manhuntDramatic events are unfolding in Boston. As of 8am EDT, an MIT police officer has been killed by the suspects on Cambridge campus. One Boston Marathon bombing suspect is dead and another is on the run. Reports indicate that the bombers, who turn out to be brothers, are from Chechnya. We will keep you posted as the breaking news comes in.

One Boston Marathon bombing suspect is dead, while the other one is on the run. The search for these terrorists was significantly helped by bombing victim Jeff Bauman, whose legs were traumatically amputated below the knee by the blast. He  looked into the eyes of one of the suspects at the finish line two and a half minutes before the explosion — his brother, Chris Bauman, told reporters. “He woke up under so much drugs, asked for a paper and pen and wrote, ‘bag, saw the guy, looked right at me,” Chris Bauman said. “I’ve had many times alone with him, and yes, he told me every single detail.”

From intensive care, Jeff Bauman gave a physical description to the FBI which enabled investigators to narrow their search as they reviewed hours of surveillance video from around the scene of the explosions Monday.

Investigators determined that one bomb was housed in a pressure cooker concealed in a backpack. The second bomb, also hidden in a backpack, was housed in a metal container but it is not yet clear if the container was a pressure cooker.

Unreleased video footage reportedly shows that the two suspects remained at the scene to watch the explosions.

“When the bombs blow up, when most people are running away and victims were lying on the ground, the two suspects walk away pretty casually,” according to an unnamed federal law enforcement official. “They acted differently than everyone else.”

While a massive manhunt is underway for the remaining suspect, and we wait for the news reports to come in, we take a moment to reflect on the intense and controversial politics that have surrounded the bombing:

There has been a veritable orgy of contradictory media reports about Saudi visa student Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi (or al-Harbi) who was hospitalized after being injured in the blast on Monday. Investigators reportedly seized bags of Alharbi’s possessions from his Boston area apartment. The young man has been reported variously to be a “suspect,” “person of interest,” and “witness” regarding the events in Boston.

Some left-wing pundits such as Gawker’s Cord Jefferson and Esquire‘s Charles P. Pierce have popped champagne corks, claiming that Alharbi’s downgrade to witness status constituted a complete exoneration. But it would be worthwhile to note that there is a prominent Alharbi clan in Saudi Arabia. Many individuals with the surname Alharbi are active in al-Qaeda, Aaron Klein of reports. Citing confidential sources, terrorism expert Steven Emerson told Fox News Channel Wednesday that Alharbi was going to be deported from the U.S. soon on national security grounds.

At a congressional hearing yesterday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano denied Alharbi was in the process of being deported. “If I might, I am unaware of anyone who is being deported for national security concerns at all related to Boston,” Napolitano said responding to Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.).

Duncan followed up by asking if it would constitute “negligence” to deport someone who just days earlier was a person of interest to investigators.

“I’m not going to answer that question,” Napolitano said. “That question is so full with misstatements and misapprehensions that it is not worthy of an answer … there’s been so much reported on this that’s been wrong I can’t even begin to tell you, congressman.”

The Obama administration isn’t exactly known for forthrightness and transparency, so we will have to wait and see how the story on Alharbi emerges.

Radical leftist author David Sirota, meanwhile, was praying that a Caucasian American would be found to have perpetrated the bombing. He wrote a oped titled “Let’s Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a White American,” that featured a graphic juxtaposing Timothy McVeigh with Osama bin Laden. Sirota’s column is a tedious mess of postmodernist nonsense and politically correct buzzwords as he blathers on about “white male privilege” and how it would work to prevent justice from being done if the perpetrator turned out to be a white male.

Sirota argues that the Global War on Terror is racist and if a Muslim is implicated in the Boston attack, Muslims will be unfairly targeted as a group.

If the bomber ends up being “a Muslim and/or a foreigner from the developing world,” America may cite them “as both proof that entire demographic groups must be targeted, and that therefore a more systemic response is warranted.” This could encourage conservatives “to block immigration reform[,] defense spending cuts[,] and the Afghan War withdrawal and to further expand surveillance and other encroachments on civil liberties.”

Sirota even refers to an infamous report from Obama’s Department of Homeland Security that demonizes conservatives, libertarians, Tea Party supporters, and veterans, by labeling them potential terrorists based on, well, nothing. That report relied on research from the kooky, extreme-left Southern Poverty Law Center.

Although it may be fair to say that domestic, non-Islamist terrorism is generally carried out in the U.S. by Caucasians, it is usually committed by left-wingers such as anarchists, neo-communists, animal rights activists, Occupy Wall Street supporters, and eco-terrorists. Although anti-abortion terrorism might be classified as right-wing, it is relatively rare, as is terrorism aimed at advancing conservative or free-market goals. (As noted in a previous article, Timothy McVeigh, a bogeyman frequently raised in discussions of domestic terrorism, was not a right-winger.)

As Sirota was hit with a tsunami of criticism online, the leftist mocked conservatives for even caring about those killed and injured in Boston. “Bizarre to hear right-wingers who constantly berate/insult Massachusetts suddenly pretend they care about people in Boston,” he tweeted yesterday evening.

Sirota previously held a number of senior positions on Capitol Hill, including as press secretary for then-Congressman Dave Obey of Wisconsin, the senior Democrat at the time on the House Appropriations Committee.

Meanwhile, in the days following the bombing, officials in Washington, D.C., intercepted envelopes that tested positive for the super-lethal toxin ricin. Ricin was used in 1978 to assassinate Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov.

The intercepted ricin-laced letters were addressed to President Obama, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), and Sadie Holland, a judge in Lee County, Miss. Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) also received a suspicious envelope but at press time it was not yet known if it is contained ricin.

Paul Kevin Curtis, an Elvis impersonator from Corinth, Miss., was taken into custody and charged with sending a threat to the president. On his Facebook page Curtis’s profile photo showed him giving the thumbs-up sign with one hand in front of a bumper sticker that reads “Christian and a Democrat.” Let’s see how much media coverage Curtis gets now that we know he’s a left-winger.

All the while, an armed and dangerous suspect is on the loose — as a massive manhunt is underway and Boston has been shut down.

To be continued…

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    • Chezwick

      These men didn't "come here to kill people"!

      They came here at the tender ages of 9 and 16 respectively. They spent a good portion of their young lives here. But instead of becoming "good, little Americans" the way we used to encourage our immigrants to become before multiculturalism, they re-discovered their Islamic identity, became pious Muslims, and from that, planned and then executed their day of rage and mass murder.

    • @jesseabel753

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  • Richard

    The suspect on the loose is believed to be Sunil Tripathi, a Philosophy student at the Ivy League Brown University, who has been missing since March. Photographs exist of him wearing a Che t-shirt.

    • Kurt

      Their chechens

  • Richard

    "Shortly before Tripathi's disappearance explosives were found near Brown University. They were destroyed in a controlled detonation and police have yet to implicate anyone in the bomb scare."

    Read more:

    • Chezwick

      The mainstream media got its wish….the perps were "white males".

      Oooops….MUSLIM white males, that is.

      Now, the inevitable search for "root causes"….is it "poverty"?…"oppression"?…."lack of education"?…"unsightly acne"?….

      …anything and everything but the elephant in the room….no sir-reee, couldn't be "Islam", now could it????

  • IMHomo

    Muslin terrorism creates quite the dilemma for the multiculti-Left. If all cultures are created equal, then how does one explain the countless attacks that began with "Allahu Akbar?" Timothy McVay and one of these guys (whitey) do not a pattern make.

    • AdinaK

      This is beyond too close too home…as indicated within this link, my son was a student at MIT and gunning down at his campus has become VERY personal –

      We are at war with Islam & that is that, and the sooner this fact is recognized the quicker the west will be able to defend itself, despite the PC, multi-culti psychotics!

      As to McVeigh and Nichols, he worked in concert with Mid East terrorists, and their rendezvous point was in the Philipines –

      The media colluded with the Clinton administration to divert the Mid East terror connection, but no matter. I know one of the lead investigators on the case and understand exactly what went down. And almost 2 decades later we are at the same lying place…via another rogue regime!

      By the way, it is more than likely that the "person of interest" indeed worked in tandem with his Muslim Chechnan counterparts, despite the left's hallucinations –

      Too much muscle was involved in "exonerating" him, even as the media brayed he was not even arrested. The Saudi consulate went to great lengths to pave his "innocence". More than suspect….

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

      • Kurt E. Smith

        Chechens ,wheres Stalin when you need him.

        • nina

          The Chechens fought on the side of Germany in WWII. Stalin exiled many of them to Kazakhstan.

  • Richard

    Correction. The suspect is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Not Tripathi. My bad.

    • Indus Valley

      Sunil Tripathi sounds like a North-Indian Hindu name. I don't think so, that Hindu students from India have a history of carrying out terror attacks on foreign soil especially when they travel abroad to study. This kind of speculation will be a wonderful news for the leftists & Muslims in India so that they can get away doing all atrocities in India.

  • Adam

    They are from Turkey and today was a scheduled commemoration of the Armenian genocide at the Boston Statehouse. Watertown is predominantly Armenian.

  • Tammy

    Matthew, in case you haven’t heard, these teenage boys are found innocent. The story for them is available that now they are fearful of harm. Please, pull this story, or at least rewrite it to tell the truth of their innocence.


      Tammy, Get off the crack pipe.

  • Tammy

    Oops. Different boys. The boys I was talking about, one wore black shirt with white hat, and the other a blue running jacket. Sorry.

  • Looking4Sanity

    Good article, Mr. Vadum! I wasn't expecting so much back story material. Most of the stuff you brought to light will never be mentioned in the LSM. I'm grateful for the information, as I'm sure many others are. This is the kind of writing/reporting that is sure to keep me coming back for more.

  • ashvin

    he is one from the religion of peace. here is a youtube video i got from another site

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Hopefully the missing terrorist can be taken alive, if only to detail how the left will deal with his
    civil rights and begin making excuses for his murderous activities. The best place for him
    would be Guantanimo where waterboarding is and art form, if not give him to the Boston Police
    interrogators and force him to give up all accomplices. Obama must be squirming………..William

    • Looking4Sanity

      I had a similar thought. You can't interrogate dead men. We need to know the following things:

      1.) Who financed them?
      2.) Who trained them?
      3.) Who sent them?
      4.) Are there any more of them within our borders?

      Of course, none of the answers to any of these questions will do one iota of good as long as we have a regime that mollycoddles terrorists.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        1.) Who financed them?

        Al-Harbi and Saudis

        2.) Who trained them?

        Could be anywhere

        3.) Who sent them?

        Al-Harbi clan and the Saudis

        4.) Are there any more of them within our borders?

        In that cell? Possibly…probably yes.

        "Of course, none of the answers to any of these questions will do one iota of good as long as we have a regime that mollycoddles terrorists."

        What terrorists? What terror? This was clearly white rage from bitter clingers angry about guns and stuff. And they weren't Muslims. Not real Muslims. That's what the Saudi foreign minister said.

        • Looking4Sanity

          All speculation aside, it would be better to have a confession straight from the loon himself. That doesn't seem likely though, as current reports have him barricaded in a building making online death threats. I doubt he'll be giving up peaceably.

          • Kurt E. Smith

            We wasted enough blood ,money and time. Kill him!

          • Lan Astaslem

            you dumber dunce, they're moslems! sacred cows to you stupid, suicidal and cowardly leftists

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "All speculation aside, it would be better to have a confession straight from the loon himself. "

            I agree. I do think considering the lunatics we're dealing with that a confession or at least a claim of credit will come at some point.

            "That doesn't seem likely though, as current reports have him barricaded in a building making online death threats. I doubt he'll be giving up peaceably."

            They seem to go in to a script mode and stop thinking independently long before the violence starts.

      • 4_Constitution

        It just pisses me off how much liberty and freedom we give up to allow these animals to live here.

        Deport all Muslims including the one in the White House!

        • Viet Vet

          Especially the one in the WH.

    • Guest

      I hope they capture him and rendition him to Russia for interrogation.

  • Kurt E. Smith

    You dumb conservatives,I told you they were white guys !

    • Abby

      They're not exactly white. They're Chechen Islamic Terrorists. Some Chechens are white, a lot are not. Their race does not matter. Their ideology does.

      • Kurt E. Smith

        I was just trying to cheer up the libtards.

      • Asher

        Yes, Chechnya is an Islamic country, goals are the same to destroy infidels and Jews.

        • kafir4life

          Can't Jews "be" infidels too?

    • joeb

      What's being white or not got to do with it? There are a number of white muslms living around here where I am, people who have converted. They look just like me, a regular white guy, but they're muslims. The Chechen muslim terrorists who killed all those schoolchildren is Beslan were 'white', they weren't Arabs or middle easterners by any stretch of the imagination.

      Their skin colour is not the issue – them being muslims is.

      • Kurt E. Smith

        Its called sarcasm dude.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Its called sarcasm dude."

          It's not like anyone was openly hoping they would be white. Maybe a few leftist psychotics were hoping but none would dare speak this out loud…or in a column or something like that.

          • Kurt E. Smith


          • kafir4life

            Actually Chris Matthews, one of the drunks with the spittle over at MSNBC was begging them to be middle aged white men members of the Tea Party who are anti-tax anti-government.
            Sure he's a leftist psychotic, but he did say so out loud.

        • MeSoHornish

          Really? I've been taking you serious.

        • stern

          Doesn't go down well here, Kurt. You have to actually tell us you're being sarcastic! The problem is that we get too many bigots who post messages like yours that aren't sarcastic.

    • TOM


  • MeSoHornish

    And the Chechens throw their hat in the ring…..

    • reader

      I want to here Emerson again. Somebody paid for their trip. Was it the Saudies?

  • Alvaro

    What a surprise. Muslim males between the ages of 20 to 40. Who would have guessed?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "What a surprise. Muslim males between the ages of 20 to 40. Who would have guessed?"

      I wonder if our resident trolls are just as "shocked" as we are about these "unusual developments." Islamic terror? Really?

      I was thinking it was rebel Christian seniors angry about 0'Bama care. I just had a vibe that had to be it.

  • kafir4life

    I'm hopeful that someone keeps an eye on Chris Matthews today. His ranting and hopes that the bombers were middle-aged, anti-tax, anti-government white men may take its toll on him today. The white stuff on the corners of his mouth from excessive ranting and drinking will be in abundance. Now it turns out that it's his ideological equals that are the perps.
    Chris…..Stay safe.


      kafir4life AKBAR!!!

      chris matthews should be put in Hannibal Lechter restraints.

  • Kurt E. Smith

    These chechniaks assimilate well in our society.

    • Indus Valley

      Thats true…..The don't have henna colored beard minus mustache, no turban, no trousers above their ankle & they look very western if thats what assimilation means. Any person on this earth who is a practicing Muslim is a ticking time bomb irrespective of his/her looks period……

    • davarino

      Failed immigration policy………………

  • pierce

    Thank God this distraction is almost over with. One question I have is why they felt compelled to do what they did.
    Were they angry, and if so, why? We will never know.
    Were they muslims, and if so, what was their motivation, but that can be asked of all muslims.
    Just why is it that muslims cannot coexist with other members of the human race?
    Do they think they are superior to other members of the human race? Apparently that answer is YES.
    Our fearless leader, Barack Obama, should be able to answer all those questions, but will he.

    • Alvaro

      "Do they think they are superior to other members of the human race?"

      Yes, and since some people insist criticism of Islam is racism, it must mean Muslims are a race. From that we can deduce that Muslim supremacists are also racist supremacists.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Thank God this distraction is almost over with. One question I have is why they felt compelled to do what they did. "

      There is no shortage of Muslim grievances and if the warehouse runs out, there are freshly fabricated ones rolling off the assembly lines constantly.

      These guys are typical dupes who don't quite understand just how much it can corrupt a culture to teach that lying is good if it advances one's religion. They probably really believe some or even all of these fabricated grievances.

      "Do they think they are superior to other members of the human race? Apparently that answer is YES."

      Kind of but it's not quite racism as we understand it in the West. It's an entirely different kind of delusional bigotry.

      "Our fearless leader…"

      He only fears allah.

      "Barack Obama, should be able to answer all those questions, but will he."

      He only answers to allah and his messenger and his appointed leaders and imams, Sunni kings etc.

  • Indus Valley
  • Indus Valley

    Thats a link having some information about the accused…

  • Kurt E. Smith

    What no trolls,chechen got you tongue.

    • davarino

      They are in mourning : )

  • Indus Valley

    Chechen brother bombers: The usual justification of all terror attacks by Muslim terrorists about U.S this & that, Israel this & that cannot hold water here. What the U.S got to do with Chechenya? NOTHING. Islamic terrorism has no boundary. Every single square foot on earth belongs to the pagan moon god allah according to the Muslims so they will target any place. Its their global war against the infidels using any stupid excuse the same excuse Mohamed used to kill the Jews in Arabia. Why don't the libertards & leftists understand that?

  • antisharia

    The left always believes that America is just one incident away from having a mob of racist white guys rise up and do something horrible. The press always put the presumption of guilt on people who are least likely to commit an act of terrorism. The reason they cling to McVeigh is because he is the only white terrorist they can think of, who isn't Bill Ayers( and the leftist animals won't admit he's a terrorist) Here's a tip: it's always the Muslims, and were not going to do anything about it. We didn't go on a rampage after 9-11, or after the beltway snipers, and we're not going to do it now. Americans have become too weak and stupid to defend themselves.

    • davarino

      Good point about Ayers

      • Viet Vet

        But bad point about doing nothing after 9/11.


      antisharia AKBAR!

  • tagalog

    Chechens. Muslims. I bet David Sirota is really frosted.

    So who does he think will be targeted by all those institutional racists here in the U.S.? Chechens? Muslims? Chechen Muslims? Who?

    Wasn't American public opinion sympathetic to the Chechens when they were embroiled in controversy with Russia? Well so much for that I guess.

  • kafir4life

    islam is as islam does. I think it's been said before that islam is a gutter cult. Need more proof?

  • Kurt E. Smith

    Whitehat went to the same HS as Affleck and Damon.

  • rbla

    The left has gotten their wish. Chechnya is in the Caucasus; therefore Caucasians did it. Obama, McCain,Schumer et, al. are working overtime to make sure that these "culture enrichers" will be joined by millions more. Question: after the surviving Chechen serves some minimal prison term, will he become eligible for amnesty? And will their Saudi bagman who Napolitano is trying to hustle out of the country (one of the few instances where she is actually trying to deport an alien) also be eligible to return under the new amnesty?


      neo-commies want to ban assault rifles?

      How about banning assault islamofascists?

      • Softly Bob

        That, SCREW SOCIALISM, would be the only 'control' laws that I would recommend.
        Don't ban guns, ban Muslims.
        Don't ban assault rifles, ban mosques.
        Don't ban handguns, ban Imams.
        Don't carry out background checks on Americans, carry out background checks on the idiots that you let into the country.

  • Kurt E. Smith

    The spin is already starting. I just heard c wallace say we are not sure this is muslim terror.

  • Raymond

    Muslims dancing in the streets after Boston
    terrorist attack.

    • Lan Astaslem

      I just looked at your link – the paleoswine complain that because of big bad Israel, they are staraving, but the 'women' in the photos are all big FAT slobs


        Big FAT PIGS.

        Hence Pal-e-SWINE.

      • Lan Astaslem

        starving – ooops

  • Raymond

    NYC teenager smashed in the head with a brick
    by a muslim.

  • Willy Rho

    Knowing and expressing that the heart of Islam is al list of Satanic/Evil things does not make someone a Racist that points out that Evil. Look around! Who is so happy to cause Death, Destruction, Hatred, Terror? Guess who…. Muslims. Their god is all the things opposite of the Jewish God and the Christian God. Simply put the Muslim god is the opposite of the Christian God, who is Creation, Love, Hope, Charity, Peace, Faith. And Islam is more than Religion, it is a Philosophy of a culture and is very oppressive of Infidels and women. It is a 7th Century barbarian religion and is totally uncivilized. And it worships: Death, Destruction, Hatred, Murder, Oppression, Terror and all things that are Evil.

  • Sky Soldier

    Why did the Obama administration immediately deport the Saudi Arabian student? What ties did this muslim have with the two brothers who committed the bombing acts in Boston? Did the Saudi Arabian covertly train these two brothers? Did he provide the bombs or bomb making materials? Who else may be involved: e.g., radical muslim cleric in a local Boston mosque?

  • tagalog

    That cop in the foreground: is that a pistol grip on his M-16 or AR-15, an -gasp!- ASSAULT RIFLE? Is that a foregrip handle? And a 30-round, i.e., high-capacity magazine? Thank Heaven he's not in Connecticut! Or New York! He'd be in BIG trouble. Class 5 felony. Good thing he's in gun-loving Massachusetts. Oh wait – Massachusetts law prohibits guns like that too.

    Call the Boston cops at once! Oops, I forgot – he's a Boston cop. I guess it's OK for them in Massachusetts.

  • Softly Bob

    The residents of Boston are advised to stay indoors and all public transport has been stopped. What? All because of one man? Imagine the confidence that will he will receive knowing that he has paralysed the whole community!
    Now if Massachussetts wasn’t a gun control state and all citizens were armed to the teeth then nobody would have to stay indoors. Anyone who spotted the bastard could simply shoot him on the spot. It would be a case of the hunter becoming the hunted.
    It would also be a warning to all other terrorists – every citizen is armed, every citizen is the police, every citizen is the army. Try it if you dare!

  • Mary Sue

    Sirota prayed for a White American.

    What he ended up with is at least two white MUSLIMS.

  • love4cus

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  • Observer

    On Friday, either CNN or MSNBC journalist interviewed a garage owner who said he lived across the street from the bombers. He said the younger brother had a number of expensive cars, including a black expensive SUV he asked to pick up on Tuesday or Wednesday. The owner said the younger bomber was very nervous and the owner had concluded he must be on drugs since he wasn't acting normally. He then said the young man shouldn't be buying so many expensive cars because he didn't have that kind of money.

    Earlier I had seen what was described as the hi-jacked, shot up car used in the car chase on early Friday morning being hauled away on a flat-bed truck. Then there were three more flat bed trucks wilth identical balck SuVs following. Was it a repeat of the image? I don't think so. Anyway, how did the brothers get all the explosives and guns into a car they had just hi-jacked? Were they carrying all that on their person? And how did the brothers afford all those expensive cars described by the garage owner? Maybe the uncle of the bombers was right. Religion and ethnicity? That is a fraud. Maybe they were being paid for their involvement. That might explain why a seeminly ordinary kid would get involved. I hope somebody investigates.

  • john

    Chechnya is predominantly Muslim. You can bet the bombing brothers have a Muslim background. Suiside bombers have been targeting Moscow many times and is still going on. Russia could not handle the islamic country, that is a sign now that the many terrorists being bred right here on American soil that this bombing is only a start. Obama must close all Muslim borders.