Obama Scandals vs. Watergate

nixon_obamaHow does President Barack Obama compare to Richard Nixon who was nearly impeached in 1974 for corruption and egregious abuses of power?

The short answer? Not well.

Obama’s serial acts of malfeasance have cost hundreds of lives while Nixon’s caused no loss of life. Both attacked their political enemies using taxpayer resources and tried to rig the system to favor their side.

But Nixon, unlike Obama, didn’t come from what bestselling author Michelle Malkin termed a “culture of corruption.” Nixon lost the 1960 presidential election to Democrat John F. Kennedy probably because Democrats committed massive vote fraud. In a move some consider noble or patriotic, he refused to put the country through a drawn out fight over the election result. Nixon was not a so-called people person. He was a political outsider who fought hard and bitterly for whatever political victories he achieved. He wasn’t regarded as much of a dirty trickster, at least he wasn’t until he ascended to the presidency.

Obama, on the other hand, might as well have been heir to Chicago crime boss Al Capone. Obama was a community organizer who taught left-wing activists how to blackmail and pressure governments and corporations into doing their bidding. He preached class warfare and hatred against productive members of society. Obama specialized in having his political opponents knocked off the ballot. He unsealed court records to embarrass his adversaries. He launched his career in electoral politics in the home of unrepentant Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

When Obama does something noble or on the straight-and-narrow it’s probably a mistake on his part.

Let’s recall the bad things that Richard Milhous Nixon actually did while in the White House:

The Watergate scandal began in June 1972 when five men connected to the Nixon reelection campaign broke into the Democratic National Committee headquarters then located in the Watergate office complex in the nation’s capital. With Nixon battling Democratic nominee, Sen. George McGovern (D-S.D.), in advance of the approaching November election, their goal was to spy on the Democratic Party’s political operations.

Of course, Nixon didn’t need to spy on McGovern. McGovern was a terrible, radically left-wing, out-of-touch candidate, and the Nixon campaign had no difficulty painting him as such. Any information illegally obtained from the DNC office wasn’t needed to help Nixon go on to one of the most impressive election victories in American history.

But in July 1973 a congressional committee discovered that President Nixon had a tape-recording system throughout his offices. Although Nixon had apparently not been aware of or authorized the DNC break-in before it was carried out, recordings revealed that he attempted to cover up the incident and other illegal activities that had taken place during his administration. After extensive litigation the Supreme Court unanimously held that the president had to produce the recordings for investigators. He complied. As the saying goes, it wasn’t the burglary that sealed Nixon’s fate; it was the cover-up in which he participated.

The Watergate break-in wasn’t the only thing President Nixon did that rankled lawmakers on both sides of the partisan divide.

With bipartisan support, in late July 1974 the House Judiciary Committee approved articles of impeachment that accused Nixon of obstructing the congressional inquiry into the Watergate scandal, misusing law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political advantage (including using the IRS to harass his political adversaries), and refusing to comply with subpoenas that had been issued by the committee.

Facing seemingly certain impeachment in the House and removal from office after a trial by the Senate, Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974.

To briefly summarize, Nixon was guilty of lying, covering up wrongdoing and obstructing justice, and using government agencies against rivals.

How does Nixon compare to Obama?

First off, no one died as a result of Nixon’s misdeeds. With Obama, the dead bodies keep piling up. Obama lies habitually to the American people, pretending to be an innocent by-stander who is never responsible for any bad things done in his name. Even some of Obama’s most ardent supporters are beginning to realize that Obama is more Hugo Chavez than Bobby Kennedy.

Obama’s IRS targeted conservative “social welfare” nonprofits seeking tax-exempt status under section 501c4 of the Internal Revenue Code. Evidence establishes that hundreds of groups affiliated with the Tea Party movement were bullied and intimidated from engaging in constitutionally protected political activism.

Even now Obama, the thuggish Chicago-trained politician who employs the brutal in-your-face techniques of Rules for Radicals author and neo-communist Saul Alinsky, is feigning ignorance about the nasty political harassment dished out on his behalf.

He seems to have just realized his presidency is in jeopardy, so Obama made a dinner-hour appearance on television last night. His speech was replete with tedious damage-control boilerplate and empty promises to do the right thing.

The conduct of the IRS is “inexcusable, and Americans are right to be angry about it, and I am angry about it,” Obama said, pretending to be angry.

“I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but especially in the IRS, given the power that it has and the reach that it has into all of our lives. And as I said earlier, it should not matter what political stripe you’re from — the fact of the matter is, is that the IRS has to operate with absolute integrity. The government generally has to conduct itself in a way that is true to the public trust. That’s especially true for the IRS.”

The president vowed to

“do everything in my power to make sure nothing like this happens again by holding the responsible parties accountable, by putting in place new checks and new safeguards, and going forward, by making sure that the law is applied as it should be — in a fair and impartial way.”

Now House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is being uncharacteristically blunt in commenting on the IRS saga. “Who’s going to jail over this scandal?” he asked reporters.

“There are laws in place to prevent this type of abuse. Someone made a conscious decision to harass and to hold up these requests for tax exempt status,” he said. “I think we need to know who they are and whether they violated the law. Clearly someone violated the law.”

The scandal over the Islamic terrorist attacks on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11 last year, which was the 11th anniversary of the original 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, isn’t going away.

The impeachment of President Obama over the Benghazi saga remains a possibility, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) told CNN. “I would say yes — I’m not willing to take it off, to take it off the table.”

Four Americans, including a sitting U.S. ambassador, were allowed to perish at the hands of Islamofascist terrorists while the U.S. military did nothing.

Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who hopes to succeed Obama as president, knew from the beginning that the Benghazi consulate was under attack but lied about what happened there. They blamed a goofy YouTube video nobody saw that lampooned the Prophet Mohammed for inflaming Libyans and causing them to launch violent protests that led to American deaths.

The incurious Obama-worshiping media largely ignored the scandal to ensure their favorite candidate won reelection.

Both the IRS targeting of opposition figures and the Benghazi saga are worthy of dictators in Third World banana republics, not the president of the United States of America.

As commentator Michael Barone observes, the Benghazi cover-up and the IRS scandal “were both about winning elections under false pretenses.”

With Benghazi, “[a] deliberate effort to mislead the voters was launched,” Barone writes. “Clinton, White House press secretary Jay Carney, and the president himself talked about a spontaneous protest of an anti-Muslim video — even though no evidence of that came from Benghazi.”

The CIA’s talking points on Benghazi were manipulated by the White House and the Department of State and Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice was wheeled out to peddle the lies on television.

“This attempt to mislead the electorate worked,” Barone concludes. “It seems a stretch to say that it determined the outcome of the election. But it certainly helped the Obama campaign.”

Barone notes that IRS targeting of conservative nonprofit organizations began in March 2010 when it “questioned the tax-free status of one group after another with ‘tea party’ or ‘patriot’ in their names.” That is reminiscent of the notorious Department of Homeland Security memo that warned “of the potential of such groups to engage in terrorist-type violence — which of course hasn’t happened.”

The targeting, Barone adds, “continued into 2012, when the criteria were changed to ‘political action type organizations involved in limiting/expanding Government, educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, social economic reform/movement.'”

Then there is the scandal surrounding the surreptitious confiscation of telephone records from the Associated Press, which does not appear to be related to Obama’s 2012 reelection effort.

The U.S. Department of Justice secretly procured two months’ worth of telephone logs for journalists at AP, the world’s largest news-gathering organization. Apparently the records were seized as part of an investigation into national security-related leaks.

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.), an Obama ally, appeared to urge embattled U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to prosecute AP for publishing classified information.

“I would argue that the Espionage Act of 1917 would authorize the prosecution of anyone who disclosed classified information and perhaps that’s another area that we may need to take action on here in this Congress,” said Johnson.

President Woodrow Wilson, a progressive Democrat whose aggressive use of government power against domestic dissenters was admired by European fascists such as Benito Mussolini, used the Espionage Act to imprison his political opponents.

If nothing else, these scandals are performing a valuable function. by allowing the public to see the totalitarian face of the modern Democratic Party. Nothing matters to them but power.

Quite apart from the IRS, Benghazi, and AP scandals, Obama has a long record of abusing government power to harass those he perceives as political enemies and reward his allies. He lives and breathes corruption.

In 2011, he sent armed federal agents to raid Gibson Guitars in Memphis, Tenn., over specious environmental infractions. Obama’s National Labor Relations Board targeted Boeing for daring to open a facility in right-to-work state South Carolina. Obama rigged the GM and Chrysler bankruptcy proceedings to unfairly enrich his friends in the United Auto Workers at the expense of higher-priority creditors such as bondholders and suppliers.

Obama invaded Libya without congressional authorization and on a flimsy pretext. He unconstitutionally recess-appointed Richard Cordray as director of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He refused to enforce the provisions of the presumptively constitutional Defense of Marriage Act. In the Fast and Furious scandal, Obama supplied Mexican drug cartels with guns to encourage a wave of violence that would create a public clamor for tougher gun regulations. Hundreds of Mexicans and a U.S. border patrolman died as a result.

This is not an exhaustive list of Obama’s abuses and more are certain to be uncovered.

Earlier this month during a commencement address Obama mocked those who question government:

“Unfortunately, you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s at the root of all our problems; some of these same voices also doing their best to gum up the works. They’ll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices.”

As interest in his impeachment grows in Congress, Obama may live to regret his remarks.

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    "They’ll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices.”

    These are not the droids you're looking for.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    There is NO comparison between Nixon's crimes and Obama Inc. In fact, one is kindergarten level, the other is post grad level, and you can guess which is which.
    That being said, a preponderance of evidence not only justifies impeachment, but lengthy terms behind bars. This is surely not a full list, but it starts here: Obama, Clinton, Jarrett, Huma Abedin, Nuland, Brennan, Holder and so on….we may need to build new prison space and that's not hyperbole!

    To trace their crimes the following are some points of reference, and free of charge. My blog has no advertising and no remuneration is involved. It is a labor of (Zionist & Conservative) love – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/15/regime-gone-whttp://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/14/benghazigate-

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

    • Tracy

      Please tell me,I think that the Bush administration committed far more egregious crimes against the American people and the world with their lies of WMD fiasco.

      • Pontotoc Bill

        WMD lies again. huh?

        When will you realize that many people bellieved the WMD reports issued by the intelligence agencies? Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, to name just a few have been quoted that WMDs existed.

        No WMDs was a failure of intelligence, not lies.

        Try again.

        • Kerry

          It wasn't even a failure of intelligence. Saddam Hussein had, and used WMD's. There were photos of convoys of trucks going to Syria after it became clear that the USA was going after Hussein. (Saddam, not Barry). The weapons were transferred to Syria.

          • Dana

            … and don't forget the vessels they found which must have contained yellowcake at some point.

            We don't know why the administration said nothing, perhaps because the decay rate traces stamped the date back to Sadly Insane's nuclear program aborted by the Israeli's. But considering the way the Bushies behaved, I would not put it past them to bury the evidence because it might not make the Lefties look good.

          • Pontotoc Bill

            I agree. Many Kurds are dead today because Saddam used chemical agents against them. The only error was in the amount to be found.

            And I know that there are those who say Iraqi WMDs made their way to Syria, including a former Iraqi Air Force general. I happen to believe it also.

      • Rob

        There were no "lies" and WMDs were in fact discovered, just not in the quantity expected.|

        Grow up and join the real world, silly child.

      • Defcon 4

        Um, what about the mustard gas used against Iraqi kurds? Doesn't that qualify as a WMD fool? Maybe you and your family and friends might want to get together sometime and whiff some mustard gas?

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Obama is the Affirmative Action President.

    Obama was elected to make up for America's never-ending guilt about black folks.

    That obsessional guilt trip works so well that it's landed us in racial socialism, also called affirmative action. Marxism whips up resentments of the poor against the rich — but in fact it empowers only the left. Well, racial socialism does the same thing. It whips up "people of color" against evil palefaces in order to empower the left.

    Nixon ordered the Commerce Department to start its first racial compensation plan. In 1973 he "required all United States Federal Agencies to implement affirmative employment opportunity programs for all federal employees."

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/08/how_nixon_

  • pierce

    This is now getting extremely interesting. Barack Hussein Obama is starting to sweat from his lack of do diligence. For the first time he has a real crisis, or is it crises on his hands, and this time he can't wriggle out of it..
    Was it he who caused the IRS to start harassing theTea Party, some one did, and I do not think the IRS did it on their own. Someone was fired, as a scape goat I do believe, or is that an escape goat.
    And will Benghazi begin to haunt him, after all he was in campaign mode, more interested in defaming Mitt Romney than doing the job he was elected to do.
    So lie baby lie. This whole episode makes Tricky Dicky Nixon look like a novice.
    Is this his Waterloo, and Saul's too? To paraphrase William Shakespeare, there is something fishy going on in Washington, DC.

    • pagegl

      Firing Miller was a no-brainer that makes it look like Obama did something when, in fact, he did nothing; Miller was going to leave in June anyway.

  • AlgerHiss

    Barack Milhous Obama.

    Yep….works for me.

  • Poupic

    The only difference between Watergate and IRSgate is very simple. Because of the time of Watergate the only way to screw up the opposition was a break in and take physical paper this is what they did, a break in like thieves. IRSgate is today’s reality they use the net, phone records, investigate a political movement with computers. The reality is there is not much difference. Both Nixon and Barack Hussein are on their high horses claiming innocence.

    • Defcon 4

      The difference is the zero is the teflon president and I, for one, would like to know why.

  • Fred

    The difference is that Nixon did not have the press to protect him as Barry does. And Nixon was a legal President where Barry is not.

    • Tracy

      What do you mean he is not a legal president?Bush wasn't a legal president Gore/Bush.Please explain.

      • Pontotoc Bill

        Bush/Gore? SCOTUS stopped an ILLEGAL scheme to recount only partial votes, not all votes.

        Rules were in place, yet the Democrats wanted to change the rules AFTER the fact.

        George W Bush was the legal President as the numerous postelection newspaper recounts have proved.

        Stop drinking the liberal Kool-Aid.

      • pagegl

        The Supreme Court decision did not give the presidency to Bush. SCOTUS told the Gore campaign that they were welcome to a recount, but that recount could not be done by cherry-picking precincts, they had to recount all precincts in Florida so they would not disenfranchise any voters. When the Gore campaign realized they couldn't game the system they folded.

      • Rob

        You're amusing, an almost perfect expression of all the tired Lefty talking points. Are you an automated program? You couldn't be less original if you were.

    • mlcblog


  • Spikey1

    Brings to mind the autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy: Will
    Great book
    Notable quote:
    Background; Liddy on the stand testifying on Watergate while being sworn in:
    "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God ?"
    Liddy : "No"

  • rbla

    Don't get too hopeful. Obama has something that Nixon lacked – like the famed gypsey moths he has protective coloration.

  • Arlie

    about 2 years ago I wished that I had been keeping a list from the beginning of 2009 on the outrageous, unconstitutional, anti-American agenda coming out of DC. Well, the other day I found a website that HAS been keeping track…..read it and weep 100 Articles of Impeachment at. http://www.knowthelies.com/node/8922

    If this was not depressing enough, I ran across a little viewed video Bill Clinton's Rise to Power: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbdQDsChVBs. Everyone should educated themselves on this video. At the end they can't even count the number of suspicious deaths associated with the Clintons.

    The corruption never ends because the entrenched union protected bureaucrats are running government policy and are corrupt to the core and "they" never leave office, no matter who is elected. "They" are the ones growing government and budgets and destroying this country more than anyone pResident or party. "They" have the self-interest in growing "their" agencies and enriching themselves. They are rotten to the core. Public employees should NOT be allowed to be unionized! The number one thing that should be done is to repeal the law that allows this atrocity.

    • Angela

      I know what ur talking about,havent looked at ur vid links,YET,but there is a sickening evergrowing ELITE full the RICH and previous Presidents ….BusheS ,ClintonS,Obama is the Sickest of them ALL ,because He doesn't exactly do his crimes against HUMANITY in secret….im gunna watch the vid links. But isnt it convenient how the Bushes ,Cintons,and Obama always in pics together? As u said,it isnt WHO is in the Oval Office Chair, Its WHO controls them ALL,and Obama was PERFECT FIT,EASY WIN…(A Black(?)MAN or a White WOMAN? Really? And yet she still has her claws in the political sea. One thing though, why are so MANY people having nightmarish Dreams and Visions about Obama? We shall see IF He gets Impeached,he never should have made it to NOMINEE much less PRESIDENT. America is in BIG Trouble…


    HERE'S MY THEORY. Were these scandals on the shelves ready to go if Obama won a SECOND TERM? Even Dick Cheney is calling Obama a liar and that's huge since you rarely hear that type of comment by a Pres or VP unless of course, you are Al Gore. Cheney knows something. Being that he's been in the circle for so long, he has to be getting info from the inside.

    The IRS scandal has been brewing for two years. Holder recused himself. "How convenient.".

    The AP is bad too but Obama's and Holder's excuse that a leak caused it is laughable since they have been leaking to all the MSM especially those at MSNBC who meet with Obama in the Oval Office. What's up with that?

    BUT, THE MOTHER OF ALL SCANDALS HASN'T SURFACED YET. This will put Obama, and the rest of his "Circle of Communists" in the hot seat, impeached, and jailed. What is that scandal? Hint: Blood is thicker than water.

    • Drakken

      There is blood in the water alright and the sharks are circling waiting to take a big huge bite.

      • Defcon 4

        It's overdue. It's overdue since Benghazi.

  • Tracy

    It is starting to appear that voting for Obama was a mistake but, tell me would Romney have been a better choice? and tell me when hasn't there been a scandal in the White House? I would like to here more on this.

    • reader

      You missed a lot of reading, Tracy. Like, at least, 5 years wirth of reading. Does it not surprise you that most of the regulars here are not surprised?

      • Tracy

        I know that's why I am reading and asking you guys.I will not wear blinders and I don't have tunnel vision.

        • reader

          Simply put, whatever Romney's shortcoming are, he is not unamerican. Obama is. How do we know that? He told us. Only a person who does not like a country would pledge to fundamentally transform it. Now, you probably will ask again to elaborate. Again, you've missed a lot of reading. Try this one for starters:

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          Tracy, our system was built with checks and balances.
          It's a protection against tyranny. When Obama was first found in contempt of court on the Gult oil leases that should have been the starting point in calling him a dictator.

          instead the media hid it. Can you imagine Romney having that cover? I can't. http://voices.yahoo.com/obama-administration-foun

        • Rob

          Oh come on. You trot out all that nonsense about Bush/Gore, WMDs, and all the rest and then you suddenly try to pretend you're open-minded? It is to laugh.

    • fiddler

      Listening to his pastor rail against the country: "America's chickens… have come home… to ROOST!" Didn't exactly endear me to Obama. Dude, what about Solyndra? What about the disparaging open-mic remarks about Benjamin Netanyahu?, or the "flexibility" to Putin. What about totally ignoring the PA baton-brandishing bullies outside of the polling place? What about openly about disparaging the SCOTUS in a state of union address. I mean, what had Romney done to remotely compare with this? During the election is was the REVENGE vote. How about looking at his resume? How about Romney's financial success that they attacked and turned on the "rich uncaring" mantra. Yep that's the way to win and election when you are a nacissistic novice.

    • pagegl

      I think it's safe to say the Romney has more integrity than Obama. Given that alone, I think we would be better off if Romney were in the White House.

      • slider 96

        I think it safe to say Romney lost because he a flip flopping liar . LOL…"Revenge Vote " that's a new one , I thought as far as you teebaggers go it was a kazillion phony votes …oh wait that never proved true neither . And guess what , the voters didn't then nor do they now buy the phony politicizing of Benghazi . Just like the phony Birther Issue , and the Obama's a muslim crap , and the ludicrous concentration camps , the again PHONY Ammunition " Conspiracy " . The more you wingnuts rant , the deeper the hole you dig for yourselves .

        • Lan Astaslem

          ranting as usual – your idol barry is in deep sh!# and he brought it on himself

        • Pontotoc Bill

          Blinder, your buddy Obama is the biggest flip-flopping liar ever to occupy the oval Office.

          The more you rant against conservatives, the more inane you become. The first thing to do when in trouble is to STOP digging the hole, Blinder. Stop digging your hole.

        • Rob

          The usual drivel.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "I think it safe to say Romney lost because he a flip flopping liar . LOL…"

          Can't you up your game a little now that we know what a pathetic traitor you are? You might as well swear loyalty to your causes openly and give us something new to hear.

          Are you all out for global socialism with the UN as seat of government or more openly in the Islamic colonialist caliphate camp?

          Come up with something new please, you silly loser.

        • Drakken

          Looks like your hero and messiah Comrade Obummer has done it now and lefty/progressives are have a meltdown because you got caught, well suck it Sparky, it's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better, but hey those rainbows and unicorns you keep wishing for actually might come true.

        • Snorbak

          " phony politicizing of Benghazi", are you so naive & ignorant as to believe that a YouTube video caused the disaster at Benghazi. The 1st thought of rational thinking people upon hearing the White House's official cause was; Bulls#%t.
          We all know the Islamic community will act irrationally for no apparent reason, but come on.
          Obama lovers will throw all manner of s%#t at anyone who sits to the right of the political divide but for anyone who dares criticize your political centerfold…….well your statement says it all.
          Rocks & glass houses mate.

        • Western Spirit

          Gee, Slider what you are saying is too deep for, duh, us Conservatives to understand. Because we don't understand what the heck you are talking about when you call Romney a liar or because there were, in fact, a kazillion phony votes for Obama. What makes you think there weren't?

          Nor do we understand how a person could believe Benghazi was a phony issue since it's as proven factual as O,J.'s guilt in both of the cases where he's involved. The Left isn't even denying Benghazi happened. Plus Obama gave a billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood when America needs that money itself to clear up its debt or not go deeper into debt. And Obama won't even name Islam as our attackers. Why not? Are we supposed to blindly flail at the air and act as if we're as blind as you by not knowing whose attacking us?

          Why do you suppose all of this is happening? Why is the Arab spring being supported by this President when the Arab spring is where the whole of the Middle East is being lost to those who are our assailants. Whose side is he on, any way? And if he isn't a Moslem does his actions mean he is as blind as you? I doubt it.

          What does he have to do to convince a wrench like you, someone who must twist and distort reality so you can be comfortable supporting totalitarianism. Because by denying what's right before your eyes you're buying into totalitarianism, or do you think the IRS scandal is phony too? And by calling reality phony you're selling your self and country for a mess and into a mess.

          So buzz off or wise up.

    • Rob

      Yes, he would have been an infinitely better choice. I could provide arguments and evidence, but why bother? You don't live in the world of facts.
      Also, not all scandals are the same. As you know perfectly well. Or are you trying to say Watergate was not any worse than Lewinsky?

    • Defcon 4

      Would it have bothered you if Romney had said: "there must be no future for those who slander the founder of the Church of Latter Day Saints." would that have bothered you?

    • mlcblog

      I'll explain it to you. Romney is a decent law-abiding man where O is not.

  • http://www.clarespark.com clarespark

    Our entire culture is going to the dogs as I wrote here: not enough people care about political theory and the often hidden agenda of social movements to involve themselves where it counts: in education reform and education in competing economic theories. I tried to lay out the misguided focus on hero-worship, celebrity culture, and psychobabble here: http://clarespark.com/2013/05/15/who-is-barack-ob…. "Who is Barack Obama?" arguing that it is the wrong question.

  • Carolina girl

    This article is spot-on! Next will be the fact that he stole the election through voter fraud. Either by false registration, multiple votes by the same person or illegal names to get him on the ballet. Lets just wait and see!

    • Angela

      Thats alteady been PROVEN…He swore he was never known by another name,then we find out about Barry ,Know one knows WHO is REAL Father is AND Im not sure his mother is his REAL BIOLOGICAL mother. Also he never attended Harvard or passed a Bar Exam,ANYWHERE,just the few semesters in Columbia,where many more Scandals began his Descent into the Political Sea. PpSimons,ex Navy Seal Investigator Joe,…look these people up. God bless.

  • Lan Astaslem

    Schadenfreude – I'm sooooooo enjoying watching the arrogant, inept affirmative action narcissist squatting in the WH and his slimy junta squirming and twisting – may they go down soon.

  • fiddler

    Benghazi: a film maker was jailed; IRS, an IRS guy resigned. Apparently that is what he feels people want: a scapegoat in each case.

    • pagegl

      Hey, it works for him. :-)

  • BLJ

    This is easy.

    Nixon = A true American.

    Obama = A marxist American hating musllm.

    • slider 96

      Poor deluded teebagger .

      • BLJ

        Tea bagger, Patriot, Capitalist, Conservative. Gulity on all counts. Nice try tool.

      • Pontotoc Bill

        What, you say Nixon isn't a true American? WRONG! At least Richard Nixon served his country in the military, the US Navy during World War II.

        Obama? Never served in the military, never served his country. Just a politican.

        Know what a lawyer who is so incompetent, inept, and stupid that he cannot keep a legal office open?

        Politican. (Sounds like Obama to me).

      • Spikey1

        I take it that the spelling is correct and you are just invented a new nick-name for Obama.
        Yes, Obama does keep his tees in his golf bag.

  • Dana

    Just to point out,

    Matthew is comparing Nixon's Watergate scandal to find (unnecessary) dirt on the DNC to win the 1972 to Obama's scandal targeting political groups and opponents to win the 2012 election. He bolsters his comparison by observing this is a part of Obama's pattern of winning by 'dirty' politics rather than by stating his positions and letting the voters decide. He fails to point out that Nixon's prior campaigns were targeted by the DNC for dirty politics and that his prior campaigns had limited their response to then 'acceptable' levels of 'dirty' conduct. e.g. name calling, lies and exaggerations without actual crimes.

    Thus the Watergate conspirators saw themselves as 'getting even' with the DNC. While this is inexcusable, immature, high school level behavior, it is tit for tat – all while the Zinn-historians pretend that the DNC and Nixon's other political opponents were pure as the driven snow.

    Nixon was not a very good POTUS. In many ways he was similar to Bush and tried to out-liberal the Liberals.

    But remember Matthew is comparing apples to apples. Nixon's mistakes and bad policies do not justify Obama's mistakes or bad policies.

    Just sayin…

    Nor does Nixon's rather obvious narcissism take away from him his love of country, any more than Obama's narcissism excuses his hatred of his fellow citizens.

    • hrwolfe

      Nixon was brilliant on foreign affairs and the world stage, far superior to the Kennedy klan and wanted America strong, Obama is not even close.

      • Defcon 4

        Nixon never bowed to Soddy Barbarian despots either.

  • slider 96

    No one died Vadum ? Did all your history lessons go down the memory hole ? Watergate merely was the final straw , you forget , the Pentagon Papers , breakin to Ellsberg's Shrink's office , , UNAUTHORIZED BOMBING of Cambodia and Laos [ I guess dead Orientals don't count huh ? ] Tacit support for POL POT -he committed genocide and killed almost 3 million of his own people , Your also forgot Kolson ,Ehrlich ,and Haldeman 's "Dirty Tricks " , Westmoreland's LIEING to the American People , CIA LIEING to EVERYONE , J.Edgar Hoover blackmailing who ever he had dirt on , OR maybe you FORGOT John B. Mitchell quite possibly the most crooked AJ the US has ever had . Did you also forget that unforgettable CROOK of a VP Spiro Agnew . [ HEY VADUM , YOU SURE YOU'RE OLD ENOUGH FOR THIS STUFF? ]

    • gee59

      Nixon STARTED the aid to Israel moron. The first US aid to Israel was in 1974, prior to that Israel had to pay in advance for everything.

      Why do you attempt to invent history? Do you think that we are as stupid as you? I was in Israel at the time and remember it well, but none the less it is in the history books – oh I forgot you don't read those – you just make it up as you go along

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "I was in Israel at the time and remember it well, but none the less it is in the history books – oh I forgot you don't read those "

        He was in "People's Park" at the time stoned out of his mind and that's where he gets his "news." Just like today. A traitor then and now.

    • Pontotoc_Bill

      Blinder, change cambodia to Libya, and it sounds like Obama
      UNAUTHORIZED BOMBING of Cambodia and Laos
      – Unauthorized bombing of Libya
      Tacit support for POL POT
      – Tacit support for the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's Morsi, and other Islamists
      Your also forgot Kolson ,Ehrlich ,and Haldeman 's "Dirty Tricks "
      – and the Dems don't do this? How funny you are.
      Westmoreland's LIEING to the American People
      – Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Holder, Rice, et. al. lying the American people
      – They still lie.
      J.Edgar Hoover blackmailing who ever he had dirt on
      – Holder, the IRS, BATFE, Obamacare are all criminal activities
      maybe you FORGOT John B. Mitchell quite possibly the most crooked AJ the US has ever had
      – Nope, Holder holds that slot

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Still the schill propagandist? All those things you mentioned, Obama has done worse.

      When will you call for his 'last straw'?

    • Rob

      Historical illiteracy as usual for a Lefty. I find it especially hilarious that you make claims about him that are the exact opposite of reality. E.g. claiming we offered "tacit support" to Pol Pot when in fact we aided the Cambodian government against him, or claiming we cut off aid to Isreal when in reality it was only the mass infusion of US aid that saved Isreal in the Yom Kippur War.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "…in reality it was only the mass infusion of US aid…"

        In reality it may have been the mass infusion of US arms replenishment to balance Soviet resupplies to the jihadis and Arab nationalist-colonialists that helped the West achieve a victory in that chapter of the ongoing global jihad and communist "cold" war.

    • UCSPanther

      Your Democrats will destroy themselves through their arrogance.

      Don't believe me? Just look at the Liberal Party of Canada…

    • Defcon 4

      You haven't proven Nixon's actions (or inactions) led to the deaths of any of his subordinates, unlike the zero.

  • slider 96

    SORRY VADUM– , but it wasn't just Watergate in the Nixon Admin . and you got a long, long , way to go before what you teebaggers are accusing Obama of , even comes anywhere near Watergate and the Nixon Admin. LOL….or EVEN Reagan for that matter .

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Still the propagandist?

      If Reagan had hired a buddy for a jobs council that never met, then casually let his company pay nothing in taxes, the media would have rightly gone after him.

      But obama has with Immelt from GE.

    • Rob

      More drivel.

  • Tracy

    So the Bush administration was a bowl of cherries?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      How is spinning a false narrative on the Bush administration supposed to do a thing about this mess that the corrupt Obama administration is in?

    • Rob

      Deflection post. Fail.

    • Lan Astaslem

      it's barry's presidency – he owns it, has for almost five years – face it, he's a dud in every way

    • Drakken

      PPPSSSSTTTT hey libtard, your hero Obummer is in office and I would take Bush times 10 over that abomination of a affirmative action 3rd world lover we have now.

    • Defcon 4

      WHo cares? Have you ever heard of argument by red herring fool?

  • Pookieamos

    Obama is the master magician of deception !!! Will we ever get to the bottom ? No, because we have yellow belly Republicans who sometimes appear to be on the same side when it comes to legislation like the NDAA. Obama is the most corrupt and deceptive person I've ever seen. His answers in front of the mic are nothing but a five minute razzle-dazzle dance with no substance whatsoever !!!

  • hrwolfe

    Nixon said the quote after loosing to Brown in the California Gov';s race in 1962. Nixon claimed that he dreamed of having his enemy's audited but lacked that power and was audited often himself. The mood of the Nation at the time was that Affirmative action was needed, I did too at the time then when I went to get into a trade union apprenticeship program in 73 I was told they were only taking women and minorities, be careful for what you wish for.

  • DonaldYoungsRevenge

    When will David Horowitz and Front Page begin to cover what Diana West calls "the biggest fraud ever committed against the United States." Diana West and Lord Christopher Monckton are right, the April 27th, 2011 birth certificate is a forgery. That discovery led to the uncovering of a fraudulent SS# after it was flagged by E-Verify and that was Barack Hussein Obama's SS#. That discovery led to the uncovering of another fraudulent activity, Obama fraudulently registered with the Selective Service in 2008 not 1980. Connecting the dots and you have a fraud and a criminal in the WH sitting next to the Nuclear Football for crying out loud and sending the IRS into every damn home he doesn't like. It is time for David Horowitz to get off his butt and cover this before Barack Hussein Obama is hauled off in hand cuffs.

    • Rob

      Birther nonsense does not belong here. This is a site for grown-ups, not conspiracy fantasists.

  • Aaron

    This is what Obama said today …….Admission: Obama admitted that the U.S. needs to 'learn the lessons of Benghazi' but he called it an 'incident' rather than a terror. He is blaming the Republicans for the attack because of the sequestor. This is disgusting. Why are we accepting this? Our so-called leader of America is the most embarrassing leader in the free world. Every week there is another calamity that comes from the White House. At least the news media is starting to speak up.

  • dannyjeffrey44

    There is no comparison at all in the Nixon/Obama misdeeds. Many Democrats now in spin mode are seeking to divert the absolute criminal behavior of Team Obama and Watergate. The connection is just not there. http://www.freedomrings1776.com/2013/05/benghazi-

  • obamamama

    Someone said that Honorable President Obama is not a legal precident because of his lack of documentation. Documented or not he was elected president. Documented or not as president I believe that

    1.) It is disrespectful to call an undocumented person illegal
    2.) For example our undoucmented guests are NOT illegal, simply undocumented.
    3.) As president, even if proven undocumented, President Obama could issue an executive order for the safety of our nation to make it legal for President Obama considered a Documented President, the only difference would be the lack of documentation. In fact the order would not necessarily need to be documented, this too could be allowed via executive order.
    4.) I believe that the President was very busy during Benghazi, and therefore while being that busy "who Cares" about those details while the President is being elected. His right to be elected during these interruptions really should not be impinged upon. Then after the election we certainly are going to fully investigate the issues and I am sure that those mistakes make him very ANGRY. So much so that after re-election he will remedy the situation.

    • Steve

      Obama was too busy playing golf to get involved with such minor issues as the killing of an ambassador in Bengazi. Cme on folks give the president a break. It's hard to concentrate on golf and terrorism.

    • Pontotoc_Bill

      3. Sorry, but if it were proven that Obama was not a legal citizen of the US, then in accordance with the Constitution he is not the president and could not issue executive orders.

      Sorry, but undocumented alien means illegal as they broke US law by entering the country illegally. Therefore, it is correct to call them ILLEGAL.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        He's mocking left-thought.

    • Defcon 4

      Yeah and a drug dealer is nothing more than an undocumented pharmacist right 'tard?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Yeah and a drug dealer is nothing more than an undocumented pharmacist right 'tard?"

        Yep. If he's a registered Democrat you can count on that.

  • mah29001

    The Obama defenders are pathetic. So it's okay a Democratic administration can get away with worse things than a Republican administration is all I am learning from these half-whits.

  • mlcblog

    While I agree with you and look forward to enjoying this article in more detail because I like the study of these comparative points, Richard Nixon was well known in California (his home state) as Tricky Dick long before he gained national prominence. I am sure this was more true among the left of the day, who never forgave him for the wrongs they saw when Nixon beat Helen Gahagan Douglas, their candidate. He was accused of being a trickster ever after that whenever they could. She coined the term Tricky Dick and he was accused of dirty tactics, a smear campaign. Of course, she was as left as they got in those days while running successfully for public office and he was — well, see Alger Hiss and all that mess. Nixon was rabidly anti-Communist in those days. 1950's

    I know this is a small point, but I just have to say He was indeed considered tricky by many far previous to Watergate. Still, it doesn't hold a candle to Obama's accomplishments in that department!!!!!!!!!

  • Eugenian

    The irony is that this is supposedly from an inept
    presidency; a Commander in Chief that leads from behind. Is he so
    capable or is Congress inept? All of the supposedly illegal things and
    he has not been impeached? And he won a second term when all of this is
    brought to light daily through conservative talk radio that outnumbers
    progressive three to one? Congress is inept and so is the voting public
    despite the relentless attacks from Conservatives? And Obama manipulated
    the Supreme Court to save Obamacare? Or maybe the Republicans are so
    unorganized that even with the Rove War Chest of corporate and
    billionaire money they still could not defeat such a traitor as Obama?
    One man? Obama? Able to pull this whole thing off? You make a good
    point. This president is the smartest one we have ever had. Smarter than
    the House and Senate, media, the voters and the Supreme Court. But not
    as smart as you. You know how to cut and paste. Impressive.

    • Eric

      Wow ignorance is an understatement in your inability to recognize a psychopath. Are you so diluted in your inability to recognize that congress and most of the government is mostly run by Democrats who are to selfish to get rid of the worst president in U.S. history all to save their corrupt political careers. What about the race card he plays every single time and the American people have to eat it up to avoid being called a racist every time he says or does something stupid. What about the massive voter fraud that has surfaced that the government won’t even lift a finger to investigate which would reveal he actually lost the election. His unpopularity is sky rocketing but due to corruption and a massive amount of control by psycho path liberals has caused the system to no longer clean itself. The country is diseased by idiots who give power over to them by people who think they will get a free ride if they vote for the social paths. Or the massive intrusion of liberal Republicans which represent the worst niche in society. The Declaration of Independence the first and most prime form of our government has a way of dealing with this kind of problem when peaceful overthrows no longer work. Hmmm makes me wonder why the liberals are so scared of the public having firearms lately. I mean with all the gun control laws suddenly springing up along with the public responding to the corruption in the worst administration in U.S. history. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck.then it probably is a duck.

      Oh and no Obama is not the only one involved with the corruption. The two psychopaths in the supreme court and his Democratic buddies are involved as well. He is just the leader and whenever a criminal organization is brought into justice, most of the attention goes to the ring leader, not the gang members.