How Multiculturalism Transformed My College

Students on Campus 6Reprinted from the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy.

The historian Polybius famously observed that empires deteriorate either internally or from without.  In some cases, however, they fall apart in both ways. This latter situation applies to American higher education, which has succumbed to numerous corrupting influences all at the same time.

To make my point, I’ll discuss the transformation that befell the college where I was employed between 1989 and 2011. Elizabethtown College, located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, was for most of its history a sleepy Anabaptist college, affiliated with the Church of the Brethren. When the college offered me a position as a full professor, I accepted, welcoming the opportunity to live in a charming setting and to teach at a socially traditional college.

I also imagined that I would be able to converse with a scholarly community, but my teaching experience at Elizabethtown, with a few notable exceptions, was far from stimulating. Most of the students didn’t seem eager to learn and when given the chance, were happy to disparage me and other equally demanding professors on the compulsory “evals.” Worse than the hostility of the disengaged students was the reaction of antiwar faculty colleagues who disliked my philosophy, despite my own reservations about a militantly interventionist foreign policy. Attempts at civil debate with them proved futile.

A new administration took over in 1996. It was headed by a sociologist of religion with Lutheran theological training. He pushed the college in an unmistakably ideological direction from which it would never turn back.

The new president enjoyed going to conferences with other college presidents and schmoozing with the Middle States accreditation agency that the college uses to validate its degrees.  Each time he attended such meetings, he would come back with a new diversity program to implement, or he would decide to increase the responsibilities of the college’s diversity dean in fighting for “tolerance.”

This typically took the form of being more “welcoming” to our modest number of non-Christian, non-white students. For awhile, any mention of Christmas by the faculty and staff was frowned on; and even a “Yule Bowl” celebration was awkwardly renamed Holiday Bowl at the last moment, in case a non-Christian student might take offense at a gathering associated with a Christian holiday.

My wife, who was a bookstore employee, brought up certain facts in a letter to the college newspaper: Yule festivals were a pre-Christian Germanic thing and it was ridiculous for a Protestant college to try to obliterate its specifically Christian roots.

My black student assistant (one of the few non-whites on campus) found it strange that the entire school was celebrating Kwanzaa as a “black religious festival,” when his Baptist family in New Jersey cared only about Christmas. I explained to him that his parents were not politically correct blacks, unlike the white administration at the college.

From my conversations with the president, I found nothing to suggest that he believed any of the multicultural doctrines he so energetically pushed. He was just taking his lead from the presidents of other colleges, and undoubtedly trying to make the increasingly leftist faculty like him.

And the faculty seemed delighted with his initiatives. When the administration came forth with an extensive program to integrate multiculturalism into the curriculum, there was enthusiastic faculty approval.

The multicultural pedagogy would furnish the principles for the orientation of new students, inspire the list of guest speakers who would be invited to campus to edify us, and justify the stress on diversity and social justice that went into the college’s new mission statement.  Even without injecting the righteous odor of PC into every core course, the entire college would emit its fragrance.

In its effort to get the faculty to vote to make diversity the overriding goal of the institution, the administration, aided by the social work and religion faculties, relied upon the supposed need to fight “hate crime.”  We were confronted by events that never occurred, but which were said to throw a pall over the college. The administration spoke as if there were torrential outbursts of hate against Hindu, Muslim and Jewish students, based solely on the assertion by one Catholic faculty member who had converted to Hinduism that some students looked at him in a “bigoted way.” (Those looks were better explained by the fact that he wore a pony tail.)

And though the president proposed a solution (recruiting more minorities from inner cities) that had nothing to do with the alleged offenses, that didn’t matter. One after the other, faculty members stood up to proclaim, “It’s time we make a statement.”

To make matters worse, there was a low endowment at Elizabethtown, and the tuition-driven college became heavily dependent on certain cash cows. These were primary education, communications, and social work, which all served as vehicles of leftist indoctrination.

The students and faculty who were associated with those majors hardly distinguished between leftwing activism and traditional college study. They were expected to assume certain political attitudes and to act on the basis of them as part of their college education. Students in certain majors were expected to hear all of the politically correct speakers (such as education radical Jonathan Kozol) who were brought to campus and to write papers on what they learned from the speeches.

Even staying in the dorms required getting along with a dean of students, who imposed her political values on recalcitrant residents. Students of mine were dressed down by this dean and the provost for not being sufficiently sensitive to uncorroborated “hate crimes.” In more than one case, honor students (from the political science department) were threatened with expulsion for disputing the diversity dogma that had been proclaimed for the “college community.”

Note that there was an aspect of the college’s Brethren heritage that worked against maintaining college standards. The school claims to “be educating for service,” and one frequently heard students emphasize the joys of being “hands on.” In primary education, one could be “hands on” by joining the National Education Association and by demonstrating with its members. One had an especially good opportunity to be “hands on” by attending the speech by black communist activist Angela Davis last fall, which was sponsored by the college.

Equally significant were the multiple “hires” that took place during this time. Most of the younger people who came on board have better credentials than the older generation of faculty. Unfortunately, they are not much interested in serious scholarship, but delight in complaining about any hints of sexism and racism they claim to have spotted on campus. The primary effect of the younger faculty has been to radicalize the institution beyond recognition.

Elizabethtown’s pitiable transformation corresponds to a widespread degradation of learning. What bothers me about such glib generalizing, however, is the unwillingness of those of my generation to acknowledge that what they are deploring happened on their watch.

This process of change took place in different places and varied contexts, and so when I hear from those who lament what has befallen our college that “it’s really the same all over” I get intensely annoyed. I have no doubt that at Elizabethtown something could have been done to make things less crazy if fewer professors had hidden their heads in the sand. There was rarely a vote on any issue that radicalized the school in which the “nays” could not have won or at least held their own. The critics were just too cowardly or self-centered to let their opposition be known at the appropriate time.

Although this passage from Burke may now be overworked, it seems particularly apt looking back at my college experience: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

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  • Chez

    This story is a microcosm of the entire university system. As David has so aptly pointed out in his many lectures and books on the subject, in the 60s, when conservatives were still a majority on most campus faculties, their hiring committees agreed to employ liberals and even Marxists as an exercise in intellectual diversity. The processed gathered steam until – by the 80s – leftists dominated the hiring committees….and exhibited no such similar enthusiasm for intellectual diversity.

    The message became clear: Conservatives need not apply. To be hired and then survive the stultifying rigors of the university mono-culture, conservatives had to remain in the closet. Years of self-censorship produced for many a political metamorphosis, where the leftist facade became so embedded that it took intellectual and ethical root. Those who succumbed might be in denial, but on issue after issue, they incrementally converted, Many of those who didn’t convert lived the lie….and were hollowed out by their hypocrisy.

    Today, the university is indeed a mono culture, where thought crime is the most egregious sin imaginable. Gramsci has won.

    • Gary Jenkins

      Jewish intellectuals have won. Start by looking at the origins of cultural Marxism and political correctness. One cannot ignore earlier schools of thought and the ‘Critical Theory’ that emerged from them, e.g. Boasian School in Frankfurt, and the associated Jews like Franz Boas, Max Horkheimer, Herbet Marcuse etc.

      In fact, one could argue, books such as The Authoritarian Personality were at the forefront of leftist academia, leading an all out attack on Western culture, undermining traditional White culture and traditions.

      • aquataine

        You are stereotyping – I know many nonliberal Jews.

        • Harry Black

          “Stereotyping”? You must be tone deaf Aquataine. This Gary Jenkins person is a full-bore anti-Semite (and very likely a white racist). But perhaps antisemitism, which is nothing if not paranoid, gets lost in the paranoid world of FrontPage.,

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “But perhaps antisemitism, which is nothing if not paranoid, gets lost in the paranoid world of FrontPage.,”

            That’s funny coming from the guy that uses statistics showing “disparate outcome” as ipso facto evidence of white supremacist racism in the criminal judicial system.

          • Harry Black

            If you were an African-American you wouldn’t think that disparate outcomes in the criminal justice system add up to a paranoid fantasy; it would be your objective reality. Here at FrointPage, paranoia ABOUT blacks is coin of the realm.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            I didn’t say that disparate outcomes are fantasy. I said that you use that as ipso facto evidence of white supremacist racism. That is a paranoid fantasy.

            “Here at FrointPage, paranoia ABOUT blacks is coin of the realm.”

            There are racists and lunatics that publish comments everywhere. Are you suggesting that FPM purge the racists rather than allow us to refute them?

            How left of you.

          • Harry Black

            I made no such suggestion. But I would add it’s not only the rightwing nutters who inhabit the comments section but FP’s official ideologues and pseudo-journalists like Daniel Greenfield who encourage racial prejudice and who in their columns provide meat and drink for the lunatics. And yes, I am of the opinion that the criminal justice system is riddled with white suprematism.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “I made no such suggestion.”

            I disagree, but we can move on.

            “But I would add it’s not only the rightwing nutters who inhabit the comments section but FP’s official ideologues and pseudo-journalists like Daniel Greenfield who encourage racial prejudice and who in their columns provide meat and drink for the lunatics.”

            Well you ought to be able to give me an example and then we can probe further. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding. I think that some times people feel attacked because we disagree with ideas that people see as self-evidently true. And before they fully understand what the objection or criticism is, they’re used to interpreting it as bigotry.

            Islam is a great lesson for all of us. It shows that there are people that suffer from bigotry, but that there are legitimate criticisms that can be mischaracterized as bigotry.

            So I’m challenging you to make me eat my words by showing me this bigotry. You have nothing to lose. Nothing of value, and I can say the same thing because I’d prefer to be corrected than wrong.

            “And yes, I am of the opinion that the criminal justice system is riddled with white suprematism.”

            I don’t know what your definition is for white suprematism or white supremacism either. I can give you examples of my definition, but we need to calibrate yours before we can hope to have a productive conversation. Citing disparate outcomes could be the start of a useful conversation, but it’s not ipso facto evidence of anything other than what it quantifies.

            Racism certainly exists. It’s destructive too. Blaming the wrong parties for racism only helps it live longer and grow stronger. That truly is not in anyone’s interest except for racists that gain from it. I’m not one of those people and I’m not very tolerant of racists either. I’m pretty intolerant of bigots. What I do tolerate is when people get angry about “corrective racism” and they get confused. I try to gently correct people when I can.

            But when people comment on here in contradiction to things that have already been explained clearly and with patience, then I have less patience myself.

            But if you’re willing to risk being offended and living through some of that, you might understand the differences between malignant people who truly hate others for bogus reasons, and those people who have been hurt by corrective racism or by ignorant cultural circumstances, or in some cases by both. But you need a thick skin it seems.

            Or listen to guys like Larry Elder or some of the other awesome leaders who speak using the same kind of theories that I do. Larry Elders is universally seen as “black” and AFAIK can’t be accused of somehow being unable to understand that experience. Maybe that will help.

          • Harry Black

            Sorry OFM, I don’t have time to write a treatise spelling out what is obvious to the majority of Americans. Even you write “Racism certainly exists. It’s destructive too.” This may be news on FPM, where racism is only ever black on white racism, but not to those of us who live in the real world. Also, one might ask, what is the point of all this breast beating? “I’m not one of those people and I’m not very tolerant of racists either. I’m pretty intolerant of bigots.” As the French like to say, “qui s’excuse, s’accuse.”

          • objectivefactsmatter

            OK. We submit to your judgment The only solution is to accept without any criticism or defense anything anyone tells us about their critical race theories.

            See where that gets you. All you have to do is open your eyes and ears to find out that answer.

          • Athena

            Hummmm, How did this conversation about Liberalism and dogma get redirected into this? Perhaps the two of you ought to talk this over at dinner or in your dorm rooms?

          • Rocky Mountain

            “Rightwing nutters” The Wit and Wisdom of Harry Black for all of us to see. Thank you Harry you may go back to your room and play with your Gameboy now.

          • Harry Black

            If the shoe fits, wear it. Btw, you’re repeating yourself. No original thoughts?

          • Rocky Mountain

            No, I rely on your originality such as the ‘rightwing nutter’ observation or “pseudo-journalist” and the really original “white suprematism”. Well done Harry!

  • bluffcreek1967

    Multiculturalism coupled with DWLs (Disengenuous White Liberals) is always a destructive combination. What is it about whites who feel the need to promote every third-world, non-white race and cause while either ignoring their own racial interests or actively fighting against it?

    “What Does Black Failure Tell Us About Blacks?”

    • victoryman

      My oh my. I see words of heresy here. Please… facts. No scholarship needed. Only feelings and dogma count. The title should, to be politically correct, read, “What does black failure tell us about whites?” After all, isn’t everything the fault of the “Whites?” Every failure, every crime, every city (Detroit) in crisis? Strange as it may seem, I don’t think you’ll see an article titled, “What does Oriental failure tell us about Orientals?” You will never see this because Orientals STUDY hard, WORK hard and are too busy getting ahead to run around in a hoodie calling everyone a “Mo-fo.” unfortunately, too many times, the ghetto gene is dominant.

    • okokok

      It’s the way of the future; you don’t like it? get the f—out!~

      • Drakken

        Your not going to like it when the backlash begins.

        • okokok

          it has and you are all leaving–you anti-American, unethical punks can go eat each other up…

          • Drakken

            We built this country, not you 3rd world ingrates. Good luck in the near future when your broke and starving, you will then have succeeded in your pursuit of your 3rd world utopia.

          • okokok

            how does it feel to be an immoral POS? lol lol; you are all dying off anyway!
            heaven is waiting for you; help god out and pay a visit, bigot!

          • Drakken

            Sorry dumbazz, but we aren’t going anywhere, but sooner or later your going to get a taste of our wrath. Good luck with that.

          • Rocky Mountain

            How does it feel to be a name-calling middle schooler?

          • okokok

            whatever, just go die..

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Stutter much?

  • Jason P

    It’s time to pull the plug. End government support to higher education including government insured student loans. Starve the beast.

  • Clare Spark

    Here is I experienced the situation Gottfried describes in graduate school at UCLA in the 1980s: “Race,” class, and gender.” Multlculturalism is now hegemonic and infests all our schools and the film industry too.

    • victoryman

      PTL I attended college in the mid 1950’s. All my courses were rigorous, taught by demanding, highly knowledgeable professors and lecturers. You learned, or you quietly packed your bags and headed home. You were stretched intellectually, constantly challenged, motivated to do better and learned to understand the meaning of the word “Education.” Colleges took it for granted that you knew how to read and write upon arriving. No sixth grade remedial classes here. You were thrown into a very deep pool and had to know how to swim. The library was paramount. I loved the library, but hated the Dewey Decimal System. However, as I look back, I see the importance of knowing where to go and how to research for educational advancement. I received a REAL education…..because I worked hard, as did the faculty. College today is a joke. Half the students, for one reason or another, shouldn’t even be there. I’ll add half of the professors and instructors to that list. Throughout my work career I saw hundreds of applications for jobs…..misspellings, done in pencil, spaces needing filling in left blank, etc……and this from college “Graduates.” Many college degree “Sheepskins”……..if only they were softer and came in rolls……that’s about all they’re worth.

      • Kathleen Salyer

        Well said!

  • tagalog

    Why would the younger instructors and professors, better educated than the older ones, stray from the mainstream course of advocating for less “racism” and “sexism” instead of engaging in scholarly studies? After all, the scholarly are currently discouraged in higher education in favor of the faddish and current. No one is teaching the canon, so traditional scholarship is nearly valueless. The easy way for them to go is to follow the leaders.

    In my teaching duties, I must admit that I find the students thirsty for such studies. That is what most of them expect from college-level instruction, an introduction to “the best that men have thought and read,” to paraphrase Matthew Arnold, a university experience that not only prepares them for leadership in the world, but also provides them a place in Western intellectual life.

  • alpha2actual

    “We’ve gotten used to one-way multiculturalism: the world accepts that you can’t open an Episcopal or Congregational church in Jeddah or Riyadh but every week the Saudis can open radical mosques and madrassahs and pro-Saudi think-tanks in London and Toronto and Dearborn, Michigan and Falls Church, Virginia. And their global reach extends a little further day by day, inch by inch, in the lengthening shadows, as the lights go out one by one around the world”. Mark Steyn

    The multiculturalists claim that theirs is a modern, common-sense point of view. “We must understand other cultures,” they say. All right, it’s hard to recall a time when educators didn’t want us to understand other cultures, other nations, other peoples. The difference between traditional teaching of distant traditions and today’s approach is that multiculturalism comes with baggage. Consider, for example, the key phrase, “We must understand other cultures.” Wouldn’t a true multiculturalist say, “We must understand other cultures, and they must understand us”? That’s common sense, yet one searches in vain for any card-carrying multiculturalist who has ever put it that way. In fact, understanding American culture seems entirely absent from the multiculturalist songbook. We apparently have not been included in the honored list of cultures to be multi about. William Katz

  • toryu88

    My materal grand parents were Church of the Brethren, and my original maternal immigrant ancestors came to the US by way of Lancaster County before setting in Staunton Va. Some of them were undoubtably educated at the college. I saw a sad parallel to my alma mater in Norfolk Va. Old Dominion University. The complexion of the university took a decidedly left turn back in the late 1970’s and has continued that way to today. I have visited there twice since graduating in 1980 and was sickened by what I saw. My old school teaches an empty curriculum, teaching skills for an industry that was in decline 13 years ago. The faculty does not care, they only want tuition and grant money and hence bring in students from every quarter whether qualified or not. I read the Alumi news letter, looking for old classmates, but see only self congradulatory missives where the faculty pat themselves on the back for all their diversity initiatives and inclusiveness. Truth be told, I have never really benefited by being in a diverse classroom environment. Having been raised abroad and being well read, I by in large I could almost tell the immigrants or other “diverse” students more about their own culture than they me. Today I work with Chinese and by and large they are ignorant of their own history and their own country outside the province in which they were raised. Diversity is a one way street. Maybe we should rename parasitology to diversitology. They work the same way.

  • Corvinae

    “…What bothers me … is the unwillingness of those of my generation to acknowledge that what they are deploring happened on their watch.”

    God this article is depressing, but I’m glad it’s here for all to read. I see this everywhere – the suffocation and death of critical thinking, honesty and eventually of freedom, at the evil hands of political correctness.
    We must stop standing by, afraid to object and intervene. It is our war to fight..! .

  • Kathleen Salyer

    My gratitude to PUl Gottfried for writing this important article.Liberals are destroying, not only our educational system, but much of what is good in our society. They press for tolerance of others but overlook that this tollerance is of being reciprocated. When do we hear of Moslems concerned about not offending those of us who aren’t moslemms? Librrztake are preoccupied with the belief that they should e entitled and act this out by supporting groups they feel are downtrodden like themselves. If not indulged they see themselves as victims. The ability to consider other perspectives is beyond them.

    Kathleen S

    • Chiron_Venizelos

      Your frustration is widespread among many in academia who are reluctant to subject themselves to the vituperations of the so-called “progressives” who seem now to have taken over the education system and debauching its former prominence in society. Whereas there was once faculties comprised of truly learned, deeply erudite, and pragmatic thinkers, there are now pseudo-intellectual, psychobabble “artistes” who are looking not to educate students but to indoctrinate the poor unsuspecting plebes thrown into their care by their non-thinking parents. We now have a generation of young people who have been given worthless degrees in worthless subjects whose highest and most profound question is “do you want fries with that?” On the bottom line, we see our universities fully engaged in helping to flush the United States down into the sewer of third-worldism!

      • Drakken

        The change will come when the system crashes itself, and that day is approaching fast. I for one welcome that day.

        • Chiron_Venizelos

          You could be right in your estimation that a complete crash, followed by a rebuilding, of our education system (which serves as one of the crucial tenets of our society), is the best of all possible approaches to remediation. In fact, your solution is probably the least painful of all options. However, the restructuring time would be like an academic “dark ages.” Can we really afford that?
          To be honest, I don’t know but I do know something of what the European universities went through after WWII. That’s when the Fabians and progressives really took over at Oxford and Cambridge, and have heard similar stories about other universities in Italy, France, Austria, etc.
          Reclaiming the universities in the US will be a protracted struggle, but if they can be reclaimed on the basis of ideas, there is the possibility that pragmatism and objectivism can be more firmly established. (If that happens, those acadmecians who take over the reins must be selected as based on their ability to keep the lantern of TRUTH aglow thenceforth.)

          • Drakken

            Our academic system is FUBAR and only a good purge of these left/commis will right the ship again, anything else is half measures and the sickness will again infect us with the leftist disease.

  • Kesmi

    What is this crap? And why is there a photo of BYU with this article???

    • Gottfrieda

      At one time Gottried did some interesting work on Carl Schmitt. But now, in his dotage, he spends his time writing for white nationalist rags, This will be his legacy

  • Gary Jenkins

    Whites Liberals are sick.

    They use their taxpayers money to promote diversity.

    And diversity = less Whites.

    White Liberals are paying to allow themselves to become a minority in a nation founded and built by Whites.

    Hitler loved his own people, but White Liberals don’t care if Whites become a minority and are replaced by other races. WHO IS MORE EVIL?

    • okokok

      You conservative nutjobs are predictably consistent haters–today you hate Muslims, blacks, immigrants, gays, Latinos, unions and even single women; in the old days you all hated the Irish, the Italians, Jews, Catholics, Chinese, Japanese, and Native Americans–to name just a few groups conservatives love to hate; every generation you find someone new to despise; it seems like it’s your national pastime; you are just a bunch of phucking bigots;really are just projecting your own self hatred. Get some therapy and leave the rest of us alone.

      for example see the comments in this link, collected by jukeboxgrad says:

  • UCSPanther

    When they allowed Marxists to teach University campuses, they started the transformation of campuses from areas where free thought and intellectual exchange could occur unimpeded into zones akin to the Soviet Union, where voicing “incorrect” opinions is punishable with consequences allowed for in totalitarian speech codes and outright harassment by others.

    Marxism is a totalitarian ideology no matter which way you look at it, and it ultimately brooks no dissent when it wields power…

    • okokok

      You are one ignorant pathetic, uneducated fool–obviously home schooled in a trailer trash park meth lab!

      • UCSPanther

        Takes one to know one, commie…

  • okokok

    Another frothing angry old white guy; Only RWNJs would believe multiculturalism has any negative effects; we embrace it here in CA

    • Gary Jenkins

      How’s the embracing of increasing crime and debt going for ya?

    • aquataine

      That is one reason why, after 52 years, I moved to Nevada.

      • okokok

        and that is one more reason CA is that much better! stay away…

        • odgreen

          you are a dishonest, fascist, racist, agitator…most of the violence in this country is perpetrated by the minorities that have been ruined by the liberal/progressive govt. programs of the last 50 years

          • okokok

            and the extermination of native people? done by minorities? how long have you been a pathetic ignorant fool?

          • Drakken

            We came, we saw and we conquered. Yet you whine about it.

          • odgreen

            Extermination of native people? They are still here, and for the most part as unmanageable as ever, except for a small minority of contributors to the overall good of the nation…do you pine for the good old days of human sacrifice, and demon worship of the mayan and aztec empires as well?…Are you an atheist/evolutionist as you sound to be….If so, why don’t you view the success of the white races to survival of the fittest? Do you want to live without modern conveniences just from a health and hygiene perspective?…or is it better to live in squalor? Do you think native peoples would have developed that on their own?…or would they in all probability still be living as they did before the white man?…shitting all over a place until it was time to move on… I can go on and on….you are a whining schmuck in an identity crises.

          • okokok

            nope, just want to live in a world without pathetic ignorant bigoted a$$holes like you and your ilk; but you are all dying out anyway, thank god, and the younger generation likes you turkeys about as much as the plague; now STFU and go to a tractor pull..

          • lu

            As an American indian ( the term Native American is highly offensive) I would like to ask you to butt out of our history. It is in fact history and quite frankly we don’t need half wit libs stirring up trouble and treating us like victims who can do a thing to help themselves. Time to get over it the son is not responsible for the sins of the father and most of the “white” (the name we us for all non Indians) were not even on the continent at the time. Grow a brain cell.

          • okokok

            so how did you like the small pox blanket, Clarence Thomas?

    • Drakken

      Only a complete moron as you seem to be thinks, that multiculturalism is a good thing. Please explain to the rest of us where anywhere in the world that multiculturalism works and is successful?

      • okokok

        right here in CA, m0r0n–and RWNJs like you need to stay away because you haven’t got the intelligence to appreciate it…just rank that clear?

        • Drakken

          CA is going broke, the number of takers versus the producers isn’t going to cut it anymore. Your neighborhoods are segregated and violence is the norm not the exception. More regulation from a very out of touch and arrogant political class that ignores problems and oh yes my favorite, sanctuary cities where illegals are welcome and sucking you dry and crime ridden, yeah some utopia you have there Sparky.

        • odgreen

          You need to seek counseling…not only are you petty and willfully ignorant but you’re an insulting SOB as well….you use words like bigot, and moron, and idiot, and pathetic, and fool… all behind the curtain of the internet…all reflections of yourself….you have real problems….I’m sure you wouldn’t go on like that in a pub let’s say….because you would get your lights punched out yea?…

          • okokok

            STFU you pathetic coward and fool!

          • odgreen

            I’m done with you….your a laugh!

          • okokok

            learn English or you can’t vote, dummy…lol lol; what you are attempting to say is “you are” a laugh…7th grade was tough, many times did you flunk? lmao

          • Drakken

            Ok look, a libtard with a really bad case of self loathing self hating leftist nonsense, or a minority with a really bad case of a huge chip on its shoulder.

    • Drakken

      Yes us white guys are angry because you bloody idiots of the left are running our country into the ground.

  • Slick

    The thousands of students who graduate from these leftist indoctrinated universities will probably have few commercially marketable skills, so will be end up working for the ever expanding government, further entrenching is socialist, leftist, polictically correct culture. Meanwhile the Chinese are churning out advanced maths, science and IT grads. I know who the future belongs to.

  • herb benty

    Don’t feel too bad, the “mulicuturalism” wedge was driven deeply into Canada as well. It is a part of the destruction of Western Judeo-Christian CULTURE, that the purveyors wish to replace. Multiculturalism, Evolution, Diversity…all meant to deny our great Almighty Creator GOD and HIS people.

  • Darlington Hoopes

    What hypocritical tripe! Gottfried took Etown’s money for two decades and now he complains? No one else would hire the cranky monarchist jerk. Corporate meddling, not liberal activism, has ruined higher ed. Etown is Pietist, not Anabaptist, and the kids are generally very conservative. Gottfried’s writings are racist garbage. My son attended Etown (because I couldn’t persuade him to attend Juniata, the best Brethren school) and I warned him away from Gottfried. I’m grateful he has retired!

  • Current Student

    Paul Gottfried is a joke, and everyone at the college knows it. The fact that he feels the need to publicly and consistently bash his co-workers, let alone his students (the ones who were technically paying for him to work there), says exactly what you need to know about him as a person. If Gottfried had such a problem with the administration during his 20+ years at the school, perhaps he should have attempted to be more proactive rather than just rambling on in newspaper articles about what’s wrong with the world. Maybe Dr. Gottfried is mad that the college never took his ideas seriously- sorry we’re not all crazy, old, racist men. The staff and students at Elizabethtown are fantastic, and I think it’s fairly obvious that not too many within the community are disappointed about this man finally leaving.

    One final note- Elizabethtown’s “disengaged” students are studying all over the world, receiving jobs from top-of-the-line companies, and receiving prestigious awards such as Fulbright Scholarships. Doesn’t sound too disengaged to me….

  • Michael Long

    Transformed? My esteemed colleague from down the street must be referring to another school. The last time I checked Etown’s stats on its various groups — students, faculty, and staff — I found no hard facts supporting the claim that the college has undergone a transformation. On the contrary. But do facts really matter to all of you choir boys who comment here so adoringly? Doubt it.

  • Former Student

    I attended Elizabethtown several years ago and ended up dropping out over racial issues. Prior to college, I hadn’t really encountered a lot of racism, so I wasn’t quite prepared for what I encountered around campus: young white males yelling “chink” and “gook” at me out of nowhere, for no reason. I was in constant fear, and filed many reports with security (names, faces, details) to no avail, so finally went to the President and Dean of Students, who treated me like the troublemaker and suggested that Elizabethtown might not be the school for me. So I dropped out, and since then, I really don’t think much has changed. It’s pathetic, and I want my $80,000 degree-less tuition back.