents. This is their New World too. They should have special privileges. That we treat them like manure is a big mistake and until it’s corrected the U.S. stinks. The answer is to invite Mexico to join the U.S. as 10 new states in return for giving all Mexicans U.S. citizenship, resetting the system and launching a new 60-state U.S. that can develop the new states to the same level as the old and double the GDP in decades. Visit my Megamerge Dissolution Solution Blog to see how a bipartisan majority in Congress can get it started immediately.

  • donny1020

    I am becoming tired of the spin coming from the “Pay Check” wing of the Republican Party. Most of the contingency that comprises the wing of the Republican Party self defined as “Pay Check Republicans” are simply disenchanted former Democrats. Their nativist tendencies show this. “Pay Check” Republicans are simply the same protectionist voices that once belonged to Unions. Now that Unions have been marginalized in American politics they found themselves with nowhere to go other than the Republican Party. Rather than work within the Republican Party “Pay Check” Republicans took it upon themselves to dictate to business what a Republican is and how a Republican should act. Clearly, “Pay Check” Republicans are delusional.

    There is a failure on the part of “Pay Check” Republicans to understand that the Republican Party has been the Party of business for over 100 years. The issue surrounding immigration is actually a debate over free market economics. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the United States opened its doors to immigrants. There was no visa system, no immigration policy, and no quotas. Business including manufacturing in America demanded acres to labor. Manufactures found themselves being forced to pay a premium for labor and the lack of inexpensive labor also put employers in a vulnerable position when bargaining with employees.

    Job creators are once again saying that we need access to free market labor. “Pay check” Republicans on the other hand want to prohibit business from accessing this commodity. The sole reason that “Pay Check” Republicans insist on restrictions finds its base soley in the purpose of protecting an aging and underskilled pool of Americans between the ages of of 35 and 60. These are individuals without a High School diploma or those with only a High School diploma. These are individuals who failed to invest in themselves and who failed to continue to gain an education and failed to take care of their health. They now find themselves at 50 with little more than a 30 year old High School diploma and unemployed, over weight and with diabeties. As an employer they are a walking talking liability who can not produce at a level necessary to maintain profitability.

    “Pay Check” Republicans now find themselves unemployable in any job which pays a salary which they had become accustomed to up till the 1980’s when globalization first gained traction. “Pay Check” Republicans truly want is the ability to turn back time to a period in American history after World War Two when America and to some degree Canada were the only two industrialized nations which were not destroyed during the war. Jobs were plentiful during that period simply due to the lack of competition. Now, we find ourselves back in the pre-war environment where globalization demands American manufactures have access to market based labor solutions. Unlike pre-war America, manufactures can simply locate their manufacturing off shore now. Advances in global logistics have ensured a steady stream of products for the American consumer at low every day prices. The American consumer has responded by making the retailer that offers low everyday prices the worlds largest retail outlet.

    At the same exact moment “Pay Check” Republicans have no problem going to American retailers and purchasing products made with cheap labor as long as it is imported to the U.S.A. In this situation Americans are denied any jobs associated with the manufacture of goods. If and when, American manufactures are allowed to access the global labor market, Americans will also realize jobs. These will not be factory positions but skilled jobs such as supervision, management, logistics, IT, etc.

    America simply needs to open it’s doors once again. We need a system in place that will insure a steady and abundant supply of labor in manufacturing, service and the construction and extraction industries. just as agriculture currently enjoys. Access to the labor commodities market will ensure that consumers continue to enjoy low prices with the added benefit of jobs. The Citizens of the United States will also benefit from taxes which free market labor will pay and by simply granting access without citizenship for all our directorial process will be kept free from influence from those in the United States for labor purposes only.

    Allowing job creators access to the global labor commodities market will benefit all Americans and it is time that come together and drown out the nativist, protectionist, anti-free market voices of those that would deny American business the tools they need to be competitive in the global marketplace.

    In closing, I believe it is important that job creators who believe in the free market make it abundantly clear to “Pay Check” Republicans that this is the party of business. While they are welcome and we also believe in what can be described as traditional values such as hard work, respect for authority, belief in free market capitalism, etc., as main stream Republicans we do not hold the same protectionist philosophies of the Democratic Party. “Pay Check” Republicans are welcome within the Republican Party but they are not welcome to destroy the concept that business is at its best when it is free from governmental regulations such as restrictions to the global labor commodities market.

    • Jack Oliver


      One thing you seem to have overlooked. The so-called Pay Check Republicans that joined the Republican Party because of Ronald Reagan have lost their jobs and had their wages depressed because of the influx of illegal labor and they’re mad about it.
      Now Republican leadership wants to legalize 11-33 million illegal aliens that according to the Pew Institute will vote 8to1 Democrat. Here in Florida the Dems already outnumber the Republicans by 500,000. Once these new immigrants get on the voting rolls it’s over. Red states like Texas and Florida will become Blue States. On top of that us Pay Check Republicans will move to a third party. So now you’ve imported millions of Democrat voters, alienated Blue collar Republicans and the Republicans will be relegated to minority status forever. We’ll lose control of State and Federal Government That almost seems self destructive Donny. Who is going to protect your business interest if the Dems take over Donny?
      The Progressives will be in every aspect of your life, they’ll tax you, regulate you, take away your rights, and in the end you’ll be wondering if maybe you made a mistake running the “Pay Check Republicans out of the party. Like Reagan said “I didn’t leave the party, they left me.

      • donny1020

        Actually Jack that is not why Regan was able to pursued blue collar Democrats to vote for him. It was far more complex, At that point in history, 1982, the Democratic Party had been taken over substantially by what some of us like to call the Robert Kennedy wing of the Democratic party. For the most part these were individuals from upper middle class and wealthy backgrounds with secondary and post secondary education, were strongly anti-defense industry, were ambivalent towards organized labor or out right anti-union, they believed in globalization as a way to ease third world poverty, did not believe in protecting US manufacturing nor US manufacturing jobs. In addition the United States was in the middle of a dememorializing news story, (Iran). Patriotic blue collar workers who were namely veterans at that time were simply sick and tired of the political left and their social agenda.

        In 1982 the Teamsters were the single largest labor union in the United States and had witnessed the Democratic Party deregulate the trucking industry which lead to the immeadiate degradation of working conditions in the trucking industry. The Teamsters endorsed Reagan. out of disgust of Carter’s labor policies. The Building Trades were also severely disillusioned by Carter’s labor policy. People forget that Carter not only deregulated trucking but also airlines and suspended Davis Bacon. Many people with short memories like to blame Reagan for firing the Air Traffic Controllers, but in fact, all Reagan did was implement a plan which had been developed by the Carter White House.

        Organized Labor had not been co-opted by the Democratic Part until after Reagan gain the Executive. The Teamsters have endorsed several Republican candidates for President as well have many of the Building Trades Unions. It was the endorsement of Building Trades and the Teamsters of Eisenhower which upset the Kennedy brothers so bad that they set to destroy or punish any Union which did not knuckle under to the orders of the leaders of the Democratic Party.

        These are the some of the reasons why the blue collar democrats left the Democratic Party.

        What we are discussing now is the Republican Party though. The Republican Party has been the Party of bussiness for well over a century now. They have never been the party that protected workers at the expence of bussiness. The actions of “Pay Check” Republicans are akin to the actions of the far left and liberal wings of the Democratic Party. Long time Republicans view the disires of “Pay Check” Republicans as the disires of pre-JFK Democrats. It’s a meat and potatoes agenda with traditional Christian values thrown in.. These are not the values necessarily compatible with the bussiness community.

        The issue of immigration is about creating a balance in favor of business, the concept is to swing the theory of supply and demand in the favor of business permanently. The initial process was to offshore manufacturing to take advantage of the global labor market and secondarily to weaken demands that workers were placing on management.

        I’m not sure if you remember but it was only back in 1977 that Johnny Paycheck had a #1 hit single titled “Take This Job and Shove It”. This was the attitude of workers at that point in time. By demonstrating that managment could respond to this attitude by offshoring struck directly at the overblown ego of the American worker. All of a sudden all those “good jobs” disapeared. Guess what?, nobody came to the rescue of the American worker. Not the Democrats nor the Republicans. A new econmic reality had arrived.

        Business learned that it was not necessary to manufacture their goods in the United States. Since the enactment of Taft/Hartley workers were no longer permitted to engage in secondary activity. In other words, workers used to be permitted to refuse to handle goods which were involved in a dispute. Along with this is the fact that the American consumer did not care where the product was made as long as it was cheap.

        Fast forward to 2013, business has now gained a cooperative roal in governing the United States. Laws are no longer written like they were thity years ago. Bi-partisan lobbiest, (bussenes) now write and influence all decisions made in Washington. This is just the fact. The only voice to counter bussiness interest has now been so marginalised niether Party can hear it. For Business, we have found a way around the two Party system. Regardless if it is a Democrat or a Republican we now win.We can now use our experience in the art of scientific public relations to pretty much have the public support what we ask for.

        The concerns of “Pay Check” Republicans are no longer our concerns. You will now find it necessary to compete for jobs on a global basis in a marketplace for labor that is truly open and free. Business will continue to influence legislation even when Republicans are out of office so your votes are no longer necessary. You believe the argument is about how many people are going to be allowed in the United States when that has allready been decided. What business is doing now is simply puting forward a plan that would place barriers making it difficult for those individuals to become citezens. If they are not citezens they are not protected by certain laws nor can they vote, this solves your concerns. Make no mistake though, we will be allowed to employ workers at free market pricing.

        In fact I would assert that “Pay Check” Republicans are driving influential persons away from the Republican Party rather than attracting them. “Pay Check” Republicans are now in the same boat with leftist Democrats who drove the blue collar vote away from the Democratic Party.

        In closing, all of your fears are central to you and the days when America was Anglo men is over.Trend lines are clear and published. We now live in a global community. I can make more profit selling products to places like China than I can in the United States. The United States continues to be an important market but as long as American consumers demand cheap products made with global pricing for labor business owners must comply if they are to remain profitable. As far as American workers loosing their jobs, it is happening this minute and there isn’t much you can do about it. At a minimum we are saving jobs by manufacturing here in the United States even if we use labor from outside of our National borders.

        Just remember that the Republican Party is the champion of business, you are not going to change that.

        • Jack Oliver

          I know they are the champion of business. that’s why I have supported them for 35 years.With the right balance it’s good for business and workers. Some of the most successful businesses in America pay and treat their employees well. Costco, an E-Verify Company is one example and there are many more. Their average pay is $18.00 and they provide a nice benefit package. Treating employees well promotes loyalty and increases productivity. Study how Henry Ford treated his employees.

          You made it clear in your first post that you are pro business, anti labor and that’s OK. But you haven’t addressed the political demographics of legalizing 11-30 million illegal aliens that will be fast tracked for citizenship and register 8 to 1 Democrat. Once that happens Republicans won’t have the numbers to stop anything the the Progressives want to enact.You’ll find yourself back in pre President Kennedy tax rates with a top rate of 95%. Most of the money you earn will go to the government while you earn it and after you die. Remember the luxury taxes that killed the boating, light airplane manufacturing, etc. Remember the inheritance taxes, they’ll be back.I think it’s short sighted to throw American workers under the bus and put in place a progressive government that will tax and regulate businesses out of existence in the future.

          • donny1020

            FYI, COSTCO contributes and champions Democratic candidates. Even with knowing this it should be noted that Sam’s Club is more profitable. COSTCO can pay their employees what they feel like, I don’t have a problem with that but WalMart has a larger market share.

            I would also point out that you are using retailers as a model and we were talking about production workers. Regardless if you shop at COSTCO, Sam’s Club, WalMart, etc the consumer goods you buy are made off shore and NO Americans are employed in the production of those goods. You vote with your purchases and you have said loud and clear that you want products produced in places where the manufacture can take advantage of the global labor market. All we are sayis that the American business owner should be allowed a level playing field so we can compete equally with off shored manufacturing facilities.

            As far your worry over how these folks will vote, I would be thinking about how to make the Republican Party more inviting to them. I have thought about this as well have others and one overriding position has come out of these discussions. The Republican Party must return to its core beliefs and either marginalize or remove knee jerk racist from the Republican Party. It is your attitude that drives these individuals into the Democratic Party. The Republican Party must attract people of color, women, and LGBT constituencies into its fold.

            The writing is on the wall, there is a major demographic shift taking place in America and this change will marginalize the voice of “Pay Check” Republicans. If the Republican Party continues to cater to and add volume to “Pay Check” Republicans the Party itself will be marginalized into non-relevance. We can pretend that this isn’t taking place but it is taking place and to remain relevant we must change and adapt to the situation.

            As I stated earlier this is not 1946, laws are now made in Washington with significant input by lobbing firms who are bi-partisan. The American electorate simply does not write laws and pass them. Congress and the Senate do. To be elected cost significant amounts of money and politicians are smart enough not to interrupt the economic balance now in play. What real “progressive” action have you seen Democrats take since 1982? Most Democrats are now right of Richard Nixon. I think our side has won the ideology war and I think there is substantial facts to back this up. Just look at the AFL-CIO, steadily declining numbers since 1982. How many time have the D’s had all three branches since 1982 and not once have the D’s made any real attempt to pass anti-business legislation.

            So come and join us, the Republican Party is big enough for everyone. If you are a Christian, a small business owner, a large business owner, banker, independent contractor we are your party. We simply can no longer be the the party that looks like the old Southern Democrats if we are to survive.


      You badly confuse a free market in labor within a country for an open-borders condition in which limitless numbers of aliens infiltrate, subvert, and destroy a culture. America is for Americans – those of us who are here now. It’s not supposed to be a dumping ground for tens of millions of third-world peasants who will drive labor costs down (which is all you care about) while destroying the lives of millions of American citizens and ultimately taking the whole country down as they give the socialist Democrats a hammerlock on power.

      • donny1020

        It amazes me that so many “pay Check” Republicans are oblivious to American history. Well you are wrong on every point. You don’t get a pass simply because you were born in America as far as the Business community is concerned. Here is quick little fact, immigration does reduce wages. Reduced labor cost equal higher productivity. What is it that you think is being discussed when productivity is being used.

        The Republican Party is the Party of business. Every argument you make could be coming out of the mouth of any blue collar Union member or leader. You want to stop business from employing who they want and prohibit business from paying what are market based wages. I think that when Democrats make demands such as this you would rightly define it as socialism.

        Join the rest of us that believe that our ascendency is based on our own individual merits, we believe that a free and open market will bring gains to all peoples. We are a nation built on free market capitalism and we welcome you. Don’t be frightened of competition but embrace it as you can never win if you fail to enter the race.

    • Ron Lewenberg

      The GOP has been the party of Middle America, nationalism, and business. You tellingly ignore the first two in order to shill not for the free market, but for CORPORATISM and Corporate WELFARE.
      There is no free market in labor in America. We have welfare and minimum wage laws. We have a multitude of state, federal, and local laws and regulations on employment, workplace standards, and conditions.
      Where is this magic free market?

      Milton Friedman, rightly said taht you can have a welfare state or open borders, but no both. What you at the other CORPORATISTS want is SUBSIDIZED labor. You want cheap foreign workers, whose costs are subsidized by the state. Meanwhile unemployed America or those with new lower wages are also on welfare. This privatizes profits for a plutocracy, and nationalizes costs. That isn’t the free market.
      It imports unskilled foreign labor with grievances, who are natural SOCIALISTS. It increases the number of Americans dependent on government, while increasing cul;tural Marxist programs to indocrinate all young people. Corporatiosn stop being nationalist and start being anti-nationalist. The net results is a staggering growth in leftist among the young.
      How does elecitng SOCIALISTS help the “free market”?

      You are a useful idiot for the left, a libertarian for socialism.

      • Jack Oliver

        Good post Ron

      • donny1020

        I agree with many of your points surrounding employment law. The government should stay away from involving itself in the employer/employee relationship. This is what is at the core of this immigration debate.

        I find it interesting that the words you use such as “socialist, corporatist, plutacracy” are all words used by Stalinist Communist to describe their enemies. I do not think you can show any example that the Republican Party has ever been the party of Nationalism either. We have allways sought open, free market economies without goverment intervention into our labor practices. As the government, it is an extension of the citezen this would be directed at you also. You fault Government but on the other hand want to use Government to restrict a business owner from engaging in Business if it does not conform to YOUR philosophical leanings.

        I’m sorry if you will suffer in the new economy but it is here and it is happening and there isn’t anything you can do to change it. You can either adapt and take advantage of the new reality or choose to ignore it and complain and I can assure you that you will feel true financial pain. The Republican Party has also stood for self reliance and personal responsibility. If you are unwilling to adapt and invest in your own education that is your problem not mine. If you are to old to change all I can say is that maybe some day in the future we can eliminate social security and in that event you and others like you will once again know their place in society. May I suggest Atlas Shrugged to you.

        • Ron Lewenberg

          I grew up in and live in the Upper East Side of Manhattan one of the five richest areas in the country. I summered in East Hampton. I grew up in an among the upper middle class, the noveau riche, and old money both WASP and Knickerbocker. I went to Buckley, Collegiate, and Columbia. Don’t presume that my positions come from any personal grievance or jealousy. I’m not hiding anything. This is my real name.

          Because of my background, I understand the pretenses and shibboleths of the transnational class and those who wish to join them. Chief among these is allegiance to this class and proof of it with oikophobia. But by all means, Don, try to boast your own status by presuming my ignorance or showing contempt for Americans who love this country.

          “I agree with many of your points surrounding employment law. The government should stay away from involving itself in the employer/employee relationship. This is what is at the core of this immigration debate. “

          No, the core of the immigration debates are three points:
          1. The right of sovereign people to decide immigration policy on the basis of national interest
          2. The continuation of our mores, shared history, political culture, and common culture
          3. Whether those who make these decisions will have to listen to the American people, or an elite who have fewer and fewer ties to the nation

          This is not just an employment question. It is the national question. And your answer seems to be that the nation is an irrelevant construct.

          “I find it interesting that the words you use such as
          “socialist, corporatist, plutacracy” are all words used by
          Stalinist Communist to describe their enemies. “

          Communists will use many terms. But they don’t use the terms “liberty”, “common culture”, or “free market”. The
          Communist Manifesto called for the proletariat of all countries to unite. And it is therefor no surprise that Marxists are anti-Nationalist. That Stalin appropriated nationalism as a temporary ploy means absolutely nothing about nationalism. That communists
          attacked other socialists says nothing about opposition to socialism. Libertarians oppose corporatism too. Or do you not know what the word means?

          “I do not think you can show any example that the Republican Party has ever been the party of Nationalism either. We have always sought open, free market economies without goverment intervention
          into our labor practices. “

          Good lord, son. Do the research. I won’t debate fools, historical illiterates and children. The GOP is the sucessor to the National Republican Party, ie the Whig Party. Tariffs and internal projects were part of its platform for the better part of a century. For two
          generations after the Civil War, the GOP used the “bloody shirt” of the civil war. It is the party of middle America and nationalism and has been since it was started. But the free market and restricting immigration go hand in had. It is no accident that Harding and Coolidge, two the three greatest free market presidents
          of the last century, restricted immigration. And what followed was the roaring 20s.

          “As the government, it is an extension of the citezen this would be directed at you also. You fault Government but on the other hand want to use Government to restrict a business owner from engaging in Business if it does not conform to YOUR philosophical leanings. ”

          Piteous pablum. I am a native borne citizen and my parents are naturalized citizens. You may as well claim that the state preventing parents forcing their children into child prostitution means that I cannot sell goods. The survival of the nation is not a philosophical
          leaning. It is your birthright and duty to protect. That you would import future socialists to reduce wages and elect more socialists create more legalized theft in the long run, as you hope to gain quarterly is prima facea evidence of a mental illness posing as a sophmoric philosophy.
          Atlas Shrugged is poor literature and the rants of a woman decided that her social engineering, though unable to keep a movement together, should some how become the basis of a new society. Rand was a cheap Rousseau.

  • Larry Launer

    Australia got it right the other day, Kicked out the progressive libs , the new guy hates illegals , Hopefully this country can get it right very soon,

  • donny1020

    I’m sorry but I’m not going to get into a discussion about conservative politics with a retired over paid government employee who put themselves above the tax payers. You are a great example of socialist values.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I see, so that’s why you replied at length to my last post? You know nothing about me nor about my retirement pension. You also know little to nothing about the real work, the hard work that most police officers perform. Folks like yourself can laugh all you want about cops, but when you need us, we’re the ones risking our very lives to save and protect you. Sure, some cops abuse their authority, but the vast majority of us don’t.

      You think that all police officers make the level of money you read about in the paper that are cited as examples of abuse. Truth is, most of us don’t make that much and not all of us retire with as much money as you imagine. Many retired cops like myself saved and invested because we don’t ultimately trust our own retirement systems.

      If you think for one moment that I should be embarrassed for 30 years of public service as a cop, you’re insane.

      Lastly, public pensions have never done the sort of damage and level of costs that illegal immigrants have cost to both the State and Federal governments. You need to crawl out of your hole of ignorance and see the world as it really is.

      • donny1020

        bluff, you validate what I was saying about public employees, you complain about how hard you work, how nobody understands how hard you work, how you are under paid, how small your pension is.

        You should be thanking the American tax payer for providing you with a career that was basically riding around eight hours a day in an air conditioned car giving out the occasional ticket. You should thank the tax payer for the job security you received that is virtually unknown in the private sector. You should then be thanking the tax payers for a generous pension package that affords you a comfortable lifestyle. You should thank the tax payer for providing you with a substantial salary that allowed you to invest extra income. All of these things are pretty much gone from the American workforce now. Your fortunate state could also be due to the fact that the tax payer made provisions that allowed you to be protected by a public employees union.

        Nobody is asking you to feel bad about anything, I simply believe you need to thank the tax payer for everything they gave you as what you have received is not due personal merit but to a collective bargaining agreement.

      • Tina Trent

        thanks for your honorable service and wise words–this troll doesn’t deserve consideration.

    • levotb

      You’re an idiot leftist, donny! You don’t know what you’re talking about.