Double-Voting for Obama

After publicly boasting that she voted twice for President Obama in November, a left-wing Ohio activist associated with a George Soros-funded group claims she did nothing wrong by double-voting.

“There’s absolutely no intent on my part to commit voter fraud,” said Melowese Richardson, a longtime Cincinnati poll worker and Democratic activist whose unlawfully cast ballot canceled out a lawful ballot and thereby deprived another citizen of his or her right to vote.

Voter fraud, also known as vote fraud, election fraud, and electoral fraud, refers to the specific offenses of fraudulent voting, impersonation, perjury, voter registration fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, bribery, destroying already cast ballots, and a multitude of crimes related to the electoral process.

Having already incriminated herself in front of a TV news camera, Richardson said she’ll contest criminal voter fraud charges. “I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama and for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States,” she said nonsensically.

Hamilton County, Ohio, records reportedly indicate that Richardson voted by absentee ballot on Nov. 1. Ten days later she told an official she also voted at a polling place out of fear that her absentee ballot would not count.

County records also accuse Richardson, who has registered thousands of people to vote, of being disruptive and hiding “things from other poll workers on Election Day after another female worker reported she was intimidated by Richardson.” An investigation revealed that the perpetrator’s granddaughter, India Richardson, also voted twice in November.

All of this is fine with the activists of the Left who only care about observing laws and technicalities when they advance their cause.

Left-wing activists and think tanks such as the Brennan Center for Justice constantly churn out studies and reports financed by George Soros, purporting to prove that voter fraud is as unreal as the Loch Ness Monster. They claim that those on the Right want to crack down on voter fraud solely as a means of preventing the poor and minorities from voting.

Voter fraud is a figment of your paranoid conservative imagination, according to pseudo-journalist Brentin Mock of Colorlines, a racial-grievance website run by the radical Applied Research Center. “Voter fraud as a thing has been exposed by civil rights watchdogs and a wide range of journalists as pure conspiracy theory,” Mock writes.

Brennan Center lawyers Michael Waldman and Justin Levitt ridicule the idea that anyone would double-vote. “A person casting two votes risks jail time and a fine for minimal gain,” they said last year. “Proven voter fraud, statistically, happens about as often as death by lightning strike.”

“Well, lightning is suddenly all over Cincinnati, Ohio,” quips John Fund at National Review Online. “The Hamilton County Board of Elections is investigating 19 possible cases of alleged voter fraud that occurred when Ohio was a focal point of the 2012 presidential election. A total of 19 voters and nine witnesses are part of the probe.”

Some Americans believe they are entitled to vote more than once in order to exact revenge against a society they feel did them or their ancestors wrong. Some left-wingers say that election fraud is justifiable because in a sense it compensates the poor for having little political power.

Richardson is far from alone. Double-voting is distressingly common.

For example, in September Wendy Rosen dropped out as the Democratic candidate in the first congressional district in Maryland after it was revealed she double-voted in two elections. State Democratic officials admitted Rosen voted in both Florida and Maryland in the 2006 general election and in the primaries in 2008.

In 2011 a Tunica County, Miss., jury convicted local NAACP official Lessadolla Sowers on 10 counts of fraudulently casting absentee ballots. Sowers was sentenced to a five-year prison term.

Voter fraud, which left-wing activist groups encourage, has long been a problem in the U.S. It was rampant in the 2012 election.

It’s not hard to see why. According to one report, about 24 million voter registrations across the nation are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate, more than 1.8 million dead people are registered as voters, and 2.75 million Americans are registered to vote in more than one state.

Richardson is also active in an ACORN-like Cincinnati-based activist group called Communities United for Action.

The Obama administration has funneled taxpayer money to its friends at Communities United for Action. In 2010 the Environmental Protection Agency gave the group $25,000 to indoctrinate local children about “environmental justice.”

Communities United for Action is part of a larger Saul Alinsky-inspired organizing network called National People’s Action (NPA). NPA makes no bones about its desire to overthrow what remains of America’s free enterprise system.

Activists from the NPA network tried to silence presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan in the past election cycle, aggressively heckling the two during speeches.

Left-wing activists call this “accountability,” an Orwellian euphemism. Accountability, as they use the term, is not about transparency or good government. Following the lead of the so-called father of the New Left, Herbert Marcuse, who favored silencing non-leftists, accountability actions focus on harassing and intimidating political enemies, disrupting them and forcing them to waste their resources dealing with activists’ provocations.

The preeminent funder of the Left, George Soros, underwrites NPA’s agitation through one of his philanthropies, the Foundation to Promote Open Society ($300,000 since 2010). So does the Woods Fund of Chicago ($50,000 since 2009) on whose board Barack Obama and Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers served. Other institutional funders of NPA include the Arca Foundation ($421,240 since 2010), W.K. Kellogg Foundation ($150,000 since 2011), and Barbra Streisand Foundation ($10,000 since 2010).

Meanwhile, the Left is gearing up for a fight in Congress over voter registration and voting. Activists want the rules governing elections to be even more lax, thus making fraud easier.

In the State of the Union address last night, President Obama said Americans shouldn’t have to wait for hours in line to vote. Obama announced the creation of a non-partisan commission “to improve the voting experience in America.”

Obama said the body will be led by “two longtime experts in the field” who served as top attorneys for Mitt Romney’s campaign and his own campaign. The Republican lawyer is Ben Ginsberg; the Democrat, Bob Bauer.

Bauer is the bottom-feeding barrister who asked the Department of Justice in 2008 to prosecute Obama critics and fine television stations for daring to carry an ad about Obama’s close personal friendship with Bill Ayers. Bauer, Obama’s former White House Counsel, is married to Anita Dunn, the Mao-quoting former communications director in the Obama White House. Bauer has been instrumental in whitewashing Obama’s radical roots by filing lawsuits keeping a bewildering array of the president’s personal papers hidden away.

With Bauer serving on the new commission, at least cartoon characters and the dead will be well-represented.

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  • Rocco

    Thanks Mr.Vadum. Your articles are always well written and well researched. Keep up the great work!

  • Mary Sue

    Oh yes, Obama will improve the chances of voter fraud!

  • tanstaafl

    Any chance the "free" press will stop infringing on the Second Amendment and cover voter fraud?

    • Mary Sue

      Sun News Network sure would. Get em to get a reporter down there.


    Nothing will be done since it's a tsunami and the authorities are overwhelmed and just throw their hands up. Then there are Democrat Secretary's of State and Democrat County Clerk who are LAUGHING just like Obama, his media, and operatives who knew played dirty who are LAUGHING TOO!

    • lfreiberg

      NO MORE MR NICE GUY for us! CLOWARD PIVEN right back at 'em. I'm serious as a massive.

      • Mary Sue

        heh, is cloward piven any relation to francis fox piven?

        • tagalog

          Yes, Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven (husband and wife) developed a strategy in the 1960s in which they advocated for the overwhelming of the U.S. social services network by applicants qualifying for benefits, thereby (I think) causing the welfare system to fail, and then -evidently- all those disgruntled welfare lumpenproletarians would take up the gun and force the entrenched power structure to give them a guaranteed annual income.

          The truth is, assuming they could ever get together enough to revolt, just dropping them booze and drugs from helicopters woudl take the starch out of them.

          • tanstaafl

            You're forgetting the free phones!

          • Mary Sue

            Oh so that's how she got to be a stupid b****.

  • Asher

    This is where it happened…the Democrats knew just where to bring in more voters to make up for those people who dropped off the Obama praise wagon. Voter fraud, and many people on the right staying home caused the demise of America…Obviously when they are disarmed and put in concentration camps they will see the error of not removing a person who is detrimental to the government and to the people.

  • cxt

    Great article!

    I understand that the Left is largely not a reason/fact based belief system but I am getting very tired of them running around claiming voter fraud isn;t really a problem because "statistically is doesn;t happen very often."

    This is a false argument as "how often" it happens is utterly beside the point–and they either are not capable of grasping that fact or they are, on purpose, lying……..honestly not sure which would be worse. I hate being lied to but that would at least imply that they actually understand the situation. The former –might be even more scary.

    In any case, you don't lock the door on your house or your care based on the "statistical" probabilty of being robbed at that specific location—you do so becuase its it prudent to reduce the POSSIBILITY of theft.

    Elections have consequences and we should be treating voting with like seriousness.

  • LibertarianToo

    As more and more evidence comes out, we will see what a waste it has been for Republicans to spend so much time wringing their hands over how they can appeal to Hispanics, women, youth, etc., etc. They should be using their resources locating fraud and taking appropriate legal action. Obama was NOT re-elected. He did not win in any location where definite ID is required. There was massive fraud –ignored by the media, ignored by the GOP. Even Allen West had to give up for lack of resources -when all pre-voting day polls had him way ahead. It doesn't matter how good the candidate is, how good the message is, how important stopping the opposition is, if you just lie down and accept the fraud.

  • Chayah Masters

    I am a filmmaker trying to raise the funds necessary to do an investigative documentary into voter fraud that is "Non-partisan" and based solely on evidence and factual accounts of voter fraud. I would really appreciate your support by donating at least $1 or more towards the film's budget and then asking your friends and family to donate by sharing the crowd funding site with them at
    The director of the film is an award-winning director who does work for The History Channel, Discovery, Disney, etc. Our goal is to make this film by the end of the year and give it to lawmakers across the country, including Obama's soon to be created "non-partisan voting commission to improve American voters experience" per his statement in the State of the Union last night. Any help you offer towards the creation of this documentary is so appreciated. Thank you.

    • Tabby

      PLEASE be sure to cover George Soros co-owning SKYTL which counts many of our votes (located in Spain), as well as those easily hacked voting machines maintained by SEIU (there's videos on you tube showing how simple they are to hack)..> To overlook those would be a mistake… If you do that, I'd be happy to donate to the project. :)

  • Viet Vet

    The left has facilitated their voter fraud through such gimmicks as 'Motor Voter', 'The Provisionary Ballot' and fighting tooth and nail against 'Voter ID'. Take 'the provisionary ballot': it allows people to vote in any precinct, they can't be turned down. So they can vote any number of times on election day, plus absentee. We know that union thugs and other democrap operatives bus these people around to the various precincts. Then it is supposed to come down the conscientiousness of the poll workers to sort it all out. Since it is the purpose of the left to use these vehicles to subvert elections, that is not going to happen where democraps are concerned, it would be a near impossile task to accomplish in the higher populated centers even with democrap cooperation.

  • Viet Vet

    This is why the democraps thought they should have won Florida in 2000. Unfortunately for them, many of the illegals and derelicts they bused to the various polls, paying them with cigarettes, drugs, money, etc., couldn't speak or read english sufficiently good enough to figure out the ballot. Many were seeing a ballot, and voting place for the first time in their lives. Thus the marked and dimpled chads, hanging chads, voting for Pat Buchanan, etc.

    This piece reminds me of Obummer's admonishment to the black community, the day before the election: "Vote Revenge". Moochelle's last words to a crowd in Iowa: "Don't let anyone push you out of line." How easily they are manipulated, ignorance is a freedom sucking thing. The Obummers would make the perfect head of state leaders for a leftwing banana republic.

  • JacksonPearson

    How about a proposed mandatory, no exceptions, ten year prison sentence for voter fraud? Anyone?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I could agree with that if you throw in hard labor……………….William

      • JacksonPearson

        Hmm, have prisoners make Pelosi, Harry Reid etc, voodoo, "Pin-Dolls" to stick.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Jail cells waiting for Pelosi and Reid also, inmate material, sticking "Pin-Dolls",
          they would sell, I want two………………….William

          • JacksonPearson

            LOL, your order's noted and on backorder… :o)

      • tagalog

        Take a closer look at the 13th Amendment; in the case of duly convicted criminals, they can be made slaves. We don't even have to pay them for their hard labor.

        The entire text of the 13th Amendment: "Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

        Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation."

        Bring back Parchman Farm, only proportionally split between blacks and whites.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Something to hope for , maybe to live for……………….jail all corrupt politicians.

  • tagalog

    If there was no intent to defraud, what WAS her intent when she consciously and knowingly decided to vote twice? I bet she meets the criminal definition of "intent." Anybody wanna bet $20?

    And isn't her admission a good argument for voter ID?

    The definition of civil fraud:

    1. an intentional misrepresentation;
    2. of a material fact;
    3. made with the intention that the misrepresentation be relied on;
    4. reasonably relied on by the person to whom the misrepresentation is made;
    5. to the loss of the innocent person.

    Voter fraud consists of wrongfully influencing the results of an election, and its elements vary from state to state.

    Wikipedia has an interesting comment on voter fraud. They say: "In national elections, successful electoral fraud can have the effect of a coup d'état or corruption of democracy. In a narrow election a small amount of fraud may be enough to change the result. Even if the outcome is not affected, fraud can still have a damaging effect if not punished, as it can reduce voters' confidence in democracy. Even the perception of fraud can be damaging as it makes people less inclined to accept election results. This can lead to the breakdown of democracy and the establishment of a dictatorship."

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Oh my! "establishment of a dictatorship." now isn't that a coincidence so many people calling
      Barak Benghazi Obama a dictator, must be something to it, must be……………..William

      • tagalog

        Personally, I call Barack Obama a monarchist.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Amongst other things……………………….William

          • tagalog

            If he hasn't long since given himself away, his statements about how if Congress doesn't pass the laws he wants, Obama will do it are very revealing.

            "Apres nous, le deluge."

          • WilliamJamesWard

            A descendant of Madame Pompadour, figures………….William

          • tagalog

            In his case, it would be more like Mister Conk-Job..

      • tanstaafl

        He is our Dear Leader, the Obamahdi, the Crown Prince of Chicago, His Highness of Honolulu.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Surely worthy of a vote from every finger on every subservient hand, never to
          be washed and never were……………………..William

          • tagalog

            Tug your forelock when you say that, pardner.

        • Mary Sue

          and the Sultan of Jakarta!

  • mzaz

    The whole election was a joke. CBS announced one week prior to the election won. What does that tell you??? It tells me they knew the election was already rigged.

  • Jim

    Talk about rigged? I remember Tip O'Neal laughing and bragging about the 1960 Illinois election.
    "We waited until the down state results were in . Then we counted out enough Chicago votes to beat NIxon".

    There aren't enough pole watchers in hostile precincts .

    The leftist's non sense propaganda against voter ID indicates that they must think Photo IDs would be very effective against voter fraud.

    • Mary Sue

      Oh yeah, chicago, 1960, where the Dead rose again and voted Democrat!

  • BLJ

    What this country needs is a real revolution where the Left and all it's criminal supporters are toppled from power. This is our country not their's. Anyone who does not believe Team Obama stole the election needs to have their head examined.

  • Barakus abomidas

    I only enforce the laws that i like. Therfore i believe in lawlessness. B.H.O.

  • Willy Rho

    Evil does not recognize that it is evil. So kill it.

  • obama guy

    Okay, the secret is out. I cast eight votes for Obama, but I lost count.

    • BLJ

      Math or reading has never been a strong suit for you losers.

    • Mary Sue

      very funny, ha ha ha. :p

  • cathy

    What motivated Allen West to suddenly concede to Patrick Murphy … concede without following through … concede without taking the opportunity to expose aspects widespread election fraud not confined to Lucie County? Without a reasonable explanation forthcoming many who unwaveringly supported the candidate who appeared to be the real McCoy were left with the feeling of utter betrayal … were left with the assumption that something hinky may have taken place behind the scenes and … were left with the impression that something hinky also motivated Mitt Romney as well as defeated Rupublicans in other districts not to challenge with campaign funds the suspicious voting outcomes that allowed Barack Obama to emerge the victor.

  • cathy

    True the Vote Sues St. Lucie County, FL Over ‘Botched’ Allen West Contest
    3 Feb 2013

    Two hours after the deadline, St. Lucie County election officials approached the West and Murray campaigns, asking them to share their independent retabulation figures for comparison purposes. Both campaigns declined. As the two candidates and St. Lucie County could not render a vote total, election administrators certified the flawed count from November 10–the same count that Gertrude Walker publicly doubted.

    • cathy

      Allen West

      Maybe some of the remaining $1.5 million campaign funds could be used to underwrite the "True the Vote" lawsuit.


      True the Vote Sues to Audit the Allen West Recount

  • cathy

    Allen West Concedes Defeat Despite Options Still Available
    Wednesday, 21 November 2012

    The Allen West for Congress campaign issued a press release on Nov 20 conceding defeat. A post-election audit in this contest could have national implications if it uncovers significant illegal voting by ineligible voters, whether that be because they are non-citizens, non-existent people, or people registered multiple times. It would likely lead to similar post-election audits across the nation. Conversely, if there was only minimal illegal voting in this contest, the public has a right to verify that as well. Allen West’s decision to concede the election without a post-election audit to check for potential illegal voting may be one of the top 10 political blunders of 2012. The people who dug deep into their pockets to donate the $17 million to his campaign deserve better.

  • cathy


    Voter Fraud in Florida Analyzed by Allen West – Sean Hannity – 11-12-12

  • cathy

    Ex-Rep. West uses campaign funds for self-named foundation
    Thursday, January 24, 2013

    Allen West, the outspoken former Republican lawmaker, was always a prodigious fundraiser, drawing money from far outside his Florida district. He had $1.5 million in the bank even after mounting an unsuccessful recount challenge to his November 2102 loss at the polls. Now, he’s transferred a half-million dollars in donated campaign funds to two charity groups: the Allen West Foundation and another entity sharing the new foundation’s post office box address.

  • cathy

    Allen West

    There are so may unanswered questions regarding your premature concession when you had options … options that may have revealed the voter fraud not only in Lucia County but also in other districts. Then there is the $1.5 Million in remaining campaign funds. Those who upheld you financially, prayerfully and otherwise deserve transparency.

    Sincerely, Cathy

  • Tabby

    THIS is why criminals are running our country. Criminals get them their positions in government. They take care of their own.

    • Mary Sue

      and when they're from Chicago they straight up come from the gangs and gang lords.

  • pinnie





  • Gabrielle

    I have tried to get people to care, my friends, my family, my co-workers but to no avail. When i bring up the subject, those who respond generally say, "oh they are all the same, who cares?" Or worse they tell me that the "right guy won, so it's all good."

    I really have no hope, and can only be consoled by coming to forums such as this one where at least the problem is addressed. In my opinion the media is the biggest enemy that we have. Without their constant deflection from the truth Obama and all of the other sleaze, Democrats and Republicans would not exist.

    I next blame our population who is so easily distracted and have decided that morality is now longer a virtue.

  • Jim_C

    Surely, someone on the Right knows investigators or attorneys or politicians who can take this issue beyond anecdote and rumor and bring this voter fraud to light and press charges? Why, if this were true, this would be a huge blow to the Leftist Machine! If there are facts to back up these allegations of a "stolen election," it really would be a game changer–therefore, it's a no-brainer that influential and powerful people with intelligence and resources at their disposal will take this out of the dingbat-o-sphere and into the light of day! Right?

    Anyone? Anyone?

  • Richard

    The reason the Acorn registration workers registered cartoon characters and dead people and celebrities was that either scammers were going to show up at the polls and vote under those names or the polling place supervisor, after the polls closed, was going to cast ballots for Democrats under any names that hadn't shown up to vote. This latter scam was what occurred in the St. Lucie Florida district which resulted in Allen West's defeat. This same tactic was also employed in solid black districts of Cleveland and Philadelphia where 100% of votes cast were for Obama. Some district supervisors made mistakes though and cast too many scam votes. That is how they ended up with 145% of the eligible votes cast in one Cleveland district and 106% in a few other Ohio districts.

    • Richard

      94% black voter turnout is so outlandish that it is obvious on its face that massive voter fraud was perpetrated in black districts.

  • Richard

    This explains why The Democrats aggressively register voters in black districts. It facilitates their voter fraud schemes. In a lot of black districts it's likely that Republicans can't even get a poll watcher to show up on election day. Of course early voting is just a voter fraud scammer's free ticket as are absentee ballots. With early voting the Democrat scammers just load up buses full of people and drive around from polling station to polling station voting dozens of times under the false registrations.

  • Richard

    Republicans need to take aggressive broadscale action to remedy the massive voter fraud that occurred in the last two presidential elections. If they don't act on this they don't stand a chance of winning any future elections. The Democrats got away with it so easily in 2008 that they were brazen and careless about it in 2012.