Purging and Transforming Our Military

51ddc046!h.300,id.9264,m.fill,w.540President Obama hasn’t just been hollowing out the military since taking office, he’s been gutting it, purging it of ideologically hostile personnel, and fundamentally transforming it into something other than a war-fighting force, military experts say.

Although few with military ties are willing to say it openly, it seems the administration is leading an orchestrated effort to seriously undermine the readiness of the military. Some reports indicate that Obama has purged 197 senior military officers since moving into the White House and that many of the retired officers have been harassed at their new civilian jobs for criticizing the president’s policies. The effects of these purges will be felt long after Obama leaves office.

This is, of course, the same through-the-looking-glass administration that goes out of its way not to label actual Islamic terrorists as terrorists, that calls terrorist attacks “man-caused disasters,” and refers to the Global War on Terror as the “Overseas Contingency Operation.”

A retired senior military officer and combat veteran who remains involved in national security affairs, told FrontPage in an interview that President Obama is involved in social engineering of the United States military.

“Having women in combat is bad,” he said. “It is changing the social complexion of the infantry and we now have this epidemic of sexual assaults.”

Soldiers are told not to be mean to gays, he said. “Do you really think the individuals who are joining the all-volunteer force will be joining to pull triggers or to get sensitivity training?”

The former officer said that President Obama is getting rid of experienced war fighters for no apparent reason.

The “poster child” for such firings is James Mattis, a real soldier’s soldier and four-star general in the Marine Corps who retired unexpectedly this past May at age 63. As a brigadier general Mattis led a brigade into Kandahar in fall of 2001 and a Marines division into Iraq during the invasion in 2003.

“Mattis should have been the next chairman of the joint chiefs of staff but mysteriously he gets retired,” the officer said. Mattis had been asking questions about Obama’s policy toward, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran, that the powers that be didn’t want asked, he said.

In early 2009 Obama cashiered David McKiernan, the general in charge of the Afghanistan war. He was replaced by Gen. Stanley McChrystal, whom he also fired. Obama canned his intelligence chief, Gen. David Petraeus. Gen. John Allen, another key figure in the Afghanistan war, resigned unexpectedly, according to an analysis by the “Vernuccio/Allison Report,” a radio show carried by WVOX 1460 AM in New Rochelle, N.Y.

Gen. Carter Ham fell on his sword soon after the White House denied permission for a rescue mission to save officials trapped at the besieged U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya. Admiral David Gaurette, who oversaw an aircraft carrier group in the Middle East, also had retirement thrust upon him, as did Marine Gen. James Cartwright.

Vice Admiral Tim Giardina and Major Gen. Michael Carey, military commanders involved with the nation’s nuclear defenses, have also been shown the door by the president.

Retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady told WND that President Obama has forced out so many military leaders who have doubts about his policies that the nation’s armed forces no longer feel prepared to fight or to try to win armed conflicts.

“There is no doubt he is intent on emasculating the military and will fire anyone who disagrees with him” over such issues as “homosexuals, women in foxholes, the Obama sequester,” said Brady, a recipient of the military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor.

“They are purging everyone, and if you want to keep your job, just keep your mouth shut,” another top retired officer told WND.

“Not only are military service members being demoralized and the ranks’ overall readiness being reduced by the Obama administration’s purge of key leaders, colonels – those lined up in rank to replace outgoing generals – are quietly taking their careers in other directions,” the media outlet reports.

Retired Army Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin said four-star generals are being retired at an alarming rate under Obama. “Over the past three years, it is unprecedented for the number of four-star generals to be relieved of duty, and not necessarily relieved for cause.”

“I believe there is a purging of the military,” he said. “The problem is worse than we have ever seen.”

Retired Marine Corps Lt. Col. Oliver North weighed in on the issue on Mark Levin’s radio show last night.

Although “there’s a lot of dead wood wearing flags and stars … [who] wouldn’t know how to fight their way out of a paper bag,” a suspicious number of flag officers have been given walking papers by the Obama administration, he said. He continued:

There’s a group of people, and I don’t think it’s anything close to a hundred, but there’s probably several dozen who tried to do the right thing and they weren’t promoted by this administration because it was contrary to their policy whether it was the administration’s stated narrative that we’ve ended al-Qaeda, therefore we’re safe in the world, or whether it’s the stated narrative that we’re doing a pivot toward Asia which is total baloney because there’s no money to do it with, or it’s the people who want to defend America with a real serious ballistic missile defense and they were fired because they said, “hey gosh, we’re not doing what we need to do to protect the American people.”

Generals and admirals who “feel strongly that something has gone wrong and something isn’t being done right, you have a moral obligation to know, first of all, your career is probably over anyway, so have the courage to stand up at a podium, take off your stars, throw ‘em down [on] the podium, and tell the truth to the American people on your way out the door.”

This “has not happened yet and it should have happened a long time ago,” North said, adding:

The military is being turned into a laboratory for radical social engineering experiments. They’re wrecking the finest military force the world has ever known — brighter, better educated, trained, led, and now the most combat-experienced military force in the history of the world. And they’re not standing up and saying, “stop wrecking it.” This administration is intent on wrecking it.

The president has also taken some steps that seem aimed only at harming morale. Obama plans to force Marines of both sexes to don unisex headwear that critics mock as “girly hats.”

According to former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie, ranking SEAL commanders have banned their subordinates from wearing the Navy’s traditional “don’t tread on me” insignia. The patch depicting a coiled rattlesnake ready to strike is typically worn by SEALs and is a variation of the Gadsden flag, a Revolutionary era vexillological device that has been used by the U.S. Marines and Navy since 1775. In 2002 the secretary of the Navy ordered that a variation of the flag, the Navy Jack, be flown on all U.S. Navy ships for the duration of the Global War on Terror.

The Left abhors the Gadsden because it is carried at Tea Party rallies and has been used as a symbol of resistance to Obama’s authoritarianism.

Leftist influencer and all-purpose crackpot Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center describes the Gadsden flag as a symbol of hate that in “contemporary society [is] the flag of the militia movement.” The flag says “Don’t mess with us,” and implies, “Don’t mess with us at the point of a gun,” says Potok.

Since taking office in 2009, the Obama administration has been on a relentless drive to stigmatize and delegitimize opposing points of view. The administration has instructed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials to treat conservatives and libertarians as potential terrorists. Obama’s IRS targets conservative and Tea Party groups for harassment and special investigations.

Americans ought to be alarmed that the administration is now using the same heavy-handed, un-American tactics to turn members of the nation’s armed forces against its domestic political adversaries.

We know, for example, that a January 2013 Department of Defense (DoD) diversity training center “student guide” entitled “Extremism” instructs soldiers that conservative organizations are “hate groups” and Tea Party supporters are potentially dangerous extremists.

The DoD materials not only take aim at modern conservative groups but label America’s Founding Fathers as extremists who would be unfit to serve in today’s military. The teaching guide advises that instead of “dressing in sheets,” radicals today “will talk of individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place.” American patriots who fought for Independence from the United Kingdom in the 1700s are identified as adhering to “extremist ideologies.”

“In U.S. history, there are many examples of extremist ideologies and movements,” the document states. “The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule and the Confederate states who sought to secede from the Northern states are just two examples.”

The materials advise soldiers to rely on the Alabama-based neo-Marxist Southern Poverty Law Center as a resource in identifying hate groups. A 2006 report from the SPLC, essentially an anti-conservative attack machine funded by George Soros, claimed improbably that “large numbers of potentially violent neo-Nazis, skinheads, and other white supremacists are now learning the art of warfare in the [U.S.] armed forces.”

This is what happens when you make a radical left-wing community organizer Commander-in-Chief of America’s armed forces.

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  • Dyer’s Eve

    Stalin beheaded the Red Army, eliminating it as an effective fighting force. In the 1930s he decapitated the command structure and installed second-rate bootlickers, cronies and hacks and look what happened. During what the Russians call the ‘Great Patriotic War’, the Red Army suffered one setback after another until Stalin woke up just enough to cut his commanders some slack and let them do their jobs, prove their worth and win the war of the Eastern Front. Stalin’s murder of the Red Army officer corps directly led to the huge loss of life of military personnel and civilians in WW2. He signed off on the muder of the best commanders the Red Army had. Hitler’s onslught could have been largely negated if not for Stalin’s paranoid folly. Lest we forget. Remember the Battle for Moscow, remember the Siege of Leningrad and… remember Stalingrad.
    What I am trying to say here is that Obama (Mabus) is doing the same thing to the US military as Stalin did to the Red Army. The only difference is that those forcibly refired generals and commanders have not been killed. Not yet, anyway.

  • tic…tic…BOOM

    He needs to rid the Military of the General Officers to prepare the way for the ““Civilian National Security Force” which he promised would be “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the US Military.”
    Bend over and grab your ankles, folks. The high hard one is coming.

    • Gamal

      I think he realized that the civilian National Force is not practical so he’s purging the army of anyone who won’t obey him blindly so that he gets what he wanted anyway which was a force that will transform America.

  • http://fdnyretiree.com/ Ed FDNYRetiree

    He is a Muslim operative destroying America from within. Anyone denying this is similarly an enemy of America. His behavior is treason.

    • laura r

      talktalktalk. you all know he will never be impeached, get out of lala land. the past is over, its a NEW era. all the “shoulds” do not count.

      • http://fdnyretiree.com/ Ed FDNYRetiree

        Keep on drinking Obama’s Kool-Aid, libby!

        You’re all going to end up exactly as did Jim’s Kool-Aid drinkers when your Obama-Messiah does you in, too.

        The “new era” will come when America is rid of all dangerous libs.

        • laura r

          besides yakking on forums there is nothing anyone can do about this. even horowitz knows this. it is bigger than than you think. obamas here, muslims are here, hispanics are here, tran sexuals are here, the media is here. theyre not going anywhere. all the skinheads in the world may not change it. the national guard will handle them. the only way to appease them is to have some parts of some states sucede. but thats douteful. meanwhile the rich are not affected by any change in america, they could care less. same old long story repeated.

          • http://fdnyretiree.com/ Ed FDNYRetiree

            With your ‘positive’ thinking, you’d be flying the British flag and goose-stepping to Hitler’s SS.

            If everyone in America thought as ‘positively’ as you, just writing this would land me in an Obama Gulag.

            And by the way, forget the “National Guard.” It is NOT Obama’s private army, and trying to activate the Guard for action against American citizens will…

            Well, I would get into trouble if I wrote what I think about that.

            You would do good to put on your positive cap and stop living like a defeatist who thinks the sun never shines.

          • laura r

            i am grateful for the internet. but the speed of things is going so fast that i cant help comparing this to russia or germany. we dont know how long we will have internet, i dont speculate.

          • Kenneth Jones

            No, go right ahead! Keep on writing what you think! But remember this: The National Guard is your next door neighbor, or the guys and gals down the street. Maybe your employer or even your clergyman. Maybe he’s the cop on the beat, or one of your child’s teachers, or even one of your family. Do you really think the Guard is going to turn on American citizens just because that traitor in the White House thinks they’re his private army to do with as he pleases? And remember this, too: When he tramples on YOUR rights, he tramples on the rights of every senator and congressman, every Federal judge, and every member of the judiciary down to your local judge and those of their family members, too! Do you really think Congress is going to tolerate this crap? I very seriously doubt it! I think that since things are only going to get worse during what remains of Obama’s presidency, the House of Representatives is going to vote to impeach him and his cronies, and yes, I think the Senate is going to go along with it, because there are senators who are starting to see the light and the truth about him. They don’t ALL have their heads in the sand!

  • LibertyLinda

    This is another highly impeachable offense, a clear cut violation of upholding the Constitution. The importance of 2014 is even more pressing, to get Conservatives into office willing to impeach. John Boehner & his ilk must be removed. What a disgrace.

    • Darlene Johnson

      Obama needs to be impeached so all the wrongs he has done will be undone. But we have arrogant, suck-up leaders who do not want to ruin their money flow.

    • benabo1machal

      Impeach Obama first, after all he is the one that’s responsible for lying about his Obamacare plans, which will increase your premiums by thousands of dollars

      • Fritz

        How about focusing attention on local and state political races, if there is new leadership to come this is where they must start. What happened in Virginia must never be allowed to happen again, where the idiots in the RNC decided that it was better that conservative should loose rather then a democrat.

        I must stress this, as there seems to be some confusion over what the impeachment process is. Impeachment is not removal, Bill Clinton was impeached, impeachment means charges are filed and a trial is held in the U.S Senate.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    If ever in the history of nations there has been justification for a military coup America is it right now.

    • ADM64

      No there isn’t. A lot of the senior military leadership in fact embraces this crap and their general inability to win wars or develop weapons in a cost-effective way combined with their moral cowardice in addressing even well-documented failings hardly inspires confidence that they could govern well. If anything is needed, it is a revolution by the people who want small government and free markets and are tired of having their rights violated and their pockets by their elected officials and an ever growing number of parasites (at every level of the income scale) looking for handouts. Unfortunately, this won’t happen because far too many of us want big government handouts, no matter what we might say to the contrary.

      • jeepwonder

        They are now, since there has been a purge going on.
        There was a time when ‘oath keepers’ meant just that, the constitution was what mattered, and the oath to defend it.

        I would love to see a list of officers vowing to keep that oath and the list of the purged military people.

      • Fritz

        The handout schemes will end when the Chinese and others stop buying treasury bills. If it happened to Britain it can happen to any nation.


      While I can appreciate your sentiment and have felt desperate myself at times, I think a military coup is not a good idea at all…not really conducive with who we are as a nation. Let’s leave that to the South American countries and other places in the world where there is little hope of the people being able to influence their govts.

  • ADM64

    Have we only just noticed? The blunt fact is that the trends began well before Obama. Jimmy Carter’s administration opened the door for much broader roles for women in the military, followed by the repeal of the combat exclusion under Bill Clinton (albeit not for ground or special forces). Every time major changes have been made to the military along political-social lines, it has been by a Democratic adminstration for ideological reasons. No Republican has ever dared change course, except the under President Reagan the Carter-era policy of coed military training was repealed (it had failed to challenge the men and led to too many injuries for the women – it was, of course, like all failed policies, revivied under Clinton and continues to this day, with even lower standards). However, every time it has been opposed by those of us on the right, our arguments have been shot down, we’ve been smeared as sexist and homophobic and the opposition has failed because no one wants to seem hostile to women and gays. Success is proclaimed by both partisans and senior military officers and once things settle down, “conservatives” embrace it. John McCain is a good example. Thus, women serving on combat ships or in aviation will be a major disaster, undermine unit cohesion and such, but after a few years, it’s “worked” so anyone opposing further expansion looks like an idiot for saying so. So, we continue to lose even though, to this day, there is overwhelming evidence of lowered and separate standards and huge problems with sexual fraternization, pregnancy and misconduct.

    Democrats don’t want us to lose wars, but winning them is not as much a priority as their social engineering and supporting their key constituencies. In many respects, this exactly mirrors the debate on fiscal issues and especially the entitlements: few Republicans are willing to actually cut the entitlements, most support the welfare state philosophically, and then they are surprised that even when they lose elections, the country moves leftward and government expands. Simple suggestion: you won’t win if you fight on your enemy’s terms on a battlefield of his choosing. Want to stop the erosion of our military, then be ready to honestly state that social changes made to date haven’t worked and their “success” is nothing more than a Potemkin village. Oh, and be ready to call military women on their actual performance rather than the public version of it.

  • Steven Chavez

    AND THEN THERE’S the most important military man of them all: GENERAL COLIN POWELL! OBAMA DOESN’T CARE ABOUT throwing these other military personnel UNDER THE TANK because all those are expendable since he has a very important Four-Star General and former Secretary of State covering his back. Oh, and did I mention he is also Black which is the real reason Powell supported Obama because he surely didn’t support him for his experience, or lack thereof, in military and domestic government matters. (This fits in with Black Liberation Theology and a reason why Obama will support Susan Rice over Hillary for President. “Yea, but Rice lied about the video.” “Hillary told me to lie and Barack objected too but he went with her talking points. We followed her over the cliff on that one. Her fault. Blame her!”) Maybe Powell stood by him for his International expertise which only consisted of being a KGB and CPUSA dupe in his college days, and an apologist for totalitarians like in Cuba, Nicaragua, and every other Communist country especially the Soviet Union, a country and system he loved more than his own!

    (David Horowitz is revealing in his new book, and media circuit interviews, that Axelrod, Jarrett, and Obama were surrounded by Communists, like he, but that he left his radical circle while they stayed “in the New Left,” and that is the reason for their continuing radical agenda. Now if I could get David to not pull punches, especially with PC labels like Liberal, Leftist, and New Left. “Obama was born of Communists. He was mentored by a Communist. He sought out and found Communist professors and the most radical anti-American pro-Soviet students. He found Chicago’s Communists and domestic terrorists that he lied about knowing. As President, he surrounded himself with his ‘Circle of Communists’ on top of all of his powerful Soviet-style CZARS who bypass confirmations are only answer to him. He is a magnet to Communists and they to him. So what does that make him??? A COMMUNIST!”)

    WHY DOES A PRESIDENT, in any country, purge the military of high-ranking officers? Well because they could stage a COUP, or in this case, “opening their big mouths!” These insiders know all about the incompetence of this Commander-in-Chief and if they revolted in mass, while in uniform, it would surely cause the American people, and Veterans, to stand up too especially if they revealed the appeasing of our enemies, like terrorists as even officially labeled by our government, stand down orders, and even acts of Treason.

    OBAMA AND HILLARY SPIT ON GENERAL BETRAY US and called him a liar to his face but then they have the audacity to order the General to cover their hides in Afghanistan and eventually, the CIA. If I were the General, I’d give revenge a chance by SPITTING back at them and revealing failed war strategies, real reasons for retreat, AND WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN BENGHAZI where 1000 Special Forces Vets unveiled a 60-foot long scroll that contained their signatures and given to Congress demanding a full investigation. THAT’S THE REVOLT PEOPLE! Build on that. They know something and Obama and Hillary are hiding something. Add General Betray Us to that mix and you a “phony scandal” so big that even Obama’s staunchest defenders will have to vote for his impeachment or they will be seen as putting Obama before country! As it is now, the Democrats get away with “We want to find out what happened so it never happens again,” and then they spend their committee time COVERING UP WHAT HAPPENED and worst of all, blaming Republicans that they just can’t over their obsession of a “Black man in the White House.” Ah, the Race Card always works right Eric and Colin?

    • CarlMM

      I agree that if “it walks and talks like a duck, it’s a communist duck.” I like your analysis about Powell and Obama, and their skin color. I’m reminded by Stacey Dash, a Black actress, who said, “I support Romney for his character and not the color of his skin” and then got hate mail and even death threats on Twitter that she revealed in a CNN interview and all the race pimps, Including Obama, were silent. Funny too that many Blacks called Powell and Condi Rice “house slaves and house n-words” for working under Bush but went silent when Powell supported Obama.

      I also saw DH on Hannity and he pulled no punches but I wish he was on one of these shows for the whole hour but not with Hannity because he always talks too much even when he invites an expert to give their opinion. His C-Span talks are good too. I hope he’s on there soon.

      • MrUniteUs1

        CarlMM, If you posted at this site that you supported President Obama, or went onf FOX and said it, what kind of response do you think you would get. Look at how rightwingers ragged on Christie,
        for being seen with President Obama. Now it’s his fault the Cuuch lost in Virginia. Note I know many Black Americans I don’t recall any calling Powell and Condi Rice “house slaves and house n-words. Critical yes, but they didn’t get a pass. If they did you would be whining about that. Note most of the people voted for Obama are white. He received over 70% of the Jewish vote.

        • CarlMM

          GOOGLE search: Interviewed on a Californian radio station earlier this week, Belafonte said: “In the days of slavery there were those slaves who lived on the plantation, and those slaves who lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master, exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him. Colin Powell is committed to come into the house of the master.”

          “Belafonte won’t back down from Powell House Nig=ger reference” By Sinclere Lee from Black News Weekly

          Belafonte said his views also apply to National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice.

          (Sinclere Lee) And he’s right! That stupid bitch is Aunt Jemima in the way she sucks-up behind Bush’s ass at every chance she gets. She is a disgrace to Black women in this country, and it’s regreatable that Black women are not giving her hell.

          Belafonte called upon Powell and Rice and other Black people in positions of power to use their platforms “to speak out about the ill-advised policies” of the Bush administration.

          “The idea that you work in the house of the master is almost in itself its own opportunity to do some mischief and make a difference, but when you are in that place and you help perpetuate the master’s policy that perpetuates oppression and pain for many others, then something has to be said about it,” Belafonte said. “And the master in this instance, of course, was the president of the United States.”

        • CarlMM

          Really? After a two second search, there were pages of references and that doesn’t reveal the real extent of web comments by the Bush and Cheney haters. What is Powell now that he supports a Black Master? I eagerly await your response.

          GOOGLE: Interviewed on a Californian radio station earlier this week, Belafonte said: “In the days of slavery there were those slaves who lived on the plantation, and those slaves who lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master, exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him. Colin Powell is committed to come into the house of the master.”

          “Belafonte won’t back down from Powell House N******* reference” By Sinclere Lee from Black News Weekly

          Belafonte said his views also apply to National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice.

          (Sinclere Lee) And he’s right! That stupid bi+ch is Aunt Jem-ima in the way she suc-ks-up behind Bush’s as-s at every chance she gets. She is a disgrace to Black women in this country, and it’s regreatable that Black women are not giving her hel-l.

          Belafonte called upon Powell and Rice and other Black people in positions of power to use their platforms “to speak out about the ill-advised policies” of the Bush administration.

          “The idea that you work in the house of the master is almost in itself its own opportunity to do some mischief and make a difference, but when you are in that place and you help perpetuate the master’s policy that perpetuates oppression and pain for many others, then something has to be said about it,” Belafonte said. “And the master in this instance, of course, was the president of the United States.”

        • CarlMM

          Search: “Belafonte won’t back down from Powell House N***** reference” By Sinclere Lee from Black News Weekly. Lee calls Rice, Aunt Jemima and worse.

          Many others. Now Belafonte will say that Powell “serves a Black Master?”

    • Jay

      Racist ridiculous ideas. Generals and Admirals were purged for misconduct and their positions were filled by more Generals and Admirals. There will be no COUP. Our military is better than that. We’re not the Egyptian Army we honor the Constitution even when others would try and convince us not to.

      • Randy Townsend

        We have no idea why most of these men were cashiered out – the administration refuses to release the details stating “Since the circumstances did not lead to charges filed against the officer, we refuse to comment.” You’re right that the military (officer corps in particular) must “honor the Constitution”. In your opinion, does the President also have that same obligation? Firing/replacing flag officers without cause smacks of Joseph Stalin purging his commanders prior to WWII. Remember what happened to the Russian military when the Nazis attacked those green Russian commanders?

        • Gamal

          Maybe we do have an idea why these men were cashiered out. See


          one of the questions military leaders were asked before they were fired was
          would they be willing to disarm American citizens if Obama ordered

          • Guest

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            Levi recently got a stunning blue Toyota Matrix only from working off a
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    • laura r

      america knew about obamas past, it was right out there upfront. people voted for him. (he would have been selected anyway, as our presidents are not “E”lected”). the book was available as well.

      • Fritz

        Bullcrap! Take your tinfoil hat theories elsewhere! If there was no need for an election, that it was all a foregone conclusion, why bother spending hundreds of millions on campaigns and ads? Of course you will claim that was all just to “Fool the Public” and that “illuminati”, Jews, international bankers, or someone else calls the shots.

        • laura r

          read, learn expand. dont fall for the fronting. bush was no differerent, they are all the same. politicians only follow orders form the corps, they are front men. its just that this one has another delivery, things are speeding up. his book was revealing, was it not? (no i do not think he is a practicing muslim).

    • TienBing

      “WHY DOES A PRESIDENT, in any country, purge the military of high-ranking officers?” You answer correctly.
      Remember Stalin did the same thing. Stalin also chose political reliability over military acumen.

      • Fritz

        The other half of that was that after the great purge of 1937, came the Soviet invasion of Finland in 1938. Stalin had so decimated the staff of the Red army that the Fins sent Soviet forces back to Leningrad with their tails between their legs. Of Course this did not escape the notice of Adolph Hitler, who then launched “Operation Barabarosa” in the spring of 1940. Stalin was so paranoid about quashing potential decent, and imagined enemies withing, that he completely overlooked the real enemies without, and even signed a non aggression pack with them to carve up Poland. Stalin was extremely lucky that Hitler had a habit of second guessing the advice of his generals, otherwise the only reliability he would have had to worry about was the strength of the piano wire.

    • The March Hare

      “Now if I could get David to not pull punches, especially with PC labels like Liberal, Leftist, and New Left”

      He does that to identify which communists he is referring to. It is what the communists here in America called themselves to distinguish themselves from the comintern. after Nikita Khrushchev’s 25 Feb 1956 secret speech to a closed session of party leaders about Joseph Stalin’s crimes.

      It is a new brand of communism, but needs to be called something like the communist new left so people can still identify them as the communists they are.

  • jeepwonder

    This marxist of islamic heritage may be president but he clearly doesn’t want America to survive.

    Most dictators want a strong regime, ours is intent on destroying our might.

    • Darlene Johnson

      I believe he is getting us ready to be taken over by Islamists.

      • laura r

        i am not sure about that. his agenda is communism. gays hispanics black islamics are a tool to divide & conquer. i dont think he gives a damn about sharia.

        • MLCBLOG

          I think he is bent on sheer destruction for its own sake.

      • glpage

        So, then we get to play cowboys and Muslims???

      • jeepwonder

        He seems to be working on making us the next
        Byzantine Empire, we know how that story ended.

    • ltcdmward

      Wonder if, when the nuke hits our Nation’s Capitol, the Commandante will be conveniently out of town. On a fundraiser? Golf?

      • laura r

        he will be in the vineyard w/jayz doing a fist bump, dancing the dawg.

        • ltcdmward

          Then set up a new capitol in Atlanta or Miami.

  • aggreen1

    ***Why couldn’t the next president simply undo the military firings? Or undo any of the socialist “executive orders”?

    • Drakken

      Extremely difficult to do once you have a central core of people willing to enact these treasonous policies, we are in for one hell of a very nasty ride.

  • Kent Gooch

    The Marines have dropped the girly hat initiative btw.

    • Drakken

      Thank God for small favors!


      Yay! one for our side. We need to celebrate our victories, stop quibbling with each other, present a united front.

  • Jay

    This website and its commenters are hilarious…as in I can’t take anything you say seriously.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      That’s because you’re living in Obama heaven, right now.

      Fear not. You’ll take us seriously, one day. All bad things … like Obama’s regime … come to an end.

    • benabo1machal

      Just curious, have you had your health coverage policies cancelled yet, forcing you to seek other coverage at much higher premium, that is if you can penetrate the Obamacvare website?

    • Gislef

      Specific to this column, what don’t you find hard to take seriously?

    • Drakken

      Of course you can’t , your a liberal/progressive who would suck off Comrade Obummer give the chance to do so and follow him blindly off the cliff like the leftist lemming that you are.

    • nomoretraitors

      Is that Jay, as in Jay Carney, professional sycophant?

      • Jay

        So in response to everyone, I voted Republican, worked for a Republican Senator and served in the Armed Forces. It’s the rhetoric that makes it hard to take any of you seriously. That’s why you find comfort in message boards like these that attract like minded people where you can spout crazy rhetoric and get “up votes.” Your messages are lost in the fear mongering. I distrust Obama as much as I distrust Ted Cruz. There are lots of things he has done that I disagree with and find dangerous. There are just some wacko fringe ideas on here like Obama building a civilian army that I find hard to take seriously. You have no idea how many people like me are in the middle or even Right leaning but have been shunning the Right due to crazy talk like I see on here. I want to agree with a little of what has been said here but I don’t want to associate with the nut jobs.

        The Generals and Admirals that have been dismissed these last years NEEDED to be dismissed. Fraud, adultery, abuse of power are all good reasons to clean house and the people that served under them were better for it.

        • glpage

          So, you’re telling us that fraud, adultery (which usually doesn’t seem to be a problem for Democrat Presidents), and abuse of power in the military have increased to such an extent under Obama that he is firing, dismissing high level military at rates far above previous administrations. Sorry, that’s kind of hard to believe. The man has no trouble with those things in members of his administration, but his military staff is different. Yeah, right.

          • Jay

            So then you are saying…it’s the status quo, just let it be?

          • glpage

            No, just saying there might be at least some truth to the article. I don’t doubt that some of the dismissals were valid, but, I find it harder to believe that all of a sudden there has been a wave of corruption in the top levels of our military. And, given Obama’s and his support system’s Chicago politics background, I just don’t see him stating he canned people because they don’t share his political views. It would be something even the MSM could not ignore. Obama looks better if he canned someone because that person was abusive than if he said I got rid of him because he doesn’t believe in gays in the military.

        • The March Hare

          So you distrust Ted Cruz? Just what is it specifically about Cruz that you distrust. Not generalities, but specific charges against him.

        • ADM64

          General Mattis is not guilty of fraud, adultery or abuse of power, and he is not the only such example. Dismissing officers who commit those offenses is fine; noting that the general decline in moral behavior within the officer corps has accelerated as the military has learned to lie to support, defend or justify policies that are unworkable, flawed or failed is not to justify or excuse those officers who have behaved badly or criminally.

          An admiral or general who contents that introducing women into the military in all but limited ways (or gays openly too) has not made sexuality and sexual politics/behavior/consequence an and a problem is a liar: the consequences have been as predicted (pregnancy, fraternization and of course criminal misconduct). No amount of training, leadership, discipline, opening combat roles to women or promoting more women has changed any of that. In fact, all of those problems have increased with each such change. It’s not bigotry to point this out. A single-sex military simply means that those problems go away and focus can be maintained on warfighting. It does not mean women will be stripped of their civil and individual rights and kept barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Gays serving openly will only add to this problem.

          An admiral or a general who contends that physical and performance standards have not been lowered to accommodate women is also a liar. This is so well-documented that it is astonishing anyone disputes it.
          Liars do not make good leaders and an officer who can’t bring him/herself to acknowledge objective facts about the sexes and personnel policies is not going to do better on the battlefield, developing strategy or developing weapons. And they haven’t.

          One reason why I oppose all of these social engineering and diversity policies is because nothing since the Vietnam War’s Body Counts has required so many officers to lie so consistently about them. And once that happens, honor and integrity vanish. And a politicizied officer corps is frequently very ineffective. The French Republic provides many good examples.

          These are objective criticisms of a long line of policies most of which did not start with this President. It is not some wing-nut argument about conspiracies and secret armies.

        • SNAKESRULE

          big talk….where do you stand on the near treasonous members of this administration, guilty of everything stated and more and across a greater span. On a tangent…Eisenhower had a mistress, Edson liked the ladies, McCarthur the same. Do not confuse a taste for women as an indicator of incompetence.

          • Jay

            The hardest part about replying to anyone on this discussion board is dissecting apart every absurd statement and assumed fact. I don’t have the time for it. Why you go over to the Stars and Stripes articles regarding these Generals/Admirals and see what Active Duty and Veterans have to say about them. When it comes to credibility I’ll take their word over anyone on here and especially ones who served with those particular Generals/Admirals. They call Gen Petraeus, Gen Betrayus.

          • MLCBLOG

            Yes, I doubt your veracity. I am wondering if you really did vote Republican.

        • Fritz

          Really? Ted Cruz is as dangerous as Barack Obama? Why? Because he lead a filibuster over finding that dissaster known as the ACA? One is a U.S Senator, the other is commander in chief of the U.S Military and has the “Football”. I smell a Media Matters plant here. Tell us, how much of the upper staff of the military was sacked under Reagan? GHW Bush? Clinton, Or G.W Bush? So it just happens to be coincidental that a record number of mass firings happens to happen under an administration that is hostile to the U.S Military?

    • Tal

      Well, Jay I see you are active or retired Air Force with at least one Japanese tour and you may live in Las Vegas. You appear to be the real deal.

      Your wit can be acerbic at times and other times you ask people to think and consider some facts you throw out.

      I think you would do better to follow your latter advice here.

  • benabo1machal

    Obama has always said that he would like his own “Civilian Army” with power virtually equal to the regular armed forces.
    He has had the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity” purchase 2717 military surplus armored vehicles and stash away 1.5 BILLION rounds of ammunition to those ends
    Go to any sporting goods shop or gun show, consider yourself fortunate if they have any of the ammo that you need for your personal use

    • tritt

      How does the govt “purchase” military vehicles? They already own them. They are “surplus” because the military is no longer using them. DHS does not pay a cent for them and just gets to use them until the military needs them.

      • MLCBLOG

        Just to fill you in, the govt purchases things from private contractors who manufacture those goods. The govt cannot manufacture anything.

        • tritt

          Um ok . Thanks for the lesson but I already know that. What does that have to do with what I said?

  • v

    If no one in this country is willing to stand up, particularly those whom we elect to uphold the constitution and to protect and defend the United States from enemies, foreign and domestic, then this country is screwed. But that was Obama’s intent all along, so he is indeed fundamentally transforming this country to fit his image of those who believe in the same principle as he does. Unfortunately, history tells us that those ideas are lethal and usually revolution is the ultimate solution. What he and his buddies didn’t think about is how his kind of philosophy and the revolutionary changes required to overturn his destructive policies will affect them and their lives. Not really good news for them.

  • poetcomic1

    I feel like I am waking up every day and reading a book called HOW DEMOCRACIES DIE.

    • TienBing

      Excellent book. It should be required reading.


      I know. It used to be like watching a slow train wreck, but now it’s even worse. It’s like watching the systematic, intentional dismantling of our entire system, piece by piece. First they started with the mortgage brokers, then they took out the car dealerships, and so on and so forth for years now. Yet, I have the wild kind of faith in the American spirit and way of life that we can survive this.

  • xteeth

    I am sorry, I was looking for the self pity express and all you have here is the defeated nay sayers special. Perhaps you could lie us into another war so that Halliburton and other munitions suppliers can continue to feather their nests. What’s a few thousand dead American soldiers after all. Chickenhawks never die they just send other’s kids off to do that.

    • Fritz

      Still stuck in 2004 are we? Speaking of crony capitalism, how is that “Green Jobs ” plan going?

  • TienBing

    “large numbers of potentially violent neo-Nazis, skinheads, and other white supremacists are now learning the art of warfare in the [U.S.] armed forces.”

    Stop scaring yourselves lefties, the prisons are training your cadre in even greater numbers.

    • laura r

      makes sence. the army could make anyone violent w/the PC rules. not a pretty picture. again, it will be blame the jews.

  • Randy Townsend

    Why would Obama be concerned about the political beliefs of military commanders unless he plans to order them to do something one commander might refuse to do?

  • A Z

    Every word of the phrase “Overseas Contingency Operation” is wrong. It is misdirection.

    Some of the military actions of Al Qaeda happen not “overseas” but in the U.S.
    To wit 911 happened on U.S. soil.

    From Merriam-Webster we have:
    1: the quality or state of being contingent
    2: a contingent event or condition: as
    a : an event (as an emergency) that may but is not certain to occur

    Military acts that kill U.S. (or those of our allies to dissuade them from allying with us) civilians and soldiers are certain to occur. There is nothing contingent about this.

    Well maybe the contingency is whether they decide to act if some of the little people get blown up.

    A war is made up of a series of operations. It usually is not decided in one operation or great battle.

    The whole phrase “Overseas Contingency Operation” is a misnomer.

  • joshuasweet

    and still no one bothers to confront him about his treasonous actions , his destruction of the USA at all levels.

    We need to remove the congress that is seated now and replace them with law abiding constitutional following people of honor and integrity.

    • teller123

      I agree with you 100%. The fact that NO ONE in Congress has stood up and said or done anything to stop Oblahblah should tell us all a great deal. I see very ugly things in the United States in the not too distant future. It might be a good thing these brave men and woman are on our side of the fence. I sure hope there is some kind of underground at work in this country.
      We need to go out of our way to wake people up. For instance we have millions in this country that just laugh off the forged Birth Certificate or the false flags and the dozens of other theories. What I find is not one of them even bother to look at the evidence that has been uncovered to support those theories. I got really curious after 9/11 and I haven’t laughed since I started digging. There is a lot of evidence supporting the cover-up/conspiracy theories. Challenge anyone, everyone to look for themselves. It is far beyond left or right but trying to get that through the die hard party supporters thick skulls is not an easy thing to do. I believe if the economy survives until the mid term elections and we don’t replace all these RINO’s and establishment lawmakers we have no chance of a peaceful solution. It’s so sad seeing so many blindly following down the path to destruction.

      • Fritz

        Go away you truther crackpot!The only one with thick skulls are you dopes that think the WTC was destroyed by controlled demolition. Ever hear of the Muslim Brotherhood, and their splinter groups, the plan to establish a world wide Islamic caliphate? Or did you think the war in Syria was for entertainment purposes?

        O.K, so what if B.O had a forged birth certificate? This information helps us how exactly? What difference does it make? He’s been in office for 5 years. Really you dolts do nothing but discredit the cause to set about repairing this damage, you are about as useless as the metal patient on a street corner holding a sign saying “The End is Nigh!”

        • teller123

          “Okay so B.O had a forged birth certificate? This info helps us how exactly?” “What difference does it make?” (Hillary is that you?) It makes a huge difference. That should disturb everyone because both parties have to know this. What exactly do you have against the truth anyways? It would be nice to hear the truth for a change. And since he has gotten away with it for 5 years we should just say ah well never mind. Our government is lawless and it’s at a tipping point where things could go very badly very quickly in this country. I think we all know what man is capable of both good and bad. I am not in support of either party at this point. They have done enough damage to the people and the country over the years and it’s time to get rid of them.

          Something is seriously wrong in this world and the sooner people realize that nobody in government wants to fix anything the better off we will all be- my god these crappy programs have been full of fraud and failure as long as they have been around. Who has ever fixed anything up there? I am no more mental than those that believe government is your friend and we should trust that they are trying to repair the damage. I am equally amazed that so many people really think we are going to recover from this massive debt we have here based on the history of Fiat currencies. I don’t much care if someone thinks I am crazy or not-if I can get one person to LOOK at what is happening it makes me happy. One person can do a lot.

  • slhancock

    I still believe that Obama is clearing the military of any traditionally loyal-to-their-oath officer, who would take a stand against him or threaten a coup. He is following Erdogan (Turkey’s prime minister) example to purge the military so there will be no resistance to his tyranny. To be honest, I’ve been VERY dismayed that this has happened to so many, and as the writer states, NO ONE has said a word, just walked meekly out the door. This is what happened in Turkey, after Erdogan first killed a few top-ranking generals, then imprisoned dozens of them (they ALL understand what happens to one in a prison there). After that, dozens more were dismissed and left without a word. Now there are 350 of them GONE! Yes, just gone! THIS is happening here, but nobody wants to believe this. “It can’t happen here”, right? When our “best” refuse to testify or take a stand, then what are the rest going to do? Shake in their boots, waiting for the “angel of death” to come to them. Obama has America where he wants us. Unprotected, indefensible, and teeming with terrorists ready to push the buttons on their own terrorist devices.
    America’s only hope is for us to call on God, repent and ask forgiveness for abusing the bounty and the favor He endowed on us. I see no other way. The government is corrupt and they have won quite a few elections by fraud and dirty tricks. Who will force them to be honest? Only God can bring justice. The left has learned that pure hatred works for them. We must learn that using their methods only makes us like them, and will NEVER bring justice. When Jehoshaphat, king of Israel, was presented with a letter from the surrounding nations to surrender, that God was on their side, not his, he took the letter to the Lord God and read it before Him. After speaking with God, who told him that He was going to fight the battle for him, Jehoshaphat sent the choir out before the army. When the army arrived behind the choir, they found the enemy soldiers dead and dying. They had heard the noise of the choir and mistaking it for a large army, had in their confusion and disarray, turned on and killed each other. God loves doing this to the Enemy. This administration is no less a “foreign enemy” than Jehoshaphat faced. We need to seek His grace and mercy in this situation.

  • Gamal

    According to the following video


    one of the questions military leaders were asked before they were fired was
    would they be willing to disarm American citizens if Obama ordered

  • American1969

    Someone needs to be brave and step up and go public about anything they know. This is a disgrace.

  • kentclizbe
  • quasimoto63

    Obama was never vetted–BY ANYONE. The American voter bought a pig in a poke. ALL other candidates are meticulously screened (which is why we all know John Kerry and GWB were C students in college) but not this one. He was ALREADY president before he even released his birth certificate (which some claim is phony)! This apparent Kenyan and obvious Marxist HATES the United States with a passion and no one in the Liberal media seems to care. Of course, the Liberal media is nothing more than a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat party and his main cheering section. The US military is THE best example of American power and influence in the world, small wonder he wants to pansify it with degenerates and subversives.

  • http://www.kizi1.org/ Kizi 1

    Obama number one

  • Father Dacius

    The president is ignorant, he does not understand market dynamics and the effects on them of government interference, He does not understand the culture of much of the country,he is dismissive of Fundamentalist beliefs, he does not understand the core beliefs of the Catholic Church,and he for damn sure not understand the culture of military service.


      He also does not have a clue about how the balance of power works and that he cannot pronounce law on us by a press conference or two.

  • Father Dacius

    It would be very difficult to pull off a successful coup in a country that believes in it’s very soul that the entire country belongs to them. I call the Oath Keepers to stand forward.

  • RedStateVet

    He’s just following in the footsteps of one of his idols:


  • MrUniteUs1

    Strange no mention of the sequester which cuts billions out of the military and other programs. Spending cuts equal jobs cuts. That includes military personnel, defense contract workers, blind assembly line workers, school teachers, and more. 1 million veterans on food stamps were hit by cuts. Answer call Republican congress member and ask them to vote to end the sequester. Democrats are ready to end the sequester as soon as Boehner allows a vote.

    A rescue mission was sent to Benghazi, and the unisex Marine helmet thingy turned out to be hoax.

    • Fritz

      Then why did the administration offer up the sequester in lieu of hard spending cuts? But then again you will probably counter that funding the Department of Agriculture’s swat team is absolutely essential.

      • MrUniteUs1

        Republicans were threatening to default.
        I think was stupid and naïve to cave. But the President learned
        a lesson and didn’t cave this year.
        Now Dems want to end the sequester Repubs want to keep it.
        Where do you stand and why?

  • Tashia Serene

    Rape happened involving male soldiers frequently long before women
    became more involved in the military.. It just wasn’t discussed.

    Since when does someones sexual orientation have anything to do with
    their ability to fight?

    A good soldier should respect another soldiers
    ability and ability has nothing to do with sexual orientation, gender or

    Now, if people are getting promoted because of something other
    then ability then I take issue and when people who have demonstrated
    years of proven ability to lead troops into combat are being replaced
    because they have piss poor attitudes I still take issue because the
    military needs all the good leaders it can get…

    However, it is time
    for change to begin. It’s almost 2014… we should be above all this
    whiney I can’t fight next to a girl, I don’t like my new uniform, I’m
    too afraid to be around anyone different from myself crap… It’s a big
    damn world, suck it up and deal…. The military has too many cliques..
    We’re a diverse country and every one of us should be able to fight for
    our country side by side without worrying about our own people stabbing
    us in the back.

    • Drakken

      In case you didn’t notice, but there is this biological difference between men and women there sunshine, and I am sorry but women don’t belong in combat arms period. In the rear as support units, fine and dandy.


      state your military experience Tashia. If you have none then shut your ignorant mouth. Do not pretend that your “feelings” about something equate to actual knowledge.

  • Tanks-a-lot

    No different than Turkey

  • defcon 4

    It’s time for the US military to cross the Rubicon.

  • kerry smith

    The have been trying to change the face of the military for years (with affirmative action) They really want to turn every thing into a black haven in every thing they do. a Muslim (obummer) pretended to be a christian to get elected then let the black leaders run the country. everything they do is geared at moving toward a Muslim nation. obummer does everything he can to pass laws restricting Christians and making it unlawful to say anything against Islam or Muslims. black on white crimes are covered up but they go on a witch hunt to uncover any possible white crimes. I have said many times the country will soon see millions of blacks convert to Islam and be or be good Muslims and they will not tolerate christens

  • james connolly

    Why is this surprising? Obama agenda’s is to destroy the US as we have known it. Abandoned by both parents by age 10, his radical, extremist background has prepared him well for his moment in history where his unbridled, colossal rage against the West will continue to wreck unimaginable destruction. NONE of his behavior is unintended. He curries favor with our enemies and antagonizes our “friends.” A pompous, arrogant narcissist has no genuine concern for the good of anyone but himself and will tolerate NO dissent! “Negotiation” is not in his vocabulary.

    He wants to leave the US more morally and financially bankrupt than it already is, weaker militarily and more vulnerable against terrorists & other enemies,
    and poorer. The government is slowly becoming the absolute, all powerful police state relentlessly intruding into and controlling our lives. We will be as enslaved as the people of the former USSR. THIS IS CALLED THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION OF “HOPE AND CHANGE” brought to you by the stupidity of the electorate who knew only he was a mesmerizing orator whose high-level vagueness sounded great but was meant as a GRAND DECEPTION to get elected. Now we know he has always been totally incompetent and a chronic LIAR. Americans have asked for it by electing this monster, TWICE!


      You got it!! Yet, people won’t believe it even though it is before their very eyes.

  • http://www.MARVINFOX.com/ Marvin E. Fox

    For a socialist, the military is one arm of socialist power. The last thing a socialist leader needs is a military ready to defend our Republic from enemies foreign or domestic.
    Of course, if the nation is attacked by a foreign enemy, the incompetent military might be the reason a foreign conquest could not be stopped.
    My opinion of Obama is that he is a poor leader in every area of national need.
    Marvin Fox

  • MrUniteUs1

    Slavery and Holocaust references are overused and should be abolished during election years. No matter who Powell endorsed he was going to be criticized.

  • Thomas Patrick

    From Joseph Stalins playbook.
    To redefine the purpose and character of the military.

  • TangoTommy

    Be patient. If the next President cares about this country and deems it advisable to have a strong military, 10 seconds after he is sworn in, all these cashiered flag officers could be on active duty. Being a retired Air Force officer, I do have some insight in this matter.


    They’re wrecking the finest military force the world has ever known…

    Just as they are ruining the finest medical health system ever devised…not perfect, just great!!


    I find this so dripping with racism and prejudice that it is hard to read.

  • Dan Nowotarski

    America is being transformed before our eyes, and many seem to be ignoring the in your face attacks against our strengths, Liberties and Freedoms by President Obama. – God Bless America, Israel, the NRA and all Real Freedom Fighting Patriots.

  • gfrenke

    Sorry but sounds to me like another manufactured issue by the conservative propaganda machine. Here’s the facts: there are 87,738 Senior Officers (Colonel and above) in the US Military.The conservative media has been calling the removal of 197 Senior Officers in 5 years a “purge”. 197 out 87,738 is .2%. And of course that’s assuming all 197 were removed for purely political reasons. As if there were no Senior Officers removed from duty during the Bush Administration.
    Source: http://siadapp.dmdc.osd.mil/personnel/MILITARY/rg1101.pdf

  • Doc Lem

    Hopefully some General, or group of them, can pull off a coup to return the country to the people.

  • Doc Lem

    Hopefully some General, or group of them, can pull off a coup to return the country to the people.