Saudi Connection to Boston Bombing?

abdulQuestions remain about whether there is a Saudi connection to the Boston Marathon bombing last week and if the Obama administration has been interfering in the investigation of the Islamic terrorist attack.

These questions take on greater urgency as Islamic terrorist organizations continue preparing attacks. Canadian authorities yesterday upended an ambitious terrorist plot that could have killed hundreds of Americans and Canadians.

In the spotlight is Saudi visa student Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi (also spelled al-Harbi) who was injured in the marathon bombing blast and was initially considered a suspect in the deadly terrorist attack that killed three bystanders and hospitalized close to 200 others. There is a prominent Alharbi clan in Saudi Arabia. Many individuals with the surname Alharbi are reportedly active in al-Qaeda.

Glenn Beck’s news website, The Blaze, reported yesterday that Alharbi was placed on the “no-fly” list as a potential terrorist after he was detained by federal authorities last week. A Department of Homeland Security source said the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s National Targeting Center (NTC) created an “event” file on Alharbi under section 212 (3b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, the part of the federal statute that deals with aliens involved in terrorism. The file is important enough that it has reportedly been read by members of Congress.

“The burden of proof required to file a 3B [report] is significant, according to sources familiar with law enforcement protocols,” the article indicated. Media reports last week indicated that the U.S. was planning to deport Alharbi.

But it is not at all clear what caused officials to flag the young Saudi as a possible terrorist in the first place. Media reports indicated that when Alharbi was hospitalized after being injured in the blast eight days ago, the government called him a “suspect,” but soon watered down that description, calling him a “person of interest,” and eventually a mere “witness.”

Beck said the FBI began backtracking on Alharbi’s status after Secretary of State John Kerry met with Saudi foreign minister Saud al-Faisal last Tuesday. The next day President Obama met with the foreign minister and Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.S., Adel al-Jubeir.

“Wednesday at 5:35 p.m. the file is altered,” Beck said. “This is unheard of, this is impossible in the timeline due to the severity of the charge … You don’t one day put a 212 (3b) charge against somebody with deportation, and then the next day take it off.” He continued:

There are only two people that could revoke the deportation order — the director of the NTC could do it after speaking with each department … which is impossible to do in such a short period of time — or somebody at the very highest levels of the State Department could do it. We don’t have any evidence to tell you which one did it.

The Blaze’s source said Alharbi is not currently a suspect in the Boston bombings and is not subject to a deportation order but another Saudi visa student in the Boston area may be deported. That student, who was intercepted when picking up a package at a Boston port, is now accused of violating the terms of his student visa by failing to enroll in school. He has been ordered to appear in immigration court.

At a congressional hearing last week Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano stoutly denied Alharbi was in the process of being deported. “If I might, I am unaware of anyone who is being deported for national security concerns at all related to Boston,” Napolitano said responding to Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.).

Duncan followed up by asking if it would constitute “negligence” to deport someone who just days earlier was a person of interest to investigators.

“I’m not going to answer that question,” Napolitano said. “That question is so full with misstatements and misapprehensions that it is not worthy of an answer … there’s been so much reported on this that’s been wrong I can’t even begin to tell you, congressman.”

Lawmakers were not impressed. The House Homeland Security Committee has asked Napolitano to provide a classified briefing on Alharbi to committee members. The letter, dated April 19, states,

We request the Department provide a detailed overview of the records associated with this individual to include his law enforcement and immigration records prior to April 15, 2013, as well as his current status.  We request briefers from the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Customs and Border Protection.

Meanwhile, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police foiled a major terrorist attack in Ontario, the most populous province in Canada. Two suspects, Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, of Montreal, and Raed Jaser, 35, of Toronto were charged with terrorist conspiracy yesterday after allegedly planning to attack a passenger train. The two men are not Canadian citizens but two media outlets reported Esseghaier is Tunisian. Officials said the plot was not connected to the recent events in Boston.

The thwarted attack in Canada and the Boston Marathon bombing are sobering reminders that Muslim terrorist networks remain as significant a threat as ever to Western civilization. Al-Qaeda, in particular, is far from extinction, despite President Obama’s claims to the contrary.

RCMP Assistant Commissioner James Malizia said the two suspects received “direction and guidance” from “al-Qaeda elements” in Iran but they did not appear to be “state-sponsored.”

The Toronto Sun reports that the terrorists were considering bombing a train as it crossed a bridge over the mighty Niagara River from Niagara Falls, Ontario, to Niagara Falls, New York.

“The plan was to take out a train with passengers on board and the crossing trestle,” a police source said. “It was meant to be spectacular and there would have been a lot of carnage.”

Canada is no stranger to Islamic terrorism.

The RCMP said last week it was investigating whether Canadian national Mahad Dhore had died while participating in a suicide attack on the courts in Somali capital Mogadishu. The student left Toronto in 2009 and allegedly became a member of  the Islamist group al-Shabab.

The Mounties are also looking into two young classmates from London, Ontario, who died in Algeria earlier this year as they  apparently took part in a terrorist attack at a gas facility. A colleague of the two is being held in Mauritania, accused of joining al-Qaeda in Mali.

Citing two anonymous U.S. officials, a wire service reported yesterday that preliminary evidence suggests that the two young Tsarnaev brothers, accused in the Boston Marathon bombings, were motivated by Islamic extremism but did not appear to be linked to Islamist terrorist groups. This would appear to mean that the brothers somehow acquired bomb-making skills on their own or reached out to someone with bomb-making experience.

The article indicated that the surviving brother, Dzhokhar, who is in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to the neck and other injuries, was interrogated but failed to explain how the officials gained personal knowledge of the investigation, leaving readers to wonder if this information was just the latest foul-up in an ongoing story that has been brutally bungled by the mainstream media.

That the Tsarnaev brothers had no connection to terrorist organizations is difficult to believe especially because Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) considered the elder brother, Tamerlan, to be a potential extremist. (Tamerlan was killed Friday in a dramatic shootout with police.) According to Time magazine, the FSB warned the FBI two years ago about Tamerlan after he frequented a radical mosque in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, during extended visits to that country. The mosque is reportedly a terrorist hangout.

Dagestan, a member of the Russian Federation, is a small, politically unstable country of 3 million inhabitants that borders Chechnya and Georgia in the west, Azerbaijan in the south, the Caspian Sea in the east, and Russia in the north. It is a hotbed of Islamic terrorist activities. The terrorist group Shari’ah Jamaat, active in Dagestan, is “one of the more potent groups in the region,” according to the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism.

The Obama administration’s foremost designated Islamist appeaser was also in the news.

Always anxious to place his foot in his terrorist-sympathizing mouth, Secretary of State John Kerry compared those innocent bystanders who were murdered in Boston to Turkish-backed armed belligerents killed three years ago trying to violently break Israel’s blockade of the terrorist-infested Gaza Strip.

On April 21 Kerry said the Boston Marathon bombings reminded him of Turks who died during “the 2010 IDF raid on the Marmara.” He was alluding to Israeli commandos’  boarding of the Mavi Marmara, a ship carrying Muslim militants in the blockade-running “Gaza Freedom Flotilla.”

Without referencing the terrorists participating in the flotilla, Kerry said the Boston Marathon bombing made him “acutely aware of the emotions felt by the families of the nine Turks who died” during the raid.

“It affects the community, it affects the country,” Kerry said. “But going forward, you know, we have to find the best way to bring these people together and undo these tensions and undo these stereotypes and try to make peace.”

No doubt Muslim terrorists are quaking in their boots.

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  • Mary Sue

    Interesting, the Sunnis and the Shi'ites working together. I guess when all that's done, they'll try slitting each other's throats for being apostates.

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    Beck said that this Saudi “person of interest” isn’t really a “person of interest,” but is actually far more involved. He may be the mastermind of the Boston bombing, and he’s being deported to make it look like the two Tsarnaev brothers were lone wolves. Making them look like “lone wolves” would preserve Obama’s false narrative–that he’s defeated Al-Qaeda.

    • teq

      … and hide the fact that he's not unsympathetic to AQ. Why should he be? The dreams of Al-Qaida are the same as the dreams from his father.

      • Roger

        Didn't his father drink?

        • zalukas

          Frank Marshall Davis drunk like a Russian. He even like communism just for that reason.
          And was drunk the night/day of consummation of "relationship"…
          Obama Sr. was passed out in the next room ,on stack of Karl Marx volumes.

          It could happen..

  • Bob

    Kerry opens mouth inserts foot again and again. This man is not intelligent enough to tie his shoes, let alone be Sec. of State. This communist/Islamic supporter is the worst person other then Hanoi Jane to be anything connected to our government. He is just plane stupid.

    • defcon 4

      To think I voted for Kerry over Dubya. I had hoped for a lot better from Kerry.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Brave confession. Just remember that as bad as Republicans are, Democrats, especially in the Whitehouse, are infinitely worse for Western civilization and every non-Islamic sovereign.

        • defcon 4

          Didn't Dubya coin the phrase islam is a religion of peace? I also believe he stated the Constitution was just a goddamn piece of paper.

  • Poupic

    Kerry should be told to go home when landing Israel for his disgusting comparison of Turkish Islamic terror killed while trying the break the Gaza sea blockade to the Boston Marathon victims of an Islamic terror attack. The man has no shame!

    • Cassandra

      The man is a traitor to this country . he should be in jail.

      • EarlyBird

        Kerry is the Secretary of State of the United States, not Israel. Therefore, his giving offense to Israel, if he even did, is not traitorous.

        I know you've swallowed the line that the US and Israel are absolutely inseparable, but last I looked Israel isn't even part of NATO let alone the 51st state.

        • Roger

          He is there to represent the US. He didn't do that. He represented obama's islamic friendly interests.

          And Israel stands side by side with us on the value of life and democracy. They don't use suicide bombs and they allow opposition candidates to win in fair elections. Do you know how many arab muslims are in the Knessett right now?

        • defcon 4

          Turkey is part of NATO, and was when they invaded, annexed and ethnically cleansed half of Cyprus. NATO doesn't mean much when its membership includes islamofascist states Mehmet.

          • Roger

            The EU realized our mistake and dragged their feet on admitting them.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Kerry is the Secretary of State of the United States, not Israel. Therefore, his giving offense to Israel, if he even did, is not traitorous."

          What she didn't say: "The man is a traitor to this country . he should be in jail because of this or that (specific thing)."

          He's been a traitor for decades, having nothing to do with Israel.

  • teq

    Duh — The BIG DIFFERENCE between the Turkish militants and the folks at the Boston Marathon was that the first were running BLOCKADE to bring aid and comfort to terrorists while the latter were running a marathon. Kerry is such a spineless sucky idiot! He makes me sick!

    • EarlyBird

      Duh, exactly. Kerry was by no means comparing the victims of the Boston bombing to the "activists" on the Mava Mari.

      • Roger

        Do you redefine everything you hear?

        • defcon 4

          Defending islamofascism takes uh, certain liberties w/the truth.

        • Western Canadian

          He doesn't 'hear' anything that is hard left…..

          • Western Canadian

            Sorry, typo. Should be 'isn't hard left…" but that is obvious on his posts…

  • davarino


    • Asher

      Yes, Totally failed immigration policy. Obama said We will fundamentally transform America….hes doing it through the borders, and now through terrorism….All it takes is bombs and Jihadists to destroy American cities, jobs, businesses, and prosperity.

      • EarlyBird

        Obama has kept in place the very same immigration policy that was in place during W.'s 8 years in office. Yes, let's fix immigration, but to single out Obama as intentionally allowing bombers into the country is insane and paranoid.

        • Roger

          No, he has failed to enforce the laws he's stuck with.
          And released others from prison instead of following the laws he swore to uphold.

          obama is a curious creature, he's somehow aligned his marxist beliefs with his muslim heritage and it all hinges on his hatred for this country – the commonality with both ideologies.

    • anna bellvue

      11 years ago our au pair from Romainia was hanging out with a bunch of egyptians she met outside of the tight au pair sphere in our area. She told me( her employer )that they all came on student visa's, and never went to school and that they hated America and laughed at us, post 9/11. They lived in apartments many together and worked at restaurants, the mall and at diners.
      some paid girls to marry them, but did not live together. She said they hated them too. it was very disturbing and they were reported but alas this just keeps going on, here 11 years later.

  • Roger Dane

    This is not news… half the country (or almost) voted for a Muslim to inhabit the White House. Under informed or simply apathetically stupid, it makes no difference. A person who hates fervently ALL that the US stands for, has stood for and was founded upon is calling the shots. If we cannot garner enough votes to disrupt his plan for the destruction of America in the 2014 election we will be fighting on American soil for the first time since the Civil War. That will be tragic.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    There can be no doubt that terrorists have the sympathies of the Obama Administration and
    Americans do not. If it can be proved Obama is running interference for Islamist terrorists I can
    think Impeachment and prison should be his future, along with his crew, Hagel has been a
    Saudi shill for years and Kerry is always out for the largest and easiest cash and has never
    shown any real moral conscience. Reading this article increases if possible my low opinion
    of the huckster and shows that we are in real trouble………………………………..William

    • Eric

      If that could be proven it would be treason, and the punishment for treason is death.

      • EarlyBird

        "If that could be proven it would be treason, and the punishment for treason is death."

        Another veiled call for the assassination of the President of the US on this site. And you idiots take offense that I call you radical nut jobs.

        • Roger

          No, a veiled call for a fair and open trial to expose evil.

          It's how we do it here.

          You're the radical here. And you're not very good at hiding it.

        • Mary Sue

          um since when is lawful capital punishment 'assassination'?

          • JacksonPearson

            "um since when is lawful capital punishment 'assassination'?"
            Lie berals can't tell the difference.

        • JacksonPearson

          Eric: "If that could be proven it would be treason, and the punishment for treason is death."

          You: "Another veiled call for the assassination of the President of the US on this site. And you idiots take offense that I call you radical nut jobs."

          What poster Eric advocated was upholding the rule of law. How you spun more into what he wrote is despicable. Yes, if the president, ANY president committed treasonous act[s], yes, there should be a charge[s], and yes a trial, and yes if applicable, the death penalty!

          • EarlyBird

            He's "treasonous" because in your bizarre, paranoid universe Obama is an active jihadist enemy of the US. Your "proof"? Conspiracy theories and hate from websites like this one.

            You extremist, irresponsible psychopaths! It's why I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm still a Republican. The party has been taken over by you neo-John Birchers. It's why Romney lost.

            You jack a$$es actually have the nerve to be shocked – shocked! – when people wondered out loud if the Boston bombers could be part of your Tea Bagger, neocon, reactionary, xenophobic hate cult. You're as "conservative" as Stalin was "liberal."

          • JacksonPearson

            As usual, you're off topic, and can't stand the truth.

            There's nothing extreme about upholding the rule of law…or isn't your tiny dinosaur of a brain capable of rational thought?

            Obama has already committed numerous recognizable treasonous acts. Libya and his breaching the "War Powers Act," and four murdered U.S. citizens in Benghazi, just to name a few. And how about him being an illegal alien occupying the white house? His white house posted birth certificate's a forgery? How do you square that up???

            As far as your Tea Bagger insult, this for you: ,I,(-.-),I,
            And this too:
            Suck your Progressive azz off, because that's all you're good for!

          • EarlyBird

            Oh! Since WWII the US has fought at least seven undeclared wars, four of those post- War Powers Act, but it is Obama's tiny use of force in Lybia has you "outraged"! What a hypocritical idiot you are. You don't even believe your own bulls**t. You can't possibly be as stupid as you're pretending.

            And W. Bush can allow 9/11 to happen on his watch, though he was given full warning a month prior, but no…Obama's Benghazi failure is an act of "treason!" Not just even impeachable but actual "treason" which should result in his execution. Oh and he's an illegal alien, because some tin foil hat wearing idiots demand that he was Kenyan born.

            You pathetic silly little man. You're terrified because he's black, has an international background, an exotic name, is a Democrat. Period. You're a reactionary bigot.

          • JacksonPearson

            So you admit Obama used force, with our military in Libya…under whose authority, dummy? Show me where he has any authority whatsoever in the Constitution to wage war?

            Where was Obama given enumerated powers, or authority to deploy our military into combat, and the internal affairs of a foreign government?

            Obama clearly usupered the Constitution, and put members of our military into harms way. That's why there's a warning resolution to him, laying in Congress, for him to NOT repeat what he did in Libya, or else!

            The rest of your rant isn't worthy to comment on, so keep sucking: Pendejo!

          • Western Canadian

            "And W. Bush can allow 9/11 to happen on his watch, though he was given full warning a month prior, but no…"

            Your habit of repeating every sick, twisted, dishonest and hate filled left-wing smear is very revealing…. You are not now, and never have been, a conservative/republican….. You are just a lying troll. The lie that Bush had been given detailed information, has been blown out of the water so completely, that only a true hard left loon could bother with it. The intel reports he had been given are available to the public, and have nothing in common with the outright lies that you so pathetically cling to.

            "Obama's Benghazi failure is an act of "treason!" Not just even impeachable but actual "treason" which should result in his execution"

            Yes, on all points. Even a broken clock….

          • welldoneson

            Obama didn't fail in Benghazi, he did exactly what he had planned. Too bad for the undocumented president that there were US servicemen present who would no watch while a mob of illiterate inbred furfarmers were killing Americans.

          • welldoneson

            Obama has "an international background" you say? Thanks for confirming that he wasn't raised in the U. S. and is in fact NOT a documented American citizen… that is, not a cleanly, non-forged documentation.

          • JacksonPearson

            "Obama has "an international background" you say? Thanks for confirming that he wasn't raised in the U. S. and is in fact NOT a documented American citizen… that is, not a cleanly, non-forged documentation."

            Obama's birth certificate is as phony as a three dollar bill…a forgery;
            He's been using a stolen SNN, that failed E-Verify;
            Obama also has a forged Selective Service Registration.

          • Western Canadian

            "You jack a$$es actually have the nerve to be shocked – shocked! – when people wondered out loud if the Boston bombers could be part of your Tea Bagger, neocon, reactionary, xenophobic hate cult. You're as "conservative" as Stalin was "liberal."

            Spoken like a true conservative/republican? Not even close. You lying hypocrite.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          EarlyBird: "Another veiled call for the assassination of the President of the US on this site."


          Definition of ASSASSINATE

          1: to injure or destroy unexpectedly and treacherously
          2: to murder (a usually prominent person) by sudden or secret attack often for political reasons

          Responding to Eric: "If that could be proven it would be treason, and the punishment for treason is death."

          Who can see the difference? Eric mentions crime and justice and earlybird hears a conspiracy to assassinate a victimized politician.

    • Poupic

      You still need proof that Barack Hussein is pro anything Islamic? First his association with Farrakhan, Rashid Khalili and the worst of all Wright with his curse of America live on TV. Barack Hussein used to call him his “spiritual mentor!.” Then cam his speech in Cairo, a confession about his love for Islam. His yearning to hear the Muezzin call to prayer in early morning… Then came throwing a 30 year ally of the USA, Mubarak that was preventing the Islamists from taking over Egypt. They did thanks to Barak Hussein who calls them “MODERATE!” He calls the Brotherhood moderate!!! Women and Christians of Egypt are now paying the price, churches burning, women with no rights left. Now his personal errant boy Kerry let go of another pearl comparing the Turkish terror Islamists killed while trying to break the maritime blockade to prevent armaments to reach Gaza to the victims of the Islamic terror attack in Boston. Is there anything that could make them feel shame for speaking, acting like servants of Islamic terror?

  • Chanameel

    After the 9/11 terrorist attack.

    All transportation was shut down


    members of the Bin Laden family were flown back to Saudi Arabia from New York and Boston.

    John Kerry is starting to speak and dress like Hilary.

    • defcon 4

      I wonder if he's on the same islamofascist petrodollar payment plan Shrillery was on?

  • marios

    Mrs. First Lady visited Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi (who was in "terrorist list" but somehow turned to be in our country) in the hospital. Why M. Obama did visit him, Saudi "person of interest" ? All Obama's reign accompanied with very suspicious things: "Fast and furious" where our police officer was killed by Mexican criminals with our weapon, Benghazi where 4 US citizens were murdered by "Arabs spring" mob, etc. Now is Boston bombing with so many questions to Obama administration and especially to J. Napolitano. No transparency but more and more suspicion that we People are betraying by those who are supposed to protect our country.

    • Rod Almond

      Excellent questions which need to be answered, Marios. Why indeed have these questions concerning the "Trogan Horse" in our government, Why indeed are not the propagators of this "Fast and Furious" not in prison? Why have all the lies and cover ups and the out of control lawlessness of our government been tolerated? Why DID the obama wife go to the hospital to visit, personally, an enemy of America and a terrorist? What is her connection with this bombing and murder and mayhem? She must have some connection if she is visiting the terrorist. That is manifestly obvious! If it looks, smells, walks, and acts like it is against the people of this nation, then perhaps we ought to wake up to the fact that there are anti-American activities in our government. We need to take the "politically correct mind-control" blinders'' off our eyes and take a good look at this fact: the "prince is naked! he is wearing no clothes" And, he is not alone. Otherwise they would not have taken over without so much as a whimper.

  • MeSoHornish

    Can we get Glenn to explain this on a chalkboard?

  • tagalog

    We're not Caucasian, we're not black, we're not Asian, we're Americans. If our skins are white or black or yellow, that's just coincidental.

    • Rod Almond

      Excellent! We have leadership whose policy is to divide and conquer.

  • Ghulam Muhammed

    Tuesday, April 23, 2013
    Sowing the seeds of terror – Editorial – DNA, India

    DNA logo


    Home > Analysis > Editorial
    dna edit: Sowing the seeds of terror
    Monday, Apr 22, 2013, 9:00 IST | Agency: DNA

    The Boston bombings and the blasts in India and elsewhere bring into focus the new face of terror: The educated man or a regular teenager we encounter on our way to work, at the workplace, in an eatery or a theatre.
    But, why would a man with a rational mind give in to the doctrine of hate? The answer lies in the approach the so-called forward nations have adopted towards other cultures and sensibilities that do not conform to their notions of civilisation and justice.
    Driven by the idea of a superior civilisation, best articulated by Samuel Huntington’s 1998 book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of the World Order, the US and its allies have perpetrated massacres in the name of restoring order in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world.
    And, worst of all, it has painted the entire Muslim world with the same brush. Tortured to silence, people have resorted to blasts to make themselves heard.
    If the West wants to counter terror, it can begin by encouraging other voices. Voices that speak reason and articulate the frustrations of oppressed peoples. Voices that will work as counter-point to the West’s ‘infallible logic of aggrandizement’.
    As Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen has argued in his critique of Huntington, ‘humanity cannot be classified into distinct and discrete civilizations’. The man behind the act of terror is a victim of that foggy notion.
    By choosing to overlook his many identities, and focussing only on his religion or ethnicity, the West has managed to alienate itself from the common concerns of humanity.
    In India too, we have fallen into this trap that has widened the cracks between communities after every blast. We view the ‘other’ with suspicion, our vision blinded by prejudice and hatred.
    Terror is only a desperate tool for those who believe that it can lead to empowerment. It is a message to the Goliath of a US that it is breeding Davids in its backyard.

    • Mc wrath

      What a lot of nonsense…This kind of ideological and cultural relativism is what is wrong with so much of the PC mind set that is destroying the west with apologists for barbarian ideologies. ( I was going to call it 'thinking' but it does not deserve the name) We should understand the concept of human rights…There are either doctirnies that recognise and support such or do not, i.e an individuals right and freedom to live in accordance with their conscience to such an extent as they do not interfere with another..That is that highest stage of human thought and social development…Yes it is a product of western thinking – And also a fundamental reason for the advancement of western civilisation…The American first amendment is the greatest artical in the political history of mankind…Those that do not allow such can well be judged inferior and oppressive.
      By your standards we should allow that Nazis have every bit as much merit as liberal democracys or the Aztecs sacraficing humans on their altars were as merited in their practice as a Hindu saint.

    • Dr.Music

      islam is a drag on the planet.
      2 billion less will be a good thing for the planet and science and the fine arts.
      life will thrive post islam.
      no one’ll miss them and their funny till terrifying constant freak-show cult called islam ?
      any answers ?
      Crocodile tears are an art form too…..
      Crocodile tears are an art-form too…..
      Crocodile tears are an art-form too…..
      Earth does not need an idiotic and chaotic and pedophillic and totally retrograde cult that is totally mis-labelled as a religion by people who could not read stupid arabic. Gutter language .

      Things have to start moving in his direction. This is an order from The Man.

    • Mary Sue

      Masssacres? You're kidding, right? What about the gazillions SADDAM killed? Does that not matter at all? You know, if terrorists and Ba'athist leftovers had just given up and gone away, there would have been no extra deaths.

      Massacres are wanton killing of civilians, and this did not happen.

      Islam is the Oppressor, not the Oppressed. Look at how they treat Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and others when they are in control. Terror is a desperate tool for those desperate to kill the Kuffar or spread sharia.

    • JacksonPearson

      Islam is not just a religious but a political entity, and since politics is a game of compromise, Muhammad did make concessions to his Arabian opponents. He recognized and worshiped their idols (Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat) (Sura 53:18- 22). When these concessions backfired, Muhammad blamed Satan for putting false revelations in his mouth (Sura 22:52). These satanic verses (of Salmon Rushdie fame) came in the same way as Muhammad earlier visions, but he never once suspected that they all might have had the same source.

      So what other parts of the Qur'an, if not all of it, was Satanic inspired?

      Muhammad was Allah, and Allah was Muhammad = False Prophet.

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      So you want "voices that speak reason and articulate the frustrations of an oppressed people"? Okay, how about answering for all 240 million non-muslims that have been murdered in the name of Islam? How about all those African Christians who were firebombed as they sat in their church? How about the Jews who were murdered as they sat in a pizza place or the Jewish babies whose throats were slashed and the Chabad rabbi and his wife who were sexually tortured before they were murdered in the name of Islam? How about all the Christians in Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, the Philippines, Beslan, etc., who were raped and murdered and whose homes were burned down all in the name of Islam? How about the 80 million or so Hindus who were brutally murdered in the name of Islam? How about the Buddhists who were murdered and whose temples and statues of their holy ones destroyed by muslims in the name of Islam? You want to hear THEIR voices? I certainly do. And how about all the muslims who have been murdered in the name of Islam. I bet they might have something to say about the violence junkies in Islam.


        Parenthetical Phrase AKBAR!

    • welldoneson

      yeah, ghulan, we're wise to any spin that attempts to make Islam look like a victim. Islam has been a problem since the day the pedo-bandit Mohammed found he could talk people into raiding caravans and bringing the treasure to him. he used the same propaganda to take over much of the Arab penninsula and then spread North and East. For a while his empire included much of Europe. our academics have dropped the ball historically. I say that because so many people think the Crusades were war mongering Christians raping and pillaging those innocent Moslems. the West is starting to wake up – and we will have the help of the Russians and the Chinese in this war.

      toodle-oo, loser.

    • Drakken

      What is funny as hell is you muslims are going to push us infidels to wage war for your own destruction, I wish I had some empathy or sympathy for you savages but I am completely out of any.

    • digdigby

      "The man behind the act of terror is a victim of…" That is the essence of that vast steaming pile of manure that passes for Muslim Intelligence. Ain't buyin', go peddle it to the Huffington Ho's.


        digdigby LOL!


      Message to mohammed.

      Expect more NAKBA.

      The more your jihadi pals attack, the more anti-islam sentiment builds.

      The day when mecca is destroyed is coming closer – thanks to world-wide islamofascist terrorism.

      • defcon 4

        I think the civilised world should have a celebratory Nakba day. I'd know I'd like to.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      We are superior. Wake up.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "By choosing to overlook his many identities, and focussing only on his religion or ethnicity, the West has managed to alienate itself from the common concerns of humanity. "

      Identity is only the clue. We want to know motive and means. We figured it out no thanks to the likes of you.

      The West has managed to alienate itself from what "common concerns?" Spreading evil lies? No, we have many evil liars. We even allow the likes of you to use our technologies to spread those evil lies.

  • @theoprinse

    With regard to the financial problems or the islamization by the CIA and their puppet Obama regime the billionaire Koch brothers are part of this degenerated political elite.
    The CIA – having nazi MKULTRA convict Richard Helms later as Persian ambassador – and people like catholic Polish immigrant Zbigniew Brzezinski had Jimmy Carter betray western oriented and secular Persians to the Iranian Ayatollahs.
    This method to betray western oriented and secular people to Islamic fundamentalists was copied on Afghanistan by Richard Perle and Pat Buchanan under Reagan and by Madeleine Albright under Bill Clinton and his agent Osama bin Laden in Yugoslavia and Paul Wolfowitz under Bush 43 in Iraq and John Brennan under Hussein Obama in the Arab winter.
    Betraying western oriented people in Asia and the Arab countries
    has as planned resulted in the downfall of the Soviet Union, the liberation of catholic Poland and the hand over of cheap East German labor to West Germany and to the open borders facilitating the influx of islamization in Europe and even the US political and government system.
    What will the Koch brothers do against the murderous and reactionary CIA ?


      Get off the crack pipe.

  • Arlie

    I was wondering if someone at Frontpagmag could research a story that is posted at beforeitsnews???

    The story says that perhaps this Saudi that was tackled and hospitalized is one of Osama Ben Laden's sons.
    Could this be true? Or just a hoax/dead end/sensational myth? Just wondering if there is a way to find out.

    • dotherightthing4

      I heard it discussed today on Beck–rather laughed at for being so absurd. It is not true.

  • Asher

    The Tsarnaev brothers are part of a bigger network, they did not act alone, they were trained by experts in terrorism and Jihad in another country! They were well funded too! How did they support their lifestyles as students?

    • EarlyBird

      Why do you believe that? Why do you believe the totally unfounded conspiracy theories, but not the information being told by the FBI itself? Why do you think it takes a lot of money and training to pull off what these guys did?

      The bombs are easy to put together and very inexpensive. The oldest brother seems to have been radicalized by an Australian imam who he listened to the on the internet, and possibly when he visited Chechnya, but that doesnt' require being a sworn member of any organization.

      The fact that these guys were lone wolves may even be scarier.

      • reader

        Judging by the number of your pointless posts, I assume that your loving wife supports your life style of a troll on this site, and this fact could be scary.

        • Western Canadian

          His wife doesn't love him, like all muslim women, she just does what she is told to do, or else.

        • Roger

          From his comments that match on another forum, it's this person using a guest profile so you can't follow his comments.

          He's admitted to running duel profiles before. Don't expect a lot of logic from that one. He used to work business hours until he tanked under the Wee little guys profile and now he's lost the day shift at the trista parsi bunch and does all sorts of hours.

          Trista Parsi, an interesting person if you google him. And no, I can't say who tipped me off one Wte and Patriot here and a couple of others working for him.

      • Drakken

        Those ieds were too complex to put together in their kitchen Sparky, those types of devices take some skill and the bomb maker wasn't those two Chechen muslims and that is a fact.


        The Boston bomb terrorists were members – of Radical Islam – and enemies of civilization.

  • Looking4Sanity

    The Tsarnaev brothers were double agents who decoyed US into terror trap

    From DebkaFile, yesterday:

    "The conclusion reached by debkafile’s counterterrorism and intelligence sources is that the brothers were double agents, hired by US and Saudi intelligence to penetrate the Wahhabi jihadist networks which, helped by Saudi financial institutions, had spread across the restive Russian Caucasian."

    "The Saudis feared that their convoluted involvement in the Caucasus would come embarrassingly to light when a Saudi student was questioned about his involvement in the bombng attacks while in a Boston hospital with badly burned hands.

    They were concerned to enough to send Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saudi al-Faisal to Washington Wednesday, April 17, in the middle of the Boston Marathon bombing crisis, for a private conversation with President Barack Obama and his national security adviser Tom Donilon on how to handle the Saudi angle of the bombing attack."

    Read more @

    • Raymond in DC

      "Reports" on Debka have a hit-or-miss quality. This one in particular struck me as a flight of fancy with nothing behind it. US and Saudi intelligence hiring a teenager as a double agent? Give me a break!

      • Looking4Sanity

        I'm sorry. Who do rich old men always hire to do their killing for them? Poor old men? No. They recruit young gullible idiots who are easily manipulated by circumstance and propaganda. Sounds to me as though your personal bias is coloring your judgment.The very fact that you claim to be from DC does NOT inspire my confidence in your opinion.

        • 4_Constitution

          I read that DEBKA file a couple of days ago and it just made me sick. I knew there was more to the story last week when the Saudi FM showed up in the middle of all this. And it didn't take Boston two days to figure out who did this. There is SO much more to this story that we'll never know. It'll be shoved under the rug just like Benghazi.

          • HiPlainsDrifter

            4Con..good to see you!
            As Benghazi was ignored by most everyone, especially Obumbler and the Media, this Boston mess is getting the Newtown school massacre treatment. Lots of errant speculation, purposeful misdirection, and insane covering for the religion of peace….
            But no guns…. Only something much more dangerous….lapdog, DNC media types, corrupt and incompetent, covering for a sick ideology ….

          • 4_Constitution

            I expect terrorist attacks to become more commonplace in the future b/c they have nothing to fear. They won't be treated like an enemy combatant and will be treated with kid gloves by liberal lawyers and judges.

          • Looking4Sanity

            I seriously doubt we'll ever hear the truth about it from the American press. That's just not going to happen. Did you hear about the AP's Twitter account being hacked? That there's pretty funny.

          • 4_Constitution

            AP Report: Tamerlan Tsarnaev Influenced Heavily By Mysterious Radical Islamic Convert Known As “Misha”…Update: Took Interest In Conspiracy Website “Infowars”


            Therefore, that makes the bomber a, wait for it, a Ronulan!!

          • 4_Constitution

            BTW, I am actually enjoying posting here more and I don't miss dealing with that homo filth over there on the growl.

            Not reading their subversive crap has lowered my blood pressure.

          • onepornqueen

            Man, no kidding, huh? I got tired of deprogramming my own self every time I'd post and, then, taking a shower.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Yep. All you've got here are a sprinkling of Muzzies, trolls and bleeding heart libs. It's pretty much devoid of Ronulans and perverts altogether.

          • .1galtfan

            Sure beats Galtianity! :o) Let the party begin!

          • HiPlainsDrifter

            Corn queen is that really you or a KS satire of the old hag we all love to despise?

          • .1cornpone

            Am I that transparent? Heh heh. Sap's risin'.

          • HiPlainsDrifter

            I especially like the .1 in the cornporn…..fitting!

            Don't see the two stooges around much anymore…throw in the cowboydbag, and you have "trice chiffados"(3stooges)

          • .1galtfan

            Thanks, HPD. The mouse-overs oughtta be serious accelerants, I'm thinking. I'm gonna ride these out–at least for the foreseeable.

          • Looking4Sanity

            That profile description is HILARIOUS! Perfect match for the avatar too.

          • .1galtfan

            Shhh. Snicker. The debbil's woikin' on me. Might wanna turn off the fan, if ya' know what I mean.

          • HiPlainsDrifter

            Thumbs up…they keep deleting my comments…

          • .1cornpone

            Tried it out on NG a while ago. No-go even though completely logged-on/registered. No herdmental illness there. Ha ha. "The lord is my shepherd and I shall submit…like the b***h Ng wants. Deeply saddening.

          • 4_Constitution

            LOL at the screen names. You could also do Galt F. ag. They just deleted me for that name so I had to get creative.

            Morning everyone. It's gonna be a beautiful Spring day today here in Ye Ole Dominion!

            OK, let's see if they post this.

          • HiPlainsDrifter

            That's for sure 4Con…between the pathetic Ronulans and the butt pirates, there was little chance to have meaningful discussions…

      • onepornqueen

        See? It worked.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "The Saudis feared that their convoluted involvement in the Caucasus would come embarrassingly to light when a Saudi student was questioned about his involvement in the bombng attacks while in a Boston hospital with badly burned hands."

      The Saudi government is itself double-dealing tactically and strategically. Any time they are caught they smile and point to the sacrificial jihadi who will take the blame and allow the government to carry on the greater jihad.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Good insight, they always have a fall guy even ones that fall out of the sky……….William

  • BeckNcall

    This administration is passing out citizenship papers like jelly beans……. This is insane. Our borders should have been secured years ago and we should be following immigration laws on the books, stopping all immigration NOW. We have to get a grip on this situation. I say this as an American that loves this country, not someone looking for new voters.

    • Asher

      WE must adapt and become aware of the terrorists living within and be awake, alert, and vigilant!

  • BLJ

    We have (at best) a muslim sympathiser in the WH. I believe he is actually in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. Of course, they are going to stonewall this investigation so as not to displease their masters.

    Got news for everyone. We are at war with Islam. This is a clash of civilizations.

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      Our whole government is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. Look at John Brennan who converted to Islam while in Saudi Arabia. Listen to what Hillary Clinton said about Islam in America: would it be so bad if we were all Muslims? Look who her assistant was. Look at the FBI. Obama refused to approve the Keystone Pipeline because it would break the financial stranglehold that the Saudis have on us.

  • EarlyBird

    If this "breaking news" out of Glen Beck's website, of all places, turns out to be total BS, will Front Page Magazine retract or correct this piece?

    No. No they won't.

    And it would have been nice if it explained that the way the Canadian plot was broken up was with the help of the Canadian Muslim community. But that wouldn't fit with the narrative that all of the world's 1.6 billion Muslims are terrorists or would-be terrorists.

    • defcon 4

      "With the help of the Canadian muslim community" proof please Mehmet.

      • EarlyBird

        I am not in the habit of providing "proof' about widely reported and available facts to lazy dimwits like you who don't have the intelligence to actually engage real "news," but here's one of many links explaining this story:

        Of course, because it wasn't "reported" on, surely you'll dismiss it as another conspiracy, you stupid freak.

        • defcon 4

          How many muslimes assisted the terrorists?

      • Western Canadian

        It seems to have been a single imam, who has never heard the saying that the only good muslim is a bad muslim.

        • Western Canadian

          I should add a single imam, who is probably in serious trouble with the rest of the muslim community….

      • Mary Sue

        It was in the news.

        Canada *does* have some Muslims that don't believe all the stuff in the Koran (or perhaps they do not even know what all is in the Koran because Arabic isn't their first or even second language!) Tarek Fatah, a centrist Muslim who doesn't believe in Jihad being a violent thing and who is a guest on Sun News Network and is critical of Fundamentalist Islam, speaks of such Muslims as not going to Mosque but instead sitting home watching Television, because they do not want to hear the Hate Speech in the Imam's sermons.

        • defcon 4

          Yeah, and not all Nazis were involved in the Holocaust. You know if there are so many good muslimes, why don't you relocate to any one of the lovely islamofascist states that infest the globe? After all, if there are so many "good" muslimes, then any islamic state should be a veritable paradise right?

    • Roger

      If the Glenn Beck piece turns out to be true will you denounce islam?

      • EarlyBird

        If you shave that disgusting moustache off.

        • Roger

          Since this isn't a dating site, my looks aren't an issue.

          You just sit there grinding your teeth knowing Glenn hit another one out of the park.

        • defcon 4

          An islamic gorilla beard is so much more inviting right?

    • EarlyBird

      Yeah, you've written that a million times.

    • Western Canadian

      Your ability to believe the muslim lie that islam is not a terror based and celebrating racket, is truly interesting abdul. We should be calling you jihadimydaddy

    • Mary Sue

      very RARELY does anything from Glen Beck turn out to be "total BS". Like, less often than the standard Mainstream Media Party

    • Obama Guy

      Cheer up EarlyBird, they will take a break on the Muslims on Wednesday and resume tales about the
      savage blacks of Chicago and Detroit. Have to keep the White tribe united you know.

      And Walter Williams will state he agrees with them. And then they will complain about intolerance toward

  • Marty

    It has to be kept in mind that the saudis are consistent liars. The support and finance islamic terrorism as a religious obligation and as a way to avoid being targeted themselves. Whether they are connected to this particular tragedy is incidental. The saudis would have done nothing to stop had they known. They are violently opposed to western civilization and seek only to conquer and destroy it.

    • Obama Guy

      Yeah every single Saudi is a liar. Every single one.

      • defcon 4

        Nah, only the ones who you tell you about islam.


        Saudis tell the truth like Obama said he would close Guantanamo.

  • Attila_the_hun

    Regardless what the Western world wants or wishes. Islamic world has declared war against each other and against non Muslims world. The west either acknowledges reality and deal with it or it will continue to stuck its head in the sand and wait for the mushroom cloud.

    Get real people there is no such thing moderate Muslim, their goal is total domination. Here is one small example. Turkey's Erdogan is planning to build the biggest mosque in the world in a city(Istanbul) 0f 20 million where there is plenty of mosques and not much available land
    You may ask why.
    The answer is simple, the desire to show the world their vision of domination.

  • DonaldYoungsRevenge

    As I have said and others have said the biggest and most dangerous "sleeper cell" in America can be found at 1600 Penn Ave. The home is being occupied by a usurper who goes by several names, Barry Soetoro, Barack H. Obama, Harrison J. Bounel, Barack Obama Soebarakah, Barack Soetoro, pick one he has used the all at one time or another. He is being criminally investigated by Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has gathered enough evidence to cause him to resign. Diana West said that this man has committed "the biggest fraud ever committed against the U.S." She is right. It seems Frontpage refuses to use its amazing investigative skills to expose this scandal of the century. My question is, what is Frontpage afraid of or do they refuse to believe that a scandal can be that big and that there are people in the government that are more than willing to look the other way. Shameless!!

  • tarasbalderdash

    "Two suspects, Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, of Montreal, and Raed Jaser, 35, of Toronto"

    Ah, Buddhists, no doubt!


      Islam – the Religion of Peace.



    islam is a drag on the planet.
    2 billion less will be a good thing for the planet and science and the fine arts.
    life will thrive post islam.
    no one'll miss them and their funny till terrifying constant freak-show cult called islam ?
    any answers ?
    Crocodile tears are an art form too…..
    Crocodile tears are an art-form too…..
    Crocodile tears are an art-form too…..
    Earth does not need an idiotic and chaotic and pedophillic and totally retrograde cult that is totally mis-labelled as a religion by people who could not read stupid arabic. Gutter language .

    Things have to start moving in his direction. This is an order from The Man.

    • Roger

      I was trying to remember the list of great islamic literature, fiction in precise.

      Not the koran, but the other books that they admit are fiction. Can anyone help me here?
      You know, their version of Huckleberry Finn?

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Three little Pigs?.,………..Ummn that might be a hard one………………OINK………..William

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Who's dissin the piggies, hummmmmnnnmmm/////////////////////Big bad wolvies…….W

      • Mary Sue

        The Arabian Nights.

        • Roger

          Great, that's one.
          Let's stack that up against say William Shakespeare. Then I'll toss in a Hemmingway for their next fictional books sharia accepts.


    Worse than WACO. stupid and dangerous cult called islam has to be canned and then banned !!

    Understand english ?


    Worse than WACO. stupid and dangerous cult called islam has to be canned and then banned !!


    islam is a drag on the planet.
    2 billion less will be a good thing for the planet and science and the fine arts.
    life will thrive post islam.
    no one'll miss them and their funny till terrifying constant freak-show cult called islam ?
    any answers ?
    Crocodile tears are an art form too…..
    Crocodile tears are an art-form too…..
    Crocodile tears are an art-form too…..
    Earth does not need an idiotic and chaotic and pedophillic and totally retrograde cult that is totally mis-labelled as a religion by people who could not read stupid fithy uncouth arabic. Gutter language . Stupid dirty arabic and islam have no words for a pedophile or a child-molester. The arabs are not fit enough to be called human. As cruel and useless as smallpox…..The time is right to do what has to be done. NOW!!

    Things have to start moving in this direction. This is an order from The Man.

    • EarlyBird

      Yeah, that's about the fourth time on this thread alone you posted it. Stop spamming, you imbecile.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        You should have earned and autographed copy by now, I want the car, play it on
        the radio………………………………..William

  • Dennis Metz

    Of course obummer will cover up any bad his islam and muslim brothers do, they are helping him clear the United States of rev wrights devil white race and farconvicts demon JEWS . AND THAT IS WHAT OBALUGA WANTS

  • Marvin Fox

    It is a wonder who in our Republic decided to offer freedom of religion to people whose religion demands they use the freedom of religion given to them as a tool to take away the freedom of religion from those who gave it.
    It is no wonder they believe we are too stupid to survive. We are not required to establish our own destruction using our own immigration system. We are not giving freedom of religion, we are aiding the global Jihad.
    Marvin Fox

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Deportation, every last one, none whatsoever allowed in America and if possible in our
    hemisphere as they are a growing danger in South America and Mexico and Canada.
    Those who cry out against self preservation are paid voices, leftists, progressives,
    Communists, Socialists, Islamists and Lunatics all fit for a leaky boat to the bottom
    of the sea, they want us dead or in slavery, no choice there ……………….William

  • Mickey mouse

    How many people must die before we admit that muslims are not compatible with western culture. And the result of them immigrating here is death and destruction. It will never end until one group of people loses the will to fight. It seems america so far may be on the losing end of this culture war. sorry;(

  • Leland64

    Good comments. I think it interesting "our eternal friends" the Saudis have enjoyed such easy access to the highest levels of our government. I suspect we must follow the money. If reports are correct, the Saudis help fund US green activists opposing development of US energy resources apparently to protect their lucrative petroleum markets in the US and else where. Since the US sits on a sea of petroleum, there is no valid reason for not developing our resources thereby reducing and eventually eliminating our need for middle east oil and the "need" to spend billions defending access to Saudi/Persian Gulf oil. In addition, our Saudi "friends" fund and promote Wahhabi extremist Mosques and promote Islamic hatred of non-believers here in the US to undermine our institutions and promote Islam and Sharia. Why the deference to the Saudis? Who benefits or has benefited from Saudi money here in the US?

  • Western Canadian

    Indeed, blah blah blah, yadda yadaa, blah blah blah, yadda yadaa, blah blah blah, yadda yadaa, blah blah blah, yadda yadaa, jihadimydaddy's usual cut and paste drivel, posted over and over again.

    Moreover, Muslims are not terrorists. The only piece of non-cut and paste noise this troll posts, and it is the lie about terrorism that muslims tell about themselves…. pathetic.

    In fact, blah blah blah, yadda yadaa, blah blah blah, yadda yadaa, again, the cut and paste effort that bores everyone except his ignorant self to tears….

    Indeed, blah blah blah, yadda yadaa, blah blah blah, yadda yadaa, blah blah blah, yadda yadaa, blah blah blah, yadda yadaa, can you say cut and paste, with no intelligence involved??

    Finally, Yes, obya is a muslim troll.

    And an idiot.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Obama will prove to be 'cut and run'……………William

      • defcon 4

        If he kills enough kufr maybe he'll get a sinecure in Soddy Barbaria — like Idi Amin did!

  • nando nyc

    we also have the fact that for the last 4 yrs Hillary Clinton close asst Mrs. Huma (wife of Weiner who will run for nyc mayor) . mrs huma father and mother have ties to Muslim Brotherhood. the fix is in!

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    This whole thing isn't even close to being over. I believe that within the year we will know things about how the Saudis have planned and funded the destruction of our country and how the muslim brotherhood is nothing more than a sadistic mob of organized criminals in collusion with our government.

  • burkasrugly

    Did anyone see O'Reilly tonight? He had Nihad Awad of CAIR on. I was surprised that O'Reilly got as frustrated with him as he did. It is about time! I feel like maybe, just maybe the Muslims have overplayed their hand in Boston. I feel that something is in the air…maybe the tide is about to turn our way. Here is a clip of the exchange:

  • Obama Guy

    I was off by one country. I predicted that by this week, you conservatives would claim Iran was behind the
    Boston attacks. You picked the Saudis. Oh well, next you'll claim the Benghazi gang did it (under Obama's
    direction). You folks are very, very funny. Great entertainment though.

    • defcon 4

      I'm sure you find head chopping and public stonings entertaining as well.


      Obozo Guy,

      Did you predict that some white guys bombed Boston?

      Downer that the bombers were a couple of islamofascist savages?

      • Obama Guy

        Are you claiming these guys were not White? They are as White as George Bush. In1950 Alabama,
        they ride in the front of the bus.

        • defcon 4

          "1950 Alabama"? I just looked at my calendar and it says 2013. Did you just miss out on 63 years of history Rip Van Winkle?

  • Asher

    2123B, a bad dude, armed and dangerous, who should not have been admissable to the US. One prior terrorist event on his record. See how they are slipping through the cracks and lack of follow ups!

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I think on a day certain and not to far into the future a signal will be given for all of the
      illegal Islamist moles to act against America in unison, it is never discussed much but
      with no border security and enough Muslim skirts to hide behind it would be to easy
      and approach to avoid and Iran hates us along with many evil and murderous followers
      of the devil…..if two can paralize Boston think what thousands can do, tens of thousands.

  • aniee

    I'm still waiting to find out what happened to the naked guy that was a couple of times (early on) talked about on news reports and had been apprehended and put into a police car. I actually seen a scene of this play out on a site a few days ago. It might have been Twitter. The comments were from people in support of the suspect who is alive and they were highly suspicious of the government. Sorry I don't know for sure where i seen it. The person who had this little strip of news commented how the naked guy looked like Tameron and a brief close up of him on this short video actually did resemble him. I have never heard anything else about the naked man.

  • imalert

    All those failing to realise that it is Islam that is at the root of the worlds evil doings, will inherit that world of hate, killing and mistrust. Good luck. Wake up free countries before it is too late.

  • Alexandria Tesla

    Whitewashing is a great political tool. Mr. Kerry must be very intimidated to whitewash such a dirty house.