Obama’s Devious Definition of “Smarter Enforcement”

fraying_patchwork_onpageWelcome to Opposite World again. As the U.S. Senate geared up yesterday for the Gang of Eight illegal alien amnesty bill debate, President Obama goaded Capitol Hill to pass what he called “smarter enforcement, a pathway to earned citizenship and improvements to the legal system” of immigration. Bullcrap. The White House has already bulldozed a traffic-jammed superhighway for immigration law-breakers by executive fiat.

Obama and his open-borders pals pay lip service to fairness and the rule of law for the cameras. But behind closed doors and beyond the reach of public accountability, they’ve already paved the way for mass deportation waivers. Read their actions, not their lips. The official White House operating policy is: No illegal alien left behind. “Smarter enforcement” means no enforcement.

Remember: Exactly one year ago this week, the president announced he would halt all deportations and start granting work permits to an estimated 2.1 million illegal aliens who entered the country as children.

This blanket amnesty through administrative non-enforcement has been plagued by questions of fraud from the get-go. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, statistics from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services show that the feds have rubber-stamped applications at a whopping 99.5 percent approval rate. And fraudulent use of Social Security numbers is no problem for the so-called “DREAM”-ers. The feds reassured them last fall that they wouldn’t have to disclose how many and which phony or stolen Social Security numbers they’ve used.

“Smarter enforcement”? Tell that to the rank-and-file Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents who refused to look the other way at Obama’s executive subversion of the law. ICE agent Christopher Crane and eight other officers filed suit against the White House over the DREAM deportation waiver program’s usurpation of their ability and authority to do their jobs. The Gang of Eight plan would provide the executive branch “virtually unlimited discretion” to cut off immigration enforcement officers at the knees.

As Crane testified in a searing statement on Capitol Hill in April:

Lawmaking in our nation has indeed taken a strange twist. Senators invite illegal aliens to testify before Congress … but American citizens working as law enforcement officers within our nation’s broken immigration system are purposely excluded from the process and prohibited from providing input. Suffice it to say, following the Boston terrorist attack, I was appalled to hear the Gang of Eight telling America that its legislation was what American law enforcement needs.

In April, a federal judge in Texas agreed with the ICE agents that King Obama could not order them to ignore immigration laws at his whim. A decision on their motion for preliminary injunction is expected any day now.

Kansas Secretary of State and immigration enforcement legal eagle Kris Kobach broke it down for me yesterday:

The federal judge in Crane v. Napolitano has ruled that the ICE agents are likely to prevail in their argument that the Obama administration is ordering them to violate federal law. Think about that: This administration is ordering career law enforcement personnel to break the law. Now, the administration is pushing for an amnesty bill that contains almost nothing to improve immigration enforcement. All that the American citizens will get in return for the amnesty is the promise from the Obama administration that they will try harder to enforce the law. The administration has already shattered that promise, doing exactly the opposite. This is a stark warning to Congress. I sincerely hope that they hear it.

Will they listen? Suicidal Republicans have supported illegal alien amnesties dating back to the Reagan era. They have paid a steep, lasting price. As bankrupt, multiculti-wracked California goes, so goes the nation. The progs’ plan has always been to exploit the massive population of illegal aliens to redraw the political map and secure a permanent ruling majority.

Now, in the wake of nonstop D.C. corruption eruptions, SchMcGRubio and Company want us to trust them with a thousand new pages of phony triggers, left-wing slush-fund spending and make-believe assimilation gestures. Trust them? Hell, no. There’s only one course for citizens who believe in upholding the Constitution and protecting the American dream: Stop them.

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  • Michael Copeland

    When the law is not upheld and not enforced, when the administration bends the rules and turns a blind eye, you have lost the Rule of Law.
    It is the Wild West recreated. The biggest bully thug rules.

  • davarino

    Thanks Rubio, but we’ll take out border security FIRST, and then you can take the rest of your bill and shove it.

  • lyndaaquarius

    I always assumed that Rubio had presidential ambitions. Obviously, I was wrong.

  • kevin metz

    again obummer would much rather have votes for clinton than security for United States citizens. in fact these lllegals are part of his war on America. they come here by the millions bread like rats and then we watch our crime rates soar . any community that overpopulates is gonna see a huge crime rate increase then you compound that with different ethnic groups and different levels of financial support and you get bulling in schools out of hand rapes and community crime that cripples cities. why do you think we have watched one by one cities fall to crimes and become war zones

  • Barb3000

    Go to numbersusa.com and sign up. I sure did. They have more than 1.5 million members. This organization is the one that helped stop the amnesty in 07. With this insane bill they need all the help they can get. You can send free faxes along with talking points.

  • Western Spirit

    If your neighbor moved into your house and then made decisions about how it should be run to suit their needs instead of yours. Would you be within your rights to kick them out or from the depths of “compassion” would you allow them to stay because of all the “heartless” complications of ejecting him?

    Well, this is exactly what has happened to America with Mexico moving in here. If we don’t eject the illegals among us we’re not being compassionate, we’re being just plain stupid because our neighbor, Mexico, by moving in on us is changing the demographics of the country to favor them robbing us to support them due to our “compassionate” welfare state.

    Once again Political Correctness has raised its warped head to mislead us to our own destruction. We’re being made stupid by following PC and its idea of “compassion” that’s designed to give the Left power and to acheive nothing else.