Is Illegal Immigration Good For Mexico?

immigration-secure-border.jpeg7-1280x960The debate over immigration reform, illegal aliens and border security presupposes that absorbing a constant flow of illegal immigrants, mainly from Mexico, is a good thing for Mexico and its people. But this presumption has neglected an important question: is the constant influx of poor and unskilled labor out of Mexico good for Mexico as an independent nation?

Even if we ignore the fact that the US cannot absorb and assimilate all the people who want to come to America, we cannot ignore the question of whether we are doing Mexico a favor with our open borders. No doubt, life as an illegal alien in the US is much better than being unemployed and poor in Mexico or any other third world country.

At face value illegal immigration seems to be good for Mexico, which benefits tremendously from the pouring of US dollars into its economy, supporting families and relatives of immigrants in America. That is why the Mexican government is not complaining and is happy to maintain the status quo on its borders. The government of Mexico acts like it is a right for its citizens to cross the borders into the US to find work. Not a bad deal for any government that does not want to be accountable to its own citizens to improve their lives, the economy and human rights conditions. The message of the Mexican government to its citizens is: You want a job, human rights and medical care, then go to the US if you can’t afford it here.

The natural urge for any country to improve comes from pressure from the lower classes that demand employment and pressure governments to work hard to educate citizens to meet the demands of job competition. By absorbing Mexico’s unskilled workers, the US government has become an enabler in this equation.

That is why the US government cannot claim to be an innocent victim here since it has politicized, used and abused the illegal immigration issue and narrowed it down to getting the Hispanic vote, name-calling Americans who want to respect the law and maintain border control, while neglecting the bigger picture: open border policies’ impact on the rights of American citizens and the healthy functioning of both Mexican and American sovereignty and economies.

If the huge number of illegal immigrants from Mexico was good for Mexico as a nation, then how come its economic, political and security conditions have not improved over the years, but instead have steadily deteriorated? The steady absorption of the bottom of Mexican society by the US has deprived Mexico of its motivation to improve its economy and to become a government that serves the welfare and living conditions of its poor and unemployed. Why should Mexico work hard on improving conditions for the poor and unemployed if America is doing the job for them?

It is not easy for any nation to be located on the border with a giant economic super power like the United States. This situation tempts smaller nations to exist like small fish living off the crumbs and leftovers of a giant whale.

The situation in both Mexico and the US is unnatural and self-defeating, leaving Mexico stagnant and unmotivated to improve and meet the needs of its citizens. Groups in America who claim moral superiority for being on the side of open borders and absorbing all illegal aliens because they have big hearts are in fact absolving the Mexican government of its duty toward its citizens and economy and are contributing to the internal problems of Mexico and the United States. In the long run, we are not doing Mexico a favor with our open borders, but we are crippling them and robbing them of the healthy functioning of their nation.

The US should immediately end the politicization of the immigration issue not only for the sake of America, but also for the sake of Mexico. We need a sane immigration policy that respects US sovereignty and that helps Mexico become more responsible as an independent nation to end its sluggish economy and political corruption.

The sovereignty of both the US and Mexico has been compromised under the status quo, which is unsustainable. Either we control the US border or say goodbye to both US and Mexican sovereignty as two separate nations.

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  • Spikey1

    One area that Mexico will suffer due to the mass exodus is their Olympic medal count; for anyone who can; run, jump, and swim are in the USA.

  • Eddie Lutz

    The drug war isn’t helping them either.

  • Daniel Early

    we are taking all the people that would be hard workers and good for their economy and turning them into welfare hoes here in the States. and we are taking their criminals. does anyone remember how Australia was made? England sent their political enemies and emptied their prisons on them and they overwhelmed the locals, that is what Mexico is doing to us.

    • PhillipGaley

      Though so good as this article is, what the article leaves out is the recipe for national failure: the destruction of the family, . . . how many women with children, do you suppose, are abandoned in Mexico?

  • teq

    What’s most shameful of all is that Mexico is a member of the Trillion dollar club which means it’s a major economy. So why is it in such a mess? The gap between rich and poor is the biggest in the world.

    • PhillipGaley


      Their pervasive and domineering religion, . . . they’re having a difficult time, coming out of untold millenia of the worst sort of tribalism, . . .


    Leadership on both sides of the border care only about their own power, not the masses. That’s the nature of power. We will have poor, unemployed Third World Nations on both sides of the border.

    • PhillipGaley

      . . . . right own, right own, right own, . . .

  • T.L. Winslow

    “The sovereignty of both the US and Mexico has been compromised under the
    status quo, which is unsustainable. Either we control the US border or
    say goodbye to both US and Mexican sovereignty as two separate nations.”

    Duh, and that would be bad? Not if the U.S. annexes Mexico as 10 new states, and becomes a 60-state nation with borders extending to the Mexican coasts. Visit my Megamerge Dissolution Solution Blog to see how it might work, and think positive not negative.

    • ziggy zoggy

      An annexation of Mexico would include all its unsolvable problems – namely the Mexicans who made Mexico a $hithole and will do the same wherever they go.

      • PhillipGaley

        This is more or less so, . . .

  • Gee

    I honestly don’t care what it does or doesn’t do for Mexico. Their citizens should be returned to them and the borders strictly regulated

    • PhillipGaley

      Okay, but you’re beatin’ a dead horse, . . .

  • cynthia curran

    Well, I read that Mexicans in many rural ares just don’t want to do the farmwork in their country but Central Americans are becoming many of the farmworkers in Mexico. They want to come to the States because most jobs unless you work rarely as a day labor pays better. Also, you are correct, countries in Latin American sometimes like Costa Rica or Chile or even Brazil are doing better than Mexico because its harder to come here illegality. If Mexico could get the income level of South Korea immirgation would dropped radically.

  • ziggy zoggy

    Mexicans don’t care a whit about improving Mexico – neither the Dons or the peons. Not that they know how anyway. They are only interested in what they can take for themselves. That is why Mexico has always been a basket case and that is why they will keep plaguing America like human locusts. Mexico’s economy and government are based on plunder so they only thrive as long as the plunder lasts. It creates parasitical Dons and subsistence level peons. They are corrupt and completely unwilling and unable to do anything but perpetuate their existence. Even the drug trade is based on parasitism and plunder. Free enterprise, my a$$.

  • Dave Francis

    A petition seeking to
    abolish the Internal Revenue Service recently started by the American Center
    for Law and Justice has moved on to and gained over 66,000 plus signatures, (just
    changed to 76.000 in minutes) in just a few days and gaining momentum. Even law
    group are denouncing the the targeting by this government agency for being
    “out of control.” As did the ACLJ according to a Liberal CNN poll
    released Monday. WAIT TELL THE WORD GETS OUT NATIONWIDE? Every American of
    political parties, race or religion and even Jewish groups should join this
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    President Barack Obama’s approval rating dropped eight points from last
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    religious organizations.

  • okokok

    480 Religious Leaders Arrested On ‘Moral Monday’ For Protesting UnChristian GOP Policies

    Read more:

  • William James Ward

    The Mexican Government is at fault in relation to the problems
    that plague thier Nation. The American Government is at fault
    in relation to the problems that plague our nation. The grave
    fault is individual degeneracy and loss of moral, spiritual and
    social values, disregard of the Ten Commandments and
    self diefication promoted by delusional media frauds. When
    Ethics and Civics were removed from education and the left
    allowed to denegrate our Religions and promote hedonism,
    the end of a solid life and societal failure was assured.

  • Barb3000

    I just found out something today. All of the fifty Mexican Consulates in the US now has vending machines that dispense Mexican birth certificates. So now the illegals can fill out the certificates with any fake name they want to put on it and the consulates will stamp it. This will make it easier for them to be checked out once they are given amnesty. There will be so many of them anyway that every one will be rubber stamped. Lets hope this crazy bill fails.

  • bluffcreek1967

    I don’t give a rat’s rear end if it’s good for Mexico. I only care if it’s good for America. I’m not inclined to worry much about Mexico and its people or economy when the U.S. and its people are undergoing dramatic cultural and economic changes.

    The Mexican people have proven to all of us the kind of nation they build and will tolerate. Yet, Americans are stupid enough to want millions of them here!? We are sealing our own doom by encouraging these people to come here. They will utterly ruin our nation as L.A. County in Southern California can attest.

    “Has A Mass of Mexicans Been Good for L.A. County?”