Bill de Blasio’s Communist Pals

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When the New York Times revealed that New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio had been an enthusiastic supporter of Nicaragua’s communist Sandinista regime, old arguments from the 1980s were suddenly rekindled, with renewed debate over the nature of that regime. The left once again emerged from the woodwork to insist that the Sandinistas were never bad guys (or even communists) — quite the contrary. The Times quickly published letters-to-the-editor whitewashing the Sandinistas’ tyranny, and one Times’ blogger went so far as to publish a post declaring: “Whatever their failings, the Sandinistas did not impose a repressive regime on their impoverished Central American nation. There was no mass jailing of opponents nor mass execution of opposing soldiers.”

Gee, that’s good — assuming that it’s even true. Of course, it isn’t true.

To cite just once source, the Russian-born scholar, Dr. Jamie Glazov, who came to America as a child when the KGB forced him and his pro-democracy, dissident parents into exile, is among those who beg to differ. Glazov wrote in his book, United in Hate:

The Sandinistas quickly distinguished themselves as one of the worst human rights abusers in Latin America, carrying out approximately 8,000 political executions within three years of the revolution. The number of “anti-revolutionary” Nicaraguans who disappeared while in Sandinista hands numbered in the thousands. By 1983, the number of political prisoners inside the new Marxist regime’s jails was estimated at 20,000. This was the highest number of political prisoners in any nation in the hemisphere — except, of course, in Castro’s Cuba. By 1986, a vicious and violent Sandinista “resettlement program” forced some 200,000 Nicaraguans into 145 “settlements” throughout the country. This monstrous social engineering program entailed the designation of “free-fire” zones in which Sandinista government troops shot and killed any peasant of their choosing.

Not long after the Times exposé, the New York Post published a column reminding New Yorkers of the Sandinistas’ ugly anti-Semitism — another undeniable truth. That was too much for the old “Sandalistas” (the sandal-wearing Sandinista fellow travelers who haunt the halls of American academe). The Nicaragua Network, of which de Blasio was once a leading member, issued a press release warning its faithful followers that the “New York Post resurrects lies about Nicaraguan revolution!” The Nicaragua Network assured the faithful that the information about Sandinista anti-Semitism were (naturally) just a bunch of CIA fabrications, and urged them to “Send letters to the editor!”

That battle cry was sounded. Sandalistas, unite!

Fortunately, some of those who know better are speaking up. Leading the charge is the former leftist-turned-conservative and Cold War scholar Ronald Radosh. “In the wake of a short Post article noting that Bill de Blasio ignored (at best) the anti-Semitism of the rulers of Nicaragua during his 1988 visit there,” Radosh wrote, “his supporters have insisted the Sandinista junta wasn’t anti-Semitic. In fact, the record is clear — and ugly.” Radosh also notes that “The official Sandinista newspaper, Barricada, ran an editorial in January 1990 in which it attributed distrust of their country by the ‘Yankee bureaucracy’ to the ‘traditional “Jew-style” with which the U.S. Congress manages the taxes of the taxpayers.’”

That newspaper, Barricada, which made those anti-Semitic remarks (and they weren’t the only ones), had American subscribers. One of them was Bill de Blasio, who, the New York Times reports, spent time and energy “hawking subscriptions” to other New Yorkers. Barricada, as Paul Berman reminds us, “was the most hardline of the Sandinista publications,” and was controlled by Sandinista Ministry of the Interior, Tomás Borge.

American Spectator readers will remember that infamous name from the 1980s. Here is what Radosh reminds us about this character:

Borge had been from the start, even in the period of pretend moderation, the regime’s enforcer. He was made minister of the Interior. He named the building which housed state security — something that Orwell might have dreamed up in his novel 1984 — the “Sentinel of the People’s Happiness,” which was proclaimed in a loud banner over the building’s front.

In his post, Borge contracted with the East German government to send a team of Stasi — that country’s hated secret police — to come to Nicaragua to train his own ministry’s agents in the type of techniques they used to control the populace. From East Germany and other Communist regimes in Eastern Europe he obtained advisors, communications equipment, uniforms, and other supplies. But what interested him most was concrete advice on how to use his spies to help concentrate power and give the FSLN complete control of the country. East Germany’s Stasi chief sent him a specially selected group of agents who, he promised Borge, would give them the ability and know-how to crush potential civilian opposition to the Sandinista regime.

He also liked to show the press how adept he was at fooling gullible Western fellow-travelers. Borge met them  as he did me at one time in the 1980s — in his would-be office, behind which was a display of Christian crucifixes and a Bible sitting at his desk. Many would remark when they wrote about him how the hated security chief was really a believing Catholic and a religious individual. When they left, Borge would retreat to his actual office, which is the site at which he worked and which had no visible religious symbols of any kind. Of course, Borge used his ministry to regularly attack the Church, to deport opposition priests, and to give his support to an officially sponsored liberation church whose clerics backed the FSLN.

Liberation Theology, so backed and pushed by the KGB that it was practically a KGB-invention, famously became the center of a major clash between the Sandinistas and Pope John Paul II. When the Pope visited Nicaragua in 1983, the Sandinistas organized a mob to harass him at an open-air Mass in a failed attempt to embarrass him. (The Pope deftly countered them with style and panache and truth.)

Bill de Blasio, not surprisingly, is a follower of Liberation Theology.

Of course, the academy has come out in full-throttle defense of de Blasio. He is their product; he’s one of them. He has a degree in Latin American studies, which is no surprise to the two of us. Both of us have rich experiences in dealing with Latin American Studies departments, so we automatically see a red flag. That’s something we could vent about for hours. But, alas, that’s another subject for another time.

A subject for the here and how, however, is Bill de Blasio — almost certainly New York’s future mayor — and his support of a repressive Marxist regime. That regime was a Soviet/Cuban proxy in America’s backyard.

Fortunately, despite the likes of Bill de Blasio and the Sandinistas’ fellow travelers in their American lobby, Ronald Reagan’s support of the Contras in Nicaragua worked. A democratic election eventually took place, and the Sandinistas lost, as communists always do when they dare to (rarely) hold elections. Communism was halted there, as it was elsewhere in Latin America in the 1980s, from Grenada to less-known places like Suriname.

While the people of Latin America rejoiced in their freedom, Bill de Blasio wept for their enslavers. New Yorkers, should take note — assuming they even care.


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  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    de Blasio will finish what David Dinkins began.

    • Omar

      Actually, Ed Koch wasn’t that tough on crime, either. Still, Warren Wilhelm, Jr. will certainly ruin New York City’s reputation.

    • Steve Bryant

      Ed, maybe that will open some eyes. Hope so.

      • Ed FDNYRetiree

        Given the landslide, probably not until after the city returns to the Dinkins era of 1900 murders. And let’s not forget de Blasio’s closeness with the Muslims, who despite his idiocy are still trying to blow up things in NYC.

        Now they will.

        • Steve Bryant

          Ed, I regret your situation. When you have had enough, come on down to NC, we’d love to have you join us. We now have conservative majorities in both houses and the governor’s office, and are starting to change the economic mess that 100 years of democrat control has given us. best wishes to you.

  • ata777

    NYers DON’T care. Exhibit A: Charlie Rangel, reelected with 80% of the vote after being censured by his fellow Democrats.

    • Steve Bryant

      Nothing new there. They also reelected Adman Clayton Powell and overwhelmingly supported a presidential candidate who purposely hide his college records from them…twice. As they say, show me a Democrat and I’ll show you someone who only cares about their own self interests…or a moron. Not much difference in the results….


    Sound like this is an Anti-Bloomberg vote.

    • Jeff Ludwig

      I agree. People are fed up with Bloomberg. He’s identified with financial services. Lhota comes out of financial services. Thus, the equation. DiBlasio is a socialist through and through. Look forward to corruption, ideologically driven decisions that make no practical sense. Laxity in all things. Anti-Semitism. Class warfare. Race demagoguery on a daily basis.

  • Cold_Drake_80

    Love the first quotes yammering about “resettlement”. It’s very disciplined in how it completely fails to acknowledge the US sponsored WAR that was going on. Clearing out the local civilian population is a nasty but often needed measure when fighting a terrorist army like the Contras. Even more so when Contra policy was to attack the civilian population.
    The sad, demented and senile old fascists of FPM will lap this drivel right up.

    • Kalman42

      Stalin and Mao also liked to “clean ” the population in the order of around 100 Million between the two of them. They were also doing this to make sure there were no “contras ” left. Of course those contras also attacked the civilian population!

      • Cold_Drake_80

        I think you have a learning disability. That or you’re a pathological liar. Ever heard of “counter insurgency”? A phrased used so often by the US. How about the “Strategic Hamlet Program”? “Operation Phoenix” ring any bells pin head? No of course not you were told to forget them by your masters and through the power of double think (and no individual identity to speak of) you happily obliged.

        • Kalman42

          Have you ever been to Nicaragua or any other communist country? I was born in one. So the communist regimes around the world have not been killing their population for 100 years now? Why did you change the subject. My masters are the US Constitution something that you seem to know little about. I smell some Alinsky on you, and definitively an Ortega lover, calling names other people that is engaging you on the issues.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            The Strategic Hamlet Program, Operation Phoenix, Counter Insurgency. I’m going to keep posting those three until you actually answer. Have a great day.

        • Steve Bryant

          Cold, my hope is that you live in NYC and enjoy what you have.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            I just respect the wishes of voters. For now I’ll be content to sit back and listen to the shrieking and whining from FPMers like yourself.


      Yes – and I’m sure you believe “Uncle Joe” Stalin was a really nice guy, too.

      • Cold_Drake_80

        Well, that wasn’t even remotely related to my comment. Piss off please.

    • Drakken

      As one of those that helped train the Contras, they did a extremely good job at eliminating political commissars and taking out Sandinista troops by the hundreds and in one engagement over 2,500. So if you support and defend what the Sandinistas did, your as bad as they are. and a hearty eff you!

      • Cold_Drake_80

        So were you a “contractor” or a straight up mercenary? What was your level of involvement in the drug smuggling operations that were used to fund the Contra war.
        How much training did you personally receive in torture techniques and terrorist tactics?
        Did you directly order Contra forces to attack civilian targets or was that authority held at a higher level?
        So many questions I know but it’s not every day I get to question a self confessed international criminal and terrorist.

        • Drakken

          Why? Need me to pay you a visit to explain the error of your ways?

          • Cold_Drake_80

            Hey, psycho how’s it going? Oh, not so good? You have a lot of questions to answer so get started.

      • Cold_Drake_80

        Well, I’m waiting. Make with the answers.

    • Omar

      Oh, please. The Soviet Union/Russia and Communist China had (and still do) sponsored wars all over the world. During the Spanish Civil War, the Soviets had destroyed the anti-Communist, anti-fascist Republican forces and replaced them with it’s own proxies, both Spanish and foreign. That helped contribute to the weakening of the Republican forces and guaranteeing Franco’s eventual victory. Read the Spain Betrayed book for more information on the truth. Quit repeating Stalinist/Maoist propaganda and learn from facts.

      • Cold_Drake_80

        Hey, that would have been a great comment if it weren’t completely irrelevant to the matter at hand. Still, being this particular kind of totally wrong is something of a step up by FPM standards.

    • Toa

      “..Contra policy was to attack the civilian population.”
      Yeah, that’s the way to overthrow a tyrannical Leninist government: kill off civilians!! Thanks for the laugh, buddy!
      I remember in the Sandinista era, Liberal relatives (who were active supporters of Ortega) would quite regularly bring us reports of “Contras entering a village, killing a 5-year-old boy, and leaving.” My Dad (their younger brother) mused to my Mom one time, “I wonder if there are any people in Nicaragua besides Contras and 5-year-old boys…?”

      • Cold_Drake_80

        Yeah, I’ll bet the women violated and murdered themselves to make the contras look bad.

        • Omar

          Cold Drake 80, who were oppressing the indigenous Miskito people of Nicaragua during that country’s civil war in the 1980s? Hint, it wasn’t the Contras. The Sandinistas were brutal Communist totalitarians who were violent anti-Semites and who brutally oppressed the Miskito people, which every leftist either ignores or applauds. The left ignores the plight of the Miskitos because that would undermine and expose the left’s hypocrisy against the United States for its alleged misdeeds committed in its historical relationship with its Native American tribes. In addition, Sandinista despot Daniel Ortega is also a rapist himself. He was accused of violating one of his own family members. What do you have to say about that?

          • Cold_Drake_80

            Who said I approved of the abuses of the Sandinistas? I’m just not sociopathic enough to give a full-throated endorsement of the horrific abuses of the Contras. Yes, your god Reagan loved and embraced them but his pathology is no excuse for yours.

          • Omar

            And your god, Fidel Castro, sponsored terrorism and aggression all over the world on behalf of himself, the Soviets and the Chinese Communists. His regime constantly meddles in America’s internal affairs. Quit repeating Communist propaganda and learn from facts.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            Huh, that’s funny it’s almost as though you completely ignored what I posted and just kept foaming at the mouth. It’s almost like FPMers are too vicious and stupid to even think.

        • Drakken

          Your open support and defense of the Sandinistas says it all really.

          • Cold_Drake_80

            Your evasion is cowardly even by FPM standards. Come on FPM loves its right-wing terrorists.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    NY gets what they deserve. I pray those many Conservative police officers, firemen and sanitation men retire and bring their large pensions to the Carolinas. No libtards welcome, stay in NY and take your medicine like nice little crap heads.
    Isn’t it amazing how these radicals get those nice looking hair cuts, buy them selves a nice new suit and tie and become college professors and politicians. What a damn shame that America doesn’t remember who the hell they were at one time.

  • Leland64

    Too bad that whole “worker’s paradise” thing never seems to work out.

  • Patriots Rising

    “Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

    Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  • Steve Bryant

    I second that! NC needs more conservatives to build on what we have started. Commies and their sympathizers can shelter in place (in NYC)