Welcome to Obamastan

Benghazi-attackReprinted from MelaniePhillips.com.

Fort Hood, Benghazi, the Boston bombings, Iran/Syria, Israel. The pattern is unmistakeable; the danger to America is exponentially increasing; the scandal is deepening into something nearer to a national crisis.

The Obama administration is playing down the Islamist threat to the US and the free world, empowering Islamists at home and abroad, endangering America and betraying its allies — and covering up its egregious failure to protect the homeland as a result of all the above, while instead blaming America for its own victimisation.

What is coming out in the Benghazi hearings would be jaw-dropping if it had not been apparent from the get-go that the administration failed to protect its own people in the beseiged American mission where Ambassador Chris Stevens and three of his staff were murdered in 2012, then lied about the fact that this was an Islamist attack, and then covered up both its failure and its lie. (Apparent, that is, to some — but not to the American media, most of which gave the Obama administration a free pass on the scandal in order to ensure the smooth re-election of The One).

But the administration has form on this — serious, continuing form. After the Fort Hood massacre in 2009, in which an Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan shot and killed 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas shouting ‘Allahu akhbar’, not only was it revealed that his radicalisation and extremist links had been ignored but the Department of Defense and federal law enforcement agencies classified the shootings merely as an act of ‘workplace violence’.

Weeks after the Boston marathon terrorist atrocity, there is still no explanation of why the FBI did not act against the Tsarnaev brothers, despite having had one of them on their books as a dangerous Islamic radical after a warning from Russian intelligence; and why, as the House Homeland Security Committee heard yesterday, the FBI didn’t pass on their suspicions about the brothers to the Boston police.

Even now, the US authorities are playing down or even dismissing  Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s extremist Islamic views. Whether or not the brothers had links to foreign extremists is still unclear. But what is bizarre is the authorities’ belief that if they did not have any such links, they cannot have had any religious motive.

Despite evidence such as Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s outbursts at a Boston mosque, where he denounced clerics’ references to Thanksgiving and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as ‘contrary to Islam’, the brothers were described by Philip Mudd, the former Deputy Director of National Security at the FBI and the former Deputy Director of the Counterterrorist Centre for the CIA, as merely ‘angry kids’. Mudd told Charlie Rose:

‘They may be disenfranchised. They may have had a bad experience at school. They may not have friends, and they say, “Look, we want to do something.” This tactic of terrorism is a tactic of the 21st century. I don’t necessarily think these are real jihadi terrorists. I think they’re angry kids.’

You really do have to pinch yourself. How in heaven’s name can a guy like Mudd, with his background in so-called intelligence, possibly come up with anything quite so stupendously shallow? It is precisely such angry, isolated, disturbed kids who are vulnerable to Islamist preachers who target, groom and manipulate them — whether in person or through the internet — to believe that ‘Islam is the answer’ and that they are its soldiers engaged in holy war against the unbelievers.

The wilful and perverse refusal to acknowledge the religious nature of this holy war — and worse, to lay the blame for such terrorism on the the society that is its victim — is what lies behind the Benghazi scandal.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearings this week produced testimony from Gregory Hicks, the former deputy to the murdered Ambassador Stevens, that was simply devastating for the Obama administration and its former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton — who infamously erupted, under questioning last January about the nature of the attack,

‘What difference, at this point, does it make?’

Well, Mr Hicks has started to provide the answer. Despite repeated calls for more security to combat the clear threat of jihadi attack on the US mission, Mrs Clinton’s State Department had farmed out its security to none other than a jihadist group. When the fatal attack started, Mr Hicks vainly appealed for fighter jets to buzz the besieged compound. As the Times (£) reported:

‘When a team of four special forces troops were about to leave Tripoli, at Mr Hicks’s request, their leader had to stand them down because he was not cleared by senior military chiefs to travel. Mr Hicks said the furious officer told him: “This is the first time in my career that a diplomat has shown more balls than someone in the military.”’

Disingenuously, the Pentagon says in response that no forces could have arrived in time to mount a rescue. But there was more lethal testimony from Mr Hicks.

After the attack, the Obama administration claimed that it had resulted from a protest that had got out of hand over an anti-islam YouTube video. But Mr Hicks testified that it was known from the start that it was a jihadi attack which had nothing to do with that video. The Wall Street Journal reported:

‘Gregory Hicks, the former deputy chief of mission at the embassy in Tripoli, recalled his last conversation with Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who told him, “Greg, we’re under attack.” Mr. Hicks said he knew then that Islamists were behind the assault. In other words, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s public claim at the time that an anti-Islam YouTube video spurred the assault was known inside the government to be false when she and White House spokesman Jay Carney said it.

‘Mr. Hicks said he briefed Mrs. Clinton that night, yet the father of victim Tyrone Woods says she later told him that the YouTube video maker would be “prosecuted and arrested” as if he were responsible for Benghazi. Stranger still, Mr. Hicks says Mrs. Clinton’s then chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, ordered him not to give solo interviews about the attack to a visiting Congressional delegation.’

Mr Hicks further claims that he was instructed by officials not to talk to congressional investigators, and then demoted after he asked why senior Clinton aides had blamed the attack on a video protest. Again, officials have denied his claim of demotion. But the cat is now out of the bag. The Times (£) reports that an e-mail has surfaced  revealing that senior State Department figures — including Ms Clinton — knew within 24 hours that the group responsible for the Benghazi attack was linked to Islamic terrorists.

Meanwhile, from the beginning of this affair there have also been persistent questions about quite what the US mission was actually doing in Benghazi. Now the Washington Times has reported this:

A U.S. intelligence official tells Inside the Ring that the hearing and congressional inquiries have failed to delve into what the official said is another major scandal: CIA covert arms shipments to Syrian rebels through Benghazi.

‘Separately, a second intelligence source said CIA operations in Libya were based on a presidential finding signed in March 2011 outlining covert support to the Libyans. This source said there were signs that some of the arms used in the Benghazi attack — assault rifles, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades — ended up in the hands of the terrorists who carried out the Benghazi attack as a result of the CIA operation in Libya.

‘The unanswered questions — that appear unasked by most congressional investigators — include whether the CIA facility in Benghazi near the diplomatic compound and the contingent of agency officers working there played a role in the covert transfer through Turkey of captured Libyan weapons or personnel to rebels fighting the Bashar Assad regime in Syria.

‘“There was a ship that transported something to Turkey around the time Ambassador Chris Stevens met with a Turkish diplomat within hours of his murder,” the official said. “Was the president’s overt or covert policy to arm Syrian rebels?”’

Was it indeed. If it was, then Benghazi might turn out to be yet another and particularly terrible example of the damage Obama has wrought upon the security of America and the free world.

This is a President who, by persisting with the charade of negotiation with Iran over its race to manufacture its nuclear bomb, has allowed it to become the dominant power in the region.

That is why Iran’s puppet Assad, who has just accrued hundreds of Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorists to help him win his bloody civil war, has been able to slaughter more than 80,000 Syrians and use chemical weapons against them — while Obama himself may have ineptly armed al Qaeda inside Syria. For the Washington Times report goes on:

The official said congressional investigators need to ask whether the president indirectly or directly helped bolster al Qaeda-linked terrorists in the Jabhat al-Nusrah front rebel group in Syria and whether the CIA ran guns and other weapons captured in Libya to the organization.

‘“Every troubling Middle East-Southwest Asia country — Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and now maybe Syria — where the Obama administration made a significant policy push has gone over to Islamists that are now much more hostile to the United States,” the official said.’


The Benghazi attack was not just appalling in itself; nor was there merely almost certainly a catastrophic failure by the Obama administration to protect its people, and then a mighty cover-up of that failure. Benghazi also serves as a symbol of America’s tragic abandonment, under the Obama administration, of its historic mission to protect life and liberty both in its own homeland and in the free world.

Welcome to Obamastan.

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  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Obamastan has been in the making since the Islamist-in-Chief stepped foot into the People's House. In fact, have been ringing the alarms bells since he descended upon Washington, even before crowned "The One".

    Regardless, the sign posts had been in full view, but many preferred to aver their eyes. As such, this is where America is at – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/04/18/muslim-brothe

    Boston's jihad is the latest (but only its opening shot) in the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia's urban "outreach", and the Chechen monsters are part of the same Brotherhood. And the fact that the Brotherhood Mafia are knee deep within all the recesses of Washington's powers centers, and in the White House too, portends where America is at – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/13/the-outgrowth

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

    • Snow White

      Our Muslim President has destroyed out military by padding the ranks of officers with practicing deviants and unqualified women, while drumming our qualified top echelon military leaders out of the service. (How many generals and Admirals did we lose over this Benghazi mess?) He is giving our enemies all the advantages that he can without being openly branded a traitor, and he is feeding Americans into the Islamic killing machine as fast as he can. God help us> It's for sure his Allah isn't on our side.

  • truebearing

    Obama's policies, domestic and foreign, all have the same imperative: enable evil as much as possible.It is really that simple and basic. Whether it is his Greekonomics or his flung-wide-open Pandora's Box foreign policy, everything he has done has been destructive to this nation and invigorating for the forces of evil.

    Obama is evil incarnate. This is his Grave New World.

  • magill

    truebearing, you are sooo right! obama has been a curse on this nation and the next 4 yrs might be even worse. now is the time to pray to our God, the God off Abrabham, isaac and jacob, not bho's god of islam, aka the devil himself.

  • Brujo Blanco

    This situation has demonstrated all the evils of Dictator Obama's regime. Obama must be removed from office by law. To not do so may mean the true end of our country.

    • Texas1000

      The problem with removal is… Joe Biden.

      • defcon 4

        At least Biden never belonged to a "church" that spouted racist, anti-American Jew hatred as a matter of course.

  • Looking4Sanity

    Proverbs 29:

    2: When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

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          I'm hoping for a nuclear holocaust myself. I wouldn't shed a tear if the whole country was reduced to cinders. It's no more than we deserve.

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            He should read the book of Revelation "cause it DOES describe nuclear holocaust as you know.

            And WeeTurd will be cheering the antichrist on when he tries to destroy Israel.

            I saw a guy at the store today who had an industrial van that was custom painted with the Constitution all over it with the big "We The People" painted across the back. I told him it was awesome and that I hope and pray that O'Blamer can be impeached. Lord, help us win 16 seats next year in the Senate LOL! 20 Democrat Senate seats are up for grabs in Republican Red states. Let's Get R Done!!

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  • amazedhuman

    The truth of everything is starting to break through even the liberal bought and paid for media, which plainly demonstrates the blatant evil coming from our White House now. Our country is in danger. We are in danger. And if the majority of America doesn't wake up and call a halt to this, we are going to fail as a nation. And who, who ever would have thought that possible for America? Obama and his regime is a clear and present danger to our nation!

  • Rostislav

    Welcome, indeed – but what motto ought to decorate the Obamastan's iron gates: the good old "Arbeit macht Frei"? Or "Jihadists of all countries, unite"? Or some simple "Your vote or your life"? These gate-slogans may seem just a trifle, but they are very important for any self-respectful dictatorship, you know. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

  • RandyAnn

    Incompetence and dereliction of duty…followed by spinning, lying, and shape-shifting….
    Now we have dimocrat CYA…gagged witnesses, no real outrage from the MSM…..AND four dead Americans….WTF….
    All to save obama and HillBilly?

    • UncleSi

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      Are you running out of originality?
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      13 hours ago @ Conservative Victory News – Feinstein: Benghazi a … · 0 replies · +3 points
      Incompetence and dereliction of duty…followed by spinning, lying, and shape-shifting….
      Now we have dimocrat CYA…gagged witnesses, no real outrage from the MSM…..AND four dead Americans….WTF….
      All to save HillBilly?

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  • chets1girl

    Don't know if it'll get anywhere; but Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY) has introduced a bill that would allow King O to run again. Yep, they want to repeal the 22nd Amendment. Thought this info was pertinent to any discussion. I must admit that I find myself wanting to slap people with Obama bumper stickers. A new kind of road rage? Just kidding…..kinda.

    • defcon 4

      That's a scary thought. It'll be interesting to see how this develops. Although they already have a willing islamofascist collaborator waiting in the wings to take over power in 2016. A take over that will probably occur without respect to trivialities like election returns…

  • RiverFred

    Our government, by orders from the White House , refuses to acknowledge who the enemy is, in fact any reference to Muslim extremism, Jihad, Muslim terrorist, etc. has been eliminated from all government training manuals, government employees are not allowed to mention or discuss these words. That is why the Fort Hood Muslim terrorist, who yelled 'Allahu akhbar' while killing 13 marines, was called 'workplace violence' and the Boston Muslim terrorist has not been called a Muslim terrorist by our government. What is really unbelievable is our government, by orders from the White House, are recruiting Muslims with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (a known terrorist group) to serve in the State Department.

  • Texas1000

    I do not believe Obama's policies are a failure: that would assume "good intentions" from him. Rather, I believe he has been completely successful in using the USA power to launch the Worldwide Caliphate, and subvert the national interest away from historical western to Islamic.

  • defcon 4

    I suppose the zero can't back Assad, because the zero is in the Muslim Brotherhood sphere of influence and they're Sunni, as are his Saudi masters.

  • texasron

    Recently a Supreme Court decision said that Obama's appointments to the NLRB were invalid. The Congress was not in recess at the time, thus the appointments violated the Constitution.

    Why is it that the appointees are still functioning as if nothing happened? Whose responsibility is it to boot these guys out of office? Will the congress do anything?

    Has our government changed to a dictatorship where the Attorney General and President do as they please even if their actions violate the law?

    Every decision made by this illegal board should be rescinded.

  • Leland64

    Obamastan – priceless! Obama was fathered by a Muslim. His mother and her family were hard left radicals, he was raised as a Muslim by a Muslim step-father in Indonesia, his friends and mentors were communists, and Weathermen bombers. He thinks the Muslim call to prayer is the sweetest sound he's ever heard. He has placed Muslim's at high levels in his administration and he promotes and supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Muslim killers in Gaza. His policies continue to damage the economy and his drive to centralize power in D.C. continues. He punishes his enemies via the IRS and rewards his friends with huge sums of taxpayer funds. He declares factual discussion of Islam to be Islamophobia. Obama allowed if not ordered, the Fort Hood Massacre to be deemed "workplace violence" instead of an act of Jihad. On 9/11/2012 Obama deserted four Americans and left them to their fate in Benghazi.Obamastan indeed! Obama seems to be the Emir of America instead of its president. It is past time to stop this madness.

  • Donald DaCosta

    Hillary's now infamous comment, "what difference does it make" unmasks another factor in the Benghazi affair. At the time when Susan Rice's Benghazi talking points reflected the "preferred" narrative of Hillary, Obama and the rest involved in the Benghazi cover up, what was their major concern? Why "unnecessarily" impugn their own inept, incompetent, dereliction of responsibility and expose Obama's hidden Islamic agenda, by exposing the truth to public scrutiny? The election was less than two months away. The "damage," i.e., the deaths of the four Americans, had already been done so "what difference does it make" how or why they died. It was far more important to steer scrutiny to the now infamous video created by an easily accused felon whose immediate incarceration would appear to all those needing to be duped, as closure. A crime was committed, outrage feigned and a "perpetrator" brought to justice. Perfect.

    In retrospect, what made them think they could permanently suppress the truth other than that they've been extremely effective at doing so since the turn of the century.

    Now, whistle blowers have hurled rat poison into the nest and the rats and their multitude of enablers and protectors are scurrying to cover for the queen rat and her accomplices. Imagine President Hilary Clinton in 2016. America be damned. Hilary and her democratic cabal uber alles. What difference does it make indeed.

  • Chris

    Obama should just pass an executive order that instantly makes all Americans Muslims, and institutes full sharia law. That's what he wants.

    • Smote

      Obama is an imposter. The true serpent.

  • SoCalMike

    Government Our "Best and Brightest"
    Read Worst and Dimmest.
    Obama and the faculty lounge Ivy League Bimbos at State are in bed with Islamic Jihad via betting the farm on empowering and delivering the ME to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Nice work, Bimbos!

  • Ghostwriter

    Ms. Philips did a very good job on this article. She should be proud of herself.

  • Smote

    I know this is off-topic, but ain't it good the Sunnites and Shi'ites hate each other so much? It gives us all hope.

    Barrack Hussein Obama is a Muslim! Surely the name gives that away.

    RIP: Ambassador Chris Stevens.

  • tanstaafl

    The Obamahdi is advancing the jihad!