Lying to Save Their Skins

Obama-Rose-Garden-ObamacareBeset by criticism from all sides for its bungled healthcare exchange rollout, the Obama administration expects to weather the growing storm by lying, rationalizing, and running out the clock.

Mendacity, stalling, and stonewalling have worked well as part of a public relations strategy for the Obama administration over its first five years, so there is no point in changing a winning formula now. Besides, extravagant healthcare subsidies begin to kick in next year, and all that free money floating around is bound to calm irate consumers.

America’s first Marxist president has been able to get away with wrongdoing by lying to an incurious, docile media, which he knows has little interest in conducting good faith investigations of the Benghazi saga, Fast and Furious, multiple IRS abuses, and various other administration-wide scandals that have become too numerous to count. Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, is no different.

Even now, in the face of overwhelming evidence that the president has lied to the public with his oft-stated promise that “if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period … If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period,” and slight variations thereof, the media refuses to call Obama’s deliberate misrepresentations lies.

Democrat hack Ezekiel Emanuel, who was part of the team that designed Obamacare, blames insurance companies.

People aren’t being dropped from their health plans because of Obamacare. Instead, he says it’s all the insurers’ fault.

“If an insurance company decides its changing how it’s going to structure its plan, that’s not the law doing it,” Emanuel said. “That’s the insurance company deciding for business reasons.”

Insurance companies hate the individual market so they’re trying to destroy it, he said.

“The insurance companies don’t like — the insurance companies don’t like the individual market as it’s constructed,” said Emanuel, sounding like a paranoid schizophrenic off his meds. “They see the future. That individual market is going away. They don’t want to invest in it.”

Taking his lead from admitted communist Van Jones, Benjamin Bell of ABC News wrote a news story in which he characterized Obama as “reversing course on his now famous promise that those Americans who like their plans could keep them if them if they wished under Obamacare.”

Reversing course? The president is even now saying people can keep their health insurance plans. Obama’s been moving full speed ahead — damn the proverbial torpedoes.

President Obama and Democratic politicians are already blaming insurance companies, instead of the true culprit, anti-market government policies, for the recent nationwide tsunami of Obamacare-related insurance policy cancellations.

Obama demonizes insurance companies that provide affordable health care insurance as “bad-apple insurers” that “had free rein every single year to limit the care that you received, or use minor preexisting conditions to jack up your premiums or bill you into bankruptcy.” He vilified insurers further by calling affordable plans that pre-date the misnamed, mandate-heavy Affordable Care Act “substandard plans” and “junk.”

Obama surrogates in the media also do his dirty work.

Left-wing commentator Rick Ungar lectured a woman on “Hannity,” chastising her for her choice of healthcare plans. On the TV show 29-year-old Natalie Willis told how she lost a health insurance plan in the individual marketplace that she liked, despite the president’s promise that she could keep it. She will have to pay more money for the same amount of coverage under a new plan.

The patronizing Ungar scolded the young woman as if he thought she was too dumb to know what was in her plan.

“I would like to sit down with Natalie and get on the exchange,” Ungar said. “You know what else Natalie didn’t mention? You can buy a policy off the exchange, have you checked that out?”

“You don’t know,” Ungar continued. “Let me make the point. If you go to buy a car and you don’t pick up the hood, right? You buy the car and then you get in the car and it doesn’t start. You know why? There was no engine under the hood and you didn’t know it.”

As Katie Pavlich observes

“Ungar argues Willis simply didn’t know what was in her plan and implied she hadn’t done the proper research to realize she had subpar insurance in the first place. Further, he argued healthcare plans on the Obamacare exchanges would provide better coverage at a better price, which isn’t true.”

Telling disgruntled consumers that it’s their own fault they’re losing health insurance isn’t what most people would consider a winning strategy, but it’s one of the few options Democrats have left.

On this past Sunday’s edition of “This Week,” former green jobs czar and 9/11 truther Van Jones mock-scolded the president, saying he would “pay a price,” for reversing course on his promise that Americans would be able to keep their healthcare plans despite all the mandates and restrictions of Obamacare.

“And he overpromised. And he will, listen, he will pay a price. ‘Mission accomplished,’ you pay a price. ‘No new taxes,’ you pay a price. ‘You keep your plan,’ you pay a price,” Jones said.

Except that Obama didn’t merely overpromise on Obamacare. He attached no caveats whatsoever to his promise that satisfied consumers would be able to keep their health insurance plans. It was this sweeping promise made over and over again at campaign rallies across America that helped to sell Obamacare to the public and win Obama reelection last year.

On TV, Jones lapsed into incoherence, babbling that the Obama administration tried to achieve too much with the launch of the barely functional website.

“First of all, they tried to do too much on this website, you could just have the website where you allow people to shop and then they could just call in, I mean, they tried to do too much and I think part of it was because it was a central thing they did, they tried to do too much,” he said. In the age of Netflix and Amazon, taking an order for a service doesn’t sound like too tall an order.

The Marie-Antoinettes on the editorial board of the money-losing New York Times now say at worst Obama is guilty of slips of the tongue.

“Mr. Obama clearly misspoke when he said that” consumers would be able to keep their plans, said the pontificators at the soon-to-be-defunct agenda-setting media outlet.

And congressional Republicans are the real bad guys, according to the paper, because they have needlessly “stoked consumer fears and confusion with charges that the health care reform law is causing insurers to cancel existing policies and will force many people to pay substantially higher premiums next year for coverage they don’t want.”

Now that that’s all cleared up, recall that Forbes magazine revealed last week that the Obama administration has known for three years that as many as 93 million Americans will be forced out of their employer-sponsored health insurance plans when the employer mandate is enforced in 2015.

In other words, President Obama has been lying to Americans for at least three years, reassuring them that they would be able to keep their current healthcare plans, but knowing they wouldn’t.

But now a new analysis says the 93 million estimate is too low, and that at least 129 million Americans will lose coverage if Obamacare is fully implemented.

More than two thirds of Americans with private health insurance can expect to be booted from their plans, says economist Christopher Conover, a research scholar at the Center for Health Policy & Inequalities Research at Duke University and an adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

“Bottom line: of the 189 million Americans with private health insurance coverage, I estimate that if Obamacare is fully implemented, at least 129 million (68 percent) will not be able to keep their previous health care plan either because they already have lost or will lose that coverage by the end of 2014,” he told the Daily Caller.

Obama must have known this while he flogged his health care bill by promising Americans they could keep their health insurance if they liked it.

“If President Obama himself believed this the first time he said it, he was poorly advised,” Conover said.

“The problem is that he said it at least 24 times, most of which occurred after his own rule-writers had estimated that 49-80 percent of small employer plans would have lost their grandfather status by 2013, along with 34-64 percent of large employer plans. The same rule estimated that each year 40 to 67 percent of non-group plans not already grandfathered would lose their grandfather status. Given how extensively presidential statements — especially to a joint session of Congress — are vetted and fact-checked, it is pretty inconceivable that President Obama was not aware that he was engaged in some degree of truth-twisting.”

Lying has served Barack Hussein Obama well in his career.

Why stop now?


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  • Los Robles

    The Charlatan continues his charade but some of the lemmings are beginning to see the light. Anybody who studied this clown prior to 2008 knew he was nothing more than a liberal activist. They are a self serving lot. They knew that targeting the lower educated adults and non experienced young academics would result in easy manipulation through what they do best, telling lies. Look at Pelosi’s California. Hey she sure had done a great job of helping to bring that state to it’s knees. If people are upset with the AHCA train wreck, they’ll love what the IRS has in store.

    • ata777

      by the time the lemmings see the light, the MSM will have successfully convinced them Republicans are to blame for the debacle

      • Sheik Yerbouti


  • tagalog

    “The insurance companies don’t like…the individual market as it’s constructed,” said Emanuel, sounding like a paranoid schizophrenic off his meds. “They see the future. That individual market is going away. They don’t want to invest in it.”
    If what Emanuel says is true, how come Wall Street is doing fine and has been doing fine for at least the past year if not longer?

    • D R Allen

      Because they have been borrowing money at a Federal Funds rate of %0.25, and charging 17-24% interest to the retail customers. If the FFR were to return to the 8.75% of the Reagan admin (or even the 3% which fuelled the Clinton “economic boom”), Wall Street would crash and burn just as it did in 1929!

      • tagalog

        Do you think there’s any likelihood that the feds under any political side would stop doing that without a general rise in interest rates?

        • D R Allen

          Sorry, w/out knowing to which “interest rates” you are referring, I can’t really respond to your query.

          It IS of note that one of the side-effects of a near-zero FFR is that there is NO incentive for people to maintain interest-paying savings accounts. The reason that they exist in the first place is to allow a bank to “borrow” money from its savings account holders at a lower interest rate than the Fed might charge. But in order to benefit the saver, that interest rate has to be greater than the rate of inflation, otherwise the saver is LOSING net worth.

          One thing that has happened (as a result of a LOT of currency manipulation) is that just since 1980, the US$ (and any currency linked to it) has lost ~97% of its value (not to mention the value of any savings accounts).

  • Elliott Alhadeff

    With someone who won’t disclose his academic records, spends most of his time watching sports and sit-coms, has done very little, if anything right, has never managed anything more than his own time, you can believe this dummy knew nothing about anything he’s been criticized for – most importantly, something as complex as the ACA. He did what he was told as he has done with everything else his administration has botched up. “What difference does it make…” is the operational guideline for Democrats and their media sycophants because nothing they do has resulted in any accountability. “Suck it up…” should be the guideline of conservatives in this “new” American normal.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Yes, Obama enacts policies concocted by his cabinet and agency heads because he is much too stupid to devise, implement or manage any of them personally, but don’t kid yourself. He has final say on everything and he is completely responsible for every destructive policy enacted.

      • Elliott Alhadeff

        Obama is totally dependent on his advisors. If he ever put the blame on any of them, he knows how they would react to expose his incompetence. Notice, he doesn’t assume the blame, nor does he or anyone else identify who is responsible. It’s a circle, everyone facing each other, holding a loaded gun and waiting for the first shot to be fired.

  • Paul Marks

    Sadly the voters in Virginia look as if they are going to vote for Obamacare today – and they are such “low information voters” that they do not even know they are doing it.

  • Robert Lande

    What do you expect when you have politicians trying to design and oversee implementation of a website. My concern is that we have politicians (amateurs) in charge of the State Department, and Department of Defense. What did Hillary know about foreign policy? For that matter, what does Obama know? And, Fast Boat Kerry is a fraud. Look at what they’ve done to our foreign policy- our friends don’t trust us and our enemies don’t respect us. What more damage are they going to do?

  • Clare Spark

    We should look at the very coherent liberal agenda, notwithstanding its incoherent base. They are masters at psychological operations. See “What do liberals want?” They want above all to maintain class position and property, but are willing to sacrifice some of their property to appease the red specter.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    My biggest concern is why is the American people accepting this crap? Obama obviously doesn’t care about a government run healthcare system. All he cares about is imposing Marxism on America so America can get its due. Nevertheless, he repeatedly lied over and over again when he sold us this crap. Thus, since what he is delivering isn’t anywhere near what he promised it would be, then why are Americans dumb enough to accept this crap? It’s time for the American people to rise up and get rid of this Marxist monster before its too late. We don’t have to accept his crap. This is America, not Venezuela, and we can’t wait on the spineless Republicans to cave in to him again. The people must rise up in protest and outrage around the country and oust this unhinged Marxist moonbat!

    • Bert

      It is not easy for Americans “to rise up”. The Democrats, most of the media and the GOP leadership is mostly on Obama’s side. It is only the Tea Party that is firm on this issue. Most Americans are too passive. too uninformed and too unorganized to “rise up”.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        That’s about as passive a surrender attitude as there is. You must be one off those spineless establishment Republican financial supporters. The Egyptians can rise up, but we Americans can’t. Give me a freaking break! Especially when the future of our country and indeed our own personal lives is at stake. Yeah right.

    • Spyderman

      Just how do you expect us to “rise up” when both California senators, for instance, are died-in-the-wool Democrats (Feinstein and Boxer). Just who is there to represent conservatives? Besides, the Republicans have caved in in the Senate and the media is so liberal that they won’t say a word. No, there will be no outcry because there is no one to listen……not even the Supreme Court.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Just who is there to represent conservatives?

        You and every American in America that cares about maintaining liberty and freedom! I’m calling for street protest across America to protest the hijacking and co-opting of our government by radical Marxist. I’m not calling for the spineless Republicans to do anything but observe our street protest. Indeed, we invented social media and we already have the Tea Party. Thus, while we organize to protest, you can sit idle with the spineless Republicans and watch us reclaim our government back. Heck…the Egyptians have a stronger spine that some of you spineless Republicans do.

        • kikorikid

          “you spineless Republicans” ?????????????
          Sort of a HATE Diatribe isn’t it.
          If Republicans ever do go to the streets they
          won’t be lead by the likes of you.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            You got that right because unlike Republicans, which have morphed into the second-coming of the Dhimmicrat Party, I have a spine. Yeah…I hate the Republican Party worse than the Dhimmicrat Party, because the feckless Republicans have betrayed me and every other true conservative.

    • impact1

      We did…it’s all the Tea Party his done. But no one wanted to stand with them. They were discredited and mocked…even called ‘racist’ ….even accused of wanting to throw grandma off a cliff…The Tea Party was right…even if you still don’t likethem…the are right…

      • ObamaYoMoma

        You are on the verge of losing your freedom and the liberty to live your life freely how you see fit to as opposed to how the state mandates that you will, and all you can talk about is how we are already defeated. Indeed, people like you and your ilk deserve to be subjugated in a Marxist prison or an Islamic totalitarian hellhole, because like the Republicans of today, you lack a spine. Plus you are already compliant with their numerous rules and regulations governing how you will live your life.

        • Elliott Alhadeff

          “I feel your pain.” Conservatives are as dumb as the dumbest elected official. The ACLU, LaRaza, atheists, gay-lesbians, environmentalists and other ant-American, free-marketeers have learned the impotence of democratic “solutions,” and use the judiciary as their tool-of-choice. Notice, they get the result they want by finding a single judge corrupt enough to rule on their side. Conservative legal organizations are meaningless since they fear taking on the big issue and go after single-digit plaintiffs or defendants. Stupid is as stupid does – and continues to do.

        • IMPACT1

          I said nothing about being ‘defeated’…You say: “My biggest concern is why is the American people accepting this crap?” I say: The Tea Party has “BEEN” fighting back…My point is had more of the American People stood with the Tea Party instead of being ‘haters’, not to mention ‘greedy’ perhaps we would not be this deep into this craphole of OfraudCare… IT may have been defeated before it could be implemented….And, there are still sheeples covering for the OFraud… And this Liberal Progressive Marxist Scam on America…Many Americans are apparently just “waking up” to Reality. This is the biggest invasion into the Privacy and of the Freedoms of the American People…I was ‘dragged’ into this kicking and screaming against my God given ‘will’…

    • hktony

      It isn’t just americans who accept this. I recently had a discussion about obama and a British friend who knows squat about US politics but claims Obuma if fine it is Ameica which is corrupt. People in eduaction just love this guy and he can do no wrong in their eyes.

    • Samo

      Ever have an argument with someone and they won’t give in even when they’re presented with every conclusive fact that proves them wrong?
      I think that explains why some still support this lunatic.

  • Spyderman

    My wife just informed me that our insurance deductible with Kaiser had just doubled. I anticipate that our premiums will follow suit. Didn’t our liar President state that the average family would see an average decrease of $2,500 per year in premiums?

  • Chris Shugart

    This has turned into the Argument Clinic routine from Monty Python. Every question and accusation is simply met with “No I didn’t” If only Obama were as funny as John Cleese.

  • gritosdelcongo

    When a sizeable majority realize they are paying more and getting less they will begin to listen to the critics of AFA, the lies that lead to it’s creation and the lies leading to the presidential victory in 2012. The 2014 elections could turn out to be a watershed for the Democratic party for this reason.
    Many people like in principle the idea of policies that cannot be cancelled and protection for those with pre-existing conditions until they see the what they have to pay to provide it. So the overriding concern of the younger majority will be the cost of coverage month to month. Since the law increases substantially these costs and does nothing to address runaway medical inflation these pressures will only increase. In the long term the lack of money will doom the ACA in the short term many greenbacks will be burned up in the ACA implementation and the economy will suffer even more.

  • Samo

    Is Obama a disgusting human being?
    In my world view he is the lowest of the low.
    Will there be a TV show about him called Scams and Frauds?
    He makes me sick to my stomach.
    He steals from old people, he steals from young people and he steals from children’s futures so that he can be a big man.
    What a big important man he is.

  • edlancey

    He needs a distraction. If I was at the top of the Drone list I’d be sweating like an Imam in a paddling pool.



  • Dallas25305

    How is ObozoCare working for you folks? The lying, racist Barak Hussein
    Obama and his Unafordable Health Act? It was never about giving you
    better health care. It was about taking you health care away and
    replacing it with CRAP. If your a middle class American your health
    Care cost will rise big time, so will your deductible and you will get
    poorer care. Any older person who previously had great care from his
    company will find he is facing Obama’s death panels now. Many older
    white people living near cities like Detroit, Phillie or Chicago will
    find themselves sent to Doctors in the hood. A place were they will have
    to run the gauntlet of racist black power gangs looking for victims.
    However take note that you will be paying higher costs to pay for the
    racist gangs and drug dealers in the hood. This is what the racist
    Chairman Hussein planned in the first place. Good luck with getting
    good service if you are considered an enemy of the Peoples Liberal
    Socialist Democrap party or Obama. Obozo’s KGB, which used to be the
    IRS will see to that. Obama has already shown that with his racist IRS
    attack on the Tea Party.

  • Phil Ossiferz Stone

    What’s sick — and sick-making — is that over half of our country is (a) too apathetic to pay attention, or (b) too deeply invested in their narrative to admit mere fact to interrupt it. The failure of Obamacare will be successfully blamed on the machinery of Big Government as a whole, not saintly Chocolate Nixon or the friendly we-want-to-give-you-free-stuff Democratic Party. Watch. The whole concept of checks and balances is about to take a big hit, so that those obstructionist Rethuglicans and anti-social Teabaggers can’t hold up Good Government any more. Watch for that, too.

    We live in an age of deliberately-induced ideological unreason. And it’s not incompetence to blame, for once. It’s malice.

  • edgineer

    Did you know that in 1983 the US Communist Party (CPUSA) announced it was joining the Democratic Party and would thenceforth run it’s candidates as Democrats?

  • 11bravo

    I wish the article had something NEW to add to what we already know. Why bother commenting “again”. I hate O-care and always will I have said it enough.
    Go dig up some dirt FP, and get back to us.

  • ratonis

    Barack Obama, he da man!
    Gonna giv yu de helthcare plan.
    But fo yu de time go tik and toc,
    Befo yu gwan to lose yo doc.
    Da leeder, man, he goin to sell
    Da plan to take us all to hell.
    But ol’Barack, he gwan to gloat
    So long as he dun git de vote.
    We citizens all of us de suckers
    Our lives no ruled by mutha . . .

  • WW4

    Clare Spark, above, makes THE salient point: the liberals have a “coherent agenda.” Conservatives don’t. That’s all you need to know. Technical difficulties, inconsistencies, all that stuff is relatively petty.

    Obamacare is a huge opportunity come election time. But if all you have is “it sucks,” you ain’t getting anywhere. Why? Because it comes down to this: the Democrats tried to “fix” a set of “problems” that were on the minds of a lot of people–access to, and affordability of health care.

    Now–whether or not they did “fix” anything is easily debatable. But what can the GOP say it has done, besides try to get in the way and fail? Several of its major entries into health care reform resemble facets of the ACA very, very closely. Merely pointing to certain symptoms (tort reform for example) “do not have the power to move men” (right though they may be).

    So getting rid of Obamacare doesn’t mean just pointing out its flaws. Flaws are a given. It means having something better with which to replace it.

  • William James Ward

    A Marxist does as a Marxist is…………….William