Brotherhood Backers Unleash Hell in Egypt

egypt_6971_20121205_s630x4311-550x376Egypt now appears to be moving closer to civil war as that nation’s Islamofascists refuse to accept last week’s ouster of President Mohammed Morsi.

The theocratic totalitarians of the Muslim Brotherhood are spilling blood in the streets as they target members of the military, police, and their political opposition in an effort to restore Morsi to power.

Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie told a rally at Cairo’s Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque that that they “will not leave the streets until President Morsi is reinstated.” Badie said that they will “sacrifice our souls for him.”

The speech came as the armed forces shut down an office of the Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, at which they uncovered weapons and flammable liquids. The party is urging Egyptians to take up arms against the interim government created after Morsi was booted from office last week.

Egypt’s top Muslim cleric, Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb, yesterday urged Egyptians to resist “dragging the country into civil war.”

El-Tayeb, who is grand imam of Al-Azhar Mosque, the leading locus of learning for Sunni Muslims worldwide, said he plans to go into seclusion at home until “everyone shoulders his responsibility to stop the bloodshed.”

Yesterday more than 50 people were killed and hundreds wounded in various battles across Egypt between the armed forces and Morsi supporters, reports Frank Spano of the Investigative Project on Terrorism. Army officials say troops fired on protesters in self defense, a claim the protesters deny. At least one Egyptian military officer lost his life and dozens were injured in an incident at Republican Guard headquarters.

Military spokesman Ahmed Aly said armed groups attacked army and police forces protecting the headquarters, reports Al Ahram newspaper, which is now under the control of the armed forces. “[P]ro-Morsi protesters, who have been gathering outside the Republican Guard headquarters for days, used live ammunition and birdshot against security personnel.”

Aly said at a press conference that “certain factions” have been inciting violence, as a video of Brotherhood-affiliated preacher Safwat Hegazy played behind him. “The video, which has gone viral on social networks, contains a threat of ‘escalation’ from Morsi supporters if the former president is not reinstated,” the newspaper reports.

In the last few days television viewers and YouTube users have been treated to the gruesome spectacle of Brotherhood lynch mobs hurling their adversaries from the roofs of buildings. Often the victims survive the initial drop only to be dragged to the same heights and pushed off again.

Brotherhood supporters have also been trying to blacken interim President Adli Mansour’s name by claiming he’s secretly Jewish.

“By now it is of course a time-honored Arab and Muslim tradition to express one’s hatred by calling someone a ‘Jew’ or at least a ‘Zionist agent.’ Apparently, there can be no worse smear,” notes Petra Marquadt-Bigman in the Jerusalem Post.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is tap-dancing around what to call last week’s insurrection that evicted Morsi from the Heliopolis Palace.

The nomenclature is important because if Morsi’s ouster is labelled a “coup,” federal law requires that the $1 billion-plus annually in U.S. military aid be cut off. The law states that funds shall not be “expended” when a country’s “duly elected leader of government is deposed by decree or military coup.”

Morsi opponents characterize his removal from power as a popular uprising or a revolution, as opposed to a coup d’etat.

“It’s not a coup because the military did not take power,” said Mohamed Tawfik, Egypt’s ambassador to the U.S. “The military did not initiate it, it was a popular uprising.”

Daniel Pipes takes the view that what happened last week was indeed a coup but that Morsi was not a legitimately elected leader to begin with. The election that put Morsi in power was a fraud-ridden “ploy by the ruling military leadership to remain in power.”

Although Morsi was president de jure, “he did not control the military … the police, the intelligence services, the judiciary, or even the Presidential Guard assigned to protect him,” Pipes writes. Morsi served “at the sufferance of the deep state, the very agencies that brokered his ‘election’ in June 2012.”

There was no revolution last week, in Pipes’s estimation. There was merely a personnel change at the top.

“There are only two powers, the military and the Islamists: This sad truth has been confirmed repeatedly in the past 2½ years of Arabic-speaking upheaval, and it has been confirmed again now in Egypt,” according to Pipes. “The liberals, seculars, and leftists do not count when the chips are down. Their great challenge is to become politically relevant.”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters that the dawdling Obama administration was still “taking the time to determine what happened, what to label it.” When asked about the possibility of suspending aid in the short term, Carney said, “We think that would not be in our best interest.”

In May the Obama administration quietly approved military aid to Morsi’s government rewarding it for its increasingly vicious assaults on foreign workers, religious minorities, and civil society. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry authorized the aid despite finding in a May 9 memo that “we are not satisfied with the extent of Egypt’s progress and are pressing for a more inclusive democratic process and the strengthening of key democratic institutions.”

Despite the fondest wishes of many in the Western media, Egyptians on the whole remain largely supportive of Islamization and the imposition of Shariah law in Egypt.

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  • mmm

    Muslim Brotherhood are not Brothers nor Muslims – this is not my words profile, but the words of its founder Hassan al-Banna – Egypt did not Chhdasor darkness as I saw and experienced in the year in which the rule mentor group – Excuse Mohamed Morsy – where you find that all the vital functions of the body Egyptian injury failure and ruin and the most important is that it did not admit days failure Take, for example: The suspension Anchorage on kidnapping seven soldiers is to maintain the integrity of the hijackers, which struck me as surprised so crazy – also took the promises of the same at the beginning of his rule that eliminates the problems of fuel and security and the bread was not implemented any of them and when they were asked about why not force, said the deep corruption of the state and commented failure on others Kmaana the failure of successfully marketing itself the Egyptians did not prove practical evidence that the President of all Egyptians
    In his alliance Meh terrorists and killers to install the pillars of his property was granted hundreds of criminals Mahcoc them in criminal cases, a presidential pardon is interesting to consider that the line of Egyptian natural gas has not seen any bombing during the year in which the rule Mohamed Morsy – Ka that in the era of Mohamed Morsi increased يشدة Juadt rape and kidnapping for ransom has become part of everyday life for Egypt – Add that he appointed his supporters in all state agencies based on trust rather than efficiency – as he hit the most in the killing of Foreign Relations and Egypt lost weight International
    Finally – Praise be to God, who knocked Egypt Muslim Brotherhood nightmare to open the way toward a strong modern state moderate open to all countries of the world

  • DannyJeffrey

    This is indeed frightening as I have been awake all night doing research on what is taking place in Egypt. I was well aware of the Salafists presence in Egypt but did not know the power they wielded, or the degree of danger they present to the entire region.

    Most conservative Americans are well aware that the Brotherhood is a dangerous force to contend with but as a result of the research that I have just done, in comparison to the Salafists, they seem like a bunch of good ole boys. Seeing the excellent information posted above about these ‘good ole boys’ highlights the even greater potential for harm from the Salafists. Egypt is indeed on the verge of a bloody civil war with the potential for it spreading.

    The Middle East is ablaze with hatred and quite naturally all of those problems were caused by Israel and the U.S.. Hey! They have to blame someone.

    • EarlyBird

      You’re absolutely right about the Salafists. They make the MB look like hippies.

      It’s why we need to disentangle ourselves from these hellholes. The US has very little power to affect outcomes there any more. We should stop paying Egypt money and Israel for that matter.

      The US has been a stand-in for the Great Powers in the Middle East since the end of WWII, playing the Great Game, and there is just no upside any more that is worth being so hated. Let them all kill themselves as they establish a new order in their region (“THEIR” region) and they will leave us alone quite a bit.

  • Rosasolis

    Although the Islam communities are the largest throughout Egypt,
    the Copts and other non-Islamic groups have also increased. Many
    former Islamists have become Christians, even at the risk of their own lives,
    and that of their families. While The Brotherhood keeps on trying to enforce
    their Sharia Law on all Egyptians, and with it spread their primitive and very cruel
    beliefs to other countries throughout the Middle-east and Africa, Christians and other Liberal thinkers will continue their campaigns of refusal to be dominated by such a fanatic, aggressive group of uneducated and uncaring men.
    These normally peaceful Free-thinkers have every right to protest, and show
    their intolerance to the growing threat of complete Islamic dominance.
    If America will not support the Freedom lovers of Egypt, (and several other
    countries), then they have no other choice than to “come up” for themselves….
    if they ARE to exist!

    • EarlyBird

      I was with you until this:

      “If America will not support the Freedom lovers of Egypt, (and several other countries), then they have no other choice than to “come up” for themselves….if they ARE to exist!”

      Why is it incumbent upon America to support or not support different parties fighting for power in the Middle East? Why don’t we pull the plug on our money going to both Egypt and Israel, for instance? The former don’t deserve it and the latter don’t need it.

      Why should we not do everything in our power to disentangle ourselves from the Middle East and the massive struggles? What upside is there for us? I don’t see it.

      • Rosasolis

        Yes, I do agree with you. The USA no longer “rules” the world.
        But you seem to be rather uninformed about the Ultimate Goal
        of the Islamists: World Domination over all countries and
        enforcing their Sharia Law upon all people! This is written in their
        Koran. And their aggression has been going on for centuries all
        over the Middle-east, and this has even spread to Europe.
        Many centuries ago our Western Civilization sent out soldiers
        from several European countries to try to stop the terrible
        aggression from the Islam. I’m sure you have heard about why
        the Crusade was formed.
        Well, we are now a few centuries further, but the radical Islamists
        are still planning their Take-over of the whole world.
        We in Europe are now suffering from the Recession, which is only
        getting worse, every week. I’m sure that most Americans are also
        going through the same.
        But the Islam population has been greatly increasing….they have
        many sons to fight the Jihad.
        Now is the time that Europe and North-America should join
        together to stop the Islamic aggression from destroying our
        free civilization and daily way of life. We cannot afford yet
        another battle with any country, but we could offer some
        help for the Christians and Free-thinkers in Egypt.
        I hope you will follow the International News services, so that
        you will realize that if these radical groups are allowed to carry
        on with their terrorist attacks against non-Islamists, the Islam
        will take over all of Africa, then it will take over all of Europe,
        and then North and South America!

        • EarlyBird

          These nutjobs can’t run a lemonade stand, let alone take over the world.

          Nations (particularly the US) must make rational choices based on cost-benefit analysis. We need to ask “Why are we SO very involved there? How can we make that part of the world less important to us (like getting energy independent)? How can we remove ourselves to the greatest extent possible without undermining our security and interests? And what specifically ARE our interests in that part of the world?”

          Islam is a wretched religion even when its practiced “nicely.” But it has become particularly radicalized over the past decades because people in the Middle East who perceive that the West has controlled their governments, economies and way of life for so long, don’t have any other outlet or way to organize their rage.

          We must disengage to the greatest degree possible and “let” them finally govern and organize themselves. Just that alone makes them less able to blame outside forces for their own failures, and takes some of the wind out of the jihadists’ sails.

          It will be a very scary, bumpy road, but it simply must occur. And we must play aggressive defense. But the West simply can no longer continue to control that region as part of some extended quasi-empire. It’s not only unsustainable, but attempting to do so is counter-productive to our security.

    • BerettaM9

      The America of today will support whatever party they think will kill more Christians. Right now the American Government doesn’t think it is a good idea to actually kill the Christians on American soil yet. It is better for the Feds to just take all there Constitution rights away and see what happens. But nothing is stopping the American Government from supporting murder of Christians around the world.

  • tanstaafl

    El-Tayeb, who is grand imam of Al-Azhar Mosque, the leading locus of learning for Sunni Muslims worldwide, said he plans to go into seclusion at home until “everyone shoulders his responsibility to stop the bloodshed.”

    Kinda says it all, doesn’t it? You take action while I run and hide.

    • ebonystone

      I’ll bet he’s taking plenty of bodyguards with him in his “seclusion.”

  • Liberty Newspost

    The only way to become “politically relevant” I guess in Egypt is to murder and thieve your way to power.

  • The Dead Critic

    “Morsi supporters won’t let go without a bloody fight.”

    Soooo, inflict more blood on them….it’s the Arab way. Blood for blood.

  • Drakken

    Gee, who didn’t see this coming? Let the military do what they do best, and deal with the MB and salafist.

  • fiddler

    Go ahead Barak; think of a real original name.
    Let’s see you have already used:
    “Man-caused disaster”
    “Over-seas contingency operation”
    “Workplace violence”
    “Spontaneous protest”
    That’s okay we know you have a million of them.

    • EarlyBird

      Hmm… how about “military coup”? Sound good? That legally requires us to stop pouring money into Egypt. You want unrest and destablization and Islamists coming to power? Let’s see the US money dry up and Egypt become a failed state, and that’s what’s gonna happen.

      But I don’t care. We need to get the hell out of the Middle East. We don’t need them any more.

  • Greg

    If Obama chooses Islam over Liberal Left, he would be telegraphing his plans for Liberals in the US.

  • Marvin E. Fox

    I have given up on saying Obama, and all of us, are victims of his political incompetence. I have given up on what I thought was his artful dodging of national problems to escape blame. I have given up on his change from an artful to an artless dodger to convince people he really hasn’t had anything to do with the major problems he should be responsible for as President.

    The President of our Republic must be something; so, what is he? I believe he is an excellent manipulator, has a personal agenda for our Republic, is following his personal agenda, remains unwavering in his commitment to success for his personal agenda; and by his comparison to his personal agenda, our Republic, one nation under God, and our American way of life aren’t worth a hoot in Hell.

    Marvin Fox

  • geneww1938

    Over 4000 years ago God said the 12 tribes from Ismael will always strive with each other. The only thing that units them is their Satanic book’s hatred for everything that God loves, said and built.

  • mcbee555

    The MB does so at its own peril. Hell begets hell.

  • Debra Ward

    now why doesnt dumbass Barry try and stop this…??? cuz he wants the MB to kill the great people that ousted that fk Morsi…

  • Nabuquduriuzhur

    Unfortunately, there are two main factions in every Islamic group.

    1.The murderers and would be murderers who take the Q’uran as written by Mohammed and the 25 wars Mohammed started, and

    2. The enablers. Shamed by their lack of wanting to do what the Q’uran requires, they support the first group in money and votes. It’s a major mistake to think of group 2 as moderates. Group 1 couldn’t do what they do without group 2.

    One thing that needs to be cleared up is that the evidence at the time pointed to voter fraud making up the slight difference between El Baradei and Morsi. Morsi was NOT democratically elected, any more than Obama was. This systematic ignoring of the obvious has got to stop in our culture.

  • linlin

    Get this criminal Obama out of office. We don’t need a mucking fuslim in our government. He hsould be charged with The attempted murder of America.