Canadian Left Calls for ‘Neutrality’ on Honor Killings & Female Genital Mutilation

Cultural relativism has reached a new point of absurdity in Canada when the “barbarity” of female genital mutilation and honor killings is questioned and becomes a controversy.

A recently introduced manual by the Government of Canada intended to teach newcomers about Canadian values and Canadian society has been met with ongoing hostility from left-wing Canadians and politicians over the choice of words in describing female genital mutilation and honor killings. Jinny Sims, the immigration critic of the opposition New Democratic Party of Canada, suggested the word “barbaric” might “stigmatize some cultures.”

Aside from official protestations, everyone can imagine the type of cultural relativist rhetoric that has been used to attack the Conservative government for releasing this guide. The blogosphere has been filled with “liberal-minded” Canadians continuing in the same vein as Ms. Sims, suggesting the term “barbaric” is somehow discriminatory or offensive to a particular group. However, reasoned thought on the matter should conclude on the exact opposite; that it is offensive to those forced to endure such ordeals to call them anything but barbaric. Unfortunately, sensitivity towards this group (as per usual) is ignored.

Taking up the relativist banner was also none other than Justin Trudeau, front-runner for leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, and son of the infamous Canadian Prime Minister who brought multiculturalist policy to Canada. He attacked the Conservatives for using the term “barbaric,” and suggested that the term was a “pejorative” and that “there needs to be a little bit of an attempt at responsible neutrality.”

Of course the term is a pejorative, as it should be. Have we gone so mad with political correctness that we can’t even call cold-blooded murder of a family member “barbaric” in case it might “stigmatize” or offend? Rightfully, Mr. Trudeau was forced to step back from his comments as even members of his own party realized he had gone too far. This was done in the usual callous fashion people expect these days from politicians: Trudeau claimed that his words were somehow taken out of context and that they may have “misled” people.

He certainly didn’t mislead Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who shot back at Trudeau saying that the Liberals are, “so wrapped up in political correctness, they can’t call things for what they are anymore…They’re afraid of offending someone or appearing to be insensitive by actually making a judgement about culturally barbaric practices.”

Here we have a blatant example of the folly of cultural relativism. Had Trudeau’s comments not been so utterly contemptible that they were questioned by his own colleagues, it is safe to assume he would have continued his attack on what he would call “conservative values.” While Mr. Trudeau attacked these values for political reasons, what is always more shocking is when regular, intelligent people actually believe that using the term “barbaric” to describe heinous practices is somehow unjustified or discriminatory. This is not a “conservative” value judgment. It is an affirmation of Canadian values, Western values, and unequivocally morally justified values.

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  • AdinaK

    The poisonous fruits of multi culti psychosis has borne fruit, and the west is still relatively clueless –

    The bewitching hour is near….soon to devour the west.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Jack

    Ask Jinny Sims and Justin Trudeau to come up with a word to replace the word "barbaric". Maybe the replacement word(s) could be "not good", pleasant or "not optimal".

    Make them defend. Making them choose a replacement word is the anvil. The just and necessary reaction to their choice of words (euphemism) will be the hammer.

    Don't give them too much rope or they will try to reframe the debate. Keep them on topic. If they want to replace more than the word barbaric and want to write an essay on it, they will go off on so many tangents it will be hard for the public to focus. Make them stick to the topic if how they would prevent female genital mutilation from happening in Canada and how they would communicate that to immigrants.

    • Jess

      There is truly no comparison between male circumcision and female 'circumcision'.
      FGM renders a woman incapable of orgasming. Let alone the pain and risk and other ongoing issues and complications. It would be more like cutting out the testicles.
      I am personally anti circumcision of any kind, but FMG is an abomination.

  • EthanP

    This is what happens when you may never judge another's culture. We are seeing this in the growing number of Muslims, mostly Pakistanis, using their culture as an excuse for rape. Moral reletevism is crippleing us, and threatening our way of life.

    • Snow White

      If they get away with continuing to practice the barbaric atrocities in every day use where they come from, what is to stop the new African Mau Mau mobs for eating the victims of their "wave" and mob attacks? After all…It was their culture where they came from.

  • Rostislav

    Being just a plain Russian, I am not able to understand how the respected great word "culture" can be used in connection with loathsome things, like murder and mutilation. For me "culture" is always connected with Shakespeare, Leonardo, Tolstoy, Mozart, Goethe, Mellville, Nabokov, Mary Cassat, – but never with cannibals, torturers, gangsters or even street vandals. They may have customs, rituals, manias of their own, but culture?! No way! Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

    • Canuckinfidel

      Being just plain Canadian, I totally agree with you.

    • Infovoyeur

      –Two senses of culture exist. (1) Yours, of high-culture developments in re some quality-level (tho today is verboten even to say something is good–"elitist"!). (2) Anthropological sense of all the mores norms practices etc. of a defined social group. That is useful.
      –Incidentally, "relativism" has two senses. (1) Moral relativism, "all cultures are equally good, valuable, etc." (This inundates current thinking, is a Today's Truth never to be questioned). (2) Cultural relativism, as in "to comprehend something, first see how the people who carry that culture, see things." Hindus worship cows, how stupid–unless the doctrine of transmigration of souls, means the heifer may be somebody's grandmother. So also with honor killings: if your family's safety and inclusion in the tribe depends on good image, and if honor must be defended, then honor killings make explanatory sense. Not of course via our own values!

      • Gayle

        If Canada is okay with this so called honor killings and mutilations than does it become Canadian's own values?

  • apran

    I also feel offended by the statement that using the term barbaric for honor killing or FGM may be offensive. Why doesn't the left accomodate my feeling? Oh, I know why, I will never kill the left people, so no need to accomodate my feeling.

    • Lan Astaslem


  • Brujo Blanco

    Any murder or mutilation by anyone is barbarism and should be identified as such.

  • Cassandra

    Not all cultures are equal and not all religions are equal. genital mutilation is barbarian and the religion/ideology that supports it is barbarian. period.

  • Infovoyeur

    Yes, perhaps it's simple. (1) Absolutism, one truth inherent permanent always everywhere.(2) Rampant relativism–"it all depends." (3) Principled relativism. That is, via "their" norms ande mores, something, "X,"is good, needed. By ours, the same X is–barbaric, savage, and the rest. KEY POIINT is turf. Some groups recognize no boundaries, the world belongs to them. Whereas, "for me my culture, for you your culture," seems more appropriate…. (But two have to play the same game…)

  • watsa46

    Perhaps some form of mutilation should be practiced on these leftists. Only when U learn at ur own expense, U have a chance to learn!
    It is clear that in some place in Canada, barbarity is not in their dictionary.

    • Western Canadian

      It is not that they fail to recognize the barbaric, it is that they embrace it.

  • watsa46

    By pointing towards the babies and women they deflect their own responsibility. They should undergo a psychiatric evaluation. They are CRAZY!

    • Western Canadian

      Must disagree with your final statement. They are not crazy. It's much worse than that. They are outright criminal.

  • Western Canadian

    I don't know if I will have the time and resources, but it would be an excellent idea to list ALL the female members of the NDP (newly developed/depraved parasites), and suggest that they all undergo the same criminally barbaric and anti-woman procedure…. The only possible excuse they could have for failing to do so, would be that like all left wing women, they are not actually female….

    • Mary Sue

      Oh yeah, suggest that to Libby Davies! I'll get the popcorn.

  • defcon 4

    Considering that criticism of islam is now a crime in Canada, these new lies fit in w/that policy like a hand in a glove.

  • JacksonPearson

    Islamic law is perfect, universal and eternal. The laws of the United States are temporary, limited and will pass. It is the duty of every Muslim to obey the laws of Allah, the Sharia.

    SHARIA: Sharia is based on the principles found in the Koran and other Islamic religious/political texts. There are no common principles between American law and Sharia. Under Sharia law:

    There is no freedom of religion

    There is no freedom of speech

    There is no freedom of thought

    There is no freedom of artistic expression

    There is no freedom of the press

    There is no equality of peoples-a non-Muslim, a Kafir, is never equal to a Muslim

    There are no equal rights for women

    ·Women can be beaten

    A non-Muslim cannot bear arms

    There is no equal protection under Sharia for different classes of people. Justice is dualistic, with one set of laws for Muslim males and different laws for women and non-Muslims. · Our Constitution is a man-made document of ignorance, jahiliyah, that must submit to Sharia

    · There is no democracy, since that means that a non-Muslim is equal to a Muslim · Non-Muslims are dhimmis, third-class citizens

    ·There is no Golden Rule

    There is no critical thought

    All governments must be ruled by Sharia law

    Unlike common law, Sharia is not interpretive, nor can it be changed.

    To describe the above, does the word suck come to mind???

    • SSmith

      The word BARBARIC comes to mind too….

      • JacksonPearson

        'The word BARBARIC comes to mind too…."

        Yep, it's way more than barbaric, more like total enslavement…the non-Muslims of the twenty first century treasure freedom in all its forms and are not going to lend their necks passively to the yoke of blind obedience and imitation.

        I encourage Muslims to understand? that it's too threatening to the security of their mindset to concede its validity? Moreover, please have the courage and take that fateful step. Leave Islam, as many “apostates” have done, and inhale the life-nurturing fragrance of freedom.

        Islam is a slaveholder. It feels that it owns you; it condemns you as apostate to be beheaded if you dare to leave its chains. Non-Muslims, by contrast, respect you as a free human and support your inalienable right to believe whatever you want to believe—even if it is a non-belief. If you still wish to wrap yourself in your suffocating security blanket—Islam—please keep it to yourself and refrain from forcing it on others.

  • Indioviejo

    When we talk about securing our borders we should never forget that Canada is a foreign country and their national character diverges from ours by the year.

  • kaz

    when one considers leftists, the question inevitably rises: are they really that stupid, or are they just evil? i think that this settles the issue.

  • Mary Sue

    Justin Trudeau, scion of the ultimate Liberal Hero, is just doing what he's been raised since birth to do. This KID was raised hanging out with brutal dictators like Fidel Castro like it ain't no thang!

    • bill reitzes

      Best part about this clown Trudeau, is that he charges Schools and Charitable organizations between $10,000 to $20,000 for his appearances and speeches. A sick narcissist so much in love. Worse part about this clown is that he will be PM of Canada, unless he is undeniably exposed, to the general public of Canada. The Canadians, just like their Southern Neighbours, are more impressed by twitter feeds and late night talk shows, than they are with the substance of the candidate.

      • Mary Sue

        oh yeah I was hearing about that on The Source with Ezra Levant on Sun News Network.

  • bribri

    "Canadian Left Calls for ‘Neutrality’ on Honor Killings & Female Genital Mutilation"

    Promise, we will remain neutral when it happens to them!

  • jerome

    how brave these leftist lunatics are , i am sure they would merely stand by and allow their own children to be mutilated.
    But then again they will just call it a "cultural difference" and thereby exonerate themselves of any morality compassion or common sense.

  • AllMenAreIslands

    Honor killings and female genital mutilation deserve condemnation as barbaric practices. To be neutral on these horrible practices is to condone them. The advocates and practitioners deserve to feel stigmatized.

  • And so it goes

    It's coming to the U.S., ladies and gentlemen. It's coming here….

    • Drakken

      It is already here, our leftist are just as dangerous as the ones in Canada.

  • clarespark

    In condemning the practices of "the Other" we are way too bourgeois; ask any humanities professor today. See…. "Power and aristocratic radicals."

  • Anonymous

    There have been other statements coming out of the NDP — such as Israel is a worse threat than Iran; that Iran should be able to obtain nukes; that Canada should re-establish diplomatic relations with Iran, etc. it remains to be seen how the party leader, Mulchair, will respond to these issues (to keep his Quebec faction on board). I think the NDP Socialist Party (the number 2 party in Canada) poses a worse threat than does the third rated Liberal Party (which may soon be led by Trudeau).

  • Jake Tobias

    To be fair, liberals do call circumcision a barbaric cultural practice. So I sadly must report, though I am not Jewish, I have been hideously mutilated by this primitive procedure. All I want to know is, who should I sue to avenge this horrible, horrible, stigmatizing crime against my personhood?

    • charlie4darwin

      To be even fairer- who should girls sue to avenge this horrible, horrible, stigmatizing crime against their personhood?

  • kaz

    yo mamma. sorry. i could not help it, jake. your question offered the only opportunity i have ever seen when "yo mamma" makes any sense at all.


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