Al Jazeera Airs Fake Morsi Supporter Killing

While Al Jazeera’s pro-Islamist lies and propaganda have been exposed numerous times — lies and propaganda being doctrinally permissible through taqiyya — consider the following video recently aired live by the terrorist supporting TV network.  A near hysterical woman is heard lambasting the Egyptian military for supposedly killing peaceful Brotherhood protesters, while the Al Jazeera crew videotapes a man who appears to be either unconscious or dead — a supposed victim of the military.  His hand rests on his torso; his shirt under his hand is covered with blood, implying there is a bullet wound in that spot. However, when the unsuspecting doctor treating him tries to lift the man’s shirt,  this supposedly unconscious or slain man — with his eyes still shut and his facial expression unmoved — subtly lifts his left leg both to push the doctor’s hand away and block his unharmed and blood-free torso from being taped by Al Jazeera. Of course, the person videotaping instantly stopped — but not before enough of this shameful episode was recorded, proving Al Jazeera’s nonstop pro-Brotherhood propaganda campaign, one naively or intentionally followed by most of the Western media.

[Note: The scene in question plays from :08-:14, and then is followed by Arabic text from the person who taped and posted it on YouTube, and then replays again several times from :23-36.]

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  • Veracious_one

    Fake Muslim victim videos are nothing new, Palestinians have been using them for years to get the pious Muslims to be more pious resulting in more bloodshed and hate…

  • Dyer’s Eve

    Piss on him from a great height. That’s what all pious Moslems deserve.

  • tracy

    Blame Al Gore he is the one who sold the TV station to them.

  • jakespoon

    I remember seeing footage of palestinians carrying a “body” thru the streets,wailing and making that weird noise that the women make. He was “killed” by the Israeli Army during the uprising. Only thing was ,the news crew filmed the “victim” crawling over into the coffin on a side street before the procession started.

  • Bryan Schmick

    This touches on the problem with cable/satellite TV. You are forced to buy a package and your fees go to support channels like this. It’s time for a pay for what you want solution.

  • Tay

    The propaganda has already started? None of us saw that coming did we? Anyone that has cable and are paying money to this network is sick. Cancelled my cable yesterday and told them exactly why.