2014: A Bad Year for the Left?

obama8Most political indicators point to a terrible 2014 for American leftism amidst an auspicious resurgence of conservatism throughout the nation.

As Americans continue to suffer in the weak Obama-era economy and as their anxiety over President Obama’s hated health care program grows, an electoral tsunami appears to be in the offing.

Americans have never bought into President Obama’s contention that income inequality was what he called “the defining challenge of our time.” The AP-Times Square New Year’s Eve Poll conducted by GfK shows under 1 percent considered that issue the most important news story of 2013. Topping the list of issues was the implementation of Obamacare which was deemed the number one issue in 2013 by 26 percent of respondents. The next-highest ranked issues were identified as the “death of Nelson Mandela” and the “federal government’s budget troubles: sequestration, the fiscal cliff and the government shutdown,” both weighing in at a mere 8 percent each.

Obama’s approval ratings continue to drop and Americans now consider big, overweening government to be the biggest threat to the nation. An astounding 72 percent of Gallup respondents now believe that big government poses a greater threat to the U.S. than big business or big labor, a record high since Gallup started asking the question almost a half century ago. “(The findings) may be partly a reaction to an administration that favors the use of government to solve problems,” the Gallup organization said in a quaint understatement.

Democratic strategists who say that the public is warming up to Obama and Obamacare  are in denial. Millions of Americans, largely in the individual marketplace, have lost their health insurance because of the misnamed Affordable Care Act. Next year tens of millions of Americans will lose their employer-sponsored health coverage as Obamacare works its mischief on the nation’s health care system. The continuing catastrophe that is Obamacare will be the political gift that keeps on giving all the way to the midterm congressional elections in November. (To boot, a slew of new Obamacare taxes takes effect in days.)

Republicans are pummeling Democrats in CNN’s generic congressional ballot by 49 percent to 44 percent after Obamacare implementation began on Oct. 1. As The Hill newspaper observes,

“That’s a huge 13-point swing from October, when Democrats had the edge following the government shutdown. At that point, Democrats were up by 50 percent to 42 percent on a generic ballot test. The new numbers are the latest bad polling news for Democrats, indicating the GOP has a chance to pick up House seats and win control of the Senate.”

With critical midterm elections now less than a year away, and assuming that present trends will continue, Republicans seem certain to take over Congress. Republicans are poised to retain majority control of the House of Representatives and are also on-track to easily take over the Senate. The only question is how big the GOP Senate majority will be.

This does not, however, mean that 2014 will be the year in which the leftist project is finally discredited, as some high-profile conservative pundits gripped by an irrational triumphalism have predicted in recent weeks. Obamacare’s failures will not somehow finish off progressivism. The programs and fallout from the abysmal failures known as the New Deal and the Great Society are still with us and yet a large segment of the population continues to believe that redistributionism works. When and if Obamacare collapses, leftists will simply start over again, this time pressing for the single-payer universal health care system that they’ve always wanted.

Of course, Republicans could still snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

For example, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) continue to send out signals that they intend to capitulate to the open-borders lobby next year. Boehner and McConnell support a politically unpopular amnesty for potentially tens of millions of illegal aliens, which is the key policy component of so-called comprehensive immigration reform.

They do so in the mistaken belief that flooding the labor market and rewarding illegal behavior will somehow make left-leaning voters and immigrants on a path to citizenship fans of the Grand Old Party.

Passing amnesty legislation would seriously undermine conservative grassroots support for Republican candidates.

But that doesn’t mean the congressional GOP won’t do it.

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  • tic…tic…BOOM

    All right, Republicans, over here. Form a circle and start shooting. This is their strategy. With the help from crossover democrats in primary elections, Republicans will nominate the worst of the lot meaning those who do not know to focus on the issues that Americans care about and when to shut up.

    • RLande

      Agreed we need to get fiscal conservatives elected and the social conservatives need to recognize that we have separation of church and state and not a theocracy. You are entitled to your views and have every right to convince others of the correctness of your beliefs. You do not have the right to impose your beliefs on others. Forcing your views on others is for the left and Islam.


        Protecting the unborn from being slaughtered is not “theocracy” nor is it “imposing your beliefs on others” unless you would say the same thing about the murder of adults. We social Conservatives are not going anywhere, and if you moderate statists want to run on a platform of tinkering with Obamacare rather than total repeal and acquiescing to the imposition of gay “marriage” by the courts, you’ll find yourselves without our support – and you’ll lose to the Democrats.

        The “fiscal conservative / social liberal” you pretend to be is about as real and as useful as the unicorn – in the end, you guys are never with us in the crunch when it’s time to actually start cutting welfare programs. The Republican Party either accepts Conservative leadership or it will have to do without Conservative support. If you think you’re going to get Jeb Bush or Chris Christie elected as a “fiscal conservative” you are very much mistaken.

        • RLande

          I don’t intend to be anything but myself (I am more of a libertarian) and I will not drink anyone’s Kool-Aid.

          There is little problem with the Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade that you are ignoring. I don’t like abortion and would not vote for it. But baying at the moon does not help the situation any and only convinces thinking people that you are not credible since you cannot change a supreme court ruling through legislation.

          A good example of behavior that reflects badly on Republicans is Alabama State Senator Jerry Fielding introducing a resolution endorsing what Phil Robertson said in the GQ interview. While, Robertson has every right to say what he did and the right to his religious beliefs, he used inflammatory language designed to antagonize others and get attention. Well, both Fielding and Roberston got what they wanted. They both got a lot of attention, Fielding’s base probably loves him, and Robertson made a lot more money. The problem is that they both made it much easier for Democrats to portray Republicans as loonies or wing nuts. If I were on the DNC I would pay Fielding and Robertson to keep doing what they are doing. I would also keep encouraging Democrats to vote for the most conservative (in your mind) candidate in open Republican primaries. They are the ones that open their mouths and insert a foot.

          Just keep pushing your social agenda and refuse to support fiscal conservatives who want to shrink the size of government and there will not be Republican party any more. Then we can all prepare to live under president Hillary for a long time (the Washington Post has already floated the idea of amending the Constitution to eliminate the two term presidential limit). Then you will have to refer to Hillary as her highness and learn to like it.

          • NAHALKIDES

            Libertarianism is not going anywhere – either we Conservatives take over the Republican Party and challenge the Left or the Establishment Republicans will lead us to defeat once again. While our side needs to be careful about its rhetoric, we can’t abandon social issues for both moral and practical reasons. This is a culture war, not just a political struggle, and we can’t win the latter without winning the former. On abortion, we can in fact win despite Roe v. Wade – a Republican Congress could and should pass legislation removing abortion from the jurisdiction of the Federal courts, leaving it at the state level where it belongs. It would be wrong to give up the fight, and we’re not going to do it – sorry if that ruins your plans for business-as-usual.

            So-called “fiscal conservatives” like the Bush bros., Chris Christie, Bob Dole, John McCain, etc are pure Establishment and for the most part do not care about ordinary people – this dooms them in the swing states where we’re going to win or lose. They are not true Conservatives, and only true Conservatives can save this country. Many of us will no longer support the Republican candidate “because we’ve nowhere else to go” – the Republican Establishment must be defeated before we can save the country, even if it means causing them to lose to the Democrats.

          • Bamaguje

            In the unlikely event Roe-vs-Wade is overturned, do you really think that would be the end of abortion in America?
            All you’ll succeed in doing is drive abortion underground into the hands of quacks and criminals with thousands of women dying in the process.
            Think Prohibition, where govt ban of alcohol fueled organized crime.

          • NAHALKIDES

            The end of abortion? No – for one thing, there are many states in which it will remain legal. But it will certainly reduce the slaughter, and in some states we’ll get an almost total ban. And no, it’s not like drug or alcohol prohibition, which are victimless “crimes”. Many women will not take the risk of having back-alley abortions, so the number will be reduced.

          • Just the Truth

            I disagree with your take on Robertson. I don’t think he was trying to antagonize anyone. GQ asked him a question and he answered as he saw it. As his family said, it was unvarnished. And, he was simply explaining his beliefs as he derived them from the Bible. People who are running from God get hot under the collar when confronted or even exposed to God’s Words which condemn their lifestyle and impenitence.

          • RLande

            OK. I can accept that you may be right (I can’t read Robertson’s mind). But, Robertson and everyone else needs to watch their rhetoric. We are judged not only what we say, but how we say it. The left has had a field day characterizing conservatives as over the top, uneducated, unintelligent, red necks. We don’t have to provide them with the ammunition by going on rants. I am not worried about the left and what they think of us. I could care less about them.

            There are a lot of good people out there who need to understand that conservatism is for independent, educated people who are for a smaller, less intrusive government. All government is inept, and the larger government gets the more inept it becomes. We need to get that message across to everyone. We are the party of equality and civil rights, while the left wants bigger government and control over our lives by creating dependence on government entitlements.

            The left is very good at capitalizing on our rants and at twisting the truth.

          • Just the Truth

            I appreciate your viewpoint. And I agree about how we are to present ourselves. And, the left is truly diabolical in twisting words, etc. to blacken the opposition. And, we — as those who want to take the higher ground — strive not to stoop to such underhanded tactics. But, it seems like you are being too “purist” and “elitist”. And, that is what, IMHO, keeps the Republicans at odds with one another. I find it very interesting that the Dems can blast the opposition with such hatred and malice, but no matter what one of theirs does, they rally behind him or her. We need that kind of familial support and loyalty.
            Now, back to the Phil controversy…I agree that his remarks were rough, to say the least. But, please, let’s let Phil be Phil. He is a Redneck, but a godly one who has experienced the salvation of God. And, that makes him a child of God and favored. And, we witnessed how God supported him and gave him a voice and a platform to speak His truth. We need more men like Phil who will speak the truth and not back down when all hell comes after and against them. Personally, I was proud of him and his family. I had never seen DD before this happened. And, the very best thing, IMHO, was that the rabid hatred of such groups as GLAAD was exposed, shamed, and silenced. Why? Because truth won the day. Phil’s noble character and integrity sustained him and he became a hero. If the Republican party can’t be inclusive enough to embrace such good men as Phil — warts and all — then it deserves to die, because that is what it was all about, once upon a time.

          • Drakken

            The time for niceties and pleasantries with the left is over, it is time call a spade a spade and forget about hurting the lefts precious feelings. If you want to take that high moral ground? You go right ahead, the left will bury you in it.

          • veeper

            When conservatives (republicans and now more and more tea party) put on phony airs to lure people in …

            they are soon exposed for what they are……

            phonies that want your money, support and vote…..

            but, not you…..

          • The March Hare

            While you are right in many ways, you still said Robertson and everyone else has to watch their rhetoric. While that very well applies to politicians, I don’t think Robertson was thinking in terms of politics when he answered the question. We can’t expect everyone in the spotlight to play the game of politics. We aren’t all politicians whose speech is chosen based on perceived political outcome.

      • epaddon

        RINO crap-ca-ca is the last thing we need. Your bigotry in which you falsely characterize social conservatives in the same language of the Left with the phony charges of “theocracy” is the kind of arrogant RINO crap that will make voters like me declde to stay home and say good riddance to bad rubbish since I know that establishment fakes like you would do nothing to protect religious freedom.

        • The March Hare

          You mean if the person who ends up on the ballot appears to be a RINO, then you will stay home and insure religious freedom isn’t protected? The way to do it is to fight hard in the primaries and if you don’t get the conservative you want in there, at least keep the democrats out by voting and then work to get a conservative on the ballot the next time. This crap of “If I don’t get my way, then I’ll stay home and let it all crumble” is childish. Maybe by the time the next election rolls around, it will be too late for anything a subsequently elected conservative can do to change what just happened. It might take 3, 4 even 5 election cycles before things can be reined in. Remember, that giant step in the right direction just might be too much without the help of that small step in the mean time to shorten the giant step required. It all adds up.

          • epaddon

            How is religious freedom going to be “protected” for me if the establishment RINO who is my only other choice on the ballot is going to act *identically* to the liberal Democrat? One reason why it has come to the point where religious freedom has become threatened is because the Republicans I and other social conservatives voted for, REFUSED to protect religious freedom. Bad Republican judicial appointments have caused more damage than Democrat ones and now we have cowardly turncoats on gay marriage like Rob Portman. I should not have to wait “three or four cycles” to see liberty protected when I’ve been expecting the GOP to stand by this issue from the BEGINNING. But instead we have establishment jackasses who would rather make common cause with the Democrats and regard social conservatives as the crazies to be locked away (this is how Bill Clinton’s former hatchet man who did things that Nixon people went to jail for in his service got elected governor of VA). I will not show these people any patience. Either they take a stand to protect religious liberty and do it with vigor against the Gay Gestapo of GLAAD et. al. and appoint conservatives only to the Court and enough of ‘safe’ appointments or they don’t get my vote.

          • The March Hare

            Yeah, if you’re going to have liberalism, you might as well have the full monty. What the hay!


      Another Establishment Republican cannot win in 2016 and will not get my support. It’s time for the Republican Party to take its direction from the grassroots and become a truly Conservative Party. Otherwise, I stay home in 2016 – the Establishment needs to relinquish control voluntarily or have it taken from them by losing elections to either Conservatives or Democrats – at this point, it doesn’t matter much which.

  • wildjew

    House Speaker John Boehner should give up the gavel. He is not equipped to handle Barack Obama.

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell should be voted out of office next year.

    • veeper

      Should not expect boehner to give it up….

      but, it should be taken from him……

    • Nick Woodley

      Please, he handles him all the time….

      And sometimes gives him head.

      – N

  • LegalGunTotingPatriot

    It’s simply the unprincipled RINOs versus principled people (TEA party) who stand with America. Unprincipled people are the force of their own destruction, but they try to take us down with them.


      Please help me explain that to tic-tac-toe and RLande above.

    • darioqqo948

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        I wish your Uncle Harrison would bitchslap and spank you – hard.

        • otherles

          I strongly suspect that the message was computer generated Spam.

  • WhyMustDemsExist?

    Is Michelle ever NOT scowling? Can you imagine being married to her? obama deserves her.

    • veritaseequitas

      Right??? She always looks like the most discounted mal-content ever. She would find fault with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. that’s a Leftist for ya’

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      I’ve been watching that scowl since the Olympics fiasco. Michelle learned in a flash that the world was not going to bow at his feet. All that buildup, the phony Nobel prize, Oprah, smoking that fossilized white McCain.

      Then more and more reality. She was raised to think republicans are al a bunch of backwoods, inbred racist rednecks. Using that as her model for so long the truth was a shock. She now realizes he isn’t a king and her days on top are numbered.

      There is every chance that her books and interviews after his term will be fewer than she expected. Even with Oprah shilling at full tilt (unlikely).

      The only time I see her smile is when she’s surrounded by people who are beneath her. And with her $500 sneakers, that’s a LOT of Americans. I wager she will drive even more alienation and the race issue in the US will start to swing back. Maybe it will stop closer to parity this time. Hard to say with so many racists calling themselves democrats these days.

      • Dallas25305

        Correct, Anti-white members of the Peoples Liberal Socialist Democrap Party, such as the black congressional caucus.

      • Just the Truth

        She hated America. Now it is mutual.

        • Moa

          Very good!

      • Nick Woodley

        I’ve got a cousin who scowls like that.

        She’s bipolar and plays with her feces, smearing it on people’s walls and such.

        ….It’s nasty.

        – N

    • veeper

      Always looks like her upper lip smells like sheite……

    • Just the Truth

      Agreed. But, anyone married to a narcissistic personality disordered person ends up like that. I feel sorry for her.

      • jayeS

        I don’t feel sorry for either one of them. They believe they are entitled to other people’s money, that we must pay for the way their people have been treated for the past 200 years. Someone needs to keep an eye out for when those two leave the White House, their type will cart off everything.

    • T100C1970

      Moochelle reminds me of “Aunt Esther” from the old Sanford and Son show. When she is really pi$$ed she does that protruding jaw “watch it suckah” look to perfection.

      • CowboyUp

        The expression maybe, but Aunt Esther was basically good. She got that expression when confronted with evil or moral weakness.

  • veritaseequitas

    It is really a shame that the Establishment GOP’ers do not realize how badly they are getting ready to screw up. There is absolutely NO PROFIT in being Liberal Lite, which is what they really are.
    We need people like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee to lead us into lighting a cherry bomb under the butts of Boehner & McConnell and the rest of the worthless faux Republicans.

  • BagLady

    A bad year for the left? What left? Whichever angle I look from, I see Obama as a lackey for Wall Street, banks and corporations. There is no wealth re-distribution, only a speedier upward motion, sucking up the money from the nouveau riches middle classes and pushing them back down with the plebs.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      This surprises you? The Left always “redistributes” the wealth from those who have earned it to themselves.

      Do you not remember the Soviet leaders riding about in their limousines … in those savage Moscow winters … while “the people” who owned everything walked, took the subway, or rode their bicycles to work?

      Marxism is … at its core … redistribution of the wealth from those who have earned it to those who desire it. And when this is accomplished, everyone suffers, because only the Obamas of the world have wealth …

      • Dallas25305

        Correct every socialist , Marxist government always wants to destroy the middle class. Why? because they where the independent thinkers and believers in freedom who did not want to be ruled by leftist. This is why I am always amazed that Obama was allowed to say he was helping the middle class. The Republicans just rolled over and said nothing. Obozo’s hero Saul Alinsky once said of the U.S. “the white middle class must be destroyed”. Note this is exactly what everyone of Obozo’s policies have done. Including the big one, Obozo-Care, the Unaffordable Care act.

        • MLCBLOG

          You are so right. The Repubs are much like the Jews in the concentration camps who could not see a way to fight back.

        • The March Hare

          Isn’t it stupid? We had Alinsky’s book outlining what was going on and still… Gotta shake your head!

      • veeper

        Government officials living like royalty or at least the super rich…

        a bankrupt government…

        a nation of poor to destitute people……

      • Boots

        To tell the truth… to the left wealth isn’t bad as long as they’re the ones who have it, approve of who else is allowed to keep what they’ve earned, and get to decide who gets the fruits of their governmental theft under the guise of “the public good”. Watching liberals is kind of like watching the District 1 elite in Hunger Games.

        • RLande

          I had the same thought when I watched the Hunger Game movies.

          • Boots

            Someone else pointed this out to me (wish it were an original thought) but it was kind of eerie in Hunger Games 1 how dispassionately the bureaucrats ordered the technicians to add deadly barriers to the “games” to either thin the field or entertain the masses. The technicians never batted an eye “just following orders” participating in the execution of innocents. Now my original thought from what my friend pointed out… it’s really no different than the NSA, IRS, TSA, FBI, EPA, and any number of other bureaucrat controlled agencies ignoring the Fourth Amendment with no sense of shame.

      • BagLady

        but, but, in right wing Britain, I see politicians (from both sides) riding around in limos while the people who earn everything stand waiting for the train that isn’t coming to get them to work so they can pay for the politicians 2/3 fully serviced homes and 10* lifestyles. In the ‘Lords’ chamber they pop in first thing in the morning, sign the register, have a coffee and leave. This gets them hundreds of pounds per appearance in income.

        I cannot see the present situation as ‘left versus right’ since both parties are bought and payed for by the Bilderbergs..

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          The point is that the “people” payed for the Zil limousines which the Party bosses rode around in. Of course, to show “solidarity” with the people, the bosses would sometimes ride in the front seat with the driver …

          Given the choices, I would rather live in a country where I have opportunities and freedom to improve my lot, rather than one in which my future is determined by a bureaucrat in some office.

          America. My father walked about in the Great Depression without shoes, looking for work. Later, he went to school and learned the mechanic’s trade. He owned his own business and put the three of us through college (I earned my PhD at Princeton).

          Freedom, opportunity, America …

          And this is what the American Left hates …

    • Drakken

      No matter how many goddamn times you bloody communist try communism, it always ends up with stacks of dead bodies. So your going to have to forgive as I take a position a little right of Attila the Hun where you commi leftist are concerned.

      • BagLady

        I am a capitalist. You, on the other hand, come across as rather fascist in your extreme views. Rather closer to communism than my ideals…. if you can think in circular motions of course.

        • justquitnow

          Oops, you criticized the article in the article’s comment section. This draws the Drakken which will call you communist no matter what you say. You can say you’re a capitalist…you can say you’re not responsible for Stalin’s murders, but it’s all for not.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Communists are also capitalists. They beleive in government sovereignty of capital ventures.

            0’Bama does not have unlimited power as POTUS. He can’t even execute on any projects that require competency. If free market capitalism succeeds in the USA, it’s in spite of him.

            “You can say you’re a capitalist…you can say you’re not responsible for Stalin’s murders, but it’s all for not.”

            Yeah, that’s the litmus test for communist ideology.


          • justquitnow

            Well whatever you call what…Baglady had the natural response of defending herself from strange non-sequitor accusations of being a communist responsible for “dead bodies” and that sure stopped any real conversing from happening didn’t it.

            Kind of like you responding this way to my making fun of Drakken.

            “0’Bama does not have unlimited power as POTUS.”

            Yes thank you…that’s not robotic and creepy at all.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            We’re gathered here to meet all of your expectations. We’ll keep trying to improve our services for your sake.

            Thanks so much for patronizing this site.

  • bleedinell

    The left will continue to win, despite the screams of defiance from true conservatives.
    The left has the votes, the money and the power; they no longer need the sweaty masses. And by “the left”, I include all RINO’s, progressives, liberals and Marxists.
    Until the money truly does evaporate, the dumb saps that voted for this crap will remain ignorant and continue to blame those that are trying to save them.
    Only when the country finally collapses under the weight of it’s stupidity can we return to the principles that made this the most prosperous nation in history.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      That’s an interesting perspective. Do you think that the US will return to normal after THE economic crash? I don’t know if that is possible. What would a national default do to people’s assets? Particularly homes and land. Without greenbacks I wonder what form progress will take. One thing is certain though; without greenbacks the social experimentation grinds to a halt.

      • Terence Sommer

        I fear the day the dollar defaults. Many things will come out of the wood work. Scary.

  • dan

    http://www.chick.com/reading/t… the last generation …

  • Dallas25305

    A bad year for the left? It’s looks good on the corrupt, lying, racist, left wing trash.

    • Nick Woodley

      Aren’t they all trash? I’m confused.

      – N

  • Trapper

    Indeed, if the Republicans allow amnesty for criminal aliens then we are done as a nation. Most of the criminal aliens will vote democrat and will expect to see the socialist corruptocracy replicated in the US.

  • Milo

    Bad year for the left? Words that will live in political infamy. This is akin to McGovern in 1972.

  • Milo

    Who was responsible for letting two liberals on board the ark is the question.


    Mr. Vadum, Unfortunately you are so right. The GOP specializes in what you called “high-profile conservative pundits gripped by an irrational triumphalism.” It’s embarrassing to me. The most naive people running things. They don’t seem to have a clue as to what’s happening in real life and the fact that the Dems have had a vice-like grip on our ballot boxes for decades. A measly 13% advantage, while exciting and hopeful, is dust in the wake of the press and other propaganda instruments held by the Dems. Truly, they are a formidable enemy, and I wish the old guard GOP could get a clue and get more savvy, have more political street smarts.

  • leebert

    I saw with my own eyes a California state website (a number of years ago) that showed Obama’s application for foreign aid to Occidental College (where he declares himself) as a Indonesian citizen. The information was scrubbed about a week later. No wonder this man will not release college docs that show his background and other information.
    Yet the left forced G.W. to release his college records while at Yale. There is SO much we don’t know about this man, who is the President of our nation)..

    • veeper

      America has been duped…….

      Colossally duped…..

    • ylem

      It’s been hard to watch. No one wanted to listen in 2008.

    • nightspore

      Can you remember the URL, or some part of it?

  • Ellman48

    “(The findings) may be partly a reaction to an administration that
    favors the use of government to solve problems,” the Gallup organization
    said in a quaint understatement.”

    The understanding and interpretation of facts are far more important than the facts themselves. But in this regard all the polling organizations are not very good. The Department of Labor publishes numerous statistics about the economy every month but it is not very good at illuminating and explaining the meaning of those statistics. Unless we understand the significance of the data what value does it have for us?

  • Ellman48

    “The new numbers are the latest bad polling news for Democrats,
    indicating the GOP has a chance to pick up House seats and win control
    of the Senate.”

    Mark my words! The GOP will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once more in Nov 2014! The GOP does not know how to WIN! The 2012 presidential elections demonstrated this with absolute clarity. Forget the polls. Republicans will find a way to lose in 2014 and 2016. The cast of clowns pulling the strings has not changed.

  • http://www.triopticaonline.com/gafas-de-sol-prada-brad-pitt/ Pedro Roller

    For a modern country, it is a shame the tea party Arco senil

    • The March Hare

      Shame the tea party has lipid deposits on the upper and lower perfiferia cornea??? Are you sure??

  • Lanna

    They’re proud of the country, now that they have changed it to lawlessness, corruption, homosexual marriage, abortion, spying, destroying healthcare, attacking Christians, Jews, and the true God…the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    • consider

      …the woodoo, the clairevoyant, the fakir, the fortuneteller, the witch, the leprechauns, the unicorns, the centaur, the…you name it!

  • mtnhikerdude

    2014 , 2015 ,2016 , give this administration plenty of time to complete the insanity they propose to destroy America. The 17 trillion dollar deficit will surpass 20 trillion by 2016 . It was unsustainable at 17 trillion so I guess it will super unsustainable by 2016. The debt holders own us. Thus they can dictate policy . The interest alone is unsustainable. The truth is America is bankrupt .

    • Consider

      When you owe 1,000 $ you are in the hands of the creditor.
      When you owe 1 trillion $ the creditor is in your hands.
      An old proverb in the financial sector

      • veeper

        Kinda reminds me of that old obama proverb….

        If you like your health ins.

        you can keep your health ins. Period

      • objectivefactsmatter

        You think that applies to the USA with its bond ratings?

        Not too smart, are you?

    • Drakken

      When the time comes to pay the piper and there is no money to pay, the devil himself will come due.

  • Matt Dickinson

    No, a good year. The more you hate, and divide America and the world up into two camps (“left” and “right”), the stronger each side gets, and the happier I get because it’s destroying America and I hate this place and wish we would all die.

    • veeper

      Ok…you go first……

      • Matt Dickinson

        Really? You want me to die?

        • veeper

          It’s your wish, pal…..

          I just want you to be happy…..

          • Matt Dickinson


        • The March Hare

          Eh…. Cat got your tongue, eh, I mean fingers?

    • ylem

      If you don’t like the US, you’re free to leave.

      • Matt Dickinson

        Actually I did try to fly out before but I wasn’t allowed to get a ticket. I think I’m on a terrorist watch list.


        • Matt Dickinson

          why was this given a thumbs down?

          • Matt Dickinson

            OK I’m sorry I like the U.S. and I want everyone to live.

  • ylem

    Simple. Big business is paying off our political elite to vote for amnesty so they get the cheaper labor.

  • popseal

    The leftists don’t care. Activist leftist judges now afflict the legal system from coast to coast.

  • American1969

    I’d like to hope and get excited, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  • Hass

    Will this MB member become a lame duck President?

    I know I’d like to see it happen.

  • Nabuquduriuzhur

    The big problem is that the Democrats, having gotten away with altering the results of the 2012 election by doubling or even tripling the number of votes in precincts, will “win” in a landslide. When 120%, 140%, etc. of registered “voters” magically change the vote in state after state, there’s a problem.

    Take my state, Oregon. Bluest of blue states. In 2012, Romney even won in Portland, which could be called Potland, from their love of drugs and drug crimes. Declared the winner. Then, 15 minutes later, despite all precincts having been already counted, suddenly Obama has 54%.

    The evidence is that this was done in many states. For three straight weeks after the election, it was one revelation of voter fraud after another.

    And the Republicans did absolutely nothing to repair the problem.

    The Republicans will be voted for en masse. But it’s not going to matter one bit if the vote is altered by the Democrats again.

    • justquitnow

      You got a link or something. That’s a lot of accusation…and “info”.

  • http://www.pantanolaw.com/ PantanoLaw.com

    Establishment RINO politicians need to be driven from the Party so that voters can have an actual choice.

    • The March Hare

      That is what primaries are for and what tea parties are doing.

  • otherles

    I strongly suspect that the GOP will not pursue the Impeachment of Barack Obama, even though they are required to do so.


    I fully expect the GOP to continue their effort to return to malfeasance as usual.

  • http://www.abay.vn/Ve-quoc-te/ve-may-bay-di-tay-ban-nha Nhóm Đào Tạo

    Most of the criminal aliens will vote democrat and will expect to see the socialist corruptocracy replicated in the US.

    ve may bay di Singapore
    ve máy bay di My

  • keyster

    Obamacare collapse will rule in 2014.
    Nothing else can or will get done.
    It will be so bad that not even the NYTimes can spin there way out of it.

  • Ron Livaudais

    No matter what the evidence or historical record that shows centralized government never has worked and never will, there will always be those who think they know better and will do whatever they can to hold the power over the individual!

  • tanstaafl

    Jobs are hard to find, the economy is weak and we face increasing strong economic rivals overseas. Sure, let’s import illegal workers! Let’s continue the downhill slide!