The Amnesty Mob vs. America

ImmigrationProtestsYou can try to put “conservative” lipstick on the lawless amnesty mob. In the end, however, it’s still a lawless mob. The big government/big business alliance to protect illegal immigration got a lot of mileage using foolish Republicans Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan as front men. But the true colors of the open-borders grievance-mongers always show through.

After America said no to a pork-filled security-undermining amnesty bill in 2007, the No Illegal Alien Left Behind lobbyists changed their overtly thuggish tactics. They put down their upside-down American flags, stopped wearing their commie Che Guevara T-shirts and cloaked their radical “Aztlan” aspirations in the less divisive rhetoric of “reform” and “opportunity.”

It was all just an act, of course. Inevitably, the mask has slipped. Over the weekend, illegal alien protesters descended on the private residence of Kansas Secretary of State and immigration enforcement lawyer Kris Kobach. As reported on Saturday, 300 amnesty activists marched into Kobach’s neighborhood and barged up his driveway and right onto his doorstep. It’s how the Alinskyite “community organizers” roll.

Shouting into a bullhorn and waving their fists from his front porch, the property rights-invaders dubbed Kobach “King of Hate” for his work representing border security activists and federal customs enforcement agents who are fighting the systemic sabotage of immigration law. Thankfully, Kobach, his wife and their four young daughters were not home at the time.

But the aggrieved amnesty demanders are not done yet. And Kobach is not the only one in their crosshairs.

After tea party activist turned Kansas state representative Amanda Grosserode condemned the mob action publicly on Facebook, racist insults and threats littered her page. Roberto Medina Ramirez wrote: “I’ll give her something to be disgusted about!” Doris Lynn Crouse Gent chimed in: “OMG! Maybe her drive should be next.” Matt S. Bashaw echoed the call: “Maybe her house should be next.” Facebook user Jude Robinson also ranted on Grosserode’s page: “Since Kobach steals taxpayer money spreading hate around the country, he deserves what he gets.”

Dennis Paul Romero left this message for Grosserode: “(N)azi kkk and she is proud of it.” A user writing as “Paul-says Fckmarkzuck” left death threats under Romero’s comment: “Gotta start killing all the Nazis. Politicans (sic), bankers, and priests. Cops, lawyers, and Judges. ASAP.” The same user added: “Just another b*tch that needs to die off already.”

The radicals of Occupy Kansas posted an inflammatory photo of Grosserode with the race-baiting caption: “Kansas State legislator Amanda Grosserode says she is ‘disgusted’ by Hispanic protesters.” Grosserode wasn’t disgusted by their ethnicity.

She was disgusted by their actions. No matter. Race/ethnic card: activated.

Gina Long pounced: “(S)he is stupid and doesn’t like brown people.” So did Diana Bauer: “Ah, poor Ms Grosserode; sorry that you find our Constitution so difficult to stomach. Or is it only whites that have the right to freedom of speech.” One Lupe Ramirez left his own message for Grosserode: “We are starting our fundraising and campaign to unseat you. Do you not realize how many Hispanics are in Kansas. You no longer live in Dorothy’s Kansas. You cannot represent your state, you don’t even know who they are.”

Grosserode isn’t backing down. She told me Tuesday that she will remain “vigilant” and has given local law enforcement a heads-up. The conservative mom and lawmaker notes sadly that “there are some who would say that when you are in elected office that you should expect this kind of thing. I would disagree. No one deserves threats nor threats to their home and family.”

But the amnesty vigilantes have no respect for borders, let alone private front porches, in their quest for another massive federal illegal alien bailout. They have no respect for law-abiding U.S. workers. They have no respect for law-abiding foreigners applying to get into our country the right and proper way.

As they besiege Capitol Hill this month demanding more rights and payoffs, take note: These groups do not stand for the American dream. They are a nightmare conglomeration of George Soros-funded social justice operatives, transnationalists and La Raza militants who detest U.S. sovereignty. National People’s Action, which spearheads progressive “direct actions” at the private homes of their political foes and led the march on Kobach’s home, is a “community organizing” nonprofit based in — you guessed it — Chicago.

NPA’s past shakedowns have involved busing in protesters and schoolchildren (using public school buses) to invade the private property of their victims and intimidate their families. They relish their brass knuckles with this anthem:

Who’s on your hit list NPA?

Who’s on your hit list for today?

Take no prisoner, take no names.

Kick ‘em in the (a—) when they play their games.

As I first reported in 2004, NPA is funded by the Tides Foundation, the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation, and the MacArthur, Ford and Rockefeller foundations. It’s also funded by your tax dollars. My research found that the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Department of Education had all given tens of thousands of dollars in grants to NPA members for left-wing activism, identity politics and illegal alien benefits.

Rubio, Ryan and other Republicans who’ve made common cause with these welfare-state goons have betrayed fundamental principles of limited government and the rule of law. They’ve allied themselves with the mob. There’s nothing, not one thing, “conservative” about mass illegal alien amnesty. It’s the complete Chicago-ization of America.

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  • Old_Cali_Dude

    Rubio is another RINO. Amnesty is crock. I am looking for a a lawyer to take a Pro-Bono class action case against the USA if they pass amnesty. My family and my wife all immigrated here legally and if they are giving it away for free I want all our money back plus interest.

    • tatave

      Excellent idea!Every legal immigrant should do it.Who needs to wait and filke documents.Better still let’s have no more immigration at aiports,ports,points of entry.Why should we queue up when coming back to our country?IOt would also save lots of money!

    • Cecelia Henderson

      Welcome and I’m sorry. If passed, I hope you win lots of money.

  • davarino

    Hmmm, maybe we should be paying a visit to these activists homes. A little tit for tat?

  • DonMann

    As a U.S. citizen living in Southern California, this kind of stuff really under estimates what’s going on here.. This is our sovereign nation that’s being invaded and colonized, which basically means that they are occupying American land.. Our citizens are being threatened, assaulted, and even killed to the sum of 5,000 per year, but many of these bought and paid for traitors in our own Gov’t are aiding and abiding the enemy. Yes, I used the words invasion, occupation and treason..because these are the words that describe the truth of the matter.. Yet, they refuse to use these words..

  • Cecelia Henderson

    Can someone explain to me how come criminals (illegals) can break the law, demand rights they haven’t earned and roam the streets in mobs but not be arrested? Where is this “police state” I keep hearing about? Where is our fully armed DHS with their tanks? These people are invading America and our government is allowing it to happen.

    • anazunigamaus

      Yes because the government of Obama and the Democrats like the votes the illegals represent for them and they don’t give a dam about America, plain an simple.
      They sure like to tell us, they need to get this people out of the shadows and I have always question that assertion, because reality is that the illegals are not hitting, they even get invited to the White House, they protest at the Senate and the House, with out any fear of been deported.That is reality under this administration.

  • nightspore

    This is the same kind of brown-shirt behavior that took place in Europe in the 20’s and 30’s. History is repeating itself in the same tedious fashion. Just with different pretexts attached to the aggression.

  • giatny

    I have read (most of) S744. Virtually all of Rubio’s claims about
    enforcement are flagrant lies. The US will be allowing those
    who came here illegally to control all future elections. Without
    proof of citizenship to vote, most will be voting and receiving
    benefits by 2014. The stupidity of the GOP is stunning.

  • Barry Hirsh

    Your free speech rights end where my driveway begins. You set foot on it, and it’s trespassing. Oh, and by the way….? Try threatening me to my face, physically, on my property and see what happens.

  • Ghostwriter

    If I were a legal immigrant,I wouldn’t want amnesty for illegal immigrants. I’d be protesting alongside native-born Americans over this. I’m a native-born American and I don’t like this,either.

  • krinks

    The real issue is why is this happening in all of the nations of the west?
    Why are the people screaming for the parasites to leave but no matter who is in office, no one does anything about them?
    In Germany they come from Turkey.
    In France they come from Morocco.
    In Great Britain they come from Sudan and Somalia.
    In Iceland they come from Poland.
    Then after this we can talk about how and why homosexuality is being force fed to the peoples of the Earth. Who makes these decisions and has the power to make politicians and the media go along without ever mentioning who “they” are?

  • bluffcreek1967

    When are white Americans going to wake up and realize that the Mexicans who are seeking to dominate our population are doing so out of RACIAL and CULTURAL reasons? This whole thing is not just about border security, national sovereignty, and immigration policies – it’s about preserving our white American culture and customs. Our nation’s founding stock is threatened by this amnesty scheme from our traitorous elected officials. America will no longer be the same America once whites become a small minority and once their cultural influences decline.

    Folks, the Mexicans will NOT preserve our culture, our American heritage, our American-European ways. This is not who they are, and they don’t even think in such terms. These are low-IQ, indian-peasants from Mexico who are far removed from the thinking and values of our founding fathers.

    “Opposing Illegal Immigration: It’s About Preserving Our Race and Culture,”

  • Drakken

    Time to give these leftist la raza folks what they so richly deserve, a healthy whiff of grapeshot.

  • anazunigamaus

    Yes there are many Hispanics all over America, but most of them are illegal and what we need is enforcement, E-Verify mandatory nation wide and an end to all the incentives that bring them here, to make them leave on their own, no deportation needed.
    If S 744 is pass, that I hope will not, the amnesty will be a sure thing, but the enforcement will never come, because any effort of enforcement, will be tight up in court, by the ACLU and the pro illegal immigration advocates, with false claims of discrimination, racial profiling and harassment, just as they do now. So we will get millions of illegals as citizens now and few years from now, we will be discussing another amnesty and every time we do, we will give Mexico their dream of conquering America by numbers.