The Nice Muslim Family Next Door

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Where are the articles by moderate Muslims condemning the prominent Muslims who beg Allah to strike infidels with cancer and disease? No practicing Muslim has openly condemned such prayers, or named the sheikhs who urge these brutalities.

The neighbors of the Chechnyan Muslim family whose sons were responsible for the Boston Marathon terror attack said they were stunned by the news and that this nice Muslim family was known for its generosity and kindness. Many Americans often ask, “What about the Muslim family next door? They are really nice people.”

Some of the nicest people I know are Muslims, but that must never blind us from understanding the risk we are taking when we allow the building of hundreds of mosques financed by Saudi Arabia, as well as millions of Muslims to migrate into America at a time of a fierce, if sophisticated, desire by Islamist groups to spread Islam throughout the world, and to radicalize impressionable youths by stoking anger against the Western nations, people and values.

The existence of nice, educated Muslims should also never blind us from seeing the deep problems within the ideology of Islam and its jihadist goals. Muslims themselves admit that Islam is more than a religion – that it is, in fact, a state, legal system and a military institution—with the goal, as one’s holy duty, of bringing Islam to the rest of the world, a desire often enshrined deep in the hearts of Muslims.

Even though our visible problem is with the Muslim jihadists, the so-called “moderate” Muslims have often been silent enablers and defenders, perhaps from inertia, misinformation or fear of reprisals against them, including death threats to them and members of their family should they speak out.

Terrorists could never be as powerful as they are without the prayers, and especially the material support, of Islamic nations, governments and people. A Muslim Egyptian friend — one of the nicest people you will ever meet — visiting in 1994, was crying in front of the television while praying for the people of Chechnya to declare independence from Russia and declare their country an Islamic State ruled by Sharia law.

The critiques of Islam by this author are never written for the purpose of condemning people; naturally, there are good and bad people in every culture. My deep concern springs from the ideology of Islam: it has had such dark implications on Islamic society, forcing many, otherwise perfectly fine people, to enact unthinkable terror, as others stand silently by. Islam is the only religion that requires its followers to kill those who do not believe in Allah, and to take revenge in the name of Allah. In the Quran, holy vengeance and retaliation are commanded for Muslims: “O ye who believe! Retaliation is prescribed for you. He who transgresseth after this will have a painful doom.”
 [Koran 2:178]. Or: “We shall take vengeance (Muntaquimun) upon the sinners.” [32:22] The translation of the Arabic word “Muntaquimun” meaning vengeance is often watered down in translation by using the word punishment or retribution instead.

It was frustrating and unsettling to hear the aunt of the two terrorists stating, from Toronto, Canada, that her two nephews were “set up,” and the terrorists’ father, Anzor Tsarnaev, stating in various interviews with ABC and other stations, first that his son should give up peacefully; then that the son who was killed was framed; then that the son who was not killed should tell the truth; then warning that if the US kills his son: “all hell will break loose.”

Having grown up Muslim, I would urge Americans to demand more from the so called “moderate” Muslims, instead of giving them a pass for their silence, which appears a complicit defense of jihad. For too long, with some courageous exceptions, moderate Muslims hear no evil, see no evil and do nothing about it. They stand defiant, behaving as if they were victims, while the cries of Christians suffering under Islam in the Middle East are ignored. (Most Jews were forced out years ago. As the saying in Arabic goes: First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People).

Many moderate Muslims have been insisting that the Boston bombings have “nothing to do with Islam.” They deny there is a problem for apostates fleeing Islam, and do nothing about their arrest, the threats against them or their murder. At least 5,000 reported honor killings happen annually in the name of Allah, but moderate Muslims insist that, too, has nothing to do with Islam, and is a hold-over tribal custom, despite the Sura and verses that are used to justify it [Qur’an (18:65-81], and not only speak out against the practice, but go as far as to threaten those who expose it. Moderate Muslims also have nothing to say to the hundreds of Islamic clerics who curse non-Muslims and encourage jihad from the pulpits of mosques.

Where are the articles by moderate Muslims condemning the prominent Muslims who beg Allah to strike infidels with cancer and disease? The holiest mosques of Mecca blast curses at Jews and Christians over microphones — “Till they pray for death and do not receive it” — and supplicate Allah to make the lives of Christians and Jews “hostage to misery; drape them with endless despair, unrelenting pain and unremitting ailment; fill their lives with sorrow and pain and end their lives in humiliation and oppression.”

No true practicing Muslim, moderate or not, has openly condemned such prayers to pilgrims in Mecca or has named the sheikhs who urge these brutalities. But the majority of moderate Muslims are quick to blame American foreign policy and Israel. If America cooperates with Islamic dictators, Muslims accuse America of empowering dictators; if America removes a Saddam Hussein to give Muslims a chance for freedom, they accuse the US of interfering in their internal affairs.

The day Usama Bin Laden was killed, a friend called from Egypt to say that everyone was in mourning, sad over Bin Laden’s death. Does such a response to the death of a terrorist stem from moderate Islam, radical Islam, or Islam?

Nonie Darwish is the author of “The Devil We Don’t Know” and President of “Former Muslims United.”

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  • Mary Sue

    Yeah, that's the trouble. You don't know if the niceness is genuine, or a facade.

    • Stratford

      The reality is that there are two types of Muslims in the USA. There are the radical Jihadists that want to slit your throat, and declare death to the infidel. Then there are the "nice" Muslims next door that would not dream of killing someone in the name of Allah, but will gladly stroke a check to those who will.

      • Lan Astaslem

        just like there are the hotheads who want to set off bombs and kill, and there are the stealth jihadists who have a calmer and more patient approach to creating a worldwide caliphate with sharia law – the bottom line is both types have the same ultimate goal

  • AdinaK

    To be silent IS to agree. Therefore, western enablers are as guilty as so called "nice" Muslims who may, or may not, give them aid and succor. Moreover, the west must understand that there is no such thing as "moderate" Islam, unlike moderation in Judaism and Christianity –

    While some Muslims just want to live their lives in peace, a preponderance agree with bloody jihad, even if they never admit as much. Simply put, the west and Islam (Muslims) have unbridgeable differences and this truth must be brought to the fore before many more westerners pay the ultimate (PC) price.

    .Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • F.K. Juliano

    "There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it."

    –Tayip Recep Erdoğan, prime minister of Turkey and Obama's BFF, whom His Presidential Coolness often calls for his chats on sundry topics, like raising daughters, defeating "Islamophobia", and getting Israel to apologize for Turkey's aiding and abetting of terrorists (the Mavi Marmara incident).

  • Michael Copeland

    If someone were to collect together the protestations made after muslim bombings it would be something like this:

    A decent fellow, nice quiet guy with a good career, kind to his mother, keen on sport, a regular at the mosque, helper with the kids, etc.

    In the end this is a list of qualifications. Let the neighbor beware. As other commenters have said, the muslim may explode at any time. There is no telling.

  • Chezwick

    The "nice guy", "boy next door", "thoughtful person" narrative we keep seeing to describe these Muslim terrorists should actually work in the favor of the anti-Jihad. Obviously, when these otherwise normal people become mass murderers, and we can't blame mental illness or cultural disaffection, it only serves to help focus the "root cause" on the 800 pound gorilla in the room….i.e., Islam.

  • Indus Valley

    Muslims protest only when they feel Islam is criticized, their prophet ridiculed & when they are at the receiving end on a fight against some non-Muslims, apart from that nothing bothers them. The same Muslims who support the Palis don't even know about Kurds, this shows it all. 'Moderate' Muslims are the people who can't give up on their daily luxuries that they enjoy in non-Muslim countries. But once they encounter some radical preacher they get fired up to do some killings to atone their indifference once they had for the Islamic cause. The GOOD Muslims according to us non-Muslims are actually BAD Muslims according to the Koran. So when these same Muslims decide to obey the Koran rather than impressing the people around them, get ready for some terror attacks. Are there any moderate Nazis? Are they nice people? I'm just asking….

  • davarino


    • deniseandros

      Talk about myopic…. get your eyes examined, will you? This isn't about some failed immigration policy. This is about WAR! We have a President who has been, and is still, at war with America. Our Congress is filled with traitors. They have joined forces with our enemy, Islam. Islam has been at war with America since 911, and those having the most powerful positions in our government have joined forces with our enemies.

      • Spider

        Yep – You are quite correct sir – but actually banning all Mu-slim immigration to Western countries would be a step in the right direction..

  • kikkoman

    For the record:

    This guy is the only exception I've seen so far.
    I can't tell how popular his organisation is.

    Assuming he is serious, I have to say he does make a few very frank comments, but I suppose that doesn't sit well with many of his fellows. How fast can you spell kafir?
    I also have no idea how far he would go in order to defend his positions – and thus far, generally , the defensive side in this conflict has lost or gone into hiding most of the time.
    I know of no example where taking the high road has not ended in death or disaster when facing Islam, and he is facing Islam.

    I have doubts this uphill battle can be won (removing the hill would be easier) – but, again, assuming he means what he says, I commend the man for trying.

  • Arlie

    When a whole culture of people are raised to believe that it is their duty to lie to spread their belief and that they are superior to all other people that are not of their culture…they are brainwashed and have hardened their hearts from a young age. There is very little hope to change these people unless the mosques and Imams were completely banned. The lie is that it is a religion. It is a cult for supremacy and world domination through mind control and fear. There is no such thing as a "moderate muslim" because one way or another they want to control everyone else. Their regulations do not allow any freedom of choice. If you choose "wrong" according to their "laws" the consequences are severe and women are treated like property without rights; same as slavery.

  • Jim_C

    We will find out, I'm sure, that these brothers' parents were rigidly orthodox in their beliefs. Ask anyone who thinks the religion is being scapegoated not only if they would like to live the way these bombers' mother had to–but also whether they think it is even right to have to live that way. Ask if they find it compatible, at all, with our values.

    There has been recent outrage and dialogue over the dark, violent underside of male-dominated traditional Indian culture. Why? Because in India, women are outraged enough to protest and the culture is open enough to allow it.

  • @MootsaGootsa

    I'll stick with the Mootsa Gootsa Society.

  • tanstaafl

    "Is life so sweet or peace so dear to be purchased by chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what price others may pay, as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: The Nice Muslim Family Next Door

    ~ America's Biggest Sleeper Cell is Barack Hussein Obama and his aggressive anti-American agenda.

    …."America's sleep-ing cell" – – on the other hand, is his lazy OPRAH Government dependence,
    ….low-information, you-owe-me, deadbeat, KFC-Obama voter.

  • Jim

    A hold over from Arab tribalism??

    The Koran is based on hold over Tribalism.

    With a dash of Judaism and a smidgen of Christianity.

    Then also some myths from Dilmun.

  • joe

    If you believe in nice muslims, than you also believe a sugar coated on sh-t makes it better.

  • Questions

    The problem with "nice" Muslims — even those not faking it — is that they can turn violent seemingly overnight if life deals them a rough time. This is especially true with immigrant populations. The certitude of Islam has a built-in appeal for the most confused, alienated and frustrated. It provides the "answers" to life's difficult questions. Steve Sailer calls this "Sudden Jihad Syndrome."

  • Silverio Facundo

    When the USA took on Germany in 1942, there must have been several million nice Germans living in Dusseldorf and Hamburg and Munich and Berlin. Yet, Germany 1935-1945 is defined by nazism, hitler (yimach schmo), rabid antisemitism, thugery, crime institutionalized to industrial size, and the disaapearance of every moral, ethical, social and religious values. German elites applauded and financed their fuehrer and average Germans lovingly approved and nodded in support, giving their children as an offering to the nazi war machine.

    Today, there must be several million nice muslims living in Sana'a or Cairo or Baghdad or Toulouse or Dearborn. Yet islam from 1980s and onwards is defined by Mohammed Atta, Osama bin Laden, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, Mohammed Merah, Ayatolla Khomeini, Yasir Arafat, or Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (notice how many mohammeds!). Islam 2013 is the bloodthirsty, war-mongering, destructive ideology bent on killing every Jew, conquering the Western world, imposing on its hateful, intolerant ways and destroying every Western values. Muslim elites aplaud and finance their assassins and average muslims lovingly name their schools and soccer fields after them, volunteering their children as suicide bombers to achieve redemption.

    Or could anyone point out the differences between nazism in 1940 and islam in 2013. Other than regrettably to them, not having the military might that Germans had back then?

  • Hktony

    Muslim is spelt, D E A T H. Whether you are moderate or not it is the same spelling.

  • Jim

    Just heard on Greta Van that the Boston bombers family ,Mother, Father, sisters and brothers fled Chechnya
    to come to America because they were engaged in radical anti Russian activities.
    They were going to be cracked down on by the Russian government.

    Tell Janet to ping that.

  • fmobler

    "Nice Muslim" simply means asymptomatic Muslim. One can indeed be a peaceful, decent person and a Muslim. But such a person carries a deadly, evil ideology, whether he expresses it himself or merely helps it propagate to the next generation. The "nice Muslim" is actually more dangerous exactly because of this.

  • Spinoza

    Is a tree not known by its fruit? The obvious does not need to be stated. The hidden is eventually revealed.
    Beliefs take on the nature of the smoke that arises from the burning fires of events. Who will be the one to pour living waters on these fires of destruction?

  • kafir4life

    As I've mentioned before…We don't hire muslims. We don't shop in their stores. We won't shop in stores that hire muslims, and let management know why. It's a safety issue. Plain and simple. Not all muslims set bombs, but some do. Not all muslims explode, but some do. There's been no effective method of determining which ones will and which ones haven't yet. Just avoid muslims. When you see one, watch one. They may not like it, but you'll get over it. It's a safety issue.

  • Bones

    Islam is a politcial movement, with a small religious attachment, that the leaders hide behind. America now has, in its midst, a "fifth column" that is only waiting for the "word" before exploding into action. Make no mistakes, this is a real threat. They are insinuating themselves into every aspect of life, school boards, politics at all levels, businesses,ect Much of the political correctness (the attack on Christian religion and principles) can be attributed to Muslims. Hell, Obama has several in powerful positions in his administration. History has shown that we are always slow to react to a dangerous situation and I believe that, the Muslims in our midst, is the danger that will be the cause of much misery, hardship, and death when "shove finally comes to push". If Obama is still in the White House you will not get much help from him Hell, he wants to take our guns away. Keep your powder dry..

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  • rosewater

    Idiotic people such as this author incite racial hatred :-B. Your islamic understanding is minimal as verses quoted were adjacent to events. Do u know more honour killings occur in non muslim households:-o ? But then that would require actual journalism and research.