Obama’s Shutdown: Parks for Amnesty Activists Only

8638306221_b4c31c250a_oPresident Obama’s unprecedentedly vicious, carefully choreographed campaign of shutdown sadism is becoming even more thuggish as the fiscal 2014 budget dispute heads into its second week.

But the lawless Obama administration is granting an indulgence to its radical friends who support immigration amnesty and tearing down the nation’s borders.

As Charlie Spiering reports in the Washington Examiner, the Caudillo-in-Chief is allowing the “Camino Americano: March for Immigration Reform” rally to proceed on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., today even though signs inform visitors that the Mall is closed because of the federal government shutdown.

“About 30 members of Congress are expected to attend the rally, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J.,” Spiering writes. “The event is hosted by several immigration activist groups, together with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the AFL-CIO.”

Acting on the authority of the Alinskyite Chicago thug temporarily occupying the White House, the jackbooted National Park Service told charter boat captains in Florida that 1,100 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean are “closed” because of the government shutdown. Until the shutdown ends, fishing boats are banned.

Under orders from Obama to generate maximum pain, federal law enforcement officers have also been blocking access to open-air national monuments such as Mount Rushmore, various war memorials, and taxpayer-supported public spaces across the nation. Veterans have been committing acts of civil disobedience by storming the “barrycades” that block public access to open-air war memorials.

The NPS has also shuttered privately owned restaurants, inns, and marinas around the country using paid armed guards while simultaneously maintaining it lacks the funding and labor force to do so. Some in Congress are demanding hearings on these Obama administration abuses.

In a particularly outrageous case that is the very definition of fascism, that is, private ownership under government control, 77-year-old Joyce Spencer and her 80-year-old husband Ralph were evicted from the home they own in Lake Mead, Nevada, that happens to sit on federal land. Heartless Obama bureaucrats said property owners there are allowed to visit their own property only to retrieve belongings.

“Unfortunately overnight stays are not permitted until a budget is passed and the park can reopen,” the NPS explained.

Over in the Left’s parallel universe, evil, intransigent Republicans are preventing President Obama from getting the public funds he needs to walk on water, heal the lame and sick, and provide nutritious school lunches for multitudes of needy children who can’t survive without the largesse of Uncle Sam. This is barely, of course, an exaggeration as leftists in the media and elsewhere keep churning out the kind of cartoonish propaganda we’ve come to expect from Third World socialist dictatorships.

But back in the real world, time marches on as infantile Democrats histrionically whine about imagined Republican obstructionism, all the while turning foot-stomping into an art.

With Mussolini-like resolve, President Obama continues to harangue House Republicans, robotically accusing them of refusing to hold votes or compromise on spending resolutions that could re-open shuttered portions of the government. In reality, a week after the new federal fiscal year began, only House Republicans have been holding votes or offering compromises to the other side.

It is the Senate, which is in the death grip of Obama’s fellow Democrats, that is refusing to act. As Obama tries to collapse the stock market, taunting investors by saying they “should be worried” about current budget negotiations, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) continues to function as brick wall. Reid is preventing senators from considering a slew of temporary funding measures approved by the House in the last few days that are aimed at re-opening parts of the federal government.

Public opinion polls, which, on complex public policy questions can be as scientific as soothsayers of antiquity reading bird entrails, nonetheless suggest the public isn’t buying the facile argument that the shutdown is entirely the handiwork of Republican lawmakers.

A Fox News poll unveiled Friday shows Democrats and GOPers sharing the blame for the shutdown. In the survey 25 percent of respondents blamed House Speaker John Boehner and 24 percent blamed Obama. According to Big Journalism’s John Nolte, this is “[m]ore proof this is not 1995. The GOP were losing 2-to-1 during that shutdown.”

A CNN poll from yesterday says 63 percent of Americans are angry at Republicans, while 57 percent are angry at Democrats. An ABC/Washington Post poll says 55 percent of registered voters disapprove of Obama’s handling of the shutdown, compared to 43 percent who approve of it.

President Obama is doing all these horrible, petty, irritating things like needlessly shutting down national parks in order to rankle voters in the hope they’ll blame Republicans for the ongoing government shutdown. Liberals, in typical fashion, predict apocalypse because of the shutdown.

The Obama approach is called the “Washington Monument Strategy.” The theory is that such minor annoyances amplify the consequences of budget cuts, or in this case, of the government shutdown. The goal is to force congressional Republicans to surrender their principles and agree to fund Obamacare — and in the process look wimpy and lose the support of their grassroots.

The Washington Monument Strategy easily fits into the world of community organizing.

Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky taught that the community organizer’s first job is “community disorganization” by which he meant the manufacture of crises designed to inflame the community. The organizer must “create the issues or problems.” He must “rub raw the resentments of the people of the community” and  then direct its rage at specific targets and scapegoats, providing “a channel into which the people can angrily pour their frustrations.”

Obama is on a drive to turn America into a one-party state, so naturally his wrath is directed at Republicans. The GOP makes for an easy target because Obama knows the mainstream media won’t blame him for anything bad that happens no matter how painfully obvious his culpability may be.

Amazingly, the House Republicans, who have a record of caving in when Obama applies pressure, are holding firm and appear to be digging in for a prolonged fight.

Speaker Boehner actually accused Obama of playing games.

It’s a new day in America.

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  • truebearing

    Is it possible that Obama is trying to provoke a reponse that he can construe as justification for declaring martial law? It seems to me that Obama has increasingly gone out of his way to outrage anyone who doesn’t support him. His in-your-face gestures are getting more frequent and more egregious. Maybe he feels the need to “nudge” the nation into a civil war before too much momentum builds for Hillary, or before he loses the senate in 2014. Maybe this is his narcissistic rage over seeing the legal end of his power looming just a few years away. Whatever the reasons, Obama has become increasingly nasty, one-sided, and threatening. I doubt that it is solely because he wants to discredit the Republicans.

    We are seeing the real Barack Obama — vindictive, sadistic, bigoted, dishonest, treacherous, ruthless, heartless, insolent, racist, meglomaniacal, rapacious, dictatorial — now that his thin veneer is threadbare and his deranged jack-o-lantern grin has turned to a sneer.

    • Lanna

      Manipulation and created chaos are part of the plan to create martial law.

    • m4253y

      I have said this repeatedly. the resident of the white house has a master plan no different than that of his rival Putin. Putin wanted power back so badly that he reinvented the rules to allow him to do so.

      Anyone in America who does not see this is insane. The community organizer is dividing the middle against itself, breathing disharmony at every turn that will ultimately lead to some form of either anarchy or rebellion. The constitution gives him unlimited powers and scope to suspend elections and individual freedoms when acts of insurrection threaten the Union.

      The only determinant is the interpretation given to what is constituted as acts of insurrection that threaten the Union.

      Given the muslime in chief’s track record, it i s without doubt that he will tell us when that is so.

      He wasn’t joking when he said he needed 4 more years to finish what he started.

      The problem is, no one took him seriously.

      • ziggy zoggy

        He’s trying, that’s for sure. His inner circle has laid all the groundwork right in front of us. He may even succeed. People think it can’t happen but it can. It’s happened all around the world.

        • m4253y

          for a president to have such a hard on to blatantly attack the second amendment in such an aggressive and open form should leave little to no doubt in anyone’s mind. this same act of firearm confiscation was seen numerous times in recent history prior to totalitarian regimes taking over…this muslime is so slick that he figured buying up all the ammo was another tactic with results.

          his stand as a dictator right now will make it harder for his ‘friends’ to continue this BS stand, spitting in the face of America. and yes, you are right, it will happen.

    • nomoretraitors

      Sean Hannity and Glen Beck showed us the real Obama before the ’08 election but we refused to listen

      • mo up in the northeast

        I listened. I’ve written hundreds of letters to get justice for the Donald Young, the murdered gay choir director of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Church. The Sept. 23rd edition of tabloid “National Examiner” carried a story of 4 individuals who are convinced this Pres. is gay. They are: Larry Sinclair (please read his book) plus former naval intelligence officer Wayne Madsen, openly gay chicago writer Kevin Dujan, and Rev. James Manning. Rev. Manning has found me on twitter, by the way. Also, in Ct. the tribune owned Hartford Courant has not told the connection to Sinclair, of Robert Braddock, conveniently arrested by FBI in Meriden, in connection to Ct Politician Chris Donovan. Look it all up. It’s on line. And thank you, Jerome Corsi

        • truebearing

          Of course he is gay. Who else throws a baseball like a girl, while wearing mom jeans?

          The media has run a near perfect blockade on Obama’s sexual proclivities, even though it is common knowledge in Chicago’s gay community that Obama is gay.

          Hitler and Ernst Rohm were gay, too, and look at how ruthless and deranged they were. Obama is cut out of the same cloth as the pink swastika.

          • mo up in the northeast

            Just found out that Ed Gelb, who along with Robert Braddock, was allegedly hired by David Axelrod to conduct the fake lie detector test on Larry Sinclair, was hired by the parents of JonBenet Ramsey. Also, there are ethics charges against Gelb. I posted the Ramsey link on Axlerod’s Facebook page, and it subsequently disappeared rather quickly.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Yep. Do a web search on Obama Girly flinching from a martial arts exhibition on the White House lawn. He practically jumps up in Michelle’s lap. He is an inveterate liar so he is constantly acting, but his effeminacy shows a bit in the way he tilts his head to smirk, the way he tilts his head up and down when he speaks and other giveaways. All my gay friends have him pinged on their gaydar.

            Either he’s gay or the most effeminate heterosexual in America.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Obama showed us the true Obama in 08 and people didn’t listen.

    • frodo

      You cannot be serious. This is the GOP’s shutdown–most Americans see it that way, and this is just overheated nonsense.

      • nomoretraitors

        Put down the MSNBC koolaid and back away from the table

      • john spielman

        just wait and see if the incrasing lawlessness of the demirats doesn’t result in martial law

      • TheOrdinaryMan

        The GOP doesn’t have the authority to shut down the government. But it’s the Democrat’s that have refused to put out a budget, for 4 1/2 years; and the Democrat’s that refuse to negotiate on Obamacare. It’s the Democrat’s shutdown.

      • Boogie’s Daddy

        Most Americans DO see it that way. If only because they have been lied to.
        This is no more the GOP’s shutdown than it was the GOP’s sequester which Obama suggested.
        There are a number of facts that you refuse to acknowledge.
        President Obama has not presented a single budget as required every year by law. Not ONE year has he complied with the law. The votes for continued funding are only needed because if this blatant failure to fulfill one of his basic duties. That in and of itself places ownership for this mess squarely on his skinny shoulders.
        The Republican majority in the House of Representatives have passed a number of bills to fund the government. The Senate controlled by Democrats and headed up by Harry Reid has refused to even allow a vote on them.
        There is no logical way to come to an educated conclusion that the GOP are at fault for what is being foisted on the American taxpayers.

      • mo up in the northeast

        You are so very wrong. Open your eyes to unbridled tyranny at the hands of HUGE variety of communists, from Axelrod to Jarrett, etc. etc.

      • truebearing

        Gee! Those are some really convincing talking points you got there! Where did you get them…Media Matters…Think Progress…or are you working directly for Obama as one of his taxpayer supported liars?

        I’m deadly serious, and you are blatantly misleading. The shutdown is 100% Obama’s doing, and worse, it is exactly what he wanted to do because it gives him a chance to use power arbitrarily to inflict suffering on the citizens of the country he hates the most…America. He is a sick SOB and you are a fool to be goose stepping to the evil tune of a dictator.

        • frodo

          The decision not to pass a clean continuing resolution was the GOP’s, was it not? The shutdown derives from that, doesn’t it?

          The Affordable Care Act is the law, a conservative Supreme Court upheld it, the President was reeelected. This is not hard to understand–what’s hard to understand is why a minority of the minority party thinks it can circumvent the law, the Supreme Court, and the result of a general election.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Nice try to slip in a last word on an old thread so you can earn your troll paycheck.

            The Republicans in the House don’t have the authority or power to shutdown the government. They have the power to initiate revenue raising bills or block them. The senate initiated the shutdown and Osama approved it. End of story, you political ignoramus/liar.

            Your law of the land nonsense is a straw man. The House is not required to fund anything unless it chooses to.

            Troll attempt to back up Obama’s sleazy attempt to blame Republicans for his persecution of Americans: DENIED.

          • truebearing

            “Clean resolution?” As opposed to what, dirty one? Spare me your moronic Progressive talking points. Not one thing Obama has done has been clean, especially Obamadon’tCare.

            The shutdown derives from Obama’s desire to shut it down, hoping to destroy the Republican Party in his rabid, evil quest to create a One Party communist government.

            Obamacare was illegally passed with bribes to senators. It violates the constitution, regardless of the idiotic majority decision by the Supreme Court.

            Laws are constantly being re-written, or thrown out. Congress has the right to decide what is funded.

            Obama has unilaterally given exemptions and delays to corporations, but won’t afford the same consideration to the citizens. That puts Obama squarely in the camp that favors the corporations over the citizens. Sounds like Fascism.

            Nixon won two general elections, so what is your vacuous point?

      • ziggy zoggy

        It’s true. There really are people stupid enough to believe the Republicans did it. I understand the partisan fanatics who know better and just don’t care but it’s hard to understand such an extreme level of stupidity.

      • The March Hare

        First of all, the government continues to collect money through taxation as always. We don’t run entirely on borrowed money. We just borrow additional money because of all the stupid left wing spending programs and the lack of taxes from the bottom 47%. We don’t really need to shut down the government. Just curtail spending on the excesses. The GOP has passed and sent along funding for all necessary portions of the government and they have been rejected in order to put on this charade where the administration holds everyone hostage and points the finger at the GOP. The GOP doesn’t make the decision to shut down anything. That part is the administrations job. So far the polls (if you can believe them) show roughly about 40% to 40% with 20% unconscious. The “overheated nonsense” is on the part of the “DemonRATS” (thank you Michael_Durham) and we need to keep up the pressure and try to educate people of the truth. The nice thing about what they are doing is that it is so far over the top what with closing monuments that didn’t cost anything to keep open, blocking views of Mount Rushmore, closing inns that actually paid rent and taxes to the government and closing roads that more people will see through the charade and wake up. There actually are people who support this administration, but will begin to see what scum they actually are. All we can hope for is that they back away and tell their friends and acquaintances why they are turning away while we keep spreading the word on FOX news, talk radio and the internet so conservatives will be aware of the details about this crap and will talk it up openly to make more around them aware. We need to keep this intense for another year.

      • MLCBLOG

        open your eyes

    • Chris Behme

      I wouldn’t put anything past the Marxist Muslim usurper.
      He truly hates America. It’s just getting harder for him to hide it.
      He wants a revolution that installs him as dictator for life.
      Then he can institute sharia law, and his mission will be complete.
      I loathe that creepy scumbag.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Truebearing, I think you’re right. Obama’s inner circle is obviously planning to engineer an excuse to declare martial law and more. Besides all the illegal power grabs, attempts to destroy the Republican Party, create public dependency, seduce the public, capitalize on media support, create situations that will foment public, racial and class unrest etc, he has armed Homeland Security to the extent that it can not only subdue the citizenry but fight the American military on American soil. After all, if the military does turn against a rogue Administration what are its options? Bomb and shell America? Sweep the streets? Guerrilla warfare? I don’t know what contingency plans the military has but Obama did promise to make civilian forces the equal of the military and he has been hard at work trying to keep that promise. Military vehicles from Iraq and Afghanistan have been requisitioned for DHS and everybody knows about the billion rounds of ammo. Are the FEMA Camps with guard towers just a paranoid delusion of “right-wingers?” And the police are completely unreliable. They already have an adversarial policy against the public. Many Sheriff’s departments are opposed to fascism but they’re outgunned, to say the least.

      And what if the Obamaburo commandeers our infrastructure? Water, utilities, roads, airports, etc? It wouldn’t be hard to do.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Continued……just five years ago I would have sounded like a paranoiac ranting about black helicopters and concentration camps. But now? Not so much. I can’t see them doing anything right now though, if ever. Scary, though.

        And you know what? Even without possible plans for martial law and removing opposition, I’m sure he would’ve been playing the same games with this shutdown anyway.

  • Flicker

    Forgive me for spamming this on multiple threads but this was my thought yesterday.

    There comes a point of no return. Let me warn you all now. It sounds so very crazy, I know. But the direction the government and society are going, and at the rate they’re heading there, and considering the deeds of our current administration, mob killings will grow in size and frequency. And will go unprosecuted and unreported. The government will increase persecution of dissidents via the IRS and the media, and will start increasing pressure with other departments, such as they are doing now with the Park Service.

    Holder will continue to oversee allowing more and more arms in the hands of violent gangs, while beginning confiscating licensed arms in an ad hoc way, by categories, using pretext after pretext. Mandatory mental health screening will begin to be seen as justifiable, along with a push for mental health screenings of
    all people covered under the ACA. The direction of persecuting Christian assemblies, and directives purging Christians from the military and the government will increase. More conservatives, libertarians, and Christian objectors will be legally targeted for prosecution, conservatives will be blamed for instigating the violence, while mob aggression grows to the point that it is no longer avoidable by news agencies.

    Government armies, such as the DHS and TSA, with FBI coordination, DHS intelligence and Army tactical support, will institute a continuous federal police presence and a spotty de facto martial law. As riots begin to break out in larger cities. The government will declare formal martial law regionally. Finally, the executive branch will use the civil unrest to assume full wartime authority.

    Probably in time for the 2016 elections.
    And somewhere in here the dollar probably fails.

    • mo up in the northeast

      Thank you very much. We all need a willing suspension of disbelief. I think Obama’s puppet masters are satanic globalists. Also, please research HAARP- weather modification was a pipe dream, according to the USAF proclamation of 1996- they predicted it would arrive by 2025. But there are chem trail sites- there is the HAARP facility in Alaska that claims to be just “studying” the inonosphere- yet it is only open to the public every 2 years. Some say the recent Colorado wild weather was HAARPED-immediately after Dems were recalled. Put nothing past Valerie Jarrett. Aaron Alexis in Navy Yard Shooting had “ELF” on his weapon. There is such a thing as MK Ultra. one “kook” blog says there are 400 more where Aaron Alexis and Chris Dorner came from. What REALLY gets me though, is the coverup of the murder of Donald Young – the openly gay choir director of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church. PLEASE read Larry Sinclair’s book – he has e-mails of death threats in which he was told his death would “appear” to be a heart attack. Brings to mind Andrew Breitbart. As odd as my above words appear, we have to see total gov’t intrusion and absolute power as the end game.

    • m4253y

      Flicker, hold one thought true, always.

      Every despot in history goes down, this is a fact. Some sooner, some later. Fortunately, Americans will see the light and he will go down and his party with him.

      • Flicker

        A country is a terrible thing to waste. And the Soviet Union took 70 years. And how many died? A hundred million?

        • A Z


          ReyR might hear you!

          • Drakken

            Cut Ray a little slack will you, he at least is giving some insight as to what the Russians are doing and what they are thinking.

          • A Z

            True. He also dislikes what Islam is doing to his country.

        • The March Hare

          But, remember, the when the Russian revolution occurred the country was a vast territory and most of the population was rural and didn’t even know anything had happened. The revolution happened in the cities and even at that, it was only in the large metropolises. They had time to get very entrenched and control a lot of institutions before word spread.
          This country will react much faster and more decisive, but it will probably will get kinda bloody before it is all over. And, unfortunately, the socialists (communists) will still exist and will always have to be dealt with.

          • Michael__Durham

            These neo-Bolshevik, Islamofascist-coddling (Islam being a tactical, tyrannical terrorist cult ally of theirs) communist traitors infesting our land refer to themselves as “progressives”, or “proud liberals”. They’ve been at it for many decades; their almost mystical, osmotic-like indoctrination techniques assure many successive generations of these mindless, Left-zombified vermin, via public school and university-level indoctrination (I refer to it as “The Three G’s”: “Green, Gay and Gramsci”), public service, unions, their urban-metropolitan chic “hipster” proletarian culture, along with their boutique “news” outlets/mass media/Hollywood apparatchiks.

            My favored, shorthand term for them all is simply “DemonRATs”.

        • m4253y

          Not that you are, but never underestimate America. We will always have those like the current resident of the white house tinker at the margins in pursuit of their new world order but at the end of the day, the differences compared to the former USSR is that they never knew freedom to begin with; they only yearned for it as America flourished globally by espousing free market capitalism, rights, liberties and individual freedoms.

          No doubt that the muslime in chief is out to end it all as are those like soros who view America as a threat. But, when the time comes for a revolution, and it is coming, America will reassert itself when ultimately faced with the left’s alternatives.

          • The March Hare

            As long as we keep the dialog going and build up our ranks we will prevail. Between the internet and FOX news word will keep spreading and the admin will keep showing their true colors. People used to talk politics all the time and the leftists spent years inculcating the idea never to talk politics or religion. It is time to get over that. Talking politics is what keeps people free.

          • m4253y

            i couldn’t agree more. there is not one single example of a country in modern history that has prevailed to any measurable success based on a socialist agenda. not one

      • nomoretraitors

        I wish I could share your optimism, but the results of the ’12 election leave me doubtful

      • ziggy zoggy

        Hopefully the Obamaburo will go down even if it manages to make Obama President for life, because I hate to break it to you but plenty of dictators die of natural causes. Stalin, Mao ands very soon, Castro.

        Obama is so incompetent though, that even if were Emperor, somebody would overthrow him. There are other Presidents who could have seized absolute power but none of them were corrupt enough to do so. Obama has the desire but he’s much too incompetent to hold onto such power.

        But the Obamaburo could “fundamentally transform America without seizing permanent control, which may be its goal.

        Who knows? Nothing like this has ever happened before in America.

        • m4253y

          true enough…his incompetence is no where near as big an issue as is his ego though…that will ultimately be his downfall. the ‘i am smarter than you’ shtick will wane in logarithmic fashion in the next 3 years.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Especially considering that he is self deluded about his supposed skill and intelligence. His conceit is gargantuan considering how stupid he is. I’ve seen chimps with higher foreheads.

  • davarino

    Wow, Obama has more gaurds and malitia to close down parks and historic sites than there are on the southern border. He leaves our southern border open while shutting down the Ocean. It is illegal to look at Mount Rushmore from afar. I wonder when it will be illegal to breath Obama’s air

  • Lanna

    Real people see the partisan politics, these people are totally irrational and of debased minds.

  • ArentIpretty

    Until our educational system is gutted of ideologues and is returned to academic inquiry, freedom of thought, and critical analysis based on facts, not feelings, we will only have more and more Obamas leading this country to its ruin. Me thinks the progressives have pulled the trigger too soon on much of their utopia gun and Americans will push back against the rising tide of this fascist group think that’s been building for 50 years. It is an abject failure on all fronts; socially, fiscally, ethically, and individually. Time to start name calling like the left, the only difference being that we will back it up with facts, and not hit and run tactics.

  • jtrollla

    Get the hint? Obama is announcing to our faces that he is no longer a president, but a dictator.

    • Flicker

      I happened to be in Venezuela when Chavez was just elected. Everything I’ve seen from O is a replay of Hugo’s playbook.

      • Boogie’s Daddy

        And I thought Mr. Obama was lying when he said he was going to read that book!

  • Flicker

    And thus the last gasp of equal protection under the law.

  • Conniption Fitz

    We’ll see what happens next Wednesday when a million Veterans march on DC…after a wave of truckers and another wave of bikers do the same.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Obama is despicable and evil…in every way. He has done nothing good while in office, whether Senate or Presidency.

  • A Z

    If Joyce & Ralph Spencer were Democrats, they are not now.

  • MattBracken

    Welcome to the USSA. Shut up and be a good comrade, or the IRS will audit you and delete your medical files.

  • http://www.clarespark.com/ Clare Spark

    There is nothing new about leftists and anarchists lying about their opponents. See http://clarespark.com/2009/08/19/noam-chomskys-misrepresentation-of-walter-lippmanns-chief-ideas-on-manufacturing-consent/. “Noam Chomsky’s misrepresentation of Walter Lippmann’s chief ideas on manufacturing consent.” Similarly, the same troublemakers call their opponents Nazis, which is getting very tired.

  • Ron116

    What does it take to recall a President, and why haven’t we? Where was the FBI when verifying his qualifications to run for President?

  • cjkcjk

    The USA is headed for a time comparable to the French Revolution. That’s if it isn’t destroyed by an external force first.

    • cadgbd

      The F.R. happened when the peasants discarded legal divisions between themselves and united together.

      This is why the citizens today are purposely divided by special interests such as; race, gender, etc.

      Hence the saying “United we stand divided we fall”

      • cjkcjk

        Unfortunately race is going to be a big part of the upcoming bloodbath.

  • nomoretraitors

    This is despicable beyond words

  • physicsnut

    On opening the mall for a pro-immigration rally:
    Millions of us should dress up as ‘dreamers’ and crash their party, and then at the right time, throw off the outfit and reveal TriCorner Hats – and turn the demonstration around !

  • itaintmojo

    If Obama and his sick administration can boot vets out of the mall, and rather allow a rally for amnesty, and get away with it, then this govt has no shame, or ability to be embarrassed by anything they do. And that goes triple for the MSM that covers up for this petty vindictive excuse for a POTUS America was stupid enough to vote in.

  • Leland64

    “With Mussolini-like resolve” our vengeful narcissist-in-chief pursues his goal of “fundamentally transform” the United States into a Fascist workers paradise. He is adept at “punishing” his enemies and no lie is too untruthful to repeat. Producers, tax payers and veterans seem to be enemies of the state. Total centralization of power in D.C. is under way with ever aspect of the personal lives of America’s citizens under government control. Right now Obama’s friends, in this case radical pro-immigration demonstrators are granted access to public areas while American war veterans are denied access to memorials. Golf courses on military bases are open for Obama’s use while base grocery stores are closed to military families. Death gratuities for KIA soldiers are on hold and VA employees are furloughed while Obama while bills to fund these items are refused. Vengeful, punishing, untruthful, narcissistic, petty and uncaring best describe Obama. It is past time for regime change!

    • cadgbd

      They dragged Mussolini through the streets and lynched him.

  • Steven Currie

    We need to look at violations by the park rangers of acting “under the color of law”. See http://www.justice.gov/crt/about/crm/242fin.php They are clearly acting outside of the law by kicking people out of their homes, intimidating people in open & public areas in the capital, and holding park visitors hostage in the Yellowstone hotel.

    • The March Hare

      The only difference between them and the brown shirts is that the brown shirts beat up people in the process. I fear that may start soon.

  • antioli

    Will the big media inform the public of Obama’s Mean Spirited Blunder or will they blame it on the Tea Party.
    Now we know what makes old white men angry; and a lot of other old men angry.

  • Kukye

    This is a problem between good and evil. You have elected a man full of HATE at anything white and America.

    He was raised that way since the time he was a little man (he still is BTW). Raise a child up in a certain way and he will never depart from it is said.

    We can clearly see this in the negro. But the negro cannot see this because of a thorough childhood brainwashing simply beyond cleansing.

    The only solution is just to remove the negro on being illegally in office. it is said his background check would even forbid the negro from becoming an FBI agent yet how is it he has become president???

    More astonishingly no one is bothering to remove this menace when they clearly have the evidence to do so!

  • Ross

    Overseas, as here in Indonesia, the English-language media appears to be determined to present Republicans as the bad guys on the shut-down scene – http://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/jakarta-globe-and-obamas-imposition-of-shut-down-miseries/ – We expat conservative bloggers do our best, but we’d welcome your readers’ input in the form of comments.


    He continues this shocking, previously unthinkable type of behavior on many fronts. I guess we’ll see what it is all about once he reveals some more moves.

  • rick charles

    Odumbo can not be trusted!!!