Anti-American Asians Don’t Speak for Me

Martial arts movie legend Jackie Chan deserves a rhetorical roundhouse kick to the mouth. So does his pal PSY, the Korean rapper whose “Gangnam Style” music video has racked up more than a billion views worldwide. Both men have raked in big bucks from Western fans while trashing the very freedoms and cultures that made them superstars.

Last week, The Washington Post spotlighted a recent interview Chan did with Chinese TV in which he accused America of being “the most corrupt country in the world.” The Hong Kong-born Chan also admitted proudly that he is a propagandist for the Communist Chinese government. He openly advised his fellow countrymen to speak with forked tongues when addressing foreign press: “We know our country has many problems. We (can) talk about it when the door is closed. To outsiders, (we should say) “our country is the best.”

Translation: Rampant sex-selection abortions? Shhh. Jailing political dissidents? La, la, la, can’t hear you! Systemic religious persecution? State-sanctioned censorship? Continued brutality against Tiananmen Square protesters and Tibetans? Nothing to see here, move along, and down with America!

Turns out that behind the jovial cinematic persona, Chan is an unrepentant champion of authoritarian rule. Despite making a living as an entertainer and “humanitarian,” Chan suffers a severe allergic reaction to freedom of speech and freedom of thought. In a separate interview last month with China’s Southern People Weekly, he complained that Hong Kong had become a city of too many protests. “There should be regulations on what can and cannot be protested,” Chan declared.

Earlier in 2009, Chan echoed Chinese Communist leaders in asserting that Chinese people “need to be controlled” because “if we are not being controlled, we’ll just do what we want.” God forbid!

This contempt for freedom of expression comes from an international box-office mogul who has topped the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list and has an estimated net worth of more than $130 million.

Even more damning, Chan’s own personal history is defined by the turmoil of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. As the 2003 documentary “Traces of a Dragon” recounted, Chan’s father and mother both fled China for Hong Kong to escape Communist rule. They left behind their original spouses and four children between them.

Instead of condemning the regime that wrought havoc on his family and imposed suffering and death on millions of innocents, Chan is China’s most prominent mainstream apologist. Meanwhile, moviegoers in the “most corrupt country in the world” continue to help make Chan a wealthy man. This summer, his latest movie, “Chinese Zodiac,” will hit U.S. theaters. Sylvester Stallone has invited him to co-star in the next installment of “The Expendables.” And Chan is working on another Hollywood project involving his popular “Police Story” series.

Will American consumers allow themselves to be punched in the gut by this trash-talking action star? If the embrace of Chan’s new pal PSY is any indication, the answer is yes. The Korean “Gangnam Style” performer once urged listeners to “kill those (expletive deleted) Yankees … kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers.”

Called out on the hate lyrics, he issued a hasty apology before performing for the president and his family last month. Instead of rejection, PSY continues to be courted by the American entertainment industry. He’ll be working with Justin Bieber’s producer and will make an appearance in a high-profile ad for pistachios during the Super Bowl.

At a Hong Kong awards show last month, Chan and PSY met for the first time. It was a mutual admiration society. “You are the legend,” Chan said to PSY as a young audience cheered on. “One day you can make your dream come up. All the young people, never give up. One day your dream may come true, just like him. So proud of you.”

“Yankees” — especially those whose parents came to the United States from all parts of Asia seeking freedom from tyranny — should shun these exploitative peas in an anti-American pod. They don’t speak for me.

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  • FPF

    “the most corrupt country in the world.” He is correct about the Dems and RINOs. He won't say it publicly though. His behavior is a perfect example of a person under totalitarian regime, no matter how popular or how wealthy he is, he will be always under fear. That's why Soros won't want to live in such regime.

  • Mary Sue

    Oh no, not Jackie Chan, too! :(

  • akbass

    “You are the legend,” Chan said to PSY as a young audience cheered on. “One day you can make your dream come up. All the young people, never give up. One day your dream may come true, just like him. So proud of you.”

    Man, these leftists are so confused. So Chan not only has made MILLIONS off this evil capitalist empire, he's praising PSY for his success and urging other young people to "never give up" on their dreams…….all while bashing the country where these people are pursuing and achieving those dreams? It's maddening. It's time to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

  • truebearing

    I guess Chan doesn't consider the murder of 70 plus million fellow countrymen to rise to the level of corruption he sees here. He hasn't condemned the utter corruption of Mao, or that of the current Chinese government. In his warped mind, killing or imprisoning dissidents is the moral thing to do.Then there is the killing of female babies in China. I guess that doesn't effect him, since he's male and rich.

    Chan is an idiot. He has the moral clarity of tar. I'm sorry his movies have done well, but glad not one dollar of his wealth came from me. I think his movies are pointless and boring.

    • Mary Sue

      While I'm perfectly content to believe that Chan is in fact a hard core commie, there is the possibility that it's all just an act to throw off the Commie High Command. Not sure how big a possibility that is, though.


    What do you expect of a movie "star" when he is under the influence of wealthy Americans in Name Only like
    oliver stoned, sean penn, susan sarandon, michael moore.

    BOYCOTT all jackie chan crap movies and the rest of the anti-American limousine socialist bloodsuckers who live off the fat of the land and the hard earned dollars of the common man.

    • Questions

      This is a truly sad and histrionic post. It gives conservatives a bad name.

  • jacob

    Just for what is reported, if our government would be worth its salt, this "gentleman" would have
    gotten a well deserved kick in the seat of his pants and landing non-stop in the country he so
    loves and the regime he so lauds, as there is no need for such distinguished guest to stay in the
    "most corrupt country of the world"…

    As to me , I would be content with learning that his pictures have been boycotted both on the screen
    and on TV….If what Michele Malkin states (and when she says the horse is black, it is because she
    has the horse's hair in her hand), I don' believe he would be headed to the poor house…
    This is the real trouble with this country…
    For reasons I'll never be able to understand, it raises the crows that will gouge its eyes….
    The kind of pictures Hollywood has been churning out these last 20 years, I'm glad there is TV as I
    won't waste one red cent watching the kind of garbage they show….

    • Questions

      I see a new movie (or two) a week. If today's films were even one-tenth as far to the Left as you allege, I wouldn't be seeing them. Or maybe all those Judd Apatow comedies are really "Leftist propaganda" in disguise. Right?

      • Ziggy Zoggy

        Questionsreality, most of us don't watch gay porn so we don't know how far to the left it is.

  • cxt

    I simply do not understand the knee-jerk need of people to adore that they fled from.

    Chan's family fled–that FLED to a better life and now he seemingly yearns for the very society that he has worked his whole professional life to escape.

    Just don't get it.

    Maybe, the Chinese gov is leaning on the family members he has in China?????

    • goemon

      i just saw your comment so i guess there's other people out there thinking Chan was basically forced to turn into a psychopathic zombie by his corrupt government

  • sllider 96

    Yea and as long as chan wants to sell his movies in Hong Kong or mainland hina , he WILL tow their line ….so what else is new . If the Chinese are dumb enough to believe it , then so are you Malkin . No surprise there huh ?

    • Ziggy Zoggy

      Did Chan tell you that in the shower or over dinner?

  • sllider 96

    Do you see any Walmart Executives criticizing the slave labor and abuses their 150,000 Chinese work force endures ? No , you dont , not an EFFING PEEP ! In FACT you dont hear a damn thing from ANY of the big US corporations getting their products made DIRT CHEAP in China .
    But you focus on Chan eh Malkin ?

    • Fritz

      But unlike Chan they don't come out and talk about how great the Chicom regime is in from of the press. I know you Lefties love bashing Walmart for having cheap goods made in China and how they abuse their workforce, but you never say anything about Apple Computer who has their overpriced tablets, smart phones, and mp3 players made in China. All of the Lefties love Apple products yet most of these products are made under contract by a Chinese company called Foxcom, who has actually been prosecuted by the Chicom government for it's poor labor practices. But Apple is O.K because it is, or was run, by members of the California Liberal gentry.
      You also love George Soros who has praised the Chinese Government for being better run then the U.S government, but he is the sugar daddy to much of the far left. Of course if Georgy was caught engaging in the same business practices, like insider trading and illegal stock manipulation, in China like he was convicted of in France and Thailand, he would be viewing the Chicom regime through the end of a gun barrel.

    • Ziggy Zoggy

      Slideitin 6; Yet here you are defending China.

  • goemon

    Jackie Chan could not believes this! These statements are too radical to publicly make even for just about any radical leftist celebrity. This hardworking does-his-own-stunts martial artist could not be that dumb to say in public what the statists believe secretly. What must have really happened is his family was threatened by the Chinese government to say these things.

    • Mary Sue

      that is certainly possible.

  • ThomasGB

    I think Chan should really teach us how we should be and give all his money to the Chinese government, go to the rural areas and live side by side with his brethren. But that most likely won't work, I suspect the rural people of China have more sense than Chan seems to. As far as the Korean, a flash in the pan, here today, gone tomorrow. And why in the world was he performing for the president? Oh, never mind, BO is in the White House, that is most likely his level of entertainment.

    • Jim_C

      "I think Chan should really teach us how we should be and give all his money to the Chinese government"

      I think we maybe taught him–aren't we already giving all our money to the Chinese government?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "I think we maybe taught him–aren't we already giving all our money to the Chinese government?"

        Indirectly, little by little but certainly not all of it. Maybe all of our future, but thank 0'Bama for that and leftist white-washing.

        Still funny though Jim.

    • Fritz

      I agree, a viral video does not a recording career of longevity make. I think PSY's 15 minutes of fame will be drawing to a close very shortly without a follow up hit.

  • Ghostwriter

    I think Jackie Chan is being foolish. He probably imagines if he makes nice-nice with the Chinese government,they'll leave him alone. The problem is it won't. The Communists will have him around for as long as they needs him. Then,they'll destroy him,like they've done to so many others. As for PSY,he's a one trick pony who'll soon disappear from the scene. He doesn't seem to have a lot of talent in him.

  • Fritz

    The U.S is the most corrupt country in the World? I guess Chan hasn't been to Greece and many other European countries, or Africa for that matter. I'm not saying that there is no corruption in the U.S, in fact I would say that there is more then ever with the Crook County Machine's "Hollowman" in the White House, This from a state where the last two governors are serving stretches in the Federal pen and countless Chicago alderman have been indicted and convicted on corruption charges. Even so, other then Illinois, and California perhaps, and at one time Louisiana, corruption is the exception and not the norm overall. Illinois has nothing on the Canadian Province of Quebec in terms of corruption, or British Columbia.

  • SoCalMike

    Chan reminds me of another famous ass hat named Carlos Santana who salutes and applauds Fidel Castro as artists and musicians rot in prison for expressing themselves in way not approved or authorized.
    I never really liked his movies anyway but at least now I will be sure I never waste a second watching one even on a place.

  • Hank Rearden

    I'm confused. Does this mean he is giving back the money?

    What am I saying? He's a Lefty. They NEVER give back the money!!

  • Max

    If the U.S. is so bad, then get the hell out. Go right back to your native China.