Obama’s Neighborhood Race-Watch Program

stock-footage-washington-d-c-march-cu-sign-on-the-department-of-housing-and-urban-developmentPresident Obama is quietly moving forward with a plan to use your tax dollars to loot American suburbs in order to help Democrats and fund their corrupt big-city political machines.

The new plan from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to use federal housing policy to uproot and change American neighborhoods is part of Obama’s effort at “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Long ago Democrats declared war on the suburbs and rural areas because, among other things, they tend to be Republican strongholds.

HUD is the right vehicle for this scheme because its bureaucracy is adept at telling people how to live and where to live. It tells cities they are racially out of balance and pressures them to change their zoning to allow more “affordable housing” so communities have the politically correct mixture of economic development and racial diversity.

HUD, by the way, ought to stand for the Department of Homewrecking and Utopian Development.

Ripping apart the suburbs and throwing them back together under the guidance of central planners and bureaucrats would be done in the name of “fairness” and “diversity,” the twin obsessions that haunt the psyche of the modern leftist. Instead of letting market forces and individual choices determine where people live, these statists want to boss people around, using the heavy hand of the government to force a perverse version of economic and racial integration onto neighborhoods.

It’s not fair that some people live in nicer, safer, wealthier neighborhoods than other people, whines HUD’s far-left secretary, Shaun Donovan.

He claims there is a huge divide in the nation that could be termed “the tyranny of the ZIP code.” This specious doctrine holds that if you live in the right ZIP code, you have greater access to opportunities, and greater chances of success. Individual initiative, drive, and ingenuity don’t count, according to this line of thinking,

“While we have made real progress, despite the economic headwinds we’re still facing,” more still has to be done to level the playing field when it comes to housing and other opportunities, Donovan says.

Community organizer Greg Galluzzo of the Gamaliel Foundation, an Obama mentor, thinks the American dream is a fraud. Americans move to the suburbs out of “racism and greed,” he says.

Predictably, the left-wing NAACP lauds the socially disruptive HUD plan.

“It’s not just having people of different colors live together just to do so,” says Dedrick Muhammad, a senior NAACP official. “African-Americans and Latinos are more likely to live in segregated communities, that are predominantly lower income, have less strong public resources, less schools and educational opportunities, employment opportunities. This kind of integration strengthens economic equality.”

The proposed federal rule that would move the plan forward is called “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.” The clock is now ticking on a 60-day public comment period. The administration claims that U.S. neighborhoods are imbalanced racially or economically, tilted too much toward the rich or the poor, and explicitly admits that HUD’s decades of work have produced failure.

It’s not yet clear exactly how the plan would work, but the idea is that HUD would give states, localities, public housing agencies, and probably left-wing pressure groups

data on patterns of integration and segregation; racially and ethnically concentrated areas of poverty; access to education, employment, low-poverty, transportation, and environmental health, among other critical assets; disproportionate housing needs based on the classes protected under the Fair Housing Act; data on individuals with disabilities and families with children; and discrimination.

The rule is “just the latest of a series of attempts by HUD to social engineer the American people,” says Ed Pinto of the American Enterprise Institute.

The HUD plan was anticipated by Stanley Kurtz in his 2012 book, Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities.

Obama’s “idea is to take the suburbs, now the swing constituency in national elections, and divide them against themselves,” Kurtz writes. “Obama wants to create a political alliance between cities and older inner-ring suburbs in state legislatures to impose regional tax sharing plans on a reluctant middle class.”

“This will be class warfare on a scale set to dwarf the puny efforts of Occupy Wall Street,” he adds. Obama’s “long-term goal is to build a new and permanent Democratic majority on the promise of regional income redistribution.”

The HUD plan is part of the so-called smart growth movement that emphasizes high-density urban development over lower-density suburban and rural development, which smart growth proponents deride as “sprawl.” Big city mayors constantly complain that building expensive infrastructure outside of the cities is wasteful and duplicative. They don’t care that many Americans love living in the suburbs, having yards and driveways, and space for their children to safely play, things that come at a high cost in large urban centers.

The Obama administration has long been a partner with National Council of La Raza, ACORN, and other radical groups that use the nation’s poor and inner-city communities as laboratory rats in social engineering schemes. HUD has, for the most part, hurt cities. It has helped to make city dwellers increasingly dependent on government for handouts.

HUD is especially close to radical left-wing community organizers. HUD Secretary Donovan praised Al Sharpton and his group, National Action Network, at its convention in Washington, D.C. last year.

“National Action Network has been a remarkable, remarkable partner to all of us in the Obama administration. I was just joking with the reverend on the way in, we ought to be holding our cabinet meetings here with at the convention center because so many of us are over [here] these few days.”

The new HUD plan would, of course, empower Alinskyite troublemakers, while annoying and inconveniencing normal Americans.

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  • truebearing

    Next will be confiscation of private property and forced integrated housing, where the criminal element in the minority communities will prey on those who don’t belong to street gangs. It would be racial dhimmitude, it would be a nightmare, it would lead to civil war, and that is exactly what Obama and his warped minions want.
    It seems to me that Obama is constantly pushing his political enemies with the hope that a fight breaks out so he can finally declare martial law, and live out his fantasy as Barack Mugabe. Everything he does is designed to provoke people into actions he can construe as justification for seizing total power. He and his depraved cohorts are every bit as ruthless and evil as any WWII Nazi.

  • VHG1

    Its his long running war on White America! Make them jobless, homeless and dependent! It’s his ‘get even with whitey’ campaign and no one should deny it! It’s obvious! He does not like Whites! Neither does Michelle

    • nimbii

      Look for some twisted legal gymnasitcs to put whites in slave collars.

  • truebearing

    Imagine being forced to live in government housing projects with Obama’s street gang constituents, aka his well armed “civil defense force.” If that isn’t enough to motivate you to fight, you may already be dead.
    Is this an attempt to create enough civil unrest to justify Obama’s dream: declaring martial law? He only has so much time before Hillary plans to take over. Starting a civil war leaves him in power, at least in his warped narcissistic mind.
    Confiscation of private property is strongly implied as a consequence of this evil social engineering scheme. If it follows Obama’s past pattern, minorities will be given privately owned houses in the suburbs, while some whites will be forced into the inner city. If you doubt he’d do it, just remember what he did to the secured bond holders at Chrysler and GM.
    If those of us who believe Obama is intentionally destroying America are right, and we are, a civil war wouldn’t bother Obama. He is sociopathically narcissistic and doesn’t feel the pain of others, especially those he hates. In fact, civil war would actually speed up the attainment of his nihilistic objectives.

    • Drakken

      He won’t be feeling safe when they have thousands of folks marching on the white house with torches and pitchforks.

      • truebearing

        We’ll need millions….and I hope those torches are rocket propelled and the pitchforks automatic. :)

      • nimbii

        Kinda makes you think where this misanthrope plans on living after leaving office (unless a strategic state of emergency makes him a king?)?

        • kafir4life

          I’m not convinced that Stinky (BO) has any intention of leaving in January 2017.

      • Princeton67atCoxdotnet

        I fear that torches and pitchforks are no match for automatic weapons and tanks.

        • Drakken

          There are millions of veterans with combat training, and that ole redneck deer hunter with the aw6 who can nail a gnat at a 1,000 meters no problem. A rifle behind every blade of grass as ole Yamato once said.

          • Princeton67atCoxdotnet

            What will our redneck ally do when confronted against a swarm of hundreds of unmanned drones?

          • Drakken

            Find out where they are flying from and take care of the problem.

    • Lt_Greyman_NVA

      Even better, this will put “a snitch in every neighborhood” with them being paid out of HUD funds for their Section Ape housing. If Whites start to wake up and organize, the local “color” just includes it in their monthly report and “Wham” DHS shows up to put down those racist crackers.

      They monitor your webtraffic, e-mail, text messages, phone calls, snail mail and now your human contacts. The East German Stazi had less. The entire monitoring system needs to be plowed under and the land sowed with salt.

  • Gamal

    A lot of the successful people who are living in the suburbs fled their because of black riots and crime. Cities that were once nice safe places became too dangerous and that forced people to flee. Obama’s policies will make it so that there is no place to run and will import crime into our neighborhoods.

    • nimbii

      That is happening in Indianapolis right now. 5 years ago, a lot of people were downtown on weekends and evenings. Now gangs have taken over the downtown mall and there have been racial attacks.

      • Gamal

        Are these Mexican gangs who immigrated illegally?

        • nimbii

          I don’t live in Indy anymore but I think the Indianapolis Star reporte they were black gangs.

  • Gamal

    To send a message to HUD about this go to this link. http://www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=HUD-2013-0066-0001 After I sent the message I got the following notice.

    Your comment will be viewable on Regulations.gov after the agency has reviewed
    it, which may be an indefinite amount of time. Use your tracking number to find
    out the status of your comment.

    So that someone will read it I’m posting it here.

    This will import crime into the suburbs and create enormous hostility to the
    Democratic party. If the Obama administration wants to help inner city folks it
    should stop engaging in policies that kill jobs in the inner city. A welfare
    state breeds violence which is why there are mobs of youth in the inner city who
    attack other youth. Transferring them to the suburbs will create racial
    animosity and victimize people who until now were able to send their children to
    school without fearing for their safety.

    • Deerknocker

      Forget about a protest directly to HUD. They have no ears there. Write your congessman. Daily, if you are concerned about this. I just did.

      • physicsnut

        no – i tried the congress critter. Better to make a big stink in public and shame the critter, if necessary.

  • http://tinatrent.com/ Tina Trent

    One of the places HUD has been looking at are the remaining nice parts of Crestwood. Decades ago, my family fled there from Bed Sty and contributed to building a nice community. Now we couldn’t afford to live there. But the descendants of those who despoiled all the places my family fled previously may now enjoy it our dime, while wrecking it.

    I do appreciate the irony, though.

  • davarino

    Blah blah blah, we are sitting here talking about all the tyrannical things Obama does with nothing to do about it. Last night I heard about Mark Levin’s book, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic. I havent read it yet but heard him talk about it on Hannity. He talked about a second way of ammending the constitution, which has never been used, but is constitutional. Its where two thirds of the states get together and propose ammendments that have to be ratified by three fourths. Its a nonviolent way of doing this when the congress, judicial, and president have decided to thumb their nose at the Constitution. It by-passes congress and allows the people redress in times such as these. The ammendments proposed by Mark will help to save the republic by placing power back into the hands of the people.

    • Deerknocker

      A long time ago I took a chemistry class. I was terrible in it so I’ll probably get this wrong. I recall an experiment when a speck of something was dropped into a beaker of some liquid. (Note the scientific precision here.) Anyway, the speck no sooner hit the liquid than the liquid immediately gelled and became solid. It is my fondest dream that Levin’s book can be the political equivalent of the speck that gelled that liquid. There is so much unrest and dissatisfaction in the land. It can’t gell because that speck is missing. Who knows, perhaps Levin’s book will get all of us working toward the same goal and turn the conservative movement into a rock hard force capable of rescuing the nation. Dreams are funny things. Sometimes they come true.

    • Clee White

      Mark Levin makes perfect sense with the states convention route he is proposing. I haven’t read the book yet but will very soon. We HAVE to do something before it is too late. When will it be “too late”? Not long, certainly by the time the next election rolls around (if there is one).

      We have never lived through a tyrannical take over so we don’t really know what it looks like. Everything I have heard and read from those who have lived through it (Nazi Germany, Croatia, etc) say “it doesn’t happen over night, it happens little by little and then one day you wake up and everything is very different”. Personally, I don’t want to wake up to a day that is THAT different!

  • Deerknocker

    Suburbs work because in large part they are self-governing. Suburbanites who at great cost and effort have purchased suburban homes tend to take care of their property. They tend to participate in the education of their children. They
    watch their neighborhoods and make them safer. This saves their villages (and them) money. Suburbs do not happen by accident; they come about by the hard work and diligence of those living there. Failed city neighborhoods don’t happen by accident either. Frequently, city neighborhoods fail because their residents do not care for their property, don’t participate in their children’s education and permit crime to fester unchallenged. To take people from failed neighborhoods and inject them into successful suburbs will not result in better suburbs. The lack of community skills and personal responsibility inherent in those from failed city neighborhoods will not somehow be magically acquired as
    the residents of failed city neighborhoods pass into the suburbs. Their problems will follow them because, in many cases, they themselves are the problem.

  • steve b


  • Spartacus

    You know, there is an easy solution to this – make non-whites afraid to move or even walk through your neighborhoods. That’s what blacks do . Just make sure any dark-skin that tries to – say – buy a home where you live has problems of the violent kind,(arson, random violent attacks, etc.) and they’ll eventually get the message. The consequences for doing nothing are far worst than potentially spending a few years in prison if you get caught :

  • tanstaafl

    Don’t they have these things in Cuba?

  • http://dieabnehmlosung.de/ Daniel Paine

    “This will be class warfare on a scale set to dwarf the puny efforts
    of Occupy Wall Street,” he adds. Obama’s “long-term goal is to build a
    new and permanent Democratic majority on the promise of regional income

    Die Abnehm Lösung

    • ynotb4real

      …Democratic?…uh; that’s not this movements true name is it? It’s been usurped. Isn’t it a Socialist Party majority ‘they’ have as ‘their’ goal?

  • C. Gee

    HUD, EPA, the IRS are now sub-agencies of the UN in furthering its Agenda 21: global plan for socialist uniformity and government control – elimination – of individual choice. Agenda 21 is specifically aimed at sending people to live in boxes in urban centers close to mass transit hubs. This is where climate change fear- mongering is most blatantly used to justify choice compulsion to achieve equality of outcomes.
    State and local governments, suburban town councils, right down to home-owners associations are as infected by this totalitarian thinking as the federal government. Constitutional amendments will not halt the corruption: the original constitution was no obstacle to collectivism, and any amendments will fail in the same way.

  • Gamal

    IT’s very hard to know what Obama wants. He may have Utopian ideas of empowering blacks and integration who knows. Whatever he wants he is causing a lot of damage and that’s the problem.

  • Digli

    Hud needs to put down the crack pipe.
    What drives these people?
    The desire to control, change and improve people is a psychopathological disorder called Megalomania.
    Psychiatrists have found that those afflicted are not interested in self-reflection or personal change.
    Does that sound like your typical Liberal?
    Ever try to have a conversation/discussion about the relevant facts of an issue with a Liberal?
    Of course their pathology blinds them to the eventual destruction that befalls most tyrants.
    Megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs.
    The Obamanistas are no lesser Megalomaniacs.

    After all, they ( and the crack pipe) are the ones they’ve been waiting for.

  • nimbii

    I suppose gerrymandering is another motive. Dillutilng republicans into big city dem voting blocks. My guess is that Texas will be the first state to be coerced as part of the Dems’ Texas Blue initiative.

  • nimbii

    This is all part of the divide and conquor strategy. Soros is chuckling and will comment in a few years how truly simple it was to bring down America.
    He will congratulate himself and key media people and elites who collluded in the objective.
    He has brought down 4 Eastern European nations before and the America will be his crowning achievement to redistributing our wealth to internationalist’s interests in other parts of the world.

  • frodo

    “It’s not yet clear exactly how the plan would work, but the idea is that
    HUD would give states, localities, public housing agencies, and
    probably left-wing pressure groups” data.

    1. the rule says “communities”–not left-wing pressure groups. The article’s indulging in some rhetorical shading here that’s not in the actual language–after all, the communities probably have “pressure groups” from all parts of the spectrum.

    2. It’s not clear how the plan would work–except, of course, it’s talking about planning future affordable housing. I do not see anything justifying the kinds of worries about ripping apart the suburbs.

    “This specious doctrine holds that if you live in the right ZIP code, you
    have greater access to opportunities, and greater chances of success.
    Individual initiative, drive, and ingenuity don’t count, according to
    this line of thinking.”

    This is a classic false dichotomy. It is not the case that people who say there are demonstrable inequalities of access to opportunities (which there are, this isn’t unambiguous) mean that individual motivation doesn’t count. It’s simply to say that equality of access matters–what anyone does with that access is a wholly different question.

  • KatieNorcross

    One question: How do you stop “White Flight”?

  • patron

    I wonder if HUD will diversify the black and latino neighborhoods which cause 85% of all the crime.

    I feel certain enterprising individuals may find a lucrative opportunity in buying the $1 blighted properties in Detroit, and taking over the cities. Crackheads and drug dealers do not wake up until 2:00 in the afternoon, and will eventually destroy themselves. If they try to break in, take Joe Biden’s advice and blast them with a shotgun from the terrece.

  • Drakken

    What this abomination is going to cause is an armed rebellion of the worst order. People worked hard to get to live where they are comfortable to live, if HUD tries jamming this down the throats of the white working class, this will end up with violence on a unprecedented scale. Thanks Obummer and minions, you have now made the Balkanization of America complete, I hope when HUD officials come o a neighborhood near you, that they are hanged from the nearest lamppost.

    • frodo

      What, exactly, is going to be caused?

  • Joel Cairo

    And so everyone will be required to live in “projects” as were created in the “urban renewal” era; now home to crime gangs, drug users and so on. The problem with inner city schools isn’t the zip code; it is the people who live there. If they wished to clean up their neighborhoods and took steps to do so it would make a major difference.

  • Richard Johnston

    If you took people who run the 100 meters in less than 10 seconds, and forced them to live in neighborhoods with lots of very overweight, sedentary, slow people, eventually, the sedentary would change their lifestyles and become speedsters. Liberalism is the opiate of the ignorant. At some point, people will realize it isn’t the zip code that creates success or poverty but the choices of those in that zip code. Until liberals accept that their policies have incentivized the breakdown of the family and laziness, their policies will continue to have results the opposite of those intended.

    • laura rubin

      i agree, but there are other issues. poorer areas have lack of produce, people live on fast food. its cheaper than real food, if that real food its even available, or affordable. the prices of fruits/vegs have risen tremendously. mac donalds offers meals for like what? $2.00? also how often is garbage collection in poor areas?

      • Richard Johnston

        I watch people use their food stamp card to buy crap in the same store I am buying healthier food at. With all the crap they’re buying, they could buy healthier food. As for garbage collection, I’m sure it varies but this doesn’t explain people trashing the very places they live in. “You don’t wash a rental car.”

        • laura rubin

          in that case, yes you are right. think of all the $$ it costs to take care of them, w/all the diseases/obesity. so many middle class people eatting the same. it’s like we have one big ghetto culture. (like in europe).

  • newsel

    “The proposed federal rule that would move the plan forward is called “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.” The clock is now ticking on a 60-day public comment period.” No you tell us….anyone in there providing comments to those that are opposed to high density living as is being suggested in this article? Mathew feel free to respond as a problem presented without a solution is on your part complete BS.

  • slash345

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to force me to live next to blacks.

    That’s asking for trouble.

  • ratonis

    Welcome to Cabrini-Green and Pruitt-Igoe.

    Urine in the elevators. Muggers in the stairwells.
    The sweet sound of bullets. Obama’s kind of town.

  • http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/04/dhs-are-you-willing-to-die-for-your-king-i-am-willing-to-die-for-mine/ mountaindaisy

    If millions of people don’t wake up quickly, we are all goners! Just tweet #Greentown, the Collectivist’s code word for Agenda 21.

  • joe biden

    why can’t we impeach this ahole?

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Because it would be “racist”. We asked for this every time we did something we knew we shouldn’t do just because we were afraid of that word.

      • truebearing

        Many of us didn’t vote for him because we know that the word “racist” has morphed into a meaningless political attack word. We also don’t give a rat’s patoot if people think we’re “cool,” aka politically correct. Political correctness needs to die a quick, but painful death. Only then will America begin to be free.

  • giatny

    What is wrong with the American people that they sit idly by while this lunatic destroys freedom and the rule of law? The federal government has no place
    in local zoning decisions. This is abject insanity. I don’t care who lives next to me as long as they can afford to live there and I would never willingly live in a worse neighborhood than I can afford. Is this the 21st century version of busing. I actually saw a clip of Donovan making the announcement of this program and
    got physically ill. The states MUST stand up against this Orwellian madman.
    WAKE UP America. If amnesty passes, America is OVER.

    • laura rubin

      ammesty will pass. afro americans are much less of a problem than 3rd world people.

  • Anamah

    What a tragedy!
    This regime is committed to ruin American achievements and virtues.
    How in the world it didn’t been stopped yet?
    What are we waiting to detain such destruction and poisoning?
    We should defend and recover our Nation before is too late.

  • Father Dacius

    This is wonderful. Now we can have crime and Ghetto landscaping everywhere.

  • nimbii

    Does this profiling take into account the marketplace churnings that move people into affluent zip codes and out if they invest in the Brooklyn Bridge or own a solar manufacturing company and not bundled for Obama in 2012? How much population in-and-out takes place that render this type of analysis useless?

  • wsk

    We have always discriminated in our neighborhood: If you can afford it, you can live here, if you can’t you have to live somewhre else until you aquire enough capital to move into my community. How racist/bigoted and homophobic of us.

  • DennisMets

    anytime whites move away and work like ants to rebuild a community the blacks sweep in and figure out how to take it over for free until they burn it down and scare the whites off with crime. then the whole thing repeats itself over and over we will never get away from the murdering freeloading blacks

  • Citizen Loring

    Utopian social engineering doesn’t work, never has, never will.

  • One man

    This will lead to the complete Balkanization of America not just in an intellectual, theoretical sense but in a geophysical sense. And if not it will lead to complete entropization that will render this country nothing more than a decaying subsistence society.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lrenea.woodward L Renea Woodward

    “It’s not just having people of different colors live together just to
    do so,” says Dedrick Muhammad, a senior NAACP official.
    “African-Americans and Latinos are more likely to live in segregated
    communities, that are predominantly lower income, have less strong
    public resources, less schools and educational opportunities, employment
    opportunities. This kind of integration strengthens economic equality.” The City of Oakland has excellent transportation systems, BART and AC transit. They have three community colleges within short driving distances. UC Berkeley is just up the road. There are plenty of public resources in the City of Oakland for the poor. We have public housing in Oakland, yet they are crime ridden. There is all sorts of diversity in Oakland. The employment opportunities exist within the The City of Oakland, The State of California has a main office downtown. The Federal Government has its main buildings in Oakland. Don’t tell me employment opportunities don’t exist. Yet, Oakland has one of the highest crime rates in the state. Why is that? I’ll tell you why. You have a community that is predominately single-parent with no fathers in the home. The amount of crime can be determined by the number of fatherless boys in a community. Fatherless boys have a propensity to join gangs. Thus the crime waves of constant shooting all day and night. Want to stop the crime wave? Strengthen the family so their are mail role models in the home.

    So you think HUD is going to be able to come in and fix the problem by moving poor people to more affluent neighborhoods? Think again. They just bring the problems with them. Has Shaun Donovan ever heard of private property rights? He will be reminded of it if he tries to force people out of their homes to achieve a quota system.

  • Debbie G

    We are fighting regionalism is Northeast Ohio right now. The goal, as stated in the article, is to pack the population into core cities (in my case, Cleveland). Suburban tax dollars will be funneled to the core city to maintain its infrastructure while new roads, sewers, housing developments etc., in the suburbs will not be permitted. It is a very real threat to private property rights and water rights, not to mention the right to live, work and play in areas of your choice. Non-governmental groups (NGO’s) are being funded by HUD, the Dept. of Transportation and the EPA to help implement this monstrous plan.
    Be aware of what is going on in your community–look for the key word “sustainability.” Watch for lots of funding going to bike trails and railways (they plan to do away with as many automobiles as they can under the pretense of global warming).
    This is socialist utopianism.

  • johnnywood

    The motto of the Central Government is, “If it ain`t broke, fix it.”

  • dotherightthing4

    From 1983-1990 we were living close to the city, near our jobs, a nice public library, good Catholic school and our lives were very convenient—until the housing market crashed and the BLACKS moved into the slew of apartments near our neighborhood. We were robbed; many of our neighbors were robbed; we heard gunshots at night; merchants had security locks placed on their stores to buzz people “in”—we were lucky to get out. We had to BRING $15K to closing to cover the loss on our home. We FLED the inner city to provide safety for our children. Who wants to commute over an hour to and from work and live where there are no amenities? We had no choice. Now the Obama administration will chase us down and destroy the life we have built. They must be stopped. We do not want to start over again.
    These “people” destroy wherever they go–a nice neighborhood will not cure them.