ObamaCare: A Christmas Gift from the Poor to the Rich

on7The increasingly desperate Obama White House is encouraging Obamacare supporters to make Christmas a living hell for those Americans still not convinced that putting the federal government in charge of health care is a good idea.

Because Obamacare will go into an actuarial death spiral if enough young people refuse to enroll, and because it’s a day ending in a “Y,” it’s time for yet another sleazy, lowbrow attempt to strong-arm young, healthy Americans into buying overpriced Affordable Care Act-compliant insurance that they don’t need and in many cases can’t afford. And why is such health insurance unaffordable to the young and the poor? Because Obamacare imposes ridiculous, expensive mandates, for example, forcing old men to cover women’s birth control while forcing young people to cover geriatric medical care.

To trick young, poor, healthy people into subsidizing older, sicker, wealthier people, the Obama administration wheeled out First Lady Michelle Obama, America’s flamboyant answer to the shopping-crazed kleptocrat Imelda Marcos, to sell Obamacare coverage to those who don’t want it or need it.

And to appeal to the young “hipster” community, Obama’s stormtroopers at Organizing for Action (OfA) posted an ad on Twitter showing a young bespectacled man in one-piece pajamas, sitting on a comfortable couch with a warm drink. “Wear pajamas. Drink hot chocolate. Talk about getting health insurance,” reads the accompanying ad copy.

It might be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

But to the incorrigible, true-believing leftists of the Obama administration, everything is political and nothing is sacred. Precious family time must give way for the good of the all-important state. In a spine-tinglingly creepy scene that might have come out of totalitarian East Germany or the Soviet Union, the Obamas lectured assembled mothers on the need to indoctrinate their children into embracing the three-year-old health care law that is tearing America apart.

“There’s something about moms,” President Obama said with his wife at his side in the Oval Office. They have credibility, often make family health care decisions, and “can tell young people who think they’re invincible that they’re not and prod them to at least get information.”

Convincing young adults that they are not invincible is “our job as mothers,” the First Lady said on Wednesday, five days before a Dec. 23 deadline for consumers to choose a plan if they want coverage at the beginning of the approaching new year.

“Make it a Christmas treat around the table to talk about a little health care,” said Mrs. Obama. “Ring in the New Year with new coverage.”

The Obama administration has good reason to be feeling desperate nowadays. It seems clear that the armies of young people Obamacare needs to put on the insurance rolls aren’t signing up. Nearly three months after the Obamacare website and enrollment period launched, the ever-slippery White House Press Secretary Jay Carney implausibly claimed not to know how many young individuals had enrolled so far.

Carney was unusually evasive, saying he did not have “any data specifically broken down by age.” He told a reporter to ask an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services for the information but said not to expect much from HHS. Invoking something like the dog-ate-my-homework excuse, Carney accused young Americans of procrastination, saying that young persons will most likely “wait until the last minute to get their paperwork done or their online applications done.” When told HHS refused to release the data, Carney told the reporter to try again.

As part of the administration’s holiday season campaign, Organizing for Action sent out a mass email last night urging supporters to inflict the media’s latest pro-Obamacare lies, half-truths, and propaganda on unsuspecting family members over the Yuletide season. The push for Christmastime indoctrination comes as the Obama administration encourages Hollywood to weave pro-Obamacare messages into prime-time television shows.

Amazingly, no family members were reportedly killed or maimed during this past Thanksgiving holiday when OfA similarly encouraged its members to conduct socialized-medicine missionary work over turkey meat and cranberry sauce. Thanksgiving, of course, is especially inappropriate for Marxist indoctrination sessions because it is the day Americans celebrate the pilgrims’ rejection of the anti-capitalist Mayflower Compact that abolished the profit motive and led to the death by starvation of many of those newly arrived at Plymouth Rock.

OfA’s “Truth Team” wants you to use the approaching holiday to get in the face of your stubborn uncle who still believes in supposedly outmoded, politically incorrect concepts like self-reliance and paying your own way. All the abusive, manipulative persuasion techniques in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals are presumably fair game.

“We all have that one relative — we won’t name names — who just loves to argue about politics. It’s like clockwork — every year, the same conversations. And you just know that health care is going to come up this year — this time, make sure you’re ready. There’s a lot of good news on our side,” the email claims even though virtually all bad news –and there is so much of it– is on their side.

The email approvingly cites a New York Times opinion piece by leftist economist Paul Krugman, long an Obama lapdog, who looks forward to the “cost-saving measures” that will flow from the Affordable Care Act’s statutorily-created death panel, the Independent Payment Advisory Board. “Now that the filibuster has been reformed, the board can come into being,” Krugman gloats.

The email draws the reader’s attention to “must-read Obamacare success stories from news outlets across the country,” while ignoring the much more numerous, exhaustively catalogued litany of human suffering as premiums around the country double and families get abruptly dumped from their plans in the name of the Left’s idea of progress.

The email cites a morally confused Huffington Post blogger named Randy Turner who brags about how Obamacare has the effect of forcing his conservative friends to pay for his health insurance. He seems barely able to conceal his schadenfreude.

“I enrolled in Obamacare and I like it,” Turner volunteers, adding that he is “getting a great deal on [his] health insurance.” With his new plan, he pays “$501.98 cents a month for health insurance, but I qualify for a $500-a-month tax credit — therefore my premiums will cost $1.98 a month.”

Of course the retired, pensioned, 57-year-old English teacher likes Obamacare! Obama has become his own personal Santa Claus.

Instead of simply being grateful for the involuntary largesse of others, the self-righteous freeloader adds insult to injury, railing against the productive members of society who are subsidizing him instead of acknowledging his own envy-based, class warfare-fueled desire for the unearned.

“How sad it is that people who make millions, sometimes billions of dollars a year, have fanned the flames of resentment in this country to such a point that the people who most need the Affordable Health [sic] Care Act are becoming the targets of scorn and others who need it are willing to go to any length to avoid using it,” Turner whines.

In his view, Americans who don’t delight in being ripped off under Obamacare are bad people who seethe with resentment. Their great sin is wanting to keep their own hard-earned money.

As all but the most dishonest pundits now admit, Obamacare is less about health care, and more about the perverse pathologies that progressives suffer from. It is about redistributing wealth by coercing some insured individuals to pay for the insurance of others. It defies the old adage that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Obamacare teaches uninsured people how to steal fish from their neighbors and to feel good about the theft by rationalizing it away. Robbery under color of law is a modern-day means of achieving that fuzzy condition known as social justice.

That’s not what the Christmas season is supposed to be about.

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  • ZZ

    Not even Goebbels was this relentless at subverting families with lies and propaganda. He and his boss mainly went after the youth because they were the future. The Obamaburo even has parents trying to corrupt their children’s futures. These people are contemptible.

    And yeah, I did compare Obama to you know who. He uses so many of the same tactics and policies that the compatison is apt.

    • Guy Fromage

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The American left, especially under Hussein, has had its Godwin’s Law card revoked.

      Nazi is, and Nazi does.

    • Guy Fromage

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The American left, especially under Hussein, has had its Godwin’s Law card revoked.

      N azi is, as N azi does.

      • Drakken

        I would have to say they are following the communist playbook, the na zi liked to burn stuff down first.

  • Mo86

    But it’s these ignorant younger people who voted for this man in the first place – TWICE! They are the ones who wanted “free health care”, remember? And now they are not signing up?

    This infuriates me! THEY wanted this!

    • reader

      I wouldn’t blame “the young people” in the first place. Look at the boomers first – that’s the truly screwed up generation. Don’t forget that “the young people” are horded into classrooms to hear boomers preach marxism to them. And when they come home, their boomer parents either don’t bother to talk sense into them, or, worse yet, also preach marxism to them.

      • Dallas25305

        Your right, Maxist indoctrination in schools started in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and it’s in all the schools now.

        • MLCBLOG

          you’re right, as in you are.

          but you probably know this and it’s just a typo

  • John Davidson

    Would someone please tell Obama you can’t fix something that is broken with non-waterproof glue,

  • Guy Fromage

    I remember debating with the usual trolls on this forum, about how the general concept behind obamacare is flawed, and that various details of its implementation were a disaster.

    They seem to have grown strangely silent, of late.

    I guess obamacare is good for something, after all. #positivethoughts

    • Drakken

      The reality of obummercare is scarring the bloody daylights out of the liberals because economic reality triumphs feelings and warm and fuzzys any day of the week. I can’t wait until this train wreck finally is realized in all it’s economic glory. After these scumbag politicians just screwed over us vets, I say burn the whole bloody thing to the ground.

      • Jane

        You’re a Vet? Much respect.
        Thank you for your service sweetie.

  • Guy Fromage


    N a z i

  • glpage

    I wonder how Randy would feel if some portion of his retirement were redistributed to less fortunate folks, like those who did not benefit from unions and their Democrat buddies setting up government bankrupting benefits packages.

    • Jane

      I’ll pray for that to happen to him.

  • http://tinatrent.com/ Tina Trent

    I have encountered Randy Turner in education reform blogging circles. He blogs regularly about his outrage at others using public money for their hobbyhorses — in fact, that’s pretty much his sole drumbeat, besides getting, in his view, unfairly fired (not retired) from his teaching job. He claims it was a book he wrote criticizing school reform measures that got him unfairly fired, yet the book in question is — no kidding — a fictional account of teaching that is heavy on sex adventures, including an imagined instance of sex in a classroom involving an underaged girl.

    That’s just creepy.

    Despite his described ailment, Mr. Turner is apparently capable of working — he just wants to be an artist and expects the rest of us to augment his living expenses by force through Obamacare as he pursues his writing. I don’t choose to use my family’s money to supplement his leisure hobby. Instead of blogging gleefully about how he is ripping us off, he should get a job.

  • Biff Henderson

    One day it is my dream that Obama will designate me the enviable status of privileged victim. Pitch a b*t*h and you’re in.

  • Dallas25305

    I wonder why the racist, Barak Hussein Obozo has said nothing about his hood rats sucker punching and killing innocent whites, Asians and White hispanics? Some of the dead, WW2 veterans. Don’t these people look enough like his son Trayvon?? I thought a President of the United States was suppose to protect all of it citizens. Apparently that ended the day that the lying, racist pig Barack Hussein Obama came to power.

    • Dallas25305

      The great thing for Obama is the relatives of many of these victims will pay for the health care of these hoods rats thanks to Obozo Care. Those people will pay insane insurance rates so Obozo’s hood rats will not have to work and can attack you. Thanks to Obozo Care, Food stamps, Welfare and Welfare housing. Isn’t this just wonderful. Thanks Democraps.

  • Gislef

    “and prod them to at least get information.” Odds are the only info they’ll get is what a 434 Error Code means.

  • BagLady

    I am in a quandary. On the one side I see the British Right laying waste to our, hitherto, famous National Health Service. Bit by bit it is being handed over to the private sector (and mates). What used to be Income = Service, has now changed to Income – Service = Profit. An huge difference. Home grown medics are being replaced (on greatly reduced salaries) by foreign ‘trained’, non English speaking personnel. The daily disaster stories in the British press speak volumes about this profit based system.

    There is no room for middle men, skimming off the cream, when it comes to our health services.

  • popseal

    The same kind of people that gave us forced Social Security and retained giant federal retirement for themselves, forced affirmative action into the mortgage loan business that led to the ’08 ‘crash’, have protection details carrying firearms illegal to us, now forcing Obamacare on us but retaining private coverage options for themselves, these same people believe they are our saviors. We’ll see………

  • keyster

    The GOP wants to delay the individual mandate – as if that will fix it, or perhaps give Obama more time to market a product no one wants. Or just maybe they want to delay it so Obama is not seen agreeing with “the other side”, should he decide or be forced to delay.


    “There’s something about Moms…” OMG!! He is totally still community organizing. That is the exact thing they do. Find any group and use the willing few to influence others.

  • john

    with those extremely high deductibles, most of us will be paying 100% of health care….
    Nobody in RNC sees the free fall of USA?
    Did I write “free”?
    We are paying for our downfall… :(

  • Jessica

    I feel good that the rich give to help people in need, it was time to start helping.

    ventajas de la criolipolisis

    • reader

      The rich are getting their care regardless. Just look at the Democrat Party operatives – they ARE rich. It’s the “middle class” and the working poor who are being really screwed. So much for do-gooding. It’s marxism 101, bimbo.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    What would make them think that young american males would identify with pajama boy? These people are demented.

  • Worried_in_USA

    re: “Because Obamacare imposes ridiculous, expensive mandates”

    Here’s another example. Since my individual plan upped coverage to meet beaucoup “mandates”, I am now paying for lactation counseling. Pretty ridiculous for a 64-year breast cancer survivor who needed a double mastectomy. Can’t make this up, can you?

  • ca1

    pathetic… just pathetic….

  • CowboyUp

    “$501.98 cents a month for health insurance, but I qualify for a $500-a-month tax credit — therefore my premiums will cost $1.98 a month.” – Randy Turner, PuffHo blogger.
    No Randy, your premiums still cost $501.98 a month, but taxpayers are now paying 99.6% of it, and you’re only paying 0.4%. Legalizing theft doesn’t make it right. A 57 year old retired teacher, no wonder the government is going broke. .

    • Jane

      Idiots have no clue who’s actually paying for these so called savings.

  • BagLady

    “It is about redistributing wealth by coercing some insured individuals
    to pay for the insurance of others. It defies the old adage that if you
    give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to
    fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”[MV].

    I am trying to think of a society that runs smoothly where wealth isn’t redistributed in the taxation system and, indeed all communal systems. The sick will take more from an health system than the robust but must they also go ‘fish’?

    Problems should only arise when the economy pushes more and more into the ‘needy’ pool of those reduced to queuing for food parcels, and the number of supporters diminishes.

    It seems to me the problem is the usual one; the cost: Your drug companies grossly overcharge as do insurance companies.

    In my home country, we pay 6% as employee and 6.5% as employer toward the Social Security fund. There is the usual cap to protect the wealthy. This covers all our health needs. I see that your Social Security (equivalent) tax is very low and will go to 3.8% under Obamacare.

  • Vegdaze

    Sure, it’s easy to point out reasons to dislike it. It’s not worth much, though, when the right has no plan to replace or improve healthcare for all. The law is not going away so let’s work together to improve it.