The Bloody Company Hollywood Keeps

Bleeding-heart liberal Robert Redford is already the subject of early Oscar buzz. His much-hyped new film glamorizing the lives of Weather Underground domestic terrorists, “The Company You Keep,” will be released in the U.S. next week. But peace-loving moviegoers should save their money and take a stand.

Hollywood’s romanticizing of murderous radicals is an affront to decency. Redford and Company’s rose-colored hagiography of bloodstained killers defiles the memory of all those victimized by leftwing militants on American soil.

Tinseltown cheerleaders can’t stop gushing about Redford’s paean to gun-toting progressives, of course. Variety called the flick an “unabashedly heartfelt but competent tribute to 1960s idealism.” The entertainment daily effused: “There is something undeniably compelling, perhaps even romantic, about America’s ’60s radicals and the compromises they did or didn’t make.” One of the film executives promoting the Weather Underground movie slavered: “This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller about real Americans who stood for their beliefs, thinking they were patriots and defending their country’s ideals against their government.”

Compelling? Romantic? Real Americans? Patriots? The movie plot centers on a 1970s Michigan bank robbery perpetrated by fictional Weather Underground members Sharon Solarz (portrayed by bigwig Democratic activist Susan Sarandon) and Jim Grant (played by Redford). The group shoots and kills one off-duty police officer working as a bank security guard. Grant goes on the lam and assumes a fake identity; decades later, a reporter launches an investigation into his role in the crime. The movie drums up “unabashedly heartfelt” sympathy for Grant as he works to exonerate himself.

Moviegoers would be better served by educating themselves about the real-life bank robbery and murder on which the movie is loosely based. In 1981, rich-kid Weathermen ideologues and lovers Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert joined forces with Black Liberation Army thugs and other ragtag commie revolutionaries to hold up an armored Brink’s vehicle in Nyack, N.Y. Their booty: $1.6 million to fund their violent activities. Before taking up her assignment as the getaway vehicle driver, Boudin dropped off her toddler son, Chesa Boudin, at a babysitter’s house.

Two of the holdup victims gunned down in the botched Brink’s robbery were police officers. One was a private security guard. All three were veterans from working-class backgrounds. Their names: Waverly Brown, Edward O’Grady and Peter Paige.

Boudin and Gilbert were convicted and sent to prison.

Prior to her arrest in Nyack, she had been an 11-year fugitive from justice after an accidental homemade bomb explosion at her New York City townhouse resulted in the death of three people. At the time of her arrest in Nyack, Boudin gave police one of many false identities she had used to evade the law.

Boudin was paroled in 2003 after convincing parole board members that she acted nobly out of “white guilt” to protest racism against blacks. Never mind that one of the officers killed, Waverly Brown, was black.

While Redford glorifies his fictional Weather Underground murderers as “patriots,” he ignores the patriotic legacy of the victims of Weather Underground violence. And while Redford lionizes the Weather Underground zealots as compassionate parents, where are his passion and compassion for the children of the Weather Underground victims?

Brown served in the Air Force after the Korean War and had two grown daughters and a teenage son when he died in the brutal shootout. O’Grady, who served in the Marines and did two tours of duty in Vietnam, left behind a wife and three children — 6, 2 and 6 months old. Paige, a Navy veteran, also left behind a wife and three kids — 19, 16 and 9.

The sons and daughters of those gunned down by Weather Underground killers have lived in obscurity. Meanwhile, as I first reported more than a decade ago, Chesa Boudin has lived a pampered life surrounded by tenured academics and celebrity friends. His adoptive parents? The infamous pals of Barack Obama, Weathermen organizers Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

Refresher course: Dohrn declared war on “AmeriKKKa,” helped stage the “Days of Rage” in Chicago, when Weathermen blew up a memorial statue to police officers and rioted violently, leaving 75 policemen wounded and one permanently injured in a wheelchair, and then spent years as a fugitive from justice before settling into a comfy post as director of the Children and Family Justice Center at Northwestern University.

Ayers remains in the limelight after celebrating the Weathermen bombing the Pentagon and flitting from campuses to socialist regimes and back preaching education as the “motor force for revolution.”

Chesa Boudin attended Yale, won a prestigious Rhodes scholarship, shilled for Hugo Chavez, wrote books and keeps a busy speaking schedule. He still stands by the Weathermen’s revolutionary agenda: “My parents were all dedicated to fighting U.S. imperialism around the world. I’m dedicated to the same thing.”

Cinematically and metaphorically, Redford manufactures the same stance that unrepentant Weather Underground criminals and apologists still hold of themselves today: Not guilty.

Note: The O’Grady-Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund honors the memory of the fallen Nyack PD officers by supporting students pursuing careers in law enforcement. More information at

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  • Denise

    Isn't it the left that want gun control? Yet they support this sort of thing.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      The Left wants its political enemies disarmed. Look at the history of communist takeovers of Russia, China, Eastern Europe. First thing they say is, "Citizens, turn in your weapons". If they encounter noncompliance, then the communists declare, "You can't have those things, comrade. You must give them to the state". After that, they start kicking in doors.

      Obama & friends want the "bitter clingers" disarmed. Notice how petulant & angry Obama appears these days as the confiscation steamroller is running out of momentum.

      "When the masses are disarmed, we revolutionaries will have guns."

  • AdinaK

    Michelle, I was just asked to review the 2013 Edition of Larry Grathwohl's memoir, 'BRINGING DOWN AMERICA: An FBI Informer with the Weathermen', by Larry Grathwohl and Frank Reagan, Introduction to the 2013 Edition by Dr. Tina Trent.

    It will be featured shortly, and you may be interested in its contents. It dovetails completely with your assessment herein. Moreover, Hollyweird is not alone in this crime against America, as indicated within –

    Hollywood malefactors, and their political helpmates, must be exposed by alternative media. There is no other option.
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • AdinaK

      Memo to readers: American Thinker will be featuring the aforementioned review, re the Weathermen. If interested, it will be published Tues, 4/2. I expect the romanticizing, of this bloody domestic terror group, will be stripped bear. Ditto Black Panthers.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

      • EarlyBird

        Yeah, Adina, you already promoted this on numerous other FPM threads.

  • theleastthreat

    The more free the Left feels to reveal their deeply held views the more they are exposed as merciless dolts. There should be a sequel to this movie.

    Furthermore, to the statement “My parents were all dedicated to fighting U.S. imperialism around the world. I’m dedicated to the same thing.”, the questions should be asked "How did killing three members of the American proletariat set anything right?" and "How many security guards do you plan to mow down you brain-washed scion of a bomb-thrower?"

    • EarlyBird

      I thought the idiotic Weathermen only accidentally killed three of their own.

      • theleastthreat

        I was referring to the 3 security guards they intentionally murdered during the Brinks hold-up.

  • Softly Bob

    To all Americans, if you want to keep your guns and are worried what will happen when health and background checks are brought in, I have the answer?
    Just tell the authorities that you are patriotic, are against U.S. imperialism, believe that Robert Redford is a great actor, deeply admire Jane Fonda and have great sympathy for Islamic terrorists.
    Abracadabra, you'll be allowed as many guns as you wish!

  • tagalog

    American 60s radicals were NOT romantic and every single one of them made compromises.

    "Patriots," my ass; they would have spit on you if called them "patriots" back in their heyday. They described themselves as "Communist revolutionaries," out to "smash the (Amerikkkan) state."

    Redford is delusional. He shouldn't be; he was an adult in those days, and he knows what was going on as well as anybody who wasn't actually involved with those revolutionaries who couldn't shoot.

    Compromises come with growing up and maturing, even those who remained somehow enmeshed in the days of their post-adolescence and carried on their so-called "activism" into adulthood ended up compromising, like Mark Rudd and Jerry Rubin.

    And the romanticism is easy to slather on, once a decade or so has passed, memories have faded, and you can tell the tallest of tales to the children. The kids then do the romanticizing; what a disservice to them.

    Just remember; the most overt acts of sabotage the Weather Underground ever committed was throwing garbage cans into traffic in Washington, D.C. in the Days of Rage. The rest was sneak-attack bombing by cowardly hyenas and bank robberies. Middle-class white boys, sexist as hell, planting bombs in the night and threatening innocent citizens with firearms they didn't know how to use.

    Then they cruised on like stately ship liners into an unpunished life as so-called "adults." Even the Symbionese Liberation Army, crazy as they were, had more guts; they were willing to die in shootouts with police and burning buildings.

    • Robert C Zornes

      Good thing I wasn't the son of the cop that was killed by those radicals bombs. And you think they're having trouble finding Jimmy Hoffa.

  • IMHomo

    Dohrn and Ayers should have both bent bent over and had a bullet put into the back of their commie heads. Once upon a time in America, such would have happened. Not so anymore. This country's ruination was put into motion by the Baby Boomer, the "worstest generation," and that God-awful decade, the 1960s.

    • tagalog

      It's just a matter of chance that Ayers wasn't in the townhouse in Greenwich Village when it blew up. He went out for a pack of cigarettes right before they fouled up the bomb-making and exploded themselves all over Creation.

      Why, God, were you saving him for the Obama era?

    • Robert C Zornes


    • EarlyBird

      "Dohrn and Ayers should have both bent bent over and had a bullet put into the back of their commie heads. Once upon a time in America,"

      Yeah, the Good Ol Days when any American who was a radical and who we didn't like could just be summarily executed in the street. Back when we were Free! Bring back those good ol days of liberty, not like these days when we have to, you know, actually put someone on a "trial." Trials are for gays and commies.

  • John Stone

    Hollywood celebrates all sorts of criminal behavior. Not only the revolutionary sort as is listed here, but routine criminality as well. By chance event I just finished watching Francis Ford Coppola's movie the Godfather for a second time. It is a wonderfully done movie that ends up treating a mafia don as a likable old grandpa.

    I suppose we all want to break the rules at least vicariously and so we celebrate those who do and get away with it. Unfortunately some of the people who put this stuff on start believing their own lies and start celebrating themselves for making heroes out of knaves.

    • clarespark

      I thoroughly agree with John Stone's nailing The Godfather. Like The Sopranos, gangsters are glorified and humanized; in the end we root for them. New Left postmodernism and nihilism reached new lows with these popular films. I distinguished between the original progressives and the New Left nihilists here:…. "Progressive uplift versus New Left nihilism." I could have mentioned Bonnie and Clyde in the same breath. Our morality has gone out the window, and it more than secularism that is to blame, rather a neo-Romanticism that equates art-making with criminality.

  • Film Critic

    Has anyone actually seen the movie yet?

    • EarlyBird

      Good question, Film Critic.

  • cxt

    Sadly I'm kinda like/am grateful for Chesa Boudin—not that critical thinking and actual reason is a strength of the Left.

    But if his living parents can murder people and he bears no gulit or blame for their acts–then there is no logical reason why I or anybody else should feel guilt or share the blame for other "crimes" committed long before we even born.

    From now on whenever I get into an argument with a Lefty and they start ranting about "imperialsim" and "collective gulit" I will pull out my Chesa Boudin card and just say "if he isn't guilty then neither and I."

    Let THEM deal with the insane inconsistancy of THEIR postion

  • Tina Trenner

    The 60's are a nightmare with no end. All the loose flakes in the country moved to San Fran to drop out and smoke up…They were stupid but they became dangerous as the followed the likes of Timothy Leary, Jim Jones and my favorite Sal Alinsky…What low and awful people infiltrated our lives. It is shocking to see they have never stopped undermining the country.
    Bill Ayers was a criminal and in my mind never paid for his crimes …and now he helps the likes of Bill Gates,Obama, and yes…. Jeb Bush to push the most dangerous school program ever designed…If you do not know about Common Core…learn about it now…Bill Ayers doesn't need to teach our children… to be good little communist like him… I have stopped going to most movies…I can not justify giving my money to people I absolutely despise. Shame on Robert Redford…all the money and fame he has acquired from the freedom he had in this glorious country. ingrate and a real creep….

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,I'm not going to see the movie. I've got better things to see.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Given who is in power now-why wouldn't they lionize their heroes?


    MICHELLE, you're leaving out a very very major argument: Will this lead to copycats and encourage groups like the OCCUPY WALL STREET, Code Pink, both fronts of the CPUSA, to take up violence, and arms (wait aren't they against guns), thinking they are "PATRIOTS" too? The Occupiers already proved how violent they are and they thought of themselves as "PATRIOTS" with Hollywood, Obama, and the Democrats cheering them on even after they caused million$ in damages and other mayhem, including rape. "The Ends Justify the Means."

    Now with radical domestic terrorists being gloried, which is like glorifying Bonnie and Clyde, and to a more extreme, the KKK where LYNCHING OF BLACKS could be portrayed in a movie as a good thing to do, you can guarantee that radical groups will take that next step thinking their actions will be viewed by history like the Civil Rights movement.

    MICHELLE, READ CAREFULLY: "When the Wall fell, we cheered, THEY cried. When the Twins fell, we cried, THEY cheered." Who is "THEY?" "THEY" are our Communists who were the most bitter at the Fall of the Wall, the Iron Curtain, and the Soviet Union. Barack Obama, and his "CIRCLE OF COMMUNISTS" are creating the condition$$$ for our downfall as REVENGE for the downfall of the Soviet Union, a country, and system, "THEY" loved more than their own!

    They're agenda is very clear to me! Wake up America, "The Communists are coming!" NOPE, as I wrote Reagan, "THEY'RE ALREADY HERE!" So did Reagan really win the Cold War when a Soviet KGB dupe is President of the United States who appointed his "CIRCLE OF COMMUNISTS" to run every department?

    • Robert C Zornes

      The "good news" for the violent occupiers is that there was a plice presence there … to protect them from doing something to the average citizen that doesn't have the same constraints as the police. If and when these anarchists break out of the cities and come into the rural areas, where people read the Bible and hold onto their guns, I will guarantee you that there will be blood spilled.

      People live out and away from these urban cesspools for a reason and they generally are quite able to defend themselves. It takes the Sheriff awhile to get here. I know, I have worked the entire county by myself before. And remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes (not in my case) away. Everybody on my road with five acres is armed. Have we had any armed confrontations? No. Are we "gun nuts"? No. But you can bet the first time somebody kicks in a door at zero dark thirty he or she will be getting a ride in the Coroner's van.

      No brag, jsut fact <Walter Brennan>

      And this is my real name.

  • MICK

    Can Robert Redford answer the question-How would you feel if these terrorists and criminals killed your relative? He has no concept of reality and real life. He glorifies terror and criminality. Hopefully no one will see his movie. To say it has oscar buzz just says how displaced the reviewers are in todays society.