Gun-Grabbers Go Full Femme-a-Gogue in Colorado

gty_gun_control_rally_ll_121218_wgCOLORADO SPRINGS — Out: The boy who cried wolf. In: The girl who cried birth control. Desperate Democrats are imposing false-alarm feminist politics on a high-stakes recall election in Colorado this month. It’s a golden opportunity for independent-minded women to reject empty femme-a-goguery and tear up the Sandra Fluke card.

On September 10, Colorado Springs and Pueblo will decide whether to boot two top state Democrats (state Senate Majority Leader John Morse and state Sen. Angela Giron) over their support for radical gun- and ammo-control measures spearheaded by outside special interests. Left-wing billionaires Michael Bloomberg of New York City and Eli Broad of Detroit have poured $700,000 between them into defending the endangered Colorado Democrats.

A whiff of elitist progressive panic is polluting the Rocky Mountain air. Polls show “moderate” Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, who was against anti-Second Amendment gesture theater before he was for it, losing favor here. The libs’ gun-control laws (including more intrusive background checks and ammo mag limits) have driven manufacturing jobs away, made it more difficult for law-abiding gun-owners to conduct business, and done little to increase public safety. No wonder Hickenlooper has barely lifted one of his wavering, wet fingers in the wind to assist the recall targets.

Extremist liberal groups are filling the vacuum. They’re trotting out ridiculous fear-mongers to demonize Morse’s GOP challenger Bernie Herpin and Giron’s challenger George Rivera as misogynistic zealots hell-bent on confiscating every condom, morning-after pill and key to an abortion clinic in the Pikes Peak region. Exhale. Consider the newly formed 527 political action group “We Can Do Better, Colorado,” which put out ominous mailers and TV ads created by a Chicago-based firm. The spots are narrated by an angst-filled female who asks:

“What would you call someone who supports a ban on common forms of birth control? Interferes with our personal decisions?” …

“Someone who supports a plan that could even allow police to investigate miscarriages and question the grieving woman like a criminal?”

The narrator frets that if birth control warriors don’t rise up against the Neanderthals, they might soon be calling Herpin and Rivera “state senators.” Gasp! The Republican challengers appear in the ads as shadowy threats in black-and-white photos. All that’s missing are the wire hangers.

Locals here also report that their college-age children are receiving push calls zeroing in on GOP opposition to taxpayer-subsidized birth control, abortion and the so-called Personhood amendment — none of which sparked the recall in the first place and are not at issue in the special elections.

The reality? Both Herpin and Rivera are pro-life, mainstream Republicans focused on increasing economic opportunity and government accountability. Their recall campaigns have zeroed in on the control freak Democrats’ underhanded subversion of transparency and the deliberative process during their gun-control hearings.

The true misogynists are Morse, Giron and their Bloomberg-bolstered gang who shut out Colorado citizens, disparaged Second Amendment-supporting rape victims and female concealed-carry permit holders, and cut off the testimony of countless sheriffs who opposed the sovereignty-infringing gun-control measures. Women voters here and across the country should not forget that these Nanny Staters told grandmothers, mothers and daughters last spring that they don’t need handguns to defend themselves, because “rape whistles,” “call boxes” and “ballpoint pens” are sufficient.

The gun-grabbing femme-a-gogues think they can do what they did to Colorado U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck in 2010: hammer the GOP into submission and defeat over their phony “reproductive rights” agenda. Enough. “Our bodies, our choice” does not just apply to abortion and birth control. It applies to every woman’s right to defend herself as she sees fit.

The Dems’ presumptuous paternalism aims to keep independent women both physically and intellectually disarmed. I say: Think and act with your lady smarts, not your lady parts.

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  • tic…tic…BOOM

    It used to be that “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”. Now, it is “they want to take away our birth control” that is the last refuge of the scoundrel. I say let them call Bloomberg, Morse or Giron when the rapists are kicking in their doors.

  • Zundfolge

    I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that Democrats use these dishonest, fear mongering hyperbole tactics or the fact that they seems to work.

  • herb benty

    The days of the socialist/progressive fear-mongering using “birth control” to control women, using women to disarm America and a host of other wicked nonsense, will come to an end. When, is up to Americans that decide to take a stand.

  • nomoretraitors

    I just love all those “pro choice” people who want to take away MY choice to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights.

    • tagalog

      …as long as they get their…their…what amendment is that again, where the Constitution protects the right to an abortion? That one.

      • nomoretraitors

        I think it’s the 57th.
        Oh wait, I was thinking 57 states

      • LibertarianToo

        It’s the 4th, the one that keeps you secure in your person from unreasonable gov’t intrusion and warrantless searches. Which is why some of us are pro-choice gun-owners.
        What slays me about this crew in Colorado is that they know they won’t live long enough to get anywhere trying to repeal the 2nd amendment, so they pass laws they know are unconstitutional and force people to spend money on court challenges. They are always acting in bad faith, and lying like dogs.

  • tagalog

    The ads against recall of Morse and Giron are coming hot and heavy on every channel. The anti-recall campaign must be heavily funded. Bloomberg donated just under $400,000 and other contributors have contributed a similar amount for a total of over $750,000 for the anti-recall campaign.

    The recall campaign seeking to rid us of these two has received about as much as Bloomberg individually contributed to the anti-recall side.

    My favorite anti-recall argument was “It’s stupid to recall Giron because she’s already on the ballot for next year.” My response: “Well, take her off the ballot for next year!”

    I enjoy the claims that Bernie Herpin and the guy who wants to replace Giron are ACTUALLY GOING TO PURSUE CONSERVATIVE VALUES! My god, how could they get elected, saying stuff like that!

  • seewithyourowneyes

    The real war on women is being waged by the Left. Women need force equalizers such as guns; women do not need affirmative action programs that ignore upper body strength differentials and weaken our economy. Women need law enforcement to send the “rape kits” they collect to laboratories, identify the DNA, and prosecute the rapists; women do not need law enforcement sitting on rape kits for years, nor legislators ignoring the hate crime motivation behind a lot of rapes, nor ignoring the double hate crime motivation behind inter-racial rapes. Women do not need insurance companies to pay for their contraception; but women should oppose Medicaid and insurers paying for Viagra for convicted rapists and pedophiles, as well as their supplying such drugs for recreational purposes to healthy men. Women do not need to “respect the cultures” of immigrants from violently misogynistic countries; women do need our government to reduce such immigration, and to engage in rigorous selectivity to insure that all immigrants can swear honestly their allegiance to our Constitution of equal rights for all.

  • Arizona

    HERE IN COLORADO,stupid is the prevailing wind,we imported every demoncrate whore california had,now in the face of a russian invasion,they want the guns so the russians can take their children,people from calif,HATE children and they know the children will be taken right away,and most women from calif .are to fat to take care of children anyway,WHAT THE STUPID whores ,DON’T realize is YOUNG RUSSIAN military guys will BLOW OUR THEIR BRAINS,cause fat useless women are hated by them too,ONLY AMERICANS love fat whores….and colorado is filled with them…………………..

  • Arizona

    BUT there is a silver lining to this gun grab,WHEN THE RUSSIANS ATTACK,not a one of these commie morons will HAVE A GUN,thats the good part of the story,THE best part is,all the morons in america will all be gone,all the fagots,all the queers,all the police gangs,all the politicians,all the cowards,THIS CULLING WILL BE WONDERFUL,there won’t be many left,just a few good ones…the average IQ in america has been dropping for years,its down to around 50 IQ in the government and not a lot higher in the general population of demoncrates…they went to college in california….hahahaha………………………

    • Major

      You beat me to it…lets hope that Northern Colorado will secede and form a 51st state along with parts of Oregon and northern California…people, real people want no part of the pukes that call themselves progressives.

  • Major

    One can only hope that karma catches up with these “progressive” ( regressive ) anal warts. I hope “stop and Frisk” in NYC is declared illegal and sticks…then maybe some eggplant will sneak up on the POS, leftist BloomT#rd and give him the Zimmerman effect. No such thing will happen of course…as the elitist POS in NY can afford armed bodyguards and the rest of us can die at the hands of those he’s “unarmed”.

  • Kristi Winters

    Yep, this sort of language alienates women, it doesn’t bring them into the GOP. Please keep it up, radical right wing. You are doing more for Democrats than they could ever do for themselves. Your insanity by default makes every Dem position seem more reasonable.

    • nomoretraitors

      only to the weak and simple minded

  • BillRind

    the democrat liberal extremist whores in that state should all be hung, any one with a “d” next to his of her name should be exiled out of the U.s. they are truly anti American scum.


    If the jews who run America want to confiscate our guns, it will probably happen. They wanted the U.S. military to take over The Middle East for them, and they got their way on that. Jews – the founders of communism – have been behind ALL of America’s gun control laws:

    Jews/communists didn’t allow Gentile citizens in the USSR to have guns, and you’re foolish if you think they’ll allow you to keep yours. They don’t care how many millions of us the Marines have to shoot down. In fact, they like killing Gentiles – they murdered over 100,000,000 in the USSR and Eastern Europe from 1917 to 1989. This included 20 to 30 million Christians.

    You socalled conservatives did a very stupid thing by letting the jewish Trojan Horse through the gate. They tell you they’re God’s Chosen and you believe them. Even though it’s inconceivable that God’s Chosen could have ever come up with GODLESS communism:

    When you decide you’re really serious about protecting our gun rights & our freedom, start purging the jews/communists from our Congress. And keep them out. And their shills. Also, block them and their operatives from subverting the Whitehouse and our regulatory agencies. WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT!

    Until you can be men enough do these things, America will not be a free country again. And don’t give me any crap about antisemitism. If jews attack us as Gentile-hating jews determined to destroy our American way of life, they have to be fought as Gentile-hating jews determined to destroy our American way of life.

    This judeocommunist agenda has been on the drawing board for at least 100 years. Read it yourselves:


    General Patton said we made a bad mistake when we stopped Hitler from laying waste to the Soviet Union. He died a short time later in a very mysterious accident. Because he was speaking the truth.