The Chavez Nightmare Comes to an End

After a long battle with cancer, Barack Obama’s less media-savvy comrade Hugo Chavez is finally dead.

Venezuela’s Vice President, Nicolas Maduro, announced that the communist tyrant died yesterday after seeking medical treatment from the quacks and bunglers laughingly referred to as the Cuban health care system. Hidden away from the public for months, Chavez, whose election in 1999 sparked a leftist revival throughout Latin America, may have actually died some time ago.

Chavez will be remembered not only for his fanaticism and brutality but also for his effective use of the same Saul Alinsky-inspired community organizing techniques now relied on by President Barack Obama.

Both men hate capitalism. Chavez called capitalism “savagery,” while the smoother Obama tries to be more upbeat, speaking of the need to spread wealth. Both men are champions of gun control, social engineering, and unlimited governmental power.

Both hate America (to varying degrees) and both utilize mobs to harass and intimidate their enemies.

Obama has used union goons, ACORN members, and his personal tax-exempt Alinskyite army, Organizing for Action (formerly Organizing for America), against his adversaries.

Chavez, who habitually used the rhetoric of class warfare, funded a network of violent, government-armed “Bolivarian Circles,” similar to Cuba’s Committees for the Defense of the Revolution. In order to identify citizens worthy of governmental persecution, the neighborhood-based militias reported on Venezuelans deemed to lack the requisite enthusiasm for Marxism. Like Hitler’s Sturmabteilung (SA), these groups broke up opposition meetings by force.

Chavez intimidated the private media by openly threatening and harassing independent media outlets. He also introduced a requirement that journalists be licensed. Obama doesn’t need to keep the media in line because they already worship him.

While Obama has been busy installing senior government officials such as Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel who lack the ability to understand the Islamofascist threat, Chavez allowed America’s terrorist enemies to set up shop in his country.

A big supporter of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Chavez permitted Iran-funded Hezbollah and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas to open offices in Venezuela’s capital, Caracas.

Chavez also ran what political scientists call a “public diplomacy” campaign in the U.S. to help bolster American support for his regime. The propaganda effort consisted of using CITGO to funnel discounted home heating oil to the nonprofit group Citizens Energy Corp., which is run by former Congressman Joe Kennedy II (D-Mass.). CITGO operates a chain of gas stations in the U.S. and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA). PDVSA is owned by the government of Venezuela and has been described as a “black box” because it also funded Chavez’s overseas political ambitions.

Kennedy’s nonprofit distributed Venezuelan oil to poor people, and the former lawmaker went on TV to berate then-President George W. Bush, whom he said “cut fuel assistance.” Kennedy boosted Chavez, boasting about how Venezuela’s socialism had helped to ease suffering in America. In a commercial he said that “CITGO, owned by the Venezuelan people,” had helped poor Americans while their own government stood idly by doing nothing. (Chavez may even have funded ACORN, a possibility I raised in my 2011 book, Subversion Inc.)

As a statement made by Venezuela’s Maduro illustrates, Chavez, unlike Obama, had a tenuous grip on reality. Echoing Chavez, Maduro said the regime suspects the late dictator’s enemies somehow gave him cancer.

Such craziness was par for the course for Chavez.

Chavez said he doubted the existence of al-Qaeda, accusing the U.S. of inventing the terrorist group. At the United Nations General Assembly in 2006 he said that he could smell sulfur from the Devil at the podium because George W. Bush had been there. He accused the U.S. of using a mysterious machine to cause the catastrophic 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Chavez had “an idiotic weakness for spells and incantations, as well as many of the symptoms of paranoia and megalomania,” the late Christopher Hitchens wrote.

The dictator presided over the exhumation of the remains of Simon Bolivar, leader of Latin America’s uprising against Spain. What was left of Bolivar, who died in 1830, was placed in a casket bearing the Chavez government’s seal. To link himself with Bolivar, Chavez asked Jesus Christ to raise the late revolutionary from the dead.

“Not since North Korean media declared Kim Jong-il to be the reincarnation of Kim Il Sung has there been such a blatant attempt to create a necrocracy, or perhaps mausolocracy, in which a living claimant assumes the fleshly mantle of the departed,” wrote Hitchens.

The Cult of Obama still has almost four years left to outdo Chavez.

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  • AdinaK

    It would be entirely appropriate for the Red-in-Chief to say the eulogy for Chavez, they are comrades in arms. Even though the POTUS is an Islamist-in-Chief, his red side doesn't obviate the green one.

    That being said, we all know who supported his candidacy, so birds of a feather ……besides, his communist leaning, Iranian born alter ego rules his roost, and this tells us even more –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Mary Sue

    how much do you want to bet that Obama does some sort of semi-eulogy speech for Chavez?

  • Brujo Blanco

    Well, some anti Semite had to come out and use this situation to go against the Jews. This Chavez was an evil man. Helpfully, he will be replaced by someone who is not cruel and mentally ill.

  • john butala

    I'm not Jewish, but I do support Israel…does that qualifty as being a Zionist? This megalomaniac did a great deal to snuff out liberty in Venezuela. He was a force for evil. He supported terrorists and tried to shut down opposing voices in his country. He tried to establish himself as a permanent ruler and made himself (like all leftist kleptocrats) immensely wealthy at the expense of the poor people he said he cared about. Venezuela is now much poorer and much less free than when he took over. I always celebrate when someone as perversely evil as Chavez kicks the bucket.

    • Spider

      This post could also be perfect for describing Obama

  • davarino

    unless hes on the right, then his death is celebrated, right? So your saying Lex Luthor should be mourned?

  • davarino

    hehehe that'll teach ya to go to Cuba for health care. They probably told him to go home and do some yoga and drink green tea. Thats whay you get when you kill all your scientists and make the nurses, doctors.

    • Gop

      so cancer patients don’t die in america’s exalted medical system. Oh god we have a miracle.

  • Timetoenditoryou

    You are a complete idiot! Try suicide as a cure for yourself.


    BREAKING NEWS from the White House. A word from our Dear Leader Barack Obama: “I send a message to all my Latin American Amigos who are worried for their own banco accounts due to the death of our amigo, Hugo Chavez. Our stocko marketo hit record highs yesterday which means our economy has recovered from the eight years of El Diablo. I still smell the sulfur in the Oval Office. Therefore, I will send JOHN KERRY, El Frankenstein, the man who knows how to spend other people’s dinero, on a Latin American tour to continue the funding of Comrade Hugo Chavez’s BOLIVARIAN Democracies and Governments. Comrade Kerry just funded our new amigos, the Muslim Brotherhood, on their path to real Democracy that Latin Americans have known due to the bribery of Hugo Chavez and whose model of bribing the poor and Middle Class with GOODIES that I admired and followed, and, it worked. Hahahahaha! I also like his changing the Constitution that allowed him to be Presidente for Life.”

    “On reports of somehow the U.S. GIVING HIM HIS ILLNESS… I assure you that if we did have such a plan, my administration, CIA, THE REAL DIABLOS, and any government agency, would not do this to our friends and comrades but we’d surely do it to Republicans and those TEA PARTY SOB’s!"

    “Let’s all get on our PRAYER RUGS to remember a great hombre.”

    “Viva Hugo Chavez! Viva Che! Viva Fidel! And most importantly, VIVA ME!”

    If Maduro holds onto to power, this will show that Chavez's bribing, intimidation, and all other tactics outlined in this article, will be good news for the Democrats after Obama and Obama will spend his last four years destroying all opponents while adding to the Soviet-style bread lines, aka, Food Stamps/Government aid.

    Maybe FIDEL GAVE HUGO the cancer. Chavez had money to buy friends who then looked for more, TO STAY IN POWER, and had to suck up to Chavez more than Fidel, who had to be jealous since he was the one and only true Revolutionary in the world until Chavez came along. Hugo was stealing his limelight, especially the Hollywood spot light. Imagine the American tears when Fidel dies!

    • Mary Sue

      I thought John Kerry was Lurch (from The Addams Family)


    Especially Hitler! Did you shed tears for him too? I bet you're one of the human beings that miss Saddam and of course, Osama!

  • pierce

    Chavez, Hugo that is, is not worth shedding a tear over, and for that matter other world leaders belonging to the same club as Hugo, Tyrants International, those who advocate the same principals of Saul Alinsky, would not be worth mourning over either. His demise, and for that matter theirs too, should be applauded.


    Who said chavez was human?

    Now chavez can smell the sulfur first hand..

    • Demetrius M

      Whaaa! You stole my post! Whaaaa! ;-)
      Now on to the serious matter of proclaiming an almost exact duplicate of Chavez into power under the ostensiveness of fair elections.


        Dhimmi Carter can go to Cuba for the best of Third World medicine.

    • Mary Sue

      aw man i missed out on another whacky Whaterman post! :(


    The Castro brothers killed chavez. It was a power struggle over who would represent imperialist socialism in the Western hemisphere.


    I bet the vile oliver stone will make a movie about hugo chavez.

    sean penn, danny glover, michael moore are crying their beady eyes out.

    • Asher

      Yes, The Hollywood elites all love dictators and Hate America…don't forget Dennis Rodman who thinks Kim Jung IL the 2nd is just another best Buddy!


        Everyone who cares for the US should BOYCOTT any film project the Hate America First crowd are involved with.

        Hit those socialists in their wallets.

    • TimN
      Working on it as we speak..

      • mlcblog

        Wow! Johnny on the spot!!

    • beez

      Penn, Glover, and Moore are said to be inconsolable. hahahaha :-D But they should look on the bright side, maybe Oliver Stone(d) will offer these washed up has-beens parts in his Chavez movie.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Who will play Hugo???……….Bill Clinton, Sean Penn, Roseanne Bar…….endless possabilities,
      Muchelle Obama would possibly be the ticket……………..William

  • john spielman

    To all leftists: Please note that the official Venezeulan govt has said that Hugo's cancer and subsequent death was caused by the USA. So I quess that capitalism triumphs over the socialist communist world in the end.

    • Sovereign Soul

      Am excellent expose –along these lines, from a credible source is at this link —Who killed Hugo Chavez – and why?

      They've been slaughtering Latin American leaders, and killing people with cancer weapons, since the 1960s.

      • Ghostwriter

        Cancer weapons? What world are you living in,Sovereign Soul? It sure isn't ours.


        Sovereign Moron,

        How did you figure that out? The transmitter the CIA planted in your head while you were asleep?

    • Sovereign Soul

      Am excellent expose –along these lines, from a credible source is at this link —Who killed Hugo Chavez – and why?

      They've been slaughtering Latin American leaders, and killing people with cancer weapons, since the 1960s.

  • Zionista

    Only a Jew hating troll would make such a stupid remark.

  • Gee

    Like the Muslims that danced and gave out candy after 9/11? You are a racist moron

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,Gee. THAT'S PRECISELY WHAT THEY DID!!!!! Go to Youtube and watch,lamebrain.

  • antisharia

    Good riddance. Now if only Obama and Biden could join him.

  • Asher

    Asta Lavista Chavez. Another one Bites the Dust. Psalm of David 37 Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong, for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away!

    • beez

      Actually in Spanish the proper parting expression for the dearly departed is, "Adios." The former means until we see each other again; the latter means goodbye forever. *grin*

      • Spider

        Actually Asta Lavista would be appropriate for some people (but not Asher) as they will be seeing him again in Hell


        Then it's Adiablo Hugo!

  • howard

    On a ironic note, Chavez's last words were reportedly "Theres that smell of brimstone again".

    • mlcblog

      We know where he's going.

  • HiPlainsDrifter

    Brutal leftists tyrants, like Stalin, Mao, and Chavez never really die. Their sycophantic supporters and corrupt revisionist historians see to that.
    Murder, torture, and rape are swept under the rug, while their distorted version of social justice, fairness, equality are given the historical spotlight.

    • Mike in VA

      And then Leftist idiots in the United States try to take our country down the same socialist path.

      Some people never learn…

      • HiPlainsDrifter

        The left never gives up and for sure, never sleeps …so it seems..

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Soon on a leftist indoctrination center campus near you, near everyone, we will see
      t-shirt sales soar of the new Hugo T…………..Che Guevera move over, has to happen,
      one of the more ironic capatalistic activities………………William

      • HiPlainsDrifter

        They may die, but never fade away..

  • Edward Cline

    You really must credit these cretins with warped imaginations resting comfortably in Marxist and Islamic Fantasy Land theme parks. Their careenings through the Marxist/Islamic universe invites the suggestion that perhaps Chavez will make a cameo appearance in "The Walking Dead," and have his head lopped off and a bullet put into it just to make sure he never rises again.

    • davarino

      Oh, that would be sweet.

  • Penny Haulman

    When he slept with the devil from Iran, Chavez sealed his fate. As in the Japan nuclear meltdown and tsunami, Japan had decided that it could sell uranium to Iran with no one caring, whoops! Proof that sensor ‘lights’ were explosives, that when they detonated, the earthquake occurred and was more than a nine on the Richter scale. So, world, down with Iran, enemy of Jehovih THE GREAT SPIRIT, HE says, forever. GOD also says, “Do not pray for MY enemies, as I will come up against them my self.” Do not sleep with the enemy!

    • mlcblog

      They were always friends.

  • Penny Haulman


  • Mark

    you people are insane

    • pagegl

      Because we don't care for tyrants?

    • Mary Sue

      Because we rightly condemn demagogues who ABSOLUTELY RUIN their nation's own economy and make the POOR WORSE OFF, while tricking the poor into thinking HE'S TAKING CARE OF THEM?

      No, sir. You are the insane one. You low-information voter, you.

    • Spider

      What do you mean You People ?

      • Mary Sue

        I think he's either calling us n****ers or J00s.

    • HoR_Emperor

      Non-responsive and ad hominem. In other words, standard Lefty troll.

    • Drakken

      Oh look! A liberal/progressive with the case of the vapors! Come on Mark, show us what a good little liberal is and go live in Chavez land, come on put your money where your liberal mouth is and prove to us you believe the nonsense of the liberal line.

  • Spider

    So much for the superiority of the Cuban National Health care system as promoted by our notable local Morbidly Obese Comrade Michael Mooore in the movie "Sicko" I heard Chevezs' first treeatment was botched which essentially gave him a death sentence. I bet in his last days on earth that he wished he would have gone to the US for some real health care.

  • Mary Sue

    From what I'm hearing, Chavez's hand-picked successor, Maduro, isn't any better, though whether he'll be able to cling to power is another story. He's going around telling the poor of Venezuela that the United States murdered their Dear Leader by giving him cancer!

    • Omar

      Then one day, if any of our key conservative leaders in America end up in the same situation as Chavez, we should blame Maduro, the Castro brothers and their allies for the same thing that they are blaming us for.

    • Geppetto

      Bad enough but worse is the thought that far too many Venezuelans will believe it.

      • Mary Sue

        Hugo created many a low information voter when he banned all the media that didn't spew his party line.

    • Sovereign Soul

      An alternative view — frrom a credible journalist– — Who killed Hugo Chavez – and why?

      They've been slaughtering Latin American leaders, and killing people with cancer weapons, since the 1960s.

      • Ghostwriter

        You need help,Sovereign Soul. Some SERIOUS help.

  • Mickey Oberman

    This says it all.

    "The Chavez Nightmare Comes to an End"

  • UCSPanther

    We need a version of this song for Hugo Chavez:

    Yessir, El Diablo got a new brakeman for his train…

  • ApolloSpeaks


    We can argue back and forth about the pros and cons of Hugo Chavez's 14 year presidency of Venezuela. But an unmistakable sign from providence of just how evil and bad for his country this man was, and that he didn't die a day too soon or late, was his demise on the 60th anniversary of Joseph Stalin's death. Chavez has joined Stalin in Communist hell with a old, sick, dying Castro soon to join them.

  • ApolloSpeaks

    ….with an old, sick, dying Castro

  • Hektor

    The man is dead, there's no need to dishonour him. Let him rest, capitalist democracy isn't perfect


      I wish for your chavez what he wished for the US.

  • stern

    It's enough to make anyone a believer. Chavez – dead of cancer. Nasrallah – rumoured to be dying of cancer. Doug Christie, Canadian lawyer who never found an anti-Semite he didn't like or wasn't prepared to defend – dying of cancer. Perhaps George Galloway should see his doctor as soon as possible. (By the way, Galloway has, of course, effusively praised Chavez, saying he "stood for the kind of things Labour used to stand for –…. Oy vey!)

    • Mary Sue

      The only thing about Christie was he took those cases because he didn't believe in Hate Crimes laws. Certainly not the ones we have in Canada. As far as I can recall I don't believe he actually believed in teh same stuff his clients did. Unless I'm forgetting something.

  • RUI

    You forgot another thing in common in Chavez: neither are/were Americans.

  • Charles

    "The U.S. gave him cancer" line is just frankly bizarre. Nonetheless, I believe that it illustrates the reality that primitive, irrational, and uneducated thinking has seized control of the minds of Chavistas, and the minds, as well, of people who tend to make humans into demi-gods.


      Why didn't the US give osama bin laden cancer?

      Blaming the US for events is like blaming faeries or astrology.

  • Ennis85

    Came across this comment on CNN yesterday

    Rest in peace, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías. As a Venezuelan, I didn't agree with most of your policies and politics, but I do not rejoice in your death and I do respect the pain of your family and supporters.

    In 1998, when you campaigned for the presidency -and promised to end corruption- despite my disappointment with the traditional parties, I did not support you because you had led a coup against president Carlos Andres Pérez. I didn't like Pérez, but he was elected by our people and attempting to overthrow him was proof that you did not respect the will of Venezuelans.

    I didn't oppose 100% of what you did. I was grateful, for example, that you placed the issue of poverty on the table and you put the spotlight on millions of Venezuelans that until then had been excluded. I knew that the Cuban doctors in the slums were unprepared and unequipped, but I understood that they meant the world to the mother that knocks on their door at 3am. I was also happy of the way most Venezuelans started to care about politics again (some because they supported you; others because they opposed you). The anti-politic feeling we saw in the 90's was precisely what got you elected. And I also kept in mind that a majority of Venezuelans did support you, so you certainly had a right to be in office.

    These are my 10 reasons why I will not miss you:

    1. Your authoritarian manner (which reflected a flaw probably most Venezuelans have), and your inability to engage in an honest dialogue with anyone that opposed you. Even from your death bed, you had a Supreme Court justice fired because she didn't agree with your politics.

    2. Your disrespect for the rule of law and your contribution to a climate of impunity in Venezuela. In 1999, you re-wrote the Constitution to fit your needs, and yet you violated it almost on a daily basis. With this example, it is no surprise that crime exploded in Venezuela. In 14 years, our homicide rate more than tripled from 22/100K to 74/100K. While judges were busy trying to prove their political allegiance to you, only 11% of homicides led to a conviction.

    3. Your empty promises and the way you manipulated many Venezuelans to think you were really working for them. In 14 years you built less public housing than any president before you did in their 5 year periods. Hospitals today have no resources, and if you go there in an emergency you must bring with you everything from medicines to surgical gloves and masks. The truth is that you were better at blowing your own trumpet than at getting things done.

    4. The astounding level of corruption of your government. There was corruption before you got elected, but normally a government's scandals weren't made public until they handed power to the opposing party. Now we've heard about millions and millions of dollars vanishing in front of everybody's eyes, and your only reaction was to attack the media that revealed the corruption. The only politicians accused of corruption have been from parties that oppose you, and mostly on trumped up charges. For example, Leopoldo Lopez was never condemned by the courts but you still prevented him for running for office. His crime? Using money from the wrong budget allocation to pay for the salaries of teachers and firemen -because your government withheld the appropriate funds.

    5. The opportunities you missed. When you took office, the price of oil was $9.30, and in 2008 it reached $126.33. There was so much good you could have done with that money! And yet you decided to throw it away on corruption and buying elections and weapons. If you had used these resources well, 10.7% of Venezuelans would not be in extreme poverty.


    • Ennis85

      6. Your attacks on private property and entrepreneurship. You nationalized hundreds of private companies, and pushed hundreds more towards bankruptcy. Not because you were a communist or a socialist, but simply because you wanted no one left with any power to oppose you. If everyone was a public employee, you could force them to attend your political rallies, and the opposition would not get any funding.

      7. Your hypocrisy on freedom and human rights. You shut down more than 30 radio and television stations for being critical of your government, you denied access to foreign currency for newspapers to buy printing paper (regular citizens can't access foreign currency unless you authorize it), you imprisoned people without trial for years, you imprisoned people for crimes of opinion, you fired tens of thousands of public employees for signing a petition for a recall referendum and you denied them access to public services and even ID cards and passports.

      8. Your hypocrisy on the issue of Venezuela's sovereignty. You kicked out the Americans but then you pulled down your pants for the Cubans, Russians, Chinese and Iranians. We have Cuban officers giving orders in the Venezuelan army. Chinese oil companies work with a higher margin of profit than any Western companies did. And you made it clear that your alliances would be with governments that massacre their own people.

      9. Your hypocrisy on the issue of violence. You said this was a peaceful revolution but you allowed illegal armed groups like Tupamaros, La Piedrita and FBLN to operate. You gave them weapons. You had the Russians set up a Kalashnikov plant in Venezuela. You were critical of American wars but yet you gave weapons to the Colombian guerrilla, whose only agenda is murder and drug-dealing.

      10. Your hypocrisy on democracy. Your favorite insult for the opposition parties in Venezuela was "coupists", but you forgot you organized a coup in 1992, and the military that was loyal to you suggested they would support a coup in your favor if the opposition ever won the presidential elections. There was no democracy in your political party: you chose each of the candidates for the National Assembly and for city and state governments. When the opposition won the referendum that would have allowed you to change the Constitution in 2007, you disavowed the results and you figured out a way to change the articles and allow yourself to be reelected as many times as you wanted. You manipulated the elections in 2010 to make sure the opposition didn't get more than a third of seats in Parliament even though they got 51% of the popular vote. Your democracy was made of paper, you made sure there were no meaningful checks and balances and all institutions were your puppets.

      So no, Hugo I will not miss you. Rest in peace now, while we try to rebuild the mess of a country that you left us."

  • Ghostwriter

    I,for one,am not going to miss Chavez. He was basically a ego-driven windbag with a touch of paranoia. The man was a jerk. I'm not going to shed ANY tears for this slimebag.

  • Suzanne

    I understand that in Hugo Chavez's Venezuela, planes were constantly landing from Iran. One can only imagine for what purpose (and what they were carrying). A staunch communist, Chavez hatred for the west and actively worked for it's undoing. It's good he's gone. One can only hope his successor will be better.

  • Ibrahim SABIRLI

    Hugo; Vive en nuestros corazones !!!

  • Danny Caplan

    It doesn't do our side any good to be making these kinds of comparisons, in fact it hurts us. Obama's agenda and his actions thus far are plenty bad on their own, and they are made neither worse nor better by suggesting that he is similar to Chavez. Do you know when such a comparison would be apt? It will be legitimate to compare Obama to Chavez after Obama tries to seek a third term (or possibly longer) like Chavez did. By the way, there are media that are critical of Obama, such as talk radio, Fox news, and this website for instance. None of these would have been permitted under Chavez. So let's save the comparison between Obama and Chavez or Obama or Stalin for when they become apt. As it stands, Obama is the worst President in American history. Let's speak the truth about him, but let's not allow ourselves to make comparisons between Obama and Chavez.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      You could be on to something, lets see, we need and intermediary, how about,
      Obama and the Devil, Chavez and the Devil, compare and check the similariities.

  • mlcblog

    "The Cult of Obama still has almost four years left to outdo Chavez."

    Thank you for this. This is the type of gallows humor which keeps me going. It's so, well — almost morbid, like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Impeachment may cut that short………one can hope………….William

      • mlcblog

        ..and dream.

  • @jackscht

    Fascist right wing CRAPitalist Nazi scum

  • UCSPanther


  • davarino

    hmmm interesting. Now go away