Progressive Arsonists on the March

APTOPIX Neighborhood Watch California ProtestsLeft-wing politicians and racial-grievance profiteers across America are now fanning the flames of racial discord, demanding that George Zimmerman endure a politically correct show trial at the federal level despite his acquittal.

Members of the professional Left can barely conceal their glee that Zimmerman was found not guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin. This means they get to retain Zimmerman as a villain they can use to foment racial hatred, cause future civil disturbances, raise money through direct mail solicitations, and get out the vote for race-baiting Democrats.

Zimmerman was acquitted by a 6-member all-female jury late Saturday. A leader of the neighborhood watch program in crime-ridden Sanford, Fla., he encountered unarmed Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, 2012. A physical confrontation followed in which Zimmerman, a Latino, shot Martin, a 17-year-old black youth, to death. Zimmerman claimed he needed to use deadly force to save his own life.

President Obama decided that the Zimmerman verdict was an opportune moment to press for gun control. “We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis,” he said after the verdict. “We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this. As citizens, that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.”

Fishing for votes, Obama injected himself and racial politics into the Zimmerman case during the election cycle last year when he volunteered, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Now he’s pretending he had nothing to do with all the race-based antagonism that he stirred up.

Left-wing thought leaders across the fruited plan are doing their best to exacerbate and exploit the potentially explosive racial tensions created by Obama’s meddling and the media’s saturation coverage of the Zimmerman case.

Racial arsonist extraordinaire Al Sharpton, whose race-baiting rants have gotten people killed, blasted the verdict as an “atrocity” and “a slap in the face to those that believe in justice in this country.” Fellow MSNBC personality Chris Hayes simply tweeted, “Goddamit.”

Sharpton played a major role in turning a local crime story into a national media obsession. He is now demanding the federal government lay civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

Jesse Jackson Sr. said on MSNBC yesterday that Zimmerman’s acquittal amounted to a “tremendous miscarriage of justice.” He berated the jury, noting that there were no men on it. “Trayvon was a black boy — there was no man, no black on the jury,” he said, adding, “so at least the idea of a jury of your peers was a stretch all the while.”

Jackson is obviously no lawyer. In America the Constitution guarantees the accused, not the victim, an impartial jury. A common notion taught in civics classes is that a jury is supposed to contain the peers of the accused, not the victim.

Last year Jackson said Martin’s death could be treated as a tragedy or it could spur a new movement. “How do we go from a moment to a movement that creates fundamental change?” Jackson told a church congregation. “If it’s a moment, we go home. If it’s a movement, we go to war.”

On CNN disgraced former Obama green jobs czar Van Jones, a self-described “rowdy black nationalist” and “communist,” wondered aloud, “Do I now have to dress my kid in a tuxedo so that he can go buy Skittles?” Incidentally, CNN has rewarded Jones’s radicalism and 9/11 trutherism by giving him a co-host spot on the upcoming revival of the show “Crossfire.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told “Meet the Press” Sunday that he welcomed federal prosecution of Zimmerman. “I think the Justice Department is going to take a look at this. You know, this isn’t over with and I think that’s good. That’s our system. It’s gotten better, not worse.”

Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), co-chairman of the neo-communist Congressional Progressive Caucus, said the verdict would inspire copycats. “You empower individual citizens to basically take the law into their own hands.”

Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.), also a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, lamented that the defendant should have been convicted of something: “What the jury is saying is, ‘Here’s George Zimmerman back, here’s his gun back and what he did was perfectly fine. And he’s coming to a neighborhood near you.”

But not all public figures have been trying to excite the mob.

Many have been conciliatory, exhorting blacks to stop killing each other, work to improve their communities, and to stop blaming white people for problems in their communities.

Although many black professional athletes expressed shock and indignation at the verdict on Twitter, the micro-blogging website, some appealed for calm.

American basketball player Sean May, who now plays for Paris-Levallois Basket in the Euroleague, tweeted “I hope enough people have #respect for the system to let it be and not cause unneeded violence.”

Damien Woody, a former offensive lineman and defensive end for several NFL teams, tweeted “I don’t wish harm to no man! Revenge won’t bring back Trayvon Martin.”

Donte’ Stallworth, a wide receiver for the Washington Redskins with a history of legal problems, tweeted “Instead of rage & anger, let’s direct that emotion towards a positive movement. Like education, poverty & black on black crime in the hood.” In 2009 Stallworth served 30 days in jail for DUI manslaughter after running over a pedestrian in Miami Beach, Fla. He reached a confidential financial settlement with the victim’s family.

But these voices calling for peace aren’t neutralizing the white-hot anger and resentment that the Left has helped to generate.

The rabble-rousing is working and so far violent incidents have been reported in Oakland and Los Angeles, Calif.

In Oakland, demonstrators set fires, smashed windows, burned the American flag, and committed vandalism. Graffiti declared “Kill Zimmerman” and “F*** the Police.”

No arrests have been reported in Oakland. This makes perfect sense. Oakland’s lunatic Democrat mayor, Jean Quan, openly supports the violent neo-communist Occupy Wall Street movement. In one infamous incident, Quan essentially apologized to Occupy Oakland activists for a police crackdown on illegal activity on public property.

Los Angeles police are reportedly on “full tactical alert” as they brace for more trouble.

Hundreds of demonstrators spilled on to Interstate 10 in South L.A., blocking traffic, KTLA-TV reports. The report described the march that preceded the freeway occupation as “a mostly peaceful demonstration was held along Crenshaw Boulevard earlier in the afternoon,” which means that the demonstration was in fact violent.

We learned from the mainstream media’s coverage of the incredibly violent Occupy Wall Street movement that “mostly peaceful” is journalist-speak for “there was leftist violence but we sympathize with the cause so we’re downplaying it.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, some Los Angeles protesters carried signs saying “The whole system is racist.” Photos show that the signs were marked “,” which stands for the Marxist-Leninist group, Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Sunday that a total absence of proof that Zimmerman harbored any racial animus whatsoever won’t prevent the federal agency from moving forward with its ongoing “hate crimes” investigation. The statement came even though the FBI already determined a year ago that race was not a factor in the incident that led to criminal charges against Zimmerman.

In an interview last year with FBI agents, Chris Serino, the Sanford Police Department detective who ran the Martin investigation, said he believed “Zimmerman’s actions were not based on Martin’s skin color.” A report indicated that Serino told the agents that Zimmerman was “overzealous” and had a “‘little hero complex,’” but was not “a racist.”

Bringing civil rights charges would be a ridiculous abuse of process, though probably a profit center for Democratic political consultants and media pundits. It would place the Zimmerman case in the same league as that of James Byrd Jr., a black Texas man who was cruelly murdered by white supremacists in 1998. Byrd’s vicious murder at the hands of actual racists put pressure on Congress to expand the reach of federal hate crimes legislation in 2009.

There have been few prosecutions and convictions under the law since it was modified. In Arkansas in 2011 Sean Popejoy and Frankie Maybee were convicted of federal hate crimes. Prosecutors say they ran a car full of Latino men off the road, causing the vehicle to crash and burn. The same year three men in New Mexico — Paul Beebe, Jesse Sanford, and William Hatch — were convicted of federal hate crimes after they branded the arm of a mentally disabled Navajo man with a swastika.

In a mind-numbing, scorched-earth, race-baiting campaign that has lasted more than a year, the Left has tried to blame Republican office holders, conservative activists, and right-leaning political commentators for Martin’s death. (Zimmerman himself is a registered Democrat.)

“[Republican politicians] reinforce and validate old stereotypes that associate the poor and welfare as criminal behavior with African-Americans and people of color, calling us lazy, undeserving recipients of public assistance. In the case of Trayvon, those festering stereotypes had lethal consequences,” said Democratic fundraiser Karen Finney.

This is boilerplate nonsense that affective leftists spout every day. Tedious stuff.

Yet the media kept repeating it.

As John Nolte opined at Breitbart News, over the past year the mainstream media amplified racial discord and turned “a local crime into a national obsession.”

The media “did everything in its still-potent power to not only push for the prosecution of Mr. Zimmerman (the police originally chose not to charge him) but also to gin up racial tensions where none needed to exist,” Nolte writes.

“It all started with the anchor of a major television network (Al Sharpton) inserting himself in the story to spread division and hate; it continued straight through to the closing days of the trial when another major news network, desperate to keep a fabricated racial narrative alive, propagated the portrayal of Zimmerman as part of a racial group that doesn’t exist — the ‘white Hispanic.”

The New York Times and NBC engaged in dishonest editing of things Zimmerman had said in order to make him appear to be a racist who hated African-Americans. CNN even fabricated a story, falsely accusing Zimmerman of using the racial epithet “coon.”

But as Reuters previously reported, there is nothing obviously racist about Zimmerman.

To the contrary, he “was raised in a racially integrated household and himself has black roots through an Afro-Peruvian great-grandfather – the father of the maternal grandmother who helped raise him.” In 2004 he went into business with a black friend, opening an insurance office. In 2010 and 2011, Zimmerman publicly demanded that two police officers who later ended up clearing him in the Martin case be disciplined for their involvement in the Dec. 4, 2010 beating of Sherman Ware, a homeless black man.

Martin’s family may yet file a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court against Zimmerman.

The outcome of the case would be far from a sure thing but the burden of proof would be much lower than the “reasonable doubt” standard used in criminal proceedings.

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  • Guy Fromage

    The thesis of this article is 100% correct. Going in to the trial, George Zimmerman was obviously innocent of the charges. Law enforcement performed its triage function properly. It was only when politician got involved, absurdly and contemptibly including the POtuS, that the system meant to protect everyone, turned into a farce. Coke-head politician Marion Barry viciously celebrates George Zimmerman will never have any peace, presumably because his constituency’s demographic will hound his every waking hour. Guilty.

    The mainstream media reaction was predictably mendacious. Martin was presented in the most cherubic manner possible and his skin was lightened. That last bit was particularly contemptible: the self-appointed banner bearers of racial equanimity, felt that making Martin less dark-skinned, cast him in a better light. Guilty.

    Then of course there is the charming rabble, who have threatened “justice,” regardless of what the court decision was to be. George would meet “street justice,” be it on the actual street, or in prison. Oh yes, many enlightened leftists had great sport talking about how George was destined to be raped in prison, then killed, for have the audacity of defending his life, while un-black. Guilty.

    George Zimmerman. Not guilty.

    • Harry Black

      Zimmerman “obviously innocent”? Really? His arrest record and his previous conduct as a neighborhood watchmen (calling the police every time he saw a black person) belies this. He was/is a disturbed and violent person who killed an unarmed teenager. The jury may have exonerated him, but from where I sit, that’s still known as getting away with murder.

      • ColonelNeville

        Er, “calling the police every time he saw a black person”? Well, naturally. The area had 14 burglaries in the previous year or so apparently all committed by black males. Black males commit 50 percent of all violent crime. Can you name a gated mixed ethnic community tormented by a wave of white, Chinese or Jewish crime? Maybe Zimmerman could have called the police when he saw yet another loitering Hong Kong businessman. No, really. Colonel Neville.

        • Harry Black

          Yeah. Right. Zimmerman was just acting as he should have. See above.

          • Guy Fromage

            Trayvon obviously made a major error in judgement. How long will these random attacks by traybots against random white people go on, before we have another racist assailant lying dead?

          • Harry Black

            1. We don’t know precisely what happened, but we do know that Zimmerman, a man with a history of violence, was out there with a gun. 2. There was nothing random about Zimmerman.

          • Guy Fromage

            We know Martin 1) had a history of violence, sadistic violence, that that, and 2) had a history of illicit drug use.

            The encounter that night was completely consistent with Martin’s history.

          • Harry Black

            Illicit drug use? Shudder! The kid used pot once or twice a week. No worse than your daily martini. As for “sadistic violence”–prove it. Unlike Zimmerman, he didn’t have a record.

          • Guy Fromage

            One is legal, one is not. And “purple drank” (what the Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Punch were for), is so sickeningly sweet for a reason. Drink it really slow, or OD.

            When I say Martin’s drug use addled his judgement, I do him a kindness, as the decision to jump a stranger while completely sober would make him even more of a fool.

            As to Martin’s sadism, one need only go a far as the record found on his cell phone. He liked to make people bleed.

          • Harry Black

            No evidence whatsoever that Martin was making “purple drank.” You are letting your fears andl fantasies get the best of you Fromage. Moreover, there is no evidence Martin jumped Zimmerman. Very likely, given Zimmerman’s criminal record and his determination not to let “punks” “get away,” it was Zimmerman who jumped Martin. Unlike Zimmerman, Martin never committed a crime. What was on his phone was teenage macho fantasy. I take it you are unfamiliar with the phenomenon.

          • ColonelNeville

            So Zimmerman “jumped” Tray Von Martian, breaking his own nose and bashing his own head repeatedly into the concrete? Well, I never. Zimmerman is obviously the worst mugger in history! Hey, as Guy Fromage stated, NOW you KNOW that Martin was a sadistic thug and the ‘Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Punch was for “purple drank” don’t ya? Tray Von’s friend Jeantal whom he was on the phone speaking to leading up to his death and also served as a bizarre prosecution courtroom witness, is a low IQ illiterate and a liar, who EMPIRICALLY is a clear and proud racist white hating creep too. But facts don’t fit your left liberal identity politics “teenage posturing” do they. No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • ColonelNeville

            Your sent comment to me: “But the fact remains, for all your semi-literate frothing at the mouth–that Zimmerman shot Martin. It wasn’t the other way around.”

            Au contraire. Let me simply edit somewhat. But the fact remains, for all your semi-literate frothing at the mouth–that Martin attacked Zimmerman. It wasn’t the other way around.

            There, fixed it for you. No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • Guy Fromage

            No evidence whatsoever that Martin was making “purple drank.”

            And you’re wrong, again!


            Please, share with us this “criminal record” of Mr. Zimmerman’s which would have made him ineligible for a CHL. Oh, wait. He does have a CHL. Never mind. You were wrong about that, too.

          • Moto

            Three words for you:Creepy Ass Cracka.

            Trayvon Martin was a racist. HE jumped Zimmerman, as the defense clearly established, because Zimmerman, in Martin’s view, was white.

          • ColonelNeville

            Thank you for your wit, insights into Tray Von Martian and well, damn logical smarts. I doffs me cap. I note you use a great liberal parody from the great thepeoplescube com. Bravo. Can you direct me to some of your own Tray insights links? I know the usual from breitbart, therightscoop, Michelle Malkin, Bill Whittle, Rush, Iowahawk, Trifecta, Mark Steyn and pjtv com and so on. Others? No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • ColonelNeville


          • Harry Black

            Semi literate. Let me amend that: illiterate, hater, fact deprived. Balls doesn’t begin to describe your rant.

          • ColonelNeville

            You bowel emptied the following and I QUOTE:
            “Semi literate. Let me amend that: illiterate, hater, fact deprived. Balls doesn’t begin to describe your rant.”

            Au contraire, I love my Japanese wife and my first wife the French JAMAICAN, plus I’m quite brilliant, witty, very well read, excellent at research and analysis and thus profoundly informed. Therefore I see right through you and

            THIS is what infuriates your blatant and by the numbers left liberal incurious fraud.

            EVERYTHING I stated is massively on the public media record if you bother to look. EVERYTHING.

            So simply QUOTE where I am allegedly wrong and counter with sourced EVIDENCE, thus negating the need for your juvenile and unsubstantiated logical fallacy ad hominem stream of failed attacks against me, Guy Fromage and Zimmerman.

            Empirical argument? You have not and cannot do this, hence your laughable and ineffective insults.

            No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • Harry Black

            “I’m quite brilliant, witty, very well read, excellent at research and
            analysis and thus profoundly informed. Therefore I see right through you
            and,” I would add, modest. Hubris describes your approach, self delusion your belief. What you say is for the most part self- projection. Let’s try one simple fact: purple drank–what empirical evidence do you have that Martin ever touched or thought of making purple drank? Or let’s try your other claim: “Martin was a sadistic thug.” What empirical evidence do you have for that statement? That he fought with Zimmerman? C’mon. One set of empirical facts, attested to by court records and family testimony, is that Zimmerman was a brutal, thuggish man, that as a child he sexually abused his cousin, and that he was prone to domestic violence. This is your vigilante hero murderer Mr. Brilliant, Witty, and Very Well Read, Excellent at Resarch and Analysis and Thus Profuondly Informed. Enjoy who you are. I would guess no one else does.

          • Harry Black

            OK I take the point (a rarity on FrontPage, I know). He was fooling around with codeine. So that made it OK for Zimmerman to shoot him.

          • ColonelNeville

            Excellent non QUOTING logical fallacy ad hominem of any me, and indeed any evidence based dissent from the destructive narrative of left liberal identity politics, and a baseless glib slandering of Horowitz and Rush etc, and your stated hatred of empirical facts that are not useful to the delusions of left liberalism. You said “fooling around with codeine”? A massive imbiber of Lean and Drank and dope and possibly a dealer, pal, with the documented psychotic consequences. Tray was an abnormal teen fan of ugly, violent downward spiral things. He was not unusual for his sadly misfit peer group. See the damn links. See the coroners report. You are willfully blind phony. Do you want less violence committed by black males or less? Then face the ROOT causes. It’s not bogus racism claims. No, really.

          • Harry Black

            “glib slandering of Horowitz and Rush etc.” That isn’t slander, it’s the truth. They’re thugs, gangsters of the media, liars, slanderers, and haters just not of the street variety. And you may recall that Rush had an Oxycontin habit which, according to your logic, discredits everything he claims. By your logic, if someone shot him, you’d say it was his fault. As for “sadly misfit peer group.” The inference I’d draw from that points directly to your preconceptions as well as your fundamental inability to understand how this society works when it comes to race. And given how carelessly you write–“Do you want less violence committed by black males or less?”–I’m beginning to suspect you are on an intoxicant of the legal or perhaps less than legal variety. Or should we stick with Karl Krauss, who wrote, “by their typos shall ye know them.”

          • ColonelNeville

            Au contraire, fluffy, I neither drink, smoke or take any kinds of drugs, I am tertiary educated, intelligent and massively well read. These are known as facts.

            But nice ineffective evidence free strawman cum ad hominens as per usual. So never mind the typo gambit in place of empirical argument.

            Why do you disagree with the verdict of THE JURY? Are you saying that the women that made up the jury were either bigots, uninterested in the evidence or incompetent or stupid somehow and thus inferior to gee, your unread brilliance by osmosis? Are you a sexist? You crapped out that “”glib slandering of Horowitz and Rush etc.” That isn’t slander, it’s the truth. They’re thugs, gangsters of the media, liars, slanderers, and haters just not of the street variety.” Nope, this is your pure UNQUOTED ad hominen bigotry.

            Again, LINK to some DAMN EVIDENCE. No, really.

          • ColonelNeville

            To your inverted mind, the great David Horowitz and Rush et al, who are empirically not thugs and gangsters even er, “of the media”, are somehow according to you “thugs, gangsters”!, yet Tray Von Martin who WAS a thug and hung and acted like a gangster and admired them and was clearly on the way to a life and death of a drug thug gangster, is not a thug and gangster!

            So the brilliant and witty massively successful author etc Mark Steyn, who fills in for Rush is also a “thug, gangster” then? And Michelle Malkin too? Who isn’t a thug and gangster to you then? I know…actual thugs and gangsters!

            Yeah, like Rush Limbaugh, Tray was really interested in building a business, education, helping strangers and charity work…


            You are truly a laughably cognitive dissonant logical fallacy spouting lost fraud. You’re a left liberal alright. It’s a personality and logic disorder. No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • Moto

            ” By your logic, if someone shot him, you’d say it was his fault.”

            If Rush Limbaugh was sitting on top of a guy,pummeling him in the face and slamming his head into the concrete while the guy screamed for help, and that guy had a gun, YES IT WOULD BE HIS FAULT.

            But “Rush Limbaughs” don’t do that quite as much as “Terellious Johnsons” do, according to the “extremely racist” FBI crime victimization survey.

          • Drakken

            So your black logic is something to go by then? Now I don’t care who you are, that is funny!

          • OfficialPro

            Boy you are clueless.

          • ColonelNeville

            So humor, irony, satire and a strong curiosity for facts are not your thing, eh? Got it. Read. view and listen to ‘em and weep, fluffy. Even Anderson Cooper at CNN is getting wise to the sad yet typical hideous reality of Tray Von Martian. No, really. Colonel Neville.












          • Harry Black

            You have no idea what my “thing” is Colonel since I don’t at every opportunity undertake to tell the world how brilliant etc. I am. You can pile up as many empirical facts as you like, it doesn’t negate the one great empirical fact staring you in the face: Zimmerman, a thug by almost any definition except yours, fatally shot an unarmed 17 year old. Martin is dead, Zimmerman walks, and Tea Party types and Colonels, not to mention the ditto-head followers of Limbaugh, Hannity, David Horowitz, et al., claim that Martin was responsible for his own death, and attempt to justify his murder by digging dirt on the victim.

          • Moto

            “…claim that Martin was responsible for his own death”

            Uh, YEAH! When you try to kill someone, and he shoots you, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN DEATH.

            If Zimmerman murdered Martin, then why was Zimmerman underneath Martin screaming for help, according to John Good, the witness who saw a man in red (Zimmerman) pinned under a man in a hoodie(Trayvon)?

          • Drakken

            I love it when a liberal/Marxist has a meltdown, entertaining to say the least.

          • Drakken

            So in other words, your liberal mantra, of I feel, therefore I am are your policy positions? You are a prime example of our re-education system at its finest.

          • ColonelNeville

            You “obsessive, abusive, dogmatic”. You project, Accusing me of approving of premeditated child murder and refusing to answer anything factual and repeating evidence free lies, rumors and innuendo would qualify as all three. Nitwit. No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • Harry Black

            There are facts and there are facts. Your “facts”–the word derives from factum, something made–do not convince, i.e., Rush Limbaugh, contrary to your keen factual analysis, is not a racist, while most black Americans are. So before you again baselessly accuse me of lacking factual citations, have a look at this reference–and then tell me with a straight face that these facts, which demonstrate precisely how racist US society is, are not empircally derived. Then perhaps you’ll explain to me why your “French Jamaican” wife left you.

          • ColonelNeville

            So blacks are only capable of being permanent “victims” and thus by default inferior to you then? Got it. You’re a racist. progressivism was FOUNDED on racism
            and the uber-racism of eugenics as shown in the article down lower titled “When bigots become reformers…”.

            Ah, so good scoop avoiding liberal leftist and simply not very good HuffPo and the far left liberal thinkprogress, the rotten George Soros funded Israel and Jew hating far left Marxist socialist and Obama staffer filled, run and headed centerforamericanprogressconnected propaganda fabricating front that is the deliberate lying addicted thinkprogress is…wait for it, your source for unbiased facts? You mean the people that even
            liberal leaning factcheck org has called out on many occasions for at best as error filled, to deliberate fabricators and liars? NO ONE but leftists sight them as
            any source for anything but Marxist Critical Theory, race baiting and other popular
            liberal fraud. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha! Ironically

            “The far left Soros-funded outfit does not just produce bogus films…They write bogus articles, too. “


            “George Soros, John Podesta, Think Progress, Center for American Progress and Barack Obama. Which one doesn’t belong? They all belong because each is tied to the other.

            George Soros claims he owns the Democratic Party and funds Think Progress and the Center forAmerican Progress. He also pays the salary of John Podesta, who
            happens to be the President, and CEO, of the Center for American Progress. Podesta also worked for Obama who received campaign donations from George Soros.

            The liberal media is caught up in their own “paint anyone who opposes Obama as racist” scheme. Now we have people and organizations connected to Obama attempting to do the same thing.

            So much for Obama being the ‘post-racial’ president. Things are getting worse and the Obama goons are responsible. More proof will be found to expose the ‘divide and conquer’ agenda of these racists Progressives. It’s in their history.

            Jim Hoft, over at Gateway Pundit, has an article about
            George Soros funded “Think Progress’ being busted for manufacturing fake racist Tea Party stories. The story keeps getting bigger, day by day, but you won’t find it on any of the liberal alphabet-media stations.”


            Here are progressive leftists calling for the lynching of conservative blacks…

            “When bigots become reformers…

            “…as the Westminster College historian David
            W. Southern notes in his recent book, The Progressive Era and Race: Reform and Reaction, 1900–1917, the very worst of it—disfranchisement, segregation, race baiting, lynching—“went hand-in-hand with the most advanced forms of southern progressivism.” Racism was the norm, not the exception, among the very crusaders romanticized by today’s activist left.

            At the heart of Southern’s flawed but useful study is a
            deceptively simple question: How did reformers infused with lofty ideals embrace such abominable bigotry? His answer begins with the race-based pseudoscience that dominated educated opinion at the turn of the 20th century. “At college,” Southern notes, “budding progressives not only read exposés of capitalistic barons and attacks on laissez-faire economics by muckraking journalists, they also read racist tracts that drew on the latest anthropology, biology, psychology, sociology, eugenics, and medical science.”

            Popular titles included Charles Carroll’s The Negro a Beast (1900) and R.W. Shufeldt’s The
            Negro, a Menace to American Civilization (1907). One bestseller, Madison Grant’s The Passing of the Great Race (1916), discussed the concept of “race
            suicide,” the theory that inferior races were out-breeding their betters.

            President Theodore Roosevelt was one of many Progressives captivated by this notion: He opposed voting rights for African-American men, which were guaranteed by the 15th amendment, on the grounds that the black race was still in its adolescence.

            Such thinking, which emphasized “expert” opinion and advocated sweeping governmental power, fit perfectly within the Progressive worldview, which favored a large, active government that engaged in technocratic,
            paternalistic planning. As for reconciling white supremacy with egalitarian democracy, keep in mind that when a racist Progressive championed “the working
            man,” “the common man,” or “the people,” he typically prefixed the silent adjective white.

            For a good illustration, consider Carter Glass of Virginia. Glass was a Progressive state and U.S. senator and, as chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency, one of the major architects of the Federal
            Reserve Act of 1913. He was also an enthusiastic supporter of his state’s massive effort to disfranchise black voters. “Discrimination! Why that is exactly what we propose,” he declared to one journalist. “To remove every negro voter who can be gotten rid of, legally, without materially impairing the numerical strength of the white electorate.”


            margaretsanger blogspot com

            nationalblackrepublicans com


            Even the leftist infiltrated mediocre Wiki gets more things right than thinkprogress…



          • ColonelNeville

            Pure Howard Zinn cum Bill Ayers cum Saul Alinsky cum Gramsci Marxist Critical Theory fraud. The scoop free Huffpo and Marxist socialist liberal thinkprogress are objectively appalling leftist junk and you know it, or do you…

            Five stars then.

            Jesus, you really DON’T BOOK, ESSAY or ARTICLE READ worth a damn, do you.

            No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • ColonelNeville

            You babbled that “You can pile up as many empirical facts as you like…” Yes unlike you, I CAN.

            You pooped about “digging dirt on the victim”, ah, you must mean the victim of Tray Von Martians PURPLE DRANK fueled psychotic violence and other uncomfortable facts, surely.

            Oh, you mean “digging dirt on the victim” as opposed to EVERY and ANY race baiting rumor, logical fallacy ad hominem, mob inciting slander and baseless bigotry and racism dirt that you fully accept, repeat and amplify about Zimmerman.

            Got it. Your’e a bigot and a racist because for you, everything is clearly about race and your laughably intolerant cliches paraded as a love of diversity. Yep, a diversity of your opinion only. You are a left liberal..

            I’m sorry, who are you again? I’ve never heard of you. No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • Harry Black

            What sort of atmosphere does Rush create? You might start with his “Barack the Magic Negro.” Not funny. Racist. Too bad you’ve taken on the burden of defending Rush, Hannity, etc. They’re racist demagogues. Ditto all those Republican congressmen who sit around worrying about whether they can scare up enough white votes to get reelected. Why is that? Why are they trying to suppress the black vote? Why do the Tea Party types oppose immigration reform? Apparently they know something you refuse to recognize: blacks don’t vote for racists. Hispanics don’t vote for racists. You and your pals do, every time.
            Btw, do I have to ask a second time why it was your “black Jamaican” wife left you?

          • ColonelNeville

            You pooped that “What sort of atmosphere does Rush create?” Well, what kind of atmosphere does George Soros, Bill Ayers and Al Sharpton create?

            Well, Al Sharpton who lives in an all white rich gated neighborhood, incited a left liberal Democrat voting mob to burn four people to death and another that murdered a Jew. A teenage George Soros helped Nazi’s clear out Jewish houses while the adult Soros smashed several Asian economies effecting the lives of millions and now funds in the millions of dollars, hundreds of Marxist socialist far left and treasonous subversive front groups and is the main funder of the Democrat Party.

            Bill Ayers knowingly bombed a judges house at 3am while the judges children and wife asleep inside, Bill Ayers Weathermen and the BLA, robbed a Brinks truck in 1981 and murdered the guards plus two policemen, one of whom was NEWARKS first BLACK policeman.

            Bill Ayers Weathermen and the BLA murdered a much loved black school principle. Bill got off on a technicality thanks to his rich DEMOCRAT dad, Ayers Snr, a man who also employed wait for it, Michelle Obama. Bill’s leftist filth wife the Marxist nihilist Bernadine Dhorn and all the Weathermen, dreamed and spoke opnely and wrote about the coming leftist revolution, when they would be in power and thus able to exterminate 25 million troublesome American citizens.

            zombietime com.

            About Rush, if you had ever actually ever seriously listened to Rush which you haven’t and thus the laughable logical fallacy ad hominems, it’s a congenial, witty, empirical, decent, law abiding and comfortable one.

            What kind of atmosphere does LEAN and PURPLE DRANK create? Or Marxist product sodden naturally race baiting opportunistic leftist identity politics lies and fraud create?

            No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • ColonelNeville

            The first two links expose plenty about your teen drug thug hero Tray. Third link down is the CNN Anderson Cooper vid. Why, it’s a Himalaya of empirical counters! No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • ColonelNeville

            Er, Zimmerman is not my personal hero but Tray and any thug like him, is apparently yours and most left liberals. No, really.

          • Harry Black

            Wrong inference Mr. Brilliant, Witty, and Very Well Read, Excellent at Research and Analysis and Thus Profoundly Informed. He’s not a hero of mine, only a kid who was murdered for, among other crimes, being black and wearing a hoodie, and whose killer got away with it. Another wrong inference: I’d never consider myself a left liberal.

          • ColonelNeville

            Tray was only a “kid” in any sense but in being 17 years old and not attitude, experience nor behavior. What evidence for being murdered for “being black?”

            So Zimmerman was VIOLENTLY attacked for being Latino and white then? Zimmerman did not “get away with it”, he went to trial and is now constantly threatened with death as are his parents.

            Are you a natural liar, a fool or ill in some way? You lack all self awareness, the KEY attribute of a left liberal. YOU HAVE NOT READ, WATCHED OR LISTENED TO A DAMN THING I LINKED TO< HAVE YOU? No link is EVER good enough to a left liberal. Not even liberal CNN's Anderson Cooper, eh. You are a wilfully ignorant, unread phony. No, really,

          • Harry Black

            Zimmerman did get away with it just like the murderers of Emmett Till. (If you had been around back then, you’d probably be telling the world that Till deserved to be killed because he was buying candy to make drank and that his murderers, who later admitted their crime when they sold their story to Look Magazine, had every reason to do away withl him.) But it’s time to can it Colonel. You can devote your life to trying to convince yourself that your fears and hatreds are justified. On FrontPage you’ll find a like-minded audience. You can take comfort in that. But I can’t and won’t waste another minute on your ravings.

          • ColonelNeville

            Maybe your best endless stream of scatter gun logical fallacy n’ strawmen yet. No links, no quotes, no sources, no evidence, no answers, no authenticity just all about YOU and your narcisistic moral vanity posturing n’ projection. What a fake. Ugh, you are repellent yet hilarious. Carry on, fluffy. You are a left liberal. No, really.

          • Moto

            You are either the most retarded or mendacious person I have ever encountered. Not only do you want blacks to get away with murdering those they perceive to be white, but you also want to give whites cause to kill blacks when blacks attack them because a latino shot a black.

            You are not a well man.

          • ColonelNeville

            I have read in awe the brilliant, incisive and empirical comments of you and Guy Fromage in response to the truly “mendacious” and wilfully ignorant Harry Black, sad left liberal Exhibit A. Bravo. I doff’s me cap to you both and thanks for the vote up. Hey, see the links to the conservativetreehouse on one of Guy Fromage’s comments. Incredible research on sad Tray Von Martian, the apparent lost teen drug thug and pal of violence loving black racists.

            No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • Moto

            I have read in awe the brilliant, incisive and empirical comments of you and Guy Fromage in response to the truly “mendacious” and wilfully ignorant Harry Black, sad left liberal Exhibit A. Bravo. I doff’s me cap to you both and thanks for the vote up.

            Well, I’m privileged that way. And… don’t mention it. We non-blacks (as designated by the media) all have to look out for each other now that the DOJ has got racist blacks all over the country roughing up ‘white Koreans’ and ‘white Native Americans’ screaming “Justice For Trayvon”.

            It won’t be too long before the bongo parties coalesce into a Cat 5 chimpout.

            By the by, if you find yourself in any danger, don’t hesitate to defend yourself,no matter what the circumstances. The government is fully demonstrating that if you kill a black in self-defense,even if you are acquitted by one court of law ,they’ll just keep trying you until they convict you of something.

            And in that kind of climate, why not shoot a black kid with skittles and watermelon juice in his hand if you don’t like the looks of him? You’ll get the same punishment whether you killed him because he was black or you killed him because he was going to kill you.

            The beatings will continue until morale improves.

            Don’t you just love “progressive justice”?

          • Drakken

            I would really love to hear what you have to say about the black flash mobs going around the country beating up white people? Or is that a right wing conspiracy too?

          • ColonelNeville

            You are entirely correct, but facts are of no interest to left liberals like the truly “mendacious” as Moto called him, Harry Black, No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • ColonelNeville

            So now you hideously lied and slandered me with your relentless logical fallacy, which like much of the left is all you seem to have and I QUOTE:

            “you’d probably be telling the world that Till deserved to be killed…” END QUOTE.

            So according to your diseased irrational and naturally lying mind such as it is, now I’m for premeditated kidnapping, torture, beating, eye gouging and murder of a TWELVE YEAR OLD, eh? You are a dirty freak. You can not discern between good and evil and have no contextual insight whatsoever.

            Not only that, to use the memory of Emmet Till in such a way, shows you don’t give a damn about that boy or for Tray Von either, or the thousands of identical lost teen drug thugs, or the 7,000 other dead black males murdered by other black males per year in the U.S, OR for your claimed love of civilization which is based on rational and moral thought. You only care about your narcissistic moral vanity driven posturing, all without responsibility or care for consequence. You are a left liberal. You are an opportunistic phony first and always.

            No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • Drakken

            Your racial grievance theater is being met with facts, logic and common sense, too bad your lack of impulse control and I feel therefore I am as your policy positions are just going to make the Balkanization of this great country come to a head that much quicker.

          • ColonelNeville

            You drooled that “I’d never consider myself a left liberal.” Au contraire, anyone with any sense will as there is zero evidence to the contrary. No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • Moto

            Seriously. Listen to this man.

            Why do you want black people to get killed? Quit stoking this idiotic racist hysteria. You’re targeting white people,and you’ve been targeting white people the entire time, and we didn’t even have anything to do with Trayvon getting shot. Zimmerman is less white than Barack Obama is.

            You’re encouraging them to be angry at white people and white people are going to shoot them when they threaten our lives. White people, like any other people, have a right to protect themselves against unprovoked violence.

            And that’s what this is, unprovoked violence against white people.

            You must hate black people, if you had an ounce of love for them you’d be standing out in front of this thing trying to put the brakes on it.

            Do you have a death wish or something? White people are not going to tolerate your senseless attacks on us. We’re not going to allow you to put our lives or the lives of our loved ones at risk because a hispanic guy shot a black guy.

            If you want to see many more such incidents in the future what you’re doing is an excellent way to get you there.

            This isn’t South Africa. It’s not “Kill the Boer” here. If anyone’s going to be the Boer, you are going to be the Boer.

            Readjust your lip plate because it’s cutting off the circulation to your brain.

          • Harry Black

            White nationalism here? Neo-Nazi?

          • Moto

            THAT’S how you respond, after participating in stirring up a lynch mob against whites!?

            Take a look in the mirror, it is you who is acting like a Nazi, not me.

          • ColonelNeville

            Ah, the Nazi card AND “white”. You are a fraud and a racist as clearly everything is about race to you, and you are an authentic buffoon. No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • Guy Fromage

            I love when dips play the neo-Godwin’s Law card.

            I’m a Jew.


          • ColonelNeville

            Ah, so you currently live in a state of saint like high moral vanity an all black neighborhood and never call the police when ‘ere you see a black man. You are a clearly a great man. Yes, like all citizens, Zimmerman should have been paying attention to a typical grille wearing teen black thug and thug talking violent criminal like Tray von Martian. Or do you walk around in a fantasy life? Carry on then. No, really.

          • Harry Black

            “thug talking violent criminal”–let me remind you that 1. Trayvon was minding his own business; 2. Zimmerman followed him. 3.Trayvon wasn’t “talking violent criminal like.” Also: time to improve your literacy skills Colonel.

          • ColonelNeville

            So no research for you on who Tray Von Martian actually was then? Photos of Martin taken THIS decade are available. His record of mentality re grille on teeth and his typical thug pronouncements are all available. There is little unusual about Tray Von except without Sharpton’s race baiting, the left liberal media’s race baiting and Obama’s race baiting, Martin would have been utterly ignored as the 85 other black men murdered mostly by other black males were in the same week as Tray Von died. You don’t really care at all. You’re a phony. No, really. No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • Harry Black

            You mistake teenage posturing for criminality. George Zimmerman’s the guy with a criminal record not to mention a record of racist rants. He murdered Trayvon Martin. Martin didn’t kill himself or deserve to die as is so often asserted on these pages. And while you are thoughtfully contemplating these facts, you might also consider tuning back the abusive rhetoric if you want to make credible your claim that you are on the side of civilization.

          • ColonelNeville

            You said “We don’t know precisely what happened,,” Au contraire, you seem pretty precise in YOUR judgement and dismissal of anything unpleasant regards Tray Von Martian as “teenage posturing” and anything nay,
            ANYTHING, however evidence free about Zimmerman as facts.

            Even though the jury had the problematic recent past of Tray Von Martian withheld from them [and even had to told that Martin was about one head height taller and athletic and hey, why are no current photos of Tray Von used only the more boyish looking ones?], while the race baiting liberal media with race baiting opportunist and wealthy because of it Sharpton and Jackson, plus dozens of celebrities, and every Marxist and leftist group used Martin as a handy cipher for activist political gain…and the Dept Of Justice who incredibly financially assisted in ugly leftist protests out of the public purse, and even the President with his typically Chicago style opportunistic phony and disgusting
            pronouncements that perverted the course of justice, and as thousands of people especially blacks, called for and on the public record for attacks on and even the MURDER of Zimmerman…the jury still found Zimmerman not guilty. How so?

            Are you interested in what they know? Why does the massive wave of black on black on white crime uninterest you so?

            So I quote you and ask how you TRULY feel about such state endorsed demagoguery and corruption of the truth against a SINGLE INDIVIDUAL in a case that would NEVER have come to light without the media, Sharpton et al and the President giving their EAGER lying imprimatur to mob behaviour. YOU and I QUOTE: “And while you are thoughtfully contemplating these facts, you might also considertuning back the abusive
            rhetoric if you want to make credible your claim that you are on the side of civilization.” So by your own words, the mob minded people you side with clearly are not on the side of the law which they refute and threaten to break, and thus gee, civilization. Tray Von Martian was a thug in the making then and was likely on his way to a life of typical crime. Oh the irony, after your evidence free slanders of Zimmerman. The left ALWAYS side with the bad and the evil. Hence Mumia the cop killer, Weathermen and BLA killers of BLACK New York cops AND BLACK school principals and Che the child killer etc, are all their heroes.

            If you are so concerned about rhetoric, check out the Tweets of the left liberal base and mainstream from top to bottom, the media, black er, “leadership”, celebrity and the President first Or are THOUSANDS of death threats and organised group threats just more “teenage
            posturing”? You project. You are ALL posturing. Moral vanity posturing uninterested in consequences or facts. It’s what left liberals do.

            If you side with this mob of mob inciting political barbarians, how are you, with your incurious
            cognitive dissonant logical fallacy, on the side of anything good at all and especially regards civilization? No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • Harry Black

            But the fact remains, for all your semi-literate frothing at the mouth–that Zimmerman shot Martin. It wasn’t the other way around.

          • Moto

            Absolutely. The fact also remains that Zimmerman shot Martin because Martin broke his nose and repeatedly slammed his head into the concrete so as to cause him to fear for his life as he pleaded for help from his neighbors.

            The defense established, and the prosecution acknowledged, that Zimmerman was pinned under Martin, screaming for help.

            Why would a murderer call his neighbors’ attention to the fact that he was murdering someone? Was he screaming for someone to help him murder Trayvon or do you think it was probably more likely, since his nose was broke and his head was bashed open, that he was IN FEAR FOR HIS F*CKING LIFE?

          • Drakken

            You really have to love that guy Darwin, when you start beating a guy and you get shot, you have no one to blame but yourself. Tray Von got himself a well deserved and well earned Darwin Award.

          • ColonelNeville

            Yes, but as a left liberal, you naturally believe in the ironically unchanged since the 19th century theory of evolution and thus Darwin’s survival of the fittest. So Zimmerman survived. Why do you hate black people so much that you want them to stay as dysfunctional “victims” forever? Ah, as a permanent Democrat voter base than can be manipulated, used, abused and utterly ignored. . Of course. No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • ColonelNeville

            Yes, it’s a horrible, sad waste that Tray Von Martian believed in the bankrupt ugly world of black ghetto drug thug mediocrity and criminality as so many youth do, that he ended up dead.

            Why are you not interested in facing and exposing this reality of this which is THE root cause of why 94 percent of murdered black males are murdered by other black males, that 7 out of 10 black children don’t know their father and that Planned Parenthood has eliminated 13 million black babies since 1973, and made a tidy tax payer funded profit from this etc, etc?

            Perhaps listen to and learn from some truly great black people instead of your faux posturing concern for a sad lost thug you wouldn’t have heard or cared for without Sharpton, the media and Obama…You think pretending to care as a classic identity politics tactic makes you somehow better than me?

            Thomas Sowell, nationabloackrepublicans com, PJTV com, Alphonso Rachel, Sonja Schmidt, Rep Allen B West, Rep, Tim Scott etc, etc, Bill Whittle, margaretsanger blogspot com, zombietime com…

            No, really. Colone Neville.

          • ColonelNeville

            You are addicted to strawmen and other scatter gun logical fallacy you despicable slanderer, you know I’d side totally with Emmet Till against the barbarians who murdered him. You comparing Zimmerman to premeditated child killers? Yuk, you kinda stink. Maybe Zimmerman is worse than Hitler, eh? I mean, why not..No, really.

          • Moto

            “Martin didn’t kill himself or deserve to die as is so often asserted on these pages.”

            When you violently attack someone who is merely following you, and you put that person in fear for his life, and that person has a gun, you both kill yourself and deserve to die.

            Zimmerman DID NOT murder Martin. Zimmerman was ACQUITTED of murdering Martin by the same process that acquitted O.J. Simpson.

            Did O.J. get away with the murder of Nicole Brown as well? Or is it only “getting away with murder” when a non-black kills a black and is acquitted,you racist f*ck?

          • ColonelNeville

            Why do you focus and allegedly care so much more than us mere mortals on ONE Tray Von Martian, who just happens to have got media exposure and NOT on any of the other 7,000 black males murdered by other black males per year in the U.S? Just wondering.

            Seems an incredible mathematical possibility that out of all those black males you would as you profess to value equally, you decided on Tray was the one to so emote over. What made you choose Tray Von over the others? Why is Tray more worthy of your deep care and profound even morally superior concern?

            No, really. Colonel Neville.

      • Guy Fromage

        [C]alling the police every time he saw a black person

        With that one comment, you impeach yourself as a source of information or worthwhile opinion.

        • Harry Black

          That’s a pretty cheesy comment Mr. Fromage. But how about a reality check: “Zimmerman had a long history of violence, including a restraining order for domestic violence, felony charges of resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer (the charge was pled down to a misdemeanor and then closed; Zimmerman’s dad was a magistrate at the time). He was bounced from a job as a bouncer for being too aggressive with patrons, the New York Daily News reported. And a family member accused him of a pattern of sexual molestation.”

          • Guy Fromage

            And again, given George’s history of working with blacks, taking classes with black teachers, and volunteering his time to tutor black students, the assertion that he

            call[s] the police every time he saw a black person

            is just so much agitprop. #fail.

            As to the rest of the accusations and innuendo, he was eligible to be issued a CHL. The background check for such is extensive, and the standards of conduct to be issued one quite high. So, #fail again. Florida is a shall-issue state, so he must meet objective criteria. If he failed to do so, a permit would never have been issued.

          • Harry Black

            Facts are facts? Well, what I wrote is fact. That’s the side of Zimmerman–the violent, abusive side–that was operating the night he murdered Martin.

          • Guy Fromage

            And broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable. That is also a fact. So? Being accused of something, and doing something are not the same thing. Getting arrested and getting convicted are not the same thing; especially when the original charge was gratuitous, and ultimately abandoned.

            Meanwhile, evidence of Martins sadistic delight in pummeling people until they bleed and wholesale illegal drug use is kept from the jury. Even so, they saw the situation for what it really was.

          • ColonelNeville

            ZIMMERMAN IS HALF LATINO HALF WHITE like Obama is half black and half white. ZIMMERMAN IS A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT AND VOTED FOR OBAMA, gee, just like Obama and er, mebbe like er, you. And yet Zimmerman is called almost invariably in the media “white” while Obama is always called “black”. Why? ANSWER: The contradictions and lies of Marxist product sodden left liberalism.

            And what is your rap sheet like at the moment? I imagine the gleaming saintly light of your monumental virtue would blind us all.

            So if Zimmerman is a flawed man, he’s guilty then and should have let Tray Von Martian beat him to death as er, penance? The left have their gods, sacrifices and enemies list and after being lauded as a God, one can then be removed and be put on it in an instant. For insight into this phenomena see P.J O’Rourke, Bill Whittle, Alphonso Rachel, Thomas Sowell, Milton Freidman, Daniel Greenfield, Victor Davis Hanson, Mark Steyn, Dennis Prager, David Mamet, Mark Levin, Iowahawk typepad com, zombietime com, bestobamafacts com, prodos com and thepeoplescube com.

            No, really. Colonel Neville.

        • Jacobite2

          Hey, loosen up. White people and black people live in separate worlds, and never the twain shall meet. Whites think O.J. got away with murder. Blacks don’t see anything wrong with butchering a couple of crackers. Blacks want the Duke la crosse kids getting boogered in prison by some Black Panthers, while whites wonder how the Duke professors could feel exactly the same way (even the goys). Blacks don’t think white Hispanics should have the right to defend themselves against black thugs, because most blacks are thugs. Whites disagree, because most whites are not thugs. Two different worlds — as different as Africa and Europe. The outcome of the present race-war will determine who has to live in whose world tomorrow.

      • Moto

        News flash. The majority of criminals, AS WELL AS CRIME VICTIMS, are black in this country. It therefore follows that,in this country, Zimmerman would have called the police on far more suspicious blacks than people of any other race simply because far more blacks are engaging in criminal activity. No racism necessary.

        “Getting away with murder”? He didn’t get away with “murder” without first having his face and the back of his head bashed in against the concrete. How do you square that? Would you invite Trayvon Martin and his burglary tool over to your house to sift amongst your valuables unsupervised?

        That’s the really pertinent question. If Trayvon, the “No Limit Nigga” with an illegal handgun, who “swung on a bus driver” and had a couple of pot plants growing in his window sill wanted to come innocently hang around your house unsupervised, how would you react?

        How many people did George Zimmerman “swing on” previous to this incident? How does “swinging on a bus driver” NOT make Trayvon the “disturbed and violent person”?

      • defcon 4

        Said teenager was beating Zimmerman’s head into the ground. Would you mind if I were to beat your head into the ground?

      • ColonelNeville

        In your inverted left liberal mentality where up is down and evil is good, as described by Evan Sayet’s YouTube lecture How Liberals Think and in his book The Kindergarten of Evil, Zimmerman, who formed a business partnership with a black friend and PUBLICLY called two policemen to account for their role in from memory, the beating of a black man, is a “racist” and “a disturbed and violent person”, while violent teen drug thug racist Tray Von Martian as shown by conservativetreehouse etc, is merely exhibiting “teenage posturing”. You are lost little girl.

        No, really. Colonel Neville.

        • Harry Black

          I was going to refrain from further inflaming a frothing maniac, but your latest posts, obsessive, abusive, dogmatic (sine qua non of the true authoritarian) suggest you are in desperate need of psychiatric help. No really.

          • Drakken

            I must admit it is a sight to behold watching you go through mental gymnastics trying to justify your position with Colonel Neville. Hint, try harder, much harder.

          • ColonelNeville

            Hey, thanks for the kind words and thumbs up. No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • ColonelNeville

            Excellent. Ever more ad hominem and not a single linked factual reply. Bravo, on using the old Stalinist Maoist et al tactic of “you are mentally ill to dissent from correct leftist thinking, comrade”.

            Try countering with a FACTS instead. Ya got nothing. You are a left liberal on the side of the drug thug mob. A fake, a fraud, a coward a laughable twit. You really think I applaud the the murder of twelve year old Emmet Till? Are YOU actually ill or just hey, “Menadacious”? Yep, that’s you. No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • Harry Black

            Frothing maniac? That barely begins to describe you. Rave on. Knock yourself out. It’s quite a spectacle.The fact is you have not a clue to how race operates in the US. Meanwhile, an unarmed boy was murdered by a two-bit thug and anyone with any humanity knows that murder is wrong. As for Emmett Till: It’s easy in retrospect to say you would have abhorred the murder of a 14 year old, but back in 1954, conservatives north and south, including the revered William Buckley, were overt racists, believed in black inferiority, fought for segregation and denying blacks the vote, and saw a communist conspiracy behind the nascent civil rights movement. They were the intellectual forebears of today’s US conservatives, the inventors of the Republican Party’s “southern strategy,” which ran–and runs–on racial hatred. You’d have been with them–are with them now.

          • ColonelNeville

            Any adult perusing these comments will spy that you have been sliced or diced by all of us. And as for your latest disgusting slander mendacity and leftist warping inversion of historical reality, there is just as much evidence for me “being with” child killers a there is for you watching kiddie porn, so I say you do. pal. Colonel Neville.

          • Drakken

            So in order to break down your liberal/progressive talking points, and I use that term loosely, it’s alllllllllllll whiteys fault, and we owe you, is that what your saying? Brilliant!

          • ColonelNeville

            So once again old boy, as anyone fair minded and soberly looking at this great conversation would see, I and others, have empirically crushed your laughably ineffectual logical fallacy fraud while you have not provided a single link, quote or source of any kind. No, I have. Sadly, left liberals CANNOT LEARN. Why?

            Because left liberals always know that they know everything they would always need to know and that is the right bundled logical fallacy opinions, platitudes, cliches and delusions on every subject.

            I know most everything about the subjects you fabricate and invert simply because I WANT TO KNOW , yet you Occupy a Twilight Zone plot where decent people are according to your stupidity, always “racists!” and all without a SHRED of evidence, while you, a clear bigot and racist, appear to not want to know or learn anything worth a damn whatsoever.

            You are like the classic New Age twit, interested in everything but the facts.

            No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • ColonelNeville

            You are a racist and a bigot, Harry Black, and you know it, or do you?

          • Harry Black

            Whew! Seven posts. The man must be in denial. Knock yourself out little guy.

          • ColonelNeville

            As Obama is half black and half white and called black by
            virtually all left liberals defaulting to the ethnic minority for their own reasons, then logic dictates that Zimmerman as a half Latino and half white is thus a Latino.

            So by your own definitions what happened was a young Hispanic man shot a black man in self defense, was tried by a jury of women and somehow you think it’s white conservatives fault. Er, how? What are you talking about?

            Certainly not stable facts but provisional opportunistic race baiting. You’re a racist and thus have not answered a single question with a single sourced linked quoted fact.

            You don’t read, do you. No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • ColonelNeville

            Your driveled that “By your twisted definition they are all–the vast majority of black Americans–racists.” Whut? Incoherent straw man gibberish.

            You strawman stated that “They know that Limbaugh “and Hannity are racists,” How do you know this? What hard evidence do you have to support your claims? As opposed to who? You’ve not posted ANY EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER after endless posts. Quite extraordinary. Are you a fool or merely a lying left liberal phony?

            “….that Republicans promoting voter suppression laws are racists,” Er, they’re voter identification laws the same as when you go to a bank, a hospital, school or the DMV for your drivers licence. Are you saying blacks alone are incapable of doing what other races such as white and Asian do as a normal requirement of adulthood? Why are you so racist?

            “…that the NRA with its “stand your ground” laws and its racist paranoia is their enemy.”

            Er, don’t blacks want and have the right to bear arms under The Constitution. It was the KKK founding Democrats that made it ILLEGAL for any blacks to own guns.

            Er, law abiding blacks own guns too and are members of the NRA which exist entirely to defend the 2nd Amendment which is not racist by definition.

            Why would a black Doctor or black lawyer or black computer salesman or a black gunsmith and legal black gun dealer be scared of the NRA or any conservative, all whom I know support the Constitution, the rule of law and the rights of the individual over the violent group and state oppression?

            Forget the uniform bluff of logical fallacy ad hominem…simply POST QUOTES, LINKS AND OTHER EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT YOUR CLAIMS. Easy. Waits….Nothing. Are you actually mad? I’m quite serious, old boy. You don’t seem normal somehow…

            No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • ColonelNeville

            You asked “Then perhaps you’ll explain to me why your “French Jamaican” wife left you.”


          • Harry Black

            My condolences. That must have been very painful.

          • ColonelNeville

            Ah, the real, natural and spontaneous you is finally revealed. A decent guy. I thank you. No, REALLY. Colonel Neville.

          • ColonelNeville

            Here’s some facts…

            ‘Think Progress and The Center for American Progress, funded by George Soros, and ran by John Podesta [and filled with liberals, socialists, progressives, Marxists and other repackaged and rebranded leftist variants.] All are connected to Obama. Soros funds the Democratic Party and Podesta was a goon in the Clinton machine and headed Obama’s transitional team.’

            Well now there’s your guarantee of a non-biased, crony free, decent, un-corrupted, honest, middle of the road search for truth…
            Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahah! No, stop it! Ya killin’ me…and the country.

            No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • ColonelNeville

            Bill Whittle of pjtv com and his latest Afterburner totally nails it as he tells the truth about Trayvon Martin and what he calls the ‘wretched lynching’ of George Zimmerman. A fantastic must watch:


          • ColonelNeville

            Bill Whittle’s Afterburner.

            Zimmerman the half Latino half white as Obama is half black and half white, was a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT and an OBAMA VOTER.

            Bill Whittle of pjtv com and his latest Afterburner totally nails it as he tells the truth about Trayvon Martin and
            what he calls the ‘wretched lynching’ of George Zimmerman. A fantastic must watch:


            No, really. Colonel Neville.

          • ColonelNeville

            Again, screen capture QUOTES of Tray Von Martian speaking about making “some kick ass LEAN” and other drug thug talk….

            LEAN or PURPLE DRANK, the codeine and Robutussin based drink made by adding these drugs to Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. LEAN, which causes in long term serious abusers as Tray was, the liver damage shown in Tray Von’s CORONER’S REPORT and the same drug cocktail that also causes violent psychosis in said long term abusers as Tray was. Tray, the violent Mixed martial Arts fan and trainee, Tray the racist misogynist typical hip hop drug thug guttersnipe.

            See Bill Whittle’s Afterburner for a brilliant empirical summation. No, really. Colonel Neville.




          • ColonelNeville

            Alphonso Zo Rachel hits some deeper issues with the media, celebrity and Presidential lynching of Zimmerman.


          • ColonelNeville

            You’re a racist and a bigot.

          • ColonelNeville

            Hey, if you were in charge, then you could send me to the local psychiatric torture gulag in your new leftist socialist Peoples Utopia. No, really. Colonel Neville.

            thepeoplescube com

          • ColonelNeville

            Er, whatever.

          • ColonelNeville

            Your fly is down…

    • Jacobite2

      White Leftists hate white people. Their forebears, the *sshole New England Abolitionists/Transcendalists worshipped America’s very first terrorist, John Brown, as the scourge of the evil white man. Don’t doubt that any normal white person who comes to their attention, for some crime, or for saying something outlawed by PC, or for nothing in particular, they’d hate him just as visciously. Pay attention to Leftists — when you add up all the Americans they hate, it’s almost every white west of the Hudson and east of Oakland. Leftists always hate normal people, that’s why Leftists in total power kill and kill and kill. Even a pissant Leftist like Castro has killed many more people than the Spanish Inquisition. Forget Lenin and Stalin and Mao — they retired the mass-murder trophy permanently.

  • 12banjo

    It didn’t start with Sharpton. It started with an infamous line from the White House, “if I had a son, he’d *look like* Trayvon.” Then the rabid dogs of propaganda were unleashed.

  • poetcomic1

    And meanwhile the Martins have lost their PRECIOUS BOY. I mean precious literally as they have already conned ONE MILLION DOLLARS from the condo Neightborhood Watch Association for ‘wrongful death’ and more to come. Whoo-eeee! Better dip their biscuits in that gravy while its hot!

    • Moto

      They hit the ghetto lottery jackpot. That’s also why blacks encourage their “chillun” to play in the street.

  • Becca Lower

    The race-baiter Van Jones was back on CNN this morning, repeating the line about tuxedos and Skittles. He also claimed that there had been no violent protests in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict. Incredible.

  • CowboyUp

    Thanks for pointing out some of the thoughtful, reasonable, and constructive reactions. It’s nice to know there are some voices of sanity and calm among the howling glitterati.
    That Zimmerman was a multiracial democrat shows yet again the left will unjustly destroy their own to establish and further their narrative and political ambitions.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      It will be interesting to watch as white democrats are driven from their own party by their own ideals.

      • Drakken

        Ironic isn’t it?

  • linda baggett

    Don’t forget that NBC doctored the 911 recordings to make it sound like Zimmerman was ‘out to get’ Martin all along. The majority of the people speaking out against the verdict most likely have not followed the facts of the trial but relied on the likes of NBC to tell their version of the truth.

  • Clare Spark

    The demonstrators and their sponsors are nihilists, departing from the original moderates who founded the Progressive movement. See “Progressive uplift vs. New Left nihilism.”

  • ytdontplay

    Libtards shouldn’t go after guns, but should ban Skittles.

  • Deerknocker

    Perhaps the many issues raised by the Zimmerman case can be resolved by a new law: The Black Inviolability Acts. The BIA would provide that it shall be illegal and a felony for any white person (including without limitation any white, white-hispanic, white-asian, white-aborigine or the like) to offend any black person (including without limitation our black-white President). Such offense shall include, again without limitation, any defensive act or word by a white person against any black person engaged in the commission of murder, manslaughter, physical assault, rape, theft, thuggery, or MMA style ground and pound. What the hell, we owe it to them, right?

  • Deerknocker

    Many of the legal issues involved in the Zimmerman case could be resolved by a new law: The Black Inviolability Act. The BIA shall make it illegal and a felony for any white person (including white-hispanics, white-asians, white-aborigines, or the like) to defend in any way, by word or deed, a murder, physical or verbal assault, theft, rape, or MMA style ground and pound threatened or committed by a black person against a white. Let’s remove this troublesome concept of self-defense for whites. We owe it to our black brothers and sisters don’t we now.

    • Moto

      This animal is very dangerous, it defends itself when attacked!

  • Moto

    “We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this. As citizens, that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.”

    Apartheid would prevent “future tragedies like this” quite well. Something tells me Barack Obama,a.k.a. Barack Soetoro,a.k.a. Barry Soetoro didn’t quite have that in mind,though.

  • Guest

    Mendacity? Try your heroes Limbaugh and Hannity. Try the reptilian Buckley. Neo-racism of the nudge-nudge wink-wink variety is still racism. Say what you will, you hanging out with loathsome group of ideologues. If anyone is around is forty years, they’ll look back on the Trayvon Martin murder with the same disgust we (you too perhaps) look back at the murder of Emmett Till. Conservatives created a climate in which that murder could take place; ditto the sort of lawlessness that passes for law

    • Drakken

      The problem with your leftist drivel is that it is complete utter nonsense and lies, you liberals have created the situation we are in now and have no one to blame but yourselves. The day is coming soon where you libtards will have to pay for your dragging us back to the least lowest common denominator. You will deserve everything coming your way.

  • Harry Black

    Mendacity? Try your heroes Limbaugh and Hannity. Neo-racism of the nudge-nudge wink-wink variety? It’s still
    racism. If anyone is around in forty years, they’ll look back on the
    Trayvon Martin murder with the same revulsion we (you too perhaps) now look
    back at the murder of Emmett Till. Conservatives created a climate in
    which that murder could take place; ditto today with Trayvon Martin. Today lawlessness of the “Stand Your Ground” variety prevails, That’s the work of ALEC and its big money ultra-conservative corporate sponsors. You and the other clueless folk here are working for them. Congratulations.

    • ColonelNeville

      Balls. YOU are a racist as clearly for you, everything is about race.

      Ironically, YOUR mendacity, inversion, phony posturing, fraud and bare faced lies fill me “with revulsion”. AGAIN, why do you allegedly care about ONE Tray Von and not for the 7,000 black males murdered a year by other black males in the U.S?

      Ah, THEY are not useful to your VENAL, MENDACIOUS, narcissistic, moral vanity driven identity politics left liberal narrative.

      You’re an ugly, embarrassing, ineffectual mob minded minority using twerp. No, really. Colonel Neville.

      • Harry Black

        Careful Colonel, you’re working towards your second heart attack–assuming you have a heart.. The fact is 1) you know nothing about what I care about or even the color my skin; 2) you’re frothing away at a figment of your overheated imagination; 3) you know nothing about US racial politics or why 7000 black males are murdered each year (it’s their own fault according to the logic of the heirs of Bill Buckley and the acolytes of Rush); and while no doubt you abhor the Gulag as an evil communist invention, you have nothing to say about the American prison industrial complex, also a gulag, this one imprisoning hundreds of thousands black people for the sake of corporate profit. Your theory of human “freedom” is abuse those you disagree with, line up ideologically with the climate change deniers, the professional misogynists, the racists (who now claim they are the anti-racists), idiots like Mark Steyn, etc., etc. Everything isn’t about race but you fail to understand how race in the US is intertwined with almost everything else. Do some good in the world instead of frothing here like a latter day Colonel Blimp. Volunteer for a soup kitchen or collect used books for impoverished children. Take a yoga class; it might clam you down. Your frothing name-calling semi-literate tirades–by now an addiction of yours along with how many others?–are bad for your mental health.

        • ColonelNeville

          You asked and strawman answered falsely: “…why 7000 black males are murdered each year (it’s their own fault…” Er, possibly for quite a few but ALL were shot by wait for it, OTHER BLACK MALES.

          So Mark Steyn, the brilliant witty funny courageous and massively read and listened to author of a dozen NYT’s best sellers and for good reasons, is according to anonymous unpublished logical fallacy addled leftist you and “idiot”. Riiight. Of course. Easier than quoting Steyn and countering with your unknown and unwanted brilliance.

          What are the titles of your published in demand quoted masterwork books? How come no one seems to read you or care a whit beyond here? Even tiny little me, has got 250,000 hits to my cheap blog. Surely with your super smarts and massive moral magnitude you can do better than my pitiful effort? Do you have ANYTHING to prove your claims of superiority to us mere mortals? Nope.

          The rest of your bowel movement is ironically massively self unaware typical left liberal “name calling”, Mr Poo Poo Pants. And I quote: “latter day Colonel Blimp…an idiot…frothing…semi literate…climate change deniers…professional misogynists…the racists…overheated imagination..” ad nauseum.

          So if according to you, I’m all for murdering twelve year olds cos that’s what conservatives do an’ all, well, are you still watching kiddie porn? Still raping blind widows? Why did you set off that pipebomb? I heard you shoplift and sell crack to teens. Why do you hate black people and Chinese? Still a member of the Democrat party founded KKK? Why did you drown those puppies, Plato?

          Bwahahahaha. What a schlubb, what a putz, what a cream pie, what a fluffball. Pure leftist gold. What a left liberal. No, really. Colonel neville.

        • ColonelNeville

          You logical fallacy, hyperbole and moral equivalence babbled that “you have nothing to say about the American prison industrial complex, also a gulag,”

          Er, 14 million INNOCENT people were murdered by Soviet communist in the Gulag…

          You are a Howard Zinn Marxist Critical Theory spouting nitwit.

          85 percent of the prisoners in Cuba’s 300 jails are black and the longest serving political prisoner in the world was a black Doctor jailed there for passing out the words of Martin Luther King. But I know you’d know that already cos’ you care so much about black people….

          No, really. Colonel Neville.

          globalmuseumoncommunism org, zombietime com, the peoplescube com, babalublog com, discoverthenetworks org, hfontova org, the realcuba com.

        • ColonelNeville

          AGAIN, As Obama is half black and half white and called black by virtually all left liberals defaulting to the ethnic minority for their own eminently racial reasons, then logic dictates that Zimmerman as a half Latino and half white is thus a Latino.

          So by YOUR OWN definitions what happened was a young Hispanic man shot a black man in self defense, was tried by a jury of women and somehow you think it’s white conservatives fault. Er, how? What are you talking about?

          Certainly not stable facts but provisional opportunistic race baiting. You’re a racist and thus have not answered a single question with a single sourced linked quoted fact.

          You don’t read, do you. No, really. Colonel Neville.

    • ColonelNeville

      Haven’t you noticed that I keep getting VOTED UP while YOU keep on getting voted DOWN? Ah, the jury system and democracy. Great! No, really. Colonel Neville.

    • ColonelNeville

      Dear Out-Patient:

      Without a shred of empirical evidence you have slandered [as left liberals ALWAYS do], that “Try your heroes Limbaugh and Hannity. Neo-racism of the nudge-nudge wink-wink variety? It’s still racism.”

      “Neo Racism” means that you can’t find a shred of evidence for the actual racism you yearn to discover to support your morally vain and delusional narrative of identity politics in which you are, of course, the superior ethical force and thus we are ipso facto, the morally inferior untermenschen one.

      As Hannity and Rush are enormously on cable and radio everyday, naturally you can easily POST QUOTES and LINKS to VIDEO EVIDENCE of Rush Limbaugh & Hannity’s alleged racism.

      I predict that you cannot and will not because there is exactly zero evidence and you know it.

      So I’m a racist eh? I’ll let my Japanese wife, Eurasian children and enormous Osaka family know, as well as my first wife the black Jamaican French woman.

      I’ve had idiot addled leftists say that marrying an Asian or a black woman “proves that” wait for it, I’m a “racist”! Left liberals are permanent tantrum yet ill children incapable of empirical rational and consistently logical thought.

      Why are you SO OBSESSED with race anyhow? Easy. Like much of the left, YOU’RE A RACIST and you neurotically, mendaciously, venally and hypocritically pretend that you have found it in others when it’s all in you. It’s all about you especially when you posture unbidden on others behalf. Oh, the irony of your arrogant assumptions that all ethnic groups want and think what left liberals say they do.

      No, really. Colonel Neville.

      • Drakken

        Careful Colonel Neville, your going to give that black racist a real case of the vapors and have a complete meltdown. ;)

    • ColonelNeville

      You are a racist and a bigot ‘Harry Black’, it’s as simple as that. No, really. Colonel Neville.

    • Drakken

      The problem with you ignorant leftist, is what you say isn’t so and a complete fabrication to suit your leftist agenda, but thanks for playing.