America’s Sociopath Fetish

2f335514-0ac6-4963-8b18-e3c507f44627I would like to declare a war on women — namely, all those cringe-inducing ninnies who lust after every celebrity criminal defendant with big muscles, tattoos, puppy-dog eyes or Hollywood hair.

You know who I’m talking about, right? America’s Bad Boy groupies. They’re on the courthouse steps with their “Free Jahar” signs, cooing over how “hot” and “cute” the bloodstained Boston Marathon bombing suspect is. He “can blow me up with babies,” one moral reprobate quipped shortly after his capture. “I’m not gonna lie, the second bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is hot. #sorrynotsorry,” another young girl boasted.

Among the callous accused killer’s victims, in case you’d forgotten: 8-year-old boy Martin Richard, who had been cheering on his dad and other family friends at the race. But who cares about an innocent dead child blown to bits by pressure cooker bombs in the name of Allah?

Far from a minuscule fringe, the Ja-harem is a growing social media phenomenon. Its members mimic Justin Bieber’s Beliebers, adopting the last name of their Tiger Beat terrorist and doodling hearts around his mug shot. In heat or in jest, these depraved females continue to spread viral photos, memes and hashtags of their Islamist Idol. One woman showed up at Tsarnaev’s court appearance Wednesday donning a “Free the Lion” T-shirt. Another sported a “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent” tee, while her gal pal shouted, “Exonerate!”

For those ladies who prefer jocks to jihadis, there’s accused murderer/NFL star Aaron Hernandez. He’s “fine as wine,” one woman lusted. He’s “too damned sexy to go to prison,” another lamented. “He can come to jail at my house,” sighed yet another. In response to one of gangsta Hernandez’s Glock-wielding Instagram pics, one sick chick slavered, “Soooo hot with the combination handgun-mirror selfie.”

Fugitive cop-killer Christopher Dorner also had his own fan club. Parked in front of their TV sets, women cheered on the “kinda sexy” homicidal maniac as he terrorized Southern California before perishing in a cabin inferno. “I’d honestly hide Dorner in my house,” one fan girl enthused.

Tens of thousands “liked” Dorner’s various support pages on Facebook.

Harmless Internet chitter-chatter? Don’t kid yourselves. While some of the murderers’ panting minions may be joking, it’s irresponsible women like these who end up enabling, marrying and conspiring with public menaces.

They’re your neighbors and relatives, suburban gals like Colleen “Jihad Jane” LaRose and Jamie “Jihad Jamie” Paulin-Ramirez of Colorado, who agreed to wed Muslim terrorists and conspired to kill Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. Paulin-Ramirez dragged her 6-year-old (whom she renamed “Walid”) to Ireland to assist with the plot. Family members said she was “easily influenced” and that “any man that came along … she kind of followed like a lost puppy.”

It would be one thing if these morally stunted followers segregated themselves in enclaves outside the American mainstream. But some of these damaged goods end up on juries, entrusted to weigh evidence fairly, digest complex instructions, and render impartial verdicts in matters of life and death. Indeed, they are aggressively sought after by predatory defense lawyers. I’ll never forget the female jurors of the first murder trial of confessed parent-killers Lyle and Erik Menendez. Star-struck by “glamorous” defense lawyer Jill Abramson, the women of the Menendez jury told Los Angeles reporters that “they admired her wardrobe and biting wit.”

Their swooning for the hunky Menendez brothers, whom they praised as “bright” and “nice,” was obscene. After a mistrial was declared, Abramson arranged for “her jurors” to meet the boys. Soon after, talk show queen Sally Jesse Raphael hosted a program on “women who would leave their husbands to marry a Menendez.”

From Menendez mania to Free Jahar, the pathologies persist: Easily led. Emotion-driven. Desperate for male approbation. Prone to acting with their lady parts instead of their lady smarts. Heckuva job, feminism! All the equalization and parity in education and the workplace are for naught if women can’t distinguish right from wrong and “hot” from evil.

Lesson learned: You can indoctrinate generations of American women in the ways of gender empowerment, but you can’t make a goodly portion of them think straight. Hormones trump basic human decency and good judgment in the crowded coven of sociopaths.

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  • Tish

    I am an American girl who is ashamed and embarassed that girls like this even exist.. I wonder if they would be exhibiting this behavior if little Martin was there brother or son ?

  • Bamaguje

    So the old wives’ tale of girls lusting after bad boys has some truth.

    • dirkjohanson

      It doesn’t just have SOME truth; it is a law of nature.

  • Adam

    This is not just stupid hormonal girls, they have been indoctrinated by the liberal media to think that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorists. They have been educated in high school to hate their country and think every attack on America is a right wing conspiracy. Their college professors teach them that Dzhokhar’s rights are being violated. They are the product of Parents who watch American Idol instead of the news. This is a view toward Americas future, the stealth jihad was successful.

  • Mike

    This is not just about women. The male side of the useful idiots equation loves to wear those Che tees and various Marxist or communist dictator slogans.
    And Michelle does not seem to understand that the democrat party has long been infiltrated and owned by CPUSA. Look it up folks. Why else would CPUSA endorse both Slick Willy and Obama? Uhhh, you weren’t aware of this?
    Another thing she fails to speak of is the FACT that that same democrat party is largely populated with full on sociopaths. How can anyone possibly deny this given their historical ability to lie, distort, cheat, steal, corrupt, MURDER, conceal, disguise, pollute, defame, ridicule, no matter how close to the bottom of the political and cultural toilet it takes them? And they believe all their lies, folks, make no mistake about it; they have no conscience.
    Read Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals (for a starting point in your education) and know your enemy. They are far more dangerous than you might think.

  • Kate Curry

    Women (and men) admire strong, courageous men of conviction and action. It’s built in. Feminists may have accomplished near total emasculation of the American male, but they can’t escape their biology. Maybe that, in part, explains the insanity of denial, defense and desire for terrorists and psycho outlaws.

  • glpage

    This is a result of moral relativism. In this part of the world we have a saying for folks like that, “s— for brains.”

  • UCSPanther

    It’s just like when women were going insane for that psycho Richard Ramirez aka the Night Stalker, the serial killer who was responsible for a spree of brutal and horrific home invasions down in California during the 1980s…

  • M Avery

    Why does the girl look Mexican?

    • Anamah

      Maybe she is it, and waiting to be legal, amnesty and entitlements…


    This is women. Yachts of the scum of the mankind are chock full with elegant cover girl dancers. Hardly the bedrooms of geek inventors are as chock full. Ever heard “sleeping with the enemy”? It doesn’t refer to men sleeping with enemy beauties. Women are not programmed to choose morally, they are programmed to want “the substance”, whoever may have it. Good or bad boy, they want the successful one.


      Some good boys are good because they cannot afford to be bad.

      Bad successful boys show that they are so tough and smart that they can afford being bad and have their way. This is the kind of man all women want.

      • Patscholar

        Your sexist comments about all women do not advance this dialog.

        • ILIA TOLI

          Sexist is not as emotionally charged as racist. You could use that word. I know even bigger words, like speciesist. If you are eating salad, you are asserting your superiority complex towards a species that is unable to defend itself.

        • tickletik

          So what if it is “sexist”? We are discussing sexual nature.

          Here is some truth for you. Dangerous, brave, untamed men are as attractive to women as Playboy models are to men, its how we are wired. Does it mean you have to follow them? No, but the pull on women is far more intense than the model is on a man.

  • Anamah

    Cheap global slag.
    So irrelevant as they can be, they are the result of this world for free…
    Hot or cool these are the common denominator of imbecility.

  • Nabuquduriuzhur

    Why is this a surprise? Look at what their birth moms did. Most women of GenX were indoctrinated into radical feminism. As a result, about 80% would only date “bad boys”. So, it should not be a surprise when the articles are finally catching up with what happened in the second half of the 1980s and the 1990s where most GenX women were trading around about 10% of the men they all found attractive and thus you have one man having kids by 5, 10, 20, or more women. Herd behavior resulting in a genetic bottleneck.


      Given that we are 7 billion, there can’t possibly be a genetic bottleneck, unless one fertilizes all women in the world like farm cows: with 4 studs from Holland. Even then that ought to continue for generations.

      I give you all the other points though.

  • Ptosis Theseus

    It shouldn’t be no surprise that sociopaths are idolized from afar and despised when you have to put up with them in your life. Mass media, politics, CEO’s all admire cold calculating powerful men and that’s why there is the saying, “Nice guys finish last”. These women – and men such as the KKK who admire ruthlessness are a reflection of ALL of us. Denying one own faults and projecting them on the ‘Other’ is mental masterbation!

    And it not a modren idea: think of overwhelming seduction by a vampire.

  • tickletik

    Michelle, be honest. This is female nature. Its why women should not have the vote.

    And no, Im not trolling or trying to piss anyone off. Just saying the truth that no one wants to admit.

    ::waiting patiently for the inevitable firestorm::